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Type: INT 98-23: Date: 7/10/98


The National Science Foundation's offices in Tokyo and in Paris periodically report on developments abroad that are related to the Foundation's mission. These documents present facts for the use of NSF program managers and policy makers; they are not statements of NSF policy. 1998 Monbusho Summer Program in Japan Twenty-four American graduate students arrived in Japan on Monday, 29 June to join 54 others from the U.K., France and Germany, in order to conduct research at Japanese national universities and inter-university research institutes for two months through August 28, 1998, under the "Monbusho Research Experience Fellowships for Young Foreign Researchers" (the so-called "Monbusho Summer Program"). The Monbusho Summer Program began in 1993 when NSF and counterpart organizations in Germany (DAAD) and the United Kingdom (British Council) joined the Japanese Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture (Monbusho) in a trial program to invite young foreign researchers to Japan for a summer research experience. The program was formally established in 1995 by Monbusho as the "Research Experience Fellowships for Young Foreign Researchers." In 1996, CNRS of France also joined as an additional nominating agency for this program. Individuals participating in the Monbusho Summer Program receive a week-long orientation including education on Japanese language and culture, immediately after arrival in Japan at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (GUAS) in Hayama, Kanagawaken. After this period, they are placed in their respective host laboratories selected from among the national universities and "inter-university research institutes" scattered all over the count! ry. Monbusho provides participants with money to cover round-trip international airfare between participants' homeland and Japan, accommodations, meals, and transportation expenses in Japan.

Participants by countries/years are as follows: United States Germany United Kingdom France Total

1993 (trial) 3 1 4 1994 (trial) 3 3 3 9 1995 7 4 4 15 1996 8 1 4 1 14 1997 27* 15 16 11 69 1998 24 16 20 18 78 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Total 72 40 47 30 189 *Including 4 students invited directly by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Tsukuba Science City.

The application deadline for the Monbusho Summer Program is December 1. Graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents in science and engineering, including biomedical and agricultural sciences, may apply. Information and application materials are available via the NSF/Tokyo Homepage (http://www.twics.colm/~nsftokyo/home.html) or NSF/INT Homepage ( For further details, contact NSF's Japan and Korea Program as follows: Japan and Korea Program, Room 935 Division of International Programs National Science Foundation 4201 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22230 Phone: 703-306-1701 FAX: 703-306-0474 E-mail: The 24 American participants (including 14 male and 10 female students) were selected from 21 U.S. universities. Attached is a list of the 24 American graduate students recommended through NSF, with information on their home institutions and their host laboratories in Japan. Attachment: 1998 MONBUSHO SUMMER PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS Aime, Mary Catherine Virginia Polytechnic Institute and state University (Biology/Mycology) Host Institute: Shiga University Baker, Greg Andrew University of Notre Dame (Civil Engineering) Host Institute: University of Tokyo Brown, Eric Semington University of California, Berkeley (Sociology) Host Institute: Osaka University Cole, Elizabeth Shelly University of California, Santa Barbara (Plant Ecology) Host Institute: Kyoto University Constance, Cara Marie University of Virginia (Biology) Host Institute: University of Tokyo Crow, Karen Dorine University of California, Santa Cruz (Biology) Host Institute: Ehime University Efthimiadis, Maria Stephanie Nova Southeastern University (Health Care Education) Host Institute: University of Tokyo Fejes, A'gota Manhattan College, Riverdale, NY (Civil Engineering)

Host Institute:

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Grenald, Bethany Leigh University of Michigan (Anthropology) Host Institute: Chiba University Grimes-MacLellan, Dawn Marie University of Illinois (Anthropology) Host Institute: Okayama University Hoch, William Andrew University of Wisconsin (Horticulture) Host Institute: Ehime University Irvin, Steven Douglas Cornell University (Genetics & Development) Host Institute: The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Jain, Ashish Kumar University of Alabama (Plastic Surgery) Host Institute: Hokkaido University Jones, Scott Laurence Texas A&M University (Civil Engineering) Host Institute: Tokyo Institute of Technology Julius, Matthew Lee University of Michigan (Natural Resources & Environment) Host Institute: Tokyo Gakugei University Knoepp, Stewart McAlpine Medical University of South Carolina (Medicine) Host Institute: Kobe University Linton, Mark George University of California, Berkeley (Physics) Host Institute: Institutes of Space and Astronautical Science Moctezuma, Edgar University of California, Berkeley (Plant Biology) Host Institute: Nara Institute of Science and Technology Morris, Daniel Dale Carnegie Mellon University (Robotics) Host Institute: Gunma University Oakley, Todd Hampton Duke University (Zoology) Host Institute: Shizuoka University Pasour, Virginia Barton North Carolina State University (Biomathematics) Host Institute: Tokyo University of Fisheries Stahl, Eli Ayumi University of Chicago (Genetics) Host Institute: The Graduate University for Advanced Studies

Stern, Julie Vanessa New York University/Case Western Reserve University (Mathematics/Biomedical Engineering) Host Institute: Kyushu University Vander Griend, Douglas Alan Northwestern University (Chemistry) Host Institute: Kyoto University - 5 -