Howard Griswold Process: You have failed to provide me with enough information or knowledge upon which to form a responsive

reply or enter a plea. (You have failed to provide me with enough information to reply) No matter what they say, they cannot proceed if you just say that. If they proceed anyway, there are 6 disclaimers: 1. Tell them you reserve all your rights. 2. I do not consent to these proceedings. (From the Declaration of Independence) The government obtains it’s just powers from the consent of the governed. (The people) 3. I do not accept this offer. Do not accept any paper from them. 4. I do not now, I did not in the past and I will not in the future intend to consent or accept. And all valid contract requires acceptance. Since they do not give enough information to consider, consent or accept, then we don’t. 5. I do not recognize you. Because live living people cannot recognize reflections or shadows or fictitious shadows or reflections. And fictitious entities cannot recognize real living people. 6. I demand that the prosecutions commercial indemnity bond be produced on the record in the evidence file. Entering evidence into a file means they have to enter a judicial hearing instead of an administrative hearing and the evidence has to be weighed. (Any evidence put into a file by a lawyer is hearsay.) The 11th Amendment says “The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or Equity.” So the only option for the courts is administrative hearings. And when you deprive the courts of that, they don’t have jurisdiction over anything.

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