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Around and around we go . . . AGAIN!

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Around And Around We Go... AGAIN! You cant fix stupid-Ron White Robert needs to do is run the city and not make his neighborhood look smashing. In other news from the absurd, proving that dumbness has The problem with the arno boundaries, Bernard Buckhalter rogant is that they never grasp the has been re-appointed to the CCVB concept that everyone knows that Board. Words cannot express the crathey are foolish. Their view of themziness of this, but, as an observer of selves is so grandiose that they strut this event, one could have only have in public like proud peacocks when, hoped the announcement would have in reality, the world sees them like the been accompanied by a rousing renpoor guy walking out of the bathdition of Send in the Clowns. Even room with toilet paper stuck to the if he lived in, worked in and never left bottom of his shoe. And, no matter Columbus, he would still have been a how cool they try to act, you cant get bad selection. past the fact that they look silly. His antics and high jinks at The Columbus City Council the CCVB meetings have rendered Meeting and Caledonias Town Hall their meetings impotent. He is slowly Meeting on Tuesday, July 3, 2012, draining the life out of the organizawere perfect examples. Its what can tion. But again, we, the citizens of only be called laughable. Mayor Columbus, have to suffer this deciSmith started the council meeting by sion for another year. Theres got to bashing Ron Williams of The Colum- be clowns. bus Packet. Apparently, Robert did On a final note about last not like Ron reporting in The Packet Tuesdays city council meeting, would that the flowers at the entrance of someone please tell City Councilman Dean Acres subdivision were planted Joseph Mickens to stop apologizing? on private property. Jesus loves him and all is forgiven. Alas, this is not apparently And yes, so has Hilda Fox. true. It is city property, and therefore Soon after one episode of all is safe in Roberts magic kingdom insanity ended another one began. except for one, itty bitty problem. Caledonia, or The Town That Was Why is it, in a city with approximately Eaten by Its Water Department, had 8,408,393 pot holes (a small exagits meeting also. With people packed geration, maybe), does the mayors in like sardines, it was a two-and-ahome subdivision gets fresh flowers half-hour cruise to nowhere. Sad but to beautify the city? true, the story never changes. Thats right, boys and girls But here we go again. Stop this was just part of the city beatifica- reading, if you have read this before. tion project. And oh my, my - what a The Caledonia Water Department is wonderful coincidence. Those flowers still having problems. Say it aint so. just ended up in front of the mayors Say that this cannot be happening. Or own subdivision. But dont worry, just say stop it! campers, this sort of thing just hapUntil the town government pens and, by golly, we should always comes to grips with the fact that they just accept it. It makes life easier. look even sillier than Columbus, Unfortunately, it also makes there is no end in sight. As illustrated the city look like a joke. Here is the elsewhere in this edition, the saga of deal: Legal or illegal, Robert Smith Benny and Trey kept going on and uses public resources to beautify his on. And if it doesnt stop, someone is own neighborhood. It is a sad truth, going to throw up. and sometimes the truth hurts. What Mayor George was adamant,

by Joseph B. St. John Editor-in-Chief

Around and Around We Go . . . AGAIN!

Joseph B. St. John is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. He can reach him at He is a man who understands that everything that appears bad is not and everything that appears good is not good.

Melinda Duffie is a certified personal trainer, with additional expertise in nutrition counseling and life coaching as well as a bachelors degree in business. E-mail reaches her

when talking to the media, that he felt the memorandum of understanding would just prolong the problem because Benny should have signed the certification a year ago. As of Monday night, the contract has not been signed. Now it is just time to see what happens, as this drags along for forever. All the while, the rest of the board of aldermen sat around and looked confused or disinterested. To paraphrase Charles Underhill, who spoke at the meeting, You were elected to do the job. Now, do it! That concept is perfect. The next Caledonia election should be interesting. The Water Department should still be setting the tone. And therein will lay the rub! The citizens will speak. As The Real Story reaches Issue 23, we welcome our new art/ layout director, Renee Reedy. She has spent time at the Jackson Free Press and owns her own business, Renee Reedy Photography. She is a welcome addition to our staff. But dont worry Pig Tales fans, Aimee Shaw will continue writing this delightful column, and we look forward to working with her on other projects in the future. Aimee cannot be thanked enough. As noted on the front cover, The Real Story is expanding into Monroe County, Clay County and Oktibbeha County and will be covering a variety of issues, including government and politics. We look forward to expanding even further to bring our readers the best political coverage we can provide. Here at The Real Story, we are looking to growing into other areas, and the best is yet to come. Joseph B. St. John P.S. - The Emperor is still naked!!!

Meagan M. ONan is a trained and experienced life coach, award-winning author of the book, Creating Your Heaven on Earth, blogger, poet and supporter of the underdog. She has a life coaching practice in Columbus.

Clare Mallory,L.Ac.,M.Ac.,holds a masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She is the owner of North Mississippi Acupuncture in Columbus. Visit her website at

Paige Canida-Greene is a senior communication major (theatre minor) at Mississippi University for Women and lives in Columbus.

5 - 11, 2012

Whit Harrington is a Marine Corps veteran who has a bachelors degree in English (creative writing) from Texas





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Robert Smith and Caledonia....No matter how much things change, it always remains the same. Confusion.

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Mayor Scolds Local Writer, Citizen Expresses Concerns At Columbus City Council Meeting




















Mayor Robert Smith did not waste any time before issuing a reprimand to Columbus Packet writer Ron Williams. Williams had reported that since 1997 city workers have planted and been maintaining flowers at the entrance to Dean Acres, a subdivision in which Smith resides. Williams alleged that the property is not city property but private property; therefore, taxpayers are being duped. Smith said, Mr. Williams, we are doing the right thing in beautifying our city and community in the City of Columbus right-of-way. He went on to read public records obtained from the courthouse confirming that the area of Dean Acres is indeed included in the City of Columbus right-of-way. I hope that in the future, Mr. Williams, in his articles, would report factual information instead of mendacious, deceitful and inaccurate information, Smith said. Next, concerned citizen Margaret Evans posed some pointed questions to the council in regards to the recently enacted revision to the ordinance prohibiting public indecency which addressed the issue of sagging pants. Evans asked if the Columbus Police Department would enforce the ordinance with a citation if there is a violation. She also inquired as to whether the CPD is the only agency that can issue a citation if there is a violation. Lastly, she wanted to know what fines the judges would set in the case of second, third and fourth offenses.

I would think that, in the case of a repeat offender, the judge would increase the fine. It is up to their discretion, based on facts and circumstances, such as how far down below the iliac bone it is and how much is exposed, said Turnage. Evans expressed her disappointment with the amount of community service hours that the offender would serve. She didnt understand why community hours were limited to 40 after the second or third offense. Evans suggested that community service, especially for young offenders, could include: summer youth programs; helping with trash pickup; working with the Salvation Armys Loaves and Fishes program; and working with road crews. Evans also expressed concerns about the condition of street lights on Third and Fifth Streets North, beside Franklin Academy. Her

Paige Canida-Greene

at Nineteenth and Main Street, which was recently installed, came about after many petitions and reports of traffic accidents. After the meeting, Evans said, I was sort of dissatisfied with some of the comments because I do think there are going to be accidents.





P. O. Box 403 Columbus, MS 39703 Editorial 662.497.2914 Advertising 662.251.1839 Check for daily updates online:


interest stems from the threat of accidents resulting from motorists not stopping at the flashing light. City Engineer Kevin Stafford said that the light can be set back to normal. She also expressed her uneasiness about the light that was taken down on Hwy 82, near Propst Park. She said that with ballgames going on traffic backs up and people are pulling out in front of approaching vehicles. Smith said that the City of Columbus is Chief Selvain McQueen responsible for the instalresponded that the ordinance is being lation and removal of trafenforced according to the code. Atfic lights and that the City torney Jeff Turnage commented that Council has no control although the Sheriff s Department over those decisions. He can issue a citation in the city, it is up suggested that she submit to the discretion of the officer to do a request to the City of so. He went on to say that the amount Columbus Department of of the fine for repeat offenders is up Transportation. Stafford to the discretion of the judge. added that the traffic light

She also made comments about the last city council meeting agenda from June 19, which stated that there are 13 people who are going to be attending the Tenn-Tom Waterway Opportunity Conference in Port Clear, Ala. Reimbursement will be given for registration, lodging, meals and travel. Her concern is whether the attendees will be traveling separately or together, and whether they will be staying in individual rooms or sharing rooms. Thats a lot of expenditure, and we talk about how we dont have money for other things, said Evans. On another note, three board vacancies were filled: Bernard Burkhalter was re-appointed to another one-year term with the Columbus Convention and Visitor Bureau, Willie Byrd Jr. was re-appointed to another five-year term on the Columbus Housing Authority, and Wayne Doyle was re-appointed to the Board of Adjustments and Appeals of Developmental Codes.

July 5 - 11, 2012

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Debate Over Potential Sale Of Oktibbeha County Hospital Continues At Oktibbeha Board Of Supervisors Meeting
by Ashley Garriga
Michael Lightsey addressed the Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors and stated his current opposition to the analysis and potential sale or lease of Oktibbeha County Hospital. The future of this nations healthcare delivery system is in serious jeopardy. Many of the privately insured, as well as those presently on Medicare and Medicaid, are concerned about the future cost and service of care. He continued by acknowledging the outstanding service that OCH has provided to his family. He presented a list of requests for the Board to consider before spending tens of thousands of dollars on an outside analysis. His requests include: to the sale, is hosting a meeting at the Greensboro Center with OCH Board Trustees and administrators. After the board meeting, Mr. -Provide the public with a Trainer made a few general stateconcrete plan that shows how the ments about his position for advomoney from a sale will be utilized to cating the sale. improve Oktibbeha Countys infraFirst, he commented on the structure. process, saying, The entire The future of this The botprocess will tom line is, OCH nations healthcare occur in the has been here for public eye. Right 40 years. Today, I delivery system is now, people are feel secure that my quesin serious jeopardy. askingThey current healthcare tions. needs, as well as Many of the privately want to know during my future certain things, insured, as well as retirement years, and we are not will be met, he said. those presently on to that point yet. Before the superWe need more -Provide the public an opvisors take any risk Medicare and Medinformation. portunity to hear from OCH admin- involving losing The county icaid, are concerned hospital has to istration and their plans to enhance such a large asset, I feel you owe me and about the future cost services. make a profit. the public a writHow are they and service of care. ten budgetary plan. going to pay -Provide the public an opportunity to hear from an entity On July 9, salaries? A lot of that has analyzed other hospital Richard Cowart, a Nashville atpeople have a misunderstanding that services comparable to OCH and its torney with ties to Baptist Memoif someone makes a proposal, we are population. rial Hospital, will be presenting his going to look at the package they are ideas in a public meeting which Mr. going to bring, and it is going to be -Provide the public with an Trainer is hosting. He has organized in the public. opportunity to hear from a county the meeting separately from the This is such a critical condisupervisor whose county has sold Board. Because Mr. Cowart has ties tion; a lot of people would make their hospital and a county supervi- to Baptist Memorial, the public has decisions in executive session. I sor whose county has decided not to questioned his motives. So, on July understand the concerns this brings, sell. 12, Frank Davis, one of the organiz- but I am not willing to back down or ers of a grassroots group opposed shy away from whatever we have got -Provide the public with a general estimate of the potential sale price of OCH. to do. Even if it causes making a sacrifice, you got to look at the greater good. When asked how ObamaCare may affect healthcare at OCH, he said, To me, it creates a situation where you are going to have to have the tools and capacity in order to compete. He stated the cost of the analysis demonstrates its importance. Thirty-five-thousand dollars is small in comparison to the bond, he said. It is going to be payable compared to what we could lose if we cant keep up with the competition. A source who wished to remain anonymous said, If I were in their shoes, I would do the something. Counties dont need to be in the healthcare business. Over the years, healthcare has changed. It has shifted from being a public service to a marketable good. To survive in a completive environment, healthcare facilities must keep up with trends. Both Tupelo and Columbus have sold their hospitals to private companies, and, recently, Grenada County Supervisors hired a Jackson law firm to offer advice on selling or leasing Grenada Lake Memorial Hospital.

