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any readers are familiar with the “Orion Correlation Theory” proposed by Robert Bauval in his 1994 bestseller The Orion Mystery. This theory states that the belt stars of the Orion constellation correspond to the three major pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt.


Few people realize, however, that many Orion Correlations exist around the world, including one in… northern Arizona.

1050 AD and 1300 AD a pattern of villages began to take shape on the Arizona desert that resembles Orion—the most important constellation in Hopi cosmology. 2 . or pueblos. called the Hisatsinom (formerly known as the Anasazi). building stone villages. Walpi village on First Mesa (photo by Ansel Adams) Between c. This «Terrestrial Orion» closely mirrors the «Celestial Orion» (its counterpart). have inhabited the American Southwest.For thousands of years the ancestors of the Hopi Indians. with a prehistoric “city” corresponding to each major star in the constellation.

Over a period of 250 years a template reflecting the constellation Orion was established on the Colorado Plateau. 3 . This grouping of stars also synchronizes the Hopi winter solstice ceremony known as Soyal. Either an ancestral Hopi ruin site or a Hopi village directly corresponds to each major star in Orion.

Egyptian word for Orion: sahu. Incidentally.This is the way Orion appears in the sky in the northern hemisphere. its head points south instead of north— exactly like the stellar template in Egypt. the word ‘zona’ (as in Ari-zona) literally means “the belt stars of Orion.” Hopi for star: sohu. 4 . In Arizona. Orion-on-the-ground is reversed 180° from Orion-in-the-sky. Thus.

5 .ORION ORION(REVERSED) The Hopi have settled primarily on three mesas. each about 7 miles apart: First. Alnilam. & Third. and Mintaka. Second. These correspond to Orion’s belt stars: Alnitak.

On Second Mesa: Shungopovi. The ruins Betatakin and Keet Seel in Navajo Nat. Homolovi Ruins State Park = the variable supergiant Betelguese (Orion’s right shoulder). Wupatki Nat. = the double (binary) supergiant Rigel (Orion’s left foot). Hano = the triple supergiant Alnitak (left belt star). Mont. Walnut Canyon Nat. On Third Mesa: Old Oraibi and Hotevilla = the double (binary) giant Mintaka (right belt star). Antelope House. Mont. = Meissa (Orion’s head). Mont. Sichomovi.List of Village / Star Correlations On First Mesa: Walpi. Shipaulovi. = the triple supergiant Saiph (Orion’s right foot). Mont. and Mummy Cave in Canyon de Chelly Nat. 6 . = giant Bellatrix (Orion’s left shoulder). The ruins of White House. & Mishongnovi = the supergiant Alnilam (middle belt star).

A star configuration nearly 200 miles long has been created on the Arizona desert (blue lines). 7 . it is oriented in order to incorporate a number of solstice inter-relationships between ancient villages or sacred mountains (yellow lines). Not only that.

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are 1500 – 1600 light-years away. for instance.) 9 . Pi 3 in the constellation’s left arm. (Planned launch date: 2012.“As Above. however. It is # 2185 in the SETI Star Catalogue.” –Thoth Many of the stars of Orion are very distant. It is one of NASA’s top 100 target stars for the Terrestrial Planet Finder telescope observatories. The belt stars. is only 26 light-years from us! Pi 3 Orionis It is similar in size and temperature to our Sun. so Below. It may be a binary star. It is among Project Phoenix’s “Best and Brightest” Candidates for having exo-planets and ET life.

The ultimate purpose: Did Hopi “star elders” create the Orion Correlation to identify their celestial origin in the left hand of the constellation Orion? 10 . which includes the star Pi 3 Orionis. rests in Grand Canyon. At the bottom of this amazing geological formation is a natural travertine dome.The Left Arm of Orion Reaches Toward Grand Canyon! Long ago the Hopi made a template in the shape of Orion on the Arizona desert. The Hopi consider this to be their Sipapuni. The left hand of this pattern. or "place of emergence" from a previous underworld existence they call the “Third World.” Aerial view of the Sipapuni on the Little Colorado River.

lower-left and lower-middle) 11 .Hopi Links With the Sky World Star Kachina (upper-right) The three stars in a row across the top of his head signify Orion’s belt. Chasing Star Kachina (lower-right) Kachinas are benevolent spirit messengers that mediate between the realm of humans and the realm of the gods. Sotuknang (sky god and mask.

this close pattern cannot be considered a coincidence.Google Earth satellite photo from an altitude of 175 miles above northern Arizona. The distance between Betatakin and Canyon de Chelly is slightly stretched in relation to the constellation—about 12 miles. Still. 12 . The distance between Walnut Canyon and Homolovi is also stretched—10 miles.

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