Aeronauts-Our Lady of Loreto. Architects St. Pucisus, martyr, super intendent of the buildings of King Sapor:
April 21. Automobilists St. Christopher: July 25. Bakers St. Elizabeth of Hungary, who gave her all to the poor: November 19. Bookbinders St. Peter Celestine, who covered his books with leather: May 19. Builders St. Vincent Ferrer, said to have restored to life three persons who had fallen from heights: April 5. Butchers St. Aureliatus, who was originally a heathen, and killed animals for



Physicians Saints Cormas and Damlan, studied medicine in Syria, where they d the Poor free of charge: Septem-





Joseph: March 19.

Comedians St. Vitus: June 15. Dyers St. Lydia: August 3. Farmers St. George, signifying
of the soil:" April 23.


Fishermen St. Andrew: November 30. and Gardeners St. Dorothy: February 6. Hatters St. Stevens ol Ravenna, who
his election to the Bishopric of Ravenna: February 1. Hunters St. Hubert, who, passionately fond of hunting, was pursuing the sport in Holy Week, when a deer, with a cross be-

was a hatter before

its horns, passed him. He became fervent in religion, and eventually a Bishop: November 3. Jewellers St. Eligius, who displayed a great skill in the working of gold: December 1. Journalists St. Frances de Sales Janu-



ary 29.

Lawyers St. Ives, who studied in Paris, and pleaded the cause of poor people and widows: May 19. Merchants St. Francis of Assisi, who before his conversion was a noted merchant: October






glad tidings": March 18. Millers St. Victor, who was condemned to death because he refused to offer sacrifice to idols, and was thrown across a mill wheel, which refused to turn: July 21.

Musicians Notaries

St. Cecilia: St.

November Mark: April 25.


Painter:St. Luke, who has given us his Gospel the best picture of Our

Lady October



Catherine of Alexan-







VIII, and



Afterwards, in the year 1749,

Augmented and Corrected by






EiMtiun. until


imprimatur of



(Cardinal (ftibhana.


Cardinal Archbishop


Holy See and



of Baltimore.


MOV 2 7 1942









is one with Him in Spirit and in love.INTRODUCTION. this long roll of honor. the glorious deeds of the Soldiers of Christ in all ages of the Church of the . God. to comfort her in her dreary pilgrimage through this She valley of tears. the whom her solemn verdict has beatified or canonized. She is the Spouse of Christ. on the pages of which are set forth simple and brief. illustrious Heroes and Heroines of the Cross. I HE ROMAN MARTYROLOGY in is an official and but accredited record. who abides in her and teaches her has endowed her. In making up by that instinctive Church has been actuated wisdom with which the Spirit of all truth. she is subject . whom He loved. for whom He died. impressive words. and to whom He promised the Spirit of Truth. wholly glorious and undefiled. without spot or wrinkle or blemish. and which permeates through and guides all her actions. and to abide with her forever.

she world has its "Legions of Honor. who. to Him in all things. which passe th away. achieved great success. to a heavenly crown. benefactors of their race in the temporal order. and actions. the world neglects. whom . have aspired. He commands. she loves teaches and practises what If the what He loves. or were. O Lord. words." why should not also the Church of the Living God. risen superior to and trampled upon the world. why should not the true Heroes and Heroines of Jesus. de- the world crucified. have overcome themselves. men who and women who have If and monuments erected to their memory. their principality ingly exalted I" is exceed- Whom His Father so dearly loved. why should not God? "Thy friends. have had their memory consecrated in prose and in verse. to a greater or less extent. imitating His example. have their memories likewise consecrated and embalmed in the minds and hearts of the people have its heroes. if man.VI INTRODUCTION. vice. are exceedingly honored. the pillar and the ground of the truth? been tainted with have been stained with blood. in all their thoughts. because they exhibited extraordinary talents. and have more- over labored with disinterested zeal and self -forgetting love for the good of their fellow-men. of God? If time why should not eternity.

practice The Saints not merely heroes. with jubilation of heart.INTRODUCTION. Their praises are sung forth. and through them they conbreathe forth Ihe sweet odor of Christ. they are models. exceedingly honors and exalts. through His Church. while they were in the tabernacle of the still Though dead. They were the living temples of the Holy Ghost. aiid crucifies. Their our minds and to the men of their own generation. lars They were divine still in life consecrated human examp- of excellence to example appeals our hearts. in the Church spises. spirit has been immortality induced to rush to the the exploits of earthly heroes. . As many an ardent. VH God. more eloquently even than did their \vords to and perfection. flesh. The into which they have entered still lingers in their bones. they tinue to speak. in whose mortal bodies dwelt all the riches of His wisdom and grace. of God for ages on ages. Christ lived in them. Their relics are instinct with sanctity. The wisdom of the Church is of God in honoring her are Saints equaled only by the great utility of the thus consecrated. and seems to breathe in their mortal remains. so cannon's mouth by reading many a generous Christian soul has been fired with heavenly ardor. and Christ yet speaks through them.

while in buried in my sloth and dead my sins. under her unearthly and sublime teachings. the moment of his conversion "If other men I ? like me have attained to such sanctity. while the poor and contemned lay up treasures in . her of bright and ever-increasing Calendar of Sanctity just men and women made perfect and rendered glorious. Augustine reached at the very crisis of his life. the afflicted. roll In reading this of consecrated holiness. why not crown of Shall the poor. and thus lose the brilliant and glorious mansion already prepared for me in heaven? Shall all the gifts. the immortality. the despised of the World. to rush to the and been impelled of the Saints its silent crown of martyr- dom. is. Example. with holy joy and exultant hope. which God has lavished upon me. The Church knows and of feels all this.Vlll INTRODUCTION. by reading the lives and heroic achievements and Martyrs of Christ. in the petty contest for this world's evanescent honors and riches. our instinctive conclusion precisely that which the great soul of St. is more potent in its influence on heart and conduct than are words in their the human most eloquent utterances. bear away the palm I lie of victory. and hence she sets forth. be ingloriously spent and foolishly wasted. in the Spirit God with whom she is replenished . in appeal.

and callings of from the Pontiff life. who may not be able to daily persue. for the thereby time. and there scarcely a Christian. no matter how lowly or how much occupied. These belong to all classes hovel. from the philosopher to the peasant. the brief page of each day's models of Holiness. in English. Every is day has here its record of Sanctity. from the throne to the to the lowest cleric. all. to honor. procure priate portions of this Martyrology. Martyrology and made accessible. to all classes of our population. will make our and souls glow will lift with the love of God in coldness. from the busy walks of life to the dreary wastes of the desert. and read daily the appro Its daily and affliction. IX heaven. while I alone whom He delights remain His enemy. up . will ani- pious perusal will console us in mate us in despondency. with faith and with great profit. It will prove highly edifying and useful. and secure the prize of immortal glory? Shall others be the friends of God. Let then.INTRODUCTION. but also to the laity generally. not only to the members of our numerous religious Communities of both sexes. and an alien It from His blessed Kingdom ?" is a consoling evidence of progress in the first spir- itual life in this country to find the here published. in its rich treasures of Sanctity.

our minds and hearts from this dull and ever- changing earth to the bright and everlasting mansions prepared for us in Heaven ! .X INTRODUCTION.

each one may be announced : ing the Martyrology of the day on which shall occur in that year. of Jesus. Alleluia. ceases to be said. on which the canticle of the Lord. The feast of the most holy Name Saturday before Septuagesma Sunday. Tuesday after Quinquagesima Sunday. on different days each year. and the beginning of the the most holy season of Lent. the first fall on any day of January. in They are put before readit order that after naming the day of the month. in this place. fast of .MOVABLE FEASTS HE movable feasts could not be mentioned because they are kept in the Martyrology. as follows Saturday preceding Sunday the 3d. kill or 5th of Januaryj or when Sunday does not of these dates. Ash-Wednesday. Septuagesima Sunday.

the day before He was crucified for our salvation. delivered to His disciples the mysteries of His body and blood to be celebrated. when Christ Jesus. Wednesday of Holy Week. Palm-Sunday. when our Lord Jesus Christ. Thursday after Passion Sunday.Xii MOVABLE FEASTS. before naming the day of the month. according to the prophecy of Zachary. day which the Lord has made. On urrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ according to the flesh. Saturday before Palm-Sunday. and was met by the multitude bearing palms. The Lord's Supper. . is the solemnity of solemnities. The festival of the Seven Dolors of the most blessed Virgin Mary. Then are read the day of the month and the Mar- tyrology of the following day. and our Passover the Kesthis . entered Jerusalem. Easter Sunday. sitting upon the foal of an ass.

The feast of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Olivet. the Octave day of Corpus Christ i. Joseph. The day tongues. On Mount Christ. Spouse of the Blessed Ascension Eve. when the Holy Ghost came upon the disciples at Jerusalem in the shape of fiery Saturday within the Octave of Whit-Sunday. the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Whit-Sunday Eve. . of Pentecost. The feast of the most holy and indivisible Trinity. of St.MOVABLE FEASTS. feast of the most Sacred Body of Christ. The third Tuesday after Easter. The Solemnity Virgin Mary. Thursday. Wednesday The after the Octave of Whit-Sunday.


was by the gladiators for saying. virgin. who endured various kinds of torments. the fices. governor of the city. martyr. and abstain from unclean sacriIn the same city. Cfte JFim Dag of HE Circumcision of our Lord Jesus Christ. St. who. under the emperor Alexander. put an end to the worship of idols.THE IRoman ARRANGED FOR EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR. Also at Rome. under the emperor Diocletian. ACCORDING TO THE NEW ORDER OF THE CALENDAR. Almachius. and the Octave of His Nativity. Martina. Her on the 30th of this month. At Spoleto. At Rome. on the Appian way. St. JANUARY. and being killed feast is kept beheaded." crowning with martyrdom of thirty holy soldiers. . "Today is the Octave of our Lord's birth. received the palm of martyrdom. by the command of Alipius.

St. bishop. martyr. for holding the Catholic faith and teaching its excellent doctrine. In Africa. Justin. where he ended his life by a holy death. At Souvigny. After being banished to Sardinia. who was the first to prescribe that the commemoration of all the faithful departed should be made in his monas- whose teries the day after the feast of All Saints. the date of his consecration as bishop. Basil. This practice was afterwards received and approved by the universal Church. bishop of that city. the emperor Antoninus. abbot of Cluny. by the sword. who was beaten with angel. abbot. and martyr. in the time of Concordius. . he lost his life St. illustrious for holiness of life and miracles. In the diocese of Lyons. whose festival is kept on the 14th of June. the demise of St. where he was visited by an clubs. Odilo. However. John the Baptist are exceptions to this rule. priest and then put to the torture. leaving a reputation for sanctity and eloquence. in Cappadocia. life was eminent for virtues and miracles. Magnus. At The same day. In Tuscany. who suffered much from the Arians during the persecution of the Vandals. the birthday* of St. St. Eugendus. on Mount Sen- *In the language of the Church. bishop of Buspoe. Claude. After a long confinement in prison. St. he was permitted to return to his diocese. in the monastery of St. Csesarea. St. the Blessed Virgin and St.2 JANUARY. At Chieti. Fulgentius. in Abruzzo. Wrthday refers to the day on which a Saint enters heaven.

in the time of the emperor Licinius. Answer. the first martyr. bishop. preferred to surrender themselves to the executioners rather than to give holy things to dogs. And in other places. Stephen. in Pontus. who. and the gift of miracles. mHE St. one of the seven founders of the Order of the Servites of the blessed Virgin Mary. Euphrosyna. is N. suddenly called her devout servant to heaven. blessed Bonfilius. many other holy martyrs. and virgins. and the young man Marcellinus. Octave of which ordered that the sacred books should be deliv- ered up. and for a long . confessors. At Alexandria. and refusing being to serve. 3 ario. herself. despising the edict of the emperor Diocletian. At Antioch. confessor. At Tomis. three holy brothers. was beaten almost to death. Argeus. the passion of blessed Isidore. The reading of the Martyrology terminated in this manner. NarThis last. Rome. the departure from this world of St. always Cfte SeconD Dap of 3fanuarp. Thanks be to God. B. At the commemoration of many holy martyrs. virgin. enrolled among the new soldiers.JANUARY. cissus. who. who was renowned in her monastery for the virtue of abstinence.

in France. virgin. cia. St. bishop and confessor. bishop. who was consecrated to God by . the holy martyrs Cyrinus. apostle and evangelist. in Cappado- Gordius. Also. T!HE * Octave of St. Siridion. centurion. Martinian. time kept in ^prison. martyr. and Theogenes. At Csesarea. At Padua. the holy martyrs Zozimus. Genevieve. St. St. In Hellespont. St. abbot. bais. blessed Isidore. the Saints Theopemptus and Theonas. Anterus. The same day. At Rome. but his brothers were beheaded. who was crucified at Aulane. St. St. John. At Vienne. St. At Paris. Florentius. In The- Macarius of Alexandria. in the time of the emperor Gallienus. on the Appian way. and the notary Athanasius. sent into exile and who was consummated his martyrdom. Cfie CiritD Dap of 3fanuarp. who suffered under Julius Maximinus. in Egypt. he finished his martyrdom. At Milan. In Nitria. in whose praise extanr a celebrated discourse. and was buried in the cemetery of Callistus. is Primus. delivered by St. The same day.4 JANUARY. who suffered a glorious martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. Daniel. the birthday of pope St. Basil the Great on the day of his festival. St. bishop. Peter. In Cilicia. Being finally cast into the sea. bishop.

for her admirable virtues Germanus. in the reign of the impious Julian. and was buried in the church of which he had been made a worthy minister by the holy apostle. bishop of Auxerre. she was first ban- the sword. the rriHE Octave of the Holy Innocents. After her husband had been killed. consecrated bishop of that island by the apostle St. and became famous and miracles. cleric. being condemned by the most cruel president Scapula to be devoured by wild beasts. i religious woman. Quinctus. he reached the end of his blessed life. most renowned martyrs Aqui- Geminus.JANUARY. in the persecution of Severus. Paul. birthday of St. martyrs. C&e Jfourtfi Dag of 3fanuarp. 5 St. priest. at Rome. Africa. and then beheaded. received the crown of martyrdom. Mavilus. in Africa. the holy martyrs Priscus. who. After having faithfully performed the duty of preaching the Gospel. At Rome. and Caius. under the same emperor. who ended their martyrdom by 4 who was Also. blessed Dafrosa. in ished. Flavian. At Adrumetum. Marcian. Also. the Saints Hermes. Titus. Eugenius. At Bologna. who suffered under the emperor Maximian. In Crete. and Benedicta. the commemoration of St. wife of the martyr St. Priscillian. martyr. Aggoeus. the linus. Theo- .

and was. dotus. At Rome. vigil of the pope. Telesphorus. bishop and Cfte fTHHE in Jfiftft Dap of 3fanuarp.. who had preceded her. . after of many sufferings for the confession Christ. bishop renowned for At Langres. during the persecution of Diocletian. cent XI. St. His whole life was an un- broken series of wonders. the time of Antoninus Pius. At Alexandria. monk. St. king. is celebrated on the 13th of October. Being called to God by her sister Tharsilla. who. the commemoration of many holy martyrs. Edward. virgin. confessor. who were put to death in Thebais by various kinds of torments. for that reason. who lived many years. Rigobertus. In England. St. miracles. Gregory. aunt of pope St. St. when his sacred body was translated. Apollinaris. the holy virgin Emiliby ana. St.6 JANUARY. Epiphany of our Lord. Simeon. At Antioch. standing on a pillar. whose noble deeds have been recorded Athanasius. a in At Rheims. St. by order of Pope Innogift of miracles. St. France. In Egypt. called Stylites. St. Gregory. The same day. illustrious by the virtue of chastity and the His feast. underwent a glorious martyrdom. and Tryphon. At Rome. Syncletica. she departed for heaven on this day.

St. he was ranked among the Saints by Urban festival is kept VIII. fPHE Epiphany of Our Lord. who The same day. a Florentine Carmelite and bishop of Fiesoli. In the diocese of Rheims. was carried to a bishopric against his will. whilst he Cfte Sefcentj) Dap of 3fanuarp. of blessed Lucian. after a life remarkable for virtues innumerable. she had her breasts cut off. At on the 4th of February. Andrew Corsini. fessor. St. the commemoration of many holy martyrs. who were burned at the stake in the persecution of Severus. bishop and conwho. Florence. anchoret. Being celebrated for miracles. in France. the birthday . In Africa. nPHE bringing back of the Child Jesus from Egypt. St. Macra. a priest of the church of Antioch and martyr. At At Rennes. the martyrdom of St. gave up his soul to God in prayer. was cast into the As she fire by order of the governor Kictiovarus.JANUARY. in the persecution of Diocletian. in Egypt. gloriously departed from this world. His Geris. was imprisoned in a foul dungeon. Melanius. Nilammon. remained uninjured. who. and finally she gave up her soul while engaged in prayer. who. rolled upon broken earthenware and burning coals. with his thoughts constantly fixed on heaven. 7 Cfte Stetft Dap of 3fanuarp. virgin.

At Pavia. . Kaymond of Pennafort. deacon. He is mentioned by Athanasius. ^ AT Beauvais. who flourished in the time of Constantine the Great. St. St. martyr. in the persecution of Galerius Maximian. was seven times tortured. St. in his Life of St. In Denmark. His festival is kept on the 23d of Cfie dBfgftti) Dap of 3fanuarp. "of the Order of St. and at length ended his martyrdom by decapitation. St. the holy martyrs Lucian. the holy martyrs Felix and Januarius. Julian. for hav- tom. St. St. Nicetas. In the city of Heraclea. In Egypt.8 JANUARY. Canute. a saintly monk. His feast is celebrated on the 19th of this month. St. in Bithynia. At Barcelona. Theodore. a long while kept in prison. His praises have been proclaimed by St. for the confession of Christ. bishop. in France. At Antioch. Preachers. priest. celebrated for sanctity this and learning. Crispin. and was buried at Helenopolis. The same day. was distinguished He suffered at Nicomedia for his learning and eloquence. who made fierce and barbarous nations humane and meek by preaching the Gospel to them. ing professed faith in Christ. killed Maximian and Julian. king and martyr. month. Clerus. bishop and confessor. Anthony. In Dacia. The last two were with the sword by the persecutors but blessed . John Chrysoswho.

Severin.JANUARY. of Noricum (now Austria). Maximus. At Pavia. Also. 9 Lueian. Eminent for learning. first patriarch of that city. near Naples. By divine power his body was carried to Lucullanum. under Marcus Antoninus Verus. St. At Metz. who had come to France with St. Severin. received the same sentence tyr. among the inhabitants tiens. of death. At Hierapolis. and Helladius. after being lacerated and cut with sharp pieces of earthenware. He is again mentioned on the 5th of September. who preached the Gospel in that country. confessor. were cast into the At Venice. went to rest. St. the abbot St. plenished with virtues and merits. bishop. after the slaughter of his companions. who. Naples. St. marIn Lybia. Apolliwho was conspicuous for sanctity and At learning. Severin. in Campania. the holy martyrs Theophilus. after working many miracles. in Asia. deacon. bishop. the birthday of the bishop St. and abundantly filled with the heavenly gifts of divine wisdom. . fire. who. and thence transferred to the monastery of St. to confess the name of Christ openly. and is called its apostle. not fearing. reSt. bishop and confessor. PaThe same day. the demise of blessed Lawrence Justinian. and rendered their souls to God. Denis. brother to the blessed martyr Victorinus. naris. he was ranked among the Saints by Alexander VIII. Eugenian.

St. Celsus. Peter. Cfie A jQttttJ) Dap of 3[anuarg* T ^* Antioch. with his mother Mar- and many others. the birthday of the Saints Julian. whom Julian raised from the dead. in the reign of Diocletian and Maximian. St. bishop. bishop. In Mauritania Csesariensis (now Algeria). St. in Vitalis. a priest. Great. At Ancona. At Sebaste. and Having lived in a state of virginity with her husband. brother of St. Armenia. Felix. Basilissa. the holy martyrs Vitalis. With him suffered An- thony. miraculously deliverer! that city from destruction by fire. and Fortunatus. Gregory. and seven others. according to St. martyr. Julian was ordered by the president Marcian to be tormented in many ways and executed. virgin. At Smyrna. she reached the end of her days in peace. Revocatus. who. a boy. Secundus. cionilla. who consummated her martyrdom by bein^ condemned to the beasts. the holy martyrs Epictetus. and Anastasius. Jucundus. Basil the Marcellinus. . who had taken refuge in his house from the severity of the persecution. his virgin wife. In Africa. seven brothers. Marciana.10 JANUARY. also. But after the death by fire of a multitude of priests and ministers of the Church of Christ. and made partaker of the grace of Christ.

the 15th of this month. Agatho. At Constantinople. His festival is kept on the 14th of this month. previously Doge of Venice. Borne. At Milan. who was most gloriously crowned. Peter Urseolus (Orsini). At Rome. pope St. pope. Paul. archbishop and confessor. Cfte OEletoemi) Dap of 3faniiarp. St. the birthday of St. His soul was seen by St. the birthday of St. the first hermit. MarIn the monastery of Cusani. a man of admirable faith and virtue. He was canonized by Honorius III. 11 Cfte Centft Dap of 3fanuarp. At Bourges. TN Cyprus. martyr. renowned for piety and miracles. blessed Salvius. blessed Nicanor. who suffered a glorious martyrdom in the persecution of Antoninus. and afterwards monk of the Order of St. Hyginus. In Thebais. priest. St. renowned for miracles and virtues. In Africa. His feast is celebrated on St. who lived alone in the desert from the sixteenth to the one hundred and thirteenth year of his age. " AT . one of the first seven deacons. who terminated a life remarkable for sanctity and learning by a holy death. William. confessor. Anthony carried by angels among the choirs of apostles and prophets.JANUARY. Benedict. cian. the birthday of St. bishop and confessor. in Aquitaine. John the Good.

In Africa. the holy martyrs Zoticus. At Suppentonia. Palaemon. finally rested in peace. who. the teacher of St. bishop and confessor. Augustine preached to the At Alexandria. St. who were called by a voice from heaven to enter the of God. and his companions. St. Satyrus. The same day. the holy marand Leucius. bishop and martyr. In Cappa- docia. on whose birthday people of Carthage. St. abbot.12 JANUARY. the holy Anastasius. in a village called Magariassum. In Achaia. in the tyrs Peter. martyr. hooks and combs. and breathed upon it. St. was beheaded. the idol immediately fell to the ground . in the time of the martyr. Theodosius. who was his forehead. abbot. having received no injury. St. . Severus. Alexander. Honorata. St. As he passed before an idol. thrown to the beasts and cast into the fire. At Amiens. At Brindisi. near who was In Thebais. virgin. omius. miracles. St. but. St. Marches. C&e A Ctoelftfi Dag of January emperor Alexander. monk kingdom At Pavia. T Rome. after great sufferings for the Catholic faith. for this reason he was beheaded. Pach- Mount Soractes. illustrious by his noble birth and Arcadius. St. At Fermo. martyr. and thus went to heaven. making the sign of the cross on St. Salvius. bishop and martyr. torn with iron Tatiana. Leucius.

martyr. gloriously crowned. the passion of forty-two holy monks. the river Danube. Castulus. Zoticus. after being most cruelly tortured for the defense of sacred images. At Poitiers. Probus. Benedict. At Moesia. At Ephesus. At Ravenna. monk. bishop and confessor of the Cath- . under the emperor Gallienus. abbot St. At Verona. the holy martyrs Gumesindus. and Servideus. St. John. in France. Hilary. having suffered the emperor Antoninus and the governor Gelasius. priest. St. who. St. who suffered in the time of the emperor Arcadius. of the holy martyrs Cordova. under Constantine Rogatus. on the Lavican road. At Tivoli. and Eutropius. In England. lector. At Rome. the Saints Tygrius. a reward they merited by confessing the true faith. under the emperor Licinius.JANUARY. who endured martyrdom C6e Cttfrteentt) Dap of January Octave of the Epiphany of Our Lord. and forty soldiers At Constantinople. the birthday of St. In Sardinia. was at last put to death by the much under sword. Copronymus. priest. Potitus. the crowning of forty holy soldiers. and confessor. martyr. St. in Upper Hermylus and Stratoniwho were severely tormented and drowned in cus. bishop and confessor. bishop. At Singidonum (now Belgrade). 13 Modes tus.

HILARY. Pius IX. Pau Felix. in Cappadocia. persecutors. which he courageously defended. virgin of the Order of St. was cast into prison and extended. after being subjected to torments by the linus). and for he was banished four years to Phrygia. St. olic faith. OT. In the monastery of Verzy. St. a bishop. entered heaven on the thirteenth day of this in Campania. rested in peace. St. Cfte jFourteentft Dap of 3famtarp. At Nola. the birthday of St. At Amasea. he raised a man from the dead. The persecution over. At Treves. priest. under Constantine. Leontius. on (snail) shells and broken earthenware. Glaphyra. confessor. St. Agritius. Viventius. St. which among other miracles. however. month. renowned for miracles. Augustine. and. declared him Doctor of the Church. in Pontus. In the night. under Licinius.14 JANUARY. virgin. his bonds were loosened and he was delivered by an angel. blessed Veronica of Binasco. In Judaea. (as is related by bishop St. and the Arians. who . he brought many to the faith of Christ by his exemplary life and teaching. where. At Caesarea. bound hand and foot. bishop. His festival is celebrated on the 14th of this month. who strongly opposed the Gentiles. *J who bishop of Poitiers and confessor. At Milan. in the monastery of Martha.

Julian Sabas. home of the blessed on the tenth of this month. Macrina. Euphrasius. disciple of St. whom she brought up in the Christian faith. In the diocese of Angers. Basil. mentioned by pope In Africa. abbot and dis- great progress with so able a master.JANUARY. which was almost destroyed in that St. Gregory Thaumaturgus. three holy monks. prophet. he rested in peace. bishop and confessor. In Syria. St. he built a famous monastery. a prodigy unheard of since the days of St. the Elder. who were put to death by the St. in the district of Raithy. St. St. Benedict. Maur. At Milan. city. fortyChrist. for while he was still under the Saint's instruction he miraculously walked upon the He made water Peter. thirty-eight holy monks. At Neoca3sarea. Benedict. and grandmother of St. and after performing striking miracles. ciple of St. which he governed for forty years. St. who miraculously restored at Antioch the Catholic faith. in the time of the emperor Valens. in Pontus. the first hermit. St. Cfte Jfifteenti) Dap of January PAUL. Blemmians. killed by the Saracens for the faith of In Egypt. who was carried to the ST. Gregory. for the Christian religion. 15 Malachy. In Judaea. Sent later to France by St. On Mount Sinai. the holy prophets Haba- . Datius. bishop.

bishop. for the confession of the Catholic faith. St. St. renowned for holiness of life. blessed Isidore. he was recognized by them only at his death. Maximus. Macarius. Cfie ^feteemj) Dap of 3fanuarp. in the persecution of Diocletian and under the judge Flavian. Anthony. Being renowned for miracles. For some time living unknown to his parents in a corner of their house. Marcellus. overcome many tor- ments. who suffered under the emperor Decius. on tyrant Mexentius he was first beaten with clubs. abbot. in Campania. Secundina. Ephisius. Nola. in Sardinia. St. very celebrated for his life and miracles. the Salarian way. At Anagni. the birthday of the pope St. bishop and confesIn Egypt. then sent to take care of animals. At Cagliari. by the assistance of God. having. Bonitus. with a guard to . cue and Michaeas. faith and miracles. in Auvergne. Also. By command of the ^ AT Rome. and later in a hut on an island in the Tiber. St. At Cler- At mont. At Rome. St. whose bodies were found by divine revelation in the days of Theodosius the Elder. disciple of St. was beheaded and ascended to heaven. who. martyr. he was buried where he had died. virgin and martyr. sor. St. a martyr. and a church was subsequently erected in his honor in the same place.16 JANUARY. John Calybita.

Accursius. John the Baptist. who devoted herself and her goods to the service of the martyrs. where it was buried in the church of St. mentioned by pope In the monastery of Peronne. bishop and confessor. the saints Speusippus. whose miracles. born at one birth. He was most celebrated for his life written a detailed account. Titian. At Morocco. At Home. of which St. confessor. and brought to Alexandria. fessor. Honoratus. Fursey. St. TN of Thebais. in Campania. abbot and spiritual guide many monks. bishop and con- At Khinocolura. Berard.JANUARY. abbot. Gregory. Eleusippus. and Meleusippus. cloth. dressed in hairhe departed this life. in Africa. life was renowned for learning and At Oderzo. At Fundi. Anthony. in the reign of the emperor Valens. who rested in peace after suffering exile and other painful trials for the St. the holy bishop Melas. the martyrdom of the holy martyrs of the Order of Minorites. St. and miracles. Athanasius has His sacred body was found by divine revelation. in the time of Marcus Aurelius. 17 In this servile office. At Langres. who were crowned . At Aries. Peter. during the reign of the emperor Justinian. St. St. and Otto. St. in Egypt. Catholic fa^ith. St. Adjutus. watch him. Honoratus. Cfje Sefcenteentf) Dap of 3faniiarp. Priscilla.

who. and the vault over them broken down. virgin ond martyr. the passion of St. joyfully sang a hymn. Merulus. the finding of the holy martyrs Diodorus. was instituted to commemorate the establishment of the Holy See at Rome. At Borne. Sulpicius. Athenogenes. the entrance was closed by the persecutors. on the point of enduring martyrdom by fire. Peter. an aged divine. surnamed Pius. Marian. Prisca. of whom pope St. the blessed monks Anthony. deacon. after undergoing many torments. under the emperor Claudius. Stephen. which . the demise of St. priest. St. In Pontus. in the monastery of St. who were first condemned to work in the metal mines. Gregory speaks in his writings. was crowned with martyrdom. C&e (ZBtgfiteemi) Dap of 3faniiarp* This festival mHE Chair of the apostle St. Whilst they were commemorating the birthdays of the martyrs in a sand-pit. and then cast into the fire. and they thus obtained the palm of martyrdom in the reign of pope St. the birthday of the holy martyrs Moseus and Ammonius. together with their grandmother Leonilla.18 JANUARY. soldiers. with martyrdom. In the same country. Andrew. and their companions. and John. At Rome. who. At Bourges. whose life and precious death are adorned with glorious miracles. In the same place.

for whom he died. provoked the beast which. being strengthened by the grace of God. The others were beheaded and cast into the flames. Cfte jQineteemt) Dap of 3fanuarp. in who was made captive Deicola. disciple of St. was to delius. At Smyrna. 19 he left in writing to his disciples. lacerated with iron hooks. Christ Jesus. in the time of the Emperor Claudius. virgin. anchoret. Liberata. St. the Cornelian road. At Tours. Leobardus. and had endured the cutting off of their hands. under Marcus Antoninus and Lucius Aurethe birthday of blessed Germanicus. who. St. vour him. a man of wonderful abstinence and humility. At Como. St. St. Martha was put to death in the place called Nympha. whose birthday is the 7th of this month. bishop. and in exile gave up his soul to God. abbot. and freed from all fear. the holy martyrs Marius and his wife Martha. who came to " AT Eome. Columban. he deserved to be incorporated into the true bread of life. In the same place. on Home. Also. martyr. the holy mar- . St. in the bloom of youth. In Africa. noble Persians. In Brittany. Being ground by its teeth. After they had been beaten with rods. France. Volusian. Canute. through devotion.JANUARY. tortured on the rack and with fire. with their sons Audifax and Abachum. by order of the judge. by the Goths. king and martyr.

scourged for Christ by the command of the judge Fabian. bishop and confessor. He was commander under the emperor Diocletian. and Germana. the Spoleto. Fabian. had melted lead poured over him and At Lodi. As he was uninjured by the tire. Pontian. and then thrown into a dungeon. bishop and confessor. bastian. courageously combated the heretics. Wulstan. Januarius. Pia. and then compelled to walk barefoot on burning coals. At Worcester. Cfte Ctoemietft Dap of ^ AT Rome. martyr. and . who martyrdom in the time of Decius. but for professing Christianity he was bound to a tree in the centre of a vast field. He was afterwards exposed to the lions. shot with arrows by the soldiers. Saturninus. conspicuous for merits and miracles. SucJulius. in conjunction with St. pope. the martyr St. where he was comforted by the visit of an angel. At in the days of the emperor Antoninus. passion of St. was torn with iron hooks. he was put on the rack. suffered the birthday of St. In the in the cemetery of Callistus. in England. and was buried same place. who. Catus. Ambrose. in the catacombs. who was barbarously cessus. St.20 JANUARY. tyrs Paul. finally died by the sword. Gerontius. He was ranked among the Saints by Innocent III. Seof the first cohort. Bassian. St.

No less celebrated for the lustre of his virtues than for the brilliancy consecrated of his learning. Bithynia. and exposed to wild beasts. Kicaea. St. who adorned the Church by his zeal for Catholic discipline. At Cesena. martyr. abbot. but as it was extinguished by her prayers. St. St. he ^ AT Home. in the At fifteenth year of his age. Neophytus. Cfte Ctoentp*fir0t Dap of 3[anuarp. cast into a furnace. Maurus. the birthday of St. Agnes. espeShe overcame the weakness cially in the churches. Euthymius. who was gloriously crowned for hav- . in the time of the emperor Marcian. governor of the city. Of her. conquered the cruelty of the tyrant. who. as successor of St. he was at last killed with the sword. under Symphronius." At the birthday of St. In Palestine. Denis the Areopagite. she was struck with the sword. was thrown into the fire. was scourged. the passion of St.JANUARY. Publius. Jerome writes: "Agnes is praised in the writings and by the tongues of all nations. and her chastity by martyrdom. bishop. in who. bishop. Athens. and the gift of miracles. renowned for virtues and miracles. and constantly confessed the faith of Christ. virgin. nobly governed the Church of Athens. of her age. as he remained uninjured. 21 beaten with clubs until he expired.

there to receive the reward of martyrdom. hermit. after suffering much at Caesarea. the disjointing of his limbs after being burned with plates of heated metal and on the gridiron. Aurelian. after being thrown into prison. Augurius and Eulogius. At Cfte Ctoentp*seconD Dag of January Valencia. St. St. hunger. and con- summated their martyrdom in prayer. ing borne testimony to Christ. after suffering imprisonment. and highly euloAugustine and pope St. where their bonds being burnt. St. . bishop. martyr. won At Troyes. deacon and martyr. Meinrad. Leo. Augustine preached a sermon to his people. took his flight to heaven. they extended their arms in the form of a cross. At Rome. Pavia. Vincent. On their anniversary. during the reign of Gallienus. while the wicked Dacian was governor. deacons. who. gized by at Aqua3 Salviae. the holy martyrs Fructuosus. Patroclus. who. a Persian monk. the tor- " AT ture. At Tarragona. in Spain. in Palestine. were cast into the fire. bishop and confessor. In the monastery of Keichenau.22 JANUARY. St. Epiphanius. who the crown of martyrdom under the emperor St. who was killed by brigands. St. Anastasius. by Prudentius. in Spain. and tormented in other ways. set forth in verse St. who. His noble triumph over his sufferings has been elegantly .

who by the grace of God faithfully discharging the office of preaching committed to him. nowned At Sora. Orontius. had to bear many afflictions from Chosroes. re- Cfte CtoentHfrirD Dap of 3fanuatp. who caused him to be beheaded. He had sent before him to martyrdom seventy of his companions. St. together with his venerable likeness. Agnes. the holy martyrs Severian Parmenas. . obtained the glory of martyrdom in the time of Trajan. At Embrun. she was stoned to death by the Gentiles. in France. who were consumed by fire. stripes and fetters. At Kome. in Mauritania (Morocco). Dominic. At Novara. Gaudentius. St. His head was brought to Kome. who were precipitated into rivers. the holy martyrs Vincent. and Victor. first Macedonia. At Philippi. the holy virgin and martyr Emerentiana. Eaymond of Pennafort. king of Persia. St. by the sight of which the demons are expelled. for miracles. her foster-sister. who were crowned with martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. " AT Barcelona. seven deacons. as is attested by the Acts of the second council of Nicaea. bishop and confessor. At Caesarea. the abbot St. one of the and his wife Aquila. 23 from imprisonment. whilst praying at the tomb in of St.JANUARY. and diseases cured. His birthday is the 7th of January. Being yet only a catechumen.

martyr. HE birthday of who ordained him bishop reprehending those who offered sacrifices to Diana. and ended his holy life . he finally completed his martyrdom under Diocletian. Clement. in Galatia. in the persecution of Decius. St. Timothy. a city of Egypt. disciple of the apostle of Ephesus. St. most celebrated for his charity towards the poor. After many combats for Christ.24 JANUARY. the bishop St. After having fre- quently endured torments. who frequently glorified God by his sufferings and torments. At Antioch. on account of his great purity of life. At Antinous. bishop of that city. was thrown into a river who. Asclas. was called to heaven. St. Cfte Ctoentp'fotmj) fin -* Dap of 3fanitarp. At Toledo. At Alexandria. In the same place. Paul. St. and being renowned for sanctity. In the Province of Valeria. bishop. Gregory. and shortly after went peacefully to his rest in the Lord. monk. At Ancyra. bishop. after various torments. Agathangelus. under the governor Lucius. and gave up his precious soul to God. received from her a brilliant white vestment. St. who. who suffered on the same day. mentioned by pope St. Ildefonsus. St. St. Babylas. Martyrius. he was stoned for St. John the Almoner. and his defense of the virginity of the Mother of God against the heretics who impugned it.

the holy martyrs Mardonius. At Damascus. Bologna. Urbanus. and there wonChristian faith. CJje CtoentpsfiW) rriHE conversion of Dap of 3fanuarp. ended his martyrdom. and who were burned to death. St. their remains thrown into the river. Eugenius. At who was consecrated by pope Denis. At Foligno. After many labors. preached and elsewhere. Three boys whom he had instructed in the faith of Christ. the holy martyrs Juventinus and Maximus. Also. At Neocaesarea. St. Ana- nias. derfully propagated blessed Suranus. the birthday of St. After he had the Gospel at Damascus. in the time of Julian the Apostate. the holy martyrs Thyrsus and Projectus. who were . Felician. 25 in chains. which the second year after the Ascension of happened our Lord. had his flesh torn. he was crowned with martyrdom in extreme old age. time of Decius. he was scourged under the judge who Licinius. are said to have suffered with him. St.JANUARY. and lastly being overwhelmed with stones. in the being Metellus. consecrated bishop of that city by pope Victor. with which he ordered his body to be buried. Epolonius. Also. Paul the Apostle. At Antioch. the first bishop of that city. Eleutheropolis. abbot. Musonius. who lived in the time of the St. baptized that apostle. the Lombards. Philidian. Zamas.

despising temporal death. the holy bishop Theogenes and thirty-six others. At Arras. and all the people in the amphitheatre were clamoring against him. and his zeal for the Catholic faith. Polycarp. obtained the crown of eternal life in the persecution . a man of God. On their birthday. renowned for miracles. under Marcus Antoninus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus. John Chrysostom preached a sermon to his people. whilst the proconsul was sitting in judgment. ^ A T Smyrna. shone in the Church. St. Sabinus. who consecrated him bishop of that city and Primate of all Asia. who were murdered by the leading men of that city. With him suffered in the same city twelve others from Philadelphia. he was transpierced with a sword. abbot. under the Arian emperor Valens. and Agape. who by his great sanctity. who. Afterwards. Cfie Ctoentp^fetft Dap of Januarp. bishop. At Clermont. whom in France. the holy martyrs Donatus. in Auvergne. John. crowned with martyrdom. Bretannion. and Marinus. At Hippo Kegius. Poppo. he opposed with fortitude. bishop. the birthday of St.26 JANUARY. the Saints Projectus. Also. and thus received the crown of martyrdom. in Scythia. At Tomis. But as he received no injury from them. in Africa. he was condemned to the flames. St. St. a disciple of the Apostle St.

Her ad- In the diocese of Paris. widow. she departed for the kingdom of heaven. . mother of St. who abandoned her worldly prospects. 27 of Valerian. in the reign of Theodosius the younger. who was named Chrysostom. though she was descended from a noble line of senators. and retired to the manger of our Lord. bishop. Julian. This illustrious preacher of the Word of God Pius X. where. who. placed in the basilica of the Prince of the Apostles. He greatly promoted the interests of the Christian religion by his preaching and exemplary life. distributed her goods to the poor. illustrious by her sanctity and glorious miracles. the demise of Paula. St.JANUARY. mirable life was written by St. St. virgin of Christ. At Bethlehem of Juda. adorned with many virtues. being arrested in the persecution of Antoninus. declared and appointed heavenly patron of sacred At Sora. John. it was afterwards taken to Rome and banishment. on account of his golden flow of eloquence. and after many toils. Jerome. because a pagan temple had fallen to the orators. the saintly queen Bathildis. St. was beheaded. martyr. Cjbe Ctoemp*0etoentf) Dag of sur- ^ A T Constantinople. and crowned with a long martyrdom. Eustochium. closed his life in His sacred body was brought to Constantinople on this day.

who Peter to preach the Gospel. St. Vincent. Thus did he win the crown of martyrdom. At Eome. Datius. In Thebais. foundress of the Order of the Nuns of St. marIn the same country. Leucius. St. their Thyrsus and Callinicus consummated martyrdom by being beheaded. Julian. At Apollonia. Avitus. the holy martyrs Dativus. St. and their companions. ground whilst he was tortured. yielded his soul to God. Angela Merici. who suffered in the persecution of the Vandals. being called by a heavenly voice. who were made to undergo various torments in the time of the emperor Decius. the first was sent thither by bishop of that city. mise of St. abbot. the deSt. place. Cfte Ctoentp-eigfitf) Dap of January In the suffered ^ A T Rome. pope. whose principal aim is to direct young girls in the ways of the Lord.28 JANUARY. her feast is cele- brated on the 31st of May. Vitalian. Julian. Maur. At Brixen. the holy martyrs Leonides and his companions. and Callinicus. In the monastery of Bobacum. At Le Mans. By an indult of Pius VII. who under Diocletian. and twenty-seven others. same the second feast of St. Agnes. Leucius. who obtained the palm of martyrdom in . tyr. Ursula. the holy martyrs Thyrsus. St. martyr. In Africa. Flavian. Reatrus. Also. St. virgin. the holy martyrs.

a man of God. Francis of Sales. bishop. bishop and Doctor of the Church. the demise of a holy priest named John. supporting himself by the work of his In the monastery of Kheims. the birthday of the Rome. departed for heaven. the com- memoration of many holy martyrs. James.JANUARY. an Arian general. whilst they were at Mass in the church on this day. At Saragossa. Vale- rius. St. In Palestine. At on the Nomentan road. a most celebrated defender of the Catholic faith. Also. who hid himself a long time in a sepulchre to do penance for a fault he had hands. a hermit. and being celebrated for miracles. after bestowing the goods of the Church on the poor. who. At their first confession of . Cfte Ctoemp*nimj) A Dap of 3fanuarg. At Cuenca. in Spain. bishop. confessor Lyons. St. committed. bishop of the same city. Julian. like the Apostles. is mentioned on the 28th of December. holy martyrs Papius and Maurus. At Alexandria. soldiers under the who emperor Diocletian. in France. St. T of Geneva. the birthday of who went to his God with the reputation of working miracles. St. Cyril. 29 the time of Diocletian. and. St. who for learning rested in peace with a great reputation and sanctity. were put to death in various manners by the followers of Syrian.

was converted by the grace of . Peter. who was crowned with martyrdom by having his throat pierced with a sword by the Arians. who first day of this month. bishop. who were baptized by the blessed bishop Barsimseus. received the crown of martyr- of the faith. At Antioch. At Milan. Afterwards they were beaten with rods and with leaded whips until they exAt Perugia. in the time of Marcus Aurelius. of the At Bourges. the passion of the blessed priest Hippofor a short time deceived by the Novalytus. commemorated on the Martina. Sabinian. in the holy martyrs Sarbelius and his sister Syria. under the governor Lysias. is ^ A T Rome. the demise of the blessed bishop Valerius. distinguished by his virtues and erudition. St. At Edessa. priest. Sulpicius Severus. Christ their mouths were bruised with stones and they were thrown into prison by order of Laodicius. pired. who was beheaded for the faith of Christ by the command emperor Aurelian. Constantius. disciple of the apostle St. St. virgin and martyr. who. At Treves. Aquilinus. St. and crowned with martyrdom in the for the defense dom persecution of Trajan. St. * Cf)e C&irtiet!) Da? of 3fanuarp. martyr. who together with his companions. St. bishop and martyr. tian schismatics. prefect of the city. In the territory of Troyes.30 JANUARY. Barbea.

the birthday of St.JANUARY! 31 Christ and returned to the unity of the Church. Matthias. bishop. In Africa. St. Barsen. blessed Alexander. sent was banished by the Arian emperor Valens into the remotest parts of that country. gave up his soul to God lated in the midst of torments. and there ended his days. Philappian. who he passed away in peace. Felix. At Rome. and followed them with the palm of martyrdom. St. Aldegundes. Being asked by the schismatics which was the better side. he repudiated the doctrine and affirming that the faith ought to be which the Chair of Peter taught. faith. the of Novatus. of whom are re- wonders and actions inspired by faith. man of venerable aspect and advanced who was apprehended in the persecution of Decius and after gloriously and repeatedly confessing the faith. bishop and confessor. and one hundred and twenty-four others. In the same place. After having endured many trials for Christ under Adrian. St. he gift of curing diseases. St. passion of the holy martyrs Felician. in Hainaut. in the reign of Trajan. who converted many Gentiles to the them before him to be crowned. Also. In the monastery of Maubeuge. Barsima3us. renowned for the For the Catholic faith. pope St. At Jerusalem. a . labored much for the Catholic faith. he preprofessed sented his neck to the executioners. At Pavia. in Syria. Armentarius. At Edessa. bishop. a age. for which and in which he afterwards underwent a glorious martyrdom. bishop.

Hellespont. who slept in the Lord on the 25th of Decem- At Rome. Savina. in the time of the emperor Decius. and among among the Saints by Pius VII. because he of the Pagans. St. martyr. In the same place. who were beheaded after suffering many torments for the name of Christ. At Milan. . ^ A T Barcelona. Francis. He was then driven out of the city. Peter Nolasco. the holy martyrs Saturninus. Alexandria. Metran. ions. and their companin At Cyzicum. Cfte CJnrtpsfirgt Dap of 3fantiarp. At Viterbo. Zoticus. virgin. the holy martyrs Tharsicius.32 JANUARY. in Spain. a most religious woman. confessor. At ber. In the same city. the holy virgin Hyacintha de Mariscotti. the birthday of St. lived in the time of king Dagobert. the holy martyrs Cyrus and John. She was inscribed the Blessed by Benedict XIII. on the road to Ostia. overwhelmed with stones and killed.. St. who St. who went to rest in the Lord whilst praying at the tomb of the holy martyrs Nabor and Felix. Cyriacus. refused to utter blasphemous words at the bidding was scourged until he was covered with bruises. Thyrsus and Victor. Triphenes. and pierced through the face and eyes with sharp-pointed reeds. who. distinguished for the virtues of penance and charity. a nun of the Third Order of St.

33 various torments. and thus merited the palm of martyrdom. The same day. blessed Louisa Albert onia. when his sacred body was brought from the city of Alexandria. In the same place. a widow. St. Marcella. Jerome. Francis. in the martyr. priest and confessor. Geminian. St. who overcame finally killed reign of the emperor Theodosius. to Venice. then occupied by bar- barians.JANUARY. Mark. . made illustrious by his miracles. and with the greatest honors placed in the large church dedicated to his name. At Borne. in Egypt. St. a Roman widow. of the Third Order of St. Julius. whose meritorious deeds are related by St. In the province of Milan. bishop. At Modena. distinguished for her virtues. but was by a bull. the translation of the evangelist St.

bishop and marthe church of Antioch.FEBRUARY. he ended his life happily for Christ. Pionius. ing in defense of the Catholic faith. Being conSt. After writSmyrna. in France. St. after enduring excruciating pains from being pierced with nails and laid on a hot fire. and made of him a sacrifice to Christ. and delivered to the lions. priest and martyr. who governed demned to the beasts in the persecution of Trajan. the third after the apostle St. With him suf- fered fifteen others. Ignatius. whose great virtues should be raised to the episcopate by the sign of a dove. after suffering imprisonment in a loathsome dungeon. Peter. St. he was by that emperor sent to Rome in chains. and the holy bishop deserved that he . which lacerated him with their At teeth. where by his exhortations he encouraged even to martyrdom many of his brethren. bishop. Paul. At Ravenna. Severus. | HE birthday of tyr. At Trois-Chateaux. where in the presence of the Senate he was subjected to the most frightful torments. Cfte Jfftst Dap of jFe&ruarp. whose life was eminent for virtues.

After suffering many trials for the faith of Christ and gaining great renown for holiness and learning. In Ireland. St. in Tuscany. St. the virginity. whom the blessed apostle Peter baptized. The same day. Firmus and Candidus. received sentence of death. a recluse of the Order of Vallumbrosa. the passion Whilst he was yet a Genand was leading St. he went to rest in the Lord. Bridget. in the time of the emperor Valens. Apronian. At Caesarea. "Come ye. tile. St. a notary. Sisinius out of prison. 35 whose death was made precious by miracles. the wood of an altar immediately sprouted into life. at her touch. and raised to the episcopal dignity in that city. deacon of the church of Edessa. One blessed virgin Verdiana. Ephrem. day. At . the blessed of of St." At once he believed. a centurion. of the mHE Lord. was baptized. and after confessing our Lord. to present him before the governor Laodicius. in testimony of her At Castel-Florentino. on the Salarian road. Purification the Blessed called by the Greeks Hypapante (meeting) At Rome.FEBRUARY. my Father. in Palestine. Cfte SeconD Dap of of jfe&ruarp. virgin. Virgin Mary. Felician. Cornelius. the holy martyrs Fortunatus. possess the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world. he heard a voice from heaven saying. at Kome. Also.

and Celerina. were recognized as Christians. Also. who had been previously Africa. in Armenia. the birthday of St. bishop. in crowned with martyrdom. the passion of St. . and Ignatius. Laurentinus. the holy bishop Flosculus. In the same country. Before him. in England. Augustine in the government of that church. and after undergoing severe torments. and finally. They are highly praised an epistle of St. Lawrence. By overcoming the enemy with invincible constancy. Cyprian. by order of the same judge. and suspended on a tree where he was lacerated with iron combs. after who who was kept nineteen days in prison loaded with fetters. thrown into a lake from which he came out safe. his uncles. ^ A T Sebaste. the holy martyrs. St. and confessed Christ gloriously in the midst of afflictions. Blasius. and converted the king himself to the faith. seven women who were gathering the drops of his blood during his torture. He was then imprisoned in a dark dungeon. he and two boys were beheaded. bishop and working many miracles. deacon. his grandmother. At Canterbury. was scourged a long time. in the time of the governor Agricolaus. Celerinus. were put to death by the sword. Cfte CftirD Dap of jfe&ruarp.36 FEBRUARY. Orleans. who succeeded St. he showed to others the road to victory. In martyr.