Caledonia Water Department Employee Trey Robertson vs. Benny Coleman

The following is a memorandum of understanding, that was obtained by The Real Story, and which seeks to put an end to the dispute between Caledonia Water Department employee Trey Robertson and his supervisor, Benny Coleman. The two parties involved are expected to sign this agreement. The Real Story will continue to monitor this situation and will provide updates as the situation develops. Joseph B. St. John

Aberdeen Focuses On Electricity, Rezoning And Permits
The City of Aberdeen adopted a new budget for the Electric Department at the citys Board of Aldermen meeting last Tuesday, June 3, 2012. We hammered out the budget a couple of weeks ago, and it was brought before the board and passed, said Alderman John Allen. It was pretty much a rehash of last years budget. Were trying to get the citizens of Aberdeen to use less electricity during peak hours, which are usually between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Buying smart appliances and running dishwashers and laundry machines on a timer to be set after or before these peak hours could be a huge step forward, commented Allen. A re-zoning issue concerning the relocation of a manufactured home was brought before the board. The home was removed, leaving the area strictly commercial. Re-zoning of the property was necessary so that a potential owner of a manufactured home could use the property. The area in question is in Ward 4, just off Highway 45. A motion to continue to allow manufactured homes to be located on the property was passed by the board. Two beer permit applications came up for consideration by the board. One was for a proposed sports bar, to be called Jerseys, which would be located downtown. The other application was made to allow the sales and consumption of beer at a newly opened Cajun restaurant, La Roux, which is located on the corner of Meridian Street and Main Street. They serve fine Cajun cuisine in an atmosphere comparable to any restaurant in New Orleans French Quarter. La Rouxs application was approved by the board. Jerseys application was denied due to the lack of a state beer permit as well as the fact that no food will be served at the establishment.

Whit Harrington

Alderman Dean Irvin stated, Sports bars could potentially be trouble. Allen agreed, saying, Im trying to do whats best for the City of Aberdeen, and I dont think this is the way to go. The city is in the process of appointing members for the Parks and Recreation Departments advisory board. Each alderman as well as the mayor will appoint one member of the advisory board. At the time of Tuesdays meeting, only one person, Sue Sanders, had been appointed. On another note, several employee requests to participate in various training courses were considered by the board. Chief of Police Henry Randle and Narcotics Officer Jason Franks were approved for counter-drug training, July 24-25, 2012, in Meridian. City Clerk Jackie Benson was authorized to attend a training session for Master Clerk, September 25-27, 2012, in Southaven, Miss. Tamanda Strib-

ling was granted permission to enroll in a course on budgeting, finance and accounting, July 18-19, 2012, in Nashville, Tenn., while David Low will be taking courses on home investment, July 18-19 in Flowood, Miss. The aldermen discussed the possibility of relocating the board because the poor acoustics in the large courtroom on the second floor of Aberdeens City Hall cause the attendees voices to echo, making it difficult to hear one another. I cant hear Mr. Sykes and Mr. Burroughs, commented Allen on the aldermen who sit opposite him in the room. Alderman Alonzo Sykes responded, We cant hear you either. This presents an obvious problem for any group that is trying to conduct business. No solution to the problem had been realized by the end of the meeting.

Monroe County Board Of Supervisors Discusses Grant Application, Animal Control Issues
Whit Harrington
to a matter that was to come up for Chairperson Billy Kirkpatconsideration later in the meeting: rick turned the first portion of the Monroe County Board of Supervisors Receiving and filing on a minutes letter from the Office of the State meeting over to Norman McLeod of Auditor approving the audit report Windham and Lacey Auditing last Monday morning, July 2nd. I want to on Monroe County for the fiscal year thank everyone who Ive worked with ended September 30, 2011, as prepared by Windham and Lacey, PLLC. for the past four years. Everyone in The board later passed the motion. Monroe County has been extremely Casey Franks, with the cooperative, said McLeod. He was there to representand open in regards Threeto listenPlanning & Developthe firm to the public, both Rivers and perform FREE ment District, attended the meeting to persuade the board to approve the submission of a grant application. We are applying for a grant through CDBG [Community Development Block Grant] for the Smithville Schools and the gym that were destroyed by the tornado last year. Were applying for up to $450,000 through that program. The costs will be paid through their insurance provider as well as FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency]. Were going to do the whole process as far as paperwork and architects, stated Frank. The board unanimously approved the proposal. Aberdeen Mayor Cecil Belle spoke before the board during the portion of the meeting reserved for unscheduled public appearances. Belle brought up the issue of stray dogs and the costs involved in finding the dogs and boarding them, and the debate over renting or buying new property to house the animals. Right now, were trying to gather figures for renting, which would be about $2,000 a month. We dont know the figures for utilities, but we know that weve been paying about $10 per dog daily. The vicious dogs are euthanized after five days if theres no one to pick them up, so we see a figure of about $50 per week. But theres no way of knowing how many dogs well have in the facility per week. We need to get at least one full-time person to be on the premises. Between a full-time employee, rent and utilities, were looking at about $22,000 a year - just guessing, said Belle. We need to have a separate facility for the vicious dogs that are usually used as fighting dogs. We can build the facility through inmate labor, added Belle. The Sheriff s Department has a deputy on call, but Belle requested a trained deputy to be at the pound. Sheriff Cecil Cantrell commented, Were going to be able to get a vehicle through the Department of Transportation for cleaning up the roads and such. It will probably be a four-door truck. Whatever the board decides, we can use this truck with trained deputies in the K-9 unit to help out. We definitely have a problem with vicious dogs in this county. We got


Ju Friday, July 27 6:30 pm

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We need to have a separate facility for the vicious dogs that are usually used as fighting dogs.

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Random Acts of Culture

a call a couple of weeks ago where a man reported that a pit bull was attacking his German shepherd and was coming after his little girl. This happened four times while I was there, and the man asked, What should I do? I told him that I couldnt tell him to shoot the dog, but thats what needs to happen. Then the man went inside the house and grabbed his shotgun and shot the animal. We did a drug bust down in Hamilton last Saturday night, and he had five or six vicious, vicious dogs. If they get loose, theres no telling what theyll do. We need a place to put them, and Ill go with whatever the board decides. We have a definite problem. The board asked Belle to get some specific figures before they make a final decision.

July 5 - 11, 2012

Points for Your Health
Treating Shingles
by Clare Mallory
Ive been seeing quite a few people for shingles lately. Shingles (herpes zoster) is a painful rash that comes from the same virus that causes chicken pox, and it can occur years a er having the chicken pox. Stress and a weakened immune system are the primary culprits in the development of shingles. Shingles can be extremely painful, o en requiring narcotics, and o en the pain can linger long a er the rash itself has gone (known as postherpetic neuralgia). Following are some do-it-yourself tips on how to help reduce the pain of shingles if you have them, and how to avoid them if you dont (by the way, unless youve actually had chicken pox, you cant get shingles): -In Chinese Medicine, shingles is a result of heat of various forms. Especially if you have shingles, but also if youre just trying to avoid them, you should be careful about the amount of heat youre exposing yourself to, both external and internal: Cut down on the spicy foods, stay cool, drink plenty of water, and avoid the outdoors for too long (especially during the sweltering Mississippi summer) - all good, sensible tips for the summer in general anyway. You should also avoid too much fried food, especially in the summer time, as the type of heat generated from fried foods can cause particularly miserable shingles (not that all shingles arent miserable). -If you have shingles, cool compresses applied to the area can be very helpful; cucumbers applied topically work wonders for drawing heat out (also a great tip for sunburns) - but take them o or replace them as soon as they reach body temperature (this may or may not help with pain). Acupressure can also be very helpful for shingles pain, with the topical application of a certain herb; this can also be particularly helpful for postherpetic neuralgia (ask your acupuncturist for information). -Finally, whether or not youve had shingles, the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep your stress levels low! High stress levels compromise the immune system, which not only makes it easier for you to get shingles but also harder to ght it o once you get them. A good balanced diet, regular exercise, good hydration (water), plenty of sleep and regular meditation all help keep stress levels low. Taking a proactive approach to your health with modalities such as chiropractic and acupuncture, and regular participation in stress-reduction techniques such as yoga and massage, also go a long, long way to keeping you healthy and your stress levels low. Remember - taking charge of your health now will save you a ton of time, money and misery in the long run. So heres to a healthful summer without shingles! How do I get over being worried about money? Even when I have money, I am scared I wont have enough. I am tired of feeling this way. Sincerely, Worry Wart
taking care of ourselves (spiritually, physically and emotionally), it will be harder to nd a balance between what is true and what is not (fear). Fear is not real. One way to get a handle on your fear is to make a budget that Answer: works for you, one that you have Trust me, I understand. ere control over and that serves the needs, have been many years in my career wants and desires of your lifestyle. Its when I didnt make enough to pay for important that you begin to take conbasic necessities, so I get the urgency trol of your life by claiming what you and the fear of what will happen if want (where do you need and want to there isnt enough money. What I use your money) and commit to your came to eventually understand is plan. Committing to your plan is comthat my biggest fear was how I would mitting to yourself, and it allows the appear to others if I didnt have the fear to be replaced with faith. amount of money that I thought I Not having enough money should have. To appear to others as is a fear that all people have. If you unsuccessful (when I had always been dont have enough money, will you successful before) would mean posdie? Probably not, because someone sible rejection, and we all know that out there will step up and help you feeling rejected isnt a pleasant feeling get back on your feet. Money is an (and certainly one worth avoiding). extension of you; how you use it and In the United States, we focus where you use it tells you a lot about so much on how much money we your values and whether or not you have and what we can or cant a ord. are staying true to what you want for As a result of this, the societal pressure your life. Be the observer of where is so deep within us to be perceived your money is going, take control of as if we have a lot even if we dont. We your budget, and allow yourself to also like to appear as if we have things explore the underlying fear of what under control, so if you really didnt will happen if you run out of money have any money, you would probably completely. Dont forget - take time for have to ask for help. Asking for help yourself and commit to taking care of is also taboo in our culture. When we you. is will eliminate or lessen your ask for help, then we feel like we are fears around not having enough. failures - again, another self-misperIf you have made mistakes ception. in the past about money, that doesnt e truth is, we always have mean that you will again. If you are enough. If you lost everything and always looking in the rearview mirror, didnt have any money le at all, what you will never see what is in front would be your biggest fear? Answer of you. e best way to let go of past that question and dive into your fear; mistakes is to take charge of right now acknowledging what the fear is and and take action towards the world then releasing it will ease some of the you want to create for yourself. All pressure that you are putting on yourthings are possible with a responsible self over money. We o en feel like we and abundant mindset. You are never dont have enough because we dont alone, and you will never be, no matfeel like we are enough. If we dont feel ter what happens. like we are enough, and if we arent

