Welcome fellow travellers…. I‟m sure many life times have led you here. I have heard it said that „Earth is the asylum of the Universe‟ and I do not disagree with that evaluation. Sometimes I look around me and cannot believe that I actually „being of sound mind and body‟ at the time signed up to make this trip myself. I have said to others that „I must have been under the influence of drugs and alcohol that day‟. However, I do acknowledge and realise that my birth parents were the only means of transport available to me at the time, so therefore I am.

What would you say if I told you that I know „all about you‟, well maybe not all. Certainly, not what colour underwear you have on at the time of reading these pages, but what it‟s like to feel like you do, „what‟s that I hear you say!‟ How would I know… well listen up and read on…..

This book is written with dedication to all of you who hail from other dimensions and for one reason or another, I‟m sure for soul‟s evolution, you have landed here… was that your best decision or choice on the day, who would know and would there be a „complaints‟ department that you could contact to make a formal complaint to, or maybe even a Universal/Dimensional department that you could ask for a refund, but wait, do you still have your receipt…probably not.

I would like to reassure you all, that I understand your trouble with being here. It‟s like you left your book on how to drive here, on the Mother ship that you arrived on and it went back to the Dimensional Depot to collect another ship load….that‟s right I said “ship load” not what you thought I said. To send the next wave down or over, depending where on Mother Earth you reside…

What do I notice about all you Dimensional superstars…You have trouble fitting in right from the beginning. There is little resonance with your birth family (tribe), nothing seems familiar, food, landscape, people, education and the list goes on. It would seem that it is constantly being tossed at you, told to you, or shown to you, just how different you are from anybody else. I liken it to being a zebra in a herd of giraffes, you have stripes (and is that a black zebra with white stripes or a white zebra with black stripes), never mind too much to think about, and the other guys have spots, the giraffes, I mean.

I also understand that you see, feel and hear the world completely different to anybody that seems to be here too… Challenging I know, but perfect. I have met you endearing, talented, creative beings of light having your earth experience and from what I have learned your differences and brilliance has been turned into a criticism and not a compliment, for that I am sorry. I also acknowledge that you should have not been made to fit into this world but the world should have embraced „you‟, with all your quirky uniqueness and your ability to shine differently to any other. I would like to offer you all reassurance that you are perfect just the way you are and would ask you not to consider to try and belong, by changing yourselves on too many levels, but to embrace all that you are and all that you bring here and allow the shining star which is you, to emanate from every part of your being and to find the essence that acknowledges just how powerful, brilliant and significant you are to come forth and be completely presented to the world and those around you.

From my own enquires and investigations there seem to a multitude or plethora of Dimensions available to travel from. For information purposes only, here, the Earth is engaged within the 3rd Dimension, heavy with consciousness, although becoming lighter all the time, thankfully and then it seems all stations beyond. Planets, solar systems, galaxies and Dimensions from here to where ever.

Not everyone I have met comes from the same Dimensional space and again from my own personal experiences there are levels and layers with a dimensional place that shows there can be differences within the one dimension.

Can I also acknowledge that Dimensional travellers seem to have the lives that bring forth a great deal of issues, some physical, some emotional, some mental, not meaning to be disrespectful and quite a bit of spiritual disturbance. In fact, it would seem that the challenges are constantly being thrown down for you to pick up, to test what you are made of and to again remind you that „you signed up‟ to be here. There is a sadness that I feel for those who you encountered so early on in life, that they did not understand the greatness that was before them and they may have missed out on just how spectacular you were at the time and are now.

This I know for sure, I see it constantly, with you all. Your strength of spirit is boundless, your courage is inspirational and your willingness to survive is beyond much else I have seen. To you, for that alone, I stand and applaud you, with my completeness. I admire your tenacity to rise above your circumstances and define yourself by that which you have survived and not

surrendered to…..BRAVO….Those who sit in judgment or criticism of you, should walk a mile or two in your moccasins and then re-visit how they think and feel towards you.

From my own interactions with Dimensional beings, not from here. There is a great deal of wisdom, advancement of technology, information, healing methods and teaching tools willing and ready to be passed on to those who are from their own frequencies, time lines and origins. Not all of those who are from the other Dimensions will take this on board and bring it to the earth plane, however for those who are reading this I‟m sure that it is very possible, that you are the ones who are to bring, transfer, your amazing wealth of knowledge and experiences from where you have come from, to create events, experiences and opportunities for those who are here and to share what you know and who you are with those who are ready for this extra-ordinary encounter.

