AmericAns' right tO Access fresh, heAlthy fOOd is under AttAck!


Farmageddon is about the struggles for small farms to survive in a system that is designed to benefit large industrial farming
kristin cAnty Kristin Canty, Diirector of Farmageddon became interested in healthy food when one of her sons fell sick with multiple allergies. She found that farm fresh grassfed raw milk healed and restored him to perfect health. In getting the fresh foods from various farms to keep her family healthy, she started learning about numerous issues being posed by local and federal government, along with armed raids on farm buying clubs and health food co-ops across the entire nation. The food that restored her son back to perfect health was under attack. Farmageddon encourages action to insure our rights to access food of our choice, along with farmers’ rights to produce foods safely and free from unnecessary government regulations. We need to use our voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive. WWW.fArmAgeddOnmOVie.cOm
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