Not Having Enough Money

Do You Have A Food Addiction?
Melinda Duffie
Now, I know what you are thinking. You see the words food addiction and say, Im not addicted to food! You are also thinking that you dont eat that much or that you eat fairly healthy. You also associate a food addiction with a disorder of some kind, such as anorexia or bulimia. Researchers define food addiction as a pattern of behavior. This is being enslaved to a pattern that is psychologically or physically habit forming, providing temporary relief to the extent of dreadful consequences. Take, for instance, the too much of highly processed foods can stimulate brain opiates, feelgood chemicals (chemical dependency). Regular binging might create a dependency on this natural high. You become dependent on a highly processed diet to feel normal and experience withdrawal symptoms when you dont eat it. -Food restriction: What if I told you that as of tomorrow you could never have ice cream again? You would probably eat a bunch of it today, right? Cravings and reward responses from food are greater after a period of food restriction and/or nutrient depletion. This is the reason why diets and food restriction almost always lead to binges. -Stress: Various forms of stress can trigger overeating or not eating at all. When things are going well, addiction may not be apparent; however, when stressful situations arise, the behavior appears. -Depression: Depression usually changes appetite, hunger, and satiety, as well as sleep patterns. This is referred to as comfort eatfollowing scenario: You come home ing. Sleep is very important in being craving something, and that bag of able to maintain positive habits and chips is calling your name. Instead behaviors. of just eating a few, you eat half, or -Boredom: It is easy to overmaybe the whole bag. Or maybe your eat and more than likely you are not food of choice is ice cream, candy aware of how much you are eating. bars, candy, pasta, potatoes or bread. This can be a very unconscious habit. Afterward, you physically feel miser-Social situations: Theres a able, and even more so emotionally; lot to be said for being influenced by you feel guilty because you ate that those around you. This can include much. The mirror is a reminder of family, friends and coworkers. Do the how much you dont like the vispeople around you encourage good ible results of your habits. You find or bad eating habits and positive or yourself in this constant destructive negative behaviors? More than likely, cycle. You may ask yourself, Why am you will find that those around you I doing this? have similar issues. There are many factors Now you have a better that lead to this behavior, including understanding of food addiction. emotional, environmental, social and This affects more people than you physical. Major causes that play a role realize. The people you see and talk in the development of food addicto every day struggle with life and tions include: how they choose to deal with it: Take, -Fear of change: This can be for instance, an overweight woman changes in eating habits, personal who has tried every diet; the guy changes or changes in job situations. who eats his meals until he is stuffed; -Chronic overeating: Eating the woman who goes home after not eating all day and raids the cabinet for junk food; a perfectionist who is never satisfied with her body and eats hardly anything all day; or someone that raids the candy jar or container of nuts all day out of boredom. So by now you are starting to take inventory of your own behaviors and realize that you do some of these things. You are not in the minority. Most people use some vice to deal with life to give them the illusion of control over something when they feel like they have no control. Many people just use food as their vehicle. The real control here, however, is that, biologically, this sets the body up to crave the foods that are unhealthy. When you eat more healthy foods more frequently during the day, starting with breakfast, the body recognizes this, and, by the end of the day, it doesnt crave. Your body needs basic nutrition to function properly. This whole process is biological as well as emotional. Following are some life changes that will create positive results: - Be aware that many of your emotions are tied to stress, depression, and fear.

Body in Balance
- Be conscious of eating more healthy foods that you do like, and eating frequently during the day. - Get five to seven hours of sleep each night. - Enjoy your favorite food once a week. - Dont keep junk food at your home or work.

Your body needs basic nutrition to function properly.

- Reduce stress by exercising and taking time for yourself. - Surround yourself with people that encourage positive habits.

Its all about balance!

July 5 - 11, 2012

EMCC Gets Ready To Open Scooba Student Union
Special to The Real Story
Another year brings another anchor facility to East Mississippi Community Colleges Scooba campus, as the opening of the schools new 41,250-square-foot Student Union coincides with the beginning of the fall semester. from the State Legislature for capital improvements and renovations. We stashed ours away for a number of years, not spending any of it, Miller said. It took awhile, but we finally saved enough to match those state allocations and build a Student Union. But Im not sure what will happen in the future. This year, the Legislature did not allocate money for the Capital Improvements and In the meantime, here are some details about the new Scooba Student Unions spaces: campus book store. In addition to offering required texts for EMCC classes, the book store will sell official EMCC merchandise. The book store cashier will accept cash or can scan student ID cards for students with Flex Dollar accounts.

The rural atmosphere of the Scooba campus is beautiful, and students are able to focus on their studies in a quiet setting.
Following the precedent set last fall with the opening of New Sullivan-Windham Field, which kicked off an eventual NJCAA national championship football season for the Lions, EMCC administrators expect the $6.6 million Student Union to drastically change the atmosphere on the Scooba campus. The rural atmosphere of the Scooba campus is beautiful, and students are able to focus on their studies in a quiet setting. But amenities like a grill to grab a bite to eat after hours, or a place to wait for your next class or simply gather to socialize have been missing, EMCC President Dr. Rick Young said. This new Student Union will make a big difference in the lives of our students. Its also a chance to welcome the community onto our campus for everything from large events in the cafeteria space to club meetings in one of our special events spaces. Dr. Paul Miller, vice president of EMCCs Golden Triangle campus and construction supervisor, said the recent rapid expansion at EMCC is the result of years of discipline as an institution. In the past, community colleges received an annual allocation

-Student Commons Visitors will enter into the Commons, a 4,270-square-foot open space featuring seating areas, game tables and television screens. The flat-screen -Convenience Store AdTVs will be tuned to MTV-U but will jacent to the Grill is a 450-squarealso display EMCC announcements. foot convenience store which will Casual furniture will include couches, be stocked with daily need items such as over-the-counter medicines, laundry detergent and stationery. The convenience store is intended to save students a trip off campus to purchase common needs. The convenience store cashier will accept cash or can scan student ID cards for students with Flex Dollar accounts.

-Cafeteria Near the Commons, the new campus cafeteria covers 6,720 square feet, with seating for more than 250 (not including more than 100 additional seats available in the outdoor dining areas). It will feature four food stations offering a variety of dining options. The cafeteria cashier will accept cash or can The new Student Union on East Mississippi Community Colleges Scooba cam- scan student ID cards for students pus will open at the beginning of the fall semester. The $6.6 million building with Flex Dollar accounts. will feature the Commons, which is an area for students to gather, as well as a cafeteria, short-order grill, book store and convenience store. -Special Event Rooms Be-

Renovation Fund for community colleges, so there is no new funding. Were hopeful that they will be able to re-establish the fund next year. Like a number of EMCC buildings, the new Scooba Student Union was designed by Pryor & Morrow Architects of Columbus. Another Student Union, one for the Golden Triangle campus, is in the planning stages. EMCCs fall semester begins August 20. The deadline to register is August 17. For more information, call the Scooba campus at (662) 476-5000 or the Golden Triangle campus at (662) 243-1900.

chairs and benches to seat 30 and enough dining space to seat 24. Its a student-friendly environment they can call their own, Young said. Its a place to gather and socialize. -Grill Opening directly onto the Commons, a short-order grill will offer fast food during the Unions hours of operation. The Grill cashier will accept cash or can scan student ID cards for students with Flex Dollar accounts. -Book Store Also opening directly onto the Commons, 2,410 square feet are devoted to the new

tween the cafeteria and the Commons is a 2,170-square-foot special event area available for private events, small groups and study groups and will also serve as overflow seating for the cafeteria. The special event area can be bisected by an operable partition to create two areas or can be opened into one large area. -Wellness Center Accessible from the loading area behind the Union, the Wellness Center will feature cardio and weight training equipment. -Computers/WiFi Visitors to the Union will have access to EMCCs wireless Internet via their mobile devices. A small cluster of computers will also be available to students along a hallway off the Commons area.



For more information, call the Scooba campus at (662) 476-5000 or the Golden Triangle campus at (662) 243-1900.

A Lineup Of Investment Moves Worth Considering
by Ryan Munson
This week, Major League Baseballs All-Star Game is scheduled to be played in Kansas City. Whether youre rooting for the American League or the National League, youll no doubt admire the ability and athleticism exhibited by these tremendous ballplayers. Of course, any allstar team is made up of players who bring different talents to the game. And this same approach - of combining a collection of skills toward one common effort - can be found in other endeavors, one of which is investing. Here, then, is one possible lineup of investment moves to consider: -Diversify. All investments have both benefits and risks. As an investor, your goal is to help maximize the benefits and minimize the risks and one of the best ways to do this is by diversifying your money across a range of assets. Diversifying can help you reduce the impact of market volatility that might affect your portfolio if all your money was tied up in one particular asset class and that asset went through a down period. Keep in mind, though, that diversification by itself cannot guarantee profits or protect against loss. -Rebalance. Even without your taking significant actions, your portfolio can evolve in ways that may not be to your liking. For example, if some of your more aggressive investments appreciate greatly, they may eventually constitute a larger percentage of your holdings than you had planned - and, in doing so, elevate your overall risk level. To prevent this from happening, you should meet with your financial advisor periodically to rebalance your portfolio. -Seek quality. Many people latch onto hot investments, only to be disappointed when they cool off. Instead, seek quality vehicles the ones that generally lose the least ground when the market is down and recover more quickly when the market rallies. When you invest in stocks, for instance, look for those companies that have strong management teams, competitive products and good business models. When you purchase bonds, look for those with high ratings from the independent rating agencies. -Stay invested. Its tempting to take a breather from investing when the financial markets are volatile, but if you stay on the investment sidelines, you may miss out on the beginning of the next market rally. If youve built a diversified portfolio of quality vehicles, it may be easier to stay invested. -Know your risk tolerance. If you find yourself constantly fretting

about the markets ups and downs to the extent that your worries are affecting the quality of your life, you may have a portfolio thats unsuited to your risk tolerance. Conversely, if youre dissatisfied with the growth of your investments, you may be investing too cautiously, which could be a concern when youre striving to reach long-term goals such as a comfortable retirement. Ultimately, theres no one right way for everyone to invest, bu you do need to match your portfolios composition with your individual risk tolerance and time horizon. Your financial advisor can help your find the lineup of investment moves that is right for you. Put him or her to work soon. This article was written for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Streetcar Run Organizers Meet to Plan 2012 Event

Dawson Hired As General Manager Of MUW Dining Services

July 5 - 11, 2012

Shown making plans for the 2nd Annual Tennessee Williams Streetcar run are (left to right): Abby Solomon, Race Coordinator for the Columbus Running and Cycle Club; Brenda Caradine, Tennessee Williams Tribute Chair; and George Courington, Financial Chair of the Tennessee Williams Tribute. The race will be run along the old streetcar route in Columbus. T-shirts and medals will be awarded to the winners. The race begins at the Tennessee Williams Home and Welcome Center at 300 Main Street on September 8, 2012, at 8 a.m.

Eric Dawson of Columbus has been hired by Sodexo to serve as general manager of Dining Services a Mississippi University for Women. Dawson served as general manager for Sweet Peppers Deli for 11 years. I started at Peppers as a dishwasher and worked my way up, he said. As general manager of MUW Dining Services, some of Dawsons responsibilities will include operation of the dining hall, the new on-campu Subway and a Simply To-Go spot. Dawson is very excited about renovations to the dining hall and to the new Subway which is expected to open in August. The Subway will offer healthy, on-trend dining choices for the students and should be something that the staff is looking forward to also, he said. I am honored to get the opportunity to work with students, staff and faculty of The W. Dawson and his wife, Evans Whitaker Dawson (MUW Class of 03), have a daughter, Ellie, 6, and a son, Arthur, 3. They are active members of St Pauls Episcopal Church.