Dimensional placement is up to the Creator and the soul self from what I can see. So never feel like you have drawn the short straw by coming here, continue to remind yourself that you are more than enough and what you have to offer, achieve and create is more than you may know right now.

I would also like to share, that not all that comes from a Dimensional space, comes in love and light. Like anywhere with the Universe, there is a polarity that is held and both serve a purpose, one is not more than the other, however different to. I have seen and worked with both. Dark and Light can be helpful and can make a difference depending on what outcomes are being required at the time. Just like here upon the earth there is the positive and negative to all that is. I recognise that Dimensional people sometimes look a certain way, with certain characteristics, sometimes, I have become aware of that just by looking at their skeletal structure, the outward coating, by this I mean the package you have chosen to be in this life time, body posture and of course listening to their stories and troubled life experiences, then through a line of enquiry I can become more familiar with there separateness from being completely anchored, safe and secure in their lives here. Once I have found this information I can offer them views, opinions and support that can begin the process of feeling better about themselves and the life map they have already be exposed to. In order to create the new life map that can enhance and support the rest of their journey. I would like to take some time to offer you insight into the different Dimensions from the Dimensions and their own energy sources. This insight is received with great humility and appreciation… DISCOVER YOURSELF AND YOU‟LL FIND THE UNIVERSE

We are a Light force that contains multiple strands of DNA, not similar to that of your own. We are amazing activists, taking care and unwilling to leave another behind. We give the gifts of insight and wisdom and are willing to explore many other methods of healing and resolution and to encourage others to do the same. We hold a different format to those of others and our numbers are dwindling, we cannot escape of our transformation to another Light Force and we begin the transition to other places and as we learn, we grow. Take no others for granted. Live within your means and create a spark that we can see from space. Complications are unfamiliar for us and we beseech you to explore your own magnificence and attract only loving and positive experiences for you to share with your fellow man. An inspirational and existing life force that holds the keys and secrets to many a being‟s evolution. It is a diverse and mesmerising experience to have come from there. I give gratitude and thanks for the landscape to speak on behalf of my own (energy beings). We seek to cause no harm with the universal time space and continuum. We are curious about those who reside upon the earth plane and seek to encourage their existence. We do become alarmed at their inhospitable behaviour at their own kind, waging war against those who can least afford it and creating diseases that cannot be cured from an interracial point of view. Do they not like each others existence and why so much intolerance. Never mind, evolution, is on the rise and there fore salvation is at hand. We have created a harmonious landscape to follow our own belief structures but to support that of others who have gone before us. We come from mega light years from here (Earth). We refuse entry to those who would wish to go to war with us; you must come in peace with gentleness on your mind and willingness within your spirit to succeed here upon our planetary space. We engage you to come forward into our light years and encourage you to spend time with us, seeking out your own fortune, remembering and re-winding back your time lines to bring forth the knowledge and wisdom that you have packed away for your journey to the earth, nothing supersedes us here, we are all ready to explore each others realms with dignity and flavour. Complete your journey here and remember where you came from… Blessings be yours… CHARACERISTICS: NEGATIVE: You often only focus on what is important to you and your journey. You seek out those who can perform and are likely to offer you something in return. You can wage war upon others without thinking of the consequences first and you tend to be self righteous and have little discretion in order to get what you want.

POSITIVE: You are self loving, appreciative and connected with the reward to help and assist those who are attempting to reach their full potential. You can also be a drifter, moving from one event/experience to another. Never mind the inconsistency, appreciate your value and worth.

