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• The Ease of Pdf

• File Format Conversion

• PDF Document and Security Features
• Graph and Imaging
• Comprehensive Support for Document Elements
• Full Support for Tables
• Advanced Text Processing

Aspose.Pdf About Aspose

for .NET and Java Aspose is a solid and stable industry
leader with over 6 years of experience
and over 35,000 user licenses
installed. Aspose produces a wide
range of quality products for .NET and
Java platforms. Aspose also offers a
variety of reporting solutions for SQL
Server Reporting Services and
JasperReports developers.

Find out more about us at

Aspose.Pdf has worked great for us,
there's great support and
documentation, we would definitely
recommend this component over any
other, it offers excellent functionality

and we have being able to obtain great
results, we are very happy and pleased
with the product.

Allen Vega,
The Ease of Pdf
Aspose.Pdf is a non-graphical PDF® document reporting

Miami Dade College, USA

component that enables either .NET or Java applications to Before using Aspose.Pdf we tried
create PDF documents without utilizing Adobe Acrobat®. around eight PDF creators, but all of them
Aspose.Pdf is very affordably priced and offers a wealth of had some kind of functionality missing.
strong features including: compression, tables, graphs, images, Now Aspose.Pdf is working great for us.
hyperlinks, security and custom fonts. Aspose.Pdf supports the You have a good documentation. The
creation of PDF files through API, XML templates and XSL-FO factor that forced me to buy your product
is your support. When I first used
files. Aspose.Pdf is very easy to use and is provided with 14 fully Aspose.Pdf, it did not have a few of the
featured demos written in both C# and Visual Basic. functionalities that I was looking for. I
posted a message in the forum and the
response was quick. I got the improved
File Format Conversion DLL the very next day. I have posted
around ten messages so far and my
In addition to allowing developers to create PDF documents issues were solved quickly. When I asked
utilizing the powerfull API, Aspose.Pdf also gives you the option about some doubts that I had through the
of creating PDF documents by converting files of other formats to messenger, you were kind enough to
PDF. Aspose.Pdf supports the conversion of following file send me example codes and links. You
did add some new properties to
formats to PDF: Aspose.Pdf for me. I strongly recommend
this product because it has all the
XML file (.xml) plus a Style Sheet file (.xsl) functionalities that you are looking for, if
FO file (.fo) not Aspose will add it for you. Thank you

HTML page (using the local file name or a web url) for all your wonderful support. Keep the
Word documents (utilizing Aspose.Words) (available only in good work going.
Aspose.Pdf for .NET)
Excel spreadsheets (utilizing Aspose.Cells) India

Aspose.Pdf Free Customer Support

for .NET and Java
Support is an issue that Aspose takes
very seriously. Aspose offers Free
Support to anyone! Whether you are a
customer or simply evaluating an
PDF Document and Security Features Aspose product… we are always glad to
help. Our free support is handled
Aspose.Pdf gives you complete control over all aspects of a PDF through the Aspose Forums, which are
document and its security. You can conveniently specify different maintained by our highly skilled
document properties and apply desired security settings. Some development teams. Rather than
of the supported features are as follows: having a disconnected support staff,
Aspose enables you to talk directly to
the people who have built and maintain
 Specify document properties like Author, Creator etc. our products. We know, by doing that,
 Configure the bookmark level of the headings you are guaranteed to get the solutions
 Set compression level to your problems more quickly and
 Set document open action and open mode or appearance accurately.
 Utilize different page transition effects like Dissolve or Box etc.
 PDF documents can be encrypted up to 128 bits Flexible Licensing
 Set Master and User passwords for encryption
 Content modification, copying, printing, form filling, degraded Aspose offers a multitude of licensing
printing, annotation modification, PDF documents assembling options which allow you to select a
and screen readers of the PDF documents can be restricted. balanced license subscription which is
both: cost effective and efficient.
Deviating from the inefficient machine
Graph and Imaging based license, our license
subscriptions depend upon the number
With Aspose.Pdf, you can easily add complex graphs to PDF of developers using our products and
document. You can also work with a wide range of image the number of physical locations to
formats and easily create professional visually appealing PDF which these products will be deployed.
documents. Aspose.Pdf supports the following notable features: We offer the following subscriptions for
 Different shapes of graphs are supported Aspose.Pdf for .NET and Java:
 Graphs can be drawn on any page location specified by its
coordinates  Developer Enterprise Subscription
 Graphs can be rotated and scaled  Developer OEM Subscription
 Images can be added from local disk or memory or by giving  Site Enterprise Subscription
their Web URLs  Site OEM Subscription
 CCITT (Fax) images are supported
 Multi-pages TIFF images are also supported Free Updates
 TIFF image with CCITT (Sub-Format) can be added to
document From the date of your purchase, you
 Transparent GIF and TIFF images are supported are entitled to receive any new product
 Images with fixed width can be added to table cells updates published within your
subscription time of one year. If you
would like to continue receiving product
updates after the subscription time has
passed, you will have the option to
renew your subscription at a minimum