Streetcar Run September 8, 2012

Have A Question? EMCC Recruiters Are Online With An Answer
Special to The Real Story
With the August 17 registration deadline for the fall term closing in, East Mississippi Community Colleges recruiters are online watering seeds sown during the school year. Michael Black, for instance, is always on Facebook, Twitter or his EMCC email. Whether from his office at EMCCs Golden Triangle campus in Mayhew or on his phone, Black stays plugged in to keep EMCC on students minds. Social media is a huge tool for recruiting. I live in district high schools during the fall and spring semesters, talking to students, Black said. After that, focused recruiting in the summer is a huge deal. And social media is where we can answer specific questions from parents and students quickly and precisely. Black and his Scooba campus counterpart, Taylor Ray, are frequently on the road visiting high schools in EMCCs six-county district, whether still available. Classes on the Golden alone or with EMCC student ambas- Triangle campus are Monday through Thursday, so you have a three-day sadors in tow, speaking to classes of weekend each week. high school juniors and seniors. Its Ray, who gives tours of the during these visits that electronic Scooba campus connections throughout the are made and summer, does recruiters esmuch the same. tablish a direct The new Student line of comUnion opens with munication the fall semester. to potential Scooba is Monday students. Then, through Thursday, they have a forum to offer SuperTalk Mississippi host JT, center, too. And its not advice those stu- speaks with EMCC Vice President of too late for housdents can use in Workforce Services Dr. Raj Shaunak, right, ing, but dorm the future. and Mississippi Senator Terry Brown, left. rooms are limited, he adds. Dont Many of wait to get your classes. Financial aid does not have these reminders are aimed at savto be finalized to register for classes, ing students time or money before the semester begins August 20. For says Black, rattling off examples of advice he imparts to students online. example, students registering on or Financial aid and scholarships are before July 31 can save $80 on registration fees. Or a registration guide is available on EMCCs website at www., under Current & Future Students, to ensure students have all the necessary information to make the process go smoothly. EMCC employs traditional media outlets as well, including an upcoming SuperTalk Mississippi live remote at the Golden Triangle campus, July 27. Prospective students can ask questions online in several ways: EMCC recruiters can be reached on Twitter @EMCCINFO. Like us on Facebook at www., and ask a question on our wall. Look for the Ask us a Question! links on EMCCs website, E-mail your Golden Triangle campus questions to Michael Black at

Report A Testament To The Excellence Of MUWs Nursing Programs

The ongoing quality of Mississippi University for Womens nursing programs was highlighted in the Annual Report for Mississippi Nursing Degree Programs. Recently released by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learnings Office of Academic and Student Affairs, the report looks at several quality indicators such as graduation and National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) passing percentages for each nursing school in the state. Once again, MUW received high marks in all areas, particularly for pass rates on the NCLEX and certification exam. Admissions into the baccalaureate nursing program over the past five years have grown 149 percent, with a 30-percent growth in the masters nursing program and a 25-percent increase in the associate nursing program. The university has also seen an increase in the number of nursing graduates over a five-year period in all three programs: a 109-percent increase in the baccalaureate program, a 47-percent increase in the graduate program and a 20-percent increase in the associate program. Over a three-year period, NCLEX pass rates have averaged 98 percent in both the baccalaureate nursing program and the associate nursing program. MUW nurse practitioner certification rates have averaged 99 percent, again among the highest in the state. MUW had high retention rates and was among the top-rated when it came to degree completion rates by degree level. Dr. Sheila Adams, Dean of the College of Nursing and SpeechLanguage Pathology, said, The nursing programs at Mississippi University for Women have an established and ongoing history of producing excellent graduates who are respected in the workplace. Our graduates have made significant contributions to healthcare, not only in Mississippi but all over the United States. Adams also pointed to the universitys nursing accreditation status. We continue to have excellent outcomes with our accreditation visits. On our most recent accreditation visit, there were no areas of concern and no recommendations. Strengths listed included: faculty members passion for teaching; strong clinical experiences for students; strong focus on leadership preparation; well-prepared graduates; strong student pride in their educational preparation; strong community and university support; excellent leadership; and excellent licensure and certification pass rates. The universitys nursing department offers three degree

Special to The Real Story

programs: the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN), the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). All three programs have been continually accredited by state, regional and national accrediting bodies. The ASN program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. The BSN and MSN are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, which is now the preferred national accrediting body for baccalaureate and higher-degree nursing programs. In spring 2013, Mississippi University for Women nursing students will have the option of obtain

ing a terminal degree in nursing, the Doctor of Nursing Practice,which will allow them to function at a higher level in todays complex healthcare system and provide them with the knowledge base necessary to design systems that provide safe, costeffective patient care. For more information about MUWs nursing programs, please contact the Office of Admissions at(662) 329-7106or visit www.muw. edu/nursing.

EMCC Cosmetology Graduates

The Cosmetology program at East Mississippi Community Colleges Golden Triangle campus graduated 11 students on July 2. Pictured front row from left: Jakerria Shelton (Columbus); Tamara McPhail (Pelahatchie); Laura Keough (Memphis, Tenn.); Keshia Davidson (West Point); and Paige Buford (Starkville). Second row: Karisa Sims (Caledonia); Dana Brown (Starkville); Michelle Robertson (Starkville); Peyton Murphy (Ackerman); Jasmine Coleman (Columbus); Chris Clark (Starkville); and instructor Coretta Johnson.


Library Archivist Mona Vance Co-Authors Article On Tales from the Crypt Program
Special to The Real Story
Columbus-Lowndes Public Library Archivist Mona K. Vance recently co-authored an article with Jennifer Rose, public history coordinator at Sunflower County Public Library, which was published in the Society of American Archivists national newsletter, Archival Outlook. Vance and Rose focused on two unique outreach programs in Mississippi: Tales from the Crypt in Columbus and Headstone Stories in Indianola. Titled Taking Archives to the Cemetery: How Two Mississippi Archives Reach Out to Local Youth by Raising the Dead, the article in the May/June issue focuses on how two small archives work with local students to expose them to original historical documents dating back to the 1800s, as well as teach them research skills and help them share the stories of the past with their communities. Vance said, This article showcases how local schools can collaborate with archives on programs to enrich the learning experience for students of various ages. The Tales program was created by Carl Butler in 1991 and is now headed by history teacher Chuck Yarborough. It has spawned nine similar programs throughout Mississippi and is in at least three other states. One such program, started in 2010, was Headstone Stories in Indianola. Headstone Stories uses sixth-grade middle school students from Indianola Academy, while the Tales program works with high school juniors at the Mississippi School for Math and Science. Every fall semester, over 60 Tales students research the numerous records available in the Local History Department at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library. During the annual Spring Pilgrimage, approximately 12 students are then chosen for the tours to perform vignettes on individuals buried in Friendship Cemetery. I am proud to be able to share the hard work and success of the Tales program with archivists all around the country, who can then use it as an example when implementing similar outreach programs at their own institutions, Vance said. Archival Outlook is published six times per year and distributed as a membership benefit by the Society of American Archivists. It reports on regional, national and international news of relevance to the North American archival profession.Articles focus on best practice and how archives are used by the public and archivists on the job, and include how-to pieces on timely and relevant topics. Archival Outlook currently has a circulation of more than 6,000. For more information on the Society of American Archivists, visit To learn more about the Local History Department at the Columbus-Lowndes Public Library, call Mona K. Vance at 662-329-5304.

One call for your health, life

and nancial insurance needs.
Health Insurance Dental Coverage - Including a special plan for Veterans Vision Insurance Life Insurance Critical Illness Coverage Long term care

Call Humana today:

Eva McAdams 205-712-3587

8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

July 5 - 11, 2012


MS 7/12


Party & Paper - They Have Everything
by Real Story Staff
As soon as you walk in the door of Party & Paper, your senses come under immediate assault but in a good way! The sights, sounds, smells there is just so much to take in, you might not know where to start! The truth is, at this wonderful boutique, located at 218 5th Street South, it really doesnt matter where you start youre certain to find something magical at every turn. Lets start with what is right in front of you an incredible assortment of food-related items. There are spices and mixes, snacks and cookbooks, and so much more. And dont forget the selection of serving dishes! There are colanders, serving utensils and items for the bar. The options go on and on. Do you need some paper products, such as plates, napkins or cups to put the finishing touch on your party or special event? Party & Paper has them in a variety of colors and themes. They also have table clothes, disposable flatware and doilies. If you are looking for a gift for a college student or sports fan, check out the selection of plates, cups, figurines and other team-related items. Whether youre a fan of the Bulldogs, Rebels, Crimson Tide, Tigers, Volunteers or Golden Eagles, you will find something to add to the collection. Scrapbookers will find virtually everything they need to further their favorite hobby. What about dcor items? Yes, they have streamers, hats, banners and so much more. Dont think that they have left the kids out! There is a whole section devoted to books, plush animals and games. Do you have a passion for candles? The assortment of scents, styles and sizes is too numerous to mention. Now that you have found the perfect gift for that special someone, youll certainly want it to be expertly wrapped. Well, youve come to the right place. The staff of Party & Paper are experts at gift-wrapping, and they have a wide selection of paper and ribbons from which to choose. But you cant bring a gift and not include a card! They have a large assortment designed to commemorate almost any occasion. But wait theres a whole other aspect to Party & Paper their printing services department! Whether you need business cards, flyers, brochures or letterhead, they can design and print whatever you need to provide your business with just the right image. Planning a wedding or other occasion and need invitations or announcements? They have styles and designs that will make that event truly special. Now you know all of the products and services Party & Paper has to offer. However, thats not what makes this lovely shop the wonderful place that it is. What sets them apart from other businesses is their pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable staff. Owner Susan Mackay and her incredible team welcome every guest, see to it that they find everything that they need and send them off with a smile and a heartfelt Thank you! So, what are you waiting for? Rush right down to downtown Columbus and experience the joy that is Party & Paper for yourself!

Southern Public Relations Federation To Induct Three Into Hall of Fame

All of the inductees have held numerous leadership positions in professional organizations and have mentored many current public relations practitioners in the region. One of the inductees is Sherry Harlow, APR, from Fort Walton Beach, Fla., and ECPRO. She was a founding member of ECPRO and has since served in many roles for that organization and SPRF for the past 19 years. She has been marketing director of Eglin Federal Credit Union for 33 years. Harlow continues to be very instrumental in leading other professionals toward Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) through workshops and mentoring. Additionally, she has used her financial and communication expertise to serve society both locally and beyond. She has been recognized with numerous awards, including a State of Florida award by the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, and has been named to the Okaloosa County Womens Wall of Honor. Harlow has served on many volunteer boards, including America Saves, Okaloosa Saves Coalition Board, 4-H Money Adventures and the National Savings Forum in Washington, DC. She is also a member of the Florida Public Relations Association. The second inductee is William E. Bud Kirkpatrick from Hattiesburg, a founding member of the Pine Belt Chapter of PRAM. He was named director of public relations for the University of Southern Mississippi in 1972 and served in that capacity for the Hattiesburg and Long Beach campuses until his retirement in 2002. Kirkpatrick is also a leader in many community organizations. He founded the Great Pine Belt Exposition, now a Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership annual event. Kirkpatrick also spearheaded initiatives leading to Hattiesburgs selection as a pre-Olympic training site in

Three public relations professionals will be honored on Friday, July 13, for their induction into the Southern Public Relations Hall of Fame. Sponsored by the Southern Public Relations Federation and the Mississippi State University Department of Communication, the ceremony will be held from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. in the John Grisham Room at the MSU Mitchell Memorial Library. For the second year, new hall of fame inductees will be honored with the unveiling of a permanent plaque with their names engraved. The three were announced in October at the SPRF Annual Conference in Point Clear, Ala. SPRF is a society of about 1,300 public relations professionals from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Northwest Florida. Members of the four state chapters (Public Relations Council of Alabama; Public Relations Association of Mississippi; Public Relations Association of Louisiana; and the Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization) represent virtually all sectors of public relations practice. Members participate in various local, state and regional awards programs recognizing campaigns, projects or individual achievements, but the hall of fame recognizes lifetime contributions. This is the second year for our hall of fame ceremony at Mississippi State, said Susan Broussard, APR, president of SPRF. Were excited to once again recognize three leaders from our region who have impacted the public relations profession. MSU is the permanent location for the plaque, so we think its very appropriate for these leaders to see where their names will be displayed for future generations. Broussard is general manager of human resources at Cleco in Alexandria, La. The three inductees represent very distinct areas of public relations practice and decades of leadership.

