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l Theatre 1 2 Do-it-yourself 't3 At thecinema alphabet 1 4 A different ntries code in 1 5 Cou 1 6 At home 1 7 Book titles 1 8 Verbcrossword 1 9 Addtwo letters 20 W programmes 21 Jobs titles 22 Song 23 Badges 24 Verbbackgammon 2 5 Fruit Solutions pages rv-vl pages1-50 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Mistakes thesignpost on and Pounds pence instruments Musical the Write clues programmes Radio records Fifteen Round round and Letters words? or Daily newspapers letters Addthree pairs Rhyming rings Olymplc keyboard Computer Animals Shapes letters and Morenewspapers Radio stations Past present and Books. books. books Telegrams vegetables Mixed Verb dice Record store prepositions Hidden word Thelast pages51-57 page 58 lndex .Contents lntroduction Puzzles pens 1 Coloured 2 Film titles accident 3 Shopping football 4 American 5 Find words the 6 Winddamage pieces 7 Crossword 8 Male female and 9 Adda letter 1 0 Names posters 1'.

m 5 T h i sst h e s o l u t i o n : i b . are you in your all gives Thrs Introduction yousome usefui words..lntrocluction There fiftypuzzles thisbookThey help to practise English... o o 2K.. 5 Across means'horizontally' tE Downmeans'vertjcally' IH rl-l 5 -E v t) E Ho T .. eof.." boxes These the clues: are fiJti"... Youoftenfind these wordsin puzzles theinstrLrct for Fnqlish ons This a grid: borzs This also grid: a b c d These are squareS T h i s sa l s o g r i d : i a TH E S I R E E T S E Th es.. ota ocrqss Crossword I l""€> r >oss6cssea€'e< r6p iong 2 down 3 4 I@m 4 I never .

) word (The is conect order T-l-G-E-R.1n\r {rou! Thisis a line of letters: T D E OA C C T H EO R R is This This a list of words: This a pairof symbols: isa groupof pictures: is house garoge bonk post off ice bookshop EE This word iscomplete: . This wordisnotcomplete.thereis a spellingmistake: f.".) In thisword.\i"".. ) .. Twoletters missing: are K NGA OO ln ihisword..rect t t 1 5 7 ( T h e o d e s :4 = D . 5 = 0 c i 1 S ot h ew o r di s D O G . letters the are notin the correct o v t < t t E i' ALLIGATOR (The missing letters A andR.i'i:'."'--1 W ELEFANT This word is in I{ ILIlb"J' i rstlt-PHANL) spellrng l rrreco.[:. are Thecomplete isKANGAROO.7 = G .

can the at rhe . R O A E OA N D J U L I E T ' P u tt h ew o r d s n t o h e g r i d : r t r F N 4.. Z loll .ere lelters nurrbe.s a puzzle.\ ry4. o' Enjoy doing puzzlesandremember: the when tl.q t. Complete title: this 'ROAEO [-lp the Correct mistake: J U L T E T . in I Vou lrnd solul(:]ns bar\of thebook.e cotr ecl !ui Add a letter: B l ul 5 l H q90@ Assemble preces: the (9 ('l.Y) \9'. are or n say themto yourself English.qoo qssemb\e c omP\e\.

. oneby one.takingthe top oneeach pick pens Inyourimaginatron.time.... upthese the words Write complete forthecolours here . BLACK 1 EnglishPuzzles HeinemannInternational l@E t .. i a n d t h e np u t t h ew o r d sn L oh eg n d . inthecorrect order i t .

tru) Seven li.tilm TilIes o 1 a R e d dn e[ i l r n [ l e s n dw l i t et h e m n t l ' ec o ' e L . ) e Two Wo.t934) (us.{. i States.#" Twelve (uttq57) tletr Angrg @Ez Enqli!h P!zzles 1 Heinemann Lnternational .p o s l e ' s . United the fiims fromthe United are F r a n ca n dl t ay .tgs6) 0nA Horse (us. (The Kingdom.nen (ff/14t160) llet Three lnA Boot (uK.

..n t e r n a t i o n a l @Es .'" 0 E n g l k h u z z l e1 P s H e i n e m a nI.words the grid. word thespecial anoiher They make '.gN o d S) \* \ l1-j::. Writethe complete horizontally squares.vertically.

.f# o n oo" -'tt/1 gffi^. ss@ffi G /\...b- 3W YT:IG. 3 narneis ndme /s names? Whatisspecral about those @ a English Puzzles 1 Heinemann Internationa ...--a'Ys ffi. Whatdoyouthink at of names are? theplayers' ^ l o "ui"o-oh^ 0 ^'00 Poon O"n ""$*3g.#11: i-l:-----=.1 il---...-:etve C.YAIVIERICAN FOOTBA Look thispicture anAmerican football match..

boxes in and the Find words writethern theconect examples. the Puta or anwitheach tuffiM q Fffi -:_ Orl#f B* :-===:-== x6 Puzzles 1 English International Heinemann @ t .

Canyourepace them? EMH e'r"^Z-$.WlIUD\) Some letters missing the buidings are from after strong a wrnd.-* p K)\ ' .s A c 5 1- @ . s N :-J't lto^ ( N ? ttfu* 4 r.

i". to six of .Assemble pieces thpcrossword the of onto the" p.!rl fif:iifiiirff W{u {*Y ffiP [' In oi. "r. pG6-itutttutty Posrtion s SID tA 4 Question: Whichdayis not in the crossword? E n g l i 5 h u z z l e1 P s f l e n e m a n nn t e r n a t i o n a l @ t .fw W IEIgID Doit inyour head if youcan. "* *. see days theweek.

gft/"m6%etrna. Compiete Crosswordevery B: answer a wordfor a female is person. at In Crossword every A. crossworo Q @tr Crossword @ s Enqlish Purzles 1 H € i n e m a n nn i e r n a t i o n a l l . answer a wordfor a rnale is pefson.{n Look thetwo crosswords.

to adda letter each on Writethewords the left. ur+ \--^*-) T o D N N r+ luf I[+ . with the helpof thepictures. F.word. on Dothe words the right.Then 0n to getthe wor05 lne r i g h t .3tl""e WW € T o W rl|r+ fl'+ o U K A L L o T H F R H e i n e m a nL n i e r n a t l o n a l n @Es .€\ ffffi ^ru tt"ttttt #( on got you've allthewords the left. Here.

