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IMC Plan

On Country Lounge Restaurant

Submitted to:
Khondaker Sazzadul Karim Associate Professor, Marketing Faculty of Business, NUB.

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Group: Clitoria Members of the group: Name I.D. Syeda Bashira Khatun BBA080260787 Mrinaliny Bhoumick BBA080260796 Md. Abu Raihan BBA080260770 Ranjit Kumar Sarkar BBA070260577 Session: Fall 2011 Section: BBA A Course Title: Integrated Marketing Communication Course Code: MKT 4208 Date of submission: 09October, 2011.

We would like to express our gratefulness to the esteemed supervisor Khondaker Sazzadul Karim Associate Professor, Marketing Faculty of Business, NUB. Under whose careful supervision and guidance, continuous cooperation, advice and suggestions during the period of study. Without his involvement and inspiration this work will not be completed. We would remind for the help of all my friends. We express our deep gratitude to our parents and all of our family members for their endeavor co-operation to complete this work. Without their continuous inspiration, encouragement, support and blessing, the present achievement would not have been possible. We are indebted to the authorities of Country Lounge for providing us with an opportunity to conduct this study in their organization. We are grateful to all the respondents who help us by responding to the interview with their great effort, time and patience. Sincere thanks are also due to all others who are related directly or indirectly to the completion of this work. Finally, our cordial thanks go to all our friends and well-wishers in NUB and other places that have directly or indirectly encouraged and gave us necessary help and suggestions during preparation of this term paper. Once more time to sir, we owe more than we can mention mostly teaching us to see the positive aspect in every situation.

October, 2011


October 11, 2011 To Khondaker Sazzadul Karim Associate Professor, Marketing Faculty of Business, NUB.
Subject: Submission of the assignment on IMC Plan of Country Lounge Restaurant In Khulna City.

Dear Sir, We are pleased to submit the study report on IMC Plan of Country Lounge, which has been prepared as per requirement. We have tried our best to make the research as comprehensive as possible. We have employed our best effort to achieve the objective of the study during the period of around 10 days and that our endeavor will serve the purpose. We are much grateful to you for your wholehearted co-operation extended to us. Therefore, we would like to request your good self to accept our study report and oblige thereby. If any confuse arises, we would be available for interpretation any time and also expect your generous attention to it. Syeda Bashira Khatun Mrinaliny Bhoumick Md. Abu Raihan Ranjit Kumar Sarkar ID No. BBA 080260787 ID No. BBA 080260796 ID No. BBA 080260770 ID No. BBA 070260577

The Country Lounge was established in June25, 2009. This integrated marketing communications plan is designed for a new retail operation, called The Country Lounge. The plan includes a promotions opportunity analysis, corporate strategies, IMC objectives, plus all relevant advertising, promotion, personal selling, sponsorship, and Database programs. Finally, a media plan and methods of evaluating the success of the IMC Plans are described. The overall goals for this integrated marketing communications plan are to: Gain market awareness for the retail operation in the Country Lounge, Khulna area. Establish both an Internet program and a direct marketing program to supplement customer knowledge. Prepare viable advertisements, sales promotions, sponsorships, database programs, and other marketing communication tools for consumer markets. Create a workable channel communications program with the firm's suppliers. Develop a useful communication program with other service businesses. Country Lounge is introducing a feature that will impact how customers purchase their food. By targeting the high-end market, we can successfully occupy an emerging niche that other channels of distribution have not targeted. The implementation of the new integrated marketing focus, as outlined in this plan, positions our product line as the high-quality.

Cover page Acknowledgement Letter of Transmittal Executive Summary Table of Contents S.N. 1.0 Particulars Promotional Opportunity Analysis 1.1 Communications Analysis 1.1.1 1.1.2 1.1.3 1.1.4 1.1.5 1.2 2. 0 Competitive Analysis Opportunity Analysis Target Market Analysis Customer Analysis Positioning Analysis I - II III IV V VI Page No. 1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5 5 5 6 6 6 6-7 7 7 8 8 9 9

Positioning Approaches

Communication Budget 2.1 Objective and Task Method

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IMC Budget Prepare Promotional Strategies Creative Brief 5.1 Logo 5.2 Sample Consumer Advertisement

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1.0 Promotion Opportunity Analysis

Country lounge is a restaurant which is targeted mainly two types people. Their 1st target customer is student class; mainly university students. And their 2nd and the main target customer is family. Its environment is created in such a way where whole family can enjoy a special gettogether in their budget. Its name country lounge because of that. Its environment is very familiar, so they can be come with family. The specialty restaurant is crowded with large and small competitors who are jockeying for position with consumers. Survey of restaurant indicates that though there is a certain amount of customer loyalty, most customers will go to the most conveniently-located restaurant. The target customers are possible to reach through mainly four ways. 1st by advertising in local cable channel. When movie are telecast in those channel they can promote that. Because its thing which whole family enjoyed together and also possible to reach family and student both. News paper is also being a special media to publicity. The local newspapers are Dainik Purbanchal, Dainik Sangram, Dainik Probaho, Dainik Rajpotherdabi, Dainik Probonton etc. Cause their target is student and family who are reading news paper. And radio of local area. Also bill board is a possible way to cover to advertising facility. Age: 19-35; Gender: 45% female, 55% male; Income: tk 22,000- tk 40,000; Lifestyle: Active.

