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I want to share my Experience with Inverters that i have been using for quite some time now. Earlier I use to have a local
made inverter box which i bought for Rs 3000/- in year 2006. Every one in my house recall this local made inverter as Red BOX. So story about this so called Red BOX is it conks off every year soon after warranty lapses and that too without any earlier indication or symptoms.

Pune is one place where there is no guarantee for electricity. No one actually tell whe

n you might find yourself in middle of those unpredictable long power cuts! Not even those MSEB guys.

So after first warranty lapse in 2007 I changed Inverter PCB board (800VA) of this Red BOX for Rs 1400/- now again exactly a year and few months the Inverter PCB board died. This time my family member insisted on buying a branded inverter instead repairing the old Red box again & again, according to them cheap is never cheap in long run. They were correct is saying that as warranty on branded is always more 24 or 48 months compare to Local made products, plus use of good reliable components adds up the life of branded product. So keeping that in mind i started doing some research on branded inverters of 12v 800 VA rating with Pure Sine wave output. I came across lot of them starting from SUKAM, LUMINOUS, MICROTEK, WAGA, BAJAJ, AMARON - XENON and many more. All were closely priced with some difference of RS 500/- to 700/- and also there was no difference technology wise as all of them were transformer base system. Finally during end of my research I came across these wonderful streamlined ranges of inverters from Videocon. With all my Current knowledge that I could possiblly gather they seem to be Home UPS cum Inverter with Next Generation Technology that Saves Electricity by Charging the Battery Faster This Inverter cum UPS from Videocon is of Digital Signal Processing and IGBT Based conversion Technology. The technology that was earlier used only in big organization and companies with large implementations. In short these DSP n IGBT Videocon inverters are transformer less and are very similar to Computer SMPS. They are excellent charge acceptance suitable for frequent power cuts. They are also eco friendly and very Silent Home UPS cum inverters. Other features are like the 1) In built Heat sensors that switch ONs the cooling fan only when required, 2) It got a crystal clear LCD which displays Load %, Mains or power cut| battery voltage Level during cut (Max 13VDC- Min 10 VDC)| Battery Charging voltage (Min 12.5 VDC - MAX 14 VDC)| Mains Voltage (110VAC -285VAC)

3) This inverter is been provisioned with two option switch - (A) for using it either in UPS mode (PC users) or Inverter Mode (Regular User) (B) for using it either in High Charging (Frequent Power Cut areas) and Regular Charging (Normal Power cut areas) 4) The Inverter cum UPS Unit is of small, durable design and extremely light weighted compared usual heavy transformer based Inverters. Now in electronics n semiconductor world, the more portable, small and feature rich device will always carry a higher price tag! But unfortunately this is not the case with these Invertors cum UPS range from Videocon. They are much cheaper than all other competitive brands. I purchased my ECO Tech - 850 - 12v 800 VA rating Home UPS cum Inverter of Rs 4704/- online from Videocon self owned website I registered my self on this website, bought product using credit card and within two days, man from Videocon Pune Godown delivered the item at my doorstep absolutely of free of charge. So far I have no complaints! this Home UPS cum Inverter is charging my double 180 AH (360 AH) battery quite efficiently along with absolutely pure sine wave output (same as MSEB Main line from power grid), which means no annoying noise from any home electrical or electronic appliances. My all three computers usually stay ON for long hours so from that, it wont be wrong to say that I am also getting improved backup with minimum loses from this Home UPS cum Inverter as compared to my old local red box. Key Features ECO Tech 850 Series Home UPS / Inverter 1) DSP controlled FCT based conversion technology. 2) Attractive LCD display for system indication. 3) Eco-Friendly Extra Power 10-15% more power and back-up time. 4) Compact and aesthetic design- Hand Carry 5) Use computer and CFL load easily. 6) Pure DC Charging (PDC) Technology. 7) Power quality same as from main supply. 8) Energy Saver Efficiency Green Mode consumes less power in No Load Condition. 9) Extra Air Cooling Thermal Management Algorithm (TMA) incorporated.