( l fy o uh a v e p r o b m .mC5 s Use letterso m a k e h en a m e o f t h e p e o p l e . theother Put complete formsntothegrd. the t t 'o800 F-l-T--] o@ oo A lthose names short are forms.a l lt h ec o m p l e t e a e formsare in the boxbelow.) u J e r l l rS P L U ou e s n s M ql raladlaeqlrt\ 1laqou q t a q e z rpl^ P c a r u e c l @EE'to Hernemann ternational n . liz isa short and form of Elizabeth. form of William.f. For examp B//isa short e.

H e i n e m a n .II . I n t e r n a to n a l EEEE .

Enqlish Puzrlee I Hernemann International . theletters sixrooms two other and Put of wordin thecorrect order writethe and each words thegrid. in FaE4de) E L fr) @rz Allthewords thispuzzle parts ihe home are of places..

.u. T". t h eU n i t e K r n q o oa n dt r e U n i t e S l a t e s . ) m o d ..:: :'r"' : :'.: .:1 j ' : : : 'i" l i"": i:'..oo o o o o o o ':" . a ( i o R e a dh eL w e n tfv l mt r t l e s . ----JO/iol :fs'it' '\tos t"i"* ' QUEENCHRISTINA 1 Englkh Pu2zles HeinemanInternationaL n @tE .f h e va ' el h e'otj! tl Laltt lnl $tr s <JE t#t lul 1 l"I lwn rs! \\! uo. Te'r about /ema/c p"rron..o o o.. i l l e s f i l ' n s r o m t r o o53Wr us 1170 i :. s] J 1 .E are a grids: male female..4 .:.: : :4.oo. or in \Write thetitles thecorrect )/LAS utvcLt i'@{ 6 Ll 1n#uLnl /tlr l-l 1u ltarrr un lfi tnt l-TEw-11 t4/TH I $i-s lUl"'"&*rlDl ut< aso l^l n1 J_-______JUl *$."r" about maicperson..

. example: For n I GHIS T RE ET is 7 N z11 \ ( and In thosewords cansee you fifteen letters thealphabet: of B 1 -l c D E F GH ( r ) L M N o P aR sT .[TTfTTFI7l=fil WE rt E n q l ! hP u z z l e1 s Heinenrannternaiional I .l >r 1( fTT-[-f-fl @ fT-fT-r-_rrT-l f-rTT_fl fT_T-T_fTT]--t-t r TTtn=trI-T\-l z NI4KI>Ti] : tLf4]<lil.rt7lvT-l a t{lz.1::)A @ "'... ' uEfrEE WW H @= .:l A'*flrH:#ffffitr*ffiffirtl mffip Thelanguage thistown doesn't the English of use alphabet.i :".| z N Canyou 'translate'the signs the picture* in and complete alphabet the grid? azazaa aaa4aas 6 (4/'l7 + 2 r^{-r n@a@ ) AEAE @a26AZZ @aazaaa -i-.

.\ {../---\ !a)_ -f-T]-T-r-T-n m H e i n e m a n ln t e r n a t i o n a l n f@E ts ..iilC1.---\ f-r-r-T--ft t-T-[-r]--T-l t--f-fT-r-T_l [T-t-t-t--T-l \-i\ 4 l r--*\ "1-.r r-r2i}/.1. ..WWI-l-l E to of more Use code findthenames seven the countries. . -\rN./-five lou. R 5 T Y z [iTTTA fLTrl |--r]--rr-r i"" I '..'rlr..d fD\f\ !. o D t: l-l {ar+y'{ive c J ren for+y-five two L fort'/-{ive one forr... i-\/rD) l..

tne tfrree English by letters N HOME a b c d e i g h i j 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 I 10 11 ?r*rt9 9a 6d 2b 1f th 3a 1Z: 4 i 1 l q 4c 9b 4d 9d 5c 1d th 6d 12e 7c 2b 5f 9b 3a 9a 12t 9a llr 2b ift 3a 9c ah 9a @8rc Puzzies l [nqlish H e i n e m a n ln t e r n d t r o n a n .Writethe w o r d s o r t h et h i n g s o r i z o n t a il ny h e g r i d .T h e n i n d f h lt f proverbs takingthe correct fromthe grid.

Book Titles
fromtheUnited Kingdom, These books bywriters are and Look and theUnited States Trinidad. ai theoictures out
with the titles. the writers' names




In paris


OurMan In Havana
To The Llghthouse

O':l 't

My JustAbove Head


Under The Voleano
AcrossThe Rive.And Inlo lhe Trees


A FLqg On The Islq'nd, The Waves BehindThe Boat

t(? 2 " L




r P - r t r e s ev e " b rw r l h L 1 eo r r e c lp i c l L r r e q




wo R D

l DEqlN

m'ffi ev





Nowputtheverbsnto thecrosswordin their third person singular arm, f keth-"example. (The groupgo Across; first g t h es e c o ng r o u p o D o w n . ) d



E n q l i i h u z z l €Is P

n H e i n e m a nIn t e r n a t i o n a i

nd ie eeflcr$
word, to left. Then two letters each add
to oet the wordson the flgnr.





you'vegot all the wordson the left. Here, D o I n ew o r d s n t h s r ' q ^ r .w r h l h e i . e l po r t h e piciures. o

W ffi




S I H I E [g
n H e i n € m a nIn t e r n a t l o n a l


Write correct the number and'Across' ' x"ll€]] 9 *-"* rtre c$l 's)' \i/ Nlvt MoN.Inthe crossword therearethe names of fifteenprogrammes British from television. THUR5. PROGRAMMES Thecrossword iscompletebut lookat theclues below: goes withwhich which clue answer? or'Down'.'A \\l// xtrt Te. lmtf. FRl."* @zo E n g l i s h u z z l e1 P s HeinemanInternationa n .tf. 'tto @ ffmN .:"""t ser I-.txqffi LSAL Zttntnr tftKr'. WED.I_EJ.

o R R E T E l ' 4 R A N A P Io R H L ' o c s E T E S r l A s N ? B A A L / N K C E W C OL H A E N R .Ck fi.JOBS way: Do thesein the same into eachI ne of letters two iobs. Separate job ordet for Theletters each are n the correct showonejob from eachpair' Thepictures s Here an example: R F E P . K S S H O E A C S R S I E S T T A A NR T Y P ffi .l l H e i n € m a n nn t e r n a i r o n a @E z'r .