Rome. Isidore. St. Aventin. bishop of Bremen. the their companions. bert. a monk renowned for merit and learning. St. Cfte jfoim!) Dag is of Jfe&ruatg. Corsini. in Egypt. ^ A T Florence. Symphronius. At Pelusium. Gelasius. Anscharius. The same . At endured a glorious mar- trydom. and so merited immortal palms from God. holy bishops Tigides and Remedius. 37 and the holy martyrs Felix. bishop of that city. Andrew who soli. The same day.FEBRUARY. Hippolytus In the town of Gap. whose birthday Eutychius. confessor. and of Philoromus. offered themselves to death. also bishops. in Egypt. Pope St. the holy martyrs Aquilinus. The same day. St. the passion of blessed Philseas. St. the Saints Lupicinus and Felix. St. bishop of Bremen. St. Thmuis. Magnus and Donatus. RemAt Troyes. and was buried in the cemetery of Callistus. who followed the example of their pastor. With them was crowned with martyrdom a numberless multitude of the faithful of the same place. in the persecution of Diocletian. military tribune. who rejected the exhortations of their relations and friends to save themselves. who converted the Swedes and the Danes to the faith of Christ. Damasus wrote an epitaph in verse for his At Fossombrone. At tomb. bishop of Fiethe 6th of January. Geminus. At Lyons.

imprisoned. of the Order of Minorite Capuchins. and were oftentimes horribly tormented in many other ways. Thus. she consummated her T engaged in prayer. Jo- seph of Leonissa. dragged over pieces of earthenware and burning coals. they deserved at the hands of God palms of victory and unfading crowns. confessor. he was placed on the list of holy con- fessors by the Sovereign Pontiff Benedict XIV. in Sicily. tortured. some of whom had molten lead poured over them. in the time of the emperor Decius and the judge Quinctian. during the persecution of Decius. Agatha. At Alexandria. the passion of twenty-six . Gilbert. and having her breasts cut off. In the town of Ama trice. by their glorious passion. As he was celebrated for his apostolic labors and miracles. In Ponthe persecution of Maximian. St. general of the army. the birthday of St. *** Catania. C6e 4 jfiWb Dap of jfe&ruarp. St. In the kingdom of Japan. After being buffeted. during sacrifice in prison while memoration of many holy martyrs. virgin and martyr. in the diocese of Kieti. racked. who was beheaded for the faith of Christ by Numerian.38 FEBRUARY. Isidore. martyr. day. who suffered many afflictions from the Mahometans. the comtus. others had sharppointed reeds thrust under their nails. the decease of St.

FEBRUARY. Dorothy. Cfte Sfetft Dap of At Festival of St. the holy martyrs Saturninus. who. and finally put to death by the The same day. bishop and confessor. canonized them in 1862. Theophilus. virgin and martyr. sword. governor of that province. and Revocata. the holy bishpos Genuinus and Albinus. in the time of the emperor Maximian. bishop and confessor. in of martyrdom. ceived the palm and having his limbs all mangled. At Emesa. labors praising and admirable learning protected France against the ravages of the Arian heresy. reAt Clermont. was delivered to the beasts with two other Christians. martyrs. who. by being crucified for the Catholic and pierced with lances. 39 faith. Her noble confession of Christ converted a lawyer named Theophilus. Titus. after having governed that church forty years. under Sapricius. who was also tortured in a barbarous manner. Pius IX. whose faith. At Brixen. gloriously died in God and preaching that same faith. the birthday of St. in Cappadocia. At Vienne. who was stretched on the rack. bishop. blessed Avitus. and finally condemned to capital punishment. St. whose lives were illustrious for miracles. . then a long time scourged with boughs of the palm-tree. in Phrenicia. Caesarea. Silvanus.

the holy bishops Vedastus and Amandus. both in life and death. and persisted in the many confession of the faith. Adaucus. they were burned to death by the emperor Galerius Maximian. Cfie Setoentfi Dap of jfe&ruarp. martyr. St. At London. who first led a . renowned for holiness of life. Guarinus. just named. The same day. At Heracles. and deserved to receive an eternal recom- pense. his defence of the holy martyrs. Auvergne. In Phrygia. inhabitants of the same city. Whilst he was still discharging the office of quaestor. founder of the monks of -*Camaldoli. St. who was beheaded. Moses. At Bologna. and went victoriously after undergoing many In to heaven. the latter that of Maestricht. torments. who were illustrious by many miracles. Antholiau. a military officer. he was judged worthy of the faith. St.40 FEBRUARY. in the reign of Licinius. As they were all Christians. fTIHE holy abbot Komuald. bishop of Palestrina and Cardinal. martyr. crown of martyrdom for Also. St. in England. the birthday of the blessed bishop Augulus. Egypt. St. Theodore. whose birthday is the 19th of June. an Italian of noble birth. who was honored by the emperors with almost every dignity. The former governed the church of Arras. whose leader was Adaucus. who terminated his career by martyrdom. a venerable bishop.

At Bologna. for the redemption of captives. the defully to his reward. ^Emilian and Sebastian. led to the idols and urged to adore them. the birthday of the holy martyrs. At Rome. monks of the monasin . they put her feet in chains. converted to the faith the greater part of that barbarous people. As she refused witli horror. and. widow. king of England. St. Lucius. passed peaceAt Lucca. St. mangling her body a barbarous manner. JOHN of Matha. rich in merits. 41 solitary life in the desert. founder of the Congregation of Somascha. founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity. confessor. queen of the Saracens. whom the Pagans seized. In the Lesser Armenia. Cfte (ZEigfitft Dap of jFe&tuarp. the martyr St. the holy martyrs Paul. and being afterwards made bishop. and dragged her through the streets of the city. At Alexandria. confessor. Cointha. Juliana.. at the request of Mauvia. Eichard. He was numbered among the Saints by Clement XIII. Jerome 2Emiliani. under the emperor Decius. the birthday of the holy martyrs Denis. and Cyriacus. his feast being assigned to the 20th of July.FEBRUARY. mise of St. At Constantinople. who reposed in the Lord on the 17th of December. who slept in the Lord on the 8th of this month. Also. in Tuscany. ^ OT.

who At Milan.42 FEBRUARY. of the Order of St. the commemoration of the holy martyrs. bishop and conAt Verdun. In the same city. the birthday of the abboc St. H3intJ) A Dap of jfe&ruatp. He is mentioned on the 28th of Janu- ary. who had all her teeth plucked out by the persecutors. near Limoges. then having constructed and lighted a pyre. Peter. virgin. Juventius. the bishop St. a bishop fessor. who. Stephen. renowned for miracles. " T Alexandria. founder of the Order of Grandmont. cardinal uninjured. Paul. At Pavia. bishop and doctor of the church. Cyril. because he passed through fire miracles. celebrated for his virtues and In the monastery of Vallumbrosa. bringing the letter of pope St. in the time of king Cabades. unless she repeated certain impious words after them. Honoratus. the birthday of St. in the reign of Decius. tery of Dins. strenuously labored in preaching the Gospel. Benedict. Deliberating awhile with her- . St. In Persia. were barbarously killed for their defence of the Catholic faith. At Muret. Felix against Acacius. St. blessed and bishop of Albano. Apollonia. they threatened to burn her alive. surnamed Igneus. in France. of the Congregation of Vallumbrosa. the demise of St. who were put to death by various kinds of torments on account of their faith in Christ.

Sabinus. and ascending to heaven. fessor. bishop and contus. In Africa. 43 she suddenly slipped from their grasp. thevirgin. Benedict. and feeling an inspiration of the Holy Ghost. bishop of Rouen. marplace. St. Also at Rome. Cfte Centf) Dap of JFe&ritarp. St. At Rome. and thirtyeight others crowned with him. martyr. saw abbot. the holy martyrs Zoticus. deacons. . At Solum. Nicephorus. At Canossa. St. In the monastery defending of St. willing the passion of the holy martyrs Alexander. The very authors voluntarily into the fire which they had prepared. in a village called Lemelis. In the same on the Lavican road. Vandrille. Hyacinthus. At Rome. St. in Cyprus. a whose ^ soul her Cassino. Ansbert. ten holy soldiers. brother. At Antioch. on the Appian way. of St.Scholastica. AN Mount St. the holy martyrs Primus and Dona- who were killed by the Donatists for an altar in the church. Soteres. the holy martyrs Ammonius and Alexander. under the emperor Valerian. virgin and martyr.FEBRUARY. and Amantius. tyrs. who was beheaded and thus received the crown of martyrdom. of her death were struck with ter- ror at the sight of a to die than they to woman who was more condemn her. in Apulia. who was descended of a noble Irenaeus. leaving her body in the form of a dove. rushed self.

and confessor. in France. a virgin renowned for miracles. the commemoration of many holy martyrs.44 FEBRUARY. a priest. St. At Maleval. At Adrianople. St. bishop. and their companions. who. a hermit. bishop in the diocese of Siena. the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary Immaculate. Lucius suffered much from the Arians under Constantius. In Africa. Christ set at Ambrose testifies. during the persecution of Diocletian. Cfte { ^ (ZBIetoentft Dap of jFe&ruarp. Ampelius. under the proconsul Anolinus. refusing after their apprehension to deconformably to the imwere given over to most painful torperial edict. she was for a long time cruelly buffeted. In Campania. assembled for Mass. William. Austreberta. In the diocese of Roueu. she was struck with the sword. and liver the holy Scriptures. In Numidia. and joyfully went to her heavenly spouse. but for the love of naught the consular and other dignities of her family. After she had overcome various other torments. when they were seized by the soldiers and put to death. Dativus. St. Silvanus. and his companions. T as was their custom. in the same persecution. They had. ments and slain. Lourdes. On her refusal to sacrifice to the gods. the birthday of the holy martyrs Saturninus. . the holy martyrs Lucius. Felix. race. as St.

At Lyons. on Mount of the Founders logue of the Saints. St. St. St. St. just then anathematized in the Council of Sardica. and as the people joined them together in the same veneration after death. bishop and confessor. being racked. In Africa. At Chateau-Landon. After a most austere kind of life. was delivered from a long sick- In Egypt. Jonas. St. Calocerus. in the time of the emperor Diocletian. Lazarus. eminent for virtues. Eulalia. Milan. received the glorious crown of martyrdom. Leo. in Spain. torn with iron hooks. St. virgin. and crucified. by whose prayers the Christian king Clovis ness. Castren- bishop. Cfte Ctoelftft Dap of TN Senario. sis. The others. who. Ravenna. cast into the fire. and martyr. Damian.FEBRUARY. they died a death precious in the Lord. bishop. Severin. As one spirit of true fraternal love united them in life. the seven Holy Order of Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. placed them together in the cata- Tuscany. At Capua. XIII. St. 45 terminated his martyrdom in prison. who were among the principal citizens. At At St. At Barcelona. Desiderius. bishop of Vienne. with a reputation for merits and prodigies. refusing to communicate with the Arians. a monk. abbot of the monastery of Agaunum. soldier and . were condemned to capital punishment by Count Philagrius.

Anthony. At Carthage. Benignus. Constantinople and went His virtues have been highly extolled John Chrysostom and St. the holy martyrs Modestus and Julian. bishop and confessor. At Antioch. St. after many sufferings. finally died at At Constantinople. deacon and martyr. Polyeuctus. virgin. pope .. At St. Julian. who strenuously the impiety of Leo the Isaurian. At Meletine. St. At Verona. in the time of the emperor and the governor Quinctian. a bishop. Luke. Todi. Modestus. Cfie C&irteent!) A Dap of Jfe&ruarp. St. St. in the Acts of the At Ravenna. martyr. St. who. At Alexandria. martyr. St. Apostles. Maura. were transpierced with a sword. Gaudentius. who often suffered exile for the Catholic faith. by St. martyr. who endured many afflictions. the holy prophet Agabus. Gregory II. martyr. the holy children Modestus and Ammonius. of whom is made by St. Meletius. the Saints Decius. and to his reward. a bishop in the time of the emperor Leo VI. in the persecution of the same Decius. obtained the crown of martyrdom. Boniface to preach the Gospel in Germany. St. T ** mention Antioch. At Benevento.46 FEBRUARY. Gregory of Nyssa. At Lyons. and sent opposed St. and thus ended their martyrdom. Fusca. and her nurse. in Armenia. At At Rome.

prefect of the city. in Tuscany. a venerable for his sanctity. Stephen. St. on -" the Flaminian road. replenished with heavenly gifts. At Teramo. was taken out of his dungeon in the dead of night and beheaded by order of Placidus. the abbot St. Dominic. who was scourged. She died rich in virtues and merits on the 2d of this month. the holy martyrs Ephebus and Apollonius. Felicula. in the time of the emperor Claudius. of the Order of St. Catharine de Ricci. St. in- scribed on the catalogue of holy virgins. whom pope Benedict XIV. the holy angels were present and visible to all. . Also. At Kieti. was beaten with clubs and beheaded. Cfte jFoutteentfi A Dap of T Rome. tine. and as he remained unshaken in his faith.FEBRUARY. In the same place. a man of wonderful patience. At Prato. at whose is death. the demise of the holy bishop Lucinius. but her festival is celebrated on this day. bishop and confessor. 47 man Angers. were arrested Proculus. Valen- bishop and martyr. At Lyons. whilst watching by the body of St. Valentine. Stephen. the birthday of blessed Valentine. who. the holy martyrs Vitalis. a Floren- tine virgin. St. priest and martyr. and Zeno. who after having cured and instructed many persons. as related by the blessed pope Gregory. committed to prison. at Rome.

St. withdrew into a solitude of the neighborhood. lector. exorcist. In Bithynia. A short Christ. he passed calmly to his repose in God. the Saints Denis and Ammonius. Agatho. Agape. who received the triumphant crown of martyrdom after many glorious combats for the faith of A T At Rome. who were beheaded. At Ravenna. the birthday of the holy martyrs . celebrated for holiness. sword by the command of the ex r At Alexandria.48 FEBRUARY. the holy martyrs Bassus. and martyr. time after being baptized wT ith his wife and all his household by the holy bishop Valentine. the abbot St. Also. and Protolicus. Eleuchadius. by the deliverance of possessed persons. Auxentius. abbot. who were cast into the sea. Also. Bassian. St. where. In the same city. the holy martyrs Cyrion. martyr. Craton. St. in the time of the emperor Adrian. Anthony. daily glorified His body is and particularly by many miracles. he was put At Teramo. Anthony. virgin to death with them. who perished in the flames and took their flight to heaven. and Moses. At Sorrento. priest. Cfte Jftfteentj) Dap of ^ Brescia. St. when the monastery' of Monte Cassino was devastated by the Lombards. who. and put to the consul Leontius. bishop and confessor. the birthday of the holy martyrs Faustinus and Jovita.

and confessor. whose death was precious in the sight of God. the Translation of St. St. Decorosus.FEBRUARY. of whom St. he was buried in that city. Paul wrote to Philemon. she was first severely scourged by her to suffer own father. deacon. virgin. rrHE birthday of blessed Onesimus. St. vergne. in Campania. Juliana. Evilasius. but his body was afterwards carried to the place where he had been bishop. and Lucius. Under the emperor Maximian. He made him bishop of Ephesus after St. Quinidius. in Autioch. 49 Saturninus. St. In . Cfte Sfeteemfi Dap of jFe&ruatg. Joseph. Castulus. Georgia. Finally. as a fiery furnace and a terminated caldron of boiling oil could do her no injury. St. and stoned to death for the faith of Christ. bishop In the province of Valeria. then made the prefect. Severus. At Cumse. St. At AnAt Clermont. bishop. as is shown by fre- quent miracles. At Capua. that by his tears he recalled a dead man to life. Being led a prisoner to Kome. she encountered the evil spirit in a visible manner. virgin and martyr. she her martyrdom by decapitation. a priest. concerning whom the apostle St. At Vaison. in France. Gregory says. Later being thrown into prison. Timothy. and committed to him the office of preaching. whom she had refused to marry. many torments by Africanus. Magnus.

a Cappadocian. St. martyr. Seleucus. who of their own accord served the confessors of Christ condemned to labor in the mines of Cilicia. ** the passion of St. . Isaias. St. At Csesarea. whom forty-four others followed to receive the crown of martyrdom. a native of Piacenza. who had been victorious in several combats. won the crown of martyrdom. the one by fire. Cfie Setoenteentf) Dag of AT Kome. and after being cruelly tortured by the governor Firmil- under the emperor Galerius Maximian. Egyptians. with five Christians. in Palestine. In Persia. Egypt. were put After them. Faustinus. made generous efforts for the recovery of the Holy Land.50 FEBRUARY. blessed Gregory X. and governed the Church in the most holy manner. He held the second Council of Lyons. but were arrested on their return. Julian. St. who was elected Sovereign Pontiff while he was archdeacon of Liege. received the Greeks into the unity of the Church. At Arezzo. the holy thousand other mar- tyrs Elias. and Daniel. ian. the other by the sword. to the sword. during the persecution of Decius. At Brescia. Samuel. being again exposed to torments. in Tuscany. bishop and confessor. Porphyry.. Jeremias. appeased discords among Christians. servant of the martyr Pamphilus. Faustinus. and St. the birthday of blessed Polychronius.

bishop . St. and a relative of the Saviour according to the flesh. bishop of TouIn Ireland. Silvinus. one of the seven Founders of the Order of the Servites of the blessed Virgin Mary. St. who is said to have been the son of Cleophas. in the one hundred and tenth year of his age. Moved by the example of the martyrs. being struck in the mouth with stones. priest and confessor. the birthday of St. Secundian. an aged man. He was consecrated bishop of Jerusalem " A T Jerusalem. the holy martyrs Donatus. in Palestine. stretched out his hands. In the same place. and led to the governor. At Florence. In the territory of Terouanne. At Concordia. with At eighty-six others.FEBRUARY. in the service of the governor Firmilian. and Romulus. who. lifted up his eyes to heaven. Fintan. Julian. was denounced as a Christian. who. confessor. louse. he confessed Christ with constancy. Theodulus. and martyr. Simeon. partakers of the same crown. Caesarea. was fastened to a cross. St. blessed Alexius Falconieri. who. St. and expired. who had him consumed with a slow fire. Cfte OBigftteentft Dap of jFe&ruarp. a Cappadocian. 51 bishop of Babylon. and thus by a noble victory merited the palm of martyrdom. be- cause he had kissed the relics of the martyrs. terminated his blessed career in the consoling presence of Jesus Christ and the angels.

and Praepedigna. and being banished. the holy bishop Flavian. who for having defended the Catholic faith at Ephesus. In Africa. Helladius. Fructulus. St. At Ostia.52 FEBRUARY. the brother of our Lord. James. Gabinus. Rutulus. . after St. At Toledo. he consummated his martyrdom. after having endured many torments. priest and brother of the blessed pope . ended his life within three days. ing loaded with chains and kept a long time in prison " I T Rome. Their remains were cast into the river.Caius. the wife of Claudius. By the order of Diocletian. the holy martyrs Maximus and his brother Claudius. and Maximus. Cfte jQineteentf) Dap of jFe&ritarp. Sylvanus. Bemartyr. but the Christians found them and buried them near that city. Classicus. they were apprehended and sent into exile. were astonished that a man one hundred and twenty years of age could bear the torment of crucifixion with such fortitude and constancy. bishop and confessor. Secundinus. with her two sons Alexander and Cutias. At Constantinople. the holy martyrs Lucius. all of an illustrious family. and in the persecution of Trajan. Afterwards being burned alive. even the judge himself. the birthday of St. All who were present. they offered to God the sweet-smelling sacrifice of martyrdom. was buffeted and kicked by the partisans of the impious Dioscorus.

53 by Diocletian. the commemoration of the holy monks and other martyrs. St. lius. a bishop illustrious verted the Lombards and their chief to the faith of Christ. who were barbarously massacred for the faith of Christ Almondhar. who. remaining unhurt. in Phoenicia. Mansuetus. incited to victory by the bishops Tyrannic. and the priest Zenobius. But. At Jerusalem. Silvanus. he obtained the joys of heaven by a precious death. . Zambdas. fessor. together with them. through the interposition of Providence. who con- At Milan. St. and Nilus. At Benevento. and then delivered to several kinds of beasts. under their leader St. They were first lacerated with whips. they were put to death after a long and varied series of torments by the military commander Veturius. and others. by the Saracens. ^ A T Tyre. This glorious multitude were alone. won the palm of martyrdom by Peleus. the commemoration of many blessed martyrs. Marcellus.FEBRUARY. Barbatus. bishop. for sanctity. Julian. bishop and con- C&e Ctoentietft Dag of jFe&ruatg. the holy martyrs Pub- In Palestine. Auxibius. bishop. In Africa. whose number is known to God Under the emperor Diocletian. At Soli. St. they consummated their martyrdom by the torment of fire and by the sword.

At Catania. Sadoth. At Tournai. in Belgium. Saturninus. bishop and martyr. the holy martyrs Pothamius and Nemesius. At St. who were crowned with martyrdom for the At Scythopolis. St. illus- The same day. Leo. in Sicily. bishop. St. bishop Cfie Ctoentp'fim Dap of JFe&ruarp. Severian. bishop creased in proportion to the slanders of the envious. . in Palestine. Fortunatus. because confession of the Catholic faith. At Constantinople. Servulus. and confessor. the birthday of St. bishop. Peter Mavimenus.54 FEBRUARY. who was killed by Damascus. In Persia. Felix. Eleutherius. who deserved by various torments to receive an immortal crown for the confession of their faith. and sixteen others. Secundinus. TN - Sicily. during the persecution of the Vandals. St. Syricius. and by a cruel death purchased for themselves bright crowns. in the reign of Diocletian. St. in Africa. who refused to adore the sun. In the island of Cyprus. trious for virtues and miracles. a successful combat. whose miracles inEucherius. and one hundred and twentyeight others. Eleutherius. of Orleans. At Adrumetum. the holy martyrs Verulus. bishop and martyr. St. the birthday of seventy-nine holy martyrs. some Arabs who visited him in his sickness. in the time of king Sapor.

FEBRUARY. of the Third Order of St. Maximian. whose body miraculously remained incorrupt for more than four centuries. Paterius. St. bishop and confessor. St. At Metz. Abilius. St. Mark. Polycarp. with St. Cf)e Ctoemg'SeconO Dap of THE ciples olis. had been. like your false prophet Mahomet. St. bishop. At Salamis. St. the same Papias says was one of the Aristion. Margaret. in Tuscany. Paschasius. bishop. celebrated for his learning and holy life. 55 he said to them: "Whoever does not embrace the Christian and Catholic faith is lost. It is honored in that . Felix. At Brescia. was the and administered his charge with eminent piety. At Cortona. seventy-two disciples of Christ. Francis. who Peter at Antioch. producing frequent miracles. bishop. in Cyprus. blessed Papias. who barously put to death under the emperor Galerius At Alexandria. bishop of that city. place with great devotion. In Arabia. Chair of St. At Hierapin Phrygia. and St. a disciple of St. Maximian." At Ravenna. the commemoration of many holy martyrs who were barJohn in his old age. where the diswere first called Christians. giving forth a sweet odor. who second pastor of that city after St. bishop. At Vienna. St.

Berscia. At Sirmium. and took possession of the everlasting kingdom.) npELE -* At Faenza. Lazarus. the birthday of seventy-two holy martyrs. St. celebrated for learning and vigil of the apostle St. At Todi. Poly carp. St. In the city of Astorga. His hand was burned with ia hot iron. priest. Cardinal bishop of Ostia. sanctity. By order of the emperor Maximian. for confessing that he was a Christian. led a heavenly life in caves She and dens. but being healed by the power of God. St.56 FEBRUARY. and finally rested in peace. St. he was arrested and beheaded. C&e CtoentH&irD Dap of jfe&ruatp* (In leap-year. At St. who ended the combat of martyrdom in that city. Matthias. monk and mar- tyr. a monk whom the Iconoclast emperor Theophilus ordered to be put to the torture for having painted holy images. because it is transferred to the 2Ath. virgin. At Constantinople. Peter Dainian. under the emperor Decius. In the same place. Florentius. confessor. and by his exhortations led them to the glory of martyrdom. who was baptized by pope St. bishop. At Rome. Sylvester. he painted anew the holy pictures that had been defaced. Romana. St. Matthias is not announced today. Martha. and wrought . and the proconsul Paternus. virgin and martyr. and Doctor of the Church. St. Felix. Sirenus. who with blessed Sebastian converted many to the faith of Christ. At Seville. in Spain. St. the Vigil of St.

the C&e - CtoetttHourt!) 3Dap of jFe&ruarp. and suffered martyrdom for preaching the Gospel. bishop of the England. Also. Cyprian. Matthias. converted to the faith of Christ by St. Julian. Ethelbert. bishop and martyr. Flavian. Victoricus. Lucius. At Rome. In Africa. daughter of the king of Mercia. Treves. (In leap-year. . Sergius. Modestus. Primitiva. the birthday of the Apostle St." and then: "In Judea. Milburga. TN Judea. At Rouen. In England." as marked for the ary. confessors and virgins. and their companions. Augustine. commemoration of many holy martyrs. They were disciples of St. virgin. martyr. bishop and confessor.FEBRUARY. king of Kent. read: (( The twentyfifth day of February. Prsetextatus. Matthias. the holy martyrs Montanus. and suffered martyrdom under the emperor Valerian. St. In St. the 2Ath of February is announced in this manner: "The twenty-fourth day of Febru- The vigil of the apostle St. etc. St. At Caesarea. 57 glorious miracles. who was chosen by lot by the apostles after the Ascension of our Lord in the place of the traitor Judas. martyr. St. St. in whose life Cappadocia. the At passion of St. of a beautiful account still exists." On the 25th.

Serapion. English. in the time of the emperor Maximian. the holy martyrs Donatus. In Africa. his niece. Victor. At Rome. Dioscorus. and their companions. says he saw among the hosts of the Blessed. dom of heaven. who relates of great-grandfather of St.. whom his brother blessed Gregory the Theologian. TN Egypt. Nicephorus. At Constantinople. the birthday of pope St.. At Nazianzus. . Claudian and Dioscorus were burned alive. was hacked into small pieces. St. Herena. the Great. Felix III. and called her to the kingSt. to whom is addressed an epistle of pope Adrian I. Gregory him that he appeared to St. the of our Lord's Precursor.58 FEBRUARY. Serapion and Papias were killed with the sword. At Jerusalem. after having been laid on a heated gridiron and on the fire. and Papias. under the emperor Numerian. Claudian. a man of great erudition and piety. The first two. Justus. Tharsilla. having borne with constancy torments of refined cruelty for the confession of the faith. Nicephorus. the birthday of the holy martyrs Victorinus. were beheaded. bishop. first finding of the head Cfte etoentgsftftf) Dap of Jfe&ruatg. in defence of holy images. Tharasius. Caesarius.

and convicted by divine truth. bishop. was put under arrest. the birthday of the blessed bishop Nestor. whose preaching strengthened and mulFaustinian. which had been in the Council of Nicaea. an aged man held in great honor. and twenty-seven others. the bishop St. At Florence. T Pergen. Conon. and still courageously proclaiming that he would ever remain faith- he was suspended on a cross and thus triumphantly went to heaven. Diodorus. St. tiplied the faithful of that Church. In the same place. Felix. As he confessed the name of the Lord with great joy and freedom. the passion of Saints Papias. Also. he was most cruelly tortured on the rack. Nestor to martyrdom. who. praying night and day for the preservation of the flock of Christ. and subsequently was one of the three hundred and eighteen Fathers who condemned him At Bologna. by order of the governor Pollio. one of his priests. . the holy martyrs Fortunatus. the bishop St. . went to rest in the Lord. Alexander. At Gaza. who preceded St. Porphyry. tainted with heretical impiety. and Claudian. in Palestine. ful to Christ.FEBRUARY. much afflicted during the persecution of Diocletian. and after many sufferings. who succeeded blessed Peter as bishop of that city. St. He expelled from the Church Arius. At Alexandria. in the time of the emperor Arcadius. 59 Cfte Ctoentp*0i*tf) A Dap of jFe&rtiatp. who overthrew the idol Marnas and its temple. during the persecution of Decius. in Pamphylia.

the holy confessors Basil and Procopius. named Eunus. confessor. led and burned alive city. Although he was so afflicted with the gout that he could neither walk. Both were set through the whole At Seville. In the territory of Arcis. As he continued to proclaim his attachment to the faith. because he had reproved those who insulted the martyrs just mentioned. Besas. he was beheaded* fessing Christ. who fought courageously for the . the nation of the Visigoths was converted from the Arian impiety to the Catholic faith. scourged. One of these denied his faith. Home. the birthday of St. whose enlogy was written by St. and At Alexandria. St. Julian.60 FEBRUARY. with the assistance of King Recared. Andrew. In the same city. who carried him in a chair. who was denounced to the judge. Abundius. Cfie Ctoemp*0etoent6 A Dap of jFe&tuatp. the passion of St. in Spain. Bernard. bishop and confessor. holy Fortunatus. by whose preaching and labors. St. Leander. not stand. the birthday of the martyrs Alex^ Tander. martyr. At Constantinople. a soldier. but the other. Antigonus. he was taken before the judge with two servants. in the presence of the people. persevered with Julian in conon camels. in the time of the emperor Leo. Victor. bishop of that city.

abbot. on Mount Jura. Romanus. St. . 61 worship of holy images. whose tomb is made illustrious by frequent miracles. king of the Lombards. by Luitprand. At Pavia. the commemoration of the holy priests. Pupulus. the passion of the Saints Cserealis. who encountered death most willingly by nursing the victims of a most deadly pestilence then raging. and Theophilus. bishop. At Lyons. Augustine. from the island of Sardinia. and other Christians in great number. At Alex rius. deacons. of the bod^ of St. ^ T Rome. They have been generally revered as martyrs by the pious faithful. a man of God. the birthday of the holy martyrs Maca Rufinus. Caius. in the reign of the emperor Valerian. In the same city.FEBRUARY. who was the first to lead the eremitical life there. Baldomer. andria. Justus. and Serapion. the translation. Cfte Ctoetttg*eig!)tJ) A Dap of jfe&ruarp. the demise of St. In the territory of Lyons. His reputation for virtues and miracles brought under his guidance numerous monks.

Heliopolis. two hundred and with arrows by soldiers in the amphitheatre. shut up in a cask and drowned in a marsh near the city of Cea. who. bishop and . she was. and then to be shot dead ROME. St. and thus by and received the St. the birthday of the holy martyrs Leo. Eudoxia. Abun dantius. in the persecution of Trajan. Antonina. the bishop St. At Kaiserswerth. being baptized by bishop Theodotus fortified for the combat. Also. Swidbert. crown of martyrdom. preached the Gospel to the inhabitants of Friesland. St. Albinus. Nicephorus.MARCH. was put to the sword the command of the governor Vincent. in the persecution of Diocletian. Claudius ordered them to dig sand beyond the Salarian gate. martyr. in the time of pope Sergius. martyr. Cfte |T JFim Dap of sixty holy marcondemned for the name of Christ. At MarAt seilles. tyrs.Donatus. For deriding the gods of the Gentiles. Holland. The same day. and to other Ger- manic peoples. and nine others. -who. At Angers. after various torments. the holy martyrs Hermes and Adrian.

St. and the prefect Ulpian. was found as sound and as firmly joined to the head as if it had never been touched by the sword. Simplicius. Absalon. Lindisfarne. and Januaria. At Csesarea. ^ A T Home. Se- cundilla. who were a long time tortured. translation of St. Also at Rome. the Herculanus. who were barbarously killed by the Lombards. St. nor adore a goat's head. the holy martyrs Jpvinus and Basileus. who suffered under the emperors Valerian and Gallienus. holy martyrs. on under the emperor Alexander. . who was beheaded by order Goths.MARCH. in Cappadocia. pope and confes In England. the holy martyrs Paul. bishop of Mercia and sor. the holy martyrs Lucius. At Porto. confessor. a 63 man of most eminent virtue and piety. Gregory relates. of Totila. St. the commemoration of eighty gius. king of the after his decapitation his body. Cfte Second Dap of the Latin road. whose brilliant virtues are mentioned by Bede. and then condemned to capital punishment. abbot. because they would not eat meat which had been offered to 4:he idols. Heraclius. bishop and martyr. Forty days as pope St. and LorIn Campania. At Perugia. bishop. Chad. Siviard. At Rome. At Le Mans. many holy martyrs.

and wrapped in the garment which he himself wore. Luciolus. fessor. and who gloriously triumphed by the death of the cross under the governor Asclepiades during the persecution of Maximian. and their companions. At Brescia. This service gained for Asterius immediately the palm of martyrdom as a reward foi* the honors which he had given to a matryr. and Asterius. Eutropius. bishop and conAt Bamberg. Fortunatus. and as he admitted the accusation in no uncertain tone. His mutilated body was taken up by Asterius on his shoulders. Cunegundes. On the approach of a persecution they went to Calahorra. they were crowned with martyrdom. Marcia. the birthday of the holy martyrs Hermiterius and Cheledonius. the emperor Henry I. Titian. and after enduring many torments there. in Palestine. soldiers in the army at Leon. senator. St. In Spain. Cf)e C&irD Dap of Caesarea. soldiers Cleonicus. The same day. the holy Basiliscus. who preserved her virginity with the consent of her husband. the holy martyrs Marinus. the passion of the Saints Felix. The former was examined " I T by the judge on the charge laid against him by his fellow-soldiers of being a Christian. She terminated a . soldier. a city of Galicia. Also. in order to confess the name of Christ. during the persecution of Valerian.64 MARCH. the empress St. he was beheaded and thus received the crown of martyrdom.

Also. " AT Wilna. Adrian is especially commemorated on the 8th of September. At Nicomedia. when his body was conveyed to Rome. His praises have been published by St. JEtherius. Agathodorus. At Home. son of king Casimir. Leo X. In the passion of the saintly bishops Basil. life rich in 65 meritorius good deeds with a holy death and worked many miracles afterward. whom the Roman Pontiff. Nestor. but being permitted by divine Providence to return to his church. Elpidius. on the Appian road. blessed Casimir. pope and martyr. who endured martyrdom by having their limbs crushed. he suffered martyrdom by decapitation. in Lithuania. Cyprian. Chersonesus. . placed in the number of the Saints. Cfte Jfourtfi Dag of Sgarcfi. during the persecution of Valerian. Also. who were buried in the same cemetery as St. nine hundred holy martyrs. who was drowned in the sea with twentyseven others. on the Appian way. Lucius. The same day. the birthday of St. who was first exiled for the faith of Christ. Capito. in the reign of the emperor Diocletian. Caius. St. and Arcadius.. and Photius. Cecilia. Cyril. St. the holy martyr Adrian and twenty-three others. a member of the imperial household. after having combated the Novatians. the matryrdom of the Saints Archelaus. at Rome. Ephrem. Eugenius.MARCH.

Francis of Assisi and St. is still manifested to the people in our days for if any one stung by a serpent. and he is immediately cured. bishop. Peter of Alcantara. received the crown of martyrdom. in Palestine. the anchoret St. who was conspicu- ous by his wisdom and the purity of his life. the birthday of the martyr St. That triumph . officer of the imperial palace. who. martyr. in the persecution of Diocletian. in Palestine. Promoter and first Provincial of the Italian branch of the Order of Discalced Minorites of St. The same day. At Ca3sarea. touches with faith the door of the martyr's basilica. Phocas. on the banks of the Jordan. Adrian. by emulating the virtues of St. and nine others. At Naples. who triumphed over the old serpent after many injuries which he suffered for the name of the ReA deemer. St. Theophilus. the decease of St. C6e JFiftJ) Dap of ^ T Antioch. He was canonized by pope Gregory XVI. At Csesarea. St. Also in Palestine. John Joseph of the Cross. . being first exposed to a lion for the faith of Christ and then killed with the sword by order of the gov- ernor Firmilian. the power of the venom disappears. became a new ornament of the Seraphic Order. who.66 MARCH. Gerasimus. in the time of the emperor Severus. who lived in the time of the emperor Zeno. Peter of Alcantara. the passion of the holy martyrs Eusebius.

Also. who received the crown of immortality by being killed under Trajan for the glory of Christ. bishop. fell on his knees. 67 Cfte Stetft Dap of fTIHE feast of the holy martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas. where they ended the pilgrimage of life. in Spain. with Claudian and his wife Bassa. St. St. subjected to many torments during three years and were then thrust into prison. the birthday of the holy martyrs Victor and Victorinus.MARCH. in the time of the emperor Decius. and by word and example governed with great holiness the church entrusted to his blessed Ollegarius. Sylvester. the passion of forty-two holy martyrs. in Flanders. where they received the palm of martyrdom after a valiant combat. who was consecrated by pope St. who. Basil. and taken to Syria. bishop and martyr. who was first a canon. St. Conon. Colette. St. and after- wards bishop of Barcelona and archbishop of Tarragona. At Barcelona. At Constantinople. At Bologna. who were. Marcian. being compelled to run before a chariot with his feet pierced with nails. departed for heaven. martyr. and breathing a prayer expired. Evagrius. . virgin. who received the glorious crown of martyrdom on the 7th of this month. who was elected the Catholics in the reign of Valens. At Ghent. and bishop by being exiled by that emperor. who were arrested in Amorium. St. In Cyprus. care. At Nicomedia. At Tortona.

At Tuburbum. Francis. she list was inscribed on the of the Saints by the Sov- ereign Pontiff. by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. illustrious by the nobility of his birth. her execution was deferred. confessor and doctor. and his knowledge of theology. the sanctity of his life. restored the primitive discipline in a great number of monasteries of Nuns of the Second Order. Eubulus. St. . and performed innumerable miracles. until after her delivery.68 MARCH. declared him heavenly patron of all Catholic schools. according to the laws. prison Saturninus. As she was adorned with heavenly virtues. and when exposed to the With them suffered Revocatus. beasts. in Mauritania (Barbary). being with child. at first professed the rule of the Third Order who of St. the birthday of the Saints Perpetua and whose festival is kept on the 6th of this month. of the Order of Preachers. near Terracina. Severus. and Secundulus. the monastery of Fossanova. and afterwards. Thomas of Aquin. At Caesarea. . she rejoiced. This last died in all the others were delivered to the beasts. in Palestine. and whilst she was in labor she mourned. Augustine relates that Felicitas. Leo XIII. Pius VII. in the reign of the emperor Felicitas. Cfte Setoenti) Dap of TN * St. the passion of St.

refused to sacrifice to the idols As they firmly when they were ap- prehended and brought before the judge. who for the St. in Spain. a city of Egypt. being mangled by the lions. and there closed his life. surnamed the Simple. declared him heavenly patron of hospitals and the infirm. were barbarously dragged through the city. bishop. he was the last of all those who received the crown of martyrdom in that city. Also. St. Two days after the latter. bishop Paul. the birthday of the holy martyr Phile- mon. and killed with the sword. bishop.MARCH. Pope Leo XIII. St. an exile. in the same place. Adrian. and the deacon Apollonius. and finally consummated their martyrdom by the edge of the sword. and confessor. Cfte (Eigfttf) Dap of ^ A T Granada. St. Their . Theoticus and three others. 59 the companion of St. cele- brated for his mercy to the poor. the passion of the Saints Arian. John of God. founder of the Order of the Brothers Hospitallers. in Egypt. and his contempt of self. Paul. In Thebais. Gaudiosus. At Antinous. St. who was driven into exile for the worship of holy images. who were submerged in the sea by order of the judge. At Nicomedia. Theophilus. also died same cause At Brescia. they had their heels transpierced. governor. At Pelusium.

St. most celebrated for his sanctity and learning. they ended their martyrdom by having their limbs crushed. At Nicomedia. Urbanus. Felix. At Toledo. Quinctilis. the demise of blessed Julian. In England. bishop. and being condemned to spend the night naked. and Mamillus. Cfte Ji3imj) A Dap of " T Rome. Felicitas. a widow. renowned for her noble extraction. under the gov- ernor Agricolaus. docia. Africa. bodies were brought to the short by dolphins. the Saints Cyril. miracles. and composed an excellent history of his life and martyrdom. deacon of bishop St. in Armenia. Rogatus. and the gift of St. St. Cyprian. Pontius. he merited the crown of life. the birthday of forty holy soldiers of CappaAfter being loaded with chains and confined in foul dungeons. during the coldest part of winter. Felix. Frances. bishop and martyr. Herenia. where their bodies were benumbed and laid open by the frost. Sylvanus. Beata. on a frozen lake. in the time of the emperor Licinius. At Sebaste. in Spain. bishop and confessor. At Carthage.70 MARCH. holiness of life. The noblest of them . who converted the East- Angles to the faith. St. another Kogatus. after having their faces bruised with stones. By ever glorifying God in his own Also in sufferings. who remained in banishment with him until his death. bishop.

in the time of the emperor Theodosius. the saintly bishops Cyril and Methodius. At Barcelona. distinguished by his life and preaching. St. bishop. of this month. who were crowned with a glorious martyrdom. At Bologna. At Nyssa. in Spain. Gregory. in his book of the holy martyrs Caius . the demise of St. the birthday T and Alexander. greatly Her Dap " A of Sebaste. as is related by Apollinaris. In Moravia. At Apamea. He was expelled from his own city for having defended the Catholic faith during the reign of the Arian emperor Valens. in Phrygia. illustrious by the holiness of her honored in that city. the bishop St. Basil and other Fathers Their feast is kept on the tenth in their writings.MARCH. bishop of Hierapolis. Clare. Leo XIII. body is St. Their glorious triumph has been celebrated by St. in Armenia. of the Order of life. He ended his career in extreme old age. Catherine. forty holy martyrs. brother of blessed Basil the Great.who brought to the faith of Christ many nations in those regions with their kings. 71 were Cyrion and Candidus. during the persecution of Marcus Antoninus and Lucius Verus. whose life and erudition have rendered him illustrious. Pacian. prescribed that their feast should be celebrated on the seventh of July. virgin.

the passion of the Hera Candidas Piperion. and Crescens. the holy martyrs ^ Tmus. but to suffer a . Vicon whose festival St Angnstine delivered a dmto his people. the abbot St. who were slain with the the governor Jason. tor.78 holy martyrs Codratns. r. the holy martyrs. Attalaa. At Alexandria. Cv :: A Carthage. Cyprian. the martyr St. In Africa. and twenty others the holy martyrs tained crowns of glory. St. some of whom by MVrimiaii were laid on At Lao- net to be burned to death. At Antioeh. after onnents. At Jerusalem. Panl. at whose request the holy of Bobio. Denis.

far the persecution of the Saracens. martyr. the bishop St. nowned for miracles. because in writing of their combats for the faith. At Milan. confessor. Eulogius. a priest. Also at Borne. others were subjected to different horrible torments. At Xicomedia. Also. Benedict bishop. At Sardis. and called the Apostle of England. by order of . St. the Saints Gorgonras and Firmos. the abbot St Finnin.Gregory. St. In the diocese of Amiens. St doctor of ^ Tthe Chnrch. St. chamberlain of the emperor Diocletian. At Babncnm. At Cordova. he was. in Campania. who was banished by the Iconoclast emperor Michael for the worship of holy images. and the conversion of the English to the faith of Christ was snrnamed the Great. the passion of the blessed martyr Peter. Peter. confessor. pope and eminentillustrious who on account of his deeds. St. At Carthage. who deserved to be associated with the martyrs of that city.73 time. Euthjmins. For complaining openly of the atrocious torinflicted on the martyrs. Sophronius. St Mamflian. the bishop St. re- Cftr Ctoelftfi Dap of A Rome. and won the palm of martyrdom. At Jerusalem. Constantine. He consummated his martyrdom dnring the reign of Theophilns. he had envied their happiness.

emperor. in Egypt. At St. overwhelmed with afflictions. St. where. the holy martyrs Theuseta. priest. his wife Patritia. virgin dom by . one by one. he breathed his last and wrought At Capua. who gave up great wealth to embrace poverty in the monastic state. he was burned on a grate over a slow fire. and their daughter Modest a. Theophanes. the martyr St. A T Nicomedia. who were burned to death for Christ. Nimphodora. the holy martyrs Rudericus.74 MARCH. Egfaith. and martyr. At Cordova. and Arabia. many miracles. Marcus. St. to terrify those who remained. Christina. priest. Theodora. first suspended and a long time scourged. In Persia. terminated his martyrbeing precipitated into a river. bishop and confessor. Sabinus. At Constantinople. salt and vinegar being rubbed into his wounds. then exiled in Samothracia. then. his son. the Peter's name and dunus. who after many sufferings. In the same city. Cfte Cfnrteentf) Dap of ^ the birthday of the holy martyrs Macedonius. At Hermopolis. on successive days. and seven others. St. Bernard. who were strangled By Leo the Armenian he was kept in prison two years for the worship of holy images. Thus did he become truly the heir of St. and Horres. At Mcsea. and Solomon.

he opposed firmly the Iconoclast emperor Leo the Armenian. Euphrasia. After a detention of nine months they all fell by the sword of Nero. St. the patrician St. Cfte Jfoiicteemj) A Dap of T Rome. In defense of the traditions of his forefathers and of the worship of sacred images. In the province of Valeria. and departed for the king- dom of God. of martyrdom in the persecution of the Vandals. and though dead. for the confession of the faith. and martyr. At Camerino. whilst he was kept in the Mamertine prison with his fellow- " apostle St. by whom he was sent into exile. 75 Constantinople. Paul. at Rome. virgin. who were hanged on a tree by the Lombards. bishop tyrs Peter and Aphrodisius. a deacon of the church of Marsico was beheaded for the confession of the faith. St. the birthday of forty-seven holy martyrs. who obtained the crown erously confessing the faith. Peter. king of Arabia. In the same persecution. the holy marLeo. were heard singing psalms even by their enemies. Ansovinus.MARCH. St. and confessor. In Africa. bishop In Thebais. after most gen- Also. the bishop St. At Carrha3. Eutychius and his companions. where he underwent a long mar- tyrdom of fourteen years. who were baptized by the apostle St. in Mesopotamia. two saintly monks. Nicephorus. who were killed by Evelid. .

. who suffered under Decius. a disciple of the Apostles. St. at whose death the martyrs Juvenal and Eleutherius were present. At Cordova. Matrona. Longinus. At Bieti. who governed the Church of God with great vigilance. . Speciosus. mother of the emperor Otho I. the bishop St. In Egypt. Being at last beaten to death with heavy clubs. Cfie JFifteentf) Dap of ^ A T Csesarea. in At Halberstadt. she gave up her pure soul to God in confessing Christ. St. who. At Rome. the soldier who is said to have pierced our Lord's side with a lance. and stealing away daily to the church to pray. The same day. a dyer.76 MARCH. Menignus. under the emperor Diocletian. servant of a Jewess. the birthday of St. At Borne. was detected by her mistress. The same day. the demise of the blessed queen Matilda. virgin and martyr. seeking diligently for the remains of the holy martyrs. Leocritia. merited to be made a martyr himself. the martyrdom of St. Meander. and renowned for merits. worshipping Christ secretly. At Thessalonica. in Cappadocia. St. Zachary. Aristobulus. rested in peace. who terminated by matryrdom a life spent in preaching the Gospel. Germany. Probus. the birthday of pope St. celebrated for her humility and patience. St. St. and subjected to many trials. who.

Smaragdus. As he became illustrious by his virtues and miracles. 77 a monk. in the time of the emperor Numerian and the his limbs distended with ropes. who was scourged for the Christian faith. by order of Maximian. the holy martyr Papas. and Denis. after to the rack and other tortures. At Vienna. the birthday of the holy bishop Hilary. St. after a long imprisonment. clubs. and twenty others. is kept on the 8th of August. who terminated their Felix.MARCH. then compelled to walk with shoes pierced with nails. the day on which their bodies were taken up by the blessed pope Marcellus and reverently entombed. however. who. the Sovereign Pontiff Pius X. . whose soul his brother saw carried up to heaven. and the deacon Tatian. him Cfie Steteemfi A Dag of T Rome. in Austria. Clement Mary Hofbauer. Their feast. a professed priest of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. At Aquileia. Cyria- cus. torn with iron hooks. and finally governor Beronius. was covered with melted pitch and stretched on the rack. In being subjected martyrdom with Lycaonia. remarkable for his energy in promoting the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Largus. the martyrdom of the deacon St. placed in the catalogue of Saints. to have "" was beaten with beheaded with Largus.

under the governor Marcian. Heribert. Agapitus. martyrs. At Constantinople. At Clermont. St. . he rendered the tree fruitful. then put into a sack with serpents. Paul. bishop At Cologne. and finally bound to a barren tree. Patrick. who afterwards issued orders that the temple of Serapis should be destroyed. Abraham. St. Arimathea. the birthday of St. In leaving this world to go to God. Patrick. bishop and who was the first to preach Christ in that country. bishop. and buried and virtues.78 MARCH. and cast into the sea. St. St. in the reign of the emperor Theodosius. in Auvergne. the martyr St. who took his body down from the cross. in Cilicia. and became illustrious by great mir- At Jerusalem. At Rome. Ephrem. whose life has been written by the blessed deacon and confessor. At Ravenna. acles Ireland. the demise of St. constantly to adore that idol. hermit. Cfte Setoenteenti) Dap of TN * confessor. who was a long time tortured. the Saints At Alexandria. Julian. In Syria. and refusing it in his own new sepulchre. Alexander and Theodore. were cruelly murdered. At Anazarbum. St. a bishop. Joseph of noble senator and disciple of our Lord. celebrated for sanctity. the commemoration of many holy martyrs. who being seized by the worshippers of Serapis.




who was burned


under Constantine


defending the worship


in France, St. Agricola, bishop. images. At Mvelle, in Brabant, St. Gertrude, a virgin of noble birth. Because she despised the world, and

At Chalons,

during her whole life practised all kinds of good works, she deserved to have Christ for her spouse in heaven.

Cfte OBigftteentfi





T Jerusalem, St. Cyril, bishop and doctor, who suffered many injuries from the Arians for the


Often exiled from his church, he at length rested in peace with a great reputation for sanctity. magnificent testimony of the purity of his faith is
given by a general Council, in a letter to pope Damasus. At Caesarea, in Palestine, the birthday of the

who from his own city, where he was bishop, coming to JeruCappadocia, salem to visit the holy places, took upon himself, by
blessed bishop Alexander,

divine revelation, the government of that Church, in the place of the aged Narcissus, its bishop. Some

time afterwards, when he had become venerable by his age and grey hairs, he was led to Csesarea and shut up in prison, where he ended his martyrdom
for the confession of Christ during the persecution of Decius. At Augsburg, St. Narcissus, bishop, who



to preach the Gospel in the Tyrol. Afterwards, setting out for Spain, he converted many

was the

to the faith of Christ at Gerona, where, with the deacon Felix, he received the palm of martyrdom

during the persecution of Diocletian. At Mcomedia, ten thousand holy martyrs, who were put to the

sword for the confession of Christ. Also, the holy martyrs Trophimus and Eucarpius. In England, the holy king Edward, who was assassinated by order of his treacherous stepmother, and became
celebrated for



At Lucca,

in Tus-

cany, the birthday of the holy bishop Frigdian, who was illustrious by the power of working miracles.

His feast



of November,


especially celebrated on the 18th his body was translated. At



Anselm, bishop and confessor.

Cfje Ji3ineteentf)




Judea, the birthday of St. Joseph, spouse of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Pius IX., yielding

to the desires and prayers of the whole Catholic world, declared him Patron of the Universal Church. At Sorrento, the holy martyrs Quinctus, QuincAt tilla, Quartilla, and Mark, with nine others.