A formidable landscape filled with evolution and violence before we became our own and found prosperity and Lightness. We have escaped eons of lifetimes that have replenished our own stocks and now would like to share that with those who seek us out. We are a generation of change and transformation. There is a lot of scope to move with the fifth dimension. It is an alignment that comes forth with out necessity. It is a brave new world that enhances each to be as unique as the next. It has held generations of those who symbolize ideology, who require change and transformation and who are likely to succeed. We come from a colour landscape with propulsion in mind to motivate and advance our own species. To land within our own solar system and beyond, to perforate the inclusion zone, to spread the wings and messages around the globe. An advanced species who sees beyond with their eyes and their field of vision which is quite expansive, above and beyond, that we did not know. We excel in seamless changes of transformative ideas and opportunities. We appreciate greatness and encourage each one of us to succeed on our own merits. To make decisions wisely and formulate action plans that supports us in our enquiries or assimilation into life events. We are grateful for all gifts received and interactions with those who live beyond our walls. We keep and entrust sacred information and wisdom to those we know will support our and their own uniqueness, who are not afraid of change and who designate time for that inclusion. Do not allow others to take your path from you, defend your right to greatness and achieve what you set out to create. You are more valued than your worth. If you are feeling unvalued or unworthy then re-connect to the distant realm from which you came and re-align yourself with that brilliance and power and remind yourself you are as challenged as you want to be. Look up and look forward, no one can take anything away from you that you are not prepared to let go of… Is all of the junk necessary…? I ask you did you bring that much with you on the plane (Mother ship). No indeed, dump the baggage and the attitude and get on with living the life you want and can create for yourself.

CHARACTERISTICS: NEGATIVE: Complicated and sometimes shallow. Un-informed and can jump to the wrong conclusions. Some times afraid to speak your mind and allow others to tread upon you. Need to stand up for yourself more often. Afraid of the dark. Shed the fear and come into the Light.

POSITIVE: Lively, creative and allowing. Can be informed and entitled to a multitude of opinions. Can be a spark of symbolism for others to follow. Never hiding from a challenge and does not doubt oneself. Always ready to flow and move. Sometimes lives in solitude. Available for others to call upon.

A pathway to joy and union that is what we seek. We have formulas and observations concerning all other pathways and planets. Are you unable to escape your own misfortunes? A planet that is evolving has a chance of survival. Those who remain still and lifeless will never succeed. You earth dwellers need to take a breath and realize the damage you are doing to your own. We live a life of existing with purpose and revel in our satisfaction of life discovery and patterns of behaviour flavoured with gratitude and reflection. We seldom need to be connected to others for we are self sufficient. We live in peace and gratitude. We recognise our differences and embrace the future, for without each other in recognition we cannot face what lies before us. Do you not celebrate each of your own intentions and recognise the path to failure lies in the abstinence of acknowledging some one else‟s road to recovery. Bring peace to your self and you will bring peace to your world. Find the gentleness that resides within and make it a home base for which you return to find co-existence with yourself and those around you. Stop grappling with the extreme pace and slow down to a moderate tempo so you can see what goes before your eyes, so that you can recognise your brilliances and successes not just live for what lies around the corner and what you can conquer tomorrow. We are deliberate in our observations and evaluations and we consider to those we speak with. Live life in moderation and not to excess, be grateful for who you are what you have, never want more than you need, indifference is the beginning to limiting solutions, we embrace the past so we can embrace the future with out dilemma and dysfunction.

CHARACTERISTICS: NEGATIVE: Harsh and over valued. Resentful of others success and only to happy to portray someone else in a negative light so you can look shinier yourself. You can be mean in your disposition and fake your way through life in order to achieve what you want. Never allowing others in or to see who you really are. You can be paranoid at the advancement of others and find people irritating and show no mercy when the occasion suits.

POSITIVE: Grateful and gracious in your approach to life. Deliberate with your intent. Always willing to lend a hand, co-operative, easy to be with, gentle and flowing in nature. Residing within the pattern of life and living life to its fullest without complaint or justification. Recognise your differences and celebrates the uniqueness of your own blend of humour and fashion. A light shines above your head.