From titleyoucansee the thatthe songisabouta woman(she).In 1963. s Fromthe title you can see t h a tt h es o n g sa b o u a m a n( h e ) t t I n 1 9 6 4t. F ((a J @E zz E n g l i sP u z z l e 5 l h H en € m a n rI n t e r f a to n a l . American the group The Chlffons recorded a song ' c a l l e dH e ' s of i p e ' .h eB r i t i sg r o u p h TheZombies recordedsong a '5 s c a l l e d h e n o tt h e r e ' .

t '*E.' .'-7T--' // -\ A PERsotl /'/EEpsA /46N.W) \t.-te<) . a piece tnis:/--\ For each to addthem a ike anda piece this:lRand .>\ Lt kE tlAN \ r. the it<e take badge.'t6'-t / N FAMOUS.r*F. \ \ .--\ .]BADGtrS Assemble badges.--\7-\ v vv w)mm I o Heinemannternalnai E@.

VDRB BACI(GAMil % n ?p s o ' b a c k g a m m o T 'h i s u z z l ie a b l t l i k e t D oy o uk n o w h eg a m e f pieces it. each short fromthe boxto change For xample: e ffiffiffi+(fuffi=ffiffiffiffim =<:ffiffi_\ ffiffi ^ ffiffi*ffiffim=mmmmm h@ffi*ffi@@ ffiffip -sm cffiffi ffiffi j AWE z+ s E n g L s P u z z l e1 h o Heinemann ternat nal . the pieces Use They make short ten the pieces the board. Look at with clrcular on thatgame: thereisa board words. on wordintoa verbof fiveletters.

find Then theEnglish proverb taking the by from letters thegrid correct z 5 L 5 6 7 1 8 9 l0 E n g l i s P u z z l e1 h s HeinemanInternatron€l n @E zs .? w) A I { 6 @ o b c d e f@ ffi for the Write words the in fruithorizontallythe grid.

n BANCK BAR BoocK SHop FOoTBALL MACH A7 rwo ottok d.'fli! t E@lE za .fty5rr*-.^--*------"- Signposc BEATCH [-=r2_?.?f .--K .4 PARCK $re SNAK . youcorrect Can on Mfslukes the RrNc 5"e --lk.mjstakes thewords in There ninespelling are them? on the signpost.------------.

O n ep o u n ds l x t y e n c e P po Sixteen unds squares? is Howmuchmoney in fhese TI I T €ts.mark correct three the grid. eleven Five Pence fifteen Tenpounds.Pounds S : of s I nt h en i n e q u a r e s t h i s Britlsh gridtherearesorne and coins notes. . onepound len pence lwopence ienDounds one0ence @ fivepounds Example: threepence Tenp o u n d s . \ I and: each of Read sum money. Ten seventy Pence pence seven Onepound. . pounds.writeit in nurnbers. in squaresthesmall l i k et h e e x a m p L e . . Pence pou Five nds.twenty-five Pence pounds.2oP tute!-PtE4 s E n gi s hP u z z l e1 FfroyNdq n H e i n e m a nIn i e r n a t i o n a WIE zt .

I L J L J L . ] L . to of from5cotland.. IL J f-r fr f-_l f-] f-l f_l @E ze Puzzles 1 Enqli5h Heinemann lnternational . L J L J L . into Put words themusical the for and Take letters fiveof thespecial from squares.instruments theqrld. to the of tl L_lL_lt_l L_.1 fromthese special Dothe same with the letters givethe name thisinstrument squares. puttheminthe the from correct order give name thisinstrument India.

The Forexample: cluefor STUDYING 1 J l.are the Inthlscfossword. answers already .g .T U E L Y I 1 4 6 Across ? ta G 'L L L I I /: I 10 12 15 16 T T 5 T tL K T 1+ U I t0J T I T l c o o J K I a- i A K I I o ? n n P I E L b r G I n H e l n e m a nIn t e r n a t r o n a l @E zg .sowritethe cluesl in the squares Form the answer. of the Each clueisa verb: Base is STUDY.

"t' s $o+ $' "a"* WW @ w @ t u l Nt l t R t Dt l t Dl At l wl r w l l*l lE ( d f f i hrl ffi@ ru] F:l ffi. ^of -r-' dr' b' ^hs 4i9 .f -4 4..til lmtrIr"Tt"iil4l r-t-ffiffir Nfro)--r4.ttt $" 4t'" b- (o" ^9 4e r ./ -r. o Fndthem with thehelp the of .d' +\* .-' J F "rt{$9 ?o" c-Q *'"' o.-" .t*Y.fl r tfzlllli n .b { nd lnthegrid there aresevenreen tft^t*" alltltles BBC of rad programmes. t@@ ry f/ffi| W-ffi M t@l F'III n h.)" at"" 4|9 I .-tr f "/ .-t" ^.| I) \"_l l\ ta tsl WE to Engli5h es1 Puzz nternatronal H€nemann .(t' '.o ""f Q- "-"' ^*? .o oF' -{ ^.e* uto 6 "c.

