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SPSS 16 Installation Guide


To perform the installation you will need: The SPSS 16 for Microsoft Windows CD, either borrowed from the Library or from your tutor. An Authorization Code. (this will be on the CD.) You must also be the administrator of the PC on which you wish to install SPSS. To run SPSS 16, you must have a licence. This can be obtained via the internet in two ways: (1) Connecting your PC to the Internet, or (2) By emailing Note: To guide you through the setup, this document contains screen shots taken from a typical installation on a PC running Windows Vista with an internet connection. Before you start the installation, if you have Internet connection, make sure it is working.

To start the installation, insert the CD into the CD drive. Installation should start automatically and display a menu with the various installation options as shown below. If the installation failed to start automatically, click on My Computer, right click on the CD drive and select Autoplay. (Alternatively click on My Computer, right click on the CD drive and select explore and then select setup.exe.)

Click on the Install SPSS 16.0 option. After a few moments, the InstallShield Wizard window will display the different types of Licences.

Choose Site-License and then click on Next.

Read the terms of the License Agreement and if you agree, select I accept the terms in the license agreement. Click on Next.

If you wish you may read the installation instruction. Click on Next.


Enter your User Name and Organisation. (A serial number is not needed). Click on Next.

Manchester Metropolitan University

If you have an earlier version of SPSS and wish to keep it, select a different location by clicking on Change. Otherwise, click on Next. (If you had a previous version of SPSS installed it will be uninstalled.)

Click on Install to continue. This may take several minutes.

When the installation is complete, click on Next.

To register and obtain a licence click on OK.

Select License my product now and then click on Next.

For the installation program to obtain the licence via the internet, click on Next.

Type the Authorisation code and then click on Next.

To obtain the licence via the Internet, make sure your internet connection is working, and then select Internet. Click on Next. Next shot shows a successful authorisation.

Click on Next. If you see Authorisation failed, you will be returned to the Enter codes screen shown above to re-enter the code. If you continue to receive failed messages check your internet connection

Licensing is now complete. Click on Finish.

SPSS 16 Installation Guide

HELP It didnt install properly
Windows XP Run the Licensing wizard and follow the instructions above except

Choose E-Mail as the Authorization Method

Choose your email method

Choosing web-based means you need to cut and paste the results window. Desktop email clients will automatically fill in the email

Windows Vista Version 16 should install and run correctly. If not check the following 1) You are trying to install SPSS as an administrator 2) That you can see hidden and system files. 3) Once installed, you may need a patch available from the main SPSS site ( 4) Re-license as above

Windows 7 Version V16 isnt licensed to work with Windows 7. However, there is a fix that should work. 1) Once installed, run a compatibility check on the executable file C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\SPSS16\spss.exe, the PC should recognise that it isnt compatible and suggest running it as an XP program. Accept the default values. 2) Running in this mode the package runs adequately, but be aware any analysis will be very slow.