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Public AdministrationCircularNo: 2112001 My No: El715lIl95-I Ministry of Public Administration andHomeAffairs, Independence Square, Colombo 07. I 1 September,2007 .

to To all Secretaries Ministries, and of Chief Secretaries ProvincialCouncils of Heads Departments.

Procedures to be followed in seeking approval for Public Officers who travel abroad

there Codeand the Sub sections Section10 of ChapterXV of the Establishments are under amendedby Public Administration Circular No 312000dated 2110112000 hereby repealedand the amendedSection 10 as given in Annex (A) is substituted therefor.

16 for 02. AccordinglyAppendix16 in Annex (B) is substituted the existingAppendices Code. and 17 in the Establishments

0-4.The provisions in the presentCircular in regard to obtaining approvalfor foreign the travel of Public Officersshall take effect superseding provisionsin all otherCirculars issuedin this regard.

Sgd./D. Dissanayaka Secretary Ministry of PublicAdministration and HomeAffairs


Annex (A)

Establishments Code Chapter XV" Sectionl0 approvalfor PublicOfficerswho travel abroad. to 10.procedures be followed in seeking 10.1 A Public Officer who intends to travel abroad for any of the purposes given at in specifiedbelow, shouldobtainpermission termsof the schedule prior to deparfure. the end of this section,
(a) (b)

on For studyor trainingor on a scholarship, full pay or no pay. For participatingin a conferenceor seminarat the invitation of a Agelcy or a ForeignOrganizatron. International ForeignGovernment, to (c) For any official purposeother than on appointment a Sri Lankan ForeignMission. Sri (d) To proceedas a memberof a sport or cultural team representing Lanka. International (e) On a travelgrantreceivedform any ForeignGovernment, Agencyor a ForeignOrganrzation. in (f) On release acceptany assignment a foreigncountry. to

for 10.1.1In the application suchleave,the full periodof leaverequiredfor the and purposeshouldbe indicatedinclusiveof the datesof departure return. Any extension of such leave requires similar approval to be obtainedon a timely applicationwhich sets out inter alias the for reasons (a) (b) and the extension its failureto envisage needat the time of the original application

I0.2 Where permission is sought to accept an invitation from a Foreign to or Government a ForeignAgency,unlesssuchinvitation is one extended or personalityin the field of Art, Science in the professions a distinguished Institution,suchinvitation shouldhavebeen, by a ForeignAgency or other of offeredto the Government Sri Lanka, andthe officer in the first instance in respectof whom the applicationis made,shouldbe the nomineeof the Governmentof Sri Lanka. The invitation or the formal letter of award to shouldbe attached the application. 10.3An applicationin respectof an officer leavingthe countryshouldbe sentat and least 10 daysbeforethe due date of the officer's departure, in the case etc, 10 days before the date on which the nominationis of a scholarship to expected reachthe awardingauthority,


abroadfor such purposeas study or 10.4 In respectof an officer proceeding Foreign by or seminar workshopawarded a sponsoring training,scholarship, perfected in Appendix16,shouldbe addressed as Institution, application the to Secretary the Prime Minister/Secretary to to the Secretary the President/ to to the appropriateMinistry/Secretary the Provincial Governor by the Secretaryto the Ministry lChief Secretaryto the Provincial Council as An appropriate. additionalcopy of the applicationshouldbe forwardedto of the Director-General ForeignResources. 10.5 In respectof an Officer referredto in Sub section 10.1 above,who is specifically nominatedby a Minister to proceed abroad at Government and conference, as expense suchpurpose participationin an international for agreement, application the for negotiations any international discussion and to perfectedas in Appendix 16, should be forwardedby the Secretary the to of Ministry/Chief Secretary the Provincial Council as appropriate, the under10.4above. concerned Secretary is 10.6When a team of representatives participatingin a foreigntour, in caseany singlememberis requiredto obtainthe prior approvalof His Excellencythe for shouldbe obtained permission His Excellencythe President of President, of all members the teamat one and the sametime. Moreover,in the casecf permissionshould be obtained from the such a team of representatives, as Prime Minister/\4inister/Governor the casemay be, as a team at one and should be the sametime. In such a case,coordinationof such procedures done by the Ministry where the leader of the team in working, or by the Ministry in charge of the subject, as most appropriate.In the case of to and agreements be concludedfor the purposeof obtaining discussions of foreign aid for the Government Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Financeand Ministry. Planningshallbe the coordinating 10.7 As soon as pennissionis grantedby His Excellencythe President/Prime to Minister/Jvlinister/Secretarythe Ministry for a foreign tour as referredto in Sub Section 10.5 above,particularspertainingto the officer's foreign into with he tour, togetherwith a copy of the serviceagreement has entered to shouldbe furnishedby the Secretary whereappropriate,, the Government administrative of the Ministry /Chief Secretary the ProvincialCouncil,to the to authorityof the Service which the officer belongs. Example: of In the caseof an officer in the Sri Lanka - To the Secretary the Ministry in chargeof the subjectof Administrativeservice Public Administration. of In the caseof an officer in the Sri Lanka - To the Secretary the Sri PlanningServiceBoard. Lanka Planningservice In the caseof an officer in the Sri Lanka - To the Directorof Engineering Services Engineering service

of In the caseof an officer in the Sri Lanka - To the Secretary the Sri Board Service LankaScientific service Scientific In the caseof an officer in the Sri Lanka - To the Secretary of the Board Service Accountants' Service Accountants' In the caseof an officer in a Combined Services - To the Director General of Services Combined