..o'q ".g)9{."." '../) f{3{i.vl9.'s @EE " E n 9 l i s hP u 2 2 l e s 1 He nemann nternationa .. 'llcgSo" to. ' qANIANA l^--rnecr Qe"-. v".d ."..oi7e"9.# rot'l.FIFTEENRECORDS n some eslil means tit In some titles means lEl Insome tles isthe t E Write numbers thesongs the the of in correct boxes..Eot'!)v / flrr)F \ \ J:$ir? ' eg'ftq lerbwY 'tcE W"^..9 :r:-130T rr E-==< \"..""Xc5?tr wlio cARS MY 6E TFR/€]VD O C/RL b" ca'r.!arsau Q.e /. POssEsstvE ---'\ 6f/VES/S ...v "$ni^el .

I \ r f_l r r \ r\n1 t r o r a t l \ { \T_-lY l l /> \T--lY l l / l -9. . (9 L__i Ll R \ f--l ( I / n@r \l-_l( I / \ t \ t \ t L_l (... I It. E n g l i s hP u z z l e s I H e i n e m a n nI n t e r n a t i o n a l ./ \n( l l \ a f-ll l ft( l (.. Ll R. theexample.A/YP RQh//YP RQ6//Y Write the of are all Inthispuzzle theanswers words {ourletters. _ ) a I.:'-<-l @E'. words thecorrect in te.. L_-J LJ \il^/\ t l @f@r@n ./ \T-l Y LI\ T@T \n1 t-_J ./. tjlR u E_i@ I O r @ n / R \ l-J v \ rr 1\1 1 \7-11 | | I r Ll\ I I. { L_l (9 Ll .orO' NJ N -. like squares.< .

sounds seap/ane.E N G L I S U I. PLANE I POI . P/ane Cyoudotheothers? Can u u ! u ! C. it sounds and . CAREFUL C.av each name.U. like Some like Forexam-ple: letter@ sounds the word The C o m p l e tte i sl i s i : h Theletter Theletter Theletter Theletter Theletter Theletter Theletter tne teller sounds theword tea like sounds theword que like ue sounds theword why like sounds theword you like like sounds theword are sounds theword Dea like sounds thewords 5ee a n d like like sounds thewords eve Ir tGt ll Thislooks like a l i s to f n a m e s . like Forexample. . I f- likea wordor a phrase. HERE e qp I o n€" HeihemannInter^ational @zs . hr rt 't i<n't I q. U . MILL I P NUTS B. LATER Q.Letters orwords? Enqlish letters sound exactly words.

day. are in Dailyf rlnnrn DDD DAILY @zc P E n g l i s h u z z sl e . has you Can comp thenames these daily ete of four newspapers Britain? from The missing letters al1 thegrid.DN'LV UEUEP'PEN A dailv newspaoer appear: every andrtoften theword'dailyin itsname.

s fT-fT-fT-[Tl make another will Theoictures helo vou.It Ffs-l lElol l 8 l ul r l sg' rg [g IL€ llToTtlsfE-l [T-rT-n l-l'rn-l hl?fEl IolNIdl rg r'5 F]n|UIE-l rg FlHlEfNl rg fT-fT-frl fT-fT-fT] fT-fT-fT-n t--r-fT-fTr TI-I-[ft_rI WEE zs . m rs=lN[olElTfHl m IFIETNI rs fT-fT-fl r€ [[[[[Tl lRIETpl s fT-fT-fTl |FIATTI ng [T'fT-fTl FTc-l-E-l lg [-[-[T-fTl tolil-HfETRl.ETTEPS AO3 TIIPE€ wordon the rlqht. Addthreeletters each to wordon the left.

.r\9 ( 6/.Find others and the writethemin the orid.o lcL-sr"Put there 50j. I nut ir4r orne ^e lF @ x English Pu?zler 1 Heinemann International . tree qJr l/Jrx \.-:-- go ..

the directions P E n g l i s h u z z l eI5 HeinemanInternatLonal n @tt . and this are All the answers_in puzzie sports Olympic shownby the flags.lRllilm@s @ttv/lnnPiltG sports others. in Putthe wordsinto the rings.

areon it.ighLae^th leEEev 'ke -lhenath leLter -lhe eleventh lelher TheEwenty' thirdletter letter seventeentt ''the fuienEieth leELer The LwenLyFiFLh letLer -fte lifteenLh leEber lTkt.EDTNPUTER KEVBoARD T h i sp a r to f a p i a n o Typewriters computers have and also a isthe keyboard.Write letters thekeyboard you the on below.*t"^tl. I l_ts TheFirstlelhr of LheolphobeL ts nLre _----T---- I leYber I the twen\ sixth letter the refth lehber The twenLytecot]d letber" llte +Nutyletkr +ourth the th'rd leLter the {turteenthlPLtzr llv etghLh letLer "'fue -(h{sixth letter thzseventh secDnd letber letLey E n gi s hP u z z l e 1 s n H e l n e r n a nIn t € r n a t i o n a ME zs . keyboardtheletters. nupbers. Thelilthletter twenEy firsLletter TheQ. Doyouknow where letters on an English the are computer keyboard? Inthispuzzle canfindout. etc.

.broken parts arein thegrid into parts assemble Find correct the and them...:ji'. RT i't )j'o ...-=_.r1':'fr.RN TheEnglish words tenanimais for . '. (i E n g l i s h u z z l e1 P s H e n e m a n nI n t e r n a o n a l t @zg .

inE.rnngle -lhis t onlg in f)te letter is -lhis -------1 rn Lriangte t_ is this letter in and flte circle in @ the triangle and in the square -lhis lettu is uly in t)tesquare i'. in Then answer thequestion thebottom thepage. are In Use letters theshapes make the to thesixwords theboxes. t rLL'l.gcffiEgnnD[Errm Doyou knowthese E n g l i sw o r d s ? h square rnangre crrcle Those words in thispuzzle. at of leLteris in the sguare inthe and f. i rrl" this leLter is I + -this leLber int is the 4uare andthefuiangle l word Can an Question: youmake English withallseven letters theshapes? from @oo E n g l i s h u z z l eIs P H e i n e m a n ln t e r n a t i o n a l n .

puzzle 34. begin THE PEN uar PSr T @ IN di ry E TheGIM w @pX an THE @oi DEN T ES DE I L I Write of the here: F - 1 EnglishPuzzl€s BeinemannInternational @rt . Inthis there are sixmore.IrnnE tErsPtPn:t ln Puzzle there thenames fourBritish are of newspapers. youassemble names Can their fromthepieces thegrid? in Here a little s help: of thenames five withthewordthe.andonedoesn't.

canhear You themal1 London.:r -Ga"Y radio on stat Write correct the for each stations. tn Here seven are BBA r- nHz si. 4t @qz l Eng Puzzles lsh Internationa Heinemann .