Mcomedia, St. Pancharius, a Roman, who was beheaded under Diocletian, and thus received the crown of martyrdom. The same day, the holy bishops

Apollouius and Leontius.
doaldus, a




At Ghent the Saints Lanand the deacon Amantius,

who were sent to preach the Gospel by pope St. Martin, and after their death became illustrious by many miracles. At Civita-di-Penna, the birthday of
Italy, astery, and, after having been the spiritual guide of many servants of God for forty-four years, rested in

blessed John, a from Syria into


of great holiness,

who came where he constructed a mon-


renowned for great






Judea, St. Joachim, father of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, whose festival is kept on the 16th of August. In Asia, the birthday of St. Archippus, fellow-laborer of the blessed apostle Paul, who mentions him in his epistles to Philemon, and to the Colossians. In Syria, the holy martyrs
Paul, Cyril, Eugenius, and four others. The same day, the Saints Photina, a Samaritan, and her sons

Joseph and Victor;

also, Sebastian, military officer, Anatolius, and Photius; Photides, Parasceves and


Cyriaca, sisters, who were all martyred for confessing At Amisus, in Paphlagonia, seven holy

women, Alexandra, Claudia, Euphrasia, Matrona, Juliana, Euphemia, and Theodosia, who were put to death for the confession of the faith. They were



followed by Derphuta and her sister. At Apollonia, the bishop St. Mcetas, who breathed his last in exile, where he had been sent for upholding the worship of holy images. In the monastery of Fontanelle, St.

Wulfran, bishop of Sens, who after having resigned his bishopric and performed miracles, departed out of this life. In England, the demise of St. Cuthbert,
bishop of Lindisfarne, who from his childhood to his death was renowned for good works and miracles.

At Siena, in Tuscany, blessed Ambrose of the Order of Preachers, celebrated for sanctity, eloquence, and miracles.




A"N Mount
in the

Cassino, the birthday of the holy abbot Benedict, who restored and wonderfully extended

West the monastic discipline, which was almost destroyed. His life, brilliant in virtues and miracles, was written by pope St. Gregory. At Alexandria, under the emperor Constantine and the governor Philagrius, the commemoration of the holy martyrs who were attacked and murdered by the Arians and the Gentiles whilst they were in the church on Good Friday. The same day, the holy martyrs Philemon and Domninus. At Catania, St.

After converting

who was consecrated bishop by St. many Gentiles to the faith,

in ex-



treme old age he rested in peace. At Alexandria, blessed Serapion, anchoret and bishop of Thmuis, a man of great virtue, who being forced into exile by
the enraged Arians, went to heaven. In the territory of Lyons, the abbot St. Lupicinus, whose life was resplendent with the lustre of holiness and

Cfte Ctoentg^econD



in France, the birthday of the bishop a disciple of the Apostles. He is said to have been the proconsul Sergius Paulus, who was baptized by the blessed apostle Paul, and left at Narbonne, where he was raised to the episcopal
St. Paul,

T Narbonne,

apostle went to Spain. Having zealously discharged the office of preaching and performed miracles, he departed for heaven. At Terra-


when the

Epaphroditus, a disciple of the Apostles, who was consecrated bishop of that city by the blessed apostle Peter. In Africa, the holy martyrs
cina, St.

Saturninus and nine others. The same day, the birthday of the Saints Callinica and Basilissa, marAn Ancyra, under Julian the Apostate, St. tyrs.
Basil, priest and martyr, who gave up his soul to God after having endured grievous torments. At Carthage, St. Octavian, archdeacon, and of martyrs, who were slain by the

many thousands
Vandals for the


In the same place,

Catholic faith.



bishop of Carthage, who ransomed many captives taken from that city by the Vandals, and performed other good works, after which he went to rest in the

At Osimo,

in the






venutus, bishop.

In Sweden,

St. Catharine, virgin,

daughter of St. Bridget. At Rome, St. Lea, a widow, whose virtues and happy death are related by St. Jerome. At Genoa, St. Catharine, a widow, celebrated for her contempt of the world and her love of God.

Cfie Ctoentp*tftirD




Africa, the holy martyrs Victorian, proconsul of Carthage, and two brothers, of Aquaregia.

Also two merchants, named Frementius, who, bishop Victor Africanus tells us, were subjected to most atrocious torments for their coureageous confession of the Catholic faith, and gloriously crowned under
the Arian king Hunneric, during the persecution of the Vandals. Also in Africa, St. Fidelis, martyr.
St. Felix, and twenty others. in Palestine, the holy martyrs Nicon, Csesarea, and twenty-nine others. Also, the crowning of the

In the same country,


holy martyrs Domitius, Pelagia, Aquila, Eparchius, and Theodosia. At Lima, in Peru, the archbishop St. Turibius, through whose labors faith and ecclesi-

were diffused through America.


astical discipline

Theodulus, priest. At Csesarea, St. Julian, confessor. In Campania, St. Benedict, a monk, who was shut up by the Goths in a burning furnace, but was the next day found uninjured.

At Antioch,


in Spain, St. Joseph Oriol, priest and of the church of St. Mary of the Kings. beneficiary He was remarkable for his love of poverty and his charity towards the needy and the infirm. Distin-

At Barcelona,

guished both in life and after death by the working of miracles, he was placed in the number of the Saints by Pius X.

Cfte CtoentHourti)



the holy martyrs Mark and Timothy, who were crowned with martyrdom under the emperor Antoninus. In the same city, St. Epigmenius,


T Rome,


who consummated


martyrdom by the

sword, in the persecution of Diocletian, under the judge Turpius. Also, at Eome, in the time of Julian
the Apostate, the passion of blessed Pigmenius, a priest, who was killed for the faith of Christ, by being precipitated into the Tiber. At Csesarea, in
Palestine, the birthday of the holy martyrs Timo-

Romulus, Alexander, another and another Denis, who merAlexander, Agapius, ited the crown of life by being beheaded in the perlaus, Denis, Pausides,



secution of Diocletian, under the governor Urban. In Mauritania (Barbary), the birthday of the saintly brothers Romulus and Secundus, who suffered for

At Trent, the martyrdom of the holy child Simeon, who was barbarously murdered by the Jews. He became celebrated for many
the faith of Christ.


At Synnadas, in Phrygia, St. Agapitus, At Brescia, St. Latinus, bishop. In Syria,

St. Seleucus, confessor.

Cfie Ctoemgsfift!)



fTlHE Annunciation of the most Blessed Virgin * Mary, Mother of God. At Rome, St. Quirinus,
after losing his goods, suffering imprisin a dark dungeon, and being severely scourged, was put to death with the sword, and




The Christians found his body in the island of St. Bartholomew and buried In the same city, two it in the Pontian cemetery. hundred and sixty-two holy martyrs. At Sirmium,
thrown into the Tiber.
of St. Irenaeus, bishop. In the time emperor Maximian, under the governor Probus, after undergoing bitter torments, and a painful imprisonment for many days, he was beheaded. At Nicomedia, St. Dula, the servant of a soldier, who was killed for the preservation of her chastity, and deserved the crown of martyrdom. At Jerusalem,



of the



the commemoration of the good Thief, who confessed Christ on the cross, and deserved to hear from Him
these words: "This day thou shalt be with




At Laodicea,

St. Pelagius, bishop,


having endured exile and other afflictions for the Catholic faith under Valens, rested in the Lord. At Pistoja, the* holy confessors Barontius and Desiderius.

In Indre, an island of the Loire, the abbot Hermelandus, whose glorious life is attested by

signal miracles.

Cfte Ctoentp^fctJ)



the Lavican road, St. Castulus, martyr, chamberlain in the palace of the emperor. For harboring the Christians, he was three times


T Eome, on


suspended by the hands, three times cited before the and as he persevered in the confession of the Lord, he was thrown into a pit, overwhelmed with a mass of sand, and thus obtained the crown of

martyrdom. In the same city, the crowning of the holy martyrs Peter, Marcian, Jovinus, Thee! a, CasAt Pentapolis, in Lybia, the birthsian, and others.
day of the holy martyrs Theodore, bishop, Irenaeus, deacon, Serapion and Ammonius, lectors. At Sirmium, the holy martyrs Montanus, priest, and Maxima, who were cast into a river for the faith of Christ. Also, the holy martyrs Quadratus, Theodo-




Emmanuel, and forty others. At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Eutychius and others, who died by the sword for the Catholic faith, in the time of
Constantine, under the Arian bishop George.


same day,

bishop of preached the Gospel to the Saxons.


Munster, who At Saragossa,



Braulio, bishop and confessor.


Treves, St. Felix, bishop.

Cfte Ctoemp*0etoentf)



festival of St.

John Damascene, confessor and

doctor of the Church.


mentioned on the

in Pannonia, St. Alexander, a soldier, in the time of emperor Maximian. Having overcome many tribulations for Christ, and

6th of May.

At Drizipara,

wrought many miracles, he completed his martyrdom by decapitation. The same day, the Saints Philetus, senator, his wife Lydia, and their sons Macedon and Theoprepides also Amphilochius, an officer in the army, and Chronidas, a notary, who were put to death for the confession of Christ. In

Persia, in the reign of

King Sapor, the holy martyrs

Zanitas, Lazarus, Marotas, Narses, and five others, who merited the palm of martyrdom by being bar-

barously murdered.

At Salzburg,

St. Rupert,


and confessor, who spread the Gospel extensively in Bavaria and Austria. In Egypt, the hermit St.

John, a



of great holiness,

who among


was replenished with the

spirit of prophecy,

and predicted to the emperor Theodosius that he would gain the victory over the tyrants Maximus and Eugenius.


JOHN of Capistran, confessor, who is mentioned on the 23d of October. At Caesarea, in

Palestine, the birthday of the holy martyrs Priscus, Malchus, and Alexander. In the persecution of

Valerian, they were dwelling in the suburbs of Caesarea, but knowing that in the city the heavenly

crown of martyrdom was to be gained, and burning
with the divine ardor of faith, they go to the judge of their own accord, rebuke him for shedding the
blood of the faithful in torrents, and are forthwith condemned to be devoured by beasts for the name

At Tarsus, in Cilicia, the holy martyrs Castor and Dorotheus. In Africa, the holy martyrs Rogatus, Successus, and sixteen others. At Rome, St. Xystus III., pope and confessor. At Norcia, the abbot St. Speus, a man of extraordinary patience,
of Christ.

whose soul at
all his

its departure from this life was seen brethren to ascend to heaven in the shape

of a dove.

At Chalons,

Gontram, king, who devoted piety, renounced the pomps

in France, the demise of St. himself to exercises of

of the world,



stowed his treasures on churches and the poor.

90 MARCH. being pressed a vice till his bones were broken. Secundus. as well as reproaches. martyr. by pope St. and Saturus. Archimimus. the martyrdom of blessed Quirinus. TN * in Persia. St. the martyrdom of the holy martyrs Pastor. near Mount Lebanon. the holy martyrs Jonas and Barachisius. under Sapor. was cut in twain . a disciple of Columbau. Eminent in sanctity. Cfte Ctoemg*nmti) Dag of Qparcft. Having endured many severe torments. whose body was opened and his liver plucked out by the Gentiles. who had under his guidance nearly hundred monks. count. king of Persia. At Asti. At Nicomedia. under the Arian king Genseric. under Julian the Apostate. on the Appian way. Mascula. Alexander. the decease of the abbot St. six C&e Cfiittietfi Dag of ^ AT Rome. Barachisius was suffocated by burning pitch poured into his throat. At Heliopolis. who was impris- . St. Eustasius. he was also renowned for miracles. for the confession of the truth. tribune. baptized with all his household. who devoured it like wild beasts. master of the king's household. Jonas. In the monastery of Luxeuil. during the persecution of the Vandals. Victorinus and their companIn Africa. deacon and martyr. ions. Cyril. St. the holy confessors Armogastes. they reached the end of their glorious combats.

Clinius. At Syracuse. St. 91 Under the emperor Adrian. Victor. oned in his house. and whose temples Ozias. the holy prophet Amos. On Mount Sinai. For among other tortures. and. bishop. Regulus. bishop of Aries. the birthday of the holy he cut off the breasts of Christian women by pressing them between the lids of chests. that priest's son. pierced T Thecua. his hands and feet were cut off. Pastor. he the judge Aurelian. abbot. John Climacus. whom with an iron spike. put to death by unheard-of kinds of torments. he expired there and was buried with . the commemoration of many holy martyrs of the Catholic communion. the demise of St. in France. At Constantinople. At Aquino. the priest Amasias frequently scourged. whom the heresiarch Macedonius. At Thessamartyrs Domninus. in the time of Constantius. his tongue was plucked out. St. he was stretched on the rack. At Orleans. bishop and confessor. confessor. and the sword terminated the course of his martyrdom. Zosimus.MARCH. and their companions. lonica. as he perwas delivered to severed in the confession of the faith. At Senlis. St. and seared the wounds with hot iron. Being carried half dead to his native place. St. Cfte A CJnrtg*8m Dap of ** in Palestine.

At Rome. Because he would not cease St. daughter his forefathers. by pope side. deacon. martyr Quirinus. ions. Anesius. Cornelia. who was baptized Alexander. to preach the word of God. during the reign of king Isdegerdes. the holy martyrs Theodulus. was buried on the Appian road at her father's of the blessed St. and their companIn Persia. . the holy virgin Balbina. Benjamin. sharp-pointed reeds were forced under his nails. In Africa. and after overcoming the world.92 MARCH. a thorny stake driven through his entrails and thus he consummated his martyrdom. . Felix.

the passion of St. Venantius. confessor.APRIL. Valery. the abbot St. In Armenia. . St. the bishop St. whose tomb is made illustrious by frequent miracles. who spent many years of his life in solitude. St. In Egypt. sister of the illustrious martyr Hermes. Theodora. At Grenoble. Cfte JFirst Dap of T Rome. under the emperor Leo. the holy martyrs Quinctian and Irenaeus. At Constantinople. and was buried by the side of her brother. under the judge Aurelian. At Amiens. Hugh. on the Salarian road. The same day. Macarius. bishop and martyr. and departed for heaven. with a reputation for miracles. who underwent martyrdom in the time of the emperor Adrian. the holy martyrs Victor and Stephen. who ended his life in exile for the defence of the honor paid to sacred images. a short distance from the city.

After these painful tortures.94 APRIL. Lyons. surnamed the Sinner. Urban. and she was thrown into the sea. SeconD Dap of of the FRANCIS of Paula. At Como. bishop and confessor. because he reproved the governor Urban for sacrificing to idols. As he was renowned miracles. Mary of bishop. he reached everlasting reIn the same city. founder Minims. St. At Caesarea. her sides and breasts were lacerated to the very vitals. In Palestine. who. a virgin of Tyre. who. St. Amphian. St. bishop of that his saintly life . in Palestine. dius. Nizier. By his order. the birthday of the St. Thus through fire and water. and begged of them to remember her when they should be with God. Egypt. the decease of St. was cruelly lacerated and. the passion of St. At city. in the same persecution. Theodopose. AbunAt Langres. martyr for virtues Order of and Saints by during the perthe secution of Galerius Maximian. renowned for and miracles. was set on fire. Cfie T. for having publicly saluted the holy confessors as they stood before the tribunal. was arrested and led to the governor Urban. he was inscribed among Leo X. with his feet wrapped in a cloth saturated with oil. sia. he was plunged into the sea.

gin. the abbot St. they were first detained in prison. with in Sicily. confessor. then cast into the fire. In the England. who was sewed up in a sack with a serpent and a dog. and drowned in the sea. in Scythia. Philadelphus. same country. with a reputation for miracles. and rested in the Lord on the third of April. the martyrdom of the holy virgins Agape and Chionia. the birthday of the holy martyrs Evagrius and Benignus. celebrated for holiness and glorious miracles. At Tyre. the bishop St. the Vulpian. In the monastery of Medicion. bishop of Chichester. At Tomis. they gave up their souls to their Creator whilst praying to Him. Richard. Peter had sent him thither to preach.APRIL. The Sovereign Pontiff. Nicetas. abbess and virAt Palermo. St. of St. surnamed the Black. . Burgundofora. in the time of for the worship of Leo the Armenian. Pancratius. in the East. 95 Cfte CftirD Dap of " A T Taormina. martyr St. on account of his color. Benedict. placed him in the number of the Saints. who suffered much holy images. the gospel of Christ which the apostle St. In St. during the persecution of Maximian Galerius.. St. At Thessalonica. under the emperor Diocletian. As they would not deny Christ. Pius VII. He was of the Order of Minorites. who sealed. but being untouched by the flames. a martyr's blood.

and Theodulus. the holy martyrs Agathopodes. Zozimus. learning and miracles. in the time of the emperor Maximian and the governor Faustinus. Irene. . through Ambrose. of the in Brittany. Cfie Jfotmf) Dap of A T Seville.96 APRIL. St. a bishop eminent ** for sanctity and learning. at the time when the perfidious Arian heresy was widely diffused. a lector. a deacon. who was mighty in word and deed. who for many years combated with invincible courage the heretics that were breaking sacred images. who buried the remains of St. who shed lustre on his country by his zeal for the Catholic faith. bishop whose labors. a monk. Vincent Ferrer. were sea with stones tied to their necks. fessor. In Palestine. almost all Italy returned to the Catholic faith. in Spain. At Thessalonica. fession of the Christian faith. thrown into the Constantinople. Mary of Egypt. At demise of St. who. Isidore. conOrder of Preachers. for the con- At Milan. Plato. St. St. St. the and confessor. Cfte A JFift!) Dap of T Vannes. the anchoret St.of ecclesiastical discipline. and converted many thousands of infidels to Christ. and the observance . At Thessalonica.

one hundred and twenty holy martyrs. In Africa. besmeared with pitch. In the island of Lesbos. the sufferings of five holy martyrs. the emperor Adrian. he ^ A T Rome. Under Antoninus Pius. It was also by his authority. At Ascalon. who. bishop of Constantinople. The same day. were in the church on Easter day. in the persecution of the Arian king Genseric. who condemned Nestorius. Celestin. who governed joyfully endured a corporal death in order to gain Christ. who was flayed alive. At Carthage. martyr. pope and the Church in the time of martyr. Marcellin. St. the birthday of blessed Sixtus. the holy martyrs Platonides and two others. and consumed by fire. was pierced Cfte Stafc Dap of 3pril. who was imprisoned for having concealed the sacred books. murdered The lector. the holy martyrs. and put Pelagius to flight. contrary to the edict of Diocletian. under whom her sisters Agape and Chionia had previously suffered. was pierced with an arrow. through the throat with an arrow. In Persia. and then cast into the fire. pope St. by order of the governor Dulcetius. who was slain by the heretics for defending the Catholic faith. Zeno. At Rome.APRIL. 97 virgin. In Macedonia. St. whilst singing Alleluia at the stand. . the holy martyrs Timothy and Diogenes.

and thirteen others. Calliopius. At In ments. Sinope. in Pontus. martyrs. St. bishop and confesIn Syria. Donatus. Aphraates. Cfie Setoemj) Dap of TN Africa. from the Passion of our Lord to his own time. Rufinus.98 APRIL. and remained till dom. and gained the noble crown of martyr- At Nicomedia. He wrote the history of the Church in a simple style. who lived near the time of the Apostles. He came to Home whilst Anicetus was Sovereign Pontiff. martyrs. St. St. the Arians by the power of miracles. who defended the Catholic faith against St. In Ireland. St. At Verona. the holy bishop Celsus. In Denmark. an anchoret. At Eome. rative the character of those whose lives he imitated. Cyriacus and ten other At Alexandria. Saturninus. an abbot renowned for his saintly life and miracles. St. he was fastened to a cross with his head downward. bishop. the birthday of the holy martyrs Epiphanius. in the time of Yalens. Peleusius. under the prefect Maximian. martyr. Hegesippus. After undergoing other torSt. priest and martyr. sor. who preceded blessed Malachy in the episcopate. that the holy ecumenical Synod of Ephesus was convoked against Nestorius. and delineated in his narthe accession of Eleutherius. two hundred holy Cilicia. . William.

martyr. In Africa. in the time of the emperor Maximian Galerius. Because he reproved the wicked judge publicly for delivering to corruptors virgins consecrated to God. the bishop St. At Como. bishop. At Ferentino. . and thrown into the sea for Christ our Lord. Amantius. the martyr St. St. Asyncritus and Phlegon. tity. who instructed not only the people of his own city and province by the learning and unction with which he preached the word of God. Denis. St. St. His veneration for the Roman Pontiffs was such that he used to read their epistles publicly in the church on Sundays. a man of wonderful sanc- Campania. he was arrested by the soldiers. Maxima. mentioned by pope St. the holy martyrs Januarius.ZEdesius. the holy bishop Perpetuus. brother of the blessed Apphian. but also the bishops of other cities and provinces by the letters which he wrote to them. At Tours. Gregory. in . who are mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans. and Macaria. bishop and confessor. The same day. At Corinth. At Carthage. the commemoration of the Saints Herodion. Redemptus. exposed to the most severe torments.APRIL. Concessa. C6e A (JBfgfttf) Dap of " T Alexandria. He lived in the time of Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus.

At Rome the birthday of the holy martyrs Demetrius. St.100 APRIL. the translation of the body of St. in Cappadocia. Mary Cleophas. he was crowned with martyrdom. bishop. under the Sovereign Pontiff. At Caesarea. who purchased eternal life together. At Amida. At Mons. on whose birthday St. celebrated for mirIn Judea. Concessus. who suffered martyrdom under Julian the Apostate. who melted and sold even the sacred vessels in order to tives. Eupsychius. In Africa. Marcellus. in Mesopotamia. Cfie jQtnti) A Dap of T Antioch. who was one of the first seven deacons. Hilary and their companions. Augustine. At Sirmium. St. At Rouen. / 8T. St. sister of the most Blessed Mary. Augustine delivered a discourse. Mother of God. Martin V. of life and miracles. and with due honors buried in the Church of St. renowned for holiness in Hainaut. Monica. St. mother of the blessed bishop Augustine. MICHAEL'S i \ / -* A C* V Cm Pracr I . St. At Rome. blessed Waltrude. Renowned for faith and miracles. St. At acles. martyr. bishop and confessor. Acatius. the holy Massy litan martyrs. which was brought from Ostia to Rome. at the price of their own blood.. Prochorus. for having overthrown the temple of Fortune. ransom capHugh. bishop. Die. seven holy virgins and martyrs.

To his tomb many were wont to resort for the purpose of prayer. a man remarkable for integrity of life. and subjected to other torments. Alex- ander baptized whilst he was detained in prison. African. of the Order of Discalced Trinitarians for the Redemption of Captives. At Alexandria. under the emperor Decius and the sea. Abraham's ancestors. solemnly canonized him on Whitsunday. celebrated for virtues and miracles. The same day. taken to the deep sea. confessor. who was put to death in Babylon by the Judge of the people of Israel. priest. in the persecution of Maximian. the pope St. the holy and five others. Pius IX. the holy martyrs Terentius. At Valladolid. who. racked. prefect Fortunian. who were scourged. bishop of Antioch. 1862. St. in Spain. Pompey. He was buried in the sepulchre of Sem and Arphaxad. Michael of the Saints. and ordered his festival to be kept on the 5th of penitential spirit. martyrs Apollonius. . Their martyrdom ended by decapitation.APRIL. and their companions. for the and for great love of God. and plunged into it with stones tied to their necks. The prefect Aurelian had them all put in an old ship. St. birthday of many holy martyrs. July. whom At Rome. Macarius. 101 Cent!) Dap of HPHE prophet Ezechiel. were drowned in the In Africa. because he reproved him for worshipping idols.

Church of God and the whole flock of Christ by the many decrees which he issued and the many excellent treatises which he wrote. Barsanuphius. monk and confessor. Isaac. St. an anchoret. St. in the time of Marcus Antoninus Yerus and Lucius Aurelius Cornmodus. . who defended the church entrusted to his care against the fury of the Gentiles. and thus consummated his martyrdom. St. St. he was shut up in a red-hot brazen ox. At Gortina. this good and zealous shepherd rested in peace. Philip. in Crete. St. which was held in his time and which condemned Eutyches through his After having merited the gratitude of the legates. St.--At Nicomedia. and eight soldiers. a bishop. and the wiles of the heretics. whose virtues are recorded by pope St. a bishop most renowned for merit and doctrine. At Gaza. in Dalmatia. At Pergamus. Gregory. At Spoleto. a faithful witness. who was surnamed the Great on account of his extraordinary merits. Antipas. the holy martyrs Ddmnion. Eustorgius. in the time of the emperor Justinian. of whom John speaks in the Apocalypse. He gave the seal of his authority to the ** holy council of Chalcedon. Leo. in Asia. St. Cfie A OElefcenti) Dap of T Rome. pope and confessor. At Salona. Under the emperor Domitian.102 APRIL. a priest. in Paletsine.

he was beheaded. At Fermo. in the persecution raised against Christians by Athanaric king of the Goths. < T Verona. the matryrdom of the bishop "" who governed that Church with great 1 St. in Portugal. Vissia.APRIL. a catechumen. . Ac? cording to St. he rested in peace. in the Marches. who although only idol. who combated vigorously for the Catholic faith against the Arians. bishop. many other Christian Goths were at that time adorned with the crown of martyrdom. At Rome. refused to adore an and confessed Jesus Christ with great After suffering many tortures. St. Julius. on the Aurelian road. and thus merited to be baptized in his own blood. Constantine. and confessor. . the birthday of pope St. fortitude amidst the storms of persecution. Zeno. Sabas. . who was cast into a river after undergoing cruel torments. St. in the reign of the emperor Valens. St. bishop At Pavia. and was crowned with martyrdom in the days of Gallienus. St. After a life of brilliant deeds and great sanctity. Damian. 103 Cfte Ctoelftft . St. a Goth. of . virgin and martyr. At Braga. Dap ' . Victor. Augustine. At Gap. In Cappadocia. martyr. constancy.

and many after various torments. St. At Pergamus. The same upheld it day. bishop of Thyatira. and his sister Agathonica. on the Paschal solemnity. By order of his wicked father he was beheaded be- cause he had refused to receive communion from an Arian bishop. and by strong arguments. Hermenegild. for their blessed confession. in Spain. in Asia. Quincand Dadas. who persecution of Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus. as a remuneration for his faithful confession. there suffered at Rome that remarkable man.104 APRIL. the birthday of the holy martyrs Carpus. whose conduct and immorality he had reproved. crowned with martyrdom in the lent woman. the tillian. who had addressed to the emperors his second Apology in defence of our religion. gild. others. martyrdom of the Saints Maximus. Papylus. In this same persecution. an exceltheir servant. he entered the abode of the blessed. he obtained the reward of a martyr. who was in- carcerated for the confession of the Catholic faith. son of LeoviArian king of the Visigoths. and thus exchanging an earthly for a heavenly kingdom. both as a king and as a martyr. were. C&e I Cintteentft Dap of T "" Seville. Justin the Philosopher. Agathadorus. during the persecution of Dio- . Being accused of professing Chirstianity by the intrigues of the Cynic Crescens. deacon.

Also. St. . bishop and martyr.APRIL. moved by their constancy. St. believed in Christ. who is mentioned At Rome. and Maximus. 105 cletian. resiwith other virgins. Urban. this month. St. Justin. bishop and confessor. At Teramo. St. fessor. on the 13th of tius. martyr. At Rome. an abbot. bishop and con- Cfie Jfourteentft Dap of 3priL feast of St. crowned At Alexandria. At Alexandria. in the theatre. an actor. virgin and martyr. martyr. chamberlain of the prefect. Thomaides. and baptized by pope St. dent sacristan of the church of St. on the Appian way. Fronto. The same day. and decapitated for the true faith. At Ravenna. but also with his blood. One day. St. and encouraged by the vision of an angel. At Lyons. Domnina. he was suddenly converted. The first two being converted to Christ by the exhortations of blessed Cecilia. St. Peter. Proculus. whose life was adorned with sanctity and miracles. But Maximus. and bore testimony to it. St. the birthday of the holy martyrs TiburValerian. were beaten with rods. while mocking the holy rites of the Christian religion. not only by his words. who suffered in the time of the emperor Alexander and the prefect Almachius. Ardalion. Ursus. St. her companions. Lambert. Abundius. and was scourged with leaded whips until he expired.

who suffered under the emperor Adrian.106 APRIL. with seven others. the birthday of the holy martyrs Callistus and Charisius. they had their tongues and feet cut off. Of noble family. the holy martyrs Maxinius and OJympiades. ches. the holy martyrs Maro. Eutychius. who were beaten with rods and whips. Ci)e @>i*teemi) Dap of Corinth. St. and as they persevered courageously in the profession of their faith in the time of the emperor Nero. martyr. and struck on their heads with clubs until they breathed their last. with blessed Flavia Domiwere banished to the island of Pontia for the Being recalled in the reign and having converted many to the faith. Crescens. the birth- " I T . were put to the sword. in Spain. in Lycia. At Perentino. they were put to death in different manners by the of Nerva. in the reign of the emperor Decius. St. Also the holy martyrs Theodorus and Pausilippus. who were cast into the sea. Eutyand Victorinus. The same day. in Campania. ^ A T Rome. Cfie jftfteewft Dap of the Saints Basilissa and Anastasia. At Saragossa. confession of Christ. judge Valerian during the persecution of Trajan. who consummated his martyrdom by fire. who. tilla. At Myra. and thus obtained the crown of martyr- dom. In Persia. they were disciples of the Apostles.

Lupercus. confessor. As she survived city. St. drove the heresy of Priscillian entirely out of Spain. St. the birthday of St. a virgin and martyr who had her body lacerated. and four others. in Tuscany. Mary. Julia. . In the same place. and went to rest in the Lord with a great renown for miracles. who twice confessed the faith of Christ. sus. Benedict Joseph Labre. FructuoThe same day. St. drank of the chalice of martyrdom. Lambert. and her liver plucked out. Pubilus. Caecilian. these torments. in Portugal.APRIL. At Palencia. Optatus. 107 day of eighteen holy martyrs. who. the martyr St. Martial. her breasts cut off. bishop of Av- In Belgium. Leo. Drogo. of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin rauches. Encratis. Urbanus. confessor. it is said. The glory of their martyrdom has been celebrated in verse by Prudentius. the bishop St. Primitivus. Again in the same place. At Braga. St. blessed Joachim. Turibius. in a prison until her ulcerated flesh In the same the Saints Caius and Crementius. Successus. Quinctilian. who with the aid of pope St. Apodemius. who was renowned for his contempt of self and his great voluntary poverty. name Under Dacian. near Valenciennes. Felix. bishop of Astorga. Paternus. Eventius. governor of were all together subjected to torments Spain. Fronto. she was confined putrefied. bore the of Saturninus. At Siena. and persevering in it. they and slain. At Rome.

monks. who was the first to live in the desert of Citeaux. bishop and confessor. the holy martyrs Fortunatus and Marcian. bishop. the abbot St.108 APEIL. IT Cfie OEig&teentf) A Dap of T Kome. Cfie Setoemeemj) Dap of Kome. as is related by St. Innocent. his servant. a senator under the empe ror Commodus and the prefect Perennius. In Africa. At Vienne. At Antioch. pope and martyr. a deacon. St. the birthday of blessed Mappalicus. Robert. the holy martyrs Peter. and who joyfully welcomed St. and many others who were crowned with martyrdom. St. in France. who obtained the palm of martyrdom in the persecution of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Apollonius. In the monastery of Chaise-Dieu. In the same country. a priest. and being commanded to give an account of . and Hermogenes. Cyprian in his epistle to the Martyrs and Confessors. St. in the diocese of Clermont. confessor. St. At Citeaux. the holy martyrs Elias. At Tortona. Paul and Isidore. Bernard and his companions when they came thither. Pantagathus. Stephen. At Cordova. St. Hav- ing been denounced as a Christian by one of his slaves. Anicetus. founder and first abbot of that monastery.

he finally had His mother sufhis throat pierced with a sword. very celebrated for an ardent love of God. bishop of Illyricum. prefect. fered a similar punishment. Illustrious by his holiness of life and his power of working miracles. on Mount Senario. in a pan filled with boiling oil. but. remaining unhurt. . Eleutherius.APRIL. St. and under the same Adrian terminated his glorious combat for the confession of the faith. Calocerus. Eleutherius. At Brescia. blessed Amideus. who. who was converted to Christ by Saints Faustinus and Jovita. priest and martyr. at the conclusion of a discourse against heretics. Perfect. he was cast to the lions. 109 his faith. one of the seven Founders of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. cardinal and bishop of that city. At Milan. who was converted to the faith by and died by the sword. In Tuscany. his mother. and Anthia. gave Moors for inveighing Mahomet. a martyr. At Messina. pitch and rosin. St. Corebus. laid on a bed of red-hot iron. on a gridiron. birthday of the holy martyrs. killed against the followers of Galdini. St. by the St. up his soul to God. St. At Cordova. he composed an able work which he read in the Senate. he was. He was nevertheless decapitated for the Christ by the sentence of that body. In the same place. in the reign of Adrian.

Cfie Ctoentietfi Dap of 3prtU " A T Rome. bishop and martyr. Elphege. The same day. who were tarnspierced with lances. Crescent. Aristonicus. one of the first seven deacons. St. discourses and the miracles of the holy virgin DomiHaving refused to sacrifice to the idols. a bishop. Expeditus. J!2ineteettt!) Dap of first fTlHE birthday of * St. St. Caius. while preaching the word of the Lord at Corinth. who were converted to the faith of Christ by the tilla. crowned on the same tyrdom by At At Collioure. At Canterbury.110 APRIL. illustrious for his virtues and In the monastery of Lobbes. pope St. miracles. in Pisidia. confessor. the holy martyrs Socrates and Denis. day. At Florence. disciple of the blessed bishop Zenobius. Melitine. but remaining uninjured. who died in At Rome. bishop. Leo IX. they .. in Armenia. Paphnutius. At Jerusalem. George. in Spain. Ursmar. he was delivered to the flames by the Jews and the who taught at Berea. Rufus and Galatas. exile for the worship of sacred images. St. the holy martyrs Hermogenes. St. At Antioch. St. the holy martyrs Sulpicius and Servilian. Timon. in England. he ended his marcrucifixion. Afterwards Greeks . martyr. the holy martyr Vincent.

Marcian.APRIL. who suffered martyrdom after undergoing various At Tomis. of the Order of St. At Auxerre. by his preach- ing and the wonderful prodigies. which he still continues to work. Acindinus. Theotimus. At Monte-Pulciano. St. a priest. in Scy thia. the birthday of " A T . Zoticus. St. a virgin. surnamed Trichinas. St. Cfte toemp*fir$t Dap of Canterbury. confessor. In Persia. The same day. Dominic. in England. whose great sanctity and miracles procured him the veneration of unbelieving barbarians. the holy martyrs Victor. Csesareus. in France. Agnes. first bishop of that city. bishop and Doctor of the Church. He was renowned for many miracles. Zeno. in the Trajan. Theodore. who was renowned for sanctity and learning. Severian. St. prefect of the persecution of city. Ill were beheaded by Anian. from the rough hair garment which he wore. bishop. Theonas. Marcellin. but especially for his power over the demons. Chrysophorus. St. and Antoninus. St. trials. Anselm. who by came from Africa with his Vincent and Domninus. celebrated for miracles. and conholy companions divine inspiration verted to the faith of Christ the greatest portion of the inhabitants of the maritime Alps. At Embrun. From his body issues a liquid which imparts health to the sick. The same day.

Fortunatus. the chief of the royal artificers. who suffered under Diocletian. wards Usthazanes. endured martyrdom with great constancy. the king's foster-father. . which was the anniversary of our Lord's Passion. who died in prison. he was confined a long time in a dungeon with one hundred other confessors. and openly and courageously bore testimony to Jesus Christ. who had been converted from apostasy by Simeon. king of Persia. among whom were bishAfterops. At Antioch. After him. Felix. talis. priest. were beheaded before his eyes. and Crotates. Anastasius Sinaita. priests. bishop of Seleucia and Ctesiphon. Simeon. At Alexandria. The day after. the Saints Apollo. This last having encouraged Ananias. As he refused to adore the sun. and ViAlso. the companions of Simeon whom he had feelingly exhorted. having his tongue drawn out through a perforation made in his neck. the holy martyrs Arator. with Pusicius. With him suffered also several distinguished men: Abdechalas and Ananias. his daughter. was put to death. was arrested by order of Sapor. loaded with irons. He St. died a cruel death.112 APRIL. who seemed to falter. bishop. and presented to the iniquitous tribunals. after which he met the same fate. who was a consecrated virgin. St. and clerics of various ranks. Silvius. Isacius. his priests.

among whom was the sister of St. with her maid-servant. the Appian way. who were both killed in a most cruel manner by being tied to stakes and sawed in twain. Among those who then suffered for the faith were the eunuch Azades. who suffered under Severus. Lucas and Mucius. a favorite of the king. Azadan and Abdiesus. many monks and consecrated virgins. In the same city. on St. At Lyons. pope and martyr. under king Sapor. 113 Cfie Ctoentp-0econD Dap of aprfl. with twenty other bishops. deacons. Leonides. and on the anniversary of the Passion of our Lord. deacons. ^ 4 T Rome. who was crowned with martyrdom. and many other clerics Mareas and Bicor. priests. the bishop Acepsimas. who were among the first disApelles ciples of Christ. under At Smyrna. priests. the birthday of the martyr St. the Saints and Lucius. Caius. in the persecution . bishops. the Saints Parmenius. Helimenas and Chrysotelus. . the year following the death of St. called Tarbula. Also in Persia. pope Soter.APRIL. Simeon. and nearly two hundred and fifty clerics. -The same day. whose triumph is related in the Acts of Saints Abdon and Sennen. a bishop renowned for sanctity and miracles. At Alexandria. . were put to the sword for the name of Christ throughout Persia. the birthday of St. with one of his priests named James also Aithalas and Joseph. the emperor Diocletian. many holy martyrs who. Simeon. Milles.

had their legs crushed. At Valence. bishop and confessor. were a long time scourged. Gerard. and after undergoing severe torments. in France. and stifled with smoke whilst stretched on the rack. At Toul. . Marolus. George. a bishop renowned for miracles. consummated his martyrdom. St. At Anastasiopolis. bishop and confessor. St. priest. tyrdom in France. Cfte CtoentH&irD fll Dap of HE birthday of St. his companion. St. Theodore. St. Leo. into prison by the commander Cornelius. and martyr. At Milan. At Sens. and converted the greater portion of that These martyrs were cast city to the faith of Christ. St. who was arrested with Alexander. Fortunatus and Achilleus. Adalbert. bishop of Prague. bishop of that city. of Antoninus Verus. who preached the Gospel to the Poles and Hungarians. and finally died by the sword. Epipodius. the birthday of St.114 APRIL. who were sent there to preach the word of God by blessed Irenseus. whose illustrious maris honored by the Church of God among the combats of other crowned martyrs. bishop of Lyons. were bound to wheels in motion. deacons. In Prussia. bj decapitation. the holy martyrs Felix.

the . 115 CtoentHourtfc Dap of gen. Longinus. who put to death bravely confessed Christ before the judge when he was accused of visiting the Christians in prison. The same day.APRIL. Then he was fas- tened to the gibbet of the cross. were slain with the sword after enduring great torments. in Switzerland. At Rome. the holy martyrs Eusebius. Fidelis of Sigmarin- who was He was by the heretics. however. Neon. he was so lacerated by the cruelty of those who scourged him. Sabas. during the persecution of Verus. during the persecution of Diocletian. In England. of the Order of Capuchin Minorites. a military officer. martyr. Sabas. St. At Lyons. the birthday of St. " AT Sevis. out of was burned with torches and thrown which he came uninjured. in France. and four others. terminated his martyrdom by being cast into the river. Seventy men were converted to Christ at the sight of this miracle. they were put to the sword. Alexander. Benedict XIV. and as they all remained unshaken in the confession of the faith. Leontius. Thirty-four others who suffered with him are commemorated on other days. sent thither to preach the Catholic faith. After being imprisoned. his that his ribs and the interior of body were exposed to view. on which he yielded up his blessed soul. and was placed among the holy martyrs by the Sovereign Pontiff. For this he into a caldron of boiling pitch. St.

Being sent thither by St. in the time of our . bishop. bishop and martyr. bishop. and even by an apparition Lord himself. he was called to the heavenly kingdom in the eighth year of the reign of Nero. Hermogenes. where. disciple He wrote his gospel at the request of the faithful of Rome. Gregory. demise of St. Egbert. St. being arrested for the faith. and was precipitated into the river Orontes. priest and monk. C&e AT Ctoentp-fiftft the Dap of Alexandria. who suffered much from the heretics opposed to the Council of Chalcedon. At Syracuse. being comforted by the visit of an angel. Gregory. Finally he was confined to prison. a man of admirable humility and continency. At Rome. At Brescia. St.116 APRIL. and interpreter of the apostle to he was the Egypt and founded a church first to announce at Alexandria. bishop and confessor. evangelist. St. Mellitus. Honorius. Afterwards. in Spain. and Callistus. St. Stephen. the holy martyrs Evodius. At Kheims. the great Litanies in the church of St. At Antioch. he was bound. and taking it with him. At Elvira. birthday of blessed Mark. the holy virgins Bona and Doda. dragged over stones and endured great afflictions. he converted to the faith the EastSaxons and their king. Peter. where Christ. Peter. In Ireland. proceeded St.

pope who governed the Church the second after the apostle and was crowned with martyrdom in the persecution of Domitian. whose illustrious martyrdom occurred under the emperor Licinius. the birthday of blessed Cletns. in the time of Maximian. ErmiDus. Richarius. In the same city. martyr. Peter. Peter. St. bishop and confessor. At Verona. St. Marcellinus. At Troyes. In the monastery of Centula. the first bishop of that city. At Venice. bishop. At Amasea. priest and confessor. he rested in the Lord. At Braga. St. and Antoninus. Anian. the Saints Philo and Agathopodes. pope and martyr. At Alexandria. Dap " A of T Rome. ExClarence. Cyrinus. St. His body was thrown into the sea. In the same city. At Lobbes. St. through the revelation of an angel. Lucidius. virgin. bishop and martyr. uperantia. St. and nown his successor in the episcopate. the birthday of St. but being found by Elpidiphorus. it was honorably entombed. the bishop St. St. Claudius. With a great refor virtue. who was beheaded for the faith of Christ. St. bishop and confessor. deacons. disciple of blessed Mark. Basileus. in Portugal. .APEIL. in Pontus. 117 of the emperor Zeno. with So great was the persecution at this time that within a month seventeen thousand Christians were crowned with martyrdom.

lest the capital of the world should be devastated under such a bishop. did not de- serve to possess long. Mary of the tiff. the judge ordered some to be beheaded. Tertullian. says St. Jerome. in Cilicia. TheophAt Constantinople. At Lucca in Italy. under Leo the Isaurian. Anthimus. and filled with apostolic zeal. the Saints Castor and Stephen. and finally closed his career peacefully in Meadows. St.118 APRIL. whose festival is celebrated on this day. At Tarsus. the bishop St. us At Bologna. who obtained the glory of martyrdom for " T Nicomedia. bishop At Brescia. who endured many tribulations in Africa in ransoming the faithful. for shortly after his death Rome was taken and sacked by the Goths. man most rich in his poverty. At Tarragona. At Rome. and il confessor. . bishop and tian. Cfie Ctoemp^etoent!) A Dag of the persecution of Dioclethe birthday of St. a virgin renowned for virtues and miracles. and others to be put in boats and sunk in the sea. the demise a of the blessed pope Anastatius. the blessed Peter Armengaudius. blessed Zita. the abbot St. . whom Rome. John. Leo X. of the Order of Blessed Mary of Mercy for the Redemption of Captives. martyrs. Nearly all his numerous flock followed him. who combated vigorously for the worship of holy images. during the faith by decapitation. some to be buried alive. conformably to the decree of the Sovereign Ponthe convent of St. martyr.

he went to his repose in the Lord. Vitalis. At Milan. the martyr St. Founder burning love for Christ crucified. a Christian. delivered her by quickly exchanging garments with her. a man remarkable for innolife and for the spirit of penance. Valeria. father of the saints Gerday vasius and Protasius. the birthof St. At Atino r St.APRIL. and of the Congregation of the Cross and PasConsumed with a sion of our Lord Jesus Christ. and by this kind of martyrdom went to Christ. and after be- ing racked. was the first to preach the Gospel to the inhabitants of that region. At Alexandria. and crowned with her in the persecution . At Ravenna. who was the wife of St. the martyrdom of the virgin St. Dap of PAUL cence of of the Cross. named Didymus. illustrious by his heavenly gifts and the working of miracles. through the ad- mirable providence of God. and thrown into a deep pit. and blessed with a perfect and finished virtue. martyr. 119 Cfte Ctoemp*etgtni) T. was overwhelmed with earth and stones. was led to a place of debauch. He was afterwards decapitated. Mark. Vitalis. and received the crown of martyrdom in the persecution of Domitian. he was arrested by the ex-consul Paulinus. Theodora. When he had taken up and reverently buried the body of blessed Ursicinus. who being made biship by the blessed apos tie Peter. she but. under the governor Maximus. For refusing to sacrifice to idols.

Agapius. Prudentius. Caralippus. faithful minister. In their company. and Eusebius. St. At Tarand mar- At Pelino. martyr. His body was buried at Solmona. Menander. martyrs. same of Diocletian. St. in Cyprus. They suffered in the persecution of Valerian. Tychicus. the saints Aphrodisius. bishop tyr. a dis- ciple of the blessed apostle Paul. in Numidia. suffered JSmilian. and the gift of miracles. Tertulla and Antonia.120 APRIL. Prusa. the birthday of the holy martyrs Agapius and Secundinus. Acatius. illustrious by his charity towards the poor. in Spain. martyr. and fellow-servant in the Lord. bishops. At Cirtha. consecrated virgin. under the emperor Diocletian. in Abruzzo. and Polyenus. Cfte CtoentjMimtft Dag of 3prfl* " AT Milan. during which the enraged Gentiles made every effort to shake the faith of the just. who called him in his epistles most dear brother. Peter. under the governor Eustratius. St. St. Pamphilus. slain by the heretics for the Catholic faith. St. razona. added to the glory of their priesthood the crown of martyrdom. bishop of Valva. who. At Pollio. in Bithynia. At Paphos. soldier. the holy martyrs Patritius. of the Order of Preachers. bishop. and a woman with her . In Pannonia. The day. after a long exile in that city.

in Numidia. 121 twin children. priest. the abbot St. and James. Dominic. St. St. Clement. Jason. In the monastery of Cluny. the birthday of the holy martyrs Marian. deacon. PauIn the monastery of linus. blessed Eutropius. renowned for her life and miracles. At Cor- dova. was again arrested with his illustrious companion. bishop and confessor. after having successfully endured vexations for the confession of Christ. Kobert. The same day. the holy martyrs Amator. of the Order of St. virgin. monk. during which they were twice miraculously comforted from heaven. Peter. and both being subjected to severe and cruel torments. first abbot of the Cistercians. attained to eternal life by martyrdom. being converted to Christ by St. in the persecution of Decius. At Brescia. Molesmes. lector. who was consecrated bishop and sent to Gaul by St. and thus gained a victory by his death. he had his skull crushed for bearing testimony to Christ. . C6e " AT Rome. who. Saintes. seven robbers. At Lambesa. She was inscribed among the canonized virgins by Pius II. After preaching for many years. CfiirtietJ) Dap of St. At finally fell by the sword with many others.APEIL. Hugh. bishop and martyr. Catherine of Siena. The former.

St. gies. the martyrdom of the holy priest Lawrence. At Novara. martyr. among other prodiand Lewis. raised for a short time a dead man from the grave. At Naples.122 APRIL. whom he was educating. priest. brated for in England. At Fermo. a bishop. in the Marches. Donatus. St. bishop. virgin and martyr. in Epirus. the holy martyrs AphroAt Ephesus. and thirty others. who was eminent for sanctity in the time of the emperor Theodosius. in Campania. and some boys. At London. Maximus. disius. who. a bishop celemany miracles. At Evorea. . St. Severus. Sophia. At Alexandria. St. St. in order to convict of falsehood the lying creditor of a widow and her children. who was crowned in the persecution of Decius. Erconwald.

and was buried near the temple. sub- deacon. and to take away from it dust to heal those who were stung by serpents.MAY. he had his legs broken. Being hurled down from a pinnacle of the temple. and thus terminated his life gloriously. he expired. nearly all of the blessed apostles Philip Philip. Cfte jfirst Dap of (HE birthday and James. Polycarp to preach the word of God. and having his head split with a . went to Hierapolis. who is also called the brother of our Lord. w ho was stoned to death by the people at. was the first bishop of Jerusalem. Under the emperor Severus he was scourged with thorny sticks. after having converted Scythia to the faith of Christ. where he was interred. and being then struck on the head with a dyer's staff. St. overwhelmed with stones. blessed Andeol. where he was fastened to a cross. in Asia. St. In France. T in the province of Vivarais. Jeremias. prophet. James. In Egypt. who was sent from the East into Gaul with others by St. Taphnas. Epiphanius relates that the faithful were wont to pray at his grave.

and a multitude of Arian bishops. and after- wards became renowned for miracles. Peregrinus. and after fighting combats. Grata. and Walburge. wooden sword into four parts. St. At Bergamo. St. the holy martyrs Orentius and Patience. against out finding a place of security. At Sion. in Switzerland. of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Athauasius. Spain. however. widow. At Auxerre. At Forli. who was drowned in a well. In England. governors. from the reign of Constantine t. virgin. king of the Burgundians. bishop of that city and Doctor of the Church. he was restored to his church. he courageously defended the Catholic faith. in the time of the emperors . bishop. whose perfidious attacks forced him to wander as an exile over the whole earth withlens. At Auch. bishop and confessor. At Huesca.124 MAY. and winning many crowns by his patience.o that of Va- emperors. Sigismund. Amator. Orientius. Although almost all the world had formed a conspiracy to persecute him. Cfie SeconD Dap of AT ** Alexandria. St. most celebrated for sanctity and learning. the birthday of St. bishop. St. he departed for heaven in the forty-sixth many year of his priesthood. in the shape of a terminated his martyrdom. the Saints Asaph. St. in cross. At length.



Valentinian and Valens.

At Rome,

the holy mar-

tyrs Saturninus, Neopolus, Germanus, and Celestine, who after much suffering were thrown into prison, where they rested in the Lord. Also the holy mar-

and Zoe, his wife, with their sons, and Theodulus, who suffered under the Cyriacus emperor Adrian. At Seville, St. Felix, deacon and martyr. The^same day, St. Vindemial, bishop and martyr, who with the holy bishops Eugenius and Longinus, combated the Arians by his teaching and miracles, and was decapitated by order of king
tyrs Exuperius




is also

Avila, in Spain, St. Secundus, bishop, mentioned with others on the 15th of

month. At Florence, the bishop St. Antoninus, of the Order of Preachers, renowned for holiness and learning. His feast is kept on the 10th of this month.

Cfie CftitD






Jerusalem, the finding of the holy cross of our Lord, in the time of the emperor Constantine. Rome, on the Nomentan road, the holy martyrs

Alexander, pope, Eventius and Theodulus, priests. Alexander was bound, imprisoned, racked, lacerated

with hooks, burned, pierced in all his limbs with pointed instruments, and finally put to death, under the emperor Adrian and the judge Aurelian. Even-



tins and Theodulus, after a long imprisonment were exposed to the flames, and then beheaded. At Xarni,

bishop and confessor. At Constantithe holy martyrs Alexander, soldier, and Annople, tonina, virgin. In the persecution of Maximian, under the governor Festus, Antonina, having been conSt. Juvenal,

demned to remain in a honse of debanch was delivered by Alexander, who secretly exchanging garments with her, took her place. They were, tortnred to?

gether, and both having their hands cnt off, and being cast into the fire, were crowned at the end of

combat for the faith. In Thebais,-the holy martyrs Timothy and his wife Manra. The Arian prefect caused them to be tortured, and then fastened to a cross, on which remaining suspended and alive for nine days, and encouraging each oth^r to persevere in the faith, they consummated their martyrdom. At Aphrodisia, in Caria, the holy martyrs Diodorus and Rodopian, who were stoned to
their noble

death by their fellow-citizens, in the persecution of Diocletian. On Mount Senario, near Florence, the

Sostenaeus and Uguccio, confessors, who responding to a voice from heaven, departed this life on the same day and at the same hour, while

reciting the angelical saluation.