A difficult world to make an alignment to, it has protagonists and sacredness all rolled up into one. It can allow you to make a fortune or dismiss you properly and forth rightly. It is a very individualistic place sometimes without rest and replenishment. For those who come from here, you can tend to sometimes go round and round in circles. No path leads to somewhere. There can be a lot of confusion with these dimensional dwellers. We face misfortune and can rise above our location but it is with hardship we seek to follow others, down tremendously dangerous paths to places of non acceptance and down right unforgiveness. This can lead us to places of darkness and resistance for change, for we can abandon ourselves in the salvation of others. We can rescue most to our detriment and dismay that they will serve us indirectly and we can believe what we tell ourselves. We can be tormented and persecuted by others and told how ridiculous we are. We need to perceive with our own hopes and dreams in the ambition to create long term goals. Hopes and dreams will allow us to find life fulfilling and exact. We can embrace others but often chose not too. We can sometimes be afraid on what is on offer. We are likely to succeed given our own momentum and we can sometimes become disillusioned by what is placed before us. Would you like to consider to change your pathway and projected outcome so that life does not become disappointing or you do not become to bound to the old ways of living and behaving. Count the blessings that you have and stop being so interested in what others have or do. This can make you crazy. It can lead you to a life long ambition to be something your not and to create considerable frustration in the fact that life seems to be leading you further from your dreams, goals and aspirations. It can also lead to encounters with those we cannot trust and who will take advantage of us the most. They will be reckless and inconsiderate with our hearts, minds and spirits.

CHARACTERISTICS: NEGATIVE: Alone and constantly dwelling on what did not go right. How impacted you are and how the world has treated you badly. You suffer a lot at the hands of others and are reluctant to take responsibility for the path you have chosen for yourself. You can be creative but chose often to sit on your hands and watch others take your place and then complain bitterly. You are often at the hands of your own destiny but are wishy washy in your decision making processes and loose out to others who are willing to take the risk. POSITIVE: You are aligned with your soul and can take positive steps to create the future you seek. You can be adventurous and free spirited and be delighted with the simplest of events and experiences. You love those you trust and are often guided by your heart and not your mind. You are a pleasure to be with and can create a space that is harmonising and encouraging for those around you and yourself. You can be aware of a great many things but let things slip under your radar as to not arouse the uncertainly of others. You are genuine.

From here we seek to breathe, roam and soar freely. We are not attached to too many things. We are the Guardians of the Universe. We seek others who can match our own intelligence. We are brave and steady in our hearts, minds and spirits. We gather information to allow us to align our perspective and to guide ourselves and others to inspiration and enlightenment. We are sincere travellers who respect the needs of others and seek to support and sustain the existence of our own kind and that of the survival of the species. We recognise the intrinsic value of each of the others solar systems and the dimensions and their place within the greater Universe. We are the creators of value and self worth. We accept change with gratitude and humility. We seek to travel to far away places and involve ourselves with a variety of experiences and opportunities to see how the others live their lives and to see of their transformation and usefulness in the greater scheme of operations. We indeed value ourselves and the lengths we can often go to too recognise our own kind and to offer them support and solutions so their journey is successful. We seek no approval and validation for our work or contributions, we are but of service to those who need us at the moment. We are proud of our achievements and tend to roam to the far off reaches of the Galaxy to consider the needs of others. We achieve without transgression to the individual and enjoy the gatherings of others. We are enlightened with our formulas of behaviour and patterning and we seek to encourage others to do the same. We are suggesters to those who are willing to listen and become more available to their futures through learning from their pasts. You can often have a lot of trouble in your life and you need to remind yourself that you are much stronger than you think. Your sense of survival is enormous and you can change the pathway to your life through strength and commitment, bravery and resilience.

CHARACTERISTICS: NEGATIVE: You can be stubborn and sometimes devalue yourself. You can be negative in your achievements and accomplishments and rely on others to lift you up. You can be ungrateful when offered assistance from others believing you have all the answers and you can achieve it on your own. You can be unwilling to let others in. You can also be defiant.

POSITIVE: You are devoted and can become a life long friend. You can support others in their great time of need and simply extend the hand of encouragement and mercy. You are very loyal and demonstrative with those you care about. You are kindness and gentleness and are often valued in your community and cherished by others. You take the time to listen and care about what‟s important and value each and every ones story and acknowledge the value you see in themselves.