PASTANnPRESEil/ Youcanrnake Past the of verbs Simple a lot of English byjustchanging letter. trtrEItr trEIMtr trtrtrtrtrEttrtrtr818 L fuA o M E : l4 R U N D R N K F A I L L R N \l S W M t$ W II I N Puzz English esl I H R o W W R I E @lE qt HeinemanInternationa n .ffiffiffiH Dothesame withthetwelve verbs thepuzzle n you Here thetwelve are letters need. one .r:.

IT George NINETED EIGHTY-FOUR Orwell OOODBYE TO tsERL THE TIME MACH Hill i S T R A N 6 E M E E T ! .s* group fourbooks. of qfiallggDickens Ineach putthesarne letters two in thesquares complete to thetitles. IB.tEto A crrv O T I EL L O SholesPeore T W E L F I N I 6 H T William I Shokes Williom H LEFTHf]D. W € l l s @oo h Heinemannternational ..o r rslDo LlvtslBtEM Aldous Huxley Welts l-i. ] G Susar R O B ! _ . Pri€st THE EES Y Vrginial.{olF A ROOMWI f-lEv cRr'. For in you thefirstgroup need the etters AR.D ptD []E f]IRD MD Anis Kingsleg irahomGreene E GTDD Pf]TY TRA cr1DoEs NonRrs Wil nAel[.M. RIGHT DD MD DD SUPERM R 0 M E 0l D J u L t E r f NIGHT f]D DAY MD VirginiaUooif ANDWOIXD THE SEVf] 5EA5 Robert 9mnni Rudvord Kipiin THE sECRET AGI .H. example. H E WL] OFT]E WORLDs. Forster A V I E W E. l very carefully Look . 6 .aD TIMES ANIMATFIARIM D."-$aort.r zoo Arrgus fr or.l"qwrence George Orwell &to&. at thecornefs i o f t h es q u a r e s l e cnr. l S o N R U S O E Daniel C Nowyoucan ete comp etght more titles.6.

/ i-felegfafr gix - ?4U P6531D ' 4N6R62u1625+N5 -74UR I H e i n e m a n nl n t e r n a i i o n a E@ +s .These telegrams havemistakes inthem: numbers appear the l-8 instead someletters of e. 6=4.g. trtrtrEtrEtrE trttrttrtr!tr Which letters theother do numbers represent? And say? whatdo thetelegrams relegrGfr-gfil 86pp7 2wlN27.52 asi<:goez.F5R.

EEEE oe 1 EngshPuzzles Hefemann Int€rnat onal .

are of Slmple tense @s. wlAlLlKlElD slTlolPlPlElD Find verbs the other on the d i c e n dw r i t e h e mi n t h e a t ooxes. 2 5 M Wr ffir 1m lld{ F"ffi! lre'4zF 6 rm fffir E n g l i s P u z z l e1 h s H e i n e m a nln t e r n a t i o r i a l n w W ffi HLrrulH f@B n .\ jn Onthese there theletters twoverbs the Pasf dice.

l 71"*t a*J'* rleNI DE J- E rri' IHE'E s40€s? . words titles. each symbol Inthesong Workout WHO.-fu_ :'i . represents. -Ps / _\:r f. andARE. Al\1. 15 WHAT.uffi \w \@nryYY Yv. HOW.. writethecomplete and which wordeach symbol IOVE? N**i .rt&rrrr^.The are: represents a word. WHERE.tAt? . WHY. .z N stRE:.:.n.or\r dtflii".6' )'o!t" oot- t't! w@ T(4\ ta . 6y:'::\ . l'4v @{v'b& '\\9 > 7\ ? E= E= E u E tr o= t=r_ t"l @+s HeinemanInternationai n . 6\orv tsrYi -fi. titles.

N/E tUENf 'U5AN AND ARE TA|VE uE B. souq. . 9 i s hP u z z l eIs H e i .they allprepositions Draw boxround a each one.uqHrA ltEht soFATHts lFTERt/ooi/.'rERs.I n t e r n a i . uD lr aawmay? '>'.|' q0 NoRTH. UKEHE S1REETSRONIE. lneach sentence. W r i t et h ee i g h tp r e p o so . LErl Wstr MIAMI I. e m a n .IEXT EJIDED BORR)W A TBETh/E Poui./4 FRNEST: MR TOURNEI. .letters using there frommore thanoneword: I dF tT's Et6H'f -QI'CL}CK.5 h e r ei n a l p h a b e t i c a l r d e r I o l f l I l f f I T I f I I l l E . [Toi 'LF-EQAi you the'hidden' prepositions sentences? Can frnd inthese Like andfrom to are of place. o n a l T I] I l _t nn I Tl I @E rg .Look these sentencds: at two tls tiqnr o'uocx OF I I]KE fHESTREETS ROIIE. r YED/D/. NINDON IVED' gME otL. isa'hidden'preposition.