1.1 Communications Analysis

The major specialty restaurant employs a variety of advertising vehicles to improve sales. Newspaper advertisements, outdoor advertisement on buses and at bus shelters. There is only one branch in Khulna city. Now worldwide fast food and restaurant demand increasing. So from geocentric point of view the restaurant attractiveness in increasing in the Khulna city also. Region centric point of view the maximum people are Muslim so there food demand is halal which consider here. From poly centric point the restaurant is established maintaining all law of Bangladesh government. From anthon centric point Bangladeshi people do not like alcohol types for their religious believe. So they do not keep that in their restaurant. The SWOT analysis is a key factor in the overall success of an organizations strategic plan. It identifies the strengths and weakness of the business entity as well as the opportunities and threats through communication.

The strong points of our restaurant. Their service style is new to the area. They have a take-away option for your customers. They have a branded image. They have a good choice of items available on your menu.

Their employ well-trained staff.

The weak points of our restaurant. They have yet to capitalize on the trend towards organic foods. They don't advertise your restaurant. Customers have to travel further to get to your restaurant.

Benefits for our restaurant. The building next door has become available so expansion may be an option. Provide optional allergen free food items, such as gluten free and peanut free.

Instances that can harm your restaurant. A high street brand is moving into the area. Major competitors, like Cloud9, Caf gungun, Royal, Castle Salam, and any mid-range sitdown restaurants. Any contamination of the food supply, especially e-coli. Our operating costs are set to increase soon. We serve the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous Fries, Quarter Pounder, Chicken Nuggets and Egg Muffin. The communication market analysis was conducted to examine how restaurant advertise their products to target consumer groups. Country lounge competitors were examined, in particular, to establish their marketing patterns and how it impacts sales.


Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis section of our business plan is an objective overview and comparison between our company and our competitors. Begin by identifying our direct and indirect competitors, what and how much they sell (in units and sales taka), the number of years they have been in business, and their specific market niche. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of each of your competitors from an unbiased perspective. The country lounge has huge competitors. Their major competitors are their same level restaurant around them. Their major competitors are Cloud9; Caf gungun, Royal, Castle Salam. Their competitive analysis is given below in the table:

Ad Message Cloud9

Caf Gungun

Sales Promotion Smell that They offer smoke discount in their function attain. Come hungry; In their any leave happy order they give their special cake free.


Personal Selling They show their offer very creatively. Its mainly self serve process. So customers are not provided enough information. Get more of In their party Royal humbly what you booking their serve the really want cattier charge customers. is not included. Better; In their fresher; tastier function special some items are provide free. Food for the In their entire family function they arrange quizzes and give prize to the winner. .

Publicity Arrange function in Pahela Boishak 31st night function is their main publicity focus

Media Khulna Vision; local newspaper, bill boards. Khulna Vision; local newspaper, bill boards.

Castle Salam

Country Lounge

Arrange all social programs; and have special community centre. Castle Salam New year sales men are party and 31st creative; so night arrange they is their main creatively specialty. present that. They receive For publicity the customer they arrange order and also all type of serve them Bengali with modesty. cultural program and special iftar arrangement whole Ramadan.

Khulna Vision; local newspaper, bill boards.

Khulna Vision; local newspaper, bill boards.

Khulna Vision; local newspaper, bill boards.

The sales people number is good of Country Lounge. But their sales people number is less than their most competitor Castle Salam and Royal. Their completion is very high in that small place though they have a strong place in customer mind. So in their promotional activities push factors are more active as the pull factors.


Opportunity Analysis

In Khulna city 33% customer are ignoring the competition; so analyzing that can be mentioned that 67% of customer are caring about competition and service. Now fast food and Chinese items very wanted by the customers. Who are able to provide that attractively their demand will be

high. Country Lounge maximum competitors are one side provider; like Royal and Castle Salam popular for Chinese items; on the other side Caf gungun business with fast food. Only Cloud9 and Country Lounge offer both Chinese and fast food item. But Country Lounge intense is high if it also provides some other food item like Indian. The service benefit of Country Lounge is clear to the customers; because their target audiences are caring of service facility. The Country Lounge has enough opportunity in building close relationship with their regular customer. They can give membership facility to them to attract more towards the restaurant; and de-motivating to going other restaurants. Besides that they have big opportunities in expanding their area. If they took the upper floor of their restaurant than they will able to serve more customer with the customers expectation.


