Growth Assessment Jimmy Tinoco Azusa Pacific University EDTC 526 July 17, 2012 Dr. Kathleen Bacer

History of Coursework for Jimmy Tinoco My educational climb!

Maters in Educational Technology
EDTC 526 – Practicum in Educ. App of Technology Summer I, Term 6 – Dr. Kathleen Bacer Key Learnings 1. Reflected on my personal, professional, and technical growth throughout this master’s program. 2. Developed a comprehensive multimedia ePortfolio that showcases skills and concepts. EDTC 572 – Advanced Educational Psychology Summer 1, Term 6 – Dr. James Brown

Key Learnings 1. Learned about student motivation and created a motivational lesson. 2. Learned about the science behind the “plasticity” of the brain and how the brain can continue to develop.

EDTC 515 – Emerging Trends in Technology Spring II, Term 5 – Dr. James Brown Key Learnings 1. Learned to gain an understanding of various technologies and trends and discover how they are impacting education today. 2. Learned to further investigate online (distance) and hybrid learning’s impact on education

EDTC 520 – Foundations in Educational Technology Spring II, Term 5 – Professor Elisabeth Silver Key Learnings 1. Learned to analyze, evaluate, and become familiar with my district’s technology plan by articulating the vision, goals, and objectives. 2. Learned to create a criterion based check list to review software.

EDTC 573 – Philosophy/Ethics and History of Education Spring I, Term 4 – Professor Valorie Suffern Key Learnings 1. Learned about the development of education, specifically in the United States. 2. Learned about the education pioneers and their influence on the educational system that we know today.

EDTC 523 – Educ. App. of Info. Design & Hypermedia Spring I, Term 4 – Professor Laura Silva Key Learnings 1. I learned to utilize online tools to use for instruction and communication. 2. Learned about hypermedia in education and how to use it to an effective potential.

EDTC 518 – Global Learning/Cross-Cult. Learning Fall II, Term 3 – Dr. Kathleen Bacer Key Learnings 1. Learned to promote cross-cultural literacy using technology and the World Wide Web. 2. Learned how to collaborate across different regions through different curriculum based telecomputing activity structures.

EDTC 524 – Instructional Design and Development Fall II, Term 3 – Professor Laura Silva Key Learnings 1. Learned to create and employ a lesson using the Backwards Design with technology based learning experiences. 2. Use of online tools to collaborate and create a presentation.

EDTC 527 – Special Topics in Educational Technology Fall I, Term 2 – Professor Barry Bettger Key Learnings 1. Implemented Web 2.0 resources in the design and delivery of classroom. 2. Learned to use research and collaboration tools such as, RSS feeds, wikis, and Skype.

EDTC 517 – Telecommunications Fall I, Term 2 – Professor Joe Bruzzese Key Learnings 1. Have demonstrated the ability to develop a web site and use it for professional collaboration. 2. Developed an understanding of how to infuse telecommunication into the academic and personal lives of my

EDTC 511 – Foundations in Educational Technology Summer II, Term 1 – Dr. Kathleen Bacer Key Learnings 1. Learning more efficient ways to communicate using technology 2. Learned skills that will help me analyze and use technology resources

EDTC 571 – Curriculum Foundation Summer II, Term 1 – Professor Valorie Suffern Key Learnings 1. Valuable research of ed. theorists to confirm my own teaching philosophy. 2. Being aware of the “multiple intelligences” that students have, and how I can differentiate instruction in the

GROWTH ASSESSMENT Personal Growth My experience at Azusa Pacific University has affected my life and personal growth in many ways. It has given me the opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually as a


compassionate person, and as a reflective educator. Going through this Educational Technology Master’s Program I was able to grow and change spiritually, cognitively, and affectively. The biggest change that I have gone through has been a spiritual one. After reading many scriptures and analyzing many of the different verses found in the Bible, I have gained a new found respect for the Christian worldview. I have also gained spiritual knowledge from the insightful discussions that I have had with my fellow cadre members. It has been a blessing having these life altering discussions in all of our different discussion forums. Having this worldview has made me more aware and empathetic towards all people. I have also learned how important it is to model these learnings and not just talk about them. One of the first verses that I saw when I opened my Faith in Action Bible was taken from I John - I John 3: 18 “Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (Zondervan Publishing, 2004, p. 2060). This program has also changed me cognitively and affectively. Being part of this program I have had to learn how to integrate the skills I’ve learned into my personal life. I have become more aware of the things that I do, and how they affect everything around me. I have learned to balance the things in my life a little better so that I can have a happier and more fulfilling personal and professional life. I feel that learning to balance these things has made me a stronger and more flexible person. Through all of my hard work in this program I have developed a stronger work ethic, passion, and confidence that have inspired me to be a better person and a contributing citizen on many different levels. My personal growth during this program has allowed me to change into a compassionate and responsible family member, educator, colleague, and friend that is ready to take on many

GROWTH ASSESSMENT challenges and try many new things that will aid in helping others. I will continue my personal journey so that I can continue to grow on many levels and hopefully have a positive impact on this world and the people around me. This passage from Oswald Chambers’ devotional relates nicely with what I have been saying, “We have the idea that God is leading us toward a particular end or desired goal is of little importance, and reaching it becomes merely an episode


along the way. What we see as only the process of reaching a particular end, God sees as the goal itself.” (Chambers, 1992, para. 1). Professional Growth The Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology Program has had a rapid effect on my professional career. This program has helped me grow professionally as an educator and has had a significant effect on my growth as a technology leader at my site, which in return has helped me accomplish many great things in a short period of time. One thing from this program that has helped me to continue to grow was relearning, and learning, more about our educational pioneers and their theories that have paved the way for current educators. Researching and learning about the past to see how it can help us in the future is a way to move forward and build on our knowledge. Studying the different philosophies has really helped me be more aware of the diversity of my students and how I can adjust my teaching methods to meet their needs. Here is an excerpt taken from our textbook, “Educational research and learning theories are important because they help edcuators to understand how students learn.” (Shelly, Gunter & Gunter, 2009, page 390). This program has also been significant to my growth as a technology leader at my school site. In this program we created a professional learning network and collaborated on a regular basis. Working closely with others has helped me gain awareness of concerns in the educational field and of what is needed in our educational environment. Through different levels of

