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Surge Stations- Allow ships to Jump far distances across the galaxy.

They are cone shaped space

stations with a massive energy core. Surge Stations utilize Emina-Energy to send mass from
point A to point B in a relatively short time. Surge Stations can ‘throw’ and ‘catch’ a ship from
whatever direction they is facing. Surge Stations are few and far apart. The energy and resources
it takes to build one is more than enough to build an entire planetary shield with enough left over
for a few hundred fighters, and the amount of energy and heat generated during a Jump disrupts
the energy field of any other Surge Stations nearby. Hence they are far apart, about half a day’s
journey using inexpensive boosters.

Relay beacons- These small communication satellites transmit information all around Poseidon.
Laser beams holding necessary information ping from one beacon to another until they reach
their destination, whether it be planet side or in a warship sitting in deadspace. Beacons look like
inflated buoys with a transmitter antenna on each end. If the relay beacons were ever destroyed,
it would plunge Poseidon into a dark age. As such, military personnel keep careful watch over
each beacon.
Bots-Unreal AIs with preprogrammed sentience, bots have many different roles in society. Some
are used as military drones, others information providers, and still others for personal use.
Byways- Charted routes on which ships can travel quickly and safely without having to worry
about running into asteroids or solar storms. Ships can use LY travel on byways to travel between
star systems in a matter of hours. Many still travel their own ways and chart their own paths, but
it takes much longer to do so.
Emina-Energy- Power derived from an emina source and used to run Surge Stations and Light
drives. The Jinui were the first to discover emina thousands of years ago. Stars emit a special,
unseen source of energy that machines could not detect. The Jinui, with their special sight, were
able to see the energy flowing from the stars in massive waves. They then figured out how to
contain this energy and over the course of a few hundred years were able to harness and use this
incredible power. Emina is now a common place resource.
Emina Drives- Coupled with Slick engines these drives allow ships to enter speeds exceeding
Slick- The combination of condensed Hyclonium and Sylios. An inexpensive energy used in fuel
and power cells.
Slick engines- Slick engines allow ships to travel the speed of light. These engines use varying
amounts of fuel cells depending on the size.
Boosters- highly developed thrusters that increase the power of slick and utilize eminafragments
to ‘boost’ a ships speed two fold, maybe even three.
ACIS ( pronounced ace-iss)- Artificial Communication and Information System. ACIS is a voice
modulated system that provides up to date information on millions of data cluster wide. Many
ships have ACIS installed as do most public terminals and private facilities.
Hierarch- Not even the Aggregate have seen the self proclaimed ruler of the Iyes. He lives on
Alpha at the Golden Tower under heavy guard. Rumor says he was there at the Iyes’ beginning,
that he saw their genetic evolution firsthand.