Special to The Real Story

1996. He has been recognized with many awards, including the Edward L. Bernays Best of Show from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, and the Innovation Award from the College Public Relations Association of Mississippi. Kirkpatrick was recognized as a Hattiesburg Tourism Volunteer of the Year and was inducted into the USM Alumni Hall of Fame. The third inductee is Yvonne McGehee Sorge, APR, from the Central Chapter of PRAM in Jackson. Sorge is considered a trailblazer for executive women, helping many move into leadership roles. She began her career at an advertising agency in Memphis and later accepted a position with Kenningtons Department Store in Jackson to serve as advertising manager and fashion coordinator. Several years later, she joined Gordon Marks & Company as account executive and senior vice president for advertising and public relations. She later opened her own firm, Yvonne Sorge Advertising and Public Relations, and retired in 2009. Sorge also used her expertise to serve the community, including leading the effort for the first International Ballet Competition in the United States, which is still held in Jackson. She has been recognized with a Silver Anvil from the Public Relations Society of America and has been named as a Silver Medalist and Woman of the Year by the American Advertising Federation of Mississippi. A breast cancer survivor, Sorge also helped establish the first Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Chapter in Mississippi. This class of inductees joins the inaugural class of Phillip R. Forrest Jr. (Ala.), Rex Kelly (Miss.) and William A. Bill Michelet, APR, Fellow PRSA (La.). The third class of the hall of fame will be named in October during the SPRF Annual Conference in Destin, Fla.

The permanent location of the Southern Public Relations Hall of Fame is located at MSU because of the central location and involvement of MSU faculty in the organization. Adam Kelley, APR, from Birmingham, initiated the program while serving as president of SPRF and will attend the event to assist with the ceremony. Kelley is the corporate communications manager for Childrens of Alabama. We have so many leaders in SPRF, and this is a way to recognize those who have exemplified a lifetime of achievement and service, Kelley said. Public relations is such a growing field, and we need to honor those who have helped so many of us in our careers. Once again, Im very grateful to play a small part in this recognition of public relations legends, said Dr. John Forde, APR, Fellow PRSA. Forde serves as department head for the MSU Department of Communication and is a long-time officer in PRAM and SPRF. All three of this years inductees have been mentors to me at various points of my life, and I know they have been influential to literally hundreds of others in all stages of their careers, Forde added. They are just quality people and professionals. SPRF board members are very appreciative of the library colleagues at MSU who have been very gracious in offering this beautiful location just outside the John Grisham Room. The site is accessible to visitors throughout the year. For more information about the event, contact Broussard at318484-7773or susan.broussard@cleco. com or Forde at662-325-8033 or Additional information about the Southern Public Relations Hall of Fame may be found at awards/hall-of-fame.


From the art collecti a Love o

July 5 - 11, 2012


ion of Diane Luke . . . of Nature


Disney and Obesity
In a New York Times blog post recently, the author describes Disneys decision to ban advertisements for junk food from its television programs - exactly the kind of self-interested, private action that will keep intrusive government regulatory action at bay. I have recently written aboutgovernment intrusion into the issue of obesity, criticizing Mayor Bloomberg of New York City for trying to pass a law to outlaw supersize soft drinks. It is a law which will never pass because of a variety of legal issues and is therefore grandstanding on the part of Hizzoner, but it shows how government can simply not keep its sticky hands off private enterprise and the contract between buyer and seller. The howl from progressives who insist on a paternalistic approach to human behavior help them, for they know not what they do encourages social despots like Bloomberg to pass untenable, unnecessary and intrusive laws: Adults need help, too, and we should do more to regulate companies that exploit our deeply rooted appetites for sugar and other unhealthy foods. The mayor was right to ban trans fats, but we should also make the food industry honest about portion sizes. Like cigarettes, mass-marketed junk food should come with prominent health warning labels. It should be illegal to advertise highly fattening food as fat free. People have the right to be unhealthy, but we should make that choice more onerous and expensive by imposing taxes on soda and junk food, writes David Lieberman, also in the Times. There arefour major ways that social behavior can be modified: government laws, public information, civil advocacy and corporate influence.Of these, the last is rarely discussed, but Disneys decision is a perfect example of corporate self interest that also results in a public good. Disney did not decide to pull all junk food advertising from its shows out of an unselfish motivation to help Americas children. It wants to consolidate its image as a wholesome, family company, and by hitching its corporate star on the latest bandwagon obesity the star will shine even more brightly. Disney loses very little from this transaction; what it loses in advertising revenue will be made up for manyfold, for the value of an unsullied corporate image is inestimable. While it will be difficult tocorrelate anyincreases in theme park attendance or viewership of Disney films to this policy, it knows that image is everything. Corporate Social Responsibility is a familiar term these days, and institutional advertising touting the good works of Exxon Mobil, Shell and other oil companies is commonly seen on full-page ads in national newspapers.Exxon has spent millions of dollars in Angola alone on malaria prevention.Whether or not this money has any impact (doubtful, since it has been channeled through USAID, an inefficient and politically motivated agency of the U.S. Government) is irrelevant to Exxon.They have already reaped untold benefits through the softening of its corporate image.Exxon, the great-grandchild of Standard Oil and the Robber Baron John D. Rockefeller and his successors, has been known for its relentless pursuit of profits and its innovativeness and adaptability to changing

By Ron Parlato

circumstances.It helps provide the oil that every country in the world demands in increasing quantities. Yet its image has suffered as gas prices have increased.Oil companies are no longer the engines of industrial progress and economic development, but greedy predators.Becoming known as the worlds largest corporate investor in public health will help to soften that harsh image. While Disney is investing its resources for social good (i.e., the lost advertising revenues) and therefore acting with corporate social responsibility, its greater impact will be on the junk food companies whose ads they have pulled.Fruit Loops will have to change the formulation ofits sugarheavybreakfast cereals if it wants tocontinue advertising on Disney programs. This corporate-corporate deal, where social good is a new currency, is innovative, important and far-reaching.It is good business for Disney, which cannot lose and will only gain in image and respectability.Not only will it be seen as an upholder of family values and in the interest of children, it will also be regarded as a valiant challenger of corporate greed.It will effect change in product formulation, which will ultimately provide healthier foods for children, and it will have the same result as government regulation.Other companies could follow suit. Walmart, Appleand Best Buy, threeFortune 500 retailers, can refuse to sell goods manufactured by companies with low production standards. Apple and other major corporations are putting similar pressures on Third World manufacturers, whose continued inclusion in the vast world market of these firms is worth


The model will not work for all companies, and only the biggest and those with a recognizable name or image would be interested.Walmart has suffered in the past from image problems it has been accused of unfair labor practices, exploiting its workers and crowding out small business.The value of its name, given its international reach, is critically important, and it has made significant reforms in recent years.It could enhance its image even more if it made very visible deals such as the one Disney has concluded. Apples name is synonymous with quality, design and innovation a company which listens and responds to consumers. As such,it isa very American brand.That is,it is not only a profitablecompany but one which cares about its customers.It would not be a stretch for it to expand this image to an even more socially responsible and active one. Government intervention in behavior change, whether individual or corporate, has always been important. The high proportion of seatbelt use is a result of government mandates (seatbelts required by manufacturers) and government laws (penalties for not wearing seatbelts) as well as public information campaigns. The decline in smoking is a result both of anti-smoking campaigns and high taxes on cigarettes. At the same time, there is too often a knee-jerk reaction to turn first to government for solutions to social ills.We should turn to government last, and the example of Disney is a good one to follow.

Happy Birthday, Bigmama (June 12th)

I think of you every day, mostly happy thoughts, but sometimes, they make me sad. I cant believe its going on two years since youve been gone, when I think of all the good times we had. Today is your birthday, and I wish you were here with me to talk to, to listen to, to share all my thoughts and stories with, but it wasnt meant to be... I miss you more than anyone knows. I know you are in Heaven, where you belong, and always knew youd be. But I cant help but be selfish at this time of year because I want you here, with me.

July 5 - 11, 2012

There has been a hole in my life since youve been gone. I love you and will always miss you, Bigmama. And, with you in my heart, I can carry on. Aimee H. Shaw


A Sinful Evening Of Art
The Real Story Staff
Seven Deadly Sins, the new exhibit at Renee Reedy Studio, opened on Saturday, July 7, 2012, with a well-attended reception. The show, which included artwork in a variety of media, was focused on the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath (anger, rage), envy and pride (vanity). Thomas and Susa Nawrockis work illustrated why they are so widely seen in shows around the world. Selden Lamberts piece, Sip, Sip, Sip, involved a clever use of found objects. Ann Easleys was as steady as always, with her interesting Luke 12:15. Diane Lukes piece, entitled Portal to the Soul (one of two that she had in the show), was an arresting close-up of a womans eyes. Melody Vydas work, She Admired His Lust, demonstrated her knack for whimsy. Influences, a submission by the artist known as InkStick, exemplified his skill with pen and ink. Adele Elliott, who offered up three paintings, drew considerable attention for her well-rendered and provocatively titled piece, He Also Coached the Swim Team. The two show-stoppers in this exhibit were Martin Howard and Addie Talley, both very talented photographers. Howards six pieces, which made up a collection called A Bite of the Apple 21st Century Sin, conboth whimsical and disturbing at the same time. Each of the works depicted one of the seven deadly sins and employed human models, all of whom were wearing animal-head masks. Although all of them attracted the admiration of the smaller-thanusual yet enthusiastic crowd of art lovers, the two that stood out were Gluttony, which featured a model reclining in a tub, covered in a sea of cupcakes, with a row of cupcakes

Get out and get your culture on!

on the tubs edge; and Greed, which depicted a model sitting on a safe with money all around. All in all, Seven Deadly Sins, while not as edgy as some expected, was a thoroughly captivating show one which should be viewed by art lovers anywhere. Its never too hot to

sisted of photographs of a model with i-Phones strategically placed to hide certain parts of the female anatomy. They were intriguing for their creativity and for their social commentary, not simply for the fact that they featured a beautiful, naked woman. Talleys seven pieces were

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Enrich your family with another culture. Now you can host a high school exchange student (girl or boy) from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy or other countries. Single Daniel from Denmark, 17 yrs. parents, as well as couples Loves skiing, playing soccer and with or without children, watching American movies. Daniel may host. Contact us ASAP hopes to learn to play football and for more information or to live as a real American. select your student.

Camilla from Italy, 16 yrs.

Enjoys dancing, playing the piano and swimming. Camilla looks forward to cooking with her American host family.

Joy at (662)813-3164 Karen at 1-800-473-0696 (Toll Free) or email


Founded in 1976 ASSE International Student Exchange Program is a Public Benet, Non-Prot Organization.
For privacy reasons, photos above are not photos of actual students


Portrait of the Artist: Brian James & Wes Davis
The Real Story Staff
Some people may write off open mic nights as wastes of time, where wanna-be performers get up in front of the audience and display their limited abilities. Well, let me tell you they would do well not to be so haughty, because you just might encounter musicians with real talent guys like Brian James and Wes Davis. This undiscovered duo performed recently at Words & Music, an event that occurs monthly ay Tampico Bay Mexican Restaurant (1515 College Street). James and Davis were newcomers to this event, but man could they play! Although these two guys have been good friends for 20 years, they have only been playing together for about six months. However, you would never know it from the synchronicity that exists between them. James and Davis took some time out of their busy schedules to share a little bit about what makes them tick. James, who is entirely self taught, is a versatile musician, playing acoustic guitar (his primary instrument), electric guitar, harmonica and piano. I had always wanted to be a musician. When I got my drivers license, I went right out and bought a cheap guitar, and, finally, to bass. He said that he enjoys bass the best because it makes you think and because it allows you to be more aggressive. I just learned by listening to guys who were better than me, stated Davis on how his music has been shaped. Davis said that some of his fondest childhood memories were of listening to his parents oldies records primarily rock & roll and country and of riding in the back of the familys Ford Falcon. James cites the late Mississippi Frank T. Conner and Larry Priest as local musicians who have influenced him. Neil Young, Tom Petty and, more recently, Wilco have all helped shape his music. Davis used to be employed as a cabinet maker but now makes his living exclusively playing music, and plays regularly with Mississippi John Doude (pronounced Dowd). Davis has traveled all over the country, citing gigs in Seattle, Santa Cruz and New York City as evidence. He has also gigged extensively in the honky-tonks of Nashville, in an area known as Lower Broadway. Davis, who recently turned 36, has a 5-year-old daughter named Ruby. James, 35, has an 8-year-old daughter, Maris. The duo of James & Davis is working on an album tentatively titled Its All in Your Head, with a projected release in October 2012. They have eight original songs in the can and are aiming for four more before going into the studio to record the album. They have a gig scheduled at The Elbow Room on July 27, 2012. They plan to tour the Southeast in support of the upcoming album, once it is released. For more information, including public gig dates, visit James Facebook page, brian.james.16100, or e-mail him at Davis can be reached at

Community Enjoys Southside Townsend Festival

guitar, says James, recounting the roots of his musical career. Davis, also self taught, plays upright bass, electric bass and guitar. Davis lists Link Wray and Willie Dixon as influences. In addition to the indie rock that he plays with James, Davis, a native Columbian, also dabbles in blues, jazz, punk and metal. Davis started out by playing the drums in his middle school and high school bands, then moved on to

Hannah Jefferson, Doris Jefferson, and Carolyn Hawthorne relax and enjoy the band.

