The Transformers The Instrument of Revenge

Chapter 15 – The Next Step


The EDC warships left Earth orbit and headed into the vastness of space. A hybrid of human and Transformer technology, the vessels were some seven hundred feet in length, comprised of fifteen decks and powered by a rare form of energy known as nucleon that had been discovered by Autobot scientist Perceptor some years earlier. They quickly passed the moon and headed for the now approaching Destructicon warship that was detected by long range satellites only hours before. Everyone’s worst fear had come true. Starscream was coming to Earth. Patiently watching from the EDC control tower on Earth, General Hawk and the EDC commanders could only guess as to what would happen next. The massive Destructicon battleship soon appeared on screen and The the human warships opened up with their powerful array of weapons. Destructicon vessel did not slow as blast after blast bounced off of its shields. Again, the human ships fired and again the Destructicon shields protected the vessel within them. General Hawk watched in horror as the Destructicon warship went on the offensive. The Destructicon cutting beams sliced through the Within two minutes the Hawk turned away from the human ships like a hot knife through butter. Earth fleet was reduced to space debris. next, what they could do next. Soundwave entered Trypticon’s nearly silent command center where Shockwave awaited him. his intentions. Shockwave wasted no time informing Soundwave of Soundwave Although “I am going to assume command of the Decepticons,

monitor to face the other EDC leaders to decide what they would do

Soundwave, and I want you to be my second in command.” quickly processed the remark within his complex brain. were there and Shockwave knew it.

Soundwave would never acknowledge his aspirations for leadership, they Soundwave had earned respect from These were all the Decepticons for not only his abilities in battle, but his straight forward attitude, his honesty and his loyalty. characteristics that were truly rare in any Decepticon. With Soundwave at his side, Shockwave’s domination of the Decepticon leadership may be solidified.

The Transformers The Instrument of Revenge
“What about Cyclonus and Scourge?” asked Soundwave. Shockwave folded his arms. reminder of what went wrong. Soundwave. its former glory. “They are of a failed regime… A It is time for a change. It is our time


Time for us to rebuild and return the Decepticon army to I need you to stand with me.”

Soundwave contemplated the possibility and quickly came to the realization that if he was to ever move up in the Decepticon ranks, this was the time. This was the perfect opportunity and it was not You have my support and long for Soundwave to make his decision. “A change of regime is favorable. assistance…” Sitting quietly in his command chair on the bridge of Omega Supreme, Optimus Prime contemplated what to do next. time to think; the journey back to Cybertron was long. looked to Hot Rod. main view screen. “Get me Sideswipe …” “I know Hot Rod has told you what is going on, but I I want all The He had plenty of Finally, he

Just over a minute later, Sideswipe’s face appeared across the need for you to know how dire the situation is Sideswipe. coming war may tear Cybertron apart itself. power up all interplanetary weapons. nothing…” Sideswipe appeared almost overwhelmed by the orders, but he was ready to act. As the Autobot Cybertronian Commander, it was his duty “I understand Optimus. By to protect their homeworld at all costs.

non essential Autobots and Cybertronians gone from the planet. This is going to be all or

Fortify all positions and

the time you get here, I promise you that everything will be ready…” The screen went black and Optimus Prime sat back in his seat to ponder his next move. It only took several more seconds before he realized he had one more communication to make. Led by their leader Silverbolt, the Aerialbots dropped from the high clouds and into the beautiful blue skies above the American state of Nevada. replied. “What’s the plan boss?” asked Slingshot as he moved closer “Our allies should be arriving just about now…” he The other Aerialbots were slightly confused but before they to Silverbolt.

could question Silverbolt about what he meant, several hundred human

The Transformers The Instrument of Revenge
jets swung in from behind. plating exteriors. Destructicons to Area Delta.


The EDC logo was painted across their metal “We have to lure the It is there that we will make our stand…” “I think we can handle

Again Silverbolt spoke.

“Do you think the humans are up for it?” asked Air Raid. A human’s voice came across the radio. ourselves OK…” “Is that who I think it is?” asked Slingshot. “Yeah, it’s me alright. Marissa Fairborne…” They were The immense squadron of human and Autobot jets moved forward towards the landing point of the mighty Destructicon army. filled with doubts, both the humans and the Autobots. General Hawk and

Silverbolt had only hours earlier worked together to devise, what they believed, was their best plan of attack, and the combined human and Autobot forces were ready to put that strategy into motion. realized that this was do or die. of the Earth itself rested in the balance. Now fully repaired, Cyclonus and Scourge entered Trypticon’s main hanger bay where the Decepticon army awaited them. What was this gathering and what was it all about? asked them here? Confused Why had Shockwave expressions crossed their faces as they wondered what was going on. Although they were unaware as to what was happening, They all There was no question that the fate

Cyclonus was getting a bad feeling, and was not looking forward to what was going to happen next. The two Decepticons moved through the gathered Decepticon crowd and could see Shockwave, with Soundwave close at his side, waiting for them in the center of the room. Shockwave. Cyclonus folded his arms and looked to “As you are well aware, the last “What is going on Shockwave?”

Shockwave was ready to begin. desired results.

six point five years under Galvatron’s rule have not produced the most As a matter of fact, Galvatron’s regime, of which you The time has arrived for a were apart of, ultimately was a failure. it.” A smile crossed Scourge’s face. “And I suppose you are nominating yourself as the new commander, aye Shockwave.”

change in the Decepticon leadership and you and Scourge cannot be among

The Transformers The Instrument of Revenge
“I am in fact doing just that. for the position.” I am the most logical candidate


The other Decepticons watched on very closely awaiting a response by Cyclonus. It was approximately one minute later before he finally decided to speak and looked out and into the crowd. we are very vulnerable right now. disarray…” The foul and smart mouthed Combaticon known as Swindle stepped out from the crowd to speak. like this…” Scourge looked to Swindle. what I’m trying to say Scourge… combined… “Why are you trying to say Swindle?” “You know exactly We’re better with Galvatron gone. A smirk crossed the small Combaticon’s face. “You might be lost or in disarray Cyclonus, but I know I’m not, and I know I’m not the only who feels “As you all know, With Galvatron gone we are in

That maniac was more of a threat to us than the Autobots and Starscream He should have been removed from power years ago, and if I Swindle “You cannot defend him had the power and ability I would have done it myself.” pointed a finger at both Scourge and Cyclonus. anymore. He’s dead and good riddance…” “My logic dictates

Even though he knew the Decepticons were winning his argument for him, Shockwave stood face to face with Cyclonus. that you could have been a great leader Cyclonus, but because of your programming you were bound to loyalty to Galvatron even with his insanity. We are at a critical and fragile point in the history of the The threat the Destructicons pose is the greatest we have We need strong leadership now, and Decepticons.

faced since Unicron himself.

logical dictates that that leadership should come from me.” The other Decepticons watched on and anticipated a battle between the two, like had been the determining factor within their hierarchy for years. Shockwave. question.” Even Scourge was surprised by the announcement as one could tell by his confused expression. He was ready to do battle with all of the Decepticons if necessary, but after contemplating the situation he knew Although he was expecting the same thing, Shockwave was “You are correct We have failed, and you are the most qualified Decepticon Scourge, the Sweeps and I will follow you without surprised when Cyclonus offered no resistance. to lead us now.

The Transformers The Instrument of Revenge
Cyclonus did the best thing. all Decepticons. Scourge followed. the Destructicons. They needed to step down for the sake of He was the


Cyclonus turned and walked away from Shockwave and Shockwave had achieved his victory.

Decepticon commander now and it was he who had to find a way to combat

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