Afraid of not too many things. Fearless in our endeavours to succeed here amongst the hostile. Our environment is somewhat familiar. We are survivors. We expect nothing and achieve greatness none the less. We feel sometimes entitled and make do with what we have. We travel great distances to succeed and we seldom walk away with out our prize. We are connected and committed to the cause. We are convincing of where we are going and how to get there. We are deliberate in our mentality and often show no fear. Our paths will cross many and we are governed by our instincts. We are specialists in many fields of expertise. We are creative in our thoughts, actions and behaviours. We do not escape our own trials and tribulations but we do not dwell on the past or the decisions me made to create it. We have a formula to prove and our enlightenment depends on it. Through the discovery of resources we allow ourselves to move forward with joy and momentum. We can create the opportunities that can supersede others, yet we do not at the expense of any other. We have gratitude for what we can create and let go of the disappointment concerning things we cannot put forward. We do not live in our shadow but continue to create that which we deserve and desire. We have come from a place of strong willed individuals, who have suffered, but our intention is to create firmer and smoother pathways to walk and we credit our survival to the strength of spirit and intrinsic essence and effort that we must continue, no matter what. Our truth lies in our resilience to face facts and discover our own misgivings and not to cast our lack of self worth onto another. We choose not to hind behind others who will face their future with more strength and stamina with that our own kind.

CHARACTERISICS: NEGATIVE: You can be troublesome and deliberate in our actions which can lead to self destruction. Our behaviour can be outrageous and without shame. You can be belligerent and ungrateful and be completing un-accepting of others and their assistance. You have very strong views and opinions which lead us sometimes to nowhere and our evaluations of ourselves and others can be very harmful and indiscreet. You can be unpopular and be unsavoury in our temperament. You are explosive and can react to the tiniest thing.

POSITIVE: A sensitive and deliberate energy. Your discretion can get you into trouble by keeping secrets from and for others. You have a lot of faith in the system and the pathway to self discovery. You lack the influence of others and know your own mind. You are forthright in your decisions making process and are here to make a mark on the world. There is a diplomat within you.

A well balanced and proportionate plane. We are the speakers of the truth. We recognise the defeat in others and do what we can to support their endeavours to rise above their circumstance. We can commit to any task and take responsibility for our own actions and deeds. Our offerings to you the earth dwellers is find the balance and harmony within the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself, in order to find the depth and courage of existence we see in us. Play and observations are important tour creativity. We dwell in what is functional and can support our creative habits. Our blessings are shared and the belief in self is very important. Each energy framework is a component of another. There is reverence amongst our elders and we appreciate the breadth and scope of their intelligence and life patterns which have form over eons of time and space. The sharing of equal responsibility allows us to thrive and blossom. We are planers and coexisters within the greater scheme of things. Peaceful and joyful are also important factors to our existence. The shiniest in others is an attractive quality and force. There is no labelling here and the timeliness of being different is celebrated here and not criticised. We expect greatness from others and participation from all. Our uniqueness is what defines us. We are celebratory creatures who enjoy the company of others and the stories they bring forth. Recognising balance and fortitude is exceptional to us. We are never alone, our thoughts transcend our energies, our profile is that of unique and different individuals gathered together to form a bond and a union with each other so we all count. Our travels are far and wide, we exist upon a multitude of earthly planes and realms. Curiosity is part of the behavioural plan also, it is indicative of 9TH dimensional dwellers who wish to keep a part of the greater evolution of the Universe. We accept our selves and we accept others. The looking for balance is ours to claim, we have purpose and direction and we are gifted, willing and able enough to share the balanced perspective to all that is out there. Do you believe in yourself as we do? Our plan is simple, live life to the fullest, be prideful in you accomplishments and achievements and disregard the rhetoric that would contradict your terms and conditions. CHARACTERISTICS: NEGATIVE: Bothersome and always looking for something different, never satisfied with what is at hand. Can procrastinate and be obscure in your longing and looking for what is next. There is doubt in your eyes and you can fake your way through so no one sees the imbalances and imperfections. POSITIVE: A force to be reckoned with. Compassionate, willing, sharing, sometimes a little over adventurous. Great belief in self. Defined and detailed in your approach to life. Find work, life balance and will shift heaven and earth to make things happen. Funny and community operated, with love comes life, with life comes laughter, and with laughter comes success.