for .NET and Java System Requirements
Aspose.Pdf for .NET
All editions of the following Microsoft
Comprehensive Support for Document Elements Windows operating systems are
Aspose.Pdf supports a wide range of document elements which
you can use to easily create complex PDF documents. Windows 2000
Aspose.Pdf supports the following features: Windows XP
Windows Server 2003
 Page size, margins, background image, header and footer of Windows Vista
each section can be defined
 Unique ID can be assigned to each section and paragraphs Windows Server 2008
 Each section can have multiple paragraphs
 Margins of each paragraph can be defined Please note that both: 32-bit and 64-bit
 Each paragraph can be rendered into a new page editions are also supported.
 Custom positioning of any paragraph is also supported
 Headings of the document can be numbered or bulleted with The following .NET Framework
System or User defined bullets versions are supported:
 Heading levels and auto sequencing can be configured
 Hyperlinks to pages in the same document, pages in another
document, non-PDF files and web locations is supported .NET Framework 1.0
 File of any type and Note annotations can be attached to a .NET Framework 1.1
PDFdocument .NET Framework 2.0
 Table of contents, List of tables, List of figures can be .NET Framework 3.0
included .NET Framework 3.5
 All lists can be formatted and Headings, Tables, Images or
Graphs can be added as list items
All editions of the following Microsoft
 Form fields can be created programmatically and positioned
using tables or custom positioning Visual Studio versions are also

Full Support for Tables Visual Studio 2002

Visual Studio 2003
Aspose.Pdf brings complete support for tables to satisfy all your Visual Studio 2005
data representation needs. Following features are supported by Visual Studio 2008
Aspose.Pdf for Java
 Border style, margin and padding of a table can be set Aspose.Pdf for Java runs on any
 Columns width and spanning can be controlled operating system that has Java
 Row splitting of a table can be controlled installed on it.
 Table cloning is supported in two versions: Clone and
Complete Clone The following Java versions are
 Importing data from object array, DataTable or DataView into supported:
table is supported
 Default cell formatting can be applied on all table cells Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4.x
 Rows and columns can be formatted Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0
 Nested tables are allowed Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 6.0
 Minimum column width of a table can be achieved

Aspose.Pdf Recommended Products

When considering Aspose.Pdf for
for .NET and Java .NET and Java, you might also be
interested in these other components
from Aspose.

Advanced Text Processing

Aspose.Pdf gives you the flexibility of rendering text within PDF
documents in many different ways. You have access to a wide
range of options to manipulate text. Some of the features offered
by Aspose.Pdf are as follows:
Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET and Java
 Text can be aligned horizontally and vertically Aspose.Pdf for .NET and Java is great
 Left hanging text paragraph can be created for creating new PDF documents. But if
 White spaces in the text can be preserved you are looking to process existing PDF
 Text format can be set and inherited by the child nodes of the documents then Aspose.Pdf.Kit for .NET
PDF DOM and Java is the right product for you.
 Text format for all segments can be changed
 Text can be made underline, overline or strikeout
 Text background color can be changed
 PostScript Type1, TrueType and other PDF Core Fonts are
also supported
 Replaceable symbols are also supported to change the
corresponding text content at runtime
 Right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu etc.
are supported (Beta version) Aspose.Recognition for .NET
 Custom TAB stops in the text paragraphs are also supported Looking to convert your PDF
documents to DOC, OOXML, ODT,
MHTML or TXT, then look no further
then Aspose.Recognition for .NET.
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will allow you to do just that.

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FO Aspose.Pdf est laborum.

for .NET & Java


Aspose.Pdf for Reporting
If you would like to export your RDL
reports to PDF files from SQL Server
Reporting Services, simply use
* Features available for .NET and Java versions may vary. Aspose.Pdf for Reporting Services.

for .NET and Java
Featured Customers
North America:
Case Studies Bank of America, Banque Nationale du
Canada, Colorado Housing & Finance
Spitfire Software, USA Authority, Hilton Hotel Corp, IBM, Intel
Corporation, Kyocera Industrial
Project: Spitfire Project Management System for AEC Ceramics Corporation, Louisiana
Pacific, Michigan State University,
Requirement: Convert Word documents into PDF format with
accurate retention of original format, with no user interface University of Maryland, Virginia
required Commonwealth University

Solution: Spitfire decided to deploy Aspose.Words and Europe:

Aspose.Pdf as an embedded component in their application to Danske Bank, Pfizer,
reliably convert Word documents into PDF format.

Result: Spitfire were able to integrate Word to PDF conversion Australia:

functionality in their application. They found that Aspose fully Australia Post, Sydney Water
met their functional requirements, and was very easily Corporation, Unisys
deployed within their application.

Ludix Technologies, Canada

Project: isimo An Online Registration, Billing, List Generation and Contact Us
Reporting System
Aspose Pty Ltd
Requirement: Produce automated PDF documents for invoicing Suite 119, 272 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW, 2067
Solution: Ludix Technologies were pleased by Aspose.Pdf’s ease
of use. They found the API to be well structured and simple to
master. In a very short time, they were up and running and could
create complex documents. Email:
Result: Ludix Technoligies were able to easily integrate Aspose.Pdf Telephone: (888) 277-6734
with isimo and produce complex PDF documents with great ease. Fax: (866) 810-9465

Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene, Inc. USA

Project: PRISM (Psychiatric Research Information Systems Manager)

Requirement: Document generation and manipulation, real-time

document exchange, and document editing and versioning

Solution: Aspose tools are used to dynamically build Word documents

and generate PDF output for the full range of forms investigators must
complete in PRISM. The confidential documents are protected by
PDF security features.

Result: Aspose delivers the desired functionality with minimal

implementation, integration, and maintenance efforts.