Letter of Motivation

RIFKI MAULANA Jl. Parkit IX No. 4b Air Tawar Barat Padang, Indonesia 1st May 2012 To whom it may concern, Firstly I would like to express my appreciation for this oppotunity to continue next step as Exchange participant. My name is Rifki Maulana, aged 19. I am an undergraduate of Padang State University majoring in Informatics. Going exchange is very important for me. I am eager to experience work abroad, develop leadership skill, and, discover culture from other country. The experiences offered by AIESEC are very interest to me. I know AIESEC experience is comprised of global learning environment, leadership opportunities and international internships. I therefore strongly believe that AIESEC is the right way for me to go exchange. On my personal side, I enjoy new challenges and working with people. I am an active member of Islamic Student Forum of Faculty of Engineering UNP. I was responsible for the activities in our organization and organizing some events. Thank you very much for considering my request. I am looking forward to your positive response.

My regard,

Rifki Maulana

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