GROWTH ASSESSMENT collaboration I have become an asset to my site as someone they can come to with regards to integrating technology into a variety of learning environments. Because of this program there are quite a few accomplishments that I feel proud of. One of those accomplishments is that I have been asked to be on our school and district technology committees. With these new leadership roles I hope to make a positive difference at my site, and hopefully district level. In conclusion, this program has helped me grow professionally in many ways. I have


become more knowledgeable on many different levels and I have been given leadership roles that I wouldn’t have normally been offered. I have learned a great deal and I plan on continuing to learn as I continue on my educational journey. Technical Growth When I began this master’s program, I knew I would become a little more technologically savvy; however I never thought I would be able to do so many different things, on so many levels. In this program my technological expertise has grown in many key areas. I have learned to use and implement many Web 2.0 tools that are currently in use. I have also learned to use it to collaborate with my colleagues, and communicate with the parents of my students. There are many fantastic Web 2.0 tools that I have learned about in this program, but a couple of my favorites have been website design/creation, and video production. Through some of the projects in my courses, like my Global Learning Project, I have had to create a few different web sites. Creating these web sites I have found the value that a web site can have for a community of learners. Also, creating videos (such as tutorials) go great as added features to enhance a web site. Web sites can be informative and they can be a great place for people to collaborate using tools like comment boxes, discussion threads, and blogs.

GROWTH ASSESSMENT Another way I have grown technically is through collaboration. This year I have been able to put to use many of the things that I have learned in this program (Google Docs and


different software programs). This has had great significance to me because it has put my gradelevel team at a whole new level when we present our Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time based (SMART) Goal data at staff meetings. Using a combination of programs such as; PowerPoint, Excel, Camtasia, and YouTube we are able to create very engaging presentations that set us apart from the norm and make it engaging and meaningful to everyone that is watching. Introducing my team to these collaborative tools has made our team more productive and efficient. Here is an excerpt from an online article, “Research shows that collaboration between teachers can be a powerful tool for professional development and a driver for school improvement…” (School Reform, 2008, page 1) In conclusion, this program has introduced me to many technological tools that I have been able to instantly put to use in the classroom and in many other areas. It has created an engaging classroom for me and it has inspired many teachers at my site.



Life Long Learning Plan Ever since I have started my journey in higher education I have said that I will always be a life-long learner. I will continue to always learn as much as I can and grow as much as I can in my personal and professional life. I do not believe that someone can acquire too much knowledge, or come to a point in their lives where they know everything. There is always something new to learn and always ways to improve certain habits. Learning is a process and a journey that never ends. As far as what I still want to learn? I just want to continue to experience new things. One of the most valuable ways of learning about something is by experiencing it and gaining firsthand knowledge. Getting out there and living life! Going out and seeing things for yourself and analyzing on your own, thinking critically on your own. No one should solely depend on someone else’s word about certain topics. I would really like to continue my higher education, but unfortunately it is very expensive to continue to do so. For the meantime, I am happy with where I am at professionally, and what I have achieved. I can’t help but feel there is more for me in the future, but for now I am going to enjoy and make the best of what I have. Through the things that I have learned in this program I have become very motivated and look forward to continue to inspire and educate the young minds that I work with and teach. My plans for staying abreast of new developments in the field are to continue to collaborate with my professional learning network. Current technology has made it easier to collaborate with professionals from all over the world. I plan on continuing to read my RSS feeds and participating in the professional social networks for educators. I would also like to continue with participating in global learning projects. It has been such a great way to teach my

GROWTH ASSESSMENT students about other cultures and it has made learning more exciting and rewarding for


everyone involved. I will also try to stay on top of the Web 2.0 tools that come out. I have really enjoyed working with these technological tools that allow me to integrate technology into the classroom and make the teaching and learning experience more exciting and engaging. Conclusion My experience in this Educational Technology Master’s Program has really been life altering. In a short period of time I have grown personally, professionally, and technologically. I have learned a great deal and have been motivated to continue my educational life journey. Through this program I have grown spiritually and will continue to read the Bible, and who knows, even attend church a little more often than I have. This program has also allowed me to grow professionally and has already provided me with additional leadership roles that I look forward to taking part in. Technologically I have learned about many great Web 2.0 tools that I have quickly integrated into the classroom and have used to collaborate with my colleagues. Because technology changes at such a rapid pace, I will try to stay up to date on all of the great tech. tools that will be coming out in the future. I will use what I’ve learned through this program to evaluate what is worth learning about and using in the classroom. I am very appreciative and thankful for what I have learned, and gained from this program, and am grateful that my students will receive a well-balanced and engaging education.



Chambers, Oswald. (1992). God’s Purpose or Mine? My Utmost for His Highest (July 28). Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House Publishers School Reform and the Center for Comprehensive Improvement. (2008). Retrieved from Shelly, G. B., Gunter, G. A., & Gunter, R. E. (2009). Teachers Discovering Computers, Integrating Technology and Digital Media in the Classroom. (6th Ed.). Boston, MA: Course Technology Ptr. Zondervan Publishing. (2004). NIV Faith in Action Study Bible: Living God's Word in a Changing World. Zondervan.

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