Irvin McCoy, aka The Peanut Man, stands ready to serve hungry customers!

July 5 - 11, 2012



A large crowd gathered at Plantation Pointe to watch a spectacular fireworks show. And they were not disappointed. Photos by Chris Jenkins.


Posing As An Adult: A Few Words To My Teenage Self
Emily Gaither Smith
As I head closer to 40 (I will actually be 35 in August - I accept cash and things that are shiny), Im doing what you do when you look back on your life and wonder about things. Ive always said that I have no regrets, and thats mostly true. I generally dont believe in regrets, because if you didnt experience the things you have, your life would have taken a different course, and Im rather fond of mine. I mostly think of things I wish I had known then, that I either wasnt told or was too stubborn to hear. And so, Im putting them in perspective by writing a letter to my 14-year-old self. Teenagers, take note. Dear 14-Year-Old Emily, everyone needing to wear orange kicks or have an iPad, thats one thing, but if you have a friend suggesting you rob a liquor store for fun run away. Nothing good will come of this. You will have to discover that not sacrificing your beliefs is hard and sometimes can really suck, but it will serve you so well in the future. Dont be embarrassed about the things that make you unique. If you like to read, get your hands on everything you can, and experience language. Drink it in. If you want to sing, even if you cant do it well, sing at every opportunity youre given. Enjoy writing computer code if thats your thing. If everyone were the same, the world would be a fairly depressing place. And whatever you do, have passion. Appreciate your youth and the freedom it gives you. Study and learn everything you can. Learn at least one foreign language to the point that you can speak and write fluently. Learn the guitar and go to Europe or anywhere, if you have the chance. Fall in love at least twice in your life - the kind of love that makes you think every song on the radio is about you, the kind that makes you write god-awful poetry that later makes you laugh, and even the kind that makes you feel your heart was put into a blender and driven over by an electric car. You cant appreciate how amazing real love is until youve experienced utter romantic disaster. Dont roll your eyes when someone says, What doesnt kill you makes you stronger. I know its hard to move into that second category sometimes, but its completely true. Finally, and this is a biggie, make your relationships matter. You dont have to have 20 close friends to feel loved or fulfilled. If you have a friend who will provide you with an alibi, should the need arise, youre doing pretty well. And dont squander love, not from anyone. One of the greatest gifts we have as people is our ability to empathize with and love others, and when you have love - and you will - treasure and cherish and put it in a Snuggie. Its precious and rare.

Recipes from Good Housekeeping

Pork Chops with Glazed Peaches
1/3 cup Dijon mustard 1/4 cup packed light or dark brown sugar 1 tablespoon bottled steak sauce 4 pork loin chops, each 3/4-inch thick Parsley sprigs, for garnish Glazed Peaches (below) 1. In medium bowl, with fork, mix Dijon mustard, brown sugar and steak sauce. Add pork chops, turning to coat chops with mustard mixture.

Your parents are not always wrong; they are not always right, either, but what will separate you from being labeled as a moody teenager will be the ability to discern the difference. Also, I know you think its incredibly uncool to spend time with your family, but later in life you will really cherish those memories the most. Let your dad teach you how to dance, and tolerate your moms advice on fashion and make-up. Youll be on your own soon enough, and I cannot stress enough how youll miss them bugging the bejesus out of you when theyre gone or when youre lonely. Do not, - I repeat, do not - smoke. Peer pressure is going to plague you your whole life, but I can promise you that no-one with any common sense really thinks smoking is cool. Once you start, youll be amazed how long it will take you to quit, and while you may feel you fit in by doing it, when youre still smoking at 40, you will smell and have health problems of which you cant conceive. Speaking of peer pressure, lets touch on that more deeply. All your life, there will be people who try to get you to do things you shouldnt. Some of them do this because they dont want to be the only ones doing something, and some of them do this because they have deeply destructive personalities, and youll hear about their various stints in rehab and jail and possibly their Good luck, eventual deaths over the course of your adulthood. Now, if were talking about 34-year-old Emily

2. Place pork chops on grill over medium heat. Cook pork chops until lightly browned on both sides and chops just lose their pink color throughout, about 10 to 12 minutes, brushing with mustard sauce remaining in bowl and turning them occasionally. Place pork chops on 4 dinner plates; garnish with parsley sprigs. Serve with Glazed Peaches, if you like. Serves 4. 3. Glazed Peaches: About 10 minutes before serving, cut each of 4 mediumsize peaches in half; remove pits. In small bowl, with spoon, mix 2 tablespoons light or dark brown sugar with 1 tablespoon water. Place peach halves on grill over medium heat and cook 5 to 8 minutes, brushing peaches with brown-sugar mixture and turning peaches occasionally, until hot and lightly browned. Each serving (without peaches): About 280 calories, 12g total fat (4g saturated), 54mg cholesterol, 630mg sodium, 15g carbohydrate, 26g protein. Each serving of peaches: About 65 calories, 0g total fat (0g saturated), 0mg cholesterol, 5mg sodium, 16g carbohydrate, 1g protein. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our website at

Lemony Bean Duo

Wax beans and green beans are tossed in a simple dressing and garnished with lemon and mint. 1/2 cup packed fresh mint leaves 1 1/2 pounds green beans, trimmed 1 1/2 pounds wax beans, trimmed Salt Pepper 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 lemon

1. Heat 7- to 8-quart covered saucepot of water to boiling on high. Meanwhile, finely chop half of mint. 2. To saucepot, add beans and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Cook 7 to 8 minutes or until just crisp-tender, stirring occasionally. Drain well. 3. While beans are still warm, in large bowl, toss with oil, chopped mint, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. Transfer to large shallow serving bowl. Grate lemon peel directly over beans, then tear remaining mint leaves and scatter over beans. Makes 12 side-dish servings.

July 5 - 11, 2012

Each serving: About 55 calories, 3g total fat (0g saturated), 0mg cholesterol, 120mg sodium, 8g carbohydrate, 4g dietary fiber, 2g protein. For thousands of triple-tested recipes, visit our website at (c) 2012 Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved


The Adventures Of The VIP: Exclusive Accessories Challenge
By Abby Hathorn
extremely busy day, along with some Smart Water and granola snacks in your emergency beauty bag, and then get ready to wow friends and strangers alike with your fashion genius! I guarantee you will look fabulous without breaking a sweat; however, I cannot guarantee you wont sweat after all, it is 100 degrees in the shade. For a bridal shower brunch, I decided to pair the vintage shorts and lace top with a floppy summer hat, cobalt-blue Jessica Simpson heels and a neutral-colored bow belt by Betsey Johnson. This look is cute and dressy, which is perfect for any special occasion, especially a luncheon or brunch. Next stop is the mall with friends. I wanted to be comfortchanging only a few accessories. Acable yet cute. How did I go from cessorizing involves more than putbridal shower dressy to comfy cute? ting on earrings, tossing on a neckYou guessed it! I changed my acceslace and piling on bracelets. Oh, my sories. I simply pulled out a pair of sweet readers, its much more! patterned high-top Converse, a tie Imagine (Imagine no possessions, I belt from JCrew, and a funky hat by wonder if you canyou may say Im Blu Gertrude from my handy dandy a dreamer-oh, Im sorry for bursting emergency beauty bag. This outfit out into song. I just love John Lenalso works well with Keds, Sperrys or non!)- oh yes, imagine the limitless a cute pair of metallic sandals. possibilities of your wardrobe when Finally, you expand it with hats, belts, scarves, the sun has set, shoes and even leggings. I agree that but the outfit its a bit warm for scarves and legmust keep shingings, but its never too hot for hats ing because there and belts! is a hot summer For this Accessories Chalparty in the city lenge, I chose a pair of vintage, sky (Hot in the city, blue, high-waist shorts from The Attic hot in the city toin Columbus, and a white lace top nighthot in the from The Limited. By keeping the city - I apologize basic outfit simple and neutral in for my digrescolor, I was able to jazz it up for my sion, but that Bilsummer events. Each transformation ly Idol song just has been paired with a hat because fits). Once again, hats are a great way to hide frizzy hair reach into that - thank you, Southern humidity and magical emerridiculous heat! Inevitably, a bad-hair gency bag full of day always strikes when we need to splendid accessogo somewhere important. So keep ries, Smart Water those hair accessories handy! and granola Have you ever had a bridal wrappers, and shower brunch, an outing at the mall pull out neon with friends and an evening party or Jessica Simpson night out on the town - with no time heels, a bright to change - all on the same day? Well, pink belt and a thats where accessories can make all funky headband. the difference! Pack a few pairs of Now get ready shoes, hats and pieces of jewelry that to party the night away while looking coordinate with the events of your absolutely fabulous! Neon accessories This week, we are going on an Accessories Challenge adventure together. What is an Accessories Challenge, you ask? Well, it is where the VIP (thats me) takes one outfit and gives it three different looks by are suitable for summer parties or a day out on the town - you cannot have enough neon accessories this summer! Accessories are SO important! They can change the overall look of any outfit with very little effort. Just keep the five tips on pairing, buying and picking out accessories in mind next time you find yourself with too many events and too little time. VIP Accessory Tips: -Making a Statement: Invest in statement jewelry, such as a pair of funky Blu Gertrude earrings or a pair of neon heels. Do not be afraid to stand out and make a statement. Be you and express your style! -Quantity: Your local Claires or other accessory shops are wonderful ways to get more bang for your buck. Take advantage of sales, and buy bracelets and necklaces in bulk! -Variety: Make sure you have style variation in your jewelry box and closet. Classic pearls, neon bangles, floral-patterned heels, vintage hats - variety is key! -Hats: Invest in hats for the summer! makes you look fabulous with the bonus of protecting your precious face from the sun. -Not Too Much: If you want

Stay Fabulous!
You can purchase an adorable floppy hat from the CosMedi Center that

to wear an arm party (which is a variety of bracelets/watches combined on each arm), do not wear necklaces or big, flashy earrings, because that is too much accessorizing. You want to make a statement, not look like Mr. T from the A-Team. (Dont get me wrong - I love Mr. T and the ATeam.) If you would like to see more pictures from this Accessories Challenge, then check out my Facebook page at! You can also follow me on Twitter @Abbysauce_ and Instagram @VintagePassionista. I hope you have enjoyed this Accessories Challenge for The Real Story. If you want to see more Accessories Challenges, check out my blog