Cfte JFourtf)





Ostia, the birthday of St. Monica, mother of blessed Augustine, who has left us in the ninth

book of his Confessions a beautiful sketch of her At the metal mines of Phennes, in Palestine, life.
the birthday of the blessed Silvanus, bishop of Gaza, who was crowned with martyrdom with many of his

by the command of Ctesar Galerius MaxiniAlso, thirty-

ian, in the persecution of Diocletian.

nine holy martyrs, who were beheaded together after having been condemned to work in the same mines,
to be branded with a hot iron, and to undergo other torments. At Jerusalem, in the reign of Julian the

Apostate, St. Cyriacus, bishop, who was murdered as he was visiting the holy places. In Umbria, St. Porphyry, martyr. At Xicomedia, the birthday of

Antonia, martyr, who, for the confession of

was cruelly tortured, subjected to diverse torments, suspended by one arm for three days, kept two years in prison, and finally delivered to the

flames by the governor Priscillian. At Lorch, in Austria, under the emperor Diocletian and the gov-

ernor Aquilinus, the martyr St. Florian, who was precipitated into the river Enns, with a stone tied

At Tarsus, St. Pelagia, virgin, who endured martyrdom under Diocletian by being shut up within a red-hot brazen ox. At Cologne, St. PauAt Milan, St. Venerius, bishop, linus, martyr.
to his neck.



In the province of Perigord, St. Sacerdos, bishop of Limoges. At Hildesheim, in Saxony, St. Godard, bishop and
to him.

whose virtues are attested by in the epistle which he wrote


John Chrysostom

confessor, ranked

At Auxerre,


the Saints by Innocent Curcodomus, deacon.







T Rome, pope St. Pius V., of the Order of Preachers, who labored zealously and successfully for

the re-establishment of ecclesiastical discipline, the extirpation of heresies, the destruction of the ene-

mies of the Christian name, and governed the CathChurch by holy laws and the example of a saintly life. Also at Home, St. Crescentiana, marIn the same city, St. Sylvanus, martyr. At tyr.

Alexandria, St. Euthymius, deacon, who died in prison for Christ. At Thessalonica, the birthday of the holy martyrs Irenseus, Peregrinus and Irenes,

who were burned


of St. Jovinian, lector. Angelus, a priest of the

At Auxerre, the martyrdom At Leocata, in Sicily, St.
Order of Carmelites, who

was murdered by the heretics for defending the Catholic faith. At Jerusalem, St. Maximus, bishop and confessor, whom the Ca3sar Maximian Galerius condemned to work in the mines, after having plucked out one of his eyes and branded him on the



foot with hot iron.

bishop and confessor.

At Edessa, in Syria, St. EuloAt Aries, in France, St.

Hilary, bishop, noted for his learning At Vienne, the bishop St. icetus, a




for his sanctity.

At Bologna,


Theodore, a bishop

who was eminent

for merits. The same day, St. Sacerdos, bishop of Saguntum. At Milan, St. GeIn the same city, the conversion runtius, bishop.


of St. Augustine, bishop the blessed bishop

Catholic faith,

and doctor of the Church, Ambrose instructed in the and baptized on this day.





Rome, the feast of St. John before the Latin Being bound and brought to Rome from Ephesus by the order of Domitian, he was condemned by the Senate to be cast, near the said gate, into a vessel of boiling oil, from which he came out more healthy and vigorous than before. At Antioch, St.




Evodius, who, as the blessed Ignatius wrote to the people of Antioch, was consecrated first bishop of that city by the apostle St. Peter, and ended his life

by a glorious martyrdom. At Cyrene, St. Lucius, bishop, who is mentioned by St. Luke, in the Acts of the Apostles. In Africa, the holy martyrs Heliodorus and Venustus, with seventy-five others. In
Cyprus, St. Theodotus, bishop of Cyrinia,





ing undergone grievous afflictions under the emperor Licinius, at length yielded his soul to God, when

peace was restored to the Church. At Damascus, the birthday of the blessed John Damescene, renowned for sanctity and learning, who, by both the written and the spoken word, courageously resisted

Leo the Isaurian, in defending the worship paid to sacred images. By order of this emperor his right hand was cut off, but commending himself to an image of the blessed Virgin Mary, which he had de :
fended, his hand entire and sound.

was immediately restored to him At Carrhae, in Mesopotamia, St.
In England,

Protogenes, bishop.

Eadbert, bishop

of Lindisfarne, eminent for doctrine






Benedicta, virgin.

lation of St. Matthew,


Salerno, the TransHis sacred body apostle. from Ethiopia to various




with great


taken to Salerno, and there placed in a church dedicated under

his invocation.

Cfte Setoemi)



Cracow, in Poland, the birthday of St. Stanisand martyr, who was murdered by the wicked king Boleslas. At Terracina, in Cam-



laus, bishop

pania, the birthday of blessed Flavia Domitilla, virgin and martyr, niece of the Consul Flavius Clemens.



She received the religious veil at the hands of St. Clement, and in the persecution of Domitian was
exiled with


others to the island of Pontia,

where she endured a long martyrdom for Christ. Taken afterwards to Terracina, she converted many to the faith of Christ by her teaching and miracles. The judge ordered the chamber in which she was with the virgins Euphrosina and Theodora, to be set on fire, and she thus consummated her glorious martyrdom. She is also mentioned with the holy martyrs Nereus ad Achilleus, on the 12th of this month. The same day, St. Juvenal, martyr. At Nicomedia,





and Augustine, brothers. In the same city, St. Quadratus, martyr, who was frequently tortured in the persecution of Decius, and at last decapitated. At Rome, St. Benedict, pope and confessor. At York, in England, St. John, bishop renowned for his saintly life and miracles. At Pavia, the bishop
St. Peter. St.

At Rome, the

translation of the body of

martyr, which was brought from Constantinople to Rome, and laid in the sepulchre of the martyr St. Lawrence in the field of Verano, where it is honored with great devotion by the
Stephen, the
pious faithful.







AN "

Mount Gargano,
St. Michael.


the apparition of the ArchAt Milan, the birthday of the

holy martyr Victor, a Moor. He became a Christian in his youth, and served as soldier in the imperial

wished to force him to offer he persevered with the greatest fortitude in the confession of the Lord. Being first beaten with rods, but without experiencing any pain, through the protection of God, and then having melted lead poured over him, which did him no injury whatever, he at length terminated the career
sacrifice to idols,

When Maximian

of his glorious

martyrdom by being beheaded.


Constantinople, in the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian, St. Acathius, a centurion, 'who, being denounced as a Christian by the tribune Firmus, and


cruelly tortured at Perinthus by the judge Bibian, finally condemned to death at Byzantium by the



His body was afterwards

miraculously brought to the shore of


it is

preserved with due honor.

At Vienne,

St. Denis,

Helladius, bishop.
Peter, bishop.

bishop and confessor. At Auxerre, St. In the diocese of Besancon, St.

In Ireland,


Wiro, bishop.



Cfie Ji2im&




Nazianzus, the birthday of St. Gregory, bishop

and doctor of the church, surnamed the Theologian, because of his remarkable knowledge of divin-

At Constantinople, he restored the Catholic which was fast waning, and repressed the rising heresies. At Rome, St. Hennas, mentioned by


the apostle St. Paul in the epistle to the


Generously sacrificing himself, he became an offering acceptable to God, and adorned with virtues took In Persia, his departure for the heavenly kingdom. three hundred and ten holy martyrs. At Caglio, on
the Flaminian road, the passion of St. Gerontius, bishop of Cervia. In the castle of Windisch, the decease of St. Beatus, confessor. At Constantinople,
the translation of the apostle St. Andrew and the evangelist St. Luke, out of Achaia, and of Timothy,

The body

disciple of the blessed apostle Paul, from Ephesus. of St. Andrew, long after, was conveyed

to Amalfi, where it is honored by the pious concourse of the faithful. From his tomb continually issues a

At Rome, also, the liquid which heals diseases. translation of St. Jerome, priest and doctor of the
Church, from Bethlehem of Juda, to the basilica of St. Mary of the manger. At Bari, in Apulia, the translation likewise of the holy bishop Nicholas, from Myra, a town of Lycia.

Also. . in Sicily. At translated from Alexandria. whose bodies were translated to Capua. the holy martyrs . the birthday of the holy martyrs Quartus and Quinctus. whose birthday is Rome. sixty-eight of his house. The consul Palmatius was also beheaded with his wife. on the Latin way. on the Latin road. and forty-two of both sexes belonging to his household. At Rome. by order of the emperor Alexander. the holy prophet Job. It was afterwards found and buried by Pope Callistus. a man of wonderful patience. and with his wife Blanda. In the time of Julian the Apostate. Dap of ANTONINUS. confessor Florence. where he had been martyred for the faith of Christ. In the land of Hus.134 MAY. the remains of the blessed martyr Epimachus had been and archbishop of the 2d of May. his sons. the senator Simplicius with his wife. likewise. to terrify the Christians. who was killed with the sword. the birthday of the holy martyrs Gordian and Epimachus. shortly before. in a crypt to which. He was buried at nigth by the Christians. the former was a long time scourged and finally decapitated for confessing the name of Christ. the blessed priest and martyr Calepodius. At Lentini. at Kome. His body was dragged through the city and thrown into the Tiber. Felix also The heads of all these mar- tyrs were exposed over different gates of the city. Cfte Centft T.

cele- brated for his holiness of the Carthusians. placed him in the number of the Saints at the same time with St. Theresa. St. martyr. together with the body of the blessed boy Celsus. in the persecution of Nero. whom Nazarius had brought up. Philip. a bishop renowned for miracles. and whom Anolinus. a laborer. At Madrid. bishop of that city. which he translated to the basilica of the Apostles. pope Gregory XV. was precipitated into the Tiber. His body was buried at Florence. blessed Nich- St. St. Dioscorides. after having distinguished himself by his virtues and preaching. who. The blessed bishop Ambrose found the body of Nazarius covered with blood still fresh. olas Albergati. priest. Cataldus. St. Francis.MAY. in the persecution of AT Rome. the finding of the bodies of the holy martyrs Nazarius and Celsus. At Bologna. and Cardinal of the holy Eoman Church. martyrdom is Isidore. At Smyrna. . OElefcentf) Dag of ^ on the Salarian road. and Legations Apostolic. in the monastery At Taranto. Being renowned for miracles. and St. the birthday of blessed Anthimus. had ordered to be struck with the sword on the 28th of July. a Carthusian monk. the day when their commemorated. St. and Cyrinus. St. Philadelpus. Ignatius. At Milan. 135 Alphius.

life was distinguished At San Severino. for his zeal for the salvation of souls. who consummated their martyrdom under Diocletian by being overwhelmed with stones. rescued by an angel. the decease of St. of the Society of Jesus. St. the holy martyrs Maximus. Diocletius and Florentius. At Maieul. who. a deacon. and for his patience. and reBeing afterwards the March of Ancona. who were put to death on the Salarian way. who belonged The same day. At Osimo. He was stored to his oratory. St. in the diocese of Taranto. Francis Girolamo. the holy martyrs Sisinus. St. bishop. under the governor Antiochus. Mamertus. Also. At Vienne. who were killed in the persecution of Decius. At Camerino. Diocletian. in the time of Diocletian. abbot of Cluny. instituted in that city the three days' Litanies immediately before the Ascension of our Lord. and Fabius. disciples of the priest St. canonized by pope Gregory The day of his death is celebrated with great He was . confessor. On seeing the martyrdom of St. received and approved by the uniAt Souvigny. holiness. in the Illuminatus. he believed in Christ. at Eome. St. Grottaglia. St. re- nowned XVI.136 MAY. Bassus. to the household of Nero. and for Him was beheaded. to avert an impending calamity. Torpes. whose for merits and March of Ancona. he went victoriously to heaven. confessor. martyr. martyr. the holy martyrs Anastasius and his companions. At Varennes. Evelius. Anthimus. This rite was afterwards versal Church. Gangulpus.

whose chamberlains they were. on the Aurelian road. uncle of the same blessed PancraIn Sicily. St. C6e 4 Ctoelftf) Dap of the road.. from the sacristy of St. at Naples. brothers. Home. who. Afterwards they endured a most severe scourging. the holy martyr Pancratius. in which they were formerly preserved. 137 solemnity in the church of the professed house. with those of Flavia Domitilla. who was sent to tius. that having been exile for Christ in the island of baptized by the blessed Apostle Peter. as the ex-consul Minutius Rufus endeavored by using the rack and fire to force them to offer sacrifices. solemnly transferred the day before this. Also. where his body rests. that island by the Roman Pontiff. Adrian to their ancient church now repaired. by order of pope Clement VIII. whoholy martyrs under- on the Ardeatine first went a long Pontia with Flavia Domitilla. In the same place.MAY. They were beheaded. endured martyrdom by decapitation under Diocletian. and their sacred relics. Denis. Finally. St. at fourteen years of age. were. and converted to Christ a great portion of it. Philip Argyrio. His sanctity is particularly manifested by the deliverance of possessed . they could by no means sacrifice to idols. at Rome. ^ TNereus and Achilleus. they said.

a priest and martyr. who suffered under the At emperor Antoninus and the governor Sabinus. At Calzada. a bishop distinguished by virtues and learning. which was purified and dedicated by the blessed pope Boniface IV.138 MAY. At St. and of all the martyrs. Treves. Glyceria. the martyr St. his charity to the poor. who first at Amphipolis endured many tribulations and torments for the confession of Christ. the blessed Lucius. At Constantinople. formerly a temple of all the gods. persons. Cfie Cinrteenti) Dap of emperor Phocas. He was also admirable for the sanctity of his life. St. confessor. Rome. St. bishop. Epiphanius. a bishop of great erudition and profound knowledge of the holy Scriptures. in the time of the proconsul Laudicius. to the honor of the blessed Mary ever Virgin. At Salamis. At Constantinople. St. T Rome. who with great courage reprehended Leo the Isaurian for promul- gating an edict against holy images. Modoaldus. and then being led to Byzantium. a native of Heraclea. Germanus. in Cyprus. Dominic. and the gift of miracles. the Mary of the Martyrs. called Pantheon. his zeal for the Catholic faith. suffered capital punishment. under the emperor Diocletian and the dedication of the church of St. At .

whose grave. Alexandria. under Diocletian and Maximian. His body was subsequently carried to Home. In France. tyrs. Caesars Philip. St. restorer of regular discipline in the monasteries of Spain. who were killed Palestine. under the emperor Antoninus. Benedict XIV. St. was proclaiming him happy for his fortitude in his suffer- . In Syria. in Cilicia. confessor. was free from snow during winter (though everything around was covered with In it). until the inhabitants built a church over it. As Corona. Theonas. John the Silent At Valladolid. he obtained the palm of martyrdom under the emperors Valerian and Gallienus. as a public sign of his merit. Peter Regalati. the commemoration of 139 many holy marby the Arians for the Catholic faith in the church of St.MAY. the holy martyrs Victor and Corona. who suffered at Tarsus. Pontius. Victor was subjected to various horrible torments by the judge Sebastian. He was numbered among the Saints by the Sovereign Pontiff. martyr. the wife of a certain soldier. and buried on the Latin road. of the Order of Minorites. Cfte jFourteemj) Dap of fFHE - birthday of the holy martyr Boniface. bishop of Tongres. St. At Maestricht. Having by his preaching and his zeal converted to the faith of Christ the two St. Servatius.

who deserved well both of religion and society by his labors for the education of youth. in Campania. the holy martyrs Justa. bishop. Ctesiphon. St. as is related by the blessed pope Gregory. especially of the poor. When . St. who took up from the crypts many bodies of the holy martyrs. Justina. In Spain. pope St. who were consecrated bishops at Rome by the holy apostles. In Egypt. and Henedina. At Naples. the Saints Torquatus. Secundus. She related this to all Victor. Caecilius. and placed them honorably in various churches. In Sardinia. one for the other for herself.140 MAY. which was dictated to him by an angel. and sent to Spain to preach the word of God. and wrote a monastic rule. the holy bishop Boniface. who erected many monasteries in that country. Pomponius. St. who was renowned from his childhood for holiness and miracles. and by the founding of the Society of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. saw two crowns falling from heaven. she Victor was beheaded. Paschal. present. John Baptist de la Salle. and Euphrasius. an abbot. Hesychius. and was torn to pieces between two trees. confessor. At Ferentino. jfifteem!) A Dap of -" T Rouen. At Rome. Indaletius. ings. Pachomius. in Tuscany.

St. in Hellespont. daughter of an Irish king. Dympna. in the time of Diocletian and the governor Barbarus. By drinking of the water from this well. and their companions. 'and Dionysja. martyrdom by being t^ansAt Clermont. Ctesiphon at Vierco. At Lampsacum. the birthday of the holy martyrs Aquillinus and Victorian. Cfie Sfeteentft Dag of Gubbio. Maximus. At Fausina. Hesychius at Gibraltar. who consummated his and martyr. St. At Evora. in Auvergne. the sick are frequently cured. in Sardinia. Caecilius at Elvira. in whose church is a well into which he is said to have been thrown. she was beheaded for the faith of Christ and the preservation of her virginity. Andrew. martyr. St. the birthday of blessed Isidore. St. virgin pierced with a lance. . 141 they had evangelized various cities. the martyrdom of the Saints Peter. a bishop. Ubaldus. and Euphrasius at Anduxar. and brought innumerable multitudes under the yoke of Christ. At Auxerre. in Portugal. the " AT miracles. martyr. In Brabant.MAY. In the island of Chio. Secundus at Avila. Victorinus. the holy martyrs Cassius. Simplicius. Paul. they rested in peace in various parts of that country: Torquatus at Cadiz. By order of her father. Indaletius at Portilla. a bishop renowned for In Isauria. Mancius.

a canon of the metropolitan secret of confession. discple of St. In Ireland. and thus gloriously consum- monastery of St. who. in Bohemia. He was sent into Gaul with other clerics by the blessed pope Xystus. and the writer of his glorious life. AuAt St. St. in ^Emilia. Fidolus. Peregrinus. bishop. At Le Mans. who endured various kinds of tormen ts under king Isdegerdes. who rested in peace with a reputation for many virtues. John Nepomucen. At Prague. martyrdom. St. being tempted in vain to betray the was cast into the river Moldau. seven priests. church. and to capital punishUzalis.142 MAY. in France. gustine. . St. the holy martyrs a bishop. Honoratus. At Mirandola. mated their martyrdom. and having accomplished his work of preaching the Gospel. the bishop St. In Palestine. virgin. Sabas. Brendan. passion of St. Possidius. confessor. in Africa. first bishop of that city. of and thus won the palm St. seven virgins. Domnolus. At Amiens. St. nine deacons and Audas. he merited an ever lasting ment. the martyrdom of crown by being condemned At the holy monks massacred by the Saracens in the In Persia. bishop of Calamae. Troyes. the holy martyrs Felix Gennadius. At Frejus. abbot. Maxima.

is kept on this day. he at last terminated his martyrdom by decapitation on the 29th of April. it. and the saint yielded her spirit to God Her body was. St. in the kingdom of Valencia. in Tuscany. The same day. Pascal. and martyr. buffeted. on account Christ. the holy martyr Torpes. and was one of those of whom the apostle St. who filled a high office in the court of Nero. and then put in a boat filled on the sea. a man remarkable for innocence of life and the spirit of penance. to be burnt to death But the flame turned on those who had kindled in prayer. by divine providence. who was subjected to Eestituta. especially those that are of the house of Caesar. he was. with pitch and tow. declared him heavenly patron of Eucharistic Congresses and Societies formed in honor of the Most Blessed Sacrament. A church was afterwards erected in . Pope Leo XIII. but being uninjured. At Pisa. His feast. of the Order of Minorites. car- ried in the boat to the island of Ischia. in the reign of Valerian. cruelly scourged and delivered to the beasts to be devoured. Paul wrote from Rome to the Philippians: "All the saints salute you. however. 143 Cfie SefcenteentJ) A Dap of " T Villareal. St. where it was received by the Christians with great veneration. near Naples. virgin of the translation of his body.MAY." For the faith of by order of Satellicus. various kinds of tortures in Africa by the judge Proculus.

Alexandra. with two others. who obtained the palm of martyrdom under the emperor Maximian. St. and At Chalcedon. such as the off of his nails and the burning of his sides with torches. his aunt. burg. At Spoleto. Felix. but a light from heaven having prostrated the executioners. Faina. the holy Solochanus and his companions. the martyrs St. and afterwards a martyr under the emperor Constantius. Paul. the saint finally consummated his martyrdom by having red-hot metal applied to his body. Theodotus. St. Potamon. At Ancyra. Eu- . ended a glorious combat by being beheaded under the emperor Decius and the governor Antiochus. -" fifteen years of age. Cfte dEig&teent!) A Dap of T Camerino. the holy martyrs Heradius. At Alexandria. St. her honor in that city by Constantine the Great. the holy martyr Venantius. a lector. Claudia. St. a bishop. and the tearing Arian governor Philagrius. soldiers martyrs under the emperor Maximian.144 MAY. In Egypt. and the saintly virgins Thecusa. bishop and confessor. In Egypt. who at with ten others. Dioscorus. bishop. a confessor under Maximian Galerius. the holy martyrs Adrio. who was subjected by the governor to many various torments. in Galatia. At Noyon. Victor and Basilla. Bruno. At WurzAquilinus.

while leading the life of an anchoret. in Sweden. who. renowned for virtues and miracles.MAY. after burywith great respect many martyrs. Matrona. and distributing ing all her goods to the poor for Christ's sake. where. parted from this world to go to heaven. and ably. At Upsal. being clothed with Christ in 10 . king and martyr. the saintly virgin Puden- who. Felix. they had stones tied and were plunged into a lake. detiana. confessor. At Rome. and Julitta. St. he went to God. Peter of Moroni. In the same city. For and burying them honorTheodotus was arrested by the governor. celebrated for his evangelical simplicity charity. Eric. senator. after numberless tribulations. gathering their remains and Minorites. Having abdicated the pontificate. St. At Rome. was created Sovereign Pontiff and called Celestin V. He was inscribed on the roll of Saints by the Sovereign Pontiff. after being horribly lacerated. he led a religious life in soli- tude. of the Order of Capuchin to their necks. Clement XI. was put to the sword. Pudens. father of the virgin just mentioned. St. They were at first taken to a place of debauch. 145 phrasia. and thus received the crown of martyrdom. but the power of God having preserved them from evil. who. Cfje jftineteemi) Dap of birthday of St.

Philoterus. and the and poor. The emperor Gallienus . at Rome. and the latter chief officer in another department. on the Salahis preaching and example. widows. Also. who after much suffering under the emperor Diocletian. Basilla. of the Order of Minorites. the martyr St. rian road. defended the interests of orphans. For refusing to offer sacrifice to idols. St. priest confessor. son of the proconsul Pacian. baptism by the apostles. Maximian impiety. St. having freely reproved and martyrs. The principal one. At CanterCyriaca. on the Appian road. who. he accused her of being a Christian. preserved unspotted the robe of innocence until he received the crown of life. received the crown of martyrdom. for the love of Christ. Ives. At Mcomedia. Dunstan. virgin. C6e A Ctoemiett) Dap of ** Aquila. the birthday of St.146 MAY. In Bretagne. As she refused to marry him. St. bishop. they were put to death. In the same city six holy virgins named for his erated. The former was chamberlain to the wife of the emperor Decius. who was of royal race and betrothed to an illustrious T personage. the birth- day of the Saints Calocerus and Parthenius. bury. was most severely scourged and lacand then consumed with fire. in Abruzzo. Bernardine of Siena. who ennobled Italy by At Rome. eunuchs.

Being but refusing to sacrifice to idols. wife of an ex-consul and mother of the blessed Flavia Domitilla. and after giving the example of all virtues. Plautilla. At Caesarea. martyr. Theodore. St. At Brescia. rested in peace. martyr to the faith. 147 gave orders that she should accept him or die by the sword. and Donatus. Polius. in Syria. At Mmes. St. Victorius. She was baptized by the apostle St. St. and Eutychius. in Cappadocia. At Edessa. At Rome. Peter. in France. the holy martyrs Thalalaeus. deacons. he gained the palm of martyrdom by a precious death. bishop. she was transpierced with a sword. St. Asterius.MAY. notwithstanding blows and tortures. Austregisil. who suffered under the emperor Numerian. St. bishop and confessor. in France. the birthday of the holy martyrs God Polieuctus. At Cordova. and rearrested. Aquila. Cfte Ctoentp*fim Dap of TN Mauritania (Morocco). the birthday of the holy martyrs Timothy. At Pavia. Alexander. St. At Bourges. maining immovable in the faith of Christ. whose body was torn with iron combs. Answering that she had for her spouse the King of kings. In Thebais. . and their companions. Baudelius. Anastasius. bishop. who merited to be crowned together for dispensing the word of in that region.

Cyprian says that they were overcome in the first combat. St. under the emperor Maximian and the governor Agrippa. Cfje Ctoentp^econD Dap of Rome. the holy martyrs Synesius and Theopompus. the holy martyrs Faustinus. Secundinus. being banished by the Arians. Also. with other soldiers. martyr. whom boys. St. In Africa. who. the holy martyrs Castus and 2Emilius. the commemoration of the holy martyrs Secundus. Timothy. who won her crown by being crucified. Hospitius. bishop. they became finally stronger than the fire. and Venustus. in France. a priest. Valens. St. The same day St. confessor. Julia. who was put to death with three At Alexandria. who was forced to wear iron ^ AT . under the emperor Constantius. and others. merited to be associated with holy confessors. distinguished by the virtue of abstinence and the spirit of prophecy. so that. tribunes. St. At Nice. the Arian bishop George caused to be barbarously killed during the holy days of Pentecost. in Pontus. The same day. but in the second God made them victorious. the saintly bishops and priests. the holy martyr Basiliscus. At Csesarea Philippi. though at first yielding to the fire. the holy martyrs Nicostratus and Anti- ochus. At Comana.148 MAY. virgin. who consummated their martyrdom by fire. In Corsica.

who are buried in the same city. he readily presented his neck. Marcian. who after being lumbrosan Order.MAY. he built a monastery there. Being at last decapitated and thrown into a river. and leaving many disciples and imitators of his sanctity. St. Being forthwith condemned to decapitation. by the Vandal army. who ministered to St. At Pistoja. Benedict in his cave. At Raand confessor. At Cassia. St. went to rest In Spain. In Spain. Cfie CtoentHlnrO Dap of ^ in France. and endured many other trials. St. St. 149 shoes pierced with heated nails. . Fulk. the martyrdom of the holy bishop Desiderius. With him suffered many of his flock. . her eternal spouse. Going later to France. bishop diocese of Auxerre. a widow. and being struck with the sword. who visited the king as a suppliant in behalf of his people who were maltreated A T Langres. the holy martyrs Epitacius. in Tuscany. virgin. blessed Rita. In the venna. loved only Christ. and martyr. virgin in the Lord. Romanus. died for the sheep com- mitted to his charge and departed for heaven. he obtained the glory of martyrdom. the blessed Attho. Quiteria. disengaged from her earthly marriage. Helena. the abbot St. of the Val- At Auxerre. in Umbria. and nun of the Order of Augustinians. At Aquino. confessor.

Phrygia. the holy martyrs Quintian. In Cappadocia. The same day. He was a doctor and prophet under the grace of the New Testament. at the same time. the commemoration bishop. fosterbrother of Herod the Tetrarch. and Julian. Michael. St. Being suffocated with smoke. a man illustrious for his patience and his zeal in preaching the Gospel to the poor. in St. Desiderius. the birthday of St. bishop. ory. mentioned by the blessed pope Greg- Borne. were suspended in the air with their heads downward. and consumed with a slow fire. St. confessor. bishop. At Naples. the Saints Eutychius and Flormonks. and Basileus. Lucius. At Synnada. and his remains now repose in the city of Antioch. in Campania. those martyrs who. who merited eternal crowns by their sufferings. who was crowned with martyrdom by being overwhelmed with stones by order of king Theodoric. John Baptist de Rossi. Manahen. of the holy martyrs who died by having their legs crushed.150 MAY. Mercurialis. At Norcia. At Cfie Ctoemp*fottrtf) Dap of AT *" Antioch. entius. St. . Also. in the persecution of Maximian Galerius. bishop of Vienne. In Africa. bishop. during the persecution of the Vandals. in Mesopotamia. Euphebius. In the territory of Lyons. the birthday of St. they consummated their martyrdom.

confes- At Bologna. Vineminent for learning and sanctity. were sent to prison. of the Order of the Discalced Minorites of the Strict Observance. wives of the soldiers just mentioned. Herod's steward. imprisoned and scourged. Luke. who. and two hundred and fifty-two of his companions. stancy in the faith. the birthday of St. a priest sor. Servilius. in Africa. the passion of blessed John de Prado. Felix. because of their con- Adrian. in the time of the the blessed martyrs Donatian emperor Diocletian. who. who suffered under the emperor in Bretagne. the holy mar- tyrs Meletius. whilst preaching the Gospel. At Milan. and after enduring with fortitude many other torments for Christ. brothers.MAY. St. the translation time of pope Gregory IX. At PorAt Brescia. terminated his martyr- dom by fire. martyr. to. mentioned by the evangelist St. At Nantes. in the In the monastery of Lerins. Vincent. Marciana. Afra. wife of Chuza. holy martyrs Zoellus. martyr. Also. martyr. and Pallada. military officer. Kobustian. blessed Joanna. St. they were transpierced with a soldier's lance and beheaded. the Silvanus. The same day. stretched on the rack. Dominic. Finally. who were put to death with their young children. In Istria. and Diocles. and Rogatian. At Morocco. of St. 151 Also. St. was bound. who achieved their mar- tyrdom by various kinds of deaths. . the holy martyrs Susanna. cent. and lacerated.

it is said. the birthday of St. the demise of the blessed pope Gregory VII. At Borne. Mary Magdalen.152 MAY. At Florence. who dedicated the Pantheon to the honor of blessed Mary of the Martyrs. the birthday of blessed Urban. in Mysia. and was crowned with martyrdom by being beheaded in the persecution of Alexander Severus. on the Nomentan and marwhose exhortation and teaching many. the birthday of the holy martyrs Pasicrates. Denis. Valentio. by whom were Tiburtius and Valerian. bishop of that city. of life and glorious miracles. received the faith of Christ and suffered martyrdom for it. at Milan. among tyr. pope St. His sacred body was sent to the blessed bishop Ambrose. Cfte Ctoemg'fiftj) Dap of ^ A T Salerno. At Borne. Basil the Great. of the Order of the Carmelites. Florence. road. Aid . Her feast is kept on the 27th of May. illus- trious by the holiness of her life. St. crowned with them. Boniface IV. virgin. with the assistance.. where Aurelius. He himself endured many afflictions for the Church of God. and two others.. At Zenobius. a most zealous protector and champion of ecclesiastical liberty. renowned for holiness In England. St. by bishop for the Catholic faith was. banished to Cappadocia. At Milan. the holy bishop who emperor he yielded his soul to God in a manner almost like that of the martyrs. pope At Dorostorum. by the Arian Constantius. of St.

At territory of Assisi. the translation of St. Leo. At Todi. a disciple of the Apostles. who all his people. celebrated for his virginal Also. the translation of St. 153 helm. Eleutherius. In Africa. who collected through his zealous exertions the faithful dispersed by terror. St. Mary. the birthday of the holy mar- . At Vienne. in Umbria. and presented to the emperor an excellent apology of the Christian religion. verted St. founder of the Congregation of the Oratory. the holy martyrs Simitrius. Francis. in the time of Pope Gregory IX. mother of James. priest. the St. martyr. At Athens. and twenty-two others. during the persecution of Adrian. who suffered under Antoninus Pius. on whose festival St. the gift of prophecy. confessor. Quadra- tus. who conRomans to the Christian faith. bishop of Sherburn. whose sacred body is rendered illustrious by many miracles. Zachary. confessor. many noble He sent the saints pope and martyr. at purity. and miracles. bishop and martyr. in Campania.MAY. the birthday of blessed Quadratus. baptized king Lucius with his wife and almost In the same city. Augustine preached a sermon. Rome. Cfte Ctoemg'gfetj) Dap of ^ St. In Troyes. Philip Neri. St. who suffered under Trajan. worthy of an apostle. A T Home. Damian and Fugatius to England. At Veroli.

Celebrated for virtues and miracles. the passion of St. Augustine. John. ing. he went peacefully to his rest in the Lord. renowned for sanctity and learnThe birthday of St. tyrs Felicissimus. marAt Cantyr. and confessed the he was of Christ with the utmost constancy. in Mysia. priest.154 MAY. name in the time of the emperor Aurelian and the proconsul Agathius. In the territory of Auxerre. a veteran soldier in retirement. who was Kavenna by the Arian king of Theodoric. in the time of the em- peror Alexander. and after languishing a long time called to in prison for the orthodox faith. the caresses of her family. who overcame in a combat for the faith the violence of the demons. terbury. and Paulinus. who was arrested by the officials and presented to the governor Maximus. pope and martyr. Restituta. Cfie Ctoentp^etientj) Dap of HPHE * demise of the Venerable Bebe. terminated his life. and the . Having in his presence execrated the idols. in England. with a great multitude of Christians. Italy. virgin and martyr. Priscus. Heraclius. condemned to capital punishment. St. St. confessor and doctor. At Dorostorum. bishop. At Sora. the martyrdom of blessed Julius. who was sent thither with others by the blessed pope Gregory and preached the Gospel of Christ to the English nation.

Their sacred remains were gathered by the inhabitants of the place and preserved with . who was beheaded. At Orange. mentioned in England. Eutropius. St. a bishop. the saintly and Helladius. martyr. Being finally beheaded with other Christians. Also. she had her breasts cut off. Kanulph. Paul. under the em- peror Domitian. In the territory of Arras. martyr. in Palestine. martyr. and at length terminated her martyrdom by decapitation.MAY. At Thecua. St. Priam. the martyrdom of the Saints Crescens. Dioscorides. the holy Lucian. in the time of Theodosius the Younger. monks who became martyrs by being killed by the Saracens. St. was exposed to wild beasts and to fire. At Corinth. in France. bishop. who were crowned for Chirst. But being liberated by an angel. Dap " A of T Canterbury. Caraunus. illustrious for virtues and miracles. she obtained the honor of martyrdom. and then again tortured under his successor Justin. martyrs ^Emilius. who was first subjected to torments in the reign of the emperor Gordian. St. and thus acquired the glory of martyrdom. Augustine. Helconides. 155 cruelty of the executioners. In Sar- dinia. on the 26th of this month. in France. under the governor Perennius. Felix. and after having combated At Chartres. St.

At Rome. and Alexander. whose celebrity for holiness. the time of the emperor Honorius. a town of Isauria. the holy martyrs Theodosia. Ambrose. and obtained the crown of martyrdom. and miracles. Procopius. mother of the martyr St. Restitutus. St. Carmelite nun. At C6e FT! * Ctoentp*nfnt& Dag of HE feast of St. on the Aurelian road. St. bishop and confessor. Justus. At Milan. in the time of the emperor Aurelian. and twelve other noble matrons. Urgel. very renowned for virtues and learning. St. were racked and exposed to the fire. as is related by Paulinus in the Life of St. At Florence. who were persecuted by the Gentiles of Anaunia. Mary Magdalen. in mallet. bishop. bishop. the birthday of the holy martyrs Sisinius. in the . At Iconium. Podius. in Spain. has been transmitted to us by the writings of bishop Fortunatus. At Paris. who ended their life by decapitation. Martyrius. martyr. Germanus. Senator. whose birthday is on the 25th of this month. having their hands crushed with a The same day. a child twelve years of the Saints Conon and of age.156 MAY. they breathed their last. the martyrdom his son. merit. and finally. the birthday of St. the greatest veneration. At Csesarea Philippi. bishop and confessor. St. who were laid on a grate over burning coals sprinkled with oil.

who endured many torments for the name of Christ. Exuperantius. sor. Having con- . lus. parents of St. At Pavia. leaving their children the heirs of their virtues. the birthday of St. blessed Maximus.MAY. who received with honor the patriarch St. King of Castile and Leon. Eleutherius. bishop. 157 In Umbria. St. St. the passion hundred and twenty-five holy martyrs. and celebrated for his zeal in propagating the faith. AthanaAt Verona. in Cappadocia. the holy martyrs Gabinus and CrispuAt Antioch. on Felix. At Treves. pope and martyr. At Ravenna. bishop and confesA T Rome. Ferdinand III. banished by the Arian persecutors. in Spain. in Campania. surnamed the Saint. who lived Pontus during the reign of Galerius Maximian. St. and after the persecution in exile in the fastnesses of rested in peace. St. the Saints Basil At Csesaand his wife Emmelia.. At Torres. on account of his eminent virtues. persecution of Diocletian. in Sardinia. Cfte Cfttrtietft Dap of ^ the Aurelian road. rea. sius. bishop and confessor. Basil the Great. At Seville. the Saints Sycus and Palatinus. Anastasius. At Arcanum. Maximus. of fifteen St. confessor. bishop. who was crowned with martyrdom under the emperor Aurelian.

St. who refused to Being granted three days to deliberate. deacon and confessor. he quitted his kingdom on earth to pass happily to that of heaven. Lupicinus. foundress of St. martyr. St. St. For their attachment to the Christian faith. in Pontus. Being from many horrible tormiraculously ments. soldier.158 MAY. Petronilla. demned tus. in the time of the St. after having received the sacrament of the body of Christ. and made him partaker of the crown which he himself obtained first by having his head struck off with the emperor Antoninus. they were con- marry the nobleman Flaccus. to capital punishment with their tutor Proin the time of the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. she gave herself up to fasting and prayer. and Cantianilla. Ursula. and on the third day. quered the Moors. Paschasius. Cfie fnrtp*first Dap She is of AT -^ the nuns of Brescia. At Comana. At Verona. she yielded up her soul. Hermias. the holy martyrs Cantius. St. At Torres. who mentioned by the blessed pope Gregory. daughter of the blessed apostle Peter. Crescentian. in Sardinia. bishop. At is Rome. Angela Merici. St. virgin. . a delivered sword. At Aquileia. mentioned on the 27th of January. virgin. Cantian. he converted his executioner to Christ. At Borne.

martyr. bishop. C6e Jftt0t Dap of 3fime. after undergoing many torments. being again subjected to torments under Firmilian. he was tortured for the faith of Christ. the holy martyrs Ischyrion. a man and learning. and great charity to the poor. in Palestine. whose commemoration occurs on other days. the holy martyr Thespesius. who. T KOME. St. under the emperor Diocletian. who were put to death in different manners . Pamphilus. priest. with ten others. At Csesa- rea. he consummated his martyrdom with others. under the governor Urbanus. and nine others. In Egypt. With them suffered also Valens.JUNE. was beheaded. and Paul. blessed and martyr. and Paul. deacon. and five other soldiers. At Autun. and thrown into prison then. military officer. the Saints Reverian. who were crowned with martyrdom under the emperor Aurelian. Juventius. priest of remarkable sanctity Simplicius. in the time of the emperor Alexander and the prefect . In Cappadocia. In the persecution of Galerius Maximian.

Un- der Diocletian. martyr. and Gratinian. won by being thrown into the Tiber. martyr. At Perugia. a priest renowned for virtues and miracles. Crescentian. Cfie A SeconD Dap and Peter. St. At Amelia. for the faith of Christ. in At Citta-di-Cas- Umbria. the abbot St. in the faith many persons detained in prison. and the holy martyrs Felinus under Decius. the birthday of the holy martyr Marcel- exorcist. priest. they were loaded with chains. martyr. St. Simeon. monk. who were thus by a glorious death At Bologna. Secundus. St. In the monastery of Lerins. in Spain. who was added Treves. in the monastery of Onia. severely. St.160 JUNE. Firmus. Caprasius. during the persecution of who was scourged most and finally decapitated Maximian. Benedictine abbot. illustrious by his sanctity and miracles. tello. to the number of the Saints At by pope Benedict IX. St. who instructed linus. after enduring many torments. who consummated his martyrdom the palm of martyrdom. In Umbria. At Burgos. of 3fune. Eneco. Procwho suffered under the emperor Maxulus. soldiers variously tortured. crowned with martyrdom under the same emperor. Fortunatus. Also. struck with stones. and. T Rome. St. in the reign of Diocletian. imian. a Eoman soldier. were beheaded by the . St.

whose many valiant combats. are recorded in a letter from the church at Lyons to the churches of Asia and Phrygia. Epagathus. under Maximian. during the reign of Decius. but was still preserved from death by the power of verse. she was put to the sword. Afterwards. Tiburtius. without receiving any injury. But remaining unshaken. and oil poured over him. though weaker on account of her sex and frame. he was again subjected to various most horrible tortures at Mola. His body was afterwards transferred to Gaeta. pitch. for the strengthening of others in the faith. and followed those whom she had exhorted to win the palm of martyrdom. who was first scourged with leaded whips and then severely beaten with rods. brimstone. At Rome. Eugenius. but which was in their honor afterwards known as the White Forest. Maturus. Their bodies were buried in a crypt near St. Damasus composed for their tomb an epitaph in In Campania. Erasmus. Ponticus. and pope St. and of her lower condition in life. 161 judge Serenus. he closed his life by a peaceful and holy end. bishop and martyr. with many others). celebrated for his sufferings. bishop. Vetius. At Lyons. encountered longer and more terrible trials. St. Finally. 11 . one of these martyrs. St. lead. Alexander and Blandina. he had also rosin. and called by God God. St. Biblis. deacon.JUNE. in the time of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus and Lucius Verus. Sanc- tus. many holy martyrs (Photinus. Attalus. wax. Blandina. in a place which was then called the Black Forest.

Lucillian. whose miracles were Roman Council. city. a monk. in Tuscany. confessor. At Cordova. in Spain. after they had endured cruel torments and performed many miracles. under Urban II. Lucillian had been crucified. all escaped uninjured. Cyp- . pope and confessor. Finally. Finally. were put to the sword. she was decapitated. related in the At Tarni. under the governor Tiburtius. St. At Carthfixion. formerly a pagan priest. the holy martyrs Lucillian and four boys. At Constantinople. brothers. and thrown into the fire. the children. " AT Arezzo. under the governor Silvanus. who was arrested whilst gathering the blood of the martyrs just mentioned. who died by the sword for the faith of Christ. the holy martyrs Pergentinus and Laurentinus. but now a Christian.162 JUNE. Nicholas Peregrinus. age. when St. St. virgin and martyr. after undergoing many torments. blessed Isaac. Cf)e Ci)itD Dap of 3fime. In the same Paula. Caecilius. Claudius. the priest who converted St. during the persecution of Decius. St. by cruci- by decapitation. they terminated their career. Lucillian. and Denis. in Terra-di-Bari. while yet children. but the flames being extinguished by the rain. who. beaten with rods. Hypatius. Paul. from which she was delivered. was cast into a furnace with them.

At Sisseck. king At Clovis. stone floated on the water. and then God heard his prayers to be drowned. Cfte Jfourtft Dap of 3[itne. bishop and martyr. Oliva. in Tuscany. bishop. Quirinus. Clateus. was converted to the faith of Christ. He was inscribed on the catalogue of the saints by Pius VII. 163 rian to the faith of Christ. priest and confessor.JUNE. who burned with an admirable love of God and his neighbor. Davinus. by whose prayers her husband. virgin. under the . St. confessor. "" Agnone. At AT Rome. leans. but as the river. At for the faith of Christ he Brescia. St. St. St. was precipitated into a with a milltsone tied to his neck. St. in Illyria. Clo tilde. Francis. Anagni. and a most ardent desire to propagate devotion to the most holy Eucharist. nor to waver in the faith. confessor. in the time of the governor GaPrudentius relates that lerius. in Abruzzo. queen. His body is religiously honored at Naples. St. St. Lifard. the holy martyrs Aretius and Dacian. of the noble Neapolitan family of the Caracciolos. and founder of the Congregation of the Minor Clerks Regular. he exhorted for a long time the Christians who were present not to be terrified by his punishment. that he might attain to the glory of martyrdom. In the diocese of Or- At Lucca. At Paris.

the birthday of the holy martyrs Marcian. bishop and renowned confessor. At Milevis. he merited the title of Apostle of the Germans. and others. At Caesarea. Saturnina. Apollonius. Nicanor. In Pannonia. the martyrdom of the Saints Zenaides. Alexander. who through many torments attained to martyrdom re- . Optatus. St. who came from England to Rome. the holy martyrs Rutilus and his companions. the holy martyrs Florentius. emperor Nero. especially in Friesland. Cyriacus. in Numidia. St. Quirinus. celebrated for learning and holiness. At Perugia. virgin At Constantinople. bishop of Mayence. Marcellinus. and Marcia.164 JUNE. martyr. At Arras. At Verona. in Palestine. who suffered a glorious martyrdom in the persecution of Galerius Maximian. bishop. he consummated his martyrdom with Eobanus and some other servants of God. St. St. Metrophanes. and was sent by Gregory II. Valeria. Being finally put to the sword by the furious Gentiles. At Tivoli. who were beheaded in the persecution of Decius. and Faustinus. to Germany of to preach the faith of Christ to the that country. BONIFACE. Having converted large people multitudes to the Christian religion. Julian. Cyria. and martyr. Cfie . JfiftJ) Dap of 3[ime. In Egypt. St. bishop.

one of the seven deacons. Near him are buried three of his daughters. with his wife Candida and his daughter Paulina. Marcellinus. Cfie Stetf) AT. he being then one hundred and seven years old. queen of ^Ethiopia. Artemius became a believer through the preaching and miarcles of St. and struck with the sword. filled with the Holy Ghost. At Csesarea. under whom his venerable age was crowned with martyrdom. Artemius. virgins and prophetesses. though brought royal court. Dorotheus. a youth. he was scourged with whips strung with leaden balls. His fourth daughter died at Ephesus. who sufmuch under Diocletian. in Spain. who was baptized with all his house by the priest St. St. the birthday of blessed Philip. 165 joicing.JUNE. St. His wife and daughter . fered reign At Tyre. a priest. blessed Sancius. but survived until the of Julian. At Cordova. he converted Samaria to the faith of Christ. *"* Dap of 3[une bishop of Magdeburg. who. baptized the eunuch of Candaces. At Rome. first Palestine. Peter the Exorcist. By order of the judge Serenus. in NORBERT. did not hesitate to undergo up in the martyrdom for the faith of Christ. and finally rested in peace at Ctesarea. during the persecution of the Arabs. founder of the Premonstratensian Order. Being renowned for miracles and prodigies.

he was city. and the governor Simplicius. by the machinations of the Arians. and thus departed for the heavenly kingdom. St. Paul. glorified God in their bodies. often expelled from his see by the Arians. in the reign of emperor ally. At CorTheodosius. by various torments. who was lacerated. bishop and martyr. and their companions. in France. At Besancon. were forced into a pit and overwhelmed with stones and earth. in Cilicia. At Noyon. Claude. St. the In Egypt. the holy martyrs Amatius. St. Licarion. ander. after other horrible torments. bishop. the birthday of St. FinArian emperor Constantius banished him to Cucusum. was crowned with martyrdom by a stroke from the sword. he was barbarously strangled. Cfte Setiemj) Dap of 3[une. Julius. His body was conveyed to Constantinople with the greatest honor. in France. Alex- At Milan. and re- AT it by the Roman Pontiff. where. Eustorgius II. twenty holy martyrs who. bishop For the Catholic faith. St. in the time of Diocletian and Maximian.166 JUNE.. the demise of St. a small town of Cappadocia. . St. bishop and confessor. At Fiesoli. scourged with heated iron rods. martyr. At Verona. At Tarsus. Alexander. John. bishop. -^ of that stored to Constantinople. and. in Tuscany.

for the faith of Christ. St. Wallabonsus.JUNE. William. brother of St. He was placed orius III. Cfte A OEigfctj) Dap of 3fune* " T Aix. and being taken away from this life also on the same day. had her breasts cut off. Medard. bishop of Noyon. At York. bishop. was rolled on broken pottery. Sens. Clodulphus. St. bishop of Stepternpeda. inus. bishop. Calliopa. priest. Habentius. confessor. confessor. They were born on the same day. The same day. her flesh burned. St. first bishop of that city. monks. who. At Camerino. At In Sardinia. Maximin. among other miracles wrought at his tomb. St. In England. St. Heraclius. raised three persons from the dead. the abbot St. and being lastly decapitated. in the calendar of the Saints by Hon- Soissons. they entered heaven together. consecrated bishops at the same time. received the palm of martyrdom. In the March of Ancona. in France. St. martyr. deacon. the birthday of St. . St. Wistremundus. in France. and Jeremias. Victor- St. whose life and precious death are illustrated by glorious miracles. At Metz. Kobert. who is said to have been a disciple of our Lord. Sallustian. Severin. of the Order of Citeaux. St. the holy martyrs Peter. in England. who. bishop. At At Rouen. Gildard. Sabinian. archbishop and confessor. Medard. 167 dova.

is ba. made by and martyr. first bishop of that city. Columand confessor. At Andria. in France. under the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. whose memorable deeds have been Julian. sometimes separately. in Syria. the bishop St. John Chrysostom. At Agen. who Syracuse. At Edessa. lagia. whose eulogy has been Ambrose and St. and thus happily ended their combat. celebrated for her love of the poor and of voluntary poverty. a noble and very learned man. Richard. Margaret. deacon and martyr. In Scotland. St. martyrs Primus and Felician. the birthday of the holy Vincent. At Rome. Gregory. queen. St. They were finally beheaded by Promotus. the martyrdom of blessed Getulius. St. " A T Rome. At Antioch. Ephrem. renowned for miracles. on Mount Cselius. I3mtj) Dap of 3fime. Pe- virgin St. Maximian. and endured sometimes together. These glorious martyrs lived long in the service of the Lord. St. St. At who is frequently mentioned by pope St. governor of Nomentum. on the Salarian road. Cem& Dap N of June* Scotland. various cruel torments.168 JUNE. St. a monk. in Terra-di-Bari. and . priest related by the deacon St.

companions Caerealis. their heads were crushed with clubs. In Africa. At Prusias. the holy martyrs Aresius. in Bithynia. Their bodies were taken up by Sympho- rosa. bishop. At Nicomedia. St. 169 of his tivus. Ainantius. abbot and martyr. and Primi- By order of the emperor Adrian. Timothy. who suffered the Ariahs for the Catholic faith. Tripos. in Arabia. St. bishop tyr. governor of the city. and twenty other martyrs. Censurius. For having vigorously defended the Nicene Creed. and they thus terminated their as the fire martyrdom. wife of blessed Getulius. the holy martyrs Crispulus and Restitutus. the birthday of the Saints Basilides. Maurinus. At much from Petra.JUNE. St. in Campania. In Spain. and fifteen others. By the emperor Constantius he was banished to Africa. Asterius. At Cologne. St. At Auxerre. and reverently interred in a sandpit on her own estate. and mar- under Julian the Apostate. At Naples. he was sent by the same emperor Constantius into exile. thrown into prison. scourged. Mandales. Rogatus. . martyr. Zachary. St. a bishop. Also. and Plato. on the Aurelian way. and then delivered to the flames. St. under the emperor Aurelian. they were arrested by the ex-consul Licinius. where he died a glorious confessor. bishop and martyr. Maximus. But did not injure them. at Rome. where he died worn out by his trials.

was. Barnabas. preach the Gospel. the martyrdom of the and Fortunatus. These being extinguished by the power of God. At Aquileia. and kept a long time in the church of the Mother of God. fulfilling his commission to to Cyprus. Matthew's gospel copied with his own hand. Paul. transferred with great solemnity to a chapel of the basilica of St. At Rome. brothers. whose sacerd body after having been brought from Constantinople to Rome. Through his own revelation his body was found. in the time of the emperor Zeno. confessor. they were decapisaints Feilx tated. together with a copy of St. Peter. Parisius. they were racked. boiling oil was poured over them. he was ordained apostle of the Gentiles with St. St. born in Cyprus. In the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian. and had flaming torches held against their sides. most sumptuously decorated by his Holiness. . by the Sovereign Pontiff. At Bologna. a monk of the Order of Camaldoli. Gregory Nazianzen.170 JUNE. and the next day placed with due honor beneath the altar. At length he went where he ennobled his apostolate by a glorious martyrdom. and with him trav- ersed many regions. and as they persevered in confessing Christ. By the disciples.. the transla- tion of St. Cfte (Elebentft Dap of 3fune* ITIHE birthday of the apostle - St. Gregory XIII.

