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htm FROM THE WILDERNESS A monthly newsletter for those committed to the fight against CIA drug dealing "In a ham and eggs breakfast the chicken is involved and the pig is committed." © COPYRIGHT 1998, 1999, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. MICHAEL C. RUPPERT VOL. I, NO. 3 -------------------- May, 17, 1998 -------------------ULYSSES S. GRANT AND THE C.I.A. In 1863, a full three years after the start of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was a very frustrated President. In those three years the 500,000 man Army of the Potomac had not engaged and followed through a major battle. Gettysburg was nowhere near the Union victory it could have been. Under the indecisive and self serving leadership of Generals Meade and McLellan the Army had maneuvered and lost a few minor battles to aggressive Confederate leaders like Stonewall Jackson. Lincoln even said out loud that all Meade and McLellan could do was accumulate things: men, horses, cannon, uniforms, food and power. Meanwhile, way out west, in Mississippi a drunken, disheveled reprobate named Grant was refusing to follow orders to sit and wait. While Meade and McLellan pos tured to increase their influence and prestige, Grant was out kicking butt. While Meade and McLellan feared making a mistake that might hurt their careers, Grant was taking risks. I had no idea when I started this newsletter and put up my web page how many people would try to tell me whom and whom not to trust. I had no idea that some might accuse me of trying to profit and live a good life from this horrible scandal. For the record, in the twenty years since I was forced out of LAPD, I have earned less than seventeen thousand dollars from this while having spent more than thirty. I live in a one-room studio apartment and drive an eleven-year-old car. The money for this newsletter and the web page came from my mother's trust fund. Thanks Mom. Celerino Castillo, one of the DEA witnesses to CIA drug dealing, who CIA wants badly to silence, lives in a house trailer and has trouble paying his phone bill. If others who are fighting are doing better then that's wonderful and it should be so. But I think I can speak for Cele, DEA veteran Mike Levine, Gary Webb and a few others dedicated to exposing CIA's role in the drug trade that none of us would put our personal welfare ahead of victory. And none of us would ever waste a moment to undercut a fighter who was in the trenches with us. In a moment you will read about former Special Forces troop Bill Tyree who is the nail in CIA's coffin. I am in possession of documents about Tyree and the CIA Watchtower missions, which are the hammer to drive that nail. As Bill Tyree fights for his life and puts the evidence necessary to hang CIA on a platter for us, he has been food poisoned

three times and, as a possible pardon or a new trial for him becomes a possibility, his life is increasingly in danger. Stack that up against anyone trying to make a buck out of this and see which side you fall on. If I ever consider my welfare before the outcome of this struggle or if I ever speak ill of someone who is really fighting this fight then I invite all of you to kick my butt. In the meantime, remember that the bible offers a good rule by which to judge those who claim to be on our side, "By their fruits ye shall know them." Are so-called experts gathering information and doing nothing with it? Are they pointing only to themselves as leaders? Are they telling you to wait? Are they speaking against those who have risked their lives and fortunes? Logic will tell you whom to trust. When Lincoln promoted Grant over about fifteen senior Generals to take charge of all Union forces, respectable Washington demanded an explanation. Lincoln gave them one. "He fights." - Mike Ruppert

----------------------------------------------------------------------MASSACHUSETTS COURT CASE HINTS AT MAJOR BREAK IN CIA DRUG STORY SIX ATTORNEYS REPRESENT AG AND LOCAL DA AFTER COMPLAINTS FILED BY FORMER GREEN BERET -- SPECIAL PROSECUTOR POSSIBLE DOCUMENTS ESTABLISH CIA INVOLVEMENT IN U.S. DRUGS, MURDER, EXTORTION O.A.S. MAY REVIEW CASE A total of six attorneys showed up in a Massachusetts court room on April 29 to represent Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger and Middlesex County DA Tom Riley against civil and criminal complaints filed by a former Green Beret who is serving a life sentence for the murder of his own wife. The complaints charge both men with receiving stolen property and with failing to comply with a ten year old order to return personal property taken from William Tyree when police searched his residence after the murder of Elaine Tyree in 1979. Both Tyree and his attorney, Ray Kohlman, an associate of James Earl Ray attorney William Pepper, claim that the property, if returned, would prove Tyree's innocence. In the hearing, held outside of Middlesex County where the murder and seizure occurred, the judge dismissed Tyree's complaints on grounds of venue. But he did not challenge or dispute a ten year old jury verdict finding that Tyree's personal property had been illegally seized or a previous order to return that property to Tyree. The complaints are still unresolved. Two police officers have paid Tyree damages and acknowledged guilt after a 1987 jury trial seeking return of the evidence. "What the decision amounts to," said Kohlman, "is that no court in Massachusetts wants to hear the case. It's still open. And if we can't find a court to hear the case then the door is wide open for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor who would be appointed by the Governor since the AG is a defendant." The Middlesex County court did not want to hear the case for that reason. Harshbarger, a republican protégé of William Weld, wants to succeed