Since Friday, June 29, it has become quickly apparent that God had something else in mind for ferson Animal Hospital in Baton me to pursue with my new-found Canine In uenza Is Very Rouge, La. says that many infected free time: My husband and I have Contagious dogs appear healthy at rst, mean- become deeply involved in pit bull ing its more likely that an ill dog rescue. But this isnt a story about DEAR PAWS CORNER: What is will spread in uenza to other dogs that - its more about how Porkdog u? A friend at the dog park at meeting places like dog parks, chop is not a happy camper about told me that I need to ask the doggie daycare, and grooming my newest passion! veterinarian about getting my dog and boarding facilities. e really On June 29, we realized just vaccinated against it. -- Gladys in depressing fact about this u is that how jealous and protective PorkDallas almost every dog exposed to it will chop is. He is ne around people he thoroughly enjoyed Relay for DEAR GLADYS: Canine in uenza, become ill unless theyre vaccinated, because its such a new virus Life - and will never turn down a or dog u, is a new illness that was that dogs have no immunity to it. good belly rub or a bite of food. rst documented in 2004. Since e best way to prevent the However, dont try to introduce then, it has been found in dogs in 38 states, with more than 100 cases spread of canine in uenza is to get him to a new pet! e puppy that your dog vaccinated. Contact your we brought home had no idea that recorded in Texas. veterinarian about the availability this fat pig was going to do his best Dogs that become ill with and cost of this vaccination. Learn to ensure that the puppy did not canine in uenza have symptoms stay at our house! Or, if he did, that that include runny nose, coughing more about this illness at http:// www.dogin his stay was not going to be a pleasand a fever. Just as in humans, the ant one! Porkchop tried his best illness can become very serious beSend your questions or comments to root the puppy out of our way, cause dogs can get dehydrated, or away from the food and water, and can develop a secondary infection to, or write to Paws Corner, c/o King Features even tried to hurt the puppy. e like pneumonia -- conditions that Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, people who came to give the pup a can be deadly. Orlando, FL 32853-6475. For more new home brought Lexi and Tobys Furthermore, according brother, Dozer. Porkchop decided to the Centers for Disease Control pet care-related advice and information, visit www.pawscorner. to pick a ght with him as well - he and Prevention, canine in uenza com. didnt care that he was a pit bull! is highly contagious and can be And, truthfully, because Dozer was easily transmitted between dogs. (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc. a pit bull, Porkchop didnt even get (It cant be transmitted to humans.) bitten - which, in a way, probably An information release from Jefdidnt help (ha-ha). We brought Mama Girl home (from the Lux rescue) yesterday to socialize her more so that we can nd a good home for her. Earlier today, we let all three of our dogs, one at a time, in the side yard to see how she would react. ey did very well together. Porkchop Gain a friend for life! decided he wanted in, too, so we let him in. Mama Girl was curious APACHE but not aggressive toward him. We Catahoula mix, female, about 6mths knew, however, that he was the one old, blue color, to watch. He did pretty well, too - I owner surrendered think he had an idea that she wasnt 6/22, sibling is Bisquit. going to hurt him if he didnt act SPUD Mix, male, out. We kept the visit short, as

Paws Corner

Paws Corner
By Sam Mazzotta

Porkchop Is Not A Social Butter y

By Aimee Shaw

Save aa Life Adopt Shelter

Pet today!

Porkchop merely wanted to do his business and then get back in the air-conditioned house. Its just ironic that we have to say our pig is the most aggressive of all of our animals, which include three pit bulls, three cats and even a recently rescued pit bull. Weve been letting Porkchop out the back door frequently of late - he enjoys spending time out there munching on acorns, and well check on him every so o en to see if hes ready to come back inside. We still need to build a small fenced-in area to keep him safe, and a bigger doggie door so that he can go out whenever he wants. In the meantime, the smaller doggie doors we have keep us amused as far as Porkchop goes. He can t through the rst one, which opens into the mud room, but cant get back in because the oor in there is about 3-4 inches lower. Just a few minutes ago, we heard the most awful squealing and whining, and Kenneth happened to see what was causing the commotion: Porkchop was midway going thru the rst doggie door, but the door wasnt completely shut, and so he was hanging half in and half out as the door swung open. He nally fell out and was ne, but I sure wish I couldve seen that. Another funny sight regarding that door is that when I open it to let him back in, a er he has gotten stuck back there, he tries to come in as soon as I open it, and his girth gets stuck in between the door and the wall. e more he pushes to get in, the more he gets stuck, because he is actually shutting the door back. It never fails to amuse me - or to annoy that pig (ha-ha)!
For all the Porkchop photos, updates, and videos you can stand, visit Porkchop on Facebook:

Catahoula mix, female, about 6mths old, brown and black, owner surrendered 6/22, sibling is Apache.

about 3mths old, white and brown, owner surrendered 6/15, he is a great dog likes to cuddle and play, sibling is Polo.

July 5 - 11, 2012

DSH, male, black and white, about 8-10wks old, he came in as a stray 6/18, he is very sweet and loving.

DSH, white and beige, adult, female, she was owner surrendered 6/27, She is a great lap cat and loves attention. She is completely vetted to include the FIV/FELV vaccination, her adoption is $50.


Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society

Surrendering and Reclaiming Pets: Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm

P.O. Box 85 Columbus, MS 39703



Adoptions: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Sat 11am-3pm

Statistics and More
by Aimee Shaw
There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. - Benjamin Disraeli the 4-inch-square ones, either! Those months, though, he became best pups were so cute and tiny. We kept buddies with our kitten, Squirrel. It a female puppy, Boozer, who was wasnt unusual to find them laid out born in Gypsys second litter, and a somewhere, Squirrel suckling on Cajun was still sitting there, horrified, Dog Bite Statistics: male, Cajun, from the third. Both his belly and Cajun slobbering on and wondering just what the heck - An estimated 4.7 million Boozer and Cajun had the Rojo her head. They would sleep together had just happened?! I love to tell this dog bites occur in the U.S. each year. cut - meaning their ears were cropped every chance they got and were best story of how my 60-pound pit bull - At least 25 different breeds shorter and closer to the head. Cajun buddies. We would let Cajun inside and 6-pound cat got into a fight and of dogs have been involved in the 238 was also the last dog that we had the occasionally and let him play for a the cat is the one that got me! dog-bite-related fatalities in the U.S. ears clipped on, as his were very short while, after giving him a bath. It had Ill close with a few tips Responsible breeding and ownership, and close to his head. He looked been a few months since we had done for kids (and adults) on how to act public education and enforcement of almost like a seal. that, and so we brought him in for a around dogs (of any breed): existing laws are the most effective Theres a funny side note good scrub-down. As we were bath- Dont treat a dog unkindly. ways of reducing dog bites. on that: One night I was up late, ing him in the tub, Squirrel sat on the - Some of the breeds that watching Andre, a movie about a toilet seat, just staring him down and Never hit, kick, slap or bite a dog, or pull on its ears, tail or paws. placed ahead of the American Pit seal - and, of course, the ending was looking pretty perturbed about the - Dont disturb a dog when Bull Terrier were Dalmatian, Chow, extremely sad. So Im sitting there, whole situation. After we dried him it is busy. Never bother dogs with Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, bawling my eyes out, and it reminded off (all dogs love that towel game!), puppies or dogs that are playing with Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher and me of Cajun. The next thing I did Cajun ran in the living room to play. or guarding toys, eating or sleeping. Cocker Spaniel. was to go outside (even though it was Squirrel was sitting on the arm of Always leave service dogs alone while - In one study, bites were about 3 a.m.), walk out to Cajun (he the chair and growled at him. What they are working. ranked by severity from 1 to 4, and was on a cable run and could pretty the heck?! The next thing I know, - Dont approach a dog that the animal that was recorded as hav- much run the length of the yard) Squirrel jumped off the couch and you dont know. If you want to meet ing inflicted the greatest number of and hug all over his seal-looking self. onto Cajuns face, biting, hissing and a dog, first ask the owner for permissevere bites was the domestic shortLeave it to me - when I got ready to digging in with all four sets of claws. sion. If the owner says it is alright, haired cat. A breed labeled as pit come back inside, I stepped in one The look on Cajuns face went from hold out your hand for the dog to bull was in fifth place, following cat, of the many craters in the yard (pit Hey, Buddy, to What the... and German Shepherd, Chow and Labra- bulls love to dig - I think they are finally, Ouch! That hurts!! I jumped sniff. Be calm and still. If its interdor Retriever. trying to find China) and twisted up and told Cajun to Sit! Dont hurt ested, give it a little scratch under the my ankle - or so I thought. I was the kitty! and he sat down, squeezed chin (not on his head) and say hello. I know that for every posilying there at 3 oclock in the mornhis eyes shut and waited for me to get tive pit bull statistic one can find, ing, a big dog face staring at me and the heathen off of him. As I reached there are probably five negative wondering why I wanted to play after down to grab the crazy cat, I got statistics available. My point with I had been crying over him, while I caught in the quote above is that statistics can was wondering what time Kenneth the arm be manipulated to suit any circummight wake up and find me gone and by a flailstance. If you have been following would he even think to come outside ing claw. my series of articles, you may have to look for me?! I lay there laughing I didnt realready changed your mind about pit for a good 5-10 minutes, all the while alize it at bulls or, at the very least, realized that moving my leg and foot to see if it the time, looks alone can be deceiving when it was okay, and laughing at Cajuns big but Squircomes to positively identifying a true face looking all goofy at me. Finally, rel had member of the this breed. Many other with Cajuns help, I put my hand on ripped a breeds and mixes have been misiden- his collar and told him to pull me up. big chunk tified over the year as pit bulls and, I stumbled back inside the house. of flesh mostly likely, have been tossed into Cajun was an inside dog for out of my the pit bull bite statistics that any the first nine months, until he decid- arm, and I pit bull haters would be able to find. ed it was more fun to go outside and was bleedTo steal (and summarize) a quote get as muddy and dirty as he could ing evfrom a friend of mine, Dont believe every time he went out! In those nine erywhere. something just because you are told to believe it. Only believe what you FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June through August 2012 yourself experience. ASSE International (non-profit) ID#95-303-4133 With my articles, Im sharContact: Joy Collins, Local Coordinator at (662)813-3164 ing my stories of my many years with Email: or American Pit Bull Terriers, but I also Web: dont want you to just take my word for anything. Im simply asking you not to believe everything negative Local Families Needed for Cultural Exchange Students about the breed and hope that you will open your heart to these lovable, ASSE International Student Exchange Programs (ASSE) is seeking local families to host boys and girls between hilarious creatures to find out for the ages of 15 to 18 from a variety of countries around the world. yourself and have your own wonderful experiences. Students come with an enthusiasm to practice their English and experience American culture -- food, sports, shopLast week, I introduced you ping and more. They will also share their own culture with host families. Host families welcome these students to Gypsy and told you a little about into their family, not as a guest, but as a family member, giving both the students and families a rich cultural her first litter. Again, this was in the experience. 90s, before my husband and I realized that contributing to the breedIn addition, students have pocket money for personal expenses; and full health, accident and liability insurance. ing problem wasnt such a good idea. Students are academically selected onto program, and host families can choose their students from a wide variety Gypsy probably had two more litters of backgrounds, countries and personal interests. of puppies before we retired her from breeding, and the last litter has probaTo become a host family or to find out how to become involved with ASSE in your community, please call Joy bly the most memorable story. When Collins at (662)813-3164 or the ASSE Southern Regional Office at 1-800-473-0696. There are many students those puppies were 6 weeks old, they to choose from, so call and begin the process of welcoming your new son or daughter into your family today! could run full blast through the little squares in the wire pen. They werent

Animal Antics




Senior News Line

By Matilda Charles
- Ensure that the loan is suitable for borrowers and wont put them at risk. - Establish a fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the homeowner. - Outlaw deceptive marketing. - Prohibit mingling a reverse mortgage with other financial products. - Strengthen the pre-mortgage counseling that homeowners are required to have. - And the big one: protect the non-borrowing spouse. TIP: Did you know you can get an online subscription to Consumer Reports? Its much handier than trying to store back copies of the magazine. Visit consumerreports. org to decide if youre interested. Call 1-800-333-0663 to subscribe instead of putting your credit-card number online. Matilda Charles regrets that she cannot personally answer reader questions, but will incorporate them into her column whenever possible. Write to her in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475, or send email to (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

For the week beginning July 16, 2012

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Aspects favor socializing with family and friends, but an irksome workplace situation could intrude. No use grumbling, Lamb. Just do it, and then get back to the fun times. while its great to be with your new friends, you need to take care not to ignore your old ones.