A band of brothers and sisters, we are similar yet different in our approach to life. We are initiated early on in life that having a mission is of the utmost importance. We revel in the fact we can create order out of disorder. Do you have the belief in self that you have in others? Do you recognise the personality traits you admire in another is what lies inside you? We travel with a mission and a purpose, not knowing sometimes where that might takes us however, we believe that every road leads to somewhere and if we never take the adventure we will never know what it can bring towards us and into our lives. Purpose is the pathway to creativity; it is the explanation as to why we are. It should never hold us back, it should be an important incentive to strive and reach for what seems like boundless miles from where you are right now, but in order for you to achieve you must take the leap to creative what is beyond your realm of possibility. The significance of you being on the Earth plane is to encourage others to reach for their stars, be limitless in the pursuit of what attracts and stimulates your senses to grow and achieve your greatness. Do not be limited because some one else believes less than you do. Be forever grateful through their limitations you can attract and climb above your own. Persistence is a part of makes us grow and develop; we can achieve greatness and not just with our departure to another realm and beyond our own consciousness. We are expanded Light Beings who deserve to achieve beyond what may be recognised by others, let them own their limiting views and opinions, never pale into significance of another. Stand tall as that being of Light, your willingness to shine will give the gift of opportunity to light the candle‟s flame for some one else to shine upon the pathway of another and so it is handed forward. Being luminous is an honour and to walk your own road with balance, purpose and harmony is what drives us forth into humanity, to guide and lend a helping hand, to show we have faith in our own ability and can persuade others to follow within their own definition and to remain remarkable and transient in our behaviours and our intentions to follow our dreams and remain on track. CHARACTERISTICS NEGATIVE: Sometimes hollow and shapeless, unable to control the situations they are in, sometimes continuing to fail no matter what. Looking into the gloomy side of things and depending on the needs of others to create their own. Pressured to succeed, never knowing where the end of the road is and sometimes unable to navigate away from the danger zones. POSITIVE: Elongated, electrified, congruent in your behaviour. Bravery, courage and definition push you through each and every situation. You are stimulated and excited by the adventure and long for and look forward to the evolution that life can bring you. You are enthusiastic by the presence of those who inspire you to live your dream, follow your heart and listen to your „Spirit‟.

A remarkable and well developed race, who perceive many valued identities that go beyond the realms of possibilities. We gain knowledge and wisdom by pursuing the perspective of others. We do not doubt our own but we revere the balance of others so they may achieve in their own inevitable way. Can you categorically deny that you are not influenced by others thoughts and opinions? Are you not manipulated in the very fact that these thought processes may not be your own and that you have bought into the story with out actually being involved! Is that of no consequence to you? Does that not alter your own opinion and view of what is, what can be and what will be? An influential state does not mean protection, life in well being or stimulating outcomes it can mean boring and limited views which do not really resonate with you anyway. Perspective is the observers view and when this allows you to look objectively and independently at your own situation it is then you can make a well formed decision to create an even better well formed outcome. Which situations cannot be changed with out a new view or perspective? None… So it would seem a dilemma then for you to believe all that you see and all that you hear, with out challenging it on some levels. To retire to some one else‟s views, opinions and perspective is to deny you own. Why would you cast aside you own knowledge and awareness and embrace that of another who does not walk in your shoes, who does not attract the same lightness that you do, who does not form views from their own Light experiences. You can be casual in your experiences, tending not to become to heightened and get caught in the flow of traffic unless it serves a purpose. A valuable and enlightened Being with great responses, you are made of good material.

CHARACTERISTICS NEGATIVE: Sometimes a poor performer, unsteady and unfamiliar on your feet. Looking through the eyes of another to form opinions that won‟t justify the behaviour. Limiting in your language and your adjusting your justification to do what you please. It is sometimes unpleasant to be with you. You can be aggravating with your continuing to change your mind all the time. Depending of what is relevant you can be out of flow with others. You can be frustrating. POSITIVE: Charming, balanced and flowing. You can resonate with others and see a lot of what others are describing and asking you to consider. You are responsive, valued with your opinions and seek the like minded minds that will assist you in transforming yourselves with new windows, diagrams and spaces to look out of and from. You are simply easy to be with because you appreciate others perspective and views of life in all directions.