-[__] ---___lli------lff--lF--Fassot-lf _ Jt--- tlf----___lfbibrElEf Mr andMrsJones | | ll acomputebut lf-f. so ---lr-- lr-..-'-li-rrn.tiE--lf mother lTMy.a yesreroay. contractions last Each these of places.-lT--_ l I b"t"bph*t.imy jat6'e'-ll=-___lTr\^/tbt..isthe wordin two sentences.r---l lt.tT---..d I f----__l l-ffi-l E fb.. doesn't." qot-f-__l lF_lf-fi--lf lf ll--b. And the sentences o n t h e r i g h t i k et h i s : TheColosseum in Rome.oLerl l-rtdt_lf -Efmr.t-.nother father and Shakesoeare f---___-]l Anne b"ri lE ---___l inwater but I ons f__l|l6EG sfiod-][ l'Tile'.-'"l hhak-espearelf l out the shops TheWriohtbrothers good frends.. butTomandJer Thematch bLJl the weathef wasat hom.A.r--l f-lt It .ffil E n gi s hP u z z l e1 s Heinemann ternational n E@E . n did 't. Put theminthecorrect t aren ' Read sentences the oniheleftlike this: lhe U 5.-tfrotherlEl-. ssters but Bronte the butmv.. t the EiffeTower Bobandlack Er_.l'/'tst...lEl. 5 weren't.

andsilent H. Je#erson. George Burh. TwoPeople. TenTall[4en.xo4Ronald Reagan. @@ 6 BLUE 7 WHITE 8 6REEN 9 BROWN w@ Gffi @2 Film itles t ThreeMenlnABoat. Crossword Dieces presidents: Those names names American are of 'lhomas GeotgeWashington.. Richard lJ. Washington the lst president. l. Number Seven's nameisiACKSON. 8 @3 Shopping accident -slsld }R @6 I 2 3 4 5 W i n dd a m a g e BOOKSHOP SCHOOL POST OFFICE SUPERMARKET NEWSAGENjT CtNE[. was 51 . Woodrow Wilson. 6 3 TwoWomen.klon. etc. Number Forty's nameis REAGAN. ZachatyTaylot. was lefferson was The missing is SUNDAY day the 3rd. Number Twenty-eight's nameisWILSON Number Thirty-seven's nameis NIXON. 1 seven Angry Men. Andrew Ja.these words are beginning with A. 7 Seven Women. NumberTwelve'sname i5TAYLOR. Number Three'5 nameisJEFFERSON. E.SOLUTIONS W1 1 2 3 4 BLACK YELLOW ORANGE RED Ws F i n the words d coloured Pens Only words the in the qreysquares have an . Number Forty-one'5 name!s BUSH.tA 6 RESTAURANT 7 BANK 8 HOTEL 9 SWIM|liING POOL lo @ 7 @4 American football Number One'snameisWASHINGTON. O.Jackson the 7th. U (whenit isnot pronounced /ju:4. Tw€lve Angry[4en. 5 2 Three MenOnA HoBe.

Nouns ending @1o l LIZ 2 BILL 3 TOM P ( Names 4 MIKE 7 BOB 5 PETE 8 OAN 6 SUE 9 DAVE @ 13 At the cinema n5] IA-J [4rSmith ToWashington Chriitina Goe! Queen Ihe lvlan From Morocco TheLittle Princest Uncle Silas R o B "| H The8oyWithGrcerHah I\IyDaughter Joy EL R H 5 E 3 tl L o ! MySon John A King New In York Goodbye. Nouns ending witha consonant make +y their pluralwithiei (fly. This in(ludes nouns ending with a vowel+ y (daj/J). t chorJhmake theirplural with ei (toxes). dAf.@g M a l e n df e m a l e a @11 posteF Theatre 1 I\4EN WITHOUT SHADOWS AI-L SONS 5 MY 2 HAPPY DAYS 6 THREESISTERS 3 THE BIRDS 7 THE FLIES 4 THE FROGS 8 THE TITTLE FOXES Remembel: Mortnouns make theirplural adding the by 5to (birdt siste6.lTm. singular sont frogt shadows).DA s BrotherJohn The Boyfriend TheLittle Prince Anunmarried Woman TheGood Mother 52 .EEl6ltlEl lilElZlpl+|E]Ale]. Some nouns haveirregular @9 Add a letter @12 Do-it-yourself sl ts-ltl j lEltlslHl tEtAI-t ' |Elatsm EFF.I . plurak(man.FklA-IIii0 ElAiIevrdtrlAlllFl IT]EEIa-HtIiTarEl llldvlA.fliesJ.Miss Dove lvySister Ejleen AGifl Named Tamiko R ( FI .NI ltllltl * l7l7l/ ltl ffl.lvr Chipt N D AuntClara Good lvlorning.

J . \ etc. eatJ). VeAsending with a consonant useres(carry +y aalnes). includes This verbs ending with a vowel+ y (playt payt says). borrow askt add stopt listent walkl. Verbs ending with x.4CHAIB 8 BOOKCASE 9 TABLE 10 CHAIB 11 RECORD.PLAYER 12 WINDOW @19 Addtwo letters Hom€ ir where the heart'4'E14 A A different alphabet ) t'\ ) @19 Verbcrossword 13 CARRY 14 WATCH 15 WALK ]6 SAY 11 EA'l 18GO 4 N BC D E F G H r N7 1 \ L M L o . no East. 5 ch. home is b6st.5hor o add es(washes relaxe'{inishe' pushetwatche' goet). N a j p a u l T h e W a v e sB e h i n dT h e E o a t F r a n ( i s i n g K 53 . west. @j@ 1 2 3 4 5 6 16 COOKEFI BED SOFA TELEVISION FRIDGE BATH 7 ARI.thosesymbok showthe positions ofthe fiags the semaphore in alphabet: ^4 'n B-'l . @15 Countries code in Flrt{rE z c n trTrnea L A I mrtTTrTj a R e c T 0 l-sfPlzlTlNl FFIPFIM A zI L Remember: cE Y trttF1rtrt A YR cA eR L Athome A DA A 0 T o L NIost verbs s (begint pulli. There's placelike home. @17 B o o ki t l e s t TheHouse Paris Elizabeth ln Bowen A tireOnTheMoon Norman er Mai OurMenIn HavanaGraham Greene ToTheLighthouse Virginia Wool{ lustAbove Head lames IVy Baldwln A Smal Town Germany In lohnLeCarre UnderThe VolcanoMacom Lowry AcrossThe And River lntoTheTrees Ernert Hemingway A F l a go n T h e l 5 l a n d V S .S P OR S T -l I z X Y 7 s 1 BEGIN 7 ASK 2 8 PAY 3 WASH 9 FINISH 4 RELAX l0 SToP 5 PULI" 11 LISTEN 6 BORROW1 2 P U S H 1 LIBRARY 5 MAFKET SQUARE 2 TAXIS 6 HEALTH CENTRE 7 SHAKESPEARE 3 JAZZ CLUB AVENUE 4 SWEETSHOP In fact.

