MONITORING VISITS OVERVIEW 29TH MARCH 2012 Total number of visits Regional Breakdown Dublin 96 Number of Monitoring visits

43 Unsatisfac tory 2 Reason 1 – Standard Agreement not signed 2 – Hours to be worked Standard Agreement not signed Standard Agreement not signed Resolved Yes Yes Yes Yes

North East North West South East South West West Midlands Mid-West

7 5 14 8 7 6 7

1 1


Standard Agreement not signed


SELECTION OF COMMENTS FROM INTERNS AND HOST ORGANISATIONS Interns Would highly recommend the Host Organisation as an Internship. JobBridge is a great experience, I would recommend to others who are unemployed and needing work experience/development. Intern very happy with internship and is gaining a lot of experience with Host Organisation. Mentor very supportive. Duration of programme could be reduced to three months. Intern very positive about experience. Has completed two training courses suggested by mentor. Host Organisations Very positive about the Programme – great opportunity for graduates to train for Technology. The internship has worked exceptionally well for both parties

Happy with intern and feels the scheme is beneficial to business. Perhaps some more flexibility re bonus/overtime etc. Intern was excluded from availing of overtime/bonus opportunities. Initial difficulties with other members of staff accepting the concept of internships. Employer would like programme to be continued has been working extremely well. Feels company would not have found this intern had the programme not been in place. Intern fitting in very well with staff and clients.

2. Compliance • • • • 3,520 Placements are currently to complete a Compliance Return Of which, 3,482 (99%) placements have completed a Compliance Return The remaining 38 Placements (1%) have outstanding Returns to Complete Those with outstanding Compliance Returns are being followed up by a 4 stage process which includes emails and SMS texts to both the Host Organisation and the Intern and may culminate in a Monitoring Visit