Time has passed for us to be non combative within our alliances. We need the support of others if we are to sustain ourselves. We need to see the like mindedness within ourselves to recognise the diversity within us to maintain our positions and to feel like we are a presence that belongs and can make a difference. We are placed in being the Keepers of Knowledge and Awareness. We are often seen as great speakers who can enlighten those around us to make greater or better choices on the behalf of others. We are generous with our time and our manifestation processes. We can look forward into the future and see what is coming. We have developed a keen sense of awareness on a number of levels. We are also the secret holders of new formats and percentages that can alleviate one‟s pain and suffering. Will you allow yourselves to adapt or would you rather stay stuck in the Light matter that keeps you a prisoner and unable to find the freedom that you deserve. The Thirteenth Dimension is a strong and powerful group of individuals who deserve greatness but are often curtailed by those with a bigger agenda. There is delicateness within our energy finger prints. There is also exactness about us and our land has evolved to a special degree which sometimes makes it hard to manage to be here (Earth). Many of us are dedicated and committed to our cause, to assist those who are here upon the Earth to find peace and resolution to life‟s difficult problems and conditions. We do not escape our trauma though. We are often thwarted with problems and situations that cause us grief and sometimes our own demise. Have you every wondered what lies further out beyond what your imagination could hold or understand? That would be those extra dimensions that hold significance and tolerance and more stability than those who are close to you (Earth). We are more generous with our evaluations and perceptions and we tend to find it not too difficult to get along with others. Power and possession are not the only things that matter, peace and resolution are more able to support and sustain us. We have noticed with the Earth dwellers that this is far from what they know and do. Such a shame, as it takes much more energy to keep the enemy alive that it does to befriend them and live peacefully and comfortably beside them. CHARACTERISTICS NEGATIVE: Sometimes a little selfish and disorderly. Can complain often about the little things that seem negative and upsetting. Can be more than defiant and difficult to get along with. Can be brutal in their evaluations of others and can be mean in the process. Criticism is often a defence to cause harm to those who might get in the way or point out the personal truth of who those really are.

POSITIVE: Caring, delightful, inspirational and enthusiastic. A great developed brain, giving and generous with their time and concepts. Always forming new opinions and alliances with new individuals and planning to reach the top of their success in the present and into the future. A power house of process and opportunity. A well loved individual with great hope and scope to develop new pathways of deliberateness and measurements for hope and planning for a much better tomorrow and then forward into the future.

A powerful and potential driven society with multiple personalities and intentions driven by one goal to achieve. We travel vast distances to seek the knowledge of others who portray the needs and values of others. We love the authenticity of others who know themselves well enough to commit to change and transformation and to allow others to do the same. We possess great influence on others who will commit to the cause and not justify their behaviour to another individual who seeks for better themselves at the expense of another. We cause harm to no one and have developed a keen sense of self so we can attain our greatness with volume and perception leading our cause and charge into the future. There are amazing, gifts, skills and abilities with those who come from this dimension. There is expandedness about us, we are colourful and brave as individuals, but then as a collective we are formidable. Trouble becomes us when we lose sight of our definition and diversity and then we bleed and blend into those who are around us. We need to stand firm in our commitments to ourselves and those that we believe in. In our place it is a coming together of all things equal and then to support those who are beneath us so they can rise to new and greater heights and levels. We take no others for granted for we believe all of us can belong in one Universe and through diversity we can find our way to success and completeness without harming another. We are intelligent and aware of many things, cultural awareness and the needs of others. There is a brightness and enthusiasm for us to support and assist those who are attempting to sort things out so they can live their best lives. There is creativity amongst us as well; we are painters, philosophers, poets, scholars, actors and developers of one‟s nature and perspective. Do not let our meekness beguile you. We can be ferocious in our attempts to be all things. We are fortunate to have tolerance on our side when it comes to waiting patiently for this to arrive. CHARACTERISTICS NEGATIVE: Hopeless and saddened by things that are none of your business. You can be cheap and listless in your approach to your lives and that of others. Sometimes you have no meaning in what you want and say. There can be a lack of empathy for some one else‟s pain and suffering. You can often make a bad friend. Sometimes boisterous and confused in what you want out of life. Just a nuisance really. POSITIVE: Careful and considerate in nature. Regards others feelings are just as important as your own. You are delicate within forming your words or assistance. You are gracious in defeat and like others to achieve just as much as yourself. There is laughter in your heart, voice and eyes and you love to find the good in all that you see. There is a positive nature to who you are and you find little things amusing and the love and laughter in life is very important to your survival and thriving here.