r/.rsr fric^oillFit/" ll +.---rod----^ Rtco'N/sf flE? AIBHOsTESS A P IO R H L I O C S E T E S f l A S I ! ..... r R ..'-' .&tl^i | 6 irxossll r4ossll 2 /4Rpsl | 8po!r'NlElcRo$ ll + AcRoss rok^ ll 7 ffiwg1w @l Jobs REPORTEA R F E p t o R ^ e T E H R A N ED!]/Cj @21 @ .-..l i7t.v]t/o 4cfioss tr]44r ffimtffiffif@ t-6-) t:tr @@ffi@ EIMA1 g:e @ 6d-h I ii..E:iii'- PAOALINKCE'vCOL|1AENRK s s H 0 r P A C S R S I E Sa T A A a . i 0 Ac. " m -. An the 54 . FAM)u&..-i.i----'.@zo TVprogrammes i*: W23 Badges .'-_ r NEEDSA BIKE. tz I i .f Y 5ECIETARY @22 songtitles l@824 Verbbackgammon @2s 1 2 3 4 5 Fruit AVOCADO 5TRAWEERRY MELON PINEAPPLE cocoNUT KIWIFRUIT 6 BANANA 7 LEMON 8 PEAR 9 CHERRY 10 Proverb: applea daykeeps doctoraway.

pence'. telling.6o! l 11 21p Twenty seven pence f16. l@B 32 say. . spelling.. rtop ' stopping).opening.+ .1'gl'" Et EI l'Ft o*t "* _d .ti. helping). mottverbrjust mg add Tomaketheir (ttudying.getting. -taking. lirteninq./\81 55 troE . hope'hoping. trrtE( tr@E@EOtr@tr \E.54 \gooK @& \€$q-X .@26 Mistakes the signpost @29 on write the clues g:3! $.eatinq. twenty 1+ Round round and @28 ! r e D g instruments Musical tr\ Er E-.20p pounds. 4yrJ !6HoP Acro55 Down I STUDY IO SWIM Z TELL 9 LISTEN 4 sPELL 12 GO ] DO 11 WORK 'I3 14 TAKE 6 GET 5 EAT STOP 7 sTART 15 HOPE 7 SKATE 15 HELP 9 LEAVE 16 OPEN 8 RUN ingFforfi. take verbs double finalconsonant the Some (get.BExca F.rlv *?i3. skate leaving. run. E: trotr@EoE@@ \n(\n1\gu rg( E@E G IP I 's( EOD \rll "/ 3IA t \rq( t r r@ t tg{ t r r@ tr@tr ff uoonaoetr# ooo6@j n../\E/\8. oenie s. staning. swim swimming. @|!|27 Poundsand pence @3o programmes Radio 4lo "-'{lilfiH" t! *"{j.52p lll Onepound. Fifteen pence wvenq/ t1. 7 .often for example.running.t3. 0moolnd. lo. ot twenty' 'Fifteen or twenty'instead 'Fifteen pQund5.88p pounds. -. going. Sixteen pence eighty-eight I15.dd zt. we Remember: 'Fifteen pounds. working. ln conversation.Ijl}'*.. + the Verbs ending with a consonant € lose e (leave -skating). :!I fifty-twop€nce III 5'1p SLxty-one pence + d * C @31 tifteen records 6 1 t z1 . q. doinq.

g.l!!f whv The letter Theletter The letter Theletter c Thelette.E.g.g. you 3 9€aplane 7 peanuts here.[NTofCT lg lildiElil tg IF FT'I'I til?T[] I Fl ^ l r i RlElClolRlD P l E l N l ( l tl L FIAIT]HIEIN P o E @40 I SUN 2 5EA 3 PUT Shapes letters and 4 EAST Thewordwith all 5 seven lettersis:PEANUTS 5 PEN fiTCTE-I IF 6 a l Rl o l T l Hl E l F 5 Iufsl rs GT g€ tg msl IGfol ItrlolulSlt-l DI-l=IcIol l6Flolv|e] BlvlflTlElR @41 Morenewspapers lTHbe@rnrtESI |6luTa @naBallqq@'Eltgrlrylh THMNNDEPENDENT |TIRIN !g ElNlrl 6 ItlEltlEl GT FT'rlEfNl t€ 56 GI A I RD I E I N I o l RI A l x l C l e T l R l u l r ' i 4 l p llE T K l l l T l C l HE l N l TheGuandfran mt . @ts I 2 3 4 lion tortoise chameleon alligator frallg MnnE @r5 Addthreeletters Animals 5 parrot 6 kangaroo 9 7 rabbit 10 m re rTHl rs. tr. I sounds theword like 5ounds fie word are like sounds theword like sounds ihewords like buc Put naat looL SOrhe ao.E.g. 8 I ' mi l l .trg. Queue Olympic rings @t4 Dailynewspapers DailyEagtrEEtr @38 Computer keyboard M"rfdkaa trEtrtrEE.E.e 4o *a Feal anafi-l @37 2ome 1 Be(areful! 5 teapot 2 AreyouEnglish? 5 See later.@37 Letters words or @?6 tea pairs Rhyming te chai r bcer hoC hera utha.t (.

