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2008, Copyright ©

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Academy for RTRRT and Scientific Astrology

The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention.
The calculations are performed on the HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA.
Subject headings: religion – planetary exorcism, reality rendering – prosperity rendering tools

Luk 11:9 And *I* say to you, Ask, and it shall be given to you;
seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you.


Materialism can be handled nicely even to the solution in daily magick. In its immense power,
benefita of soul initiation. simplicity itself has created the Personal Cosmic
Secretary with its Money Honey extension, even
2. PROBLEM application. One can of course create prosperity
with any RTRRT, such as O5f.
Reality is taken much for granted throughout our
civilizationb, as it has lost its elasticity. Even 4. RESULTS
future is no longer futurity, but a dim scenec over
the distant murky horizon. Even in delineating The results of our research are enlisted as follow.
futurity, one uses spatial definitions. In the O5
Master initiation, the Oberon 5 master takes care ™ Every sentient being is rendering reality.
to discreate space element by element, in its full ™ Predetermined events can be changed.
extension. Space proves to be quite a challenge ™ A future full of pleasant surprises has vast
in discreation, while time is eliminated without precedence over fixed karma.
much ado. The alien mind that goes by default ™ Scanning one’s futurityg before any future
cashes on space in order to confine the original intervention has precedence over unwanted
mind. In order to free true mind towards improvisation.
attaining original vacuityd from which all ™ One gladly understands one’s futurity before
emanatese attempting to change it.
™ What was scheduled to be rendered can be
3. APPROACH unscheduled and rendered over and over
again. Any futurity is elastic in that it can be
Reality rendering is postulated as natural changed for the benefit of personal
birthright apart from being an immediate experimentation and fun.

The material world may be for the benefit of soul initiation, f
a proposal of its positive purpose. Early reports have money coming in half an hour, even
We spread the word of civilization like butter over an winning at the casino in formulating a predetermined
indefinite blotch of timespace. number. Instant magick is typically labeled Snow Crash.
c g
The reference is to the Time Track technique. The Academic Zodiac, that is, precise future environment,
True Mind Distiller as basic RTRRT. has been created for this goal. It is immensely more
If and when allowed to emanate. The indescribable comfort comfortable to have a blueprint of one’s personal futurity at
one finds as and in the “womb of Brahma” allows for no one’s creative desktop, before setting a creative pan that
wishes in emanation. would definitively form one’s future.

Although in true mind one finds no wish, even

creative mind voidh can be used in producing any
immediate effects upon the material kingdom.

Awkward as expression, however pleasant in experiencing.

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