Are you an idiot?

(A conversation between Roshan, Rohit, Rahim, Pooja & Preeti about the movie 3 idiots)

Pooja : Hi, All : Hi Pooja : I don’t know why our college admin office is very crowded these days? Preeti : It is for new admissions Pooja : I was watching the movie 3 idiots on you tube ( v=hDVFnzU1-1o) yesterday. Have you watched the movie? Preeti : I have watched it on T.V Pooja : I love the movie. I must have watched it at least 7 times now. We should be proud that an Indian movie is being considered for being made in Hollywood and also in Chinese. Preeti : Though the movie is good and has won many awards, there are few things I don’t like in the movie Pooja : “Like” What? Preeti : The movie seems to glorify ragging. Pooja : Did you see the fate of the senior who was ragging at the hands of Rancho? Preeti : Yes but the words told to the senior “ Tujshe great ho” is used throughout the movie Rahim : I heard that CCTV cameras are installed in many colleges to prevent ragging.

Preeti : That will not prevent some seniors from ragging. They will always find places away from the cameras for doing the ragging. Roshan : I think, as seniors we can form a anti-ragging cell. We can report to concerned authorities if we notice any incident of ragging in our college. Rohit : I think that would be an effective way for curbing ragging in our college campuses. Preeti : The movie subtly encourages drinking. All major decisions both good and bad are taken in the drunken state. Pooja :You are not looking at the humour? Do you remember the answer to the question “How does an induction motor start?” Preeti : Raju’s answer was very funny. Pooja : I cannot control my laughter whenever I see ‘Silencer’ Chatur making his speech on Teacher’s Day. How can somebody be so dumb that he doesn’t know the difference between ‘chamatkar’ & ‘balatkar’, ‘dthan’ & ‘sthan’ Preeti : Beware, If you memorize without understanding, such things can happen to you also. Pooja : The manner of ‘Virus’ talking was also very funny. Rahim : The movie shows a girl drinking. Pia comes in drunken state to Rancho’s room, she says that she drank for a good cause, to help Raju. Preeti : If boys can drink why can’t girls? Rahim : Doing everything that a man does is definitely not the right way to fight for women’s right isn’t? Rohit : True. If a man commits a murder, a woman does not need to do it to show that she is equal to man. Pooja : Aamir Khan in a recent episode of Satyamev Jayate ( ) said that it is best not to drink. If you cannot abstain don’t drink & drive. Drunken driving is a punishable offence. Rahim : Many people have lost their lives after being run over by drunken drivers.

Roshan : The problem with drinking is even those who drink moderately can get addicted soon. Moderate drinking can also affects your health adversely. Rohit : The Bible says “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” Rahim : I thought that Jesus promoted drinking. His first miracle was converting water to wine. Roshan : Wine drunk by the Israelites about 2000 years ago was most probably non-fermented grape juice. Wine was not only a family beverage but also their national drink. They never had any problems of addiction like we are having these days. The good news is if you are struggling with alcoholism Jesus Christ can deliver you. Rahim : Alcoholics Anonymous is a good place to go if you are struggling with alcoholism. Rohit : I think the movie paints religious people in a disrespectful manner. Pooja : There is nothing wrong in being pious but our belief in God must not be superstitious. Preeti : Many students are praying to God only during exams or when they are facing some difficulty. Roshan : I think if we pray to God without preparing for our exams it is definitely superstition but at the same time we should not be so self-confident that we feel no need for God. We owe our very existence to God Pooja : The song “All is Well” is one of my favourite songs. Rohit : All is not well with our education system that is why we are seeing so many suicides Preeti : You cannot just blame the education system for the suicide. The reasons for suicides are many. Young people commit suicide even for such silly reasons as love failure. Roshan : Those committing suicide are really selfish people, all that they want is only an end to their problems, they are not bothered about how their parents, family members or friends would suffer because of their loss.

Rahim : For a person contemplating suicide, the future looks bleak. He doesn’t have any hope for a better tomorrow. Rohit : Trusting God Is the best solution. After losing my dad my life was also bleak but because Jesus lives even today he has filled my life with peace and hope so that I can confidently face the future. Pooja : Having good friends is very vital. Raju & Farhan were fortunate to have Rancho as their friend Roshan : I like the song “What a friend we have in Jesus” ( ). I consider myself to be fortunate to have a friend like Jesus. We can take all our sorrows to him. Rahim : Rancho seems to say that “All is well” is the mantra for successfully facing all problems in our life. Preeti: I don’t agree. He narrates an incident in which the watchman said “All is well” on the night when there was a theft. Rancho says he slept peacefully on hearing the watchman’s “All is well” Roshan : I think that is self-deception. It produces a false complacency about our circumstances. Rohit : I listened to a song in church last week which said “It is well within my soul” ( ) Pooja : What do you mean by soul? Roshan : The soul is the actual ‘you’. The soul is separated from the body at death. Jesus said “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul” Rohit : It not only shows how valuable the soul is but it also means that it is possible to lose one’s soul. Preeti : If the soul doesn’t die at death, How do you lose your soul? Roshan : Your soul is lost if you stubbornly refuse to believe in Jesus i.e his sacrifice on the cross for your sins, his offer for salvation and all his teachings. Rahim : That means only Christians won’t lose their soul.

Rohit : You don’t have to follow the Christian religion, you have to just follow Jesus Christ. Roshan : A person who is born as a Christian can also lose his soul if he does not have his sins forgiven and refuses to follow him. Pooja : What do you mean by salvation? Rohit : Salvation means deliverance from the judgment of God. Roshan : The Bible says it is appointed for every man to die once and then face the judgment. A person who has lost his soul will end up in hell. Preeti : That is frightening. Pooja : I took the crazy idiots test at to prove if I am an idiot. Rahim : There are two types of idiots. One type is those who are idiots by themselves and other is those who are called idiots by others. Which type of idiot are you? Rohit : I would prefer being called an idiot rather than being one. Rancho was not bothered if others called him idiot. He was firm in his beliefs. He sought after excellence and success followed him. Roshan : Dear friends, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers. Bye to all Preeti : O.K. Bye to all All : Bye

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