S.M. books A ROOIVI A VIEW E. @46 Mixedvegetables 5 5 tFi @42 c tAltMt E Pastand present R trrBNl tff. (5top.B. velbs th€ @48 R€cord store 8 Why t th€y don underetahd? 9 together? 1 0Wh€r€ wegofrom do h€re? 3 Who weals there shoes?t l 4 Where your did hearigo? How yo! mend broken 12 can a 5 What I ray? can 5 Howcanberurc? I 7 Who l? am heart? 13 (by Who) 14Who you? The aG @49 Hiddenprepositions MtaL@Fxr @4s Telegrams TelegramOne HAPPY CHRISTMASI TelegramTwo HAPPY NEWYEAR! TelegramThree HAPPY BIRTHDAYI TelegramFour HAPPY TWENTYFIRST BIRTHDAYI '| hn't TelgramFive WELLDONE! YOU PASSED YOUR DRIVING TEST! 2 aren't TelegramSix CONGRATULATIONS! PASSED YOU YOUR EXAMI AT BETWEEN DOWN IN INTO NEAR ON UNDER @so The last word 5 didn't 5 7 9 l0 57 .@42 1 2 3 4 8BC Radio 2 BBC Radio 4 L.R.ter WITH THEY CAIrE A CITY l.ULIET William-shakespeare NIGHTAND DAY Virginia Wool{ MEN ANDWOMEN Robert Browhing THE SEVEN SEAS Rudyard Kipling THt SECRETAGENT Jor€ph Conrad NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR G€orge Orwell GOODBYE BERLINChrirtopher TO kherwood THE TIME IVACHINE H..Welb STMNGE ITEETING Susan Hill R0BINSON CRUSOE Daniel Deloe TH€GREEN MAN Kingsley Amjs THETHIRD MAN Graham Gfeene THE GARDEN PARIY Katherine tllansfietd MRNORRIS CHANGES TRAINSChrktopher bherwood THE OLD MEN ATTHE ZOO AngusWikon THE ISLANDAldous Huxley THE lNVlSlELE MAN H. ending a consonant+yuse Verbs with (rtudystudied).Verbs withejust d red ending add (dance4 phone4 type4 arrive4 rkated). RIGHT HAND OrbertSitwell MANANDSUPER|\ilAN Georoe Bernard Shaw ROMEOAND. some double finalconsonant stopped).Welh THE WAROFTHE WORLDSH.G.G.iAltrrE:t trFTrqt [EIttTEl IEtrEtrI trtrtrtrItrtrffi FEtrltxttrl mFotiilTEIfHfrutnf E T T 5 f o H 9 T s E 5 trtrNE I ll!!t!i[''J] @47 l 2 3 4 STUDIED DANCED PHONED WASHED 5 5 7 8 verbdice ryPED 9 SKATED PAINTED t 0 O P E N E D ARRIVED LISTENED IEgN T IgW ETqEI trEE trtrtr @M Books.L.G.C.WeIh Rememberilvo5t add painte4 verbs ed(walke4 washed listeoe4 opened). books.FoI.Priestly TO TWELFTH NIGHT WilliamShakespeare OTHELLO WilliamShakeep€are IEFT HAND. BBC Radio 3 Radio stations 5 CapitalRadio 6 8BCRadio1 7 G.

buildings 14 and Shops public l 1 S i n g u l a n dp l u r an o u n s 1 r 2 Songs 2.38 and l\lale female8.33.lndex you canfind points. 4 2 ' .famlly names4 .regular verbs47 (male female) 13 8. 23 Badges Books17.31. you want to do a puzzleabout 'a' and 'an'. 2 7 .Past (regular) 47 Simple .49 Prepositions 18 Simple Present 36 Pronunciation 16.48 Spelling -chltch/k/ck26 .his/het him/ her 22 Past Sirnple .Past (irregular) 43 simple .verbs 29 ending) Crng .13 2 Food drink 3 and Fruit 25 16 Furniture wishes 45 Good he / she.rooms 22 Artlcle5 lndefinite lnfinitive verbs 24 of -lngending (verbs) 29 Jobs21 5. Proverbs 25 and Public buildings shops6.-ing Iotm 29 .verbs ending) 47 Ced .flrstnames10 (British) 41 3d Newspapers plural2 16 . Present 18 Simple .44 I Colours 50 contractions 15 Countries (British) 27 currency Days ihe week 7 of -edending (verbs) 47 8.contractions 50 . alan 5 Alphabet 14. 13 (British) 27 Money 28 nstruments Musical Names . of Letters tlie alphabet 14. . example. members 13 Family F e m a a n dm a l e8 . and People (theaire)| I Plays nouns2. do Puzzle5.ordinanumbers 38 58 HOme .38 5. 1'l Plural 3 Possessive 31 of place17. tf you want to do puzzlesaboutparticular if For tiem in this tndex.4 .verbs ending) 18 Cs 37 Sports 45 Telegrams th T e l l i n g et i m e 1 5 20 TVprogrammes 46 Vegetables Verbs . 14 48 Question-words programmes 30 Radio 42 stations Radio words36 Rhyming 12 Rooms -sending (verbs) .33.infinitive 24 . am/islare 48 A n i m a l3 9 s Indefinite 5 Article. 1 3 le Films . 18 31 3 (ls/ has/ possessive) 40 shapes 6.s i n g u l a r dp l u r a l 1 n 2 N u m b e r s .irregular verbs43 .

youcan you practise English already know(vocabulary.andEnglish Puzzles funl Puzzles are language.. giving someusefulwords a shottlntroduction. in Therearefour books the series: PUZZLES 1 ENGLISH Beginner € a 2 ENGLISH PUZZLES EIementary ENGLISH PUZZLES 3 Pre-lntermediate PUZZLES 4 ENGLISH lntermediate O % 6\ plus fifty Eachbook contains puzzles(andtheir solutions). whichoftenappearin puzzleinstructions an lndexof the languagepointspracticedin the puzdes- t\9 .. spelling. puzzles makeyouthinkaboutthe English wilh EnglkhPuzzl$.makeyouthink.) andlearnsomemore. in classor at home. the grammar.