Cyrinus. exposed to the sword. who were cast into prison for the confession of the Christian tated. and Nazarius. St. the bishop St. scourged with scorpions. and finally put to the Olympius. on the Aurelian road. lacfire. His admirable deeds were recorded by the abbot Paphnutius. erated. In Cilicia. during the persecution of Deems and under the prefect Aurelius. nowned for his zeal for the faith. a celebrated confessor of the time of Galerius Maximian. and finally decapiAt Mcaea. an anchoret. and renowned for great virtues and merits. confessor. Onuphrius. At Home. who for sixty years led a religious life in the desert. Facundus. In Thrace. who was expelled from his see by the Arians. . departed for heaven. 171 Cfte Ctoelftft Dag of 3[une* of St. Antonina. who was scourged by order of the governor Priscillian during the same persecution. In Egypt. and died a conAt Rome. Amphion. then racked. in Bithynia. a bishop. of the Order of Augustinians. the pope fessor. St. St. in the Vatican basilica.. to whom God miraculously restored his eyes and his tongue after they had been torn out by impious men. John and miracles. martyr. the birthday of the holy martyrs Basilides. St. soldiers. relife. St. name. Leo III. for holiness of " A T Salamanca. Nabor. in Spain.JUNE.

Palestine. St. illustrious for the sanctity of his life. pierced with red-hot bodkins. Cordova. She was then cast into a sewer. St. but St. St. Felicula. and martyr. In Cyprus. In Africa. As she persevered in the confession of Christ. consecrated her virgin- In Abruzzo. on the Ardeatine road. who was delivered to the judge for refusing to marry Flaccus and to ing. racked until she expired. virgin and martyr. scourged. years. a native of Portugal. St. Cfie Cfiitteentfi Dap of 3fune. who underwent martyrdom by decapitation for the faith of Christ. At Byblos. and afterwards caused her to be sacrifice to idols. his miracles. Peregrinus. Aquilina. con- At Eome. fessor of the Order of Minorites. in the persecution of the Arabs. the birthday of St.172 JUNE. Triphyllius. . At ity by martyrdom. Anthony. For the confession of the faith she was buffeted. St. and his preach- " A T Padua. martyr. the holy martyrs Fortu- natus and Lucian. Mcomedes buried her on the road just mentioned. dila. Fana priest and monk. virgin and under the emperor Diocletian and the judge Volusian. For the Catholic faith he was bishop thrown into the river Pescara by the Lombards. at the age of twelve in and being struck with the sword. he confined her in a dark dungeon without food. bishop.

Being adorned with every virtue. virgin. Cfte Jfifteemft Dap of June* TN . in Cappadocia. the consecration of St. At Constantinople. St. bishop and doctor of the Church. bishop. At Samaria. and Cres- centia. near the river Silaro.JUNE. and defended her with admirable constancy against the Arians and Macedonians. At Rhodez. Basilicata. St. the holy martyrs Anastasius. bishop. At Syracuse. At Vienne. . Basil. Modestus. priest. St. were condemned to be beheaded by the governor Eictiovarus. and killed by the Jews after he had preached the Gospel. Jerome. whose grave. the holy prophet Eliseus. who was eminent for learning and wisdom in the time of the emperor Valens. Felix. Methodius. says St./Etherius. in the . the holy martyrs Valerius and Kufinus. who was made bishop by blessed Peter. At Soissons. St. who were brought thither from Sicily. bishop. and Digna. With him rests also the prophet Abdias. . makes the demons tremble. he was a great light in the Church. T Caesarea. bishop. Marcian. the birthday of the holy martyrs Vitus. monk. in Palestine. who. in the persecution of Diocletian. 173 Cfie jFottrteemft Dap of 3[ime. At Cordova. Quinctian. after enduring many torments.

for the name of Christ. martyr. scalded with boiling oil. and Eutropia. con- went to her heavenly spouse. a soldier. in beasts. At Dorostorum. At VaAt by his holiness Mount Jou. At Zephirium. laid on the gridiron. placed her in the number of holy virgins. and after enduring other trials. in Syria. Pope Pius IX. In SwitzBernard of Menthon. who. fessor. At Palmyra. St. in the diocese of Toulouse. and after being plunged into a vessel of melted lead. At Pibrac. martyr. humility. was. Germana Cousin. Mysia. reign of Diocletian. St. Dulas. . they ended their religious combats. in Auvergne. Hesychius. Benildes. on in the care of her flocks. the decease of St. St. virgin. and after him crowned with martyrdom. lenciennes. confessor. and patient suffering amidst many trials erland.174 JUNE. illustrious St. sisters. she Abraham. in Spain. in Cilicia. received for his victory the palm of martyrdom. At Cor- dova. After a life of poverty. Landelin. and miracles. Clermont. and on the pillory. abbot. and became renowned for numerous miracles after her death. under the governor Maximus. who was arrested with blessed Julius. scourged. the holy martyrs Libya and Leonides. who won the crown of martyrdom by various torments. St. under the governor Maximus. a girl of twelve years. after being exposed to the from which torments they escaped uninjured through the power of God. St.

At Lyons. the decease of St. were put to the sword. In the village of La Louvesc. deacon. St. his Quiricus. and Julitta. closed the career of her martyrdecapitation. At Mayence. and other martyrs. the demise of blessed Aurelian. At Amathonte. Tychon. Similian. ** in France. the holy martyrs Ferreol. Benno. John Francis Regis. the passion of the Saints Aurens. bishop. his mother. bishop of Aries. a bishop in the time of Theodosius the Younger. and Ferrution. in Brittany.JUNE. priest. who were sent by the blessed bishop Irenseus to preach the word of God. after being subjected to severe stripes and dom by grievous torments. formerly of the diocese of Vienne in Dauphiny. being at Mass in the church. and after being exposed to various torments under the judge Claudius. were mas Huns then devastating Germany. Julitta. St. in Cilicia. At Nantes. 175 C6e A Sfcteemft Dag of 3fune T Besancon. of the Society of Jesus. and crying bitterly. a child of three years. distinguished by his zeal for the salvation of souls. the holy martyrs Q. confessor. . who. and Justina. St. seeing mother cruelly scourged in the presence of the governor Alexander. in Cyprus. was killed by being dashed against the steps of the tribunal.uiricus. bishop and consacred by the At Meissen. his sister. At Tarsus. in the reign of the emperor Diocletian. fessor. in Germany.

who were tortured in different manners by the tribune Tripontius. Himerius. bishop. Lutgard. At Terracina. the bishop St. natives of Athens. whom the king of Persia sent as ambassadors to Julian the Apostate to treat of peace. Avitus. Cfte Setoenteentft A Dag of 3[une* T Home. Innocent. At Orleans. St. Having firmly refused to worship idols. in Umbria. He was placed on the St. his patience. In Brabant. Montanus. who received the crown of martyrdom after suffering many torments. At Apollonia. in the time of the emperor Adrian and the ex-consul Leontius. and Peregrinus.176 JUNE. and Isrnael. a soldier. the holy martyrs Isaurus. as they had been command- ed by the emperor. the holy martyrs Meander and Marcian. they were put to the sword. Felix. whose body was translated to Cremona. and buried on the old Salarian road. and by virgin. Sabel. Gundulphus. the two hundred and sixty-two holy birthday who were put to death for the faith of martyrs. and finally decapitated. in Macedonia. the holy martyrs Manuel. Christ. In . At Amelia. At Chalcedon. list of Saints by Clement XII. who were beheaded in the persecution of Maximian. St. At Venafro. St. priest and confessor. at the foot of Cucumer hill. deacon. during of ** the persecution of Diocletian. In the territory of Bourges. Jeremias.

in Sicily. St. Kainerius. JEtherius. Leontius. on by the judge Fabian. Amandus. The same day. St. the holy martyrs Cyriacus. is principally manifested by the deliverance of possessed persons. bishop At Sacca. At Schongau. whose holiness 12 At Alexandria. through bitter torments. in the martyr. the Ardeatine road. St. a soldier. BessaPisa. the passion of St. in Tuscany. and confessor. in Spain. After enduring fire and other torments. yielded up their souls nicia. At Malaga. At Bordeaux. At Tripoli. 177 Phrygia. who. attained to the crown of martyrdom. who w'ere overwhelmed with stones. he was put to death with the sword. rion. whom he had converted to Christ. Calogerus. confessor. As they ceased not to praise the name of Christ. St.JUNE. and thus went to the kingdom of heaven with the glory of martyrdom. virgin. St. Marina. together with the tribune Hypatius and Theodulus. and had sharp nails driven into their feet. St. martyrs. in the persecution of Diocletian. Hypatius. the birthday of the saintly brothers Marcus and Marcellian. anchorite. At Also. in Phoetime of the governor Adrian. hermit. who were arrested " T Rome. and to God. tied to a stake. . Cfie A (ZEtgfiteentf) Dap of 3fune. they were pierced through the sides with lances. and the virgin Paula. confessor. St. in the persecution of Diocletian.

was beheaded. the holy martyrs Gervasius and Protasius. a blind man recovered his sight by touching their and many persons possessed by demons were At Ravenna. St. remained firm through many torments in the confesand consummated his martyrdom by capital punishment. At Milan. The latter. St. under the judge Paulinus. T ** Florence. The former. When the translation took place. Through divine revelation their bodies were found by St. Ambrose. celebrated for her observance of monastic discipline. was beheaded. Zosimus. Ursicinus. St. was so long scourged with leaded whips. during sion of the Lord. who delivered. and thus tri- umphantly went to heaven. Cfie JSineteent!) A Dag of 3fune. in Tuscany. At Sozopolis. who suffered bitter tortures. They were partly covered with blood. . martyr. Elizabeth. brothers. that he expired. under the governor Domitian. martyr. virgin. Clement XII. St. relics. by order of the judge Astasius. At Arezzo. foundress of the Sisters of the Order of the Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary. who was placed among the holy virgins by the Sovereign Pontiff.178 JUNE. after being scourged with rods. and as free from corruption as if they had been put to death that very day. virgin. Juliana Falconieri. the persecution of Trajan.

bishop. the demise of St. St. Having passed through fire uninjured. consumed by many tribulations for the Catholic At Rome. he was banished to the isle of Pontia. and brother vatus. deposed by his predecessor Agapitus. pope and martyr. martyr. who were murdered by the furious Gentiles. anchoret. The same day. deacon. 179 the holy martyrs Gaudentius. who was sent by the Koman Pontiff to preach the Gospel in Eussia. which was He is also mentioned on the Cfte Ctoentietft Dap of 3fune fTIHE birthday of St. of the saintly priest Timothy. For refusing to reinstate the heretical bishop Anthimus. Rornuald. Their house . der of the greatly much relaxed in Italy. and of the holy virgins of Christ Pudentiana and Praxedes. son of the blessed senator Pudens. who restored and extended monastic discipline. Boniface. and baptized the king and his people. At Kavenna. by Belisarius. 7th of February. founmonks of Carnaldoli. he expired.JUNE. and thus gained the palm of martyrdom which he ardently desired. who were instructed in the faith by the Apostles. at the instigation of the wicked empress Theodora. and. a disciple of blessed Romuald. St. Silverius. and Culmatius. during the reign of Valentinian. he was killed by the enraged brother of the king. Nofaith.

who was made worthy of the crown of life. in Spain. and bore the title of Pastor. bishop of Samosata. in Palestine. who. an Arian woman struck him with a . but when peace was restored to the Church in the reign of Theodosius. Alban. and the innocence of his life. a bishop who suffered much from the Arians. At Seville. Demetria. Aloysius Gonzaga. of the Society of most renowned for his contempt of the princely dignity. where he rested in the Lord. At Mayence. Eusebius. to confirm them in the faith. in the time of the Arian emperor Constantius. the holy martyrs Paul and Cyriacus. was converted into a church. and was banished to Africa. St. In Africa. the birthday of the holy Rufinus and Martia. The same day. the holy martyrs martyrs Cyriacus and Apollinaris. disguised himself under a military dress and visited the churches of God. At Syracuse. At Petra.180 JUNE. At Tomis. virgin. in Pontus. St. Macarius. St. he was recalled. in Sicily. As he again visited the churches. Rome. By Valens he was banished into Thrace. martyr. who was crowned with martyrdom under Julian the Apostate. ATJesus. sister of the holy bishops Leander and Isidore. Cfie Ctoemp*ffr0t Dap of 3fune. at Rome. after long labors and severe combats. St. Also. St. the holy virgin Florentina.

St. At Tongres. Urciscenus. He was celebrated. Martin. ^ A T Nola. at first transferred to Benevento. pope Leo XIII. who had been carried to Africa by the Vandals. but also for his power over the demons. St. in Campania. On Mount Ararat. bishop and confessor. approved and confirmed. The veneration paid to him. His great merit has been extolled by Saints Ambrose. abbot. At Verulam. St. which fractured his skull and made him a mar- At Iconium. St. Terentius. in England. . St. made himself poor and humble for Christ. pope. became a slave to liberate a widow's son. His body. At Rome. who labored with mildness and prudence to maintain liberty for the Church and harmony among Christians. when they devastated Campania. bishop and confessor. although a most noble and wealthy man. 181 tile. At Pavia. bishop. Augustine and Gregory. who.JUNE. diocese of Evreux. not only for his learning and exceptional holiness of life. the birthday of blessed Paulinus. in the time of Diocletian. who were crucified. bishop and martyr. in their writings. In the tyr. the martyrdom of ten thousand holy martyrs. blessed Innocent V. and thence to Rome. and what is still more admirable.. Jerome. in Lycaonia. was restored to Nola by order of Pius X. C6e Ctoentp^econD Dap of 3fune. Leutfrid.

the soldiers that led With him suffered also one of him to execution. St. the translation of St. and buried there with great pomp. John. St. a priest. St. who was con- verted to Christ on the way. mHE Borne. king of Persia. Flavius Clemens. martyr. At Concordius. bishop of the town of Bomatia. St. Mcseas. After being scourged and subjected to bitter torments. In the monastery of Cluny. At Rome. ex-consul and martyr. he was sentenced to capital punishment. in Campania. bishop. At Naples. Agrippina. celebrated for his learning and holy life. who gave himself up to save a cleric he had harbored. John. virgin. under Chosroes. The same day. dred and eighty holy martyrs. Con- Ci)e CtoentHfntD Dag of 3(une. and merited to be bapAt Samaria. near those of other martyrs by the blessed priest Also. John the Baptist. in the reign of Julian the Apostate. Clement. fourteen huntized. virgin . who was St. St.182 JUNE. His body was buried vigil of St. before an idol of the sun. who was put to death for the faith of Christ by the emperor DomiHis body was found in the basilica of pope tian. in his own blood. of heaven by blessed Paulinus. at Borne. called to the kingdom bishop of Nola. sortia. who was decapitated on the old Salarian road. whom Alban.

By the command of the prefect Turcius.JUNE. son of Zachary and Elizabeth. his slave. while yet in his mother's womb. where it works many miracles. in Arabia. who concealed themselves in mountains and caverns. the commemoration of many holy martyrs. mHE - Nativity of St. and Zenas. queen and virgin. In England. At Philadelphia. and received the martyrdom with him. and cruelly put to death in various manners by the emperor's order. St. 183 and martyr. At Nicomedia. he was struck on the mouth with a stone until he breathed his last. C&e Ctoentgsfourtf) Dap of 3fiine. Audry. Some were covered with the skins of wild beasts and . and joyfully underwent martyrdom for the name of Christ. who were accused of having set fire to the city. in the time of Diocletian. Her body was found without corruption eleven years crown of afterwards. Felix. was filled with the Holy Ghost. the holy martyrs Zeno. the commemoration of many holy martyrs. who departed for heaven with a great renown for sanctity and miracles. who. precursor of our Lord. he was arrested by the soldiers. in Tuscany. under the emperor Valerian. At Rome. Her body was carried to Sicily. priest. At Sutri. in the time of Nero. St. begging to be his partner in torments. John the Baptist. When the latter kissed the chains of his master.

Firmus. distinguished for his fidelity to the monastic rule. the birthday of St. William. Cfie CtoentgsfiftJ) Dap of 3ftme* TN the territory of Guletto. others again were delivered to the flames to serve as torches in the night. St. Pharnacius. hurried away to various places. In the diocese of Paris. bishop. seven saintly martyrs: Orentius. At Autun. Simplicius. Sosipater. they were deprived of the military cincture by his command. At Beraea. Because they were Christians. separated from one another. in Calabria. John. St. offered to God before the death of the Apostles. Cyriacus and Longinus. who owe martyrdom to the emperor Maximian. the demise of St. founder of the hermits of Mount Vergine. Theodulphus.184 JUNB. which the Roman Church. near Nusco. All these were disciples of the Apostles. . the holy martyrs Faustus and twentyAt Satalis. others were fastened to crosses. and the first fruits of the martyrs. the martyrdom of the Saints Agoardus and Agliber- with a multitude of others of both sexes. at Creteil. a field so fertile in martyrs. found their repose in the Lord. St. Heros. Firminus. At Lobbes. At Stilo. brothers. tus. and in the midst of painful trials. bishop and confessor. their the same city. and for his sanctity. In three others. confessor. lacerated by dogs. in Armenia. surnamed Therestus.

Prosper of of that city. carefully waiting on the infirm. Gallicanus. distinguished by his Aquitaine. and went to her spouse adorned with her sufferings as with so many jewels. The report of such an event spread through the to see a whole world. she was condemned to capital punishment. where. St. bishop . who was for the faith of Christ. killed by the Vandals At Riez. having her teeth plucked out and her breasts cut off. and performing other works of mercy. St. serving them. he repaired to Alexandria. who was scourged and racked for defending her faith and her chastity. St. Febronia. and from all sides many persons came man who had been a senator and consul. then torn with iron combs and exposed to fire. ex-consul St. in France. St. virgin and martyr. bishop and martyr. he withdrew to Ostia with At Alexandria. in the persecution of Diocletian. in Syria. a triumph. Hilarinus. for refusing to sacrifice to idols.JUNE. At Sibapolis. under the goveronr Lysi- machus. Driven from this place by Julian the Apostate. washing the feet of the poor. with twenty-two others. he was put to the sword. Finally. 185 At Rome. who had been honored with and martyr. and devoted himself entirely to the duties of hospitality and to the service of the sick. and was held in affection by the emperor Constantine. Antidius. St. preparing their table. at the command of the judge Raucian. At Besancon. and thus became a martyr of Christ. Lucy. Converted by Saints John and Paul. virgin and martyr. disciple of the blessed apostle Paul.

At Turin. Vigilius. renowned for miracles. bishop. bishop and Superius. David. confessor. the other secretary of the virgin Constantia. Also. bishop and conmost celebrated for his learning and sanctity. on Mount Coelius. disciple of the In Holland. daughter of the emperor Constantine.186 JUNE. they received the palm of martyrdom by being beheaded. a young ously consummated his man who glori- martyrdom for the faith by having his flesh torn to pieces with iron pincers. C6e { Ctoentp^fetfi Dap of 3fune. At Cordova. whilst he endeavored to root out the remains of idolatry. Afterwards. In Poitou. under Julian the Apostate. St. Adelbert. Perseveranda. priest and confessor. At Trent. Pelagius. birthday of St. bishop of Belley. . the fessor. St. hermit. the birthday of St. the holy martyrs Salvius. St. under the Saracen king Abderahman. tion of St. sainted bishop Willibrord. At Thessalonica. who. The same day. the comemmoraAngouleme. virgin. erudition and piety. brothers. Maximus. St. the holy and Paul. in Spain. and thus en- dured martyrdom for the name of Christ. Anthelmus. martyrs John T Eome. of At Valenciennes. was overwhelmed with a shower of stones by cruel and barbarous men. The former was steward. Maxentius. He valiantly combated the Pelagians in defence of the Catholic faith. St.

Diocletian. under the governor Urbanus. he was scourged by ten soldiers. was the disciple of blessed Polycarp. in France. bishop and martyr. a At Warasdin. and finally consummated his martyrdom under Trajan. to this day for miracles. HHHE vigil of the St. Sampson. At Constantinople. bishop of Smyrna. Crescens. In passing through Gaul.JUNE. disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. he maintained. St. pope Jerome. Cfte Ctoentp^eigfttft Dap of 3[une. holy apostles Peter and Paul. to the end of his the Galatians in the service of the Lord. and by decapitation merited the crown of martyrdom. and nineteen other martyrs. who. . At Cordova. For having exhorted others to suffer martyrdom. and overthrown idols by his prayers. in Palestine. he converted many to the Christian faith by his preaching. greatly renowned Hungary. Anecmartyr. the holy king Ladislas. St. in the persecution of tus. in priest who harbored the poor. had his hands and feet cut off. as is related by Rome. At Caesarea. made bishop. Irenseus. St. Zoilus. At Leo II. St. TN Galatia. and lived near the time of the St. 187 Cfte Ctoemp*0efcentl) Dap of 3fune. At Lyons. Returning to the people for whom especially he had been life. St.

St. who was scourged with knotted cords. Heron. ^ Rome. in the same persecution of Severus. them. pope and confessor. who was slain for the faith of Christ during the persecution of the Arabs. martyr. after which she and her mother were consumed with fire. Heraclides. Potamicena and Marcella. After having strenuously heretics by speech and writing. Cordova.188 JUNE. Paul. who suffered martyrdom on the same day. At Benignus. during the persecution of Diocletrials for the preservation of her virginity. he was opposed the crowned with a glorious martyrdom. At Alexandria. Within the city the AT . At Rome. neophyte. C6e Ctoemp*mntf) Dap of 3fune. Serenus. with almost all the people of his city. and after other horrible torments. was decapitated. the holy martyrs Plutarch. cruel tian. Rhais. catechumen. The same day. another Serenus. bishop and martyr. the birthday of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. the virgin Potamioena is particularly She first endured many most painful distinguished. St. Maestricht. At Argymirus. monk and martyr. her mother. catechumen. Papius. Apostles. and thus won an eternal crown. under the emperor Nero. Among and then and unheard-of torments for the faith. cast into a caldron of seething oil and grease. St. during the persecution of Severus. St.

Mary. and after having solemnly celebrated Mass and given the Lord's body and the kiss of peace to all. St. of whom St. At Argenton. as was his yearly custom. mother of John. near the Triumphal way. Cfte Cftirttetft Dap of 3[une. surnamed Mark.JUNE. the . where he is venerated by the whole world. - At Limoges. that he permitted scarcely any day of his life to pass without offering the victim of propitiation to Almighty God. and he was well worthy to do it. with two priests. Cassius. At bishop of that city. St. Alpinian and Austriclinian. At Genoa. and buried in the Vatican. St. the birthday of St. fTIHE commemoration of the holy apostle Paul. bishop. and his devotion was such that abundant tears flowed from his eyes during the holy sacrifice. in France. The latter was put to the sword and buried on the Ostian way. Martial. who was beheaded for the faith of Christ together with the soldier Anastasius. Syrius. The same day. virgin. St. Narni. In the territory of Sens. martyr. whose lives were distinguished for miracles. In Cyprus. where he receives similar honors. St. At last. for he distributed in alms all he possessed. 189 former was crucified with his dead downwards. bishop. Gergory relates. Benedicta. he came to Home on the birthday of the Apostles. he departed for heaven. Marcellus.

In the same In the territory of Viviers. At Alexandria. and received from her the reward of his pious action. not only converted him to Christ. under the eniperor Severus. and placing a crown on his head. who relieved the necessities of the saints with her goods. Basilides. and was laid by their side in a crypt constructed by herself. Lucina. she appeared to him.190 JUNE. after a short combat. city. St. . visited the Christians detained in prison. St. martyr. he was leading to execution. He protected from the insults of profligate men the saintly virgin Potamioena. whom saints Caius. a disciple of the Apostles. buried the martyrs. At Rome. St. the passion of St. at the end of three days. priest. priest and confessor. but by her prayers made of him. ^Emiliana. and Leo. Ostian. For. subdeacon. a glorious martyr.

At Angouleme. in the persecution of Diocletian. Martin. ended their combat. Cfte JFim Dag of 3[uip. vergne. abbot. the martyrdom of St. Alban. son of an Irish king. At Mechlin. John the Baptist. Domitian. Rumold. Gal. a great number being at that time Jesus Christ. St. . St. in Audisciple of the Apostles. who was the first to lead there an eremitical life. bishop At Clermont. the decease of St. Dublin. mise of tortured in different manners and barbarously lacerated. bishops. priest and disciple of the blessed bishop Remigius. and bishop of At Sinuessa. Most Precious Blood of Our Lord St. and gained great renown for virtues and miracles. On Mount Hor. St. the holy martyrs Castus and and Secundinus. Theodoric. the deAaron. who suffered after St. After having assem- bled in that place many servants of God. St. and attained to the joys of the heavenly city. At Vienne. bishop. the first priest of the Levitical Order. HE Octave of of the Feast St. In England. he was gath- ered to his fathers at an advanced aga In the dio- cese of Rheims.JULY. In the same country. the holy martyrs Julius and Aaron. In the diocese of Lyons.

Salus. on account of his holiness and miracles.192 JULY. on Blessed Virgin Mary to the Aurelian road. they were beheaded in the days of Nero. At Winchester. Marcia. . who was number of the saints by Alexander III. and Symphorosa. surnamed who feigned to be an idiot for Christ. and with him merited to be made partakers of heavenly glory. who were baptized by the blessed apostle Peter in the Mamertine prison. Eparchius. bald. but God manifested his high wisdom by great miracles. Theo- Counts of Campania. Felix. Justus. abbot. hermit. Crescentian. of martyrdom. who were converted Also. the demise of St. The same day. at Kome. After being struck on the mouth. to Christ by the martyrdom of the blessed Apostle Paul. At Vicenza. three holy soldiers. St. the birthday of the holy martyrs Processus and Martinian. At Emesa. Felicissimus. Eutychian. Vitalis. racked. who were all crowned with martyrdom when the persecution of the emperor Diocletian was raging. the holy martyrs Ariston. scourged with thongs and whips tipped with pieces of metal after being beaten with rods and exposed to the flames. At Kome. of the added to the Cfie SeconD Dap of of Julp* T1HE Visitation the Elizabeth. confessor. Simeon. and thus obtained the crown . Urbanus. in England.

who were subjected to various atrocious tortures and merited the crown of martyrdom.JULY. Accused of being a Christian. in Cappachamberlain of the emperor Hyacinthus. Tryphon. bishop. St. At Tours. and Mustiola. he was his companions. St. where. 193 St. a bishop. Alexandria. 13 At Altino. Trajan. but even by phil- osophers. the holy martyrs Eu- logius and docia. and converted them to the faith. he was killed with a man named Paul. he whipped. a pious woman. ^ A T tyrs. gift of miracles. deacon. Swithin. a matron.the holy bishop who preached the Gospel to the people of Pom- erania. St. in Syria. the holy martyrs Mark and Mucian. C6e CftirD Dap of 3[ulp. The who was were put to the sword for Christ. by the Otho. and twelve other marAt Constantinople. cried out to As a small boy them not to sacrifice to idols. Monegundes. who had also exhorted the martyrs. Tuscany. consumed with hunger. the demise of St. At Chiusi. whose writings were admired not only by religious men. Heliodorus. but confessing Christ all the more vigorously. a bishop dis- . scourged and thrown into prison. the holy martyrs Irenaeus. St. same day. in the reign of the emperor Trajan. whose sanctity was illustrated At Bamberg. Anatolius. in At Csesarea. At Laodicea. he breathed his last.

Uldaric. in Africa. and went victoriously to God. and the gift of miracles. bishop of Jerusalem. At Lisbon. in Mesopotamia. tinguished for holiness and learning. India. who were driven into exile by the emperor Anastasius.. . At Ravenna. bishop of Antioch. a bishop illustrious for extraordinary abstinence. Dathus. the holy bishop other martyrs. the birthever. day of the Saints Flavian II. he was scourged with leaded Theodore. the FjlHE prophets * of St. St. In the diocese of Bourges. In Africa. in Bavaria. At Gyrene. In the persecution of Diocletian. St. vigilance. howThe same day.194 JULY. Thomas from Cfie JFotmj) Dap of 3fulp* Osee and Aggseus. Jucundian. At Augsburg. His relics were afterwards taken to Tortona. Saints Innocent and Sebastia. with thirty At Madaurus. he died a confessor. bishop and confessor. At Sirmium. At Edessa. liberality. bishop of Seville and martyr. the translation of the apostle St. under the governor Dignian. in Lybia. St. in Spain. Laurian. St. in defense of the Council of Chalcedon. whom he strengthened for the combat and led to the crown of martyrdom. whose head was taken to Seville. and had his tongue cut out. a martyr who was birthday drowned in the sea for Christ. Finally. the martyr Namphanion and his companions. whips. and Elias.

in Insubria. at Milan. Barnabas. she was seized by the persecutors. Martin. in Lybia. St. whose festival is celebrated on the 8th of this month. confessor. " AT caria. At Gyrene. lest by shaking off the coals she should seem to offer in- . Zoe.. Peter. St. In Syria.JULY. by order of At Tours. and the Dedication of his Basilica. widow. vious. bishop and confessor. For a long while she held on her hand burning coals with incense. and suffocated by a loathsome smoke. St. queen of Portugal. the . the translation of St. martyr. 195 Elizabeth. wife of the blessed martyr Nicostratus. in the persecution of Diocletian. Distinguished for tues and for miracles. a martyr. Domitius. during the time of Diocletian. Cfte Jfiftfi Dap of 3[ulp. he was placed the vir- among the His body is venerated in the church of St. which took place on the anniversary of his elevation to the episcopate some years preInnocent XII. Cyrilla. and cast into a dark dungeon then being suspended on a tree by her neck and hair. martyr. who by his miracles confers many favors on the people of that country. Whilst praying at the tomb of the apostle St. she yielded up her soul in the confession of the Lord. Cremona. Saints by Leo XIII. At Rome. Anthony Mary Zacfounder of the Barnabites and all the Angelic Virgins. birthday of St.

196 JULY. Caius. At Fiesoli. Tranquillinus. and thus consummated his martyrdom. who was apprehended by the heretics for de- fending the Council of Chalcedon. Michael of the Saints. St. and after experiencing all kinds of torments. bishop and confessor. Numerian. cense to the idols. At San Severino. C&e Sfetl) Dap of 3fulp. He was arrested while praying at the tomb of blessed Paul on the Octave of the Apostles. who were converted to Christ by the preaching of the martyr St. Theodotus. St. and went to her spouse adorned with her own blood. was put to the sword. the holy martyrs Marinus. whose death is mentioned on the 10th of April. martyr. Athanasius. Sebastian. At Kome. Baptized by the blessed priest Polycarp. he was ordained priest by pope St. At Tomis. a deacon. the holy prophet Isaias. In the reign of king Manasses he was put to death by being sawed in two and was buried beneath the oak Rogel. In Sicily. the birthday of St. and stoned to death by the Pagans. fTlHE Octave of the holy apostles Peter and Paul. virgin. St. At Jerusalem. near a running stream. . in the March of Ancona. the holy martyrs Agatho and Triphina. Philo- Treves. She was afterwards cruelly scourged. in Scythia. and Sedopha. * In Judea. St. At mena. father of the Saints Mark and Marcellian.

assistant prefect. Domiin the reign of Domitian. she was condemned to the beasts. and Symphorian. Being arrested and severely tortured by the lieutenant-governor Kictiovarus. Lucia. confessor. but being uninjured by them. To them were added Antoninus. Mcostratus. in the time of the emperor nica. virgin Diocletian. St. who were brought to the faith of Christ by St. The same day. who shared their sufferings and their crowns. notary. At Rome. Sebastian. Romulus. she was beheaded and departed for heaven. Whilst they were engaged in searching for the bodies . priest and Cfte Setoentft Dap of 3[ulp. St. he returned to Fiesoli. Diodorus. St. who commissioned him to preach the Gospel. Castorius. Her body is kept with great veneration at Tropea. Dion. and baptized by the blessed priest Polycarp. Severinus. disciple of the blessed apostle Peter. Goar. After announcing Christ in many parts of Italy. and seventeen others. 197 in Tuscany. nnHE holy bishops Cyril and Methodius. and was crowned with martyrdom with other Christians In Campania. she converted him to Christ. who are mentioned on the 9th of March. the holy martyrs Claudius. St. For having destroyed idols. bishop and martyr. a native of Campania. In the vicinity of Treves. Victorinus. and martyr.JULY. martyr. in Calabria.

that he set out to preach the gospel of Christ to the Gentiles inhabiting the farthest re- He had At length returning to Alexanhe rested in peace. Papius. they took refuge in the town of Durazzo. who labored with St. Apollonius. St. bishop and confesIn Saxony.198 JULY. St. bishop. At Clermont. In the persecution of Trajan. blessed Benedict XI. he ordered them to be thrice tor- and then percipitated into the sea. Illidius. an apostolic man. Saturninus. Lucian. a native of Treviso of the Order of Preachers. filled with wisdom. but being utterly unable to succeed. At Duin Macedonia. cesses of the East. natives cross for the faith of Christ. greatly promoted the peace of the Church. At . such an affection and love for the word of and was so inflamed with the ardor of faith God. in Auvergne. the birthday of St. and for ten days he tried by threats and caresses to shake their constancy. tured. stadt. Pantaenus. Pompeius. of the holy martyrs. At Brescia. At Perugia. At Alexandria. of Italy. who in the brief space of his pontificate. under Antoninus Caracalla. first bishop of Eichsor. when. they were arrested and cast into the sea. Willibald.. by order of the governor. they publicly declared themselves to be Christians. St. and converted many nations to Christ. Hesychius. the restoration of discipline and the spread of religion. the holy martyrs Peregrinus> razzo. Boniface in preaching the Gospel. where seeing the saintly bishop Astius hanging on a and Germanus. and devotion. the judge Fabian had them arrested. dria.

blessed Peter Fourier. fifty holy soldiers. In England. in the reign of Diocletian. 199 Urgel. virgin. At Constantinople. They were put to death in the persecution of AureIn Palestine. Be- ELIZABETH. Canon Kegular of the most holy Saviour. In Asia Minor. who was brought from Scythopolis to Caesarea. queen of Portugal. . Edelburga. she was numbered among the saints by Urban VIII. St. St. renowned for virtues and In England. and baptized by the blessed pope Felix. martyr.Saxons. Kilian. of whom mention is made in the Acts of the Apostles. he pel. in Germany. daughmiracles. At Wurtzburg. Hedda. and upon his first resolute answer was beheaded by the judge Fabian. bishop. in Spain. who resisted the led to the faith emperor Theophilus by defending the worship of holy images. St. St. St. martyrs.JULY. the Saints Aquila and his wife Priscilla. lian. Odo. who were by the martyrdom of St. At Gray. ing renowned for virtues and miracles. Cfte T. ter of an English king. bishop of the West. Procopius. and suffered matryrdom. in Burgundy. who was commissioned by the Roman Pontiff to preach the GosAfter having converted many to Christ. the holy Abrahamite monks. OEigfttfi Dap of 3fulp. At Porto. bishop. widow. Bonosa.

under the emperor Decius. Anatolia. under the gov- ernor Lucius.. the martyrdom of the Saints Anatolia and Audax. he was beheaded. in Italy. Zeno. though his bonds were burnt. he was raised to the Sovereign Pontificate and ruled over the universal Church with much holiness. At Rome.200 JULY. who was thrown into the flames without being injured. cured. a bishop. in T Rome. a deacon. Pope Pius IX. struck with awe at so great a miracle. through the whole province of Picenum. . on lake Velino. St. Crete. Cfie H2imft A Dap of 3fitlp. in the persecution of Decius. the birthday of St. to death with his companions. set him at liberty. but as the saint began again immediately to preach the faith of Christ with zeal. Column. and ten thousand two hundred and three other martyrs. Having gained a great reputation for sanctity and prudence in his government of the monastery of Saints Vincent and Anastasius. a and Totnan. bishop and confessor. Auspicius. St. a virgin consecrated to Christ. At Gortyna. The judge. pope. At Treves. the blessed Eugenius II.* * Now Ancona. Cyril. approved and confirmed the veneration paid to him. was put priest. In the town of Thora. in the place called the Drop-ever-falling.

She was cured of the sting of a serpent to which she had been exposed a mir. acle St. Finally she was transpierced with a sword. and by her heavenly gifts. 201 many persons laboring under various infirmities. cese of Urania. whilst her hands were extended in prayer. Audax was committed to prison. . Under the judge Marcian. in Holland. the holy martyrs Patermutyr. she was condemned to various kinds of punishments. he rested in peace. the martyrdom of the nineteen martyrs of Gorcum. and made them believe in Christ. At Martula. She was inscribed among holy virgins by pope Gregory XVI. St. Copres. and Alexander. which converted Audax to the faith. At Briel. At Citta-di-Castello. she Born at Mercatelli. obtained the crown of a marAt Alexandria. in the diobecame illustrious by her great love for suffering and other virtues. and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. and being without delay sentenced to capital punishment. For vindicating the authority of the Roman Church. bishop. they endured various ignominies and torments from the Calvinist heretics. Brixius. after having suffered much for the confession of our Lord. a Capuchin nun. abbess of the monas- tery of that town. In the year 1867. and converted to Christ a great multitude of people. Pius IX.JULY. Veronica Giuliani. and ended their suffering by being put to death. thius. placed them among the holy martyrs. By order of the judge Fustinian. who were put to death under Julian the Apostate.

the holy virgins and martyrs Eufina and Secunda. at Kome. ers. who merited an immortal crown by being decapitated. the martyrdom of the seven holy brothsons of the saintly martyr Felicitas.202 JULY. Also. In Africa. In Piholy martyrs Bianor and Silvanus. and Martial. who were beheaded. Felix and Philip were scourged to death. the one having her head being decapitated. Felix. namely. under Publius. who after being tortured in different manners. near the baptistery. and thus terminated their long martyrdom. and their companions. Marinus. Mauritius. died under the blows inflicted with leaded whips. Alexander. in the time of the emperor Licinius and the governor Lysias. the split open. sisters. Nabor. Cfie Cent!) Dap of ^ A T Kome. after being subjected to torments. the other heaven. holy martyrs Januarius. who. in the time of the emperor Antoninus. Philip. departed for Their bodies are kept with due honor in the Lateran Basilica. Alexander. Januarius. Vitalis. the holy martyrs Leontius. prefect of the city. the . in Armenia. after enduring most bitter torments for the name of sidia. in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. Daniel. Sylvanus. Januarius. and Martial were condemned to capital punishment. Sylvanus was thrown headlong from an eminence. were finally cast into the fire. Vitalis. and Felix. At Nicopolis. after being scourged with rods and detained in prison.

St. confessor. At Cordova. At Bergamo. priest. AT *" of Rome. Marcian. St.JULY. Sidronius. John. a priest. At Mcopolis. in the time of the emperor Diocletian and the governor Straton- After suffering many torments. Apollonius. St. the holy martyrs Savinus and Cyprian. the birthday of the holy martyrs Januarius and Pelagia. Poitiers. in Pamphylia. under the palm of martyrdom by the governor Perennius. Sabinus. St. St. Cfie (Bletoentl) Dag of 3[ulp. martyr. who for four days were racked. In the territory of Sens. into the bishop. torn with iron claws and pieces of earthenware. he yielded up his soul in prayer. but remaining uninjured. who consummated his glorious martyrdom by death on the cross. crowned with martyrdom whilst preaching In the territory of against the sect of Mahomet. and thus achieved their martyrdom. virgin. At Iconium. Amelberga. martyr. Cindeus. At Ghent. At Iconium. who obtained many torments. pope and martyr. St. At Sida. St. who was crowned with martyrdom in the persecution Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. martyr. he was thrown fire. in Armenia. St. who was killed by the Arians for defending the Catholic faith. At Brescia. a icus. 203 Christ. . the blessed Pius. Abundius.

and finally by capital punishment. after having her St. torn to pieces by a bull. who was consecrated first bishop of that Under Nero. after many combats. Peter. one of the first dis- who ciples of Christ. in 1he time of the emperor Trajan and the governor Maximns. who. and was thus crowned with martyrdom. city by he terminated his martyrdom with some companThe same day. died in the time of the emperor Dioand the governor Tertillus. Whilst occupied in performing miraculous cures. founder of the Vallum brosan Order. she was exposed to the beasts. St. the holy martyrs Nabor imian. At Toledo. he suffered many kinds of torments. At Milan. the abbot St. suffered in the persecution of MaxIn Cyprus. in preaching frequently and bringing souls to repentance. At Lucca. at the foot of Mount Pisa. merited an immortal triumph with his deacon Fortunatus. At Lentini. TN the monastery and Felix.204 JULY. who won the palm of martyrdom after most bitter torments. virgin and martyr. and first bishop of that city. Cfie Ctoelfti) Dap of 3fulp. At Aquileia. St. Epiphana. blessed Paulinus. of Passignano. St. Hermagoras. . in Tuscany. John Gualbert. Marciana. Jason. the ions. For 'the faith of Christ. breasts cut cletian off. disciple of the blessed evangelist Mark. near Florence. the birthday of St. Saints Proclus and Hilarion.

he zealously discharged the office of preaching. who obtained emperor Severus and the governor Aquila. martyr. St. blessed Silas. they were subjected to scourging and starvation. Serapion. fire. the crown of martyrdom by his sufferings. under the Arian king Hunneric. St.JULY. bishop. Viventiolus. The same day. one of the first Christians. he went to our Lord. pope and martyr. Macedonia. the holy prophets Joel and Esdras. Filled with the grace of God. the martyr St. In the island of Chio. and shed lustre on it by a glorious martyrdom. By the Apostles he was destined for the churches of the Gentiles with Paul and Barnabas. rested in peace. and all the clergy of that church. in the time of the emperor Decius and the governor Numerian. 205 At Lyons. In A T Kome. the faithful and virtuous bishop of Carthage. In . who governed the Church of God after St. St. to the number of about five hundred or more. Paternian. In Africa. ^ St. Cfje Cftirteentfi Dap of 3fulp. Clement. At Bologna. In the persecution of the Vandals. Being clubbed to death. which they bore with joy for God's sake. among confessors whom were many small children employed as lectors. the holy in the time of the Eugenius. and after glorifying Christ by Also. and driven into a most painful banishment. bishop. Anacletus. Myrops.

confessor and doctor of the Order of Minorites. occuages.206 JULY. he took his flight to heaven. had a heated helmet put on his head. he believed in Christ. and was thrown into the fire. Phocas. cross appearing to him. he yielded up his soul in the confession of the Lord. St. Finally. struck with the sword and exposed to the fire for Christ. after having been impris- oned. A miraculous soldier under the tribune Claudius. bishop and confessor. In Bretagne. At Alex- . Both had three times confessed the illustrious faith. he was scourged. and were Cfje Jfoiitteenti) Dap of 3fulp nal and bishop of Albano. was baptized. At Sinope. and Muritta. Justus. St. bound. bishop of that city. His remains were brought to Vienne. number were also two distinguished personthe archdeacon Salutaris. in Ponthe martyrs St. and bestowed his goods on the poor. Bonaventure. a man of admirable simplicity and innocence. tus. in France. Cardi- learning and holiness of life. and deposited in the church of the holy apostles. Arrested afterwards by the prefect Magnetius. Turian. Under the emperor Trajan. At Home. the demise of St. but without injury even to a hair of his head. most celebrated for his " AT Lyons. by their sturdy perseverance in Christianity. pying the second rank among the ministers of the their church.

At Alexandria. Cyrus. bishop. deacon. Henry 1. Abudemius. whose glories were proclaimed by St. Felix. and the saints by the Cfte jfffteent!) Dap of 3fulp* ^ A T Bamberg. king of Hungary.. Florentius. At Brescia. St. Julia and Justa. At Carthage. who were entombed in the church of St. he was numbered among Sovereign Pontiff. the birthday of the holy martyrs Eutropius. on whose festival St. St. Benedict XIV. St. Heraclas. martyrs. AugusAt Como. emperor. . and the sisters Zosima and Bonosa. city. who suffered unFaustus. bishop. whose fame was so great that the historian Africanus repaired to Alexandria to see him. minister to the sick.JULY. Zeno. the holy martyrs Philip. tine spoke of him to his people. Marcellin. St. St. with nearly kingdom. as he himself testifies. confessor. At Rome. to receive the faith of Christ. St. At Porto. At Carthage. 207 andria. St. Camillus de first bishop of that Lellis. In the island of Tenedos. blessed Catulinus. and the Saints Januarius. Optatian. St. in Belgium. founder of the Clerks Regular who for virtues Renowned miracles. St. and induced all his Stephen. priest and confessor. bishop. who kept perpetual chastity with his wife Cunegunde. a martyr. Augustine in a sermon to his people. At Daventry. Narseus. and ten children.

that Arius received at Constantinople the condign punishment of his iniquity. bishop and martyr. his executioner. bishop of that city. in the Council of Nicsea. St. Cyriaeus. condemned the perverse heresy of Arius. It was also owing to his prayers. At Msibis. St. Athanasius. der Diocletian. At Palermo. St. and those of bishop Alexander. and afterwards. . in the time of Charles the Bald. virgin of Palermo. he departed for heaven at Veroli. Felix. James. rian.208 JULY. the extravasation of his intestines. by whom he was driven from his see. who was Sebaste. the finding of the body of St. He was one of those who confessed the faith during the persecution of Galerius Maximian. who suffered much from his wicked nephew Sergius. Consumed with afflictions. At Naples. bishop of that city. Urban VIII. miracles and erudition. was converted to Christ and endured martyrdom. Kosalia. by opposing to it the doc- trine of consubstantiality. it delivered Sicily from the plague in the year of the Jubilee. cian. Being miraculously discovered in the time of the Sovereign Pontiff. a man celebrated for great holiness. a physidecapitated under the governor Ad- At On seeing milk flowing from his wounds instead of blood.. the birthday of St. At Pavia. in Campania. Antiochus.

JULY. in the time of the emperor Diocletian. celebrated Under the Arian empe- ror Constantius. The same day. in Spain. 14 . At Antioch. At Saintes. and died a martyr at Arezzo. Virgin Mary of Mount The same day. He lived five days fastened on a cross. St. and her companions. a martyr. and confessor. where he rested in the Lord. At Treves. marAt Capua. bishop and confessor. in Thracia. bish- op and martyr. Valentine. the holy martyrs Raineldes. monk. for the defence of the Catholic he was banished to Trajanopolis. who was arrested with St. Donatns in the persecution of Julian. tyr. he was beaten with rods. translated to Ostia. in Armenia. Sisenandus. Domnio. the holy martyrs Athenogenes. in France. deacon and martyr. St. At Bergamo. virgin. under Decius. Faustus. St. in Tuscany. At Sebaste. who were massacred by barbarians for the Christian faith. bishop for learning and sanctity. St. At Cordova. and festival of the Blessed Carmel. As he would not sacrifice to idols. 209 Cfte fTlHE - >teteentft Dap of 3[iiip. Vitalian. ten of his disciples. Hilarinus. he went to heaven. in Syria. St. His body was faith. bishop. the birthday of blessed Eustathius. the birthday of St. who was strangled by the Saracens for the faith of Chirst. and being then pierced with arrows.

death. Generosa. Acyllinus. and religiously placed in the basilica of St.210 JULY. with the bones of blessed Cyprian and the head of the martyr St. nailed to pieces of wood. died in prison after much suffering. der the Iconoclast Leo. Cfte Setoemeemi) Dap of 3fiilp.. Leaving his spouse untouched the night of his marriage. they were sent to prison. Felix. thus deluding the world by a new device. The relics of Speratus. Cythinus. Narzales. martyr. Januaria. But after his house. At who Amastris. John the Baptist at Lyons. where he wrought AT many miracles. translated to the church of St. confessor. the birthday of the holy Scillitan martyrs Speratus. Veturius. At Rome. and finally beheaded. martyr. where he was for seventeen years harbored in his father's house as an unknown beggar. Generosus. At Carthage. under the Sovereign Pontiff. becoming known through a voice heard in the churches of the city. By order of the prefect Saturninus. in Paphlagonia. marAt Constantinople. he withdrew from his and after a long pilgrimage returned to Rome. St. Lsetantius. St. the demise of prefect Castritius. son of the senator Euphemian. Boniface. Hyacinth. and Secunda. and by his own writing. Donata. Alexius. Pantaleon. . Vestina. St. St. untyr. under the At Tivoli. he was. after their first confession of the faith. Theodota. were carried from Africa into France. Innocent I. Rome.

and Eugenius. under the Sovereign Pontiff. and were found in the sacristy of St. Leo XIII. Leo IV. and terminated their martyrdom by different kinds of death. the virgin St. confessor. at from pope Liberius Rome. Peter in his writings. founder of the Clerks Regular ministering to the sick. Symphorosa. Stacteus. Julian. sister of the blessed bishop Ambrose. Angelo in Piscina. At Pavia. is attested by St. with her seven sons. Tivoli. Getulius. the translation of St. Cfte (CigfiteentJ) Dag of 3[ulp. Theodosius. St. Their mother. Crescens. The bodies were subsequently taken to Rome. Nemesius. Her sanctity in the basilica of St. in the At hair. bishop and confessor. At Carthage. St. was first buffeted a long time. Pius IV. Marcellina.JULY. Her sons had their limbs dis- tended by pulleys and bound to stakes. declared him Celestial Patron of hospitals and the time of the emperor Adrian. . because of her invincible constancy. Camillus de Lellis. At Auxerre. 211 pope St. nnHE - feast of St. Ennodius. St. tied and lastly thrown into the river with a stone to her body. Justinus. Primitivus. Marina. wife of the martyr St. whose birthday is the 14th of July. virgin. then suspended by her infirm. Ambrose At Venice. who received the religious veil At Milan. bishop.

the birthday of St. Maximian. a bishop illustrious and the gift of miracles. who was cast into a furnace. In Spanish Galicia. For the faith of Christ and the church entrusted to him. Ruffillus. city. martyr. At Utrecht. Gundenes. she was four different times stretched on the rack for the faith of Christ. for holiness in France. At in ^Emilia. St. in Mysia. he died in peace. Frederick.212 JULY. St. and ended At St. espethe Arians. horribly lacerated St. Segni. renowned for miracles. MaAt Milan. At Dorostorum. Finally he went to his rest in the Lord with a great renown for his repeated confession of the faith. he was thrown into prison and often scourged. and thus received the palm of martyrdom. from whom he suffered much. the holy bishop Maternus. St. virgin and martyr. Philastrius. eremitical his blessed career in peace. Bruno. bishop and martyr. Arnulf. JEmilian. He chose an life. Finally. in the reign of rina. and finally put to the sword. . bishop of that Forlimpopoli. and writing combated heretics. bishop and confessor. virgin. St. bishop of that city. By order of the proconsul Rufinus. St. confined for a long time in a filthy dungeon. At Brescia. in speech cially who At Metz. with iron hooks. in the time of Julian the Apostate and the governor Capitolinus.