Salomes Stars

Reverse Mortgages Under Fire Again Last year the AARP sued the Department of Housing and Urban Development because of tactics that were being used to scam seniors in reverse mortgages. Now Consumers Union, the group that brings us Consumer Reports magazine, is asking for stricter oversight of reverse mortgages. While reverse mortgages can be a lifesaver in certain situations, for most senior homeowners that particular route is full of potential danger. Mortgage origination costs can be astronomical, draining away the equity. Scammers tie home-equity mortgages to other financial products. And, it learned, homeowners were found in default if they failed to pay property taxes or homeowners insurance. The biggest concern, however, is if only one spouses name is on the paperwork. You cant take a reverse mortgage unless youre age 62. If only one spouse is that age, then only that persons name goes on the paperwork. If that older spouse dies, the younger spouse can be evicted from the home if he or she cant come up with all the money to immediately pay off the mortgage. Consumers Union is asking for a number of safeguards:

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) A sudden spate of criticism could shake the Scorpions usually high TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Theres sense of self-confidence. Best advice: still time for you Ferdinands and You made a decision you believed in Fernandas to relax and sniff the roses. -- now defend it. But a major work project looms and SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to soon will demand much of your atDecember 21) Your reluctance to help tention through the 23rd. restart a stalled relationship could be GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Your traced to unresolved doubts about enthusiasm persuades even the your partners honesty. Rely on a toughest doubters to listen to what trusted friends advice. youre proposing. But dont push too hard, or youll push them away. Mod- CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) The capricious Sea Goat erate for best results. is torn between duty and diversion. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Your Best advice: Do both. Tend to your energy levels are rising, and you feel workaday chores, then go out and you can handle anything the job enjoy your well-earned fun time. requires. Thats great. But dont isolate AQUARIUS (January 20 to Februyourself. Keep your door open to ary 18) Cutting back on some of your your workplace colleagues. activities for a few days helps restore LEO (July 23 August 22) A workplace your energy levels. You should be change could lead to that promotion feeling ready to tackle your many youve been hoping for. But youll projects early next week. have to face some tough competition PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A before the Lion can claim his or her co-worker might be secretly carping share of the goodies. about your work to mutual colVIRGO (August 23 to September leagues. But associates will come to 22) Your rigidity regarding a difficult your defense, and the situation will workplace situation could be the ultimately work to your advantage. reason your colleagues arent rushing BORN THIS WEEK: Your ambition to your assistance. Try being more makes you a success at whatever you flexible in your demands. choose to do -- especially if its in the LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) world of the performing arts. That uneasy mood could be your Libran inner voice reminding you that (c) 2012 King Features Synd., Inc.

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July 5 - 11, 2012




Sandberg Drawing A Famous Comparison
By Jeremiah Short
Mississippi State Head Football Coach Dan Mullen has made it a point to recruit one quarterback in every recruiting class. He has a stringent evaluation process and normally doesnt offer a player until he knows who fits his offense and program best. The energetic coach pinpointed Cord Sandberg, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound dual-threat quarterback from Bradenton, Fla., as his signal-caller in the 2013 recruiting class. Sandberg, who threw for 5,042 yards the past two seasons, felt comfortable enough with Mullen to commit early in the process. I knew, as the recruiting process was going on, that I was probably going to end up in the SEC because of the big-time stadiums you get to play in. The SEC is where I wanted to go. Teams like Auburn and LSU were willing to extend me an offer, but with Mississippi State, it was just the overall vibe, said Sandberg. I have some baseball things that Im going to do. I knew I was going to commit when I visited, like 90 percent. I had a lot of baseball stuff coming up, and I didnt want to worry about calling coaches and even having that on my mind. I called Coach Mullen and told him I wanted to commit. B.J. Hammond, who has also committed to MSU, got in touch with Sandberg after announcing he would be a Bulldog. B.J. Hammond - he texted me right after I committed. He just said whats up man and congrats. He texted me and said he was talking to another receiver, DeAndre (Woods), and got him on board, Sandberg said. The athletic quarterback has drawn comparisons to another Mullen protg, Tim Tebow. He is flattered by the comparison to Tebow. I guess the comparison is going to be there because we are both lefties. Coach Mullen recruited Tebow, and now Im going there with him. I can see the comparison there. Its kind of cool to be compared to him. Im trying to be the best player I can be. He is Tim Tebow, and if I do anything he did, it would be quite an accomplishment, Sandberg said regarding Tebow comparisons. Sandbergs physicality as a quarterback only feeds into people likening him to Tebow. According to him, it stems from his time spent as a ball), I will have to see what happens with that. It will be hard to play both. Its a possibility I will play both at Mississippi State. The Manatee High School football, you have a quicker release. I think my football affects my baseball more than baseball effects my football. Toward the end of the summer, I try to start throwing the football, to get into football mode. Then, when football season ends, I get into baseball mode in December and January, stated Sandberg, on playing football and baseball. Whether he plays football or baseball, the two-sport star knows he must improve. Im a runner-passer guy. Im not as good at staying in the pocket as I should. I want to stay in the pocket and let plays develop a little bit longer, said Sandberg. Sandberg plans to develop more before he reaches the college level, but he does feel he fits Mississippi States system. Ive seen our offense, and I would imagine they will try to run similar type of stuff. Whatever we need to do to move the ball down the field - then Im going to do it, Sandberg commented. If Sandberg does choose to play football at the college level, he will bring one thing Tebow did at the triggerman has to balance both sports college level - a winning attitude. Im a big team guy and want at the high school level, which is not to do whatever I have to do for the the easiest thing to do. It is kind of hard to do both as far as your throw- team to win. ing motion. Baseball, you have a little bit longer throwing motion. In

running back in Pop Warner. Sandberg said, When I played Pop Warner - 9, 10, 11, and 12 - I was a running back for a good portion of a couple of years. I was a running back who now plays quarterback. Ive been throwing my whole life. So I just developed into a quarterback. At Manatee, sometimes Im asked to run, sometimes Im asked to pass. I try to do both to the best of my abilities. Its working out good, trying to balance out the pass and run. Sandberg, a potential 2013 MLB draftee, may elect to forego college football and play baseball professionally. This past weekend, I went to Perfect Game, this national showcase thing. I went to that and had a decent showing there. As far as baseball goes, if I end up getting drafted high enough and the money is good, I will have to see what happens with that, said Sandberg. As far as college (base-

July 5 - 11, 2012


Woods Brings sports

By Jeremiah Short

The NCAA Finally Physicality to the Gets It Position Receiver Right





June 27, 2012

For years, college football B.C.S. to select the final four teams. fans have wanted it and needed it, The human element brings drama, but I wonder if it will bring investiand now they finally got it - the end of the B.C.S. (Bowl Championship gation as well. As with any decision that is Series). After nearly six months of deliberations and banter, NCAA made in sports, the revenue generpresidents approved a four-team play- ated by this new system should bring smiles to the decision makers faces. off that will go into effect in 2014. The nuts and bolts are pret- Tom Osborne, former Nebraska head coach and current athletic director, ty straightforward. The deal will run from 2014 through 2026, with the fi- thinks the new format could double nal four teams selected by a commit- revenue from 180 to 360 million. It makes perfect tee similar to the sense, given the one that decides fact that cities must participants in bid to host the title NCAA mens basgame. ketballs March The lateMadness. season TV ratings The semi-final should increase. match-ups will Fans will want to be rotated beget a look at a larger tween six bowls number of teams which are yet to Courtesy Photo DeAndre Woods competing for the be determined. final four slots; Championship Mississippi States moving to a more e versatile receiver knows that he Monday, the oense has resulted in a needs to improveunlike the three just pass-friendly in a few areas. I premium being routes teams that name referring placed on pass-catchers need to work on or four - catching the in the class of 2013. You always got to to the title game, e coaching sta se- ball, said Woods.are usually in the get cured played in commitments from three re- better; Im going to Mississippi State, but hunt for the current will be B.C.S. championa ceivers, Devante Scott, Brandon Wells, I still got to work to get better. different host and B.J. Hammond. e next wide-out city cast his lot to be a Bulldog was Clayand not in ship game, under Woods already is an impressive blocker to age. Its something a Chalkville receiver DeAndre Woods. I for a receiver his the new system it I bowl game. In had to learn - to be theswell to seven as 2011, thisbelong there. eres a lot of opwill whole package felt like I format a wide receiver. Ior eight.block for my got to ESPN portunity, pitted would havethere, to come in and play as a teammates, explained Woods, disreceiver, said #4 Stanford and #2 #1 LSU versus Woods. executives are probably somewhere cussing his blocking skills. Alabama versus #3 Oklahoma State. Fellow Alabama native Hammond doing their Dr.Evil laughs as you reading Woods exhibits on the field tried toThe four-team playoff has be- aree traitsthis. persuade Woods to commit Bulldawg 247 publisher fore he actually made - as if anyone already drawn criticismthe pledge. e remindThe key question that re- Paul Jones of current Bulldog receiver, chance to play that (Im surely not).ap- mains to be answered is how the Chris with Hammond was is surprised by Smith. He has great hands and great pealing to of the biggest criticisms I think one Woods, who met Hammond money from this extrahave size, but he size. Its one thing to game will be isat an the playoff should feature 8 or split. I havent seen his size. He uses his that Auburn football camp. Oh yea, knows how to use much on the plan thats my dude, said Woods. We said 12 teams.are going to becriticsat Missis- for this, slantIm surehe is a veryaphysical size on but routes; it will be point that we I can see the good point of view, but He said that he four teams receiver. sippi State. I believe that is looking for- of contention. While we are discussare just right. Anything more,me. ing how the money will be divvied ward to coming up there with and He has already learned to study great the regular season would be severely up, shouldnt we consider giving Woods should be able to form a dy- receivers. Andre Johnson is a player he cheapened and diluted. The new the people actually playing in these namic duo with Hammond at Missis- tries to emulate. I study Andre Johnson; playoffState. He still puts a variety of roles gameshow physical he is and how he goes system is used in teams in the I like - the athletes - some love, as sippi aer the ball, Woods everything pro frameformations at the high school level. well? They do almost stated. of mind that they must focus and on winningjust trying to get me the deep athletes do, and all they get is tuey are every game and, perhaps, Woods wants to place the focus on ball. When Im in the slot, the are trying ition and room and board. I know, only get away with losing theymargoing to school. Once he arrives at Misto get the quee ones.mismatch with the linebacker, I sissippiTheyhe plans to get a degreeand know, State, get a free education, said Woods, who had 36that the 460 some of the naysayers might comIve been reading catches, play in the NFL. If he keeps up his physyards and 10 touchdowns as a junior. ical style of play, kids are busting their ment. But these both goals could become system favors the larger schools, to reality. Woods is expected any system which I say, when hasto flash his skills tails while the bigwigs pockets get fat, early on, smaller programs will a true and its time for that to change. not? Theas he is expected to play asget freshman. Ibe in the game ifme to play Jeremiah Short The complaining fans and their shot to know they want they go the outside I dontexpect me to come in media got their wish. How long - and think the selection undefeated. and play as a freshman. ey are working Jeremiah Short covers Mississippi State tired of this new committee could justify leaving an with me, over the summer, so I can know before they growand basketball. Follow him University football unblemished team out of the playoffs. format? One @JeremiahShort26; or join his the plays and be ready to go, says Woods, on Twitter, thing I do know - the The last criticism freshman. NCAA finallyReal Story Sports: J.Shorts Blog. Facebook blog, got one right. regarding playing as a truebring voiced, which I happen to share, is the fact that there is a selection committee in the first place. I think it opens the process up to corruption something that the college game clearly doesnt need. Im surprised that no one has suggested using the


College football fans are finally getting the end of the B.C.S. (Bowl Championship Series). After nearly six months of deliberations and banter, NCAA presidents approved a four-team playoff that will go into effect in 2014.


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