From: Sarah Elderkin

To: Raila Odinga
Nairobi, August 6
, 2011
Dear Raila
Please Iind enclosed a number oI documents related to Miguna`s sacking which I`d advise you to
read. I am sending them to you because I think they are otherwise things you will not read.
They are:
1. Online responses to Miguna`s sacking
2. A column by Otieno Otieno in the Sunday Nation (in case you missed it)
3. An article by Miguna that I understand will appear in the Star on Tuesday.
4. Online responses to this article which has already appeared on the internet.
I am advising you to read particularly the online comments because they largely speak oI you
and oI the discontentment with you and your oIIice. I have not edited them and there was
virtually no comment supporting the action oI your oIIice.
I personally think that what has happened is appalling. When I heard oI it my Iirst thought was
Moi and the trepidation with which people awaited the one o`clock news and roadside
declarations about their sacking. It is terrible that an action oI your oIIice should reduce me, oI
all people, to that kind oI comparison.
Apart Irom being completely ill-advised that you rid yourselI oI one oI the best brains you have
around you (and you have got some nincompoops, that`s Ior sure) this has been done in the most
disgusting Iashion. Public executions went out in the UK a couple oI hundred years ago. They
were mourned by some as a loss oI a spectator sport.
That a man who has been so loyal to you and to the party and put so much oI himselI into
deIending it against the destructive incursions Irom outside should be a publicly lynched in this
manner is something I cannot and will never be able to condone. It is primitive and uncivilized
and inhumane. How is this person ever to retrieve his reputation and continue with his liIe? Was
this necessary? It`s a disgrace.
And that is not to go into the details. Suspended without pay? Apart Irom the Iact that is
completely illegal, Miguna has Iive young children at home to take oI. Inhumane or what? What
message does this give about you and your oIIice?
You have people around you playing major roles who are irredeemably corrupt. Two oI them
were suspended earlier and then incomprehensibly re-instated. They were suspended on Iull pay
and beneIits. Now you have a man who is totally loyal and not invoved in your oIIice staII`s
blatant well-known all over town corruption yet he is suspended without pay and this is activated
by one oI those whose integrity I wouldn`t trust beyond a yard Irom me, someone the whole
town talks about.
Miguna gets no chance to head and answer allegations? This is against the most basic oI labour
laws and totally contrary to natural justice.
Hearing about it through the media and in such a spectacular character-assasination way? Well,
words Iail me. I would never had thought any action by your oIIice would come to this.
Issuing all Miguna`s staII with sacking letter? What have they done? What depths oI inhumanity
can we sink to here? And then changing the locks on Miguna`s oIIice so he cannot even retrieve
his own belongings. Is he a criminal now?
What a shabby, mean, indeIensible and contemptible way to treat anyone. More important, what
a demonstration oI business as usual, new Constitution or not.
You know that I will deIend you through thick and thing. However, I have my standards and
integrity and I will not compromise those Ior anyone.
I consider it my duty and obligation to tell you privately exactly what I think oI this utterly
shameIul episode.
Only you can rectiIy the damage done, both to Miguna and, even more importantly to yourselI.
Please read the enclosed documents. Things in your oIIice and party appear to have got
drastically out oI kilter with what we stood Ior.

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