Dap of 3fulp. St. At last. who repented of a fault she had committed. the birthday of St. The same day. At Cordova. At Verona. Arrested by the governor Diogenian. Greater. At Seville. bishop and martyr. At Rome. Epaphras. who for a long time had much to bear from a faction of schismatics. St. Leo XIII.JULY. the Mary the martyrdom of the holy virgins Justa and Kufina. where becoming renowned for his virtues. and in a second combat overcame the enemy by the shedding of her blood. in Spain. Aurea. VINCENT PAUL. Felix. virgin. At Scete. St. he went to God. then imprisoned. At Treves. Paul calls his fellow-prisoner. bishop. distinguished by holiness. declared him heavenly patron before the throne of of all charitable organizations throughout the Catholic world owing in any manner their origin to him. they were stretched on the rack and lacerated with iron claws. and Kufina had her neck broken while confessing Christ. a mountain in Egypt. Lastly Justa breathed her last in prison. . and subjected to starvation and various tortures. he received the palm of martyrdom for defending courageously the flock committed to his charge. Symmachus. 213 Cfte jQmeteemf) T. Martin. His body lies at Kome in the basilica of St. who slept in the Lord on the 27th of September. whom the apostle St. pope St. confessor. DE God By the same apostle he was consecrated bishop of Colossse.

endowed with every virtue and shedding continual tears. in the place of the traitor Judas. sister of St. surnamed the Just. whom the Apostles selected with blessed Matthias for the apostleship. where. It is related of him that having drunk poison. St. virgin and martyr. he was inscribed among the beatified by Benedict XIV. and canonized by Clement XIII. Arsenius. . notwithstanding. because of his confidence in the Lord. The lot having fallen upon Matthias. Cassia. Basil the Great and St. and Paula. continued to preach and to advance in virtue. with ten others. and after having sustained from the Jews many persecutions for the faith of Christ. he yielded his soul to God. Julian. At Antioch. founder of the Congergation of Somascha. The same day. Joseph. In Cappadocia. Jerome JEmiliani. the holy prophet Eli as. Gaining renown for many miracles during his life and after his death. he received no injury from it. Cfte Ctoemieti) rjIHE -festival of St. Gregory of Nyssa. the holy virgin Marcina. Maximus. the holy martyrs Sabinus. a deacon of the Koman church. Dap of 3[ulp. Macrobius. St.214 JULY. At Damascus. happily ended his life in Judea. On Mount Carmel. confessor. In the time of Theodosius. Margaret. he retired into a wilderness.. the birthday of blessed Joseph.

St. deacon and martyr. Wilgefortes. in France. he was put to death. the birthday of St. At Boulogne. virgin and martyr. a soldier. a man of admirable sanctity. who merited the crown of martyrdom on a cross in defence of the faith and her chastity. and Longinus. Julia. she rested in Christ. and preaching Christ courageously. Felician. With him also suffered three soldiers. In Portugal. the holy prophet Daniel. 215 At Cordova. then subjected to various torments. where he was visited by an angel. St. Because he refused to serve in the army and sacrifice to idols. At Treves. Assiduously attending to watchthe ing. Victor. on the Salarian road. Alexander. Severa. and five companions. Jucundinus. and was buried near her sister Pudentiana. who was in all chastity and in the knowledge brought up of the divine law. and finally being crushed under a millstone. in the time AT Rome. At Babylon. virgin. virgin and martyr. At Marseilles. Paul. he was thrust into prison. Justus. Dap of ^ holy virgin Praxedes. . For rebuking Mahometan princes for their impiety and cruelty. St. In the same place. the martyrdom of the saints Claudius. At Troyes. Wulmar. prayer and fasting. and went to his reward in heaven.JULY. the abbot St. he ended his martyrdom. St.

was put to the sword. and as he could not be induced either by presents or threats At Antioch. In Syria. At Strasburg. a bishop. the birthday of the martyr Under the lieutenant-governor Agriphe was scourged. the abbot St. of the emperor Aurelian. Theophilus. finally being beheaded. a prae- who was apprehended by the Arabs. who was distinguished for learning and holiness. renowned for miracles. in Galatia. lacerated with iron hooks. Vandrille. whom At Ancyra. monk John. . At Philippi. celebrated for miracles. Meneleus. a companion of St. tor. In the territory of Auvergne. the holy Simeon. St. and subjected to other most atrocious torments. At Comana.216 JULY. St.out of T Marseilles. the holy bishop and martyr Zoticus. and who deserved to be the first to see the Saviour after He had risen from the dead. Syntyches. the holy bishop Cyril. pinus. our Lord expelled seven demons. and Plato. to deny Christ. In the monastery of Blandine. he rendered his invincible in assisting soul to God. In Cyprus. in Armenia. C&e Ctoentp^econO Dag A of 3fitlp *" Mary Magdalen. mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul. the birthday of St. Arbogastus. The miracles he wrougth the captives are attested in the Acts of the second Council of Nicaea.who was crowned under Severus. abbot. St. St. St.

Vespasian. confessor. At Lisbon. the martyrdom of St. Cfte Ctoentp*tjrirfl Dap of rfIHE birthday of the holy bishop Apollinaris.JULY. marIn the same city. Primityr. in the time of the emperor Diocletian. in France. who received their crown of martyrdom by being beaten with stones. who was consecrated at Kome by the apostle Peter. Fianlly. he was canonized by Leo XIII. Kasyphus.. Liborius. bishop and confessor. In Bulgaria. he terminated his confession of Christ by a glorious martyrdom under the Caesar At Le Mans. St. the holy martyrs The same day. Francis. St. many holy martyrs whom . 217 At Scythopolis. superior general of the Capuchin Minorites of St. in Palestine. Joseph. where he converted many from the worship of idols. a count. Also. who appointed the 7th of July for his feast day. the birth- day of the holy martyrs Trophimus and Theophilus. Apollonius and Eugenius. scorched with fire. returning to Kavenna. St. Illustrious by his preaching and his ardu- ous labor for the glory of God. At Kome. and finally struck with the sword. Lawrence of Brindisi. St. where he endured for the faith of Christ many different tribulations. virgin and martyr. and sent to Kavenna. tiva. He after- wards preached the Gospel in JEmilia.

the impious emperor Nicephorus. Finally. In the same city. arrows. subjected to other most severe tor- ments. burning furnace for five days without any inand after being cured of the sting of serpents. had been shut up by the governor Julian jury. Redempta. and virgin breaking up her father's gold and silver idols in to give them to the poor. St. Christina. vigil James. long im- At Rome. widow. the departure from this life of St. whose sacred body was taken to Sweden on prisonment. whilst he was devastating the churches of God. on out. Her feast is celebrated on the Cfie CtoentHourtJ) Dap of 3fulp. Gregory in his writings. At Tyro. and being pierced with arrows. and thrown with a heavy stone into the lake. apostle. the 7th of October. the saintly and Herundines. put to death in various ways by the sword. she was cruelly scourged by his command. . Tuscany. tioned by pope St. and martyr. she after she in a bore courageously still more bitter tortures. Bridget. fTHE * of St. from which she was drawn out by an angel. 8th of that month. men virgins Komula. Believing in Christ. she ended her martyrdom by having her tongue cut At Rome. on lake Bolsena. who succeeded her father. the halter. and starvation. Then under another judge.218 JULY.

with his two brothers. and finally transfixed with arrows and beheaded. Victor. JAMES the Apostle. who were converted to Christ by the preaching of the and gained the palm of martyrdom by being decapitated. Being scourged with iron rods. bishop and confessor.Ursicinus. cast into the flames. and placed in the remote province of Galicia. At Sens. Christopher. martyr. the holy martyrs Meneus and Capito. At Merida. At Amiterno. who. St. Also. in Abruzzo. who visit fulfilment of their vows. the holy matryrs Niceta and Aquilina. Agrippa about the who was beheaded by Herod feast of Easter. in Spain. and the frequent concourse them through piety and in In Lycia. where they are devoutly honored by the far-famed piety of the inhabitants. in the time of Decius. a mili- tary man. Vincent. St. from which he was saved by the power of Christ. brother of the blessed evangelist John. In Lycia. the martyrdom of eighty-three holy soldiers. of Christians. he completed his . Cfte Ctoentgsfiftft Dap of OT. martyr. His sacred bones were on this day carried from Jerusaelm to Spain. blessed martyr Christopher. Stercatius and Antinogenes. St. by various torments consummated his martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. St. 219 the Tiburtine road.JULY.

in the persecution of Maximian Galerius. he besought God with all his heart.220 JULY. first for his own countrymen. her companion. after which he received the crown of martyrdom by being beheaded. she went to fire with her spouse. she was Cordova. in Spain. In Palestine. and being cast into the another virgin. In the same country. natives of Sipontum. he was struck with the sword. St. the birthday of the holy martyr Cucuphas. He was condemned to capital punishment. St. the holy martyrs Florentius and Felix. Valentina. and thus went triumphantly to heaven. who was led to an altar to offer sacrifice. in Abruzzo. and finally for the judge the executioner that was to strike him. St. Paul. but overturning it with her who had condemned him and cruelly tortured. martyrdom. After overcoming many torments. St. At foot. next for the multitude of the spectators. Magnericus. . that they might embrace the true faith. At Treves. a martyr. during the persecution of Diocletian and under the governor Dacian. monk and and martyr. then for the Jews and the Gentiles. a virgin. bishop confessor. Theodemirus. and under the governor Firmilian. but having obtained a short respite to pray. At Barcelona. At Forcono.

bishop and confessor. St. who (as we read in the Acts of pope St. and there crowned with martyrdom. Benedict. who was age rested in the Lord. monk and hermit. Also. Valens. 221 Cfte Ctoemp'0itft Dap of FT1HE departure out of this life of St. on the Viminal hill. Hyacinth. Mother of God. St. Pudentiana. who was renowned for many miracles. St. the birthday of St. martyr. who was appointed bishop of that place by the blessed apostle Paul. St. Afterwards. on the Latin road. mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary. being struck with the sword by the ex-consul Leontius. Erastus. Anne. and Exuperia. At Home. Ste- phen) were burnt of martyrdom. and then precipitated into a stream without being injured. Olympius. In the monastery of St. and at an advanced alive. on her own estate near Rome. in Macedonia. at Borne. his life. first thrown into the fire. and thus obtained the palm At Porto.JULY. At Verona. he terminated His body was buried by the matron Julia. the holy mar- tyrs Symphronius. Theodulus. His name is used to designate a cardinal's title in the church of St. At Philippi. priest. . Simeon. Pastor. near Mantua. under the emperor Trajan.

blessed Anthusa. Pantaleemon. Un- der Constantine Copronymus. the holy martyrs Maurus. brothers. Martinian. At Auxerre. subjected to the torture and burned with torches. the Saints Hermippus and Hermocrates. she rested in the Lord. and Sergius. by whose instructions blessed Pantaleon was converted to the faith. At Ephesus. Serapion.222 JULY. the demise of blessed JEtherius. the martyrdom of Pantaleon. priest. Julia and Jucunda. in Spain. after being scourged and banished. In the country of the Homerites (Arabia). the commemoration of the holy martyrs. deacon. a virgin. who were delivered to the flames for faith of Christ. For the faith of Christ he was apprehended by the emperor Maximian. of AT Mcomedia. John. At Biseglia. In the same city. Natalia. and Constantine. the holy martyrs George. Denis. they were condemned to capital punishment by the same Maximian. during the persecution of the Arabs. the birthday of the seven holy sleepers. Felix. Also. Malchus. in Apulia. bishop and confessor. Cfte Ctoemp'0etoem|) Dap St. Hermolaus. St. At Cordova. under the tyrant Dunaan. a ^ physician. He ended his martyrdom by a stroke of the sword. At Constantinople. bishop. during which tor- ments he was comforted by an apparition of our Lord. the holy martyrs Felix. and Liliosa. who suffered under Trajan. Maximian. At Nola. Aurelius. After many sufferings borne for the confession of Christ. .

pope and Home. the holy martyr Acatius. at martyrdom of St. in Galatia. While the tyrs persecution excited by Nero was raging. in the time of the emperor Licinius. was smeared with honey and exposed. At Miletus. ing oil. AT Borne. Innocent. St. the holy martyr Eustathius. to the stings of wasps and flies. At Ancyra. when a shameless woman approached him with the intention of excit- ing his passions. pope and At Milan. afflictions endured in prison. Victor. the birthday of the holy marNazarius and a boy named Celsus. After various torments. after suffering the torture of the rack. but he bit off his tongue and spat it in her face. in the broiling heat of the sun.JULY. 223 Cfje Ctoemp*eigf)ti) Dap of 3[ulp. in Egypt. of hot metal plates and of seeth- One . he was plunged into a river. but being delivered by an angel. who com- . was finally called to his reward by a dove coming from heaven. At this time. confessor. the crafty enemy devised certain slow torments to put them to death. the commemoration of many holy martyrs who suffered in the persecution of Decius and Valerian. after long sufferings and In Thebais. with his hands tied behind him. Another was bound and laid among flowers. they were beheaded by Anolinus. of these Christians. the Also. when Christians sought death by the sword for the name of Christ. wishing much more to kill their souls rather than their bodies. ^ martyr.

in Tuscany.224 JULY. Being from his See by the Arian emperor Constanexpelled tius for defending the Catholic faith. In the same altar were also found the bodies of the holy martyrs Abundius. and being put to the sword privately at Cera. bishop and confessor. and with these was put back in the same place on the 31st of July. where. Gregory XIII. St.. Martha. and buried on the Aurelian road. under the Sovereign Pontiff. Felix II. pope and martyr. St. from which he came out uninjured through the assistance of God. the hostess of our Saviour. whose happiness in heaven is St. after having undergone different torments and been thrown into a furnace. priest. Lazarus. and Tranquillinus. Cfte Ctoentpnfmf) Dap of ^ AT Tarascon. At Lyons. It was afterwards brought to the church of the Saints Cosmas and Damian. he died His body was taken away from that place by clerics. at- tested by glorious miracles. virgin. on the Aure- lian road. and Abundantius. deacon. Sampson. it was found beneath the altar with the relics of the holy martyrs Mark. At Kome. St. in France. . priest. In Bretagne. and sister of blessed Mary Magdalen and St.. pleted his martyrdom by having his head struck off. which were shortly after solemnly transgloriously. Marcellian. Peregrinus.

St. Seraphina. Faustinus. Callinicus. bishop and confessor. William. in France. having religiously discharged the functions of the priesthood for fifty-two years. At length. and Beatrix. he rested in peace. in the time of the emperor Diocletian. king and martyr. and teen companions. confessor. At Troyes. St. with iron rods. and by assiduous prayer defended the city of Troyes from the furor of to Attila. the holy martyrs Lucilla and Flora. At Mumia. Also at Rome. were condemned to suffer capital punishment . St. Faustinus. Again. who was scourged eighin the In Norway. bishop and confessor. St. Antoninus. was smothered in prison. Also. at Rome. Brieuc. The first two. who was devastating all France. Olaf. Lupus. Beatrix. Being finally cast into a furnace. who underwent reign of the emperor Gallienus. on the eve of their festival. their sister. 225 ferred to the church of the Society of Jesus. the holy martyrs Simplicius. the demise of blessed Prosper. St. and given over to other torments. virgins. on the road to Porto. in Pamartyr. At leans.JULY. Theodore. St. martyrdom At Gangra. he gave up his soul to God. St. after being subjected to many different tor- ments. Eugenius. . phlagonia. bishop of OrAt Todi. who went with blessed Germanus to England combat the Pelagian heresy.

Donatilla. scourged with leaded whips for the faith of Christ. the latter ob- padocia. she refused. Rufinus. though her body re- flames. burned on the gridiron. being a Christian. in Africa. The judge commanded her to offer sacrifice to the idols. firmness. and Secunda. " AT Rome. At Tuberbum Lucernarium. Julitta. yielded her spirit With great and being thrown into the to God. that she might be heard. St.226 JULY. in Umbria. bishop and confessor. in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. martyr. but being untouched by them. the holy virgins and martyrs Maxima. were forced to drink vinegar and gall. her cause could not be pleaded. in CapAs she sought to re- jected that. St. At Auxerre. and stretched on the rack. Cfie CftfrtietJ) Dap of 3fitlp. St. At Csesarea. twelve years old. then scourged most severely. St. martyr. Basil the Great has proclaimed her praise in an excellent eulogy. At Assisi. fire. Ursus. and then put to the sword. brought to Rome. cover through the courts the restitution of goods seized by an influential personage. The first two. in the reign of Decius. the holy Persian martyrs Abdon and Sennen. rubbed over with lime. afterwards exposed to the beasts with the virgin Secunda. they were finally beheaded. mained uninjured by the . who were bound with chains.

illustrious by a glorious confession of the faith. bishop. covered with wounds. confessor. the holy martyrs Democritus. three hundred and fifty monks. At Siena. the martyrdom of the blessed martyr Fabius. who became martyrs by being slain by the heretics for defending the Council of Chalcedon. bishop of Auxerre. in Africa. As he refused to carry the ensign of the governor of the province. St. the departure from this world of St. Secundus and Denis. founder of the Order of the Jesuati. during the persecution of Antoninus. and glorious miracles. the birthday of St. At Tagaste. in Tuscany. a man most renowned for his birth. . and as he persisted twice in confessing Christ when brought before the judge. founder of the Society of Jesus. and pierced through the neck with a sword. the birthday of blessed John Colombini. he was thrown into prison for some days. in Phrygia. learning. At Synnada.JULY. who was arrested. who freed England completely from the heretical doctrines of the Pelagians. In Syria. At Csesarea. Firmus. renowned for sanctity and miracles. St. At Ravenna. he was condemned to capital punishment. and most zealous for propagating the Catholic religion in all parts of the world. 227 Cfte Cftitt?^ttr0t Dap of 3fitlp. Ignatius. bishop and martyr. He terminated his martyrdom by being precipitated into a well. faith. " AT Rome. Germanus. At Milan. renowned for sanctity and miracles. Calimerius.

in Spain. Faustus and Maurus. on the Latin road. the birthday of the holy After enduring various torments. others. Attius. under the governor Fla- Aquila. St. who relics suffered under king Antiochus Epiphanes. At Antioch. the martyrdom of the seven holy brothers. Peter in Chains. who were beheaded in the persecution of Diocletian. and their mother. mentioned in the Acts of pope St. Also. and placed in the church of holy virgins Faith. At Eonie. in Pamphylia. Alexander. martyr by order of Dacian. the holy martyrs a priest. At Gerona. in Arabia. just Rome. and Menander. the Machabees. the holy martyrs Cyril. Their were transferred to Borne. At Pergen. . and six husbandmen. crowned on the same day. Peter. the holy martyrs Leontius. vian. who won the martyrdom under the emperor Adrian. the dedication of the church of St. the Hope and Charity. crown of mentioned. with nine Bonus.AUGUST. on Mount Esquiline. Stephen. at At Philadelphia. he was cut with knives until he Felix. Domitian. Peter. Rufus. Cfte jFfwt Dap of |T ROME.

the soldiers . Verus. was banished to Scythopolis and thence to Cappadocia by the emperor Constantius. Afterwards returning to his church.. Agatha of the Goths. St. bishop of St. In the territory of Liswin. and his example. by his writings. Justin. who for the confession of the Catholic faith. St. and was declared Doctor of the Universal Church by Pius IX. In the persecution of Vale- suddenly entered whilst he was but he remained before the altar and saying Mass. he suffered martyrdom is His feast in the persecution of the Arians. St. in the cemetery of Callistus. St. Nemesius. Ethelwold. confessor. Cfte SeconD Dap of IT -" Nocera-de-Pagani. in England. martyr. At Vienne. bishop. 229 gave his undaunted soul to Christ. the fifty-second after his happy death. At Winchester. pope and martyr.AUGUST. the birthday of St. At Vercelli. rian. Stephen. St. kept on the 16th of December. and foun- der of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. his preaching. according to a decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. bishop. in the year 1839. At Rome.. In the diocese of Paris. distinguished by his zeal for the salvation of souls. St. Eusebius. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. bishop and martyr. He was inscribed on the calendar of the saints by pope Gregory XVI.

in Bithynia. and At Nicssa. Maximus. named Evodius. in the time of the Constantinople. the martyrdom of St. martyr. In Africa. the martyrdom of holy monks Indies. martyr. Rutilius. In the East near Persia. and sometimes even by means of money. and of the Saints Gamaliel. through a divine revelation IT made St. being unexpectedly apprehended. by order of Nicetius. but at last. ex-consul of Bithynia. Theodota with her three sons. and subjected to many tortures. all her sons. Cfte CftftD Dap of Jerusalem. first martyr. his throne. during the persecution . to the priest Lucian. Nicodemus. with a reputation for miracles. and then the mother. Afterwards he was cast into the fire. was first beaten with rods. At birthday of suffering various torments. He had frequently secured safety from the perils of persecution by flight. was consumed by fire. At Padua. and thus merited the glorious crown of martyrdom. bishop of that city. and Abibo. with St. The eldest. confessing Christ with was beheaded on confidence. and other Christians who were put to death after emperor Honorius. the finding of the body of most blessed Stephen. who ended his blessed life in peace. the Hermellus. he was led to the governor.230 AUGUST. concluded the sacred mysteries with intrepidity. St.

a dealer in purple. bishop. by decree of pope At Thessalonica. Dominic. in St. the birthday of blessed Aristarchus. most renowned for sanctity and learning. the demise of St. Peter. At Autun." He fellow-prisoner . Paul. is celebrated on this day. Paul IV. Peter. confessor. His feast. founder of the Order of Friars Preachers. Aspren. and after being baptized. he rested in peace on the 6th of this month. and by his great merits raised three persons from the dead. in Syria. At Beroea. Cfte Jfourtf) Dap of 3ugu0t* A T Bologna. After having repressed heresies by his preaching. bishop and confessor. St. Campania. St. who was the first to believe in the Gospel when the apostle Macedonia. however. 231 Church of God by king Abenner. "My who writes to the Colossians: Aristarchus salutes you. Euphronius. who was cured of a sickness by the apostle St. St. Lydia. He preserved his chastity unsullied to the end of his life.AUGUST. the holy women Marana and Cyra. At Naples. At Philippi. bishop. disciple and inseparable companion of the apostle St. Paul preached in that city. St. was made bishop of that city. who rested in the Lord after gaining great renown for monastical observance and for pastoral vigilance. of the in At Anagni. and instructed many in the religious and godly life.

during the persecution Diocletian. Pro- St. She converted to the faith her son Nazarius and her husband Africanus. St. in the time of king Sapor. martyr. bishop and tasius. At Cologne. underwent martyrdom after having been subjected to various torments. and after long sufferings under Nero. St. with nine thousand Christian captives. crowned by Christ. who. Perpetua. At Constantinople. who was put to the sword for Christ. rested in peace. . Euphronius. to our C6e Jfiftft Dap Mary of " AT Home. mains of many holy martyrs. the holy martyr la and her companions. the holy martyr Eleutherius.232 AUGUST. Also at the Rome. he completed his martyrdom by being beheaded. At Borne. buried the reapostle Peter. St. on Mount Esquiline. was consecrated bishop of the Thessalonians by the same apostle. At Tours. who was baptized by the blessed At Verona. At Rome. of the senatorial rank. on the Latin road. In Persia. in the persecution of Maximian. confessor. after having his sides burned. bishop. the dedication of of the Snows. after being stretched on the rack and scourged with whips. the martyrdom of blessed Tertullinus. in the time of emperor Valerian. After being cruelly beaten with rods. Agabius. of the church of St. priest and martyr. and finally went Lord endowed with an abundance of merit. his mouth shattered.

He received the crown of martyrdom for the confession of Christ. Paris. the holy martyrs Cantidius. whose life is related by Venerable Bede. blessed Cassian. and Sobel. bishop and martyr. Peter.AUGUST. and for having degenerated from his ancestors' piety. Teano. After being converted from Paganism by the instructions of bishop St. The same day. who were beheaded on the Salarian road. At Antioch. St. St. Also. being consecrated bishop of that city by St. martyr. Oswald. and being baptized with all her household. Emygdins. At Augsburg. Egyptians. the birthday of St. because he reproached Julian the Apostate for forsaking the faith of Constantine the Great. in the Marches. at the age of one hundred and ten a soldier. mother of blessed Gregory citizen. At care. At Chalons. brought to the truth of the Gospel the people committed to his At Autun. a Roman Nazianzen. who. In England. St. bishop. Afra. 233 of twenty-three holy martyrs. and sent thither to preach the Gospel. in France. was decapitated by his command. St. under the emperor Diocletian. and buried at the foot of Cucumer hill. Memmius. king. Narcissus. who was consecrated bishop by pope St. At Ascoli. Marcel lus. who years. St. St. under whom he had served. . Eusignius. Nonna. Cantidian. she martyrdom was delivered to the flames for the confession of Christ. bishop.

suffered also blessed Quartus. deacons of blessed Xystus. Peter of Cardegna. With them by St. pope and martyr. with their abbot Stephen. of the Order of St. pope and confessor. were led out of the and had their throats cut by the executioner. St. city. the holy martyrs Felicissimus and Agapitus. beaten with rods. At Burgos. At Home. Magnus. brothers. C&e >fetf) Dap of AN Mount Thabor. At Rome. Vincent. all of whom were beheaded with him.284 AUGUST. St. At Alcala. . they were arrested. and spontaneously ran to martyrdom. Hormisdas. Januarius. Amida. and buried in the cemetery of Praetextatus. the holy martyrs Justus and Pastor. on the Appian road. and buried in the monastery by the Christians. At James. By order of the governor Dacian. a hermit renowned for miracles. While they were yet schoolboys. who received the crown of martyrdom in the persecution of Valerian. in the cemetery of Callistus. in the mon- astery of St. as is related Cyprian. by being put to the sword. two hundred monks.Also. in Spain. and Stephen. subdeacons. in Spain. Benedict. and as they exhorted each other to constancy... who were put to death for the faith of Christ by the Saracens. the transfiguration of our Lord ^ Jesus Christ. the birthday of blessed Xystus II. they threw aside their books in school.

in Mesopotamia. a Persian monk. he was ranked among the saints by Clement X. the holy martyrs Peter and Julian. Being apprehended by the imperial officer Quadratian. the birthday of St. At Milan. through confidence in God. Cajetan of Tiene. made his disciples practise the primitive mode of life of the Apostles. and refusing to sacrifice to idols. With him suffered also the blessed monk Hilarinus. who obtained the palm of martyrdom after many combats. in the persecution of Julian the Apostate.AUGUST. Faustus. At Coino. founder of the Theatines. Donatus. in Tuscany. disciples. Victricius. and thus consummated his martyrdom. the passion of the holy martyrs Carpophorus. when his body was taken to Ostia. Being renowned for miracles. At Rome. in the time of Aurelius Commodus. he was struck with the sword.Dometius. who. At Nisibis. who were beheaded for the confession of Christ. under Julian the Apostate. St. Whilst he was yet a . who among other miraculous deeds. bishop and martyr. Cassius. a sacred chalice which had been broken by Pagans. Severinus. who was stoned to death with two of his At Kouen. " confessor. a soldier. 235 Cfte ^etoentft Dap of AT Naples. St. made whole again by his prayers (as is related by the blessed pope Gregory). with eighteen others. At Arezzo. the holy bishop St. Secundus and Licinius. Exanthus. St. singular in Campania. whose feast is celebrated on the 16th of July.

But the executioner who had been sent to put him to death being struck blind. Afterwards they were brought to Rome. and died by being exposed racked. Their bodies T Rome. St. and after being subjected by the tribune to many torments. who was scourged. and Smaragdus. an to wild beasts. Afterwards being made bishop. in the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian. Mary in Via Lata (the title of At Anzarba. and lacerated. aged man. Donation. soldier under Julian. in Sicily. by preaching the word of God. but were on this day translated by pope St. was condemned to capital punishment. he brought to the faith of Christ the barbarous people of Belgic Gaul. Order of Carmelites. St. and finally died a confessor in peace. a cardinal-deacon). and the confessor's chains being loosened. deacon. renowned for C&e A OEigfttj) Dap of -" holy martyrs Cyriacus. bishop. Marinus. At Messina. At Chalons. he made his escape.236 AUGUST. on the Ostian way. Albert. in France. who suffered on the 16th of March. with twenty others. of the miracles. and placed in the Church of St. he threw away his military belt for Christ. the were buried on the Salarian road by the priest John. confessor. in Cilicia. Marcellus to the estate of Lucina. Largus. St. in the time of the emperor Diocle- .

St. vigil of St. and converted a great number of Pagans to the faith of Christ by his labors and miracles. St. bishop. At Verona. bishop renowned for In Crete. in Hellespont. the holy marand Leonides. mHE St. who underwent mar- trydom by fire. then racked and torn with iron hooks. In Tuscany. At Vienne. the holy martyrs Firmus and Rusti- . St. and finally beheaded. Lawrence. a miracles. Myron. In Persia. and Verian. 237 tian tyrs Eleutherius and the governor Lysias. who undertook a painful journey from India in order to preach the Gospel in that city. martyr. He was immediately prosecuted. At Cyzicum.AUGUST. in France. Romanus. St. Hormisdas. Being burned with fire applied to their sides. a martyr. Also. who ended his life in exile after having suffered much from the emperor Leo for the worship of holy images. soldier. the birthday of the holy martyrs Secundian. they were lian. scourged by the ex-consul Promotus. ^Emilian. scourged. they merited the triumphant palm of martyrdom by having their heads struck off. under king Sapor. Cfte Jl3imj) Dap of august. who was moved by the torments of blessed Lawrence to ask for baptism from him. Severus. MarcelIn the time of Decius. priest and confessor. At Rome.

in the time of the emperor Maximian. Found half dead.238 AUGUST. and then beheaded by order of the impious emperor Leo. he was restored and deserved afterwards by his virtue to be made priest of the church of Carthage by blessed by St. on the Tiburtine road. he at last completed his martyrdom by being slowly consumed on an iron instrument made in the form of a gridiron. dom by Cyprian. cus. His body was buried by blessed Hippolytus and the priest Justin in the cemetery . they were exposed to many torments. the holy martyrs Julian. Marcian. and eight others. from hot metal plates. from scourging with whips set with iron or lead. For having set up the image of our Saviour on the brazen gate. In Africa. St. although thrown into the flames with the others and overwhelmed with stones. Being exhorted Numidicus. After much suffering from imprisonment. At Chalons. was nevertheless taken out by his daughter. but Numidicus. Domitian. the birthday of blessed archdeacon Lawrence. in France. C&e IT ** Centft Dap of the Rome. they obtained the palm of martyrbeing cast into the fire. At Constantinople. during the persecution of Valerian. a martyr during the persecution of Valerian. bishop and confessor. the commemoration of many holy martyrs.

At Rome. the holy virgins and martyrs Bassa. in the Veran field. virgin and martyr. They were a long time subjected to various excruciating torments. under the judge Fabian. who gave to the poor every Saturday what he had earned during the week. martyr. under the governor ^Emilian. Also. the holy confessor Deusdedit. foundress of the Order for the Redemption of Captives. in the persecution of the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. martyrdom of one hundred martyrs. under the name of our Lady of Ransom. in the persecution of Diocletian. in the persecution of Valerian. At Alexandria. Also. Aurelian. he was put to the sword.AUGUST. at Rome. and won the crown of martyrdom by different kinds of deaths. At Bergamo. the and sixty-five holy under the emperor Asteria. Cfte A (Eletientft Dap of 9ugu0t T Rome. a laboring man. the holy virgin Susanna. the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. and Agathonica. After he hard walked barefoot on burning coals and confessed Christ with increased constancy. at Rome. the commemoration of the holy martyrs. Paula. between the two laurels situated about ** three miles from the city. In Spain. At Carthage. 239 of Cyriaca. the birthday of St. a woman . Tiburtius. who were soldiers St.

He was promoted to the See Gomana. Gaugericus. Celebrated for glorious miracles. Being celebrated for holiness of she was placed among holy and miracles. bishop. St. and ing his companions. whose sanctity is attested by the blessed pope Gregory. At Cambrai. Taurinus.240 AUGUST. Be- made bishop of that city by the blessed pope Clement. bishop of the Marsi. martyrdom of St. Equitius. At Evreux. abbot. bishop and confessor. and the many labors he sustained for it. Cfte Ctoelftft A Dap of " T Assisi. women St. named Carbonarius. At Todi. who added of that church by St. in of the poor Umbria. he propagated the Christian faith by the preaching of the Gospel. In the province of Valeria. virgin. bishop. the first of the Order of Minorites. and niece of the blessed Pontiff She merited the palm of martyrdom by being beheaded in the time of Diocletian. but also fire. Gregory Thaumaturgus. in France. noble race. under the emperor Maximinus. virgins by Alexander life . virgin. not only by preaching. St. Digna. Alexander. surto a consummate of philosophy an eminent degree of knowledge Christian humility. by suffering martyrdom by The same day. Rufinus. in Pontus. St. in France. Clare. At of Caius. St. he slept in the Lord. and became the illustrious. St.

Largius. and Eunomia. and Maximian. the holy martyrs Macarius and Julian. she was cast into the fire for the faith of Christ. The same day. the demise of St. carius. the holy martyrs Por- monastery of Lerins. 10 . the Saints Gracilian. Nimmia. received the palm of martyrdom. Because she watched at the sepulchre of her daughter. Euprepia. Tuscany. the holy martyrs. together with her maid-servants Digna. On the same day there suffered also in that city Quiriacus. with many others. At Milan.AUGUST. St. 241 IV. and Felicissima. mother of the blessed martyr Afra. virgin. with twenty In Syria. At Mcomedia. St. Hilaria. in others. had their mouths bruised with stones. who. Euplius. the birthday of St. At Catania. At Brescia. At Faleria. abbot of the bishop. and finally obtained the palm of martyrdom by being put to the sword. Eusebius. At Augsburg. and were thus crowned with martyrdom. under the emperors Diocletian He was a long time tortured for the confession of the Lord. the count Anicetus and his brother Photinus. and Juliana. bishop and confessor. deacon. who were slain for the Catholic faith by barbarians. Herculanus. in Sicily. Crescentian. and being afterwards struck with the sword. for the confession of the faith. and five hundred monks. under the emperor Diocletian.

his nurse. and buried with him in the Veran field. The torment suffered by the martyr was the more grievous. the birthday of St. and many others endured diverse torments and the his had heretical . At Burgos. Cf)e Cftirteent!) A Dap of -" blessed Hippolytus. two of his disciples. distinguished for learning and for zeal for Catholic truth. as the hand which it. who being scourged suffered also blessed Concordia. and having all his body lacerated. where he breathed his last. giving them leave to kill him. the persecutor called the boys whom the saint taught and who hated him. inflicted At Constantinople. On the feet to the necks of wild horses.242 AUGUST. martyr. At Imola. St. At Todi. rendered death more tardy. who were beheaded beyond the Tiburtine gate. both called Anastasius. Cassian. under the emperor Diocletian. whips. a monk. Combating valiantly the Monothelites. and being cruelly dragged through briars and brambles. in his presence with leaded . he yielded up his spirit. he hands and tongue torn from him by the emperor Constans. Cassian. martyr. same day. under the emperor Valerian ly After enduring other torments. by reason of its weakness. went to our Lord and nineteen others of his house. As he refused to worship idols. Maximus. who gloriousconfessed the faith. in Spain. At this time. bishop and martyr. and was banished to Chersonesus. St. he was tied by the T Rome. martyrs. the Saints Centolla and Helena.

Athanasia. widow. 243 hardships of exile. under the emperor Maximian.AUGUST. for having pulled down a temple of Jupiter. At Rome. In Africa. and the governor Aristides. a martyr. who was beheaded for Christ. In Germany. ligious life. St. At Apamea. John Berchinans. St. Callistus. he rested in peace. Ursicius. At Poitiers. priest and confessor. St. At Todi. illustrious for his innocence and for his fidelity to the rules of the re- canonized by Leo XIII. where constantly persevering in prayer for seven months. and buried in the cemetery of In Dalmatia. St. Demetrius. Radegundes. whose life was renowned for miracles and virtues. St. in Syria. In the island of ^Egina. Wigbert. who was killed by the exasperated Gentiles. after suffering various torments. At Rome. and the gift of miracles. bishop and martyr. His body was removed by the priests Gregory and Orosius. St. the birthday of the blessed priest Eusebius. St. a scholastic of the Society of Jesus. bishop and martyr. queen. martyr. . on the Appian road. He was Cfte jFourteemt) fTIHE - Dag of August* vigil of the Assumption of the blessed Vir- gin Mary. celebrated for monastical observance. St. Callistus. Marcellus. who for the defense of the Catholic faith was shut up in a room of his own house by the Arian emperor Cons tan tius.

a native of Poland. At Kome. St. Stanislaus Kostka. Tharsicius. his colleague in the pastoral charge. his valiant fellow-soldier in combating heretics. At Kome. St. in France. in . bishop. king of the Hungarians. At Soissons. St. but found no vestige of the sacrament of Christ. of the Society of Jesus. on the Appian way. who being made perfect in a short space. and began to inquire what it was. in Africa.Benedict XIII. The Christians took up the body of the martyr. But he judged it an unworthy thing to cast pearls before swine. whose feast is celebrated on the 2d of September. Arnulf. At Alba. and the At Tagasta. They therefore beat him with sticks and stones until he expired. Mother of God. bishop and confessor. The Pagans accosted him as he was carrying the sacrament of Christ's body. who was the disciple of blessed Augustine. fulfilled a long time by the angelical innocence of his life. and finally his partner in the glory of heaven. Hungary. &e JFtfteentJ) Dap of Assumption of the most holy Virgin Mary. companion of his conversion. either in his hands or in his clothes. Alipius. Stephen. The sacrilegious searchers examined his body. St.244 AUGUST. confessor. St. He was inscribed on the list of the saints by the Sovereign Pontiff. acolyte. and buried it reverently in the cemetery of Callistus.

At Milan. he left the military service. St. Diomedes. in Campania. during the persecution of Diocletian. near Montpelier. At who underwent martyrdom for the faith of Christ by being beheaded. and gave up his soul to God in prayer. At Ferentino. In France. Ambrose. thirty -three holy martyrs. and thus reached the place of eternal rest. and deposited with . in Bithynia. At Mary. St. became so famous for working miracles. the demise of St. 245 Steteentl) Dap of august* father of the most blessed Virgin whose birthday is the 20th of March. physician. he was subjected to different kinds of tortures. Also. bishop. was put to death by a barbarous JOACHIM. deacon. St. Nicsea. At Nicomedia. St. bishop. St. Simplician. Under the persecutor Licinius. Eleutherius. confessor. whilst distributing money to the poor. Augustine.AUGUST. Ambrose and St. that we read of his expelling the demons and killing a huge dragon by his prayers. and leading a solitary life. delivered many cities of Italy from an epidemic. tribune. Rome. Finally he foretold the destruction of the city. who. Arsacius. and finally passing through fire without injury. was cast into the water. At Auxerre. centurion. His body was after- wards transferred to Venice. Titus. In the persecution of Diocletian. who by the sign of the cross. when the city was taken by the Goths. the demise of blessed Roch. renowned by the testimony given of him by St. confessor.

abbot. In Achaia. At Carthage. the greatest honors in the church dedicated under At Home. HE Octave of Lawrence. Myron. being were to be burned. in Africa. who was be- . At Csesarea. He has been highly praised by the holy fathers Basil and Gregory Nazianzen. in Cappadocia.246 AUGUST. C&e FT! >etiemeem|) St. from childhood to old age. in Poland. martyr. St. who. endured a long martyrdom. and at length ended it happily in the reign of Aurelian. deacon. Servus and Kusti- Rogatus and Septimus. the holy martyrs Liberatus. Thus they terminated the r glorious series of their combats. subdeacons. confessor. who slept in the Lord on the 16th of this * month. they w ere struck with iron bars by order of the tyrant until their brains were dashed out. under the governor Alexander. of the Order of Preachers. Dap of 9ugu0t. nailed to the wood wherewith they Finally. St. they were subjected cus. under king Hunneric. Mamas. monks. who had been his invocation. and Maximus. priest and martyr. Serena. a young child. martyr. Hyacinth. the wife of the emperor Diocletian. In the persecution of the Vandals. to various unheard-of torments for the confession of and the defense of one baptism. and were crowned by our Lord. Boniface. St. as the fire was always put out the Catholic faith miraculously whenever kindled. At Cracow. the birthday of St.

he was arrested by order of the emperor Aurelian. In the same city. ended their martyrdom by fire. ton. he was finally struck with the sword. the holy martyrs Paul. as he was fervent in the love of Christ. in Palestine. and his sister Juliana. in the time of the Cj)e OEigfiteemf) Dap of august* " A T Palestrina. priests. who were condemned to the beasts. Anastasius. Serapion. but being uninjured by them. St. during the persecution of Diocletian. they deserved the joys of eternal life. the holy martyrs Hernias. who suffered under Valerian. stony. the birthday of the holy martyr Agapitus. At Teramo. . and thus merited his crown. the holy martyrs StraAntipater. At Ptolemais. wards becoming partakers of Being dragged through narrow. John and Crispus. Philip and Eutychian. Although only fifteen years of age. and craggy In places. to the lions by the emperor's order without receiving any injury.AUGUST. and scourged a long time. emperor Decius and the governor At Nicomedia. under the prefect Antiochus. who chariburied the bodies of many saints. 247 headed at Cyzicum. and being delivered At Kome. and Polysenus. after undergoing many torments. they yielded up their souls to God. bishop and confessor. Afterwards. and aftertably the blessed their merits. he endured more severe torments.

and his military ^ A T Rome. in Umbria. Being accused on this account. Pope Leo XIII. mother of the pious emperor Constantine the Great. and are venerated with the greatest devotion. after the martyrdom of Proculus and Maximus.248 AUGUST. the plunged holy martyrs Leo and Juliana. companions. At Metz. bishop and confessor. Helena. C6e jQineteemf) Dap of august. who were converted to Christianity through a miraculous victory they had gained over the Persians. virgin. who was the first to set the example to other princes of protecting and extending the Church. were subjected to the governor Licion. His body was buried in the cemetery of Calepodius on the Aurelian road. their employers. the holy martyrs Florus and Laurus. In Cilicia. Dalmatia. tribune. solemnly added her to the list of holy virgins. the birthday of St. stonecutters. St. At Myra. and by him thrown into prison. nun of the Order of Augustinians. many torments under At Rome. they . Lavican road. who was delivered up to the judge Vitellius. Julius. on the St. St. in Lycia. Firmin. By order of the emperor Commodus. blessed Clare. senator and martyr. in whom the mysteries of our Lord's passion were renewed. At Monte-Falo. in France. Andrew. and into a deep well. he was beaten with rods until he expired. who.

in France. martyr. In the same country suffered also Thecla and Agapius. pope. The former being exposed to the beasts. after enduring many torments. in the persecution of Diocletian. he was consumed with a slow fire. St. His body was taken thence to Marseilles. renowned for holiness of life and miracles.. After overcoming many tor- In ments. At Mantua. In the territory of Bourges.. At the castle of Brigto pieces noles. confessor. Timothy. At Rome. bishop and martyr. a peror Maximian. in Provence. Gregory VII. In the neighborhood of Sisteron. Rufinus. and fired the crusaders with enthusiasm for the recovery of the holy places in Palestine from the power of the . and went to her spouse. and buried with due honors in the church of the Friars Minor.AUGUST. but Agapius. St. Being from his very infancy endowed with the grace of God in an extraordinary manner. was torn by their teeth. St. Magnus. under the governor Urbanus. 249 were massacred in the the defiles of Mount Taurus by under the emSt. was reserved for greater combats. blessed Urban II. At Anagni. the demise of St. who followed in the footsteps of St. army of the governor Seleueus. confessor. of the Order of Minorites. Louis. he lived the life of an anchoret for many years. and after having been renowned for glorious miracles. who was put to death in the persecution of Decius. Palestine. blessed Donatus. bishop of Toulouse. in his zeal for learning and religion. priest and confessor. went to Christ. Marian.

were taken to Constantinople by the emperor Arcadius. and deposited near Septimus. bishop of Gyrene. seeing other Christians crowned for the confession of the Lord. Lucius. who had their hands and feet cut off for the faith of Christ. during his martyrdom. Pius VIII. and miracles.250 AUGUST. who. In Judea. and merited the same crown of martyrdom. Also. illustrious for virtues. thirtyseven holy martyrs. in the time of the governor Apellian. the holy prophet Samuel. with whom he set out for Cyprus. He also converted the governor Dignian. during the persecution of the Arabs. the holy martyrs Leovigildus and Christopher. Cfie Ctoemietf) Dap of TN the territory of Langres. whose sacred relics (as is related by St. approved and confirmed. The veneration paid to him from time immemorial Pope Leo XIII. He was declared Doctor of the universal church by the Sovereign Pontiff. St. In Thrace. infidels. and were cast into a burning furnace. the holy martyrs Severus. learning. went victoriously to heaven. Bernard. who was converted to the faith. senator. At Cordova. by having his head struck off. suffering the same kind of death. first abbot of Clairvaux. Jerome). the demise of St. where. The same day. monks. on seeing the constancy of Theodore. and the centurion Memnon. he offered himself voluntarily. .

in the Veran martyr. who instructed the holy martyr Agapitus in the In the island of Noirfaith and doctrine of Christ. she gave up her life by suffering martyrdom for Christ.AUGUST. one of the seven founders of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Vir- gin Mary. r Cfte Ctoemp*ft r0t A Dap of august -" Frances in Savoy. . a law officer. who is commemorated on the 13th of December. for confessing the name of Christ. At Salona. by being beheaded and cast into the fire. after devoting herself and all her goods in the service of the saints. in the diocese of Florence. and soon after. blessed Porphyry. foundress of the Order of Nuns of the Visitation of St. and being put to death by order of the emperor Auvolian. Mary. Jane Fremiot de Chantal. confessor. At T Annecy. St. blessed Manetius. Maxinms. St. Cyriaca. the festival of St. a man of God. At Rome. Rome. widow and In the persecution of Valerian. On Mount Senario. confessor. Philibert. obtained the palm of martyr- dom. 251 who were thrust into prison for the defence of the Christian faith. w ho breathed his last whilst reciting r hymns in her honor. St. who was converted to the faith by seeing the fortitude with which blessed Agapitus bore his torments. moutiers. At Chinon. field. St. disciple of the blessed bishop Martin. abbot. Anastasius.

bishop. abbot and founder of the Congregation of Olivetans. At Rome. whom their pious mother exhorted to martyrdom and sent before her bearing their crowns. and Camerinus. bishop and confessor. Being herself beheaded. At Fundi. Quadratus. the holy martyrs Bonosus and Maximian. At Siena. he died in captivity. St. At Edessa. in Tuscany. After he had been arrested by Tarquinius. in Campania. who suffered in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. and Fidelis. in Syria. Thence he retired to the neighborhood of Fundi. to Our Lord. Agapius. The same day. Cisellus. Paternus. Euprepius. the birthday of the holy martyrs Luxorius. and her sons Theogonius.252 AUGUST. Also St. being seized by the tribune whilst he was burying the bodies of the martyrs. under the governor Delphius. the holy martyrs . the birthday of the holy martyr Timothy. bishop and martyr. Cfie Ctoemp'Seconfl Dap of rriHE Octave of the Assumption of the Blessed -*Virgin Mary. St.Bassa. St. during the persecution of Maximian. In Sardinia. who were put to the sword in the persecution of went Diocletian. blessed Bernard Ptolemy. At Verona. In Gevau- dan. a martyr. Privatus. where. she joyfully followed them and shared their victory. prefect of the . who came from Alexandria to Rome to visit the tomb of the Apostles. on the Ostian road.

Hippolytus. the Saints Agathand their fellow-martyrs. St. was condemned to capital punishment by the judge Vitellius. Also. Maprilis. and thus received the palm of martyrdom. first Refusing to offer sacrifice to the idols. In Spain. emperor Maximian and the governor Eutholomius. Zoticus. self lian road. martyr. Gunifort.AUGUST. in the time of the emperor Alexander. who suffered under Valerian. bishop. Antoninus. most severe torments. 253 city. the holy martyrs Martial. the Saints Athanasius. and St. His body was buried by the Christians at that place. Having gloriously confessed the faith. At Home. and buried on the AureSt. At Nicomedia. and two of her slaves. At Pavia. martyr. and finally ended his martyrdom by being beheaded. with their companions. At Tarsus. subjected to the finally beheaded. and kept for a long time in prison. the saintly martyrs Fabrician and Philibert. Symphorian. at Porto. . and Felix. the holy martyr Maurus and his companions. At Autun. most renowned for learning. bishop and martyr. under the onicus. Saturninus. precipitated into a deep ditch filled with water. At Bheims. openly declaring hima Christian. he was bound hand and foot. Epictetus. At Porto. in the time of the emperor Aurelian. St. a noble woman whom he had baptized. as he refused to sacrifice to the idols. Anthusa. he was scourged. then confined in prison. a martyr. who. he was scourged three times.

CtoentHinrD fTlHE vigil of St. were fastened to a cross. though a slave. and Fructuosa. and was a man of the greatest humility. Valerian. martyr. apostle. Eleazar with his eight sons. brothers. At Antioch. and their companions.254 AUGUST. Also. in Cilicia. St. Maximus. priest. He was numbered the saints by Clement X. in the time of Alexander. At Todi. the holy martyrs Claudius. confessor. and was likewise deemed worthy of the crown of martyrdom. the holy martyrs Quiriacus. who suffered under the prefect Ulpian. At Rheims. under the emperor Diocletian. He contributed greatly to the growth of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. enjoyed the liberty of Christ. who were accused of being Christians by their step-mother. . Donatus. the birthday of the holy martyrs Restitutus. At Ostia. the holy martyrs Minervus. bishop. and Neon. deacon. Zaccheus. who. in France. At Jerusalem. the birthday of the Saints Timothy and Apollinaris. Asterius. Dap of 3ugu0t. Archelaus. and thus conquered and triumphed with Christ. who merited to enter the heavenly kingdom by consummating their martyrdom in that At Lyons. After them suffered Donvina and Theonilla. who among were crowned after having distinguished themselves by a glorious confession. and after en- during bitter torments. and the governor Lysias. Philip Beniti of Florence. Luppus. with twelve others. St. At ^Egsea. Bartholomew. St. and city.

blessed Victor. bishop and confessor. where. the time of Valerian and Gallienus. and thus he terminated his martyrdom. bishop. to offer incense to Jupiter on these coals. andria.AUGUST. or to cast yourselves into the lime. said to the confessors: "Choose one of these two things. 255 bishop. fourth after the blessed apostle James. after converting many to the faith. and amidst live coals lime was prepared by order . in ful. Flavian. the church of that city the At Alex- Theonas. who. who governed St. and beheaded by order of king Astyages. and confessing Christ to be the Son of God. Among other torments inflicted on them. Sidonius. he was flayed alive by the barbarians. in Africa. with incense being brought to him. and finally to Rome in the island of the Tiber." Armed with faith. then to Benevento. St. a pit filled with burning it is of the governor. At Autun. bishop. they quickly precipitated themselves into the pit. At Clermont. At Utica. in Auvergne. where venerated by the pious faithAt Carthage. Cfte Ctoemgsfoimf) Dap of apostle St. His sacred body was first carried to the island of Lipara. who preached the Gospel of Christ in India. three hundred holy martyrs. St. He passed thence into the Greater Armenia. Bartholomew. a bishop distinguished for learning and sanctity.

