Republic of the Philippines BULACAN AGRICULTURAL STATE COLLEGE San Ildefonso, Bulacan November 8, 2011

DR. GERARDO I. MENDOZA President Bulacan Agricultural State College Sir:

In line with the LET Review to be conducted every Saturday this Second Semester, A.Y. 20112012 with about 100 expected reviewees, may we request that the college library be the venue for the program.


TERESITA T. MENDOZA Coordinator, LET Review

PRISCILLA P. DE GUZMAN Coordinator, LET Review

Noted: PRISCILLA V. SAN PEDRO, Ed.D. Dean, IEAS LIBERATO B. SILVERIO, MMPM Director for Instruction

Recommending Approval: ROBERTO C. WAGAN, Ed.D. Vice President, ACSA

Approved: GERARDO I. MENDOZA, Ph.D. President, BASC

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