Target Market Analysis

Their target customer main need spend a special moment with family or friends. And they want such environment which they can comfortable. Their target customer can be classified into five groups. Those are: Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 University going student Loving couples Newly married couples Family Business man and service holders

University students want to enjoy with friends some occasion within affordable budget. Loving couples and new married couples want to enjoy the special moment in cloud free environment. And families want to enjoy with all and also want that children get some refreshment. Sometime business man has to arrange meeting and get together outside the office; then this is preferable. The Country Lounge environment is designed considering all the need of target customers. And these target market also divided depend on income level. Those are: Table: Target Market Forecast Target Market Forecast Potential Customers Modest Income Middle Income Upper Income Total 2009 2010 2011

71 1500 1900 3471

79 2750 3249 6078

82 4683 6650 11415

Market Forecast
7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 2009 2010 2011 1900 4683 6650

Modest Income Middle Income Upper Income


Customer Analysis

Customer behavior and need mainly depend no different surrounding factors. As Khulna is a small city in Bangladesh and its surrounding also affect the customer want. According to geographic basis the customer demand is good food in affordable cost. Demographic pattern of customer says that customers need is food is Spirit in serving. Psychographic situation of customer tell that avoid haram food and drinks. So alcohol and haram thing should be avoided in the restaurant business in Khulna city. Behavioral fact says that the maximum people income is low so they try to get better thing spending less. So food price should be designed depending that fact. And this is local restaurant so advertising avenue should me local cable channel movie and song telecast time. 1.1.4

Positioning Analysis

This is a restaurant in which mainly middle class and higher class people can afford to go there. Its advertising pattern is followed that such people are noticed that. Its advertising pattern is that show the quality of food and service, reasonable price, direct communication tactics.


Positioning Approaches

Country Lounge established is not long time; but its growth rate and service facility is appreciated. It participates in high level of competition in Khulna city. It is the most pronounced restaurant in Khulna city. If people think to go in the restaurant then they consider it in the top four. The restaurants food attribute is nice but the problem in service. On which is besides competitors service is faster than it has. So he should consider that, and provide such instrument to develop service quality. Besides fast food and Chinese items they arrange special item in cultural program like pahela boishak.


Communication Budget

Their communication ways are different. In that all ways depending on the importance it should be divided in the following way: TV ads cover 25% of the budget; news paper and bill boards 35% of the budget; radio broadcast cover 5% and arrange different program and provide special item cover 35% of the budget. As a local brand its need to provide huge section in the local publicity.


Objective and Task Method

Establish Objectives: At the establishing period 2009 it spend 30% to introduce them to the target market. Determine Specific Tasks: They advertise on the local cable channel Khulna vision and local newspaper Dainik Purbanchal, Dainik Sangram, Dainik Probaho, Dainik Rajpotherdabi, and Dainik Probonton etc. Estimate Costs Associated with Tasks: when introduce any new item them served free or cheaper price with the customers other order. At the end we can say all objectives = total expenditure = total budget.


IMC Budget:

The goal of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is to produce a unified promotional message that has the customer as its focus. All promotional activity such as media advertising, sales promotion. Now these are described below: Product: It is a fast food and Chinese restaurant their products are spicy and sweet. Burger, pizza, fried rice, chicken, faluda, cold coffee etc. are their menu. Price: Its all product price are reasonable; but they have some mistake that which are common with their competitor. Promotion: They offer discount on Friday to attract customer. Place: It is situated center of the city, so any one can easily go there.


Prepare Promotional Strategies:

For the successful promotion the restaurant should follow an acceptable strategy; that is given below: A) The Customer: business man; service holders, students and family of middle class and higher class. B) Product Reality: They introduce some of items which are new in Khulna city. That made their specific identity. C) The Competition: Their main competitors now launch their specifics item; but their taste differences not able to copy by them. And that made them differences. D) Differentiation: Their well trained serve men made their service facility different from their other competitors. E) Why should they believe you? Bangladesh food is tasting institutes Khulna branch give them certificate that they provide the quality food. F) Tone and Personality of product: They brought Ayub Bacchu in their opening ceremony. As he is a super star in Bangladesh; when they brought him they got mega response. G) Communication/ Action Objectives: They bring super star and in their different functions to made attractive to the customer. H) What contact points are key: They have not participated in these aspects. But they have very strong opportunity. They can give mini stall in different fair to make that more popular. I) Whats next: as it is restaurant business; they can sponsor different cooking related completion.

5.0 Creative Brief:

In developing the initial advertisement for Country Lounge, the following creative brief will be used. Target Audience Profile: The target customer group is middle income urban professional in high-density commercial sections of the Khulna city. The Constraints: The tagline "The Khulna's Best!" is to be used in all communications.

5.1 Logo:

5.2 Sample Consumer Advertisement


Participation of the Members

Syeda Bashira Khatun:(Executive Summary, Communications Analysis, Target Market Analysis, Objective and task method, prepare promotional strategies, creative brief) Mrinaliny Bhoumick:( IMC Budget, Promotional Opportunity, Customer Analysis) Md. Abu Raihan:( Competitive Analysis, Opportunity Analysis, Customer Analysis) Ranjit Kumar Sarkar:- ( Position Analysis, Positioning Approaches, Communication Budget)


7.0 References: lounge Employees of Country Lounge Khulna Local papers

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