St. At Nepi. Owen. In the same place. Her body. St. From this circumstance this blessed troop obtained the appellation of White Mass. Evangelist John. St. Eutychius.AUGUST. St. who was the disciple of St. Tatio. St. virgin and martyr. . St. ^t. he had his hands cut off and his head burned by order of the tyrant. martyr. and finally he rested in peace. who was plunged into the sea with a stone tied to her neck. Aurea. the vapors of the lime were reduced to dust. Eomanus. St. George Limniota. Ptolemy. Because he reprehended countries. At Rouen. Also. being cast on the shore. and his companion in martyrdom. The same day. abbot. bishop of that city. bishop and At Nevers. disciple of the blessed apostle Peter. In Isauria. who received the crown of martyrdom by being beheaded in the persecution of Domitian. under the governor Urbanus. He was subjected the impious emperor Leo for breaking holy images and burning the relics of the saints. monk. Ptolemy. to stripes and fire. At Ostia. bishop. he died a glorious martyr of Christ in the city of Nepi. confessor. Being sent by him to preach the Gospel in Tuscany. disciple of the blessed preached the Gospel in many to imprisonment. and went to our Lord to receive the recompense of a martyr. Patrick. was buried by blessed Nounus.

the profession was yet a Pagan. Genesius. Pontian. 257 C&e " A Ctoentgsftftf) Dap of august France. and thus merited the palm of martyrdom. who. and refusing to record the impious . St. T Paris. but by the inspiration of God he was suddenly converted to the faith and baptized. martyr. At Aries. a bishop. As he remained firm in the faith of Christ. Should you kill thousand times. he was forthwith most cruelly beaten with rods. in office of 17 France. then racked. and said: "There is no king besides Christ. Louis. At Rome. the in the time of the holy martyrs Eusebius. One day he was deriding the Christian mysteries in the theatre of actor while he in the presence of the emperor Diocletian.AUGUST. who preached rue a the Gospel in that country in apostolic times. you shall not be able to take Him from my lips or my heart. another blessed Genesius. and a long time lacerated with iron hooks. at Rome. Gerontius. At Italica. then beaten with rods and burned on their sides. they were scourged with leaded whips until they expired. St. filling the notary. in Spain. who embraced Also. and Peregrinus. who were first racked. As they continued faithfully to praise Christ. By the command of the emperor. distended by ropes. confessor. St. and after many labors died in prison. emperor Commodus. and burned with fire-brands." he was beheaded. Vincent. king of illustrious by the holiness of his life and the fame of his miracles.

In Syria. Maginus. Mennas. St. martyr. threw clared himself a headed. St. Christian. martyr. during the persecution of Valerian. At Utrecht. in Lombardy. St. and buried in a crypt near St. At Tarragona. bishop. the holy martyrs Irenseus and Abundius. thrown into a sewer from which they had taken the body of blessed Concordia. and his sons Constantius and Victorian. martyr. Secundus. In the same city. pope and martyr. by which punished. Gregory. bishop. St. a distinguished man and officer in the Theban Legion. obtained the crown of martyrdom. Cfie Ctoentg^fetft Dap of august* St. St. and thus edicts Christians were commanded to be debe- away his tablets publicly. the Saints Simplicius. St. martyr. At Bergamo. who was one of the same legion. who were " A T Rome. Alexander. virgin. a city of Liguria. who were first tortured in different manners. Their bodies were drawn out by the priest Justin. At Vintimigilia. Among the Marcians. and then being struck with the axe. Lawrence. Julian. At Naples. He was seized and and attained to the glory of martyrdom through baptism in his blood. Patricia. St. in the . and endured martyr- dom by being beheaded for the constant confession of the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. At Constantinople. Zephirinus.258 AUGUST.

who. Joseph. Peter. At Mcomedia. At Capua. For reproaching Licinius on account of the persecution raised against Christians. by the innocence of his life and miracles. brated on the 30th of this month. and Mannea. he was put to death by his order. St. Mary. son of the emperor Probus. the birthday of St. bishop and confessor. In the same place. At " AT illustrious Capua. the holy martyrs Marcellinus. Rufinus. the holy martyrs Rufus and Carpophorus. Felix. the demise of St. in Peru. bishop of Byzantium. Rose of St. 259 time of the emperor Antoninus. At Tomis. the martyrdom of St. In Spain. Cfie Ctoentp^etoentf) Dap of Rome. Her feast is cele- At At Lima. Pistoja. who suffered under Diocletian and Maximian. disciple of St. of the third Order of St.AUGUST. His body was buried at Argyopolis by his uncle Domitius. Dominic. confessor. his . who merited the crown of martyrs by being slain by the Moors for the faith of Christ. priest and confessor. a patrician. St. virgin. in Pontus. to instruct youth in piety and letters. Rufus. in Campania. tribune. who was baptized with all his family by blessed Apollinaris. martyr. St. St. Adrian. founded the Order of the Poor Clerks Regular of the pious Schools of the Mother of God. Victor. bishop and martyr.

in Sicily. John. Because she was a Christian she was put to the sword by her brother Sermilian. bishop. a man of great sanctity and piety. the holy bishop Csesarius. the martyrdom of St. Serapion. At Bergamo. Augustine. St. St. virgin. March of Ancona. who was baptized by blessed Barnabas. in the St. and after having sustained many other labors for the Church of God. and Peter. At Lentini. The same day. Anthusa the Younger. and his sons John. St. Licerius. St. Margaret. wife. he went to his reward in heaven. bishop and confessor. bishop. Syagrius. in Spain. and consecrated by him first bishop of that city. anchoret. At Lerida. and went to her spouse. At Pavia. At Aries. who was made a martyr by being cast into a well for the faith of Christ. Poemon. Converted and baptized by the blessed bishop Ambrose. bishop and famous doctor of the Church. At Autun. Narnus. king .260 AUGUST. Cfte Ctoentp*eisi)t{) A ** Dap of Kegius. At San Severino. the birthday of St. St. In Thebais. Euthalia. in Africa. were first brought from his T HSppo own city into Sardinia. widow. owing to the invasion of barbarians. and afterwards taken by Luitprand. His relics. St. he defended the Catholic faith with the greatest zeal against the Manicheans and other heretics.

an ^Ethiopian. Vivian. an aged and celebrated man. he was arrested by the soldiers. He converted many robbers. and led them to a monastery. exposed his intestines. Being the companion of the blessed tribune Ferreol. Also. under the emperor Numerian and the judge EvilaAt Salerno. was first conand afterwards ended his martyrdom by the sword. St. who received the crown of martyrdom gius. the holy bishop Alexander. At Saintes. At fined in prison. St. an illustrious man. burst asunder and sius. St. and killed in a barbarous manner by having At Coutances. the birthday of St. under the judge Aurelian. in France. in Auvergne. during the persecution of Diocletian. and Anthes. to Pavia. through whose efficacious prayers Arius. . Hermes. martyr. Caius. martyr. as we read in the Acts of the blessed pope Alexander. At Constantinople. and secretly serving Christ under a military garb. where they were deposited with due honors. Julian. the holy martyrs Fortunatus. beheaded under the emperor Diocletian and the proconsul Leontius. St. by the judgment of God. who gave up a life of robbery and became a renowned anchoret. Moses. At Rome. Pelahis throat cut. 261 of the Lombards. bishop and confessor.AUGUST. Brioude. who.

virgin and martyr. St. However. Sabina. St. At Metz. fTIHE beheading of St. where it is kept in the church of St. Basilla. an Asiatic bishop. martyr. near Campo Marzio. the birthday of St. At Antioch. under Leo the Isaurian. priest. Candida. the solemn commemoration takes place today. Merry. in Syria. who for the worship of holy images. when his venerable head was found for the second time. At Paris the demise of St. Praxedes by pope Paschal I. a virgin. St. the birthday of St. It was afterwards solemnly carried to Rome. . In England. At Constantithe holy martyrs Hypatius. At Perugia. bishop and confessor. she was struck with the sword. whose body was transferred to the church of St. Silvester. who fled from the persecution of Diocletian with his wife and his son Crescentius. a priest. Adelphus. and honored by the people with the greatest devotion. Euthymius. At Rome. and the skin of their heads torn off. celebrated for virtues and miracles. the birthday and Paul. John the Baptist. Sabina. At Smyrna. at Rome. and there rested in the Lord. a Roman. and Andrew. king. nople. emperor Adrian. and thus obtained the palm of martyrdom. Cfte Ctoemp*mnt& Dap of august.262 AUGUST. who was * put to death by Herod about the feast of Easter. St. were beheaded. In the vicinity of Troyes. after having their of the holy martyrs Nica3as beards besmirched with pitch and set on fire. St. on Mount AvenUnder the tine. Sebbi. Also.

in Africa. Boniface and Thecla. also in Africa. whose At Rome. 263 C&e fTHE Cftirtietft Dap St. At Bologna. Trevi. At Colonia Suffetulana. Fiacre. Felix and shared his crown. St. Christians not knowing his name. of august feast of St. the Saints Gentiles. under the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. and as they led him to execution. and was forthwith beheaded with him. abbot. confessor. he rested at last at an in advanced age. Fantinus. St. Also. the martyrdom of the blessed priest Felix. who was distinguished for many virtues and miracles. virgin and with three others. is Kose of Mary. at Rome. because he was added to St. In the diocese of Meaux. He is honored in that place. martyr.AUGUST. and was driven from lived his monastery. Pammachius. in which he had many great abstinence. martyrs. called him Adauctus. who suffered much from the Saracens. who were the parents of twelve blessed sons. confessor. who were murdered by the furious At Adrumetum. . After having brought to the way of salvation. virgin. Gaudentia. a priest distinguished for learning and holiness. Peter. sixty blessed martyrs. whence he departed for At heaven. St. birthday on the Ostian road. After being racked he was sentenced to death. he met the 26th of this month. In the same city. At Thessalonica. St. Bononius. St. St. a man who spontaneously declared himself a Chris- The tian. confessor.

cardinal and confessor. At Athens. When St. In England. At Caesarea. who was born in prison. and whom Ammia brought up. containing the exposition of our doctrine. Aidan. of AT Cardona. in Spain. and finally. Mamas. which was beyond the limits of Christendom. dying in Phrygia. St. renowned for holiness of life and miracles. St. martyrs Cresidius. At Transaqua^. At Auxerre. in the time of the Arian persecution. and his companions. Raymond Nonnatus. Cuthbert. he became wearied unto death. the Saints Theodotus. St. who were crowned with martyrdom in the persecution of Maximinus. bishop of Lindisfarne. At Treves. Cf)e CJ)trtp*fir0t Dap St. received a crown from the Lord for his martyrdom. then a shepblessed bustian . In the presence of the emperor. who was exiled for the Catholic faith by the Arian emperor Constantius. bishop and confessor. priest. Rufina.2G4 AUGUST. the holy martyrs Roand Mark. of the Order of Mercedarians. The first two were the parents of the martyr St. among the near lake Celano. By having to change the place of his exile. a bishop. the birthday of St. most celebrated for his faith and wisdom. Also. and Ammia. Aristides. in Cappadocia. he also delivered a discourse in which he clearly demonstrated that Jesus Christ is the only God. Optatus. the birthday of the holy Marsi. who presented to the emperor Adrian a treatise on the Christian religion. Paulimis.

AUGUST. one of the seven founders of the Order of the Servites of the Blessed Virgin Mary. St. blessed herd. . Amatus. near Florence. he left his sheep and became a monk. who gave up his soul into the hands of the Lord whilst discoursing to his brethren on the Passion of our Saviour. 265 saw his soul going up to heaven. bishop. At Nusco. confessor. Bonajuncta. On Mount Senario.

and received the crown of martyrdom under Nero. St. he ended his martyrdom by undergoing capital punishment. Todi. At Rheims. forty holy virgins led with him to the glory of matryrdom. St. St. . Ammon. and scourged with whips set with metal by order of the proconsul Laetian. who was one of the ancient of Christ. the holy martyrs whom he instructed in the Vincent and Lsetus. the Saints Josue and Gedeon. in Umbria. and and faith. At Piombino. having his tongue cut out. and finally. Regulus. In Spain. St. At Capua. martyr. abbot and confessor. Priscus. he was racked. martyrs. deacon. prophetess. At Benevento. twelve saintly brothers. disciple of the blessed apostle Peter. bishop and marUnder the emperor Adrian. In Palestine. Xystus. Terentian.SEPTEMBER. Giles. whose sanctity is salem. on the Aquarian disciples road. At Jerublessed Anna. who went thither from Africa. martyr. Cf)e |N JFim Dap of THE province of Narbonne. who was consecrated by him the first bishop of that city. St. St. At tyr. At Heraclea. in France. under the tyrant Licinius. in Tuscany. revealed in the Gospel.

Being put in an old ship on the coast of Africa. He was one of those priests who were subjected to various trials for the Catholic faith during the persecution of the Vandals. of AT Alba. his Totila. nevertheless. At Le Mans. they reached the shores of Campania. they were placed at the head of various churches. bishop and confessor. being adorned with was the of first to Christ. 267 and consummated At Sens. of whom that on a certain day. martyrdom under Lupus. Tammarus. Victorius. and thus greatly ex- tended the Christian religion. St. Priscus. Mark. stantius. St. in king ^ gary. whilst he stood at the holy altar in presence of the clergy. and separating. who. bis- hop. Cfie SeconD Dap St. a bishop renowned for the gift of prophecy and many virtues. Augustus. At Capua. Canion. virgin. St. Secundinus. St. Verena. He was convert the Hungarians to the faith received into heaven by the Virgin Mother of God. he was using. ElpiAt Aquino. Hungary. is commemorated on . in the diocese of Constance. bishop. divine of Hunvirtues. on the day of her Assumption. and Vindonius. St. His feast. a gem fell from heaven into the consecrated chalice which it is related. In Baden. Stephen. Heraclius. The companions of Priscus were Castrensis. Adjutor. Condius. Rosius.SEPTEMBER.

At Lyons. In the March of Ancona. the holy martyrs Dio- medes. by the brave Christian army. together was afterwards taken to Lyons on this day. Julian. Elpidius. according to the Constitution of pope Innocent XI. their sister. and the end of his meritorious labors had come. whose in France. he went to our Lord to receive the crown of His holy body. an abbot. St. They consummated their martyrdom. Also. Euthychian. another St. with the relics of his blessed lector Viator. brothers. this day. At Rome.268 SEPTEMBER. kept with great veneration in the church of Palencia. and Pantagapas. bishop and confessor. At Mcomedia.. He resigned his bishopric. and Callista. St. Hesychius. when the strong fortress of Buda was reconquered through the assistance of the holy king. Philadelphus. bishop and confessor. and a prophetic spirit. At Pamiers. in France. Justus. relics are St. the martyrdom of the Saints Evodius and Hermogenes. justice. martyr. the holy martyr Maxima. and his sons Concordius and Theodore. Elpidius. In the same city. Antoninus. others by the sword or by the cross. some by water. The same day. the holy martyr Zeno. who confessed Christ with St. Menalippus. Leonides. who was endowed with extraordinary sanctity. with his lector Viator. and retired a desert of Egypt. Philip. and yielded up her soul whilst she was beaten with rods. on the 14th day of October. Ansanus in the persecution of Diocletian. some by fire. into When . he had for some years led an almost angelical life.

and dedicated as a place of prayer. Thecla. the abbot and was renowned for other Nonnosus. name glories in the possession On Mount Soractes. St. nor afterwards burned with lighted torches. At Nicomedia. the holy martyrs Aristseus. and finally beheaded. the holy virgins and martyrs Euphemia. she was beaten with rods. Phoabe. after enduring many torments. and buried by St. She died on the 29th of July. near the field of Vindician. At Aquileia. Cfte CfiirD A ** Dap of September. who. Serapia. virgin. At Corinth. by his prayers removed a rock of huge dimensions. oration of her martyrdom is celebrated more solemnly on this day. in goras. she was delivered to two lascivious young men. they were slain with the sword. the birthday of St. by order of the judge Berillus. a boy. St. miracles. Basillissa. bishop. the martyrdom of St. Under the emperor T Rome. 269 A town bearing his of his sacred body. virgin and martyr. Under Nero. mentioned by the blessed apostle Paul in his epistle to the Komans.SEPTEMBER. Adrian. Herma- At Capua. and Erasma. and was buried by blessed Sabina in her own sepulBut the commemchre. . and Antoninus. when their common tomb was finished and adorned. Dorothea. and as she could not be corrupted.

Also. and the beasts. St. under the governor Alexander. Rufi- nus. The one was cast into a caldron of melted At Cordova. Simeon Stythe younger. martyr. and their eyes plucked out. Toul. lead. the persecution of Diocletian. At the age of nine years. Marcellus. being forced to take that burden upon himself. Mansuetus. At Milan. the demise of St. At Chalons. who. overcome scourging. sent forth from the more exalted throne brighter rays of sanctity upon the world. the birthday of three saintly boys. after having. an incomparable man. through the power of God. who. martyr. Cfte jFourtft Dap of AN " Mount Nebo. St. were killed with the sword. Being invited to a profane ban- . St. The same day. The same day. and the monks. bishop. his companions. in France. and Vitalicus. Gregory the Great. under the em- peror Antoninus. she gave up her soul to her Creator in prayer. after their tongues were cut off. St. the holy martyrs Zeno and Chariton. Silvanus. fire. Sandalus. At Auxanus. in the land of lawgiver and prophet Moses. At Rome. in France. bishop and confessor. martyrs. the raising to the Sovereign Pontificate of St. the birthday of the holy martyrs Aigulphus. the holy At Ancyra. the other into a burning furnace. in Galatia. Moab. lites.270 SEPTEMBER. abbot of Lerins.

deacon. and Julian. meet St. fire. the same governor had him burned alive up to the waist. feet cut off. Candida. he reproved with great freedom all persons present for worshipping the idols. Candida. Kosalia.SEPTEMBER. who had their dore. Pagan and his companions. At Viterbo. virgin. the holy martyrs TheoOceanus. she forsook At Palermo. he yielded up his undefiled soul. Peter when he came to that city. For this. same day. Marinus. bishop and martyr. the birthday of St. previously a priest. In the same place. After persevering for three days in praising God. the younger. a native of that city. The same day. virgin. by an unheard-of kind of cruelty. who was the Campania. and abhorring the meats that were served. the holy martyrs Magnus. the birthday the princely court of her father. and led a heavenly At Naples. afterwards ended her holy life in peace. and consummated their martyrdom by being thrown into the peror Maximian. renowned for miracles. Marcellus. St. the Saints Thameles. Also. Ammian. martyrs under the emperor Adrian. first to blessed Rose. issued from the royal blood of Charlemange. Castus. For the love of Christ. and being baptized by him. St. At The Treves. in the time of the emSt. . At Kimini. 27i quct by the governor Priscus. of St. and Maximus. in life alone in mountains and caverns.

Dap of September* first fTIHE feast of -* Lawrence Justinian. For reproving the cruelty of the emperor towards Christians. Having for the name of Christ endured this torment for three days. he was gloriously crowned. Being renowned for sanctity and miracles. and were put to death for the confession of Christ. His birthday is the 8th of January. The same day. bishop and martyr. martyr. where spring forth fetid sulphurous waters. Romulus. and buried with due honors at Araiterno. the holy martyrs Quinctius. In the suburbs of Rome. the birthday At Capua. he was scourged with rods. At Constantinople. to Contigliano. the martyrdom of the of St. St. and their companions to the number of eleven hundred and four. by glorious miracles and virtues. he was elected bishop of Amiterno by the whole people. Her cul anus. at Porto. illustrated the episcopal dignity which he received against his will on this day. and beheaded. and Donatus. Arcontius. prefect of Trajan's court. Also. in the time of Nerva Trajan. blessed Victorinus.272 SEPTEMBER. who threw away their military belts. the holy . Zeno. Patri- arch of Venice. but afterwards he was banished. Cfie Jfiftft St. and was suspended with his head downward by order of the judge Aurelian. and went victoriously to our Lord. who. holy soldiers Eudoxius. Macarius. with other servants of God. in Armenia. in the persecution of Diocletian. At Melitine. His body was taken away by the Christians.

gave up his soul to God. St. in the time of the emperor Decius and the governor Valerius. the holy martyrs Cottidus. by order of the Arian king Hunneric. and their companions.SEPTEMBER. In Cappadocia. horses. disciple of the Apostles. because they proclaimed the Catholic truth. Menedemus. In Hellespont. and their companions. the holy martyrs Faustus. He was severely scourged with St. and lies buried near the prophet Aggeus. At Toledo. In Africa. and Fusculus. who received the martyr's crown by being beheaded for the name of Christ. abbot. of whom St. deacon. who were put in a ship by the command of the emperor Valens. St. Germanus. Cfte Stoft Dap of HPHE " prophet Zachary. virgin. Mansuetus. Among them 18 . seventy-seven in number. Obdulia. St. 273 martyrs Urbanus. Bertin. priest. Paul speaks in his letter to Timothy. Eugenius. who were most cruelly scourged and sent into exile. Theodore. Porphyry. Onesiphorus. the holy bishops Dona tian. who returned in his old age from Chaldea to his own country. in the ecclesiastical monastery of Sithiu. by order of the proconsul Adrian. and burned on the sea for the Catholic faith. and being dragged by wild At Alexandria. Prsesidius. in the persecution of the Vandals. Macarius. and ten companions. In the neighborhood of Terouanne.

docia. who seeing the cruel edicts against Christians posted up in the public square.274 SEPTEMBER. and distributed the proceeds of it partly to the poor and partly to his accusers. St. Gregory. was one named Laetus. At Rome. a courageous and most learned man. took them away and tore them up. under the judge Sapritius. on being accused of professing cast into prison. and being inflamed with an ardent faith. they gave orders that he should be subjected to all kinds of torments. according to the testimony of Pope St. in the time of the emperor Adrian. Cfie Setientft Dag of September* Nicomedia. who. pierced . as not to show on his countenance the At Csesarea. His release folChristianity. in least trace of pain or grief. raised a dead man to life by his prayers and tears. chius. also a bishop. the birthday of the blessed martyr John. But being again arrested. the holy abbot Eleutherius. which the noble champion bore with such cheerfulness of spirit. who was burned alive after a long imprisonment in a loathsome dungeon. stretched forth his hand. whom he re- was garded as his benefactors. Petronius. bishop and confessor. St. he immediately sold his patrimony. martyr. a servant of God. This being reported to the emperors Diocletian and Maxi- " AT mian. CappaEupsy- who. At Verona. then residing in that city. he was lacerated. lowing shortly after.

. was condemned king of the Huns. St. in France. martyr. After having suffered imprisonment. St. Sozon. In the territory of Paris. Regina. and burning with torches.SEPTEMBER. He died in the odor of sanctity at San Cesario. St. the departure from this life of the holy bishop Evortius. At Nicouiedia. through the divine favor. in Cilicia. 275 through with a sword. Adrian. Anastasius. St. who were slain by Attila. Augustalis. and so went to her spouse. and became widely celebrated by his miracles. St. bishop. who ended . Cfte <Eigf)tJ) Dap of fPHE - Nativity of the most Blessed and ever Virgin Mary. being thrown into the fire. was designated bishop of that city by a dove. martyr. At Pompeiopolis. bishop and confessor. St. in the time of the emperor Maximian. and afterwards. she to capital punishment. Mother of God. who. and his companions. At Orleans. At Capua. St. the rack. remarkable for his zeal to reconcile the St. priest and confessor. and thus consummated his martyrdom. martyrs. Pamphilus. In France. Eastern churches with the Holy See. pope St. who was first a subdeacon of the Roman Church. Adrian III. Cloud. Nemorius. At Nonantola. with twenty -three other martyrs. At Troyes. In the diocese of Autun. virgin and martyr. At Aquileia. under the proconsul Olybrius. deacon. yielded up his spirit.

in the time of Julian the Apostate. in Palestine. St. he reaped an abundant harvest in France and Germany. Corbinian. At Alexandria.. He was inscribed among the saints by Alex- ander VII. the holy martyrs Ammon. brothers. St. being most cruelly tortured by the same furious Gentiles. and finally renowned for virtues and miracles. who. Adrian was taken to Home on this day. At Gaza. Thomas of Villanova. arch- bishop. after enduring many torments under the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. first bishop of that city. At Valencia.. in Spain. and sent to preach the Gospel.276 SEPTEMBER. martyrs. on which his festival is celebrated. . In the same place. breathed his last. and under the same Julian. the Saints Timothy and Faustus. St. and Zeno. martyr. Afterwards the body of St. Neoterius. Nestabus. Theophilus. the holy martyrs Eusebius. martyrdom the 4th of March by having their limbs crushed. At Antioch. and buried with due honors. distinguished by his ardent charity for the poor. Being consecrated by pope Gregory II. who were cut to pieces by a multitude of Pagans that rushed upon them. Their retheir mains were carried to Byzantium by the Christians. At Freisingen. Nestor. rested in peace. and his feast is celebrated on the 22d of this month. and twenty-two others.

pope and confessor. Sergius. Peter Claver. and vinegar with salt poured over them. At Cartagena. and lacerated with whips. Omer. his soul in the midst of torments. the holy martyrs Dorotheus and Gorgonius. Peter. &t. who ended his martyrdom for Christ by being tied to two trees and torn to pieces. then their skin being torn from their bodies. the body of blessed Gorgonius was brought to Rome. Severian. he was suspended in the air with a thirty miles stone tied to his feet by order of the governor Lysias. visiting the Forty Martyrs whilst they frequently were in prison. bines. the holy martyrs Hyacinthus. After some time. Alexander. Kieran. America. St. abbot. Thence it was trans- " AT ferred to the basilica of St.SEPTEMBER. and Tiburtius. 277 Cfte H3intft Dag of September* Mcomedia. and deposited on the Latin road. they were burned on a gridiron and finally strangled. The greatest honors had been conferred on them by the emperor Diocletian. in South land. and being scourged and torn with whips. At Sebaste. bishop. confessor of the Society . yielded up The same day. St. a soldier of the emperor Licinius. Straton. In the In Ireterritory of TSrouanne. but as they detested the cruelty which he exercised against the Christians. Also. the holy martyrs Rufinus and Rufinian. they were by his order suspended in his presence. St. At Rome. Among the Sa- from Rome. For St. brothers. St.

wonderful self-abnegation and great charity among the negro slaves for more than forty years and baptized personally almost thirty thousand of them. proconsul of Asia. then put in irons. At Chalcedon. they were crowned with martyr- . Dativus. Felix. in the March day of the holy bishops Nemesian. whilst they were saluting each other with a holy In Bithynia. confessor. after they had been loaded with fetters and exposed to the But beasts. Under the emperor Maximian and the governor Fronto. of the Order of Augustinians. Under Priscus. the de- parture from this life of St. Nicholas. Litteus. of Jesus. He was canonized by order of pope Leo XIII. Victor. Jader. holy virgins Menodora. another Felix. Lucius. and being sent to dig in the metal mines. and Nymphodora. the holy martyrs Sosthenes and Victor. of Ancona. in the persecution of Diocletian. they terminated their combat and glorious confession. they expired. As a violent persecution was breaking out under Valerian and Gallienus. the kiss and praying. who labored with. and others. they were condemned to be burned. they were at their first courageous confession of Christ beaten with rods. In Africa. Metrodora. Polyan. Cfie Centft Dap of September.278 SEPTEMBER. sisters. the birth- " A T Tolentino.

the holy bishop cent. under the emperor Galerius Maxiininus. the martyrdom of the Saints Diodorus. brothers and eunuchs in the service of blessed Eugenia. 279 dom. " AT Rome. tyrs Peter. pope and confessor. At Leon. At Liege. the holy marApellius. VinIn Egypt. and Clement. Salarian road. abbot and martyr. in the time of the emperor Gallienus. At Laodicea. and went to eternal glory. Luke. At Kome. in Spain. Cfte dEletoentf) Dap of September. distinguished empress by her piety and zeal for St. and urged to offer sacrifice to the gods. one of those confessors. Theodard. and In the city of Albi. who tues and miracles. But as they refused. who laid down his life for his flock. confessor. St. At Constantinople. Diomedes. Pulcheria. Also. Agapius. St. St. in Syria. in Belgium. religion. were . At Novara.SEPTEMBER. in the Cemetery of Basilla. both were most severely scourged. and virgin. and Didimus. on the old J'aplmutius. bishop and martyr. St. having their right eye plucked out and the joint of the left knee cut. At Compost ell a. was celebrated for his many vir- bishop bishop. who. the birthday of the holy martyrs Protus and Hyacinth. who were arrested. St. blessed Hilary. and finally beheaded. bishop. Salvius. and after his death was renowned for the gift of miracles. on the charge of being Christians.

St. bishop and martyr. in the time of the emperor Maximinus. rested in peace. Autonomus. Theodora. ^milian.. tiles. At Alexandria. condemned to work in the metal mines. the birthday of the holy martyrs Hieronides. After he had converted many to the faith. who having committed a fault through imprudence and repenting of it. At Lyons. At Alexandria. under Constantine the Great. St. through her protection. remained unknown in a religious habit. Valerian. became the victim At Merum. fTlHE feast of the most holy Name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. being adorned with many crowns. who went to that country from Italy to avoid the persecution of Diocletian. St. bishop. he was killed at the altar by the furious Genwhilst celebrating the sacred mysteries. Serapion. Leontius. Cfte Ctoelftft Dap of September. in Phrygia. At Vercelli. and so of Christ. . celebrated by order of the Sovereign Pontiff. at Vienna in Austria. on account of the signal victory gained over the Turks. who were drowned in the sea In Bithyfor the confession of the name of Christ.280 SEPTEMBER. Patiens. Afterwards. and Straton. the demise of St. nia. he courageously combated for the Catholic faith against the Arians. Selesius. and at leangth. bishop. Innocent XI. and persevered until her death in practices of extraordinary abstinence and patience.

bishop. His successor. Mark. The same day. Also. bishop. Resigning the dignity of prefect of Egypt. invested with the episcopal dignity. the decease of St. After other torments. At Pavia. and being renowned for great virtues and miracles. whilst he was praying. father of the virgin St. St. St. in Lycaonia. They both preached the Gospel of Christ there. who suffered under tyrs Licinius. tyrdom by being beheaded under the governor Perennius. St. Sacerdos. At Verona. who . the prefect Terentius. the holy mar- Macrobius and Julian. the holy bishop Curonotus. he obtained the grace of baptism. and Tatian. confesSilvinus. the birthday of blessed Philip. divine works. Ligorius. caused him to be pierced through the throat with a sword. Cyrus by blessed Hermagoras. under Julian the Apostate. 281 the holy martyrs Macedonius. they joyfully consummated their martyrdom by being laid on burning gridirons by order of the governor At Iconium. Juventius. He was sent to that city with the St. sor. bishop. Theodulus. disciple of the evangelist St. illustrated the neighboring cities by They closed their glorious career in peace. mentioned on 8th of February. Guido.SEPTEMBER. Cfie Cftirteentf) Dap of " AT Alexandria. who received the crown of marAlmachius. Eugenia. martyr. At Anderlecht. St. At Lyons.

a soldier. a At Sens. Amatus. in the island of Palmaria. On the same day. Mauritius. In Africa. living in the desert. Eulogius. St. were condemned to capital punishment Cserealis. was for the faith of Christ. six miles from Valerian . after defeating king Chosroes. Carthage. bishop and confessor. and his wife Sallustia. and Gallienus. St. Venerius. during the persecution of Decius. Cyprian. At Angers. The same day. priest and abbot. most renowned for holiness and It was near the seashore. man who led an eremitical life of admirable sanctity. jFoimeemft -^ Dap of fTIHE Exaltation of the Holy Cross. in the Appian road. pope and martyr. re- nowned for numberless miracles. it brought back to Jerusalem from Persia. was scourged with leaded whips. In the monastery of Remiremont in France. in France. St. blessed Cornelius. a bishop. who.282 SEPTEMBER. when the emperor Heraclius. who had been instructed in the faith by the same Cornelius. St. Amatus. St. and then beheaded with twenty-one others of both sexes. in the time of the emperors bishop of learning. celebrated for learning and sanctity. At Rome. St. a bishop. after being banished. illustrious for the virtue of abstinence and the gift of miracles. confessor. murdered by the Gentiles At Alexandria.

On the Salarian road. 283 the city. At Rome. Euthymius. The game day. Vic- The festival of the Saints Cornelius tor. called by a decree of the Sovereign Pontiff. the day on which his sacred body was taken to Constantinople by Theodosius the Younger. There suffered also kept in the same place the holy martyrs Crescentian. who was sent into exile through the conspiracy of his enemies. at Kosula. Treves. He died on the way from the ill-treatment him. Rome. during the persecution of Diocletian. bishop of Constantinople. Innocent I. who guarded His feast is celebrated on the 27th of January. he received at the hands of the soldiers Cfte JFifteemf) Dap of fTIHE Octave of the Nativity and the Feast of the Seven Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary. but was relogne. after enduring a most painful exile. who brought co ciple the faith of Christ the inhabitants of Tongres. and of the neighboring country. the birthday of St. who ended his life by the sword. that he consummated his martyrdom by decapitation. and Cyprian is on the 16th of this month. Copilius.SEPTEMBER. the holy bishop Maternus. S f . the birthday of . the young son of St. John Chrysostom. a disof the blessed apostle Peter. and Generalis. under the judge Tur- At Treves. on the Nomentan road. Crescentius.

As he said to those who would compel him to sacrifice "I sacri: only to the Omnipotent God who reigns in heaven. Porphyrius. and as the idols fell to the ground each time. self by order of king Athanaric. St. St. She was twice led to the temples of the Gentiles. in Thrace. who ended their martyrdom in the persecution of the Arabs by being beheaded. and continuing joyfully to praise Him. . Valerian. who were crowned under the emperor Maximian. after a long detention in prison. and thus crowned with martyrdom. St. St. a comedian. Forthwith." he was for a long time scourged with leaded fice whips. and finally decapitated. priest and martyr. Also. St. being baptized in jest. and Jeremias. Meli- tina. St. blessed Nicomedes. in the time of the emperor Antoninus and the governor Antiochus. the holy mar- tyrs Maximus. At Marcianopolis. in the presence of Julian the Apostate. Also. in France. and tortured with iron hooks. At Toul.284 SEPTEMBER. The same day. he was struck with the sword by order of the same magistrate. of Chalons. and thus went to our Lord. who was burned alive for the Catholic faith. by order of the emperor. a Goth. declared him- a Christian. Remaining immovable in the confession of Christ. Theodore. In the diocese who was suspended on high by the governor Priscus. who. the holy martyrs Emilas. At Adrianople. and suddenly converted by the power of God. At Cordova. Nicetas. Aper. a martyr. and Asclepiodotus. bishop. deacon. he was struck with an axe. martyr. she was hanged and torn.

fire. Euphemia. under the emperor Diocletian and the proconsul Priscus. dea- . At Chalcedon. one of the animals having inflicted a bite on her sacred body. the birthday of St. who were subjected to most grievous afflictions and a long time tortured. blows.SEPTEMBER. In France. ten miles from the city. Eutropia. the crushing weight of stones. the cutting of sharp saws. they obtained the glorious victory of martyrdom. noble matron. all of But when she was again ex- posed to the beasts in the amphitheatre. whilst the rest licked her feet. and Geminian. she yielded her unspotted soul to God. abbot. priest. praying to our Lord to receive her spirit. Cfte >fcteent!) Dap of rriHE Saints Cornelius and Cyprian. For faith in our Lord she was subjected to tortures. the decease of St. At Lyons. bishop. Also. AlThe same day. being put to the sword. and Abundantius. 285 Leobinus. binus. the teeth of beasts. imprisonment. at Eome. the holy martyrs Abundius. bishop of Chartres. the holy martyrs Lucia. Aichard. by the command of the emperor Diocletian. St. scourging with - which she survived. virgin and martyr. widow. rods. the torment of the wheel. At Rome. Finally. pontiffs and martyrs. at a place on the Flaminian road. burning pans. St. whose birthday is the 14th of this month.

on Mount Alvernia. after their hands and feet had been cut off. Francis. whom they had raised from the dead. whom the emperor Diocletian caused to be struck with the sword. feet and side. together with Marcian. in Thrace. He buried the bodies of the HE . an con. vir- daughter of the English king Edgar. At Cordova. through a wonderful favor of God. during the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. in his hands. who distinguished himself by a glorious confession of the faith. At Heraclea. St. the holy martyrs Kogellus and Servideus. she was tormented in various ways and finally beheaded. on the road to Tivoli. St. founder of the Order of Minorites. gin. who were decapitated. Justin. Being brought to the faith of Christ by the blessed apostle Paul. who was God in a monastery from her tender years. St. bishop and confessor. Editha. received. and his son John. in Tuscany. At Rome. priest and martyr. In Scotland. martyr. Sebastiana. under the emperor Doinitian and the governor Sergius. Ninian. In England.286 SEPTEMBER. whence she may be said to have been ignorant of the world rather than to have forsaken it. illustrious man. consecrated to Cfie Setienteentfi fin -* Dap of commemoration of the Impression of the Sacred Wounds which St. the birthday of St.

first inquisitor of the faith in the kingdom of Arragon. and many other saints.SEPTEMBER. the departure from this world . after many sufferings. the holy martyrs Valerian. She was finally presented to the judge and cruelly lacerated. through zeal for religion. and thus won the crown of martyrs. rebuked the royal family. a boy. blessed Lambert. In Phrygia. Also. and other afflictions. Peter of Arbues. in 1867. 287 blessed pontiff. that she might deny Christ. bishop of Maestricht. Antoninus and the governor Valerian. they cut off her tongue and threw her into the flames. servant of an infidel woman. of Lawrence. who. At Milan. at Home. the holy martyrs Socrates and Stephen. Having. The same day. St. MacAt Autun. and finally consummated his martyrdom under Claudius. Agathoclia. according to the duties of his office. Xystus. and as she persisted in confessing the faith. Ariadna. he was undeservedly put to death by the and thus entered the court of the heavenly kingdom. Hippolytus. Columba. At Saragossa. in Spain. Flocellus. St. St. At Nevers. He was canonized by Pius IX. martyr. for defending courageously the Catholic faith. In England. was torn to pieces by wild beasts. virgin and martyr. under the emperor rinus. who was for a long time subjected by her to blows guilty. At Cordova. At Liege. under the emperor Adrian. St. to enjoy it forever. the holy martyrs Narcissus and Crescentio. who received the palm of martyrdom by being barbarously massacred by apostate Jews. and Gordian. St.

Osimo. At Gortyna. bishop and confessor. confessor. Theodora. At Rome. then loaded with heavy chains. most cruelly scourged. In the diocese of Vienne. in the diocese of Mayence. but being taken again by his pursuers. Also. and afterwards of Tyre. at the end of the last persecution. its Hildegarde. in the persecution of Diocletian. the birthday of St. A miracle having broken his bonds. St. bishop of AT Olympius in Lycia. St. and opened the doors of the prison. in Crete. St. whose distinguished merare mentioned by his brother. of . he received the palm martyrdom by being beheaded. Joseph of Cupertino. the Saints Sophia and Irene. highly commended by blessed Ambrose. The same day. Eumenus. Satyrus. St. a tribune. first bishop of that city. and cast into a dark dungeon. Cfie (Eis&teemj) Dap of eptem&er. confessor of the Order of the Minorites Conventual.288 SEPTEMBER. St. who was placed among the Saints by Clement XIII. virgin. most renowned for eloquence and learning. St. the holy martyr Ferreol. he made his escape. martyrs. Jerome says that he won the martyr's crown at Chalcis. At Milan. Eustorgius. St. who carefully ministered to the martyrs. in Greece. a matron. who was arrested by order of the impious gov- ernor Crispinus. Methodius. At Bingen. Ambrose. of St.

Sabbatius. and Elias. under the em- peror Probus. Pomposa. zoli. At Canterbury. who 19 . who were. Nilus. the holy martyrs Janu- arius. the holy martyrs Peleus. Proculus. in Campania. is seen to become liquid and. where even now the blood of the blessed martyr is kept in a vial. and buried in the church with due honors. the holy bishop Theodore. consumed by fire for the sake of Christ during the persecution of DiocleThe same day. expired. bishops in Egypt. who suffered under Nero. the holy martyrs Trophimus. the birthday of the holy martyrs Felix and Constantia. and Dorymedon. cus. lector. 289 Cfte jQtneteemj) Dap of ^ 4 T Puzzoli. at Antioch. where he of the governor AttiSabbatius was scourged until he Trophimus was sent to the governor Peren- By command and the senator Dorymedon consummated their martyrdom by decapitation. senator. together with Sosius. At Nocera. in the Arabian persecution. his deacon. with many others of the clergy. bishop of Benevento.SEPTEMBER. St. and Desiderius. The body of St. deacon of the church of Misenum. who were bound and imprisoned and then beheaded during the reign of Diocletian. At Cordova. nius at Synnada. Januarius was brought to Naples. In Palestine. and when placed close to his head. after enduring many torments. Festus. bubble up as if it were just taken from his veins. tian. virgin and martyr. deacon of PuzEutychius and Acutius.

and was and holiness. Evila- sius believed in Christ. the executioners could not inflict her. and Evilasius. they were condemned to be cast to the beasts. the birthday of the holy martyrs Pausta. man of great virtue. on the sea of Marmora. Under the emperor Adrian. and Theopistes. of the Order of Our She is commonly called Mary of Lady of Help on account of the prompt assistance she renders to those who invoke her. being uninjured by them. a Ransom. Agapitus and Theopistus. in the time of the emperor Maximian. any injury on her. priest and confessor. but through the power of God. the holy martyrs Eustachius. Cervellione. virgin. Cfte CtoenttetJ) Dap of September* nPHE -* vigil of St. .290 SEPTEMBER. with their two sons. virgin. then a Pagan priest but when he wished to have her body cut in two. was sent renowned to for learning England by pope Vitalian. In the diocese of Langres. bishop. and thus terminated their martyrdom. blessed Mary de Eustochius. Fausta had her head shaved to shame and was hanged up and tortured by Evilasius. At Barcelona. Amazed at this prodigy. in Spain. they were shut up in a burning brazen ox. St. apostle and evangelist At Rome. his wife. and whilst he was cruelly . At Cyzicum. At Tours. Matthew. St. Sequanus.

the holy martyrs Denis and Privatus. own . the holy martyr Susanna. Candida. by his martyrdom in Ethiopia. and her whole body pierced with nails.SEPTEMBER. pope St. She was then laid on a burning pan. having all her body lacerated with whips. under the emperor Antoninus. tyrs. was beheaded. Also. after having had his body pierced all over with daggers. his mother Philippa. the Saints Theodore. Clicerius. Matthew. in Pamphylia. St. revelation. went in company with Evilasius to enjoy the blessedness of heaven. At Milan. 291 tortured by order of the emperor. apostle and evan- gelist. daughter of Arthemius. At Pergen. The same day. In Phrygia. Priscus. Fausta had her head bored through. bishop and confessor. whose sanctity is attested by blessed Gregory the Great. who. by him in Hebrew was. under the emperor Maximian. Cfje Ctoemp*ftr0t FTRHE birthday of - Dap of St. a Pagan priest. St. St. and Martha. who. was crowned with martyrdom. and their fellow marAt Carthage. who suffered while engaged in preaching. Agapitus. virgin and martyr. and being called by a celestial voice. The Gospel written found in the time of the emperor Zeno. Also. martyr. together with the In the land relics of the blessed apostle Barnabas.

Maurice. and declaring him- self a Christian. in the time of the em- who was buried in Pamphilus. ended her holy life in peace. St. Alexander. Eusebius. Meletius. was subjected by him to many torments. of his accord. Thomas. martyr. bishop and martyr. For the faith of Christ he was loaded with fetters scourged. exposed to the beasts and cast into the flames. St. St. torn with iron hooks. the holy prophet Jonas. of Villanova. bishop. went to the prefect. near Sion. and so attained the glory of eternal life. At twenty peror Antoninus. His body was afterwards carried into the city by the blessed pope Damasus. Iphigenia. In Cyprus. St. burned with torches. on the Claudian way. but having overcome all these torments. miles from Eome.292 SEPTEMBER. At Rome. on the 26th of November. In Ethiopia. bishop and confessor. St. Geth. St. virgin. martyr. At St. In the same place. in Switzerland. who being baptized and consecrated to God by the blessed apostle Matthew. archbishop and confessor. the birthday of the holy Theban mar- AT . tortured. of Saar. he was finally beheaded. the martyrdom of St. and finally beheaded. whose birthday is the 8th of September. C6e Ctoemp*seconD Dap of ^ Valencia. own In Phoenicia. Isacius. who. on which day his feast is to be celebrated by order of the same Pontiff. in Spain.

St. Sylvanus. Being conducted to the city with them. the holy priest Florentius. Jonas. in Egypt. priest and martyr. Marcellus. in Bavaria. St.SEPTEMBER. At Ratisbon. abbess. Emmeramus. bishop and martyr. Victor. and all others underwent the same kind of death. whose martyrdom for the faith. the Areopagite. endured patiently a most cruel death for the sake of our Lord. who. in the time of Maximian. filled the world with the glory of their At Eome. St. confessor. At Meaux. In Poitou. In the territory of Coutances. Denis. and her companions. and after her. Candidus. St. . near Paris. who went to France with St. she immediately left her vessel and joined them. she was the first to have her head struck off. aand seeing a boat loaded with Christian confessors. Salaberga. ended his martyrdom by the sword. Denis. under Valevirgins rian and Gallienus. Their relics are kept in the sufferings. In the territory of Bourges. with their companions of the same legion. Exuperius. bishop. St. At Antinoopolis. blessed Sanctinus. the martyrdom of the holy and martyrs Digna and Emerita. At Arpajon. disciple of St. Lauto. priests. and Yitalis. was the first to preach the Gospel there. to deliver others. bishop. who. and after being scourged by order of the prefect Julian. an Alexandrian virgin. being consecrated by him bishop of that city. deacons. At Laon. Innocent. church of St. virgins. 293 tyrs Maurice. the holy martyrs Irais. Having gone out to draw water at a fountain near by. after many torments.

deacon of the church of Misenum. the holy martyrs Andrew. who were disciples of the Apostles. bats endured for the instruction of others. At Ico- nium. St. and buried on the Vatican beside the same apostle. foretold that he would be a martyr.294 SEPTEMBER. At Ancona. Cfte A CtoentHtwO Dag of September. pope and martyr. renowned for the gift of In Spain. when he was thirty years of age. and after many comPaul.onstantius. who was converted to the faith by the apostle St. St. virgin and martyr. seeing a flame arise from his head as he memory has been was reading the Gospel in the church. the commemoration of blessed Sosius. . ** the Peter. Thecla. In Campania. The holy bishop Januarius. Polyxena. Peter. she was victorious over the flames and the beasts to which she was exposed for the faith of Christ. In the diocese of Coutances. and Anthony. In Africa. the holy women Xantippa and miracles. Linus. Her eulogized by the Holy Fathers. T Rome. he and the holy bishop suffered martyrdom by decapitation. who governed Roman church next after the blessed apostle He was crowned hill with martyrdom. Under the emperor Nero. in Lycaonia. Paternus. she went where she ended her days in peace. St. John. C. bishop and martyr. St. and not many days after. sacristan of the Church. to Seleucia.

the holy martyrs Paphnutius and his companions. who. and the rest were struck with the sword. but being miraculously delivered. St. Paphnutius heard that many Christians were kept in bonds. Gerard. and. in Auvergne. the birthday of the holy martyrs. under the emperor Dio- cletian. moved by the spirit of cast into the God. Andochius. and thus won a their most glorious crown. and went to heaven. By him he was bound with iron chains. Remaining uninjured. sent priest. In Hungary. being sent with many others to Diocletian. 295 Cfte CtoentHourtft Dap of fT)HE feast of our Lady of Ransom. bishop of Smyrna. bishop and martyr. and was the first to shed upon his country the glory of martyrdom. In Egypt. Thyrsus. and a long time tortured on the rack. after the of St. Whilst leading a solitary life. Then. At Clermont. were finally struck with the sword. deacon. Euphemia. called the Apostle of the Hungarians. where they were most severely scourged. St. martyrdom Chalcedon. they had necks broken with heavy bars. and freely confessed the Christian faith. he voluntarily offered himself to the prefect. to preach in Gaul. who were from the East by blessed Polycarp. were condemned to be devoured by the beasts.SEPTEMBER. He belonged to the nobility of Venice. . he was fastened by his order to a palm At tree. and fire. forty-nine holy martyrs. and Felix. At Autun. hanged up a whole day by the hands.

for the confession of our Lord. At Rome. who was a disciple of the blessed apostle Barnabas. Rusticus. their sons. and tortured in other ways. until they they gave up their souls to God. Herculanus. Maximus. At Lyons. in the by same house in which he had entertained Him. bishop and confessor. the . and Eugenius. in the persecution of Diocletian. At Damascus. In the diocese of Beauvais. was put to the sword. and where he was honorably buried. abbot. being converted to Christ by the miracles blessed bishop Alexander. the holy martyr Paul. St. and Sabinian. Eucarpus. The same day. enduring many torments. Gere- marus. St. wrought during the martyrdom of the. Under the governor Rictiovarus. who. the birthday of blessed Cleophas. bishop. under the emperor Antoninus. St. Anathalon. he suffered martyrdom by being beheaded. Accused of professing the Christian religion. were scourged. in France. the Jews. bishop. dis- It is related that he was killed ciple of Christ. In Asia. and twenty-six others. and succeeded him in the See of Milan. his wife. Tata. the departure out of this life of St. the holy martyrs Bardomian.296 SEPTEMBER. soldier and martyr. Cfie Ctoempsftftf) 4 Dap of T Emmaus. after various tor- ments. Rufus. blessed Firmin. after At Amiens.

of the At Anagni. Lupus. renowned for miracles. Justina suffered much for the faith of Christ and converted Cyprian. of the Order Reformed Minorites of the Observance of St. Cfte Ctoemp*0ttj) Dap of ^ Nicomedia. at one time an anchoret. the birthday of the holy martyrs Cyprian. Severin. and Justina. 297 decease of St. tus. Francis.SEPTEMBER. the decease of St. and deposited near the baptistery. were taken away in the night by some Christian sailors. The same day. and carried to Rome. bishop of Chartres. the holy virgins AureAt San Severino. confessor. bishop of Soissons. endeavA T practices. He was placed in the calendar of saints by pope Gregory XVI. lia and Neomisia. bishop At Blois. brother of the blessed bishop Remigius. Under the emperor Diocletian and the governor Eutholmius. St. Anacharius. They were subsequently taken into the Constantinian basilica. Pacificus of St. St. Their bodies being exposed to the beasts. the holy martyr Callistraand forty-nine other soldiers. At Auxerre. while a magician. who endured mar- . ored to bring her under the influence of his magical She afterwards suffered martyrdom with him. virgin. who. Solemnius. At Rome. illustrious by his extraordinary patience and love of solitude. St. and confessor. but later a bishop. Principius.

many torments from Dap of the persecution of Diocletian. wife of a senator. in the same persecution. brothers. St. at St. Rome. founder of the monastery of CryptaFerrata. At Todi. The companions tyrdorn together. Epicharis. the holy martyrs Cosmas and After miraculously overcoming bonds. the holy martyrs Fidentius and Terence. cruci- sea. stoning. With them are said to have also suffered three of their brothers. bishop. from being cast into the Anthimus. Eusebius. arrows. a man of eminent sanctity. bishop and con- St. fessor. and Euprepius. during -^ the birthday of Damian. and struck with the sword. At Koine. bius. Euse- St. Amantius. Also. At Brescia. St. and they received capital punishment. imprisonment. under the same Diocletian. in the persecution of Diocletian. At Citta-di- At Bologna. At Albano. of Callistratus were converted to Christ on seeing him miraculously delivered from drowning in the sea. pope St. who. . Senator. At Cordova. fixion. Leontius.298 SEPTEMBER. a priest distinguished for the gift of miracles. Cfte Ctoemg*0etient& A T 2Egea. Castello. the holy martyrs Adulphus and John. was scourged with leaded whips. In the territory of Frascati. Vigilius. the blessed abbot Mlus. where he had been thrown sewed up in a bag. fire.

who was put sword with is At Byblos. Hiltrude.SEPTEMBER. St. In the same place. In Africa. duke of Bohemia and martyr. Cfte Ctoentp*eigJ)t!) Dap of September* TN * Bohemia. to the St. in the time of the emperor Alexander. St. In Hainaut. to death with leaded whips. Eleazar. At Milan. St. St. priest. virgin. count. At Ravenna. bishop and confessor. Vincent de Paul. Aderitus. Privatus. who won the martyr's crown in the Ara- bian persecution. the Saints Martial. bishop. martyr. In the same city. Being murdered in his brother's house. Wenceslas. St. St. blessed Hilary. Mark. who John by blessed Luke. St. after his tongue had been cut out. Lawrence. and founder of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Daughters of Charity. His feast is celebrated on the 19th of July. he went triumphantly to heaven. At Rome. an apostolic man and a father to the poor. St. At Sion. a disciple of the blessed apostle Barnabas. also called in Phoenicia. 299 brothers. in Switzerland. Stacteus. renowned for holiness and miracles. martyr. Florentinus. . the holy bishop Caius. At Paris. martyr. who passed calmly to rest after suffering severely in the persecution of Nero. who was cured of ulcers by the blessed pope For the faith of Christ he was scourged Callistus.

