Michael O’Malley 12/12/2011 POLS 170A Climate Change: Changing the World’s Involvement Climate change will always

be a tough cause to push because of the constant doubt and fear that people associate with it. It is a common belief, unfortunately, that climate change is false or that it’s too late so why try and stop it now. That is why it is most important to push facts, to get the truth out there. Yes, the negative effects of Climate change are just beginning, and although we have reached an irreversible state, it’s not too late to try and minimize the amount of damage that will occur. That is why the most effective way to cause impact and change in an integrating world will be through an individual level approach. It will be more important to push support of environmental activism through people, people talking to people. It is often overlooked as an option because the main concern and problem is with the states and larger players, however they will not change their views or join the cause if the general masses are still at a disagreement. Our success will largely be determined by the support of everyday average citizens. The more numbers we build the more effective our cause will seem. It is like the last attempt to bring the states to an agreement on climate change. They met in Germany and by the end of it they were no closer to a solution than when they started. Even with all the activists out front, none of this matters when the nations citizens are torn on the argument themselves. The best way to address how to build support can be seen through the success and failures of NGO’s. Successful NGO’s have support than d growth on individual levels. By keeping business personal, person to person, it is

Overextending and overspending due to lofty goals and pipe dreams will be detrimental. It is important to remember that there will be a large response immediately if advertised correctly. Even a slight increase in members should be a cause worth celebrating. and a good place to start. or support from states but welcome it. but this is merely the “fad” stage. It is most important to always remember small success is o. The key to success is through hard work.k. However after the “fad” phase it will be important to search for true members and support to push the cause. There will be a period in which it will be popular to care about climate change until people realize that being part of the organization is more than just wearing a pin or clicking away on a computer. Once the first levels of success are achieved then it will be time to start discussing larger projects and goals for the future. thinking small. there is not one foot print. but billions of footprints. Failure can be the result of goals that are too broad or the bar is set too high. Reducing the carbon foot print is not like it seems. Every organization must start somewhere. Don’t expect a response. The causes that go the furthest originated by thinking small. Unfortunately people have a short attention span to things that try to make a difference through work on an individual level and through all of its members. and everyone must do their part. . Most importantly keep things simple. So don’t be upset with small success but welcome it and move on. big and small.easier to sell a cause. facts. This brings us to the measure of success. and individual level progress.

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