of (Subjectto amendment requiredby delegation powersof the Public as Commission) Service 10.8 A Public officer proceedingabroad for any purposesuch as spendinga medical treatmentor for any holiday. going on a pilgrimage or to obtainr personalmatter, should have his leave approvedunder the provisions of Section 23 of Chapter XII. No-pay leave abroad for study and I or of underthe provisions Section16 shouldbe approved abroad, employment or a Head of Department a higher of ChapterXII. Even in sucha situation, officer should obtain permissionto leave the country as specifiedin the schedule. Counciland of to 10.9The Secretary the Ministry/ Chief Secretary the Provincial the Head of Departmentshould satisfo themselvesthat the appropriate permissionto leave the country has been obtainedbefore officers in their abroad. leaveto proceed Department lMinistry aregranted to leaveto the officer shouldbeforwarded 10.10A copy of the letterapproving of the Department ExternalResources. 10:11In the caseof officers who do not come under part I and part II of the their applicationfor leaving the Island shall be submittedto the schedule, Minister in chargeof the subjector to the Non - CabinetMinister or to a by Depufy Minister who had been delegated the Minister for approvalof prior to submittingit eitherto His Excellencythe President suchapplication PrimeMinister. or to the Honorable


Schedule (Section 10)
Part I the of to Officersrequired obtainapproval His Excellency President . . . . . . . . . to Secretary the President Secretariat A11 officersof the Presidential to Secretary the Cabinet All officersof the Cabinetoffice Secretary the PrimeMinister to ' of Secretaries Ministrie, General Parliament of Secretary Chief Secretaries Chairmen and Members of all Commissions appointed in terms of the Constitution . Chairmenof Public Corporations, by Statutoryboardsand Authoritiesappointed His Excellency President. the o Chancellors Universities of o Vice Chancellors Universities of . A11 officers of Ministries, Departments,Corporationsand other Institutions directly underHis Excellencythe President. . All state officers appointed by His Excellency the Presidentnot otherwise mentioned above. specifically

Part II Officers required to obtain approval of the Hon. Prime Minister . o . . o . . . to Secretary the Leaderof the House Whip Secretary the Chief Government to Whip to A11 Parliamentary staff otherthan the Secretary the Chief Government Additional Secretaries Ministries to Agents District SecretariesGovernment / Headsof Departments to Secretaries Governors Chairmen of Public Corporations,Statutory Boards and Authorities and of governingboardsof Public companies are,for the most pefi, owned whoseassets in mentioned PartI of this Schedule) by the state(otherthan the Chairrnen o Vice Chairmenof the aboveInstitutions . ExecutiveDirectorsof the aboveinstitutions.



All other stateofficers of staff/ executivelevel (other than those employedin Provincial Councils and Local GovernmentInstitutions)and officers in Public Boards /Companieswhose assetsare for the most part, Corporations/Statutory ownedbv the State

PartIII Officers required to obtain approval of the appropriateMinisters All other state officers (other than those serving in Provincial Councils and Local are, whoseassets boardsandCompanies Institutionsandofficersin statutory Government level) part,ownedby the state(ie. Officersbelow stdff/ executive for the most

PartIV Officers required to obtain approval of the appropriateGovernor Institutionsother than Officers serving in Provincial Councils and Local Government thoselistedin any otherpart of this Schedule.


Annex(B) Appendix 16 Application for prior permissionto be obtainedbv public officersto travel abroad. Part I 1. 1:1Name 1:2Post to 1.3Service which the officerbelongs 2. Dateof birth 2:I N.I.CNumber




Council i. r vrinistry/Provincial 3.2 D epartment/Institution
4. Artangementsmade to cover up duties/ Acting arrangements

5. 5.1 Purpose travel/Field training: of of 5.2Natureof travel:
Official Private

5.3 In the caseof training the awardingAgency 5.4 How expenses mainly are to be met (Mark in a cage)

Through Through a Project Dept. of ExternalResources

Direct award

Private funds

Government ofS. L

5.5 If met from GOSL funds, nafureand amount of 6.5 In case a Foreign IoanlProjectl p articulars thereof 5.7 Dateof commencement of course/ training 5.8 Dateof completion

Air travel

Subsistence Course Fees

Additional expenses

Otherpersonal (to expenses be specified)

5.9 Date of deparfure and of return 5.10Countries be visited to Telephone, Fax,E-mail, 5.11 Foreignaddress, indicatingnumbers 5.I2 Hasthe reporton theprevious official trip beensubmitted


6. Particularsof foreign travel of applicantduring the current year and the preceding threeyears Year of Pumose travel Period Country

be 6.1 Will the Minister of the Ministry concerned away form the country during the to relevant period. (Information to be furnished in the applicationsof Secretaries Ministriesonly) by 7. Declarution Applicant. .


are furnishedin this application true. I certiff that the particulars



Pwt 2 (t\ of of / of Recommendation Headof Department Recommendation the Chief Secretary the ProvincialCouncil Council Ref. No. Ministry / DepartmenVProvincial to to to Secretary the President/Secretary the Prime Minister/ Secretary the Ministry I to Secretary the Governor by This nominationhasbeenapproved the Hon. Minister have been Province.Arrangements .. Hon. Governor... havebeenmade. madeto coverup duties/Acting affangements Prime Minister/ Submittedfor prior permissionof His Excellency the President/Hon. Hon. Minister/HonGovernor. Date: of Signature the Headof to Department/Secretarythe of Ministry/ChiefSecretary Council Provincial Nameand Desierlation