In Thrace. virgin. The same day. was consecrated a church. in Pisidia. At Brescia. and Heracleas. St. St. bishop. under chius. unpretending blessed its AN " Mount Gargano. went to our Lord. Alexanand Zosimus. bishop and confessor. were crowned with martyrdom in different places and in various manners. bishop and confessor. who were converted to Christ on seeing the miracles of blessed Mark. At Antioch. the holy martyrs Mark. Lioba.300 SEPTEMBER. and thirty soldiers. Maximus. who was brought up at the manger of our Lord with other virgins. the martyrdom of St. but endowed with virtue celestial. Neon Heliodorus. C6e Ctoemg*nitttf) Dap of September. and der. At Toulouse. shepherd. relating how severe he was towards himself and how liberal towards others. renowned for miracles. the commemoration of the exterior. . St. and twenty other martyrs. when under his invoin cation. St. Exuperius. In Germany. Silvinus. Jerome bears to this blessed man a memorable testimony. the holy virgin Eustochium. Solomon. The same day. daughter of blessed Paula. At Genoa. This festival is kept in memory of the day. St. Alphius. and being celebrated for merits. Plautus. archangel Michael. his brothers. Nicon. the birthday of the holy martyrs EutyIn Persia. under the emperor Decius.

she was subjected to numerous torments. imitated the life of the most approved monks. In Palestine. and disposed of many monstrous heresies with the sword of his doctrine. C&e Cftttttetj) Dap of September* TN Bethlehem of Juda. Having at length reached a very advanced age. St. After being deprived of their dignities. . excelling in all kinds of learning. anchoret. Jerome. his wife. he rested in peace. martyrs. bishop and martyr. who. she deserved an eternal triumph. St. and was buried near the manger of our Lord. 301 king Sapor. His body was afterwards conveyed to Rome. Mary the Greater. At Auxerre. Grimoaldus. and Gabdelas. the decease of St. the holy martyrs Dadas. near Aquino. Ripsimus and her companions. the holy martyr Gudelia. priest and Doctor of the Church. In the same country. a blood relation of king Sapor. Casdoa. In Armenia. under king Tiridates. and deposited in the basilica of St. St. they were for a long time imprisoned and finally put to the sword. and subjected to various torments. and being fastened to a post. Fraternus. the holy virgins. and refused to adore the sun and fire. After having converted many to the faith. At Pontecorvo. Then having the skin torn off her head. his son. Quiriacus. priest and confessor.SEPTEMBER.

they were delivered. widow. In the same city. but a heavenly light shining over them. in England. bishop of Greater Armenia. His feast is celebrated on the 10th of October. At Piacenza. the holy martyr Antoninus. and his body was subsequently taken to Aix-la-Chapelle. Honorius. St. and causing the executioners to fall to the ground. of the Society of Jesus. they finally perished by the sword. in Switzerland. of the household of Julian the Apostate. Hope. rested in peace. the holy martyr Leopardus. St. bishop and confessor. Being then cast into the fire without sustaining any injury. At Rome. who were subjected to horrid tortures. . the passion of the holy martyrs Victor and Ursus. Francis Borgia. and Charity. He was beheaded at Rome. in the time of the emperor Maximian. St. Sophia. of the glorius Theban legion. At Canterbury. sufferings who after many under Diocletian. Gregory. The same day. mother of the holy virgins Faith.302 SEPTEMBER. soldier of the same legion. the birthday of St. The same day. At Soleure.

passed from earth to heaven. who suffered in the persecution of Diocletian. After he had been many years bishop. the holy martyrs Verissimus. in the sacred font of baptism and in- him in the mysteries of faith. |T Rheinis. blessed five hundred and four other martyrs. and afterwards. martyr. At Lisbon. the holy martyrs Priscus. is kept on this day. Pontus. Crescens. however. who converted Christ. his sacred Aretas and body was translated. with blessed Quinctinus and his companions. when structed . in France. At Tournay.OCTOBER. their king. having consummated his martyrdom. Cfte Jfir0t Dap of October* St. and his sisters. and had distinguished himself by his sanctity and the power of working miracles. went from Rome to Gaul to preach the faith. At Thessalonica. who. in the persecution of Maxi- mian. St. under the same Maximian. Domninus. priest and martyr. and Evagrius. regenerated Clovis. At Rome. At . His festival. St. Piaton. in At Tomis. in Portugal. he departed this life on the 13th of January. Maxima and Julia. bishop the Franks to confessor. Remigius.

Severus. were barbarously massacred in groups. bishop and confessor. St. At Mcomedia. and confessor. a monk. St. bishop of Autun.304 OCTOBER. in England. Cfte >econO Dap of SDctobet* fTlHE feast of the holy Guardian Angels. chief minister of Theodoric. the holy martyrs Primus. They were falsely accused of having set fire to the palace of Diocletian and. Cyril. priest At Orvieto. Eleu- therius. terminated his victorious martyrdom by fire. But the principal while others were precipione. At Antioch. Ghent. In the vicinity of Arras. Thomas. Eleutherius. he was put to death by Ebroin. brother of the blessed Leodegarius. Also. St. confessor. At Constantinople. Theophilus. who was overwhelmed with stones in the same city. St. with numberless others. and being found stronger after each one. and went gloriously to heaven. who was most cruelly scourged by Leo the Isaurian. as well-tried gold. Bavo. for the defence of holy images. soldier and martyr. At Hereford. After being subjected to various insults and torments for the truth. by order of this most cruel emperor. having endured long tortures. and Secundarius. the holy martyr Gerinus. Some were put to the sword. the martyrdom of blessed Leodegarius. was driven into exile. St. . fire. some consumed by tated into the sea.

St. who suffered much under Decius. St. whose life. and the companion of his travels. abbot. T Koine. Francis. disciple of St. left for dead. were seized by the Pagans and put to death. in the diocese of Namur. Faustus. and Illustrious by a glorious confession. 305 Cfte ClnrD A Dap of SDcto&er. bishop quently endured great cruelties from the Donatists. During the night a great light appeared for a long time over their bodies. St. filled with holy deeds and miracles. In Belgium. was Assisi. ** Umbria. Candidus. and four others. The same day the holy martyrs Denis. showing where they were.OCTOBER. Hesychius. In Palestine. in 20 AT . distinguished were their merits. founder of the Order of Minorites. who being priests and preaching Christ in that country. after having freMaximian. St. Cfte Jfouttf) Dap of flDctober. Gerard. being a long time subjected to torments by the governor JEmilian. confessor. Paul. near the spot called Ursus Pileatus. two holy martyrs of the name of Ewaldus. merited the palm of martyrdom. and how In Africa. who. Hilarion. Peter. was finally cast headlong from a high tower. Among the ancient Saxons (in Westphalia). of Bagay. he afterwards rested in the Lord. and under Valerian. martyr. Cains. the birthday of St. confessor.

headed. apostle Paul. who merited the blessed crown of scourged. . In Egypt. Chseremon. the holy martyrs Mark and Marcian. . while others were suspended by the feet with their heads downward. some after being when they had suffered horrible . after being delivered to the flames. Athens. and an almost countless multitude of both sexes and of all ages. torment. and Some of them were martyred in their companions. of the blessed Petronius. the holy priests and deacons Caius. At Corinth. Hierotheus. Bonaventure. Aurea. Some were precipitated into the sea some others were bestarved to death. who. Eusebius. the persecution of Valerian others. had his tongue. being accused before the king of the Agarenians of teaching the faith of Christ. bishop and confessor. Lucius.written by St. At Bologna. hands. for serving the martyrs. received the reward of martyrs. Paul in his epistle to the Corinthians. ended his martyrdom. many were St. and feet cut and being fastened to a cross. who are men- tioned by the apostle St. bishop and martyr. At Alexandria. Peter. others were fastened to gibbets. virgin. At . At Damascus. disciple St. At Paris. celebrated for learning. brothers. and others martyrdom. the birthday of the Saints Crispus and Cams. St. miracles and sanctity.306 OCTOBER. St. off. Faustus.

bishop of Eumenia. and thirty other monks. At Leon. who was renowned in life for virtues. the birthday of blessed Thraseas. Charitina. his sister. The same day. St. Froilanus. in Sicily. ^ A T Messina. . At Valence. and finally she yielded her At Auxerre. 307 C&e Jfiftf) Dap of SDctober. this life of the saintly deacon Firmatus and the At Ravenna.OCTOBER. the holy martyrs Palmatius and his companions. Attilanus. also of Donatus. At Treves. under the emperor Diocletian and the ex-consul Domitius. the birthday of the holy martyrs Placidus. who were murdered for the faith of Christ by the pirate Manuchas. monk. disciple of the blessed abbot Benedict. deacon. Marcelvirgin Flaviana. who was exposed to the fire and thrown into the sea. in Spain. virgin. but escaping uninjured. under the governor Eictiovarus. The same day. who suffered martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. Firmatus. Apollinaris. and of his brothers Eutychius and Victorinus. their sister. who ended his career by martyrdom at Smyrna. bishop and confessor. a virgin. Faustus. and Flavia. who was ranked among the saints by Urban II. renowned for his zeal in spreading the monastic life. a bishop. and in death for miracles and prodigies. St. St. bishop of that city. St. linus. she had her hands and feet cut off. The same day. in France. St. the departure from spirit in prayer. bishop of Zamora. her teeth plucked out.

St. of and other virtues. daughter the consul Symmachus. after the death of her husband. fasting.308 " OCTOBER. the birthday of en- couraged blessed Caprasius so much that he happily terminated his combat by martyrdom. bishop and martyr. widow. St. virgin and martyr. almsgiving. for his liberality to the poor for miracles. under the governor Rictiovarus. At Agen. At Oderzo. St. At Auxerre. being inflamed with the love of Christ. At Capua. St. Castus. who. Bruno. St. confessor. and other pious works. At Laodicea. who. Peter. whose body rests at Venice. Mary Frances of the Five Wounds . Magnus. Paul. martyr. remained many years near the church of St. and Saturninus. the blessed bishop and martyr Sagar. Gregory. Faith. the birthday of the holy martyrs Marcellus. the commemoration of almost numberless martyrs. ^Emilius. the decease of St. At Naples. Cfte >tet& Dap of SDcto&er. Galla. TN Carthusian Calabria. Erotis. whose example in France. Also. in persecution of Diocletian. At Treves. triumphed over the violence of the flames. one of the first disciples of the apostle St. bishop. founder of the Order. Eomanus. St. who were put the to death for the faith in various manners. and At Kome. applying to prayer. been described by pope Her most happy death has St.

Bacchus. and. The place where he reposes is called after him Sergiopolis. pope and confessor. the holy martyrs Sergius and feast of the Bacchus. At Rome. of Our Lord. fTHE Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed and the commemoration of Our Virgin Mary. Mark. being scourged with rough body was completely mangled. noble Romans. and. At Rome. on account of the great naval victory gained by the Christians on this day. the holy martyrs Marcellus and Apuleius.OCTOBER. ordered to be kept annually. the demise of St. account of her reputation for virtues and the working of miracles. his feet forced into shoes full of sharp-pointed remaining unshaken in the faith. is honored by a great concourse of Christians. which the sovereign Pontiff. but seeing the wonders which the Lord performed by the apostle . in the time of the emperor Maximian. blessed Pius V. breathed his last in the confession of Christ. Lady of Victory. Sergius whips until his had nails. Francis. who at first followed Simon Magus. on account of the signal miracles wrought in it. he was sentenced to undergo capital punishment.. she was placed among the holy virgins by Pius IX. 309 of the Third Order of St. a nun On Cfie Setoemft Dag of Dcto&er. on the Ardeatine road. In the province of the Euphrates.

disciple of St. who. an aged man. as we read in the Gospel. widow. Reparata. died the 23d of July. St. priest. The same day. priest and confessor. in the province of the Euphrates. virgin. took our Lord Jesus in his at Rome on arms. who endured martyrdom under the governor Marcian. In the diocese of Rheims. Also. abandoned Simon. under cal doctrine. Her soul was seen to leave her body in the shape of a . lation of the body of St. virgin and martyr. was subjected to various kinds of torments.310 OCTOBER. they won the crown of martyrdom. and martyr. St. who. Peter. Helanus. virgin she was put to the sword by order of the governor Maximus. Julia. As she remained firm in the faith of Christ. At Caesarea. who was the blessed Prosdocimus. Justina. after visiting many holy ^ places by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. St. In Sweden. and embraced the apostoliAfter the death of the Apostles. At Bourges. Her body was taken to on the 7th of this month. and were buried near the city. the transBridget. refusing to sacrifice to idols. St. and finally struck with the sword. the ex-consul Aurelian. Augustus. GT Bridget. baptized by Peter. in Palestine. in the reign of Decius. Cfie 4Eigi)tt) Dap of 2Dcto6er. and thus went to God. the Sweden birthday of the blessed Simeon. At Padua. widow. St. who.

tyr. who. Denis was baptized by the apostle St. the birthday of the holy martyrs Denis the Areopagite. and Eleutherius. At Jerusalem. At In the diocese of Laon. St. and consecrated first bishop of Athens. Benedicta. priest. and thus ended dove. who gained the crown of martyrdom by fire. and . At Ancona. his martyrdom. bishop. In the same place. to preach the Gospel. Then going to Rome. mar- At Seville. Nestor. 311 At Thessalonica. He proceeded to Paris. St. Saints Palatias and Laurentia. St. bishop and confessor. in the time of Diocletian. St. who were sent into exile in the persecution of Diocletian.OCTOBER. martyr. priest. a Laodicea. " AT Paris. in Spain. St. for having brought Demetrius. Evodius. he was subjected to the severest kinds of torments by the prefect Fescenninus. At Rouen. deacon. Pelagia. and sank under the weight of toil and misery. under the governor Dion. surnamed the Penitent. was pierced with spears by order of the emperor Maximian. a proconsul. St. Peter. he was sent to Gaul by the blessed Roman Pontiff Clement. Paul. St. Rusticus. many to the faith of Christ. Artemon. and ascend to heaven. and after having for some years faithfully filled the office entrusted to him. virgin and martyr. Cfte JSimi) Dap of 2Dcto6er.

died gloriously. and Athanasia. who was cast into prison by the tyrant Sicardus. Gislenus. comThe same day. and was distinguished by many virtues. who. the Gospel which he had preached in America. on the Claudian road. . Domninus. she was struck on the face and severely re: buked. near Parma." By the command of the emperor. abbess. yielded up his soul. In Hainaut.312 OCTOBER. abbot. of the Order of Preachers. led the monastical life in a monastery built by himself. At Valencia. St. his wife. St. At Antioch. bishop and confessor. whilst Julian the Apostate was passing by. who. Louis Bertrand. father (now Borgo-San-Donnino). who. martyr. of the holy patriarch all Abraham. Publia. As he was trying to escape the raging persecution. the Saints Andronicus. by the innocence of his life and the working of many miracles. and being there consumed with hunger and misery. memoration At Julia his See. the comhis martyrdom. in Spain. St. being beheaded with his companions. At Cassino. resigning believers. Deusdedit. St. and being transpierced with a sword. pleted of at length." and: "Let them that make them. under the emperor Maximian. become like unto them. being filled with the apostolic spirit. confirmed. At Jerusalem. St. sang with her religious these words of David silver "The idols of the Gentiles are and gold. he was overtaken by his pursuers.

disciple of the blessed pope Gregory.OCTOBER. 313 Cfee Centft A Dap of ^October. He left in his writings. Being sent thither by that pope with . and his sister. blessed Pinytus. the holy bishop Paulinus. they terminated their martyrdom by decapitation with two hundred others. At Bonn. land. St. -** blessed John Leonard!. the holy martyrs Cassius and FlorenAt Nicomedia. had believed in Christ. hearing that her brother was tortured for Christ. and miracles. At York. founder of the Congregation of Clerks Regular of the Mother of God. confessor. the holy martyrs Victor and his companions. in Engpia. a vivid delineation of himself. but being quite uninjured. who. embraced him and became his companion. with three hundred and eighteen others. and through his instrumentality missions were established by the Propaganda. and flourished under Marcus Antoninus Verus and Lucius Aurelius Commodus. in Germany. in the persecution of Maximian. most noble among the bishops. with many others. In the island of Crete. Both were cast into a caldron of boiling oil. impressed by the miracle. rushed through the crowd. He was bishop of Gnosia. Gereon. ly ligion. At Cologne. who patienttheir necks to the sword for the true reIn the neighborhood of the same city. as in a mirror. He was illustrious by his labors T Rome. the holy tius. bowed martyrs Eulampius. martyr. the virgin Eulamwho.

blessed abbot Anthony. and being three times subjected to diverse punishments and tortures. St. in Cilicia. who. he converted king Edhis people to the faith of Christ. as St. St. Scubiculus. Sarmata. virgin. Genesius. Superior General of the Society of Jesus. bishop. finally obtained a glorious who endured a long and triumph for the confession by having their heads struck off. disciple of the panions. Placidus. and refused those of the Church. another St. Gregory relates. Cerbonius. painful imprisonment. AT -^ Tarsus. during the persecution of Diocletian. and for the firmness with which he renounced the dignities of the world. At Capua. the gift of prayer. both during life and after death. bishop. priest. Paulinus. Quirinus. in the time of the governor Fescenninus. the passion of Christ of the holy martyrs Nicasiuc. At Rome. the martyrdom of the Saints Anastasius. St. priest. the birthday of the holy martyrs Tharacus. At Piombino.314 OCTOBER. celebrated for the austerity of his life. win and others to preach the Gospel. St. In Vexin. deacon. and Andronicus. was renowned for miracles. Also. At Verona. Francis Borgia. Cerbonius. in Tuscany. and their comIn Thebais. C|)e (Eletoentft Dap of 2Dcto6er. and Pientia. bishop of Eouen. Probus. who was put to death for . bishop and confessor.

road. in the persecution of the Vandals under the Arian king Hunneric. in Narbonese Gaul. At Lier. learning and miracles. sisters. In Lycia. Cfie Ctoelftf) Dap of October. St. 315 At Besancon. St. a place now in the diocese of Asti. Gummarus. Edistius. St. martyr. the Christ by the Saracens. St. with a multitude of the faithful accompanying them. Placidia. departure from this life of St. " A T Home. of the congregation of Barnabites. confessor. Kenny. In Ireland. At Kennes. bishop and confessor. and their companions.OCTOBER. a man illustrious by birth. and his disciples in the faith. At Verona. bishop and martyr. bishop and confessor. but formerly in that of Pavia. At Calotium. St. in France. St. Some six holy confessors them were bishops. Domnina. confessor. Alexander Sauli. abbot. under the emperor Diocletian. At Uzes. St. the holy martyrs Evagrius. on the Lauretine the birthday of St. and with of . virgin. some priests and deacons. JEmilian. who were relatives of the blessed apostle Paul. Germanus. who were driven into a frightful wilderness for the defence of the Catholic truth. in Belgium. in Cilicia. Many of them were cruelly annoyed by the Moorish leaders. Firminus. Priscian. four thousand nine hundred and sixty- and martyrs. martyr. At Tarsus. the holy women Zenaides and Philonilla. At Ravenna. In Africa.

Spain. king. Eustachius. sharp-pointed spears and stones forced to hasten their march. in Asia Minor. At York. and won the honors of martyr- dragged dom.316 OCTOBER. and Martial. They were finally tortured in different manners. Clement XIII. Monas. He was enrolled among the saints by the Sovereign Pontiff. At Cordova. He is specially honored on this day. on account of the translation of his body. of the Order of Minorite Capuchins. St. were like corpses through rough places and mangled in all their limbs. priest St. confessor. bishop of Lorch. In Wilfrid. Salvinus. St. St. St. At Ascoli. the birthday of the holy martyrs Faustus. distinguished by holiness of life and humility. in Styria. Edward. Cfje CfnrteentJ) Dap of SDcto&er. He was and confessor. Januarius. in England. First tortured on the rack. St. with their feet tied. because a miraculous light from heaven surrounded him whilst they were deliberating on the choice of a bishop. whilst others. Seraphinus. chosen as head of that church. TN * England. St. At Milan. The principal among them were the bishops Felix and Cyprian. the birthday of St. and confessor. Carpus. . At Troas. Syria. bishop. bishop bishop. Maximilian. At Verona. in disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. who died on the 5th of January. At Cilly.

and finally won the palm of martyrdom by bemartyr. and scourged by the Saracens. the holy bishop Theophilus. virgin. St. was burned alive. Domnus. In Austria. Italy. after being a long time kept in prison without food. St. ** Rome. who held the pontificate in that church. Colman. 317 having their eyelashes shaven. abbot. At Antioch. and thus merited the triumph awarded to conquerors. At Subiaco. At Thessalonica. Florentius.OCTOBER. the birthday of blessed Callistus. St. ing beheaded. and Hugolinus. St. and daily scourged with rods. he was finally hurled from the window of the house in which he had been shut up. Daniel. in Cfte Jfoimeentf) Dap of flDcto&er. in Palestine. they were reviled. Venantius. their ears and nosefe cut off. after enduring various torments. bound. the sixth after the blessed apostle Peter. Chelidonia. and cast into a well. Nicholas. then At Ceuta. on the Aurelian road. Angelus. their teeth plucked out. during the persecution of AT . in Morocco. Leo. pope and martyr. By order of the emperor Alexander. and confessor. At Tours. Fortunata. who. a martyr. Samuel. St. For preaching the Gospel and refuting the errors of Mahomet. At Caesarea. seven martyrs of the Order of Friars Minor. virgin and martyr. they finished their martyrdom by fire.

martyr. Bernard. bishop of Kheims. ^ Avila. she gave up her soul to God. St. Also. bishop. Fortunatus. At Wurtzburg. brothers of the said blessed Fortunata. and Lupus. obtained likewise the crown of martyrdom. the departure out of this world of St. martyr. At Rimini. to fire. on whose birthday St. the Saints Saturninus St. The same day. At Todi. mother and mistress of the Carmelite Brothers and Sisters At Rome. Augustine preached his panegyric. Agileus. and other torments. Theresa.318 OCTOBER. the St. Dominic Loricatus. St. Belgium. as is mentioned by blessed Gregory. At Carthage. confessor. St. In Italy. the Saints Carponius. St. Her body was afterwards conveyed to Naples. road. was endowed with an extraordinary gift for casting out unclean spirits. Rusticus. on the Aurelian of the Strict Observance. who. to the teeth of beasts After having been subjected to the rack. Evaristus. Burchard. At Cologne. Fortunatus. At Treves. Also. who having their throats cut. bishop of that city. and Priscian. who terminated their combat in the persecution of Maximian. Diocletian. In . bishop and martyr. Gaudentius. Cfie jFtfteemfi Dag of 2Dcto6er. in Campania. virgin. in Spain. At Bruges. A T birthday of three hundred holy martyrs. St. St. bishop. first St. in Donatian.

TN Africa. who entered dom Treves. In the same country.. St. bishop of the Euthenians and martyr. two hundred and seventy holy martyrs crowned together. St. was arrested by impious men. Severus. Bruno. She was inscribed IV. preaching the Gospel in that region. abbess. Cfce Sfeteentf) Dap of SDctofier. the heavenly kingafter having courageously fulfilled the duties of the high station to which he had been called. Thecla. Hedwiges. the Saints Martinian and Saturnian with their two brothers. they manifested their attachment to the truth with such courage. they were slaves belonging to a man of that race. while the persecution of the Vandals was raging. bishop and confessor. St. St. 319 Prussia. virgin. that they were beaten with rough clubs and lacer- . St. permitted her celebrated on the 17th of this month. At Cracow. and Innocent XI. a slave like themselves. had his hands and feet cut off and was beheaded. and being converted to the faith of Christ by Maxima. and was renowned for miracles. who devoted herself to the service of the poor. duchess of Poland. In the reign of the Arian king Genseric. At Stras- burg. Aurelia.OCTOBER. St. who. At Antiochus. At Lyons. bishop. among the saints by pope Clement feast to be In Germany.

where she ended her days in peace. St. on account of his reputation for miracles ranked him among the saints. Gerard Majella. There they converted many barbarians to the faith. St. Also. in Lucania. Eliphius. was continued for a considerable period. III. St. blessed Columban. ated in all Although this barbarous treatment parts of their bodies to the very bone. Finally they were condemned to die by being dragged through thorns. Near Bourges. St. and confessor. in the papal new lustre rounjd the Holy See by the the divine assistance. beof a large monastery of virgins. Ambrose. St. bishop Treves. Lullus. approved and At Muro. confirmed. Berchartyr. abbot and martyr. Florentinus. At Arbon. Gall. At At Mayence. bishop. in Switzerland. St. Maxima being miraculoustize ly delivered after enduring many tribulations. signal triumph he gained over the Saracens through The veneration paid to him from time immemorial Pope Leo XIII. and three hundred and sixtyfive other martyrs. At Cologne. wherefore they were at length sent into exile. their wounds were each time healed over night. came the Superioress bishop of Cahors. Pius X. Nereus. abbot. and obtained -from the Roman Pontiff a priest and other ministers to bap- them. . with their feet tied behind running chariots.320 OCTOBER. St. the Saints Saturninus... blessed Victor chair and threw who succeeded Gregory VII. marunder Julian the Apostate. a professed lay brother in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. Also. disciple of On Mount Cassino. ius.

who died leaving a reputation for many virtues. Cfie (Cfg&teettti) Dap of fTlHE birthday of blessed Luke. who was often scourged for the worship of holy images. Florentinus. being converted from idolatry to the faith by an angel. duchess of Po- land. bishop. Hedwiges. breathed his last. a bishop. died for the flock entrusted to his keeping. after having suffered much for the name of Christ. Alexander. martyr.OCTOBER. At Antioch. disciple Being made bishop after him. as day. At Orange. during the reign of Constantine Copronymus. The same ter's footsteps. distinguished for erudition and sanctity. and. Heron. who went to her rest in the Lord on the 15th of this month. Mamelta. St. and finally. In Persia. 21 . died in Bithynia. evangelist. was stoned by the Gentiles and cast into a deep lake. Andrew of Crete. who. in France. At Capua. St Victor. of blessed Ignatius. after having one of his feet cut off. and Marian. At Constantinople. a monk. St. St. widow. filled with the Holy Ghost. he religiously followed his masa true lover of Christ. 321 Cfte Sefcenteemfi rriHE feast of - Dap of 2Dcto6er* St. who. the birthday of St. the martyrdom of the Saints Victor.

on account of his admirable " T Arenas. the birthday of tes. the holy and learned bishop Athenosarea. Paul of the Cross. in Spain. near St. brother of St. hermit. whom Pius IX. St. in Pontus. bishop. martyr. who was cononized by Clement IX. canonized on account of his remarkable innocence of life and his penitential spirit. Tryphonia. At Rome. penance and many miracles. dorus. who. founder of the Congregation of the Cross and Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. and thence conveyed to Padua. assigning the 28th of April as the day of his festival. St. under Marcus Antoninus. of the Order of Minorites. the birthday of the holy martyrs Ptolemy and Lucius. At Antioch. Justus. on the bank of the EuphraAt Koine. Hippolytus. Julian. lian. being but a boy. at one time wife of the Caesar Decius. St. St. Cfte J!3ineteenti) A Dag of SDctoftet. Asclepiades. who underwent martyrdom in the persecution of Aure- In Mesopotamia. as we learn from the . confessor. one of the celebrated troop of martyrs who suffered gloriously under Macrinus. Gregory Thaumaturgus. In the diocese of Beauvais.322 OCTOBER. She was buried in a crypt. under the governor Kictiovarus. was put to death in the persecution of DiocleAt Neocsetian. confessor. The former. St. Peter of Alcantara. St. His relics were taken to Constantinople. At Rome.

bishop. In Egypt. In the diocese of Orleans. when one of them happening to die. At Salerno. Eusterius. John Cantius. he wished to take his place. Maximinus. chastity. he was inscribed among the saints by the Sovereign Pon- . the holy martyrs like punishment. To them was added a third. At length. St. and avowing freely that he was a Christian. 323 martyr Justin. bishop and confessor. the virgin Pelagia and forty-nine others. St. St. he obSt. abbot. and St. Varus. having converted an immodest woman to the faith of Christ. Beronicus. in England. Aquilinus. he was led to execution. afflictions. Being glorious for virtues and miracles. St. Cfte Ctoentiet!) Dap of flDcto&et. Veranus. the departure from this world of St. He having suffered with them cruel tained the palm of martyrdom. soldier. Lucius disapproving the sentence of Urbicius. and condemned to languish a long time in a filthy dungeon. as he declared by a public confession that Christ was his master. Ethbin. At Oxford. TN Poland. under the emperor used to visit and comfort seven saintly monks detained in prison. At Evreux. Frideswide. received the same sentence.OCTOBER. In Ireland. bishop. virgin. who was condemned to suffer a At Antioch. priest and confessor. and taught her to practise was accused by a profligate man before the prefect Urbicius.

bishop and martyr. virgin and martyr. After answering with great constancy. At Cologne. and after a valiant struggle. who. ordered him tate. through the desire of suffering. for his cruelty toto be beaten with rods. Felician. then beaten with rods. and Aurelius. At Antioch. in France. Caprasius. St. Clement XIII. deacon and martyr. and finally beheaded. Julian the Apos- whom he had reprehended wards Christians. imperial officer. merited the palm of martyrdom under Maximian. At Agen. and finally he died by being precipitated from an elevated place. Sindulphus. confessor. with many others. near Aquila. In the diocese of Kheims. Although he had filled high stations in the army under Constantine the Great. God having granted his prayer. he was racked and tortured. Artemius. . In Portugal. Irene. St. martyr. deacon. St. if he were deemed worthy of the glory of martyrdom. clear water might flow from the rock of his cavern. he went with confi- dence to the scene of combat. At Paris. tiff. presented himself to the persecutors that sought him. subjected to other torments. the birthday of blessed Maximus. and he prayed to God that. the report of the blessed virgin Faith's courage in suffering for Christ animated him to endure torments. As he was hiding himself in a cavern to avoid the violence of the persecution. the birthday of St.324 OCTOBER. At Minden. St. the holy martyrs. George. in Abruz- zo. At Abia. the martyrdom of the holy virgins Martha and Saula.

the birthday of the holy martyrs Philip. Asterius. life. bishop of that city. first Gentile His brief episcopate was rewarded by the palm of martyrdom. St. the Mark. Caius. who. . At Cologne.OCTOBER. who suffered under the emperor Alexander. the birthday of the Saints Ursula and her companions. At Lyons. a cele- IT Jerusalem. Many of their bodies were deposited at Cologne. At Adrianople. after suffering various torments. mother of blessed Kemigius. His full of virtues and miracles. and twelve other soldiers. ^ brated and learned blessed bishop the man. in Syria. At Ostia. 325 C&e toentg*ftr0t Dag of 2Dcto6er. who was that governed the chuch of Jerusalem. TN Cyprus. deacon of blessed Justus. bishop of Eheims. Malchus. St. near Antioch. as we read in the Acts of the blessed pope Callistus. St. Cilinia. Viator. was writ- ten by St. At Laon. under the emperor Antoninus. At Nicomedia. monk. the birthday of the Saints Dasius. At Maronia. Cfte Ctoemg'geconD Dap of 2Dcto6er. Zoticus. priest and martyr. the birthday of the holy abbot Hilarion. were submerged in the sea. Jerome. in Thrace. who gained the martyrs' crown by being massacred by the Huns for the Christian religion and their constancy in keeping their virginity. St.

bishop and confessor. Donatus. who was ordained by pope St. Verecundus. At Hierapolis. At Jerusalem. being terrified at the torments and slaughter of the other virgins. near Cadiz. and sent thither to preach the Gospel. At Verona. holy martyrs Servandus and Germanus.326 OCTOBER. who flourished under the emperor Marcus Antoninus. Abercius. St. as we read in the Gospel. but soon repenting. bishop. Fiesoli. bishop. who. priest. bishop. in Spain. piously attended bishop to the burial of our Lord. At Rouen. Stephen. in the Marches. who. At Cologne. who en- dured martyrdom by being condemned to capital punishment by the Saracens for the confession of the faith. Philip. Ursula. came forward the next day. of Scotland. in Spain. the holy martyrs Alexander. Also. Severus. At Fermo. and Hermes. and last of all received the crown of martyrdom. St. sisters. Heracilus. Cordula. after being imprisoned and scourged. under the lieutenant . hid herself. in the persecution of Diocletian. and their companions. bishop and martyr. In of Tuscany. in the time of Julian the Apostate. St. one of the companions of St. soldier. Melanius. Mary Salome. St. were burned alive. Eusebius. INthe the territory of Ossuma. St. bishop. Cfie CtoentHfnrD Dap of 2Dctobet. the holy virgins Nunilo and Alodia. St. who. St. in Phrygia. At Huesca.

was subjected by him to many insults and driven into banishment. St. of the Order of Minorites. which Viator. bishop of Jaen and martyr. Near agation of the Catholic faith. he finally rested Bordeaux. St. bishop. By his prayers and . Germanus was buried at Merida. blessed Peter of Mercedarians. for having reproved the emperor Bardas for putting away his wife. priest. St. bishop. John of Capistran. See by the in peace. in Syria. in Hungary. and thus consummated his martyrdom. After being racked. confessor. Severin. At Antioch. who was arrested in the persecution of the impious Julian. after suffering many severe torments.OCTOBER. and the burning of his sides with torches. illustrious by the sanctity of his life. St. con- Villack. they at length reached the term of their martyrdom by having their heads stricken off. logne In Picardy. 327 After being subjected to scourging. At Salerno. he was put to the sword. and his zeal for the propfessor. the birthday of the holy priest Theodore. who. Benedict. bishop of Co- Domitius. Paschasius. Romanus. want of food and drink. in Spain. imprisonment in a foul dungeon. At Granada. Verus. St. and the fatigue of a very long journey. and Servandus at Seville. ber. At Rouen. Being restored to his Roman At and confessor. In Poitou. Ignatius. of the Order He suffered on the 6th of Decem- At Constantinople. they had to perform loaded with fetters. bishop. as he persevered in the confession of Christ. Pontiff Nicholas. St. St.

and forced them miracles. lectors. he rushed into the fire in which his mother was burning. the deSt. as Felix refused absolutely to deliver the sacred books. nople. the passion of the Saint Aretas and his companions. Maglorious. after having been a long time loaded with fetters. Mark. under the Jewish tyrant Dunaan. to the number of three hundred and forty. and as he could neither by caresses nor threats be stopped. Cfie CtoentHourtl) Dap of ffl)cto&er. they finally closed their lives by being beheaded. bishop and martyr. confessed Christ lisping. whose body rests at Paris. Audactus and Januarius. At ConstantiSt. Fortunatus and Septimus. Evergistus. bishop. At Nagran. St. five years old. parture from this life of St. At Cologne. the birthday of the holy and Sicily by the governor Magdellian. In Bretagne. Proclus. priests. . and imprisoned in Africa " A T Venosa. Gregory. he routed a most powerful army of Turks to raise the seige of Belgrade. according to the emperor's edict. African bishop. in the time of the emperor Justin. whose renowned actions have been recorded by St. martyrs Felix. In Campania. whose son. bishop. solitary. After them was burned alive a Christian woman.328 OCTOBER. in Basilicata. in Arabia Felix. In the time of Diocletian.

were put to death. Under the governor Rictiovarus. where. being sent to that island by pope St. Minias. the holy martyrs Chrysanthus. and tombed with due honors in the church of enSt. Lawrence. deacon. At Torres.OCTOBER. who fought valorously for the faith of Christ and was gloriously crowned with martyrdom during the reign of Decius. At Florence. 329 Dag AT ** of 2Dcto6et Rome. they were buried alive. and thus obtained the crown of martyrdom. the holy martyrs Crispin and Crispinian. and his wife Daria. At Soissons. who. Lucius. under the governor Barbarus. and soon after beheaded by order of the emperor Claudius. a soldier. Caius. in France. in . the birthday of fortysix holy soldiers. diers of Christ Among them are named four sol- Theodosius. with one hundred and twenty-one other martyrs. St. bodies were afterwards conveyed to Rome. at Eome. in Sardinia. after horrible torments. Mark and Peter. and Januarius. they were put to the sword. they were ordered by the emperor Numerian to be thrown into a sandpit on the Salarian road. being overwhelmed with earth and stones. Their noble Komans. After many sufferings endured for Christ. in the persecution of Diocletian. under the prefect Celerinus. Also. They were buried on the Salarian way. priest. who were baptized together by pope Denis. the holy martyrs Protus. in Panisperna.

being made bishop by the blessed apostle Peter. converted to Christ. pope and martyr. Boniface. Church of God with martyrs Rogatian. a large number of the people of that place. priest. who enriched the his blood. the king Genseric. Marcian. under the emperor Qonstantius. By the Arian sors. At Constantinople. he and his clergy were put on board of leaking boats without oars or sails. who. bishop. with a priest named George. and. St. the birthday of St. peace. Florius and their companions. The same day. Quodvultdeus. the time of the emperor Adrian. St. bishop. Fronto. St. bishop of Carthage. in " Evaristus. At Mcomedia. At Perigueux. who were murdered by the heretics. and there in . At Eome. the reign of Diocletian. pope and confessor. Cfte Ctoemg'Stetl) Dap of SDctober. Gaudentius. In Africa. who received the bright crown of martyrs. the and martyrdom of the Saints Martyrius. distinguished by his learning and holiness. sub-deacon.330 OCTOBER. They are mentioned by St. renowned for miracles. the holy and Felicissimus. rested in Brescia. At At Javols. in France. St. but beyond all expectations he landed at Naples. in the persecution of Valerian and Gallienus. Hilary. AT Kome. Cyprian in his epistle to the Confes- holy martyrs Lucian. chanter. St.

who flourished in the time bishop of the emperors Valentinian and Leo. the holy martyrs Capitolina. bishop. the Saints Vincent. St. Bernward. At Narbonne. Fulk. bishop and confessor. and their brains beaten out with heavy bars. Celestine III. king. in Spain. Rusticus. St. Frumentius. bishop. St. In India. who were first stretched on the rack . St. sub-dea- Cfie Ctoemp*0etoent|) fTIHE vigil of the Dap of 2Dcto6er. While he was a captive was consecrated bishop by St. At and holy apostles Simon and Jude. Florentius. Gaudiosus. At Pavia. In Ethiopia. con. who. At Tilchatel. Christeta. who was ranked among the saints by St. in Saxony. and went to his reward. there he . as he had vowed. Athanasius. bishop. At Hildesheim. martyr. raised a dead man to life. 331 exile died a confessor. in such a manner that all their limbs were dislocated then stones being laid on their heads. Elesbaan. Quadragesimus. who Also. At Salerno. In Cappadocia. in the time of the emperor Justin. Sabina Avila. St. and confessor.OCTOBER. led a monastical life. her handmaid. who suffered under Diocletian. and preached the Gospel in that country. St. they terminated their martyrdom under the governor Dacian. St. and Erotheides. after having defeated the enemies of Christ and sent his royal diadem to Jerusalem.

At Meaux. Cyril gave her some water to drink. and her hands. St. who was pierced the throat for the faith of Christ. daughter of under the prefect Probus. GaudioFaro. At her request. SL and confessor. as she remained immovable in the confession of Christ. Bedecked with her sufferings as with so many jewels. At Vercelli. In the through same city. and for his reward became a martyr. who is called Jude. under the emperor Maximian. and Cyril. St. her breasts were cut off. Honoratus. and Thaddeus. At Naples. and closed Mayence. virgin. peacefully his holy career in a monastery near that city. Cyrilla. and. Tryphonia. feet and head severed from her body. . the holy martyrs Anastasia the Elder. subjected to fire and scourging. Anastasia was bound with chains. Simon preached the Gospel in Egypt. her nails plucked out.332 OCTOBER. an African bishop. her teeth broken. bishop. Ferrutius. bishop sus. and then underwent martyrdom. C6e Ctoentp*ei0t)ti) Dap of 2Dcto6er* IT1HE birthday of the blessed apostles Simon the Cananean. martyr. At Fidelis. entering Persia together. in the reign of Claudius. At Como. gin. martyr. she went to her spouse. Afterwards. Thaddeus in Mesopotamia. converted to Christ a numberless multitude of they the inhabitants. who came to Campania because of the persecution of the Vandals. St. At Kome. St. St. buffeted. In the persecution of Valerian. virSt.

who endured martyrdom by being beheaded under the vice-prefect Agricolaus. in PhoeWhilst the last persenicia. in the reign of Decius. Eusebia. N cution was raging. who suffered with Saints Julian. At Sidon. The same day. St. At Autun. virgin and martyr.OCTOBER. he was himself deemed worthy of it. St. by exhorting others to martyrdom. At Bergamo. who went blessed pope Gregory. Alexandria. 333 Cfie Ctoemg*mmft Dap of 2Dctofcer. Eunus and Macarius. abbot. John. patience and age of one to the kingdom of God at the hundred and sixteen years. a priest. island of Corfu. the birthday of blessed Nara bishop distinguished for holiness. At holy martyrs. Donatus. cissus. QuincFelician and Lucius. tus. bishop and confessor. martyr. St. the birthday of two hundred and twenty At Tangier. St. At Vienne. St. At Cassiope. in the St. the holy bishops Maximilian. cellus. mentioned by the faith. the departure from this world of blessed Theodore. TN Africa. Mara centurion. Zenobius. the holy martyrs Hyacinthus. At Jerusalem. Cfie Cfrirtietft Dap of 2Dcto6er. . confessor. in Morocco. and Valentine. thirteen holy martyrs. I Lucania. Eutropia. In the same place.

in Phrygia. Benedict taken to heaven by angels. At At Antioch. Lupercus. St. in Spain. . Alphonsus whom Rodriguez. martyr. Marcellus. a bishop very celebrated for his learning. St. during the persecution of Diocletian. Gerard. under the governor Diogenian. Lucanus. the martyrdom of the Saints Zenobius. St. and Victorius. under the same Diocletian. St. was seen by St. bishop. Germanus. a lay brother of the Society of Jesus. the holy martyrs Claudius. pion. island of Majorca. bishop. At Cagliari. St. under the emperor Diocletian and the governor Lysias. martyr. Saturninus. and Zenobia. and was so cruelly tortured with them that she breathed her last. in the Basilicata. Leo XII. At Altino. bishop and confessor. beatified and Leo XIII. a man of great sanctity. who was killed by the Arians. who was beheaded under the governor Barbarus. who were condemned to decapitation. in Cilicia. At Apamea. martyr. his sister. St. martyr. At Potenza. St. whose soul.334 OCTOBER. in At Palma. canonized on account of his remarkable humility and constant love of mortification. Maximus. sons of the centurion St. At Leon. in the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian. Theonestus. At 2Egea. who visited the martyrs. At Capua. bishop and martyr. at the hour of death. in Sardinia. SeraParis. St.

Gregory V. They were put to death by the Jews and Gentiles for the Gospel of Christ. his son. who was consecrated first . Their bodies were buried by the blessed pope Stephen. bishop. Stephen. and baptized by the same St. Exuperia. in France. and placed more honorably beneath the altar of the same church. and afterwards more decently entombed on this day. 335 Cfte Cf)frtp*ffr0t Dap offlDcto&er. As they could not be prevailed to abandon the faith of Christ. the birthday of blessed Nemesius. deacon.OCTOBER. they were beheaded on the 25th of August by order of the emperor Valerian. At Rome. citizen and senator. being all con- verted by the exertions of Symphronius. At Constantinople. had been crowned with martyrdom. and his daughter. on the Appian road. by blessed Xystus. Olympius. mHE upon vigil of All Saints. Quinctinus. Paul in his epistle to the Romans. Stachis. the virgin Lucilla. who en- dured martyrdom under the emperor Maximian. These holy bodies were found there during the Pontificate of Gregory XIII.. on the 8th of December. together with the Saints Symphronius. The same day. who are mentioned by St. tribune. who. the Saints Ampliatus. St. St. his body was found incorrupt after the lapse of fifty-five years. translated them into the sacristy of Santa Maria Nova. Urbanus and Narcissus. By the revelation of an angel. Roman At Saint-Quentin. his wife. and Theodulus.

336 OCTOBER. At . St. bishop and confessor. Wolfgang. bishop. bishop of that city by the blessed apostle Andrew. St. At Milan. Antoninus. Ratisbon.

priest. St. and then precipitated into the sea. afterwards put into a sack with St. in Campania. Mary. that this feast. a priest. handmaid. St. under the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Caesarius.. HE Festival All which pope Boniface IV.NOVEMBER. ordained to be kept generally and solemnly every year. dioceses. by the judge Terentius. After he had been subjected to many most grievous torments. deacon. At Dijon. who was for many days detained in prison. The same day. Accused of professing then celebrated in many should be 22 . in the city of Rome. Mother and of the holy martyrs. who was sent to France by blessed Polycarp to preach the Gospel. Cfie JFir0t Dap of of Saints. he was finally condemned to have his neck struck with an iron bar and his body pierced with a lance. It was afterwards decreed by Gregory IV. the birthday of St. At Terracina. which was in of God. after the dedication of the Pantheon. but at different on this day perpetually and times. solemnly kept by the whole Church in honor of all the Saints. Benignus. honor of the blessed Virgin Mary. Julian.

and the lacerating of her body with iron hooks. the martyrdom and five others. In Persia. she was subjected to cruel scourging. who consummated his martyrdom in the same persecution. bishop of Poitiers. the Christian religion. of the Saints In Persia.338 NOVEMBER. the holy martyrs John. and thus completed her martyr- dom. and James. Austremonius. Styriacus. At Clermont. first bishop of that city. confessor. St. At Tivoli. Dacius At Paris. . Maturin. who. the decease At Bayeux. Victorinus. bishop. after writing many works. monk. ToEudoxius. as is attested by St. in the time of the emperor Adrian. and their companions. in the time of Childebert. fPHE Commemoration - The same day. St. Pegasius. At bias. under the emperor Licinius. lus. Aphtonius. of St. was crowned with mar- tyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. St. under the emperor Maximian. At Damascus. Vigor. Agapius. the birthday of all the faithful departed. under the governor Manatius. bishop. king of the Franks. Csesarius. Marcel- bishop. the Saints Cyrenia and Juliana. At Tarsus. St. to torture on the rack. Elmartyrs. Sebaste. the Saints Carterius. blessed Justus. At Trieste. priest. of St. under king Sapor. the holy martyrs Acindynus. Severin. In Gatinais. Cfte Second Dap of Ji3otoem6ec. Jerome. in Auvergne.

Victor. who laid down their lives for Christ with admirable fervor. George. the holy martyrs Germanus. St. tate. and thus were crowned with the glory of martyrdom. and Papias. with their numerous companions. who became illustrious martyrs in the persecution of Decius. and Maximian. Theophilus. in Syria. the birthday of the holy martyrs Publius.NOVEMBER. who breathed her last in prayer in the midst of severe torments. they were beheaded. 339 pidephorus and Anempodistus. disciple of the Csesarea. Hilary. In Eng- . Eustochium. At Saragossa. of jQotoem&er. in the reign of Julian the AposSt. Csesarius and Vitalis. during the persecution of the holy martyrs Valentine. Ambrose. birthday apostles. At governor of Spain. priest. virgin and martyr. C&e rTHE L CfttrD of Dap St. Hermes. Quartus. In the monastery of St. Mar- cian. in Cilicia. a bishop. innumerable holy martyrs. bishop. St. but being miraculously rescued by an angel. At Cyrus. St. Maurice. Theodotus. under Dacian. At Tarsus. Christ. St. confessor. and adorned with good works and virtues. in Switzerland. At Vienne. in Cappadocia. For attachment to the faith of At Viterbo. they were cast into the Tiber with a stone tied to them. abbot. In Africa. At Laodicea. in Syria. powerful in words. deacon.

and de- . so that there was no part of his body without wounds. and the wood of his cross. St. St. his life and his renown for miracles. the holy martyrs Vitalis and Agricola. He was subjected by the persecutors to all kinds of torments. this life of St. and the bishop of that city. Agricola was put to death by being fastened to a cross with many nails. Hermengaudus. St.340 NOVEMBER. he yielded up his soul to God in prayer. Dap of Ji3otiem&er. in Spain. St. Charles Borromeo. cardinal. and whose life was written by the abbot St. Pirminus. bishop of Meaux. the departure from At Urgel. his glorious blood. Domnus. land. in Ireland. The same day. In the monastery of Clairvaux. Winefride. Bernard. Sylvia. St. Also. bishop of Tongres. Gregory. Ambrose relates that being present at their translation. After having suffered with constancy. virgin and martyr. who was ranked among Saints by Paul V. Milan. the decease of St. C&e AT ** Jfourti) St. bishop of Armagh. The former was first the servant of the latter. Malachy. bishop and confessor. who won renown in his own days for his many virtues. At Vienne. he took the martyr's nails. St. Hubert. on account of the holiness of At Bologna. and afterwards his partner and colleague in martyrdom. mother of pope St. bishop. At Borne.

Porphyry. Proculus. the demