Facilitator’s Booklet

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Brief Introduction
We’d like to welcome you as facilitator/teacher for The Truth Ray™ Infusion.

As facilitator/teacher you will be able to bestow this infusion of stunning energy to: * Reiki Masters /Teachers and * to clients who want to receive the infusion. A few general points: 1. If your client is a Reiki Master/Teacher, inform h/her that they will be able to bestow this spectacular infusion onto others (Reiki Masters/Teachers and clients).
2. If your client is not a Reiki Master/Teacher but someone who wants to receive the

infusion, be sure to inform that individual that h/she may NOT bestow the infusion onto others. This is an important point to remember and to tell that person up front. Also, inform the individual they will NOT receive a booklet, however, you as facilitator/teacher will answer any questions they may have. 3. In the case of a Reiki Master/Teacher who wants to become a facilitator/teacher for The Truth Ray™, you must arrange to bestow this infusion on a day compatible for the two of you.
4. This booklet may be reproduced at a copy center and sent via REGULAR MAIL

ONLY to those who will become facilitators/teachers for The Truth Ray™. They will need it in their work as they begin to confer this attunement onto others. This booklet


may NOT be sent as an attachment to an email. may NOT be given to those clients who are not

This booklet

Reiki Masters/Teachers and therefore cannot become facilitators. And, this booklet may not be reproduced for any other reason except that which is stated above. 5. Record keeping will be up to you. It might be helpful to keep a record of the individuals you have infused. This will be up to you. 6. The registration fee for facilitators /teachers will be $125.00. * This amount includes copying the booklet and postal charges. * The registration fee for clients is $90.00.
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Facilitators/teachers need to add their name.



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General Information about The Truth Ray™
The information given here was taken from channeled messages from Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, and Ascended Master Hilarion. ______________________________________________________________________ Ascended Master Hilarion, beloved Archangel Raphael, and Archeia Mother Mary, all of the Fifth Ray, offer the world a stunning new enormously potent attunement known as the Truth Ray Infusion. The Truth Ray Infusion deals solely with an individual’s emotional well-being. Ascended Master Hilarion, beloved Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary have been forever known as celestial angelic physical healers. In recent channeled notes, they wanted to remind humanity of their willingness to support humans on the emotional level as well. The trio feel that because of their great compassion for humankind and expertise in the emotional healing area, humans would derive great benefits from their support. Specifically, then, The Truth Ray™ Infusion from Hilarion, Raphael, and Mother Mary is directly associated with Divine emotional healing. The three feel they could be of untold comfort and support to humans. That’s what this loving, beautifully magnificent infusion is all about. With the powerful energies of this unique triad of the Fifth Ray, there is no emotional issue they would ever refuse to help, support, or assist a Being with. Examples they have given in the channeled notes were: if you lost a loved one and are grieving, or

terminated a difficult relationship, or lost your job, or are fearful, or angry, or hurt, or feel a lack for something, or whatever your emotional dilemma may be, Hilarion, Raphael, and Mother Mary want it to be known they will assist and support you. They will have you see your problem in such a way that you will be able to handle it and move forward with your life. You will, in fact, become a more loving, stronger Being for it. They say you may choose to take all three of them into your heart, or if you chose, you may work with just one or two of them. Ascended Master Hilarion, Archangel Raphael, and Mother Mary will participate equally in this spectacular Infusion ceremonial along with Legions of Angels of the Fifth Ray, Angels of Hilarion, Raphael, and Mother Mary, and Divine Angels of Emotional Healing. Celestial guests will include Source, Ascended Masters, and spirits of the Great Nyorai.


THE TRUTH RAY™ INFUSION CEREMONIAL (You are speaking to the Person’s Higher Sell) (Person’s Name) You are about to receive The Truth Ray™ Infusion, a remarkable triad of energies to support your emotional well being. The Ceremonial is taking place on a platform in the noble Garden of Truth, located high on a serene pure mountain top. All the flowers that you especially love, rows upon rows of them, in sparkling colors, are seen in the background. Finding their way for this heavenly festivity are guardian angels, guides, friends from the angelic realms, Angels of Hilarion, Angels of Raphael, Angels of Mother Mary, Angels of Emotional Healing, Angels of the White Truth Torch, Ascended Masters, Source, spirits of the Great Nyorai and visitors from other planets and galaxies. (A pause) All those gathered here from the celestial realms, and other planets and galaxies, are happy that you have taken this giant step to bring your very Being to love and harmony. (A pause) It is now that I invoke the highest Divine energies to assist in this sacred infusion. These powerful energies show themselves in a huge white crystal-like mass as they lower themselves. These celestial energies now transform into a spectacular White Tenpointed Star with a complete circle around it. I now ask that one of the ribbon-like tines located at the very center of the White Star lower itself and connect itself to you (Person’s Name) and that another tine connect itself to me thereby releasing and infusing the highest possible level of energies that is most effective and proper as groundwork for this sacred infusion.

With deep humility I invoke Archeia Mary to honor us with her Divine presence. Mary served in the Temple of Truth as a priestess. This is where she studied healing. It was her observation that diseases were caused by the stoppage of Light into the four lower bodies of a Being and this blockage was from misuse of Sacred Fire along with Karma (in some cases). Mother Mary positions herself near us. (A pause) I now humbly Invoke Archangel Raphael to honor us with his Divine presence. Archangel Raphael, whose name means, “God has Healed,” appears. Beloved Archangel Raphael has through the Ages been known as the Angelic Healer. There is no health drama — physical or emotional — that Raphael will not lend his support to. He positions himself near us. (A pause) Lastly, we humbly welcome and are honored by the presence of Ascended Master Hilarion of the Fifth Ray. In another incarnation, Hilarion spent years in the desert in Egypt and he healed thousands. In still a later incarnation Hilarion was the Apostle Paul. (A long presence to acknowledge Ascended Master Hilarion’s presence) I ask that a tine connect itself to Mother Mary, Raphael and Hilarion for the most deepest connection possible for the holy infusion. You are now about to receive The Truth Ray™ Infusion, a most holy commanding attunement. The calming White Truth Torch of Emotion is now handed to me by an Angel of the White Truth Torch and, I, in turn place it in your left hand. I now place my right hand over your left hand carrying the White Truth Torth. (A pause) With deep humility of heart, I ask Archeia Mary, Raphael and Hilarion to place their right hands over ours. (A long pause) It is now that The Truth Ray™ beams its celestial glow into every area of your Being at the same moment. These energies soar right through your Being into all of your

chakras, your heart, all of your vital organs, all of your tissues and each and every cell. These energies will work to rejuvenate your total Being. These energies will encompass your entire Being with love so strong as you have perhaps never felt it to be so before. The Truth Ray™ energies now find their way above your head, to the sides of your Being, and the area below your feet. You are immersed in the magnificent beauty of this astonishing love. It is a love which many Beings on this earth have not yet experienced. It is a new, special, unique kind of spiritual love. Your entire Being has now experienced a Divine love which will allow you to handle situations effectively so that you will not experience emotional setbacks. You are now in a great position to set into motion a Divine emotional healing. If you are at the present time suffering an emotional upset, Hilarion, Raphael, and Mother Mary will be with you until the issue is resolved and you are emotionally healed. You will learn from the experience. May you nurture what you learn and utilize it as part of your life on this earthly planet. If you have suffered an emotional drama many years ago and the thoughts still come back to torture you at times, Hilarion, Raphael, and Mother Mary will lovingly and soothingly support you until you are able to come to terms with the difficulty and experience emotional healing. Even, if you carried an emotional drama from a previous life, the celestial trio will find a way for you to deal with it so it would no longer bother you. (Person’s Name) Your total Being has now been infused with The Truth Ray™ . May this love help you in all of life’s situations so that emotional strain will be at its minimum. May your learning experience from this celestial infusion be such that love will fill you and guide you from any emotional upsets.


(Person’s Name) Your soul has been greatly nourished by this infusion. Your Being will be brought to love, peace, balance, and harmony. With deep humbleness I now ask Hilarion, Raphael and Mother Mary to disengage from us. (A pause) I now disengage my hand from yours. I take the White Truth Torch and hand it to the Angel of the White Truth Torch. (A pause) I now invoke that the tines of the astounding White Star detach themselves from us and return to the center of the Star and that the White Star return to its celestial home. (A pause) The White Star rises upwards and then forms back into a white energy mass before disappearing. (Person’s Name) May The Truth Ray™ begin the emotional healing process for you. May this infusion give you courage to face problems in a Divine manner in your current now and all of the nows to follow. The Truth Ray™ will accelerate your spiritual growth process making your journey a more exciting one. I thank Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael and Ascended Master Hilarion for the love they have given (Person’s Name) during this Great Ceremonial. (A long pause as they return to their Celestial homes) (Person’s Name) It is through the sacred Truth Ray™ that you have established a never-ending relationship with Mother Mary, Raphael, and Hilarion. They vow to support and work with you through your most difficult moments and at any time you request them to.


This loving infusion ceremonial is now coming to an end. You have been bestowed the beautiful Truth Ray™ and the love you have received from Mother Mary, Raphael and Hilarion is an eternal one which will remain with you through all of your life experiences on this your earthly plane until the moment of transition and beyond.

We thank the many friends from the Angelic Kingdom, guardian angels, guides, Angels of Hilarion, Angels of Raphael, Angels of Archeia Mary, Angels of Emotional Healing, Angels of the White Truth Torch, Ascended Masters, Source, spirits of the Great Nyorai, and visitors from other planets and galaxies for attending this sacred infusion Ceremonial. (Person’s Name) You came to this noble Garden of Truth with humbleness and love in your heart. You are leaving with more humility and love. It is this humility and love which will lead you to the ultimate experience, that which is JOY. The Truth Ray™ Infusion is now completed.

Written by Mary LaSota from channeled notes — January 2004 Property of the Center for Being .All rights reserved.


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