Republican Paul Celluci who was appointed to the post when William Weld resigned to campaign for the post of Ambassador to Mexico. Middlesex DA Riley is a leading candidate to replace Harshbarger as Attorney General. Elections are in November. After the court hearing, attorneys representing both Harshbarger and Riley approached Kohlman and hinted that within a month they might be offering Tyree a pardon to avoid any embarrassment. "But the problem with a pardon," said Kohlman, "is that it still leaves Tyree a convicted murderer and raises other complications about his ability to see his daughter." "They might," he continued, "try to attach strings to ensure Tyree's silence." Neither Harshbarger's or Riley's offices have responded to calls asking for comment. At the heart of all of this is the CIA related documentation connected to the case and Tyree's total innocence. In the mid 1970s, while serving in Panama, Tyree and other Green Berets were lead into Columbia under the command of Green Beret Colonels Cutolo and Baker to plant radio beacons so that plane loads of cocaine could fly below Colombian and U.S. radar and land undetected in Panama. Orders for those missions came from the CIA's Ed Wilson and Tom Clines. Tyree had been a part of many secret missions and was losing his taste for it. His wife was keeping a diary. Five Special Forces Colonels (Cutolo, Baker, Malvesti, Rowe and Bayard) have died under mysterious circumstances since. The heart of the Tyree documentation consists of an affidavit allegedly written by Col. Ed Cutolo who was also Tyree's commanding officer at Fort Devens, Mass. at the time of Tyree's arrest. Both were then with the 10th Special Forces. That fifteen-page document gives precise details of CIA drug operations using Special Forces personnel. It also describes how Tyree was framed for the murder of his wife and how Special Forces personnel were used to intimidate and conduct illegal electronic and physical surveillance of anyone who might expose CIA's drug dealing. A letter acknowledging blackmail of the Middlesex DA John Droney, who was gay, is part of the documents. I determined in 1994 that the Cutolo did not write the affidavit itself. Yet it was hauntingly accurate in many details already known to me. Close work with Tyree and a retired Army CID investigator resulted in the receipt of dozens of documents, including affidavits from still living people who were directly involved with the case and who not only confirmed Tyree's innocence but the details of Watchtower as well. Now more than 400 pages total, the combined set of documents includes heavily redacted releases from the Army and a written admission from CIA that it not only has Watchtower documents but is reviewing them. In 1995 I also made contact with unnamed sources at the National Security Agency who confirmed key elements of Cutolo's affidavit and led me to believe that a doomsday file, which he secreted there before his murder, was the source of the affidavit. It was written by Cutolo's colleagues, after his murder, as a result of his murder. It remains, to this day, the single most frightening document I have ever read. Adding further weight is the fact that the daughter of Cutolo, a

resident of New Mexico, has confirmed elements of the story to Dee Ferdinand, daughter of Albert Carone, a CIA-Mafia connected money launderer who also held the rank of full colonel in Army Intelligence. Carone was murdered in 1990. Tyree knew Carone from the Watchtower missions and confirmed his role as a "money man." I have held Carone's personal phone book in my hands and in it I found the home addresses and telephone numbers of both William Casey and Gambino crime boss Pauly Castellano. My investigation of Carone has already been given to intelligence committees from both Houses. In spite of overwhelming evidence of Tyree's innocence it is questionable whether he will be granted a new trial. The case sounds hauntingly like that of Geronimo Pratt, the former Black Panther who served 27 years for a murder he did not commit. Rather than grant Pratt a new trial, which would have proved the existence of a conspiracy, the government released him last year. Like Geronimo Pratt, there are witnesses willing to place Tyree in another town at the time of the murder. Recently Senator Kennedy of Massachusetts wrote to the FBI asking them to reopen the case. The FBI declined, stating that there was insufficient evidence. Bill Tyree has been food poisoned three times recently. He was then punished when he was unable to report for work. He has appealed his case as a political prisoner to the Organization of American States. They, according to Kohlman, have received the appeal and will be looking at Tyree as a political prisoner. The OAS has not returned my calls either. The question now arises as to whether Tyree will take the pardon if it is offered. I agree with Ray Kohlman who said, "There is no one on earth who could second guess Billy on that one." Now we wonder if Tyree will live long enough to make the choice.

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