There is a great level of success in achievement in our world and place. We love to get it right and celebrate the successes of others in their intentions to achieve and create their desired states and outcomes. We are outcome orientated and formulate the best plans and decisions we can to make that happen. Outcomes allow you to acknowledge where you went wrong and what to do next time and new decision and choice is placed before you. Imagine what the world would look like if there were not outcomes of desires to create, learn or grown from, what a disaster. Although from what we can see your planet sometimes indulges in just that. Sitting on the side lines of life waiting for some one else to pick up the ball and run. How lazy and indulgent. Are you not keen enough to get yourself to formulate your own plans and then adjust them accordingly. We take the time to invest in ourselves and the future of those who will come after us. We have learned to look back into the past and recognize the mistakes that lead us to a place we did not like. Does this enrich us, or course it does, for without failure does not come growth and opportunity to learn what some one else might see or know. Do we have all the answers, I cannot say we do, but we are formulating new processes all the time to ensure we do not make the same mistakes from past to present to future. There is no luck involved but careful planning and conception of great ideas and reckoning of our own evolutionary path and purpose. We love to play and use our imagination in the dreaming of opportunities and outcomes. We are great believers that we can create anything and everything that our hearts desire, we just need to have the momentum and belief in ourselves that we can do it and based on our evidence we can. Would we love for all to share in this belief or course, for we recognise it is a learned behaviour, once inherited you would not go back to do what you have done in the past that was less successful. Outcomes are opportunities that help you grow on all levels and are what matter most in the Universal time and lineage. We are creatures of habit, learn new habits, they will create new behaviours and this in turn will create new forecasts in your own life and that of others. Be gentle in the treatment of self and others and be inspirational and not accusing that they (others) are not working hard enough. Each at their own pace and deliverance. CHARACTERISTICS NEGATIVE: Sometimes troubled and difficult to get along with. Often harsh with the evaluation of others. Grumpy and tired all the time. Never finishing anything and wishing some one else would do the work for you. Sometimes over emotional and craves the attention of others. Wanting to be in the light and not bothering to get up and turn the light on. POSITIVE: Daring, sometimes non compliant and can take risks, brilliant and brave in putting together plans that no one else would think about. Very creative and successful at

planning and achieving outcomes easily and effortlessly. Balanced with a great view and perspective. Never losing their way, very determined and follows their heart and beliefs to the very end to see the completions for their tasks and projects. A real thinker and problem solver. Always ready to lend a helping hand and to justify why you should think outside the square. Beautiful to watch in motion, flying high and reaching targets others would refuse to consider.

In writing this book, I have learned a lot about myself and those I have met along the way. Thus far in the journey and travels of myself, I am impressed with the knowledge and wisdom others have and display in their own lives. I am inspired that the Universe is such a colourful, bright and diverse space, just willing to sit and converse with those who are willing to listen and take notes.

I am deeply humbled and privileged to have spent the time and to have been given the opportunities to speak with such intelligent and well informed individuals, collective and group energies from other realms and places in order to solidify what I have already come to learn and know. It is the diversity and greatness that brings us all together and if we can take the time to listen and become involved with the sharing and compliance, that nearly all of us want us to succeed and find our dreams and higher formations, that we can come together and live in peace and harmony. For the blessings to be bestowed upon us, we must first bestow them on another and in reverence, understand and empathise with another who may be less fortunate than ourselves at the time of connection and commitment. Are we not more grateful when others trail blaze the path before us. When they check out the hills, valleys and complications before we arrive. To leave signals and markers that we may make better choices and decisions, of course we are. For they have learned the pitfalls and benefits of what lies in store. Would we choose to walk a similar road to assimilation and like minded attitude?

We must always consider some one may have done this before us and we must remember that they may not have known more than us at the time, however, they were willing to forgo the criticism and condemnation and do it any way. Are we all not pioneers in our own special way and do we have the ability to check the map more than once and choose if this is a path we would also wish to walk quietly and considerately? To those who have made a difference beyond and before I salute you. For those who will come after, see, feel and hear, where and how you will walk the millions of pathways that lay before you. Walk them with integrity, definition and delight, for these roads will always lead you some where. Not all the time where you thought they might, however all have scenery you can admire and learn from. It is with my greatest of blessings, I thank you all for taking the time to read and understand the words written upon these pages, for they are a gift from the greatest resource we have which is ourselves and the sheer brilliance which is the Universal resource of Love, Light and Gratitude for simply being and sharing what we know and who we are…

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