To whom so ever it may concern

At xyz company, we continually recognize new talent who seek more than a career. Company being a research driven organization, identifying the healthcare needs and building a R&D program befitting the general frame work of a viable business model is key. While we house scientist in our labs who try to understand the complex biological mysteries, we needed people who work in the markets, identify the needs, work out economics and bridge the gap between market and labs. We strive to identify the people who come with creativity and are able to communicate with common man as well as technocrats. Biotech industry is quite complex and often tough to break into, many with high hopes do not survive the pressure. Others seem to handle pressure well, but lack creativity. There is also a great need for individuals to remain focused on the “big picture” and lead the company toward its goals. We recognize that Mr ABC possesses many of the necessary qualities to succeed in this tough business. We have closely watched him showing the shades of a fine leader during his short stint as market consultant with XYZ Biotech. Siddardha was entrusted the task of identifying the general pulse of the Indian biologics market and pressing technological gaps which needs to be bridged. His research driven approach towards structuring the short term and long term research objectives of XYZ is commendable. ABC could create a frame work for doing market research in which he could cleverly interact with common consumers, doctors, leaders in the society, laggards, students and people of different age groups and could draw the logical conclusions to direct the product development schemes. Siddardha stayed on the top of the issues and consistently offered a fresh perspective and creative approach to the company’s issues. ABC is still young to the industry. However, he manages to turn negative events into positive learning experiences and never makes the same mistake twice. He never gives up and appreciates positive criticism that can make him grow in the long run. He constantly looks for new challenges, skill building and developing a resourceful network of colleagues who respect and admire him. ABC does have a few shortcomings that he is aware of and tries to work on, which I think your program will help him to overcome. It is my belief that a stronger education will help ABC to truly succeed in career by improving his talents. Since the curriculum offered by your university is designed to build on each student’s capabilities, I am confident that Siddardha will both grow from and give back to your program.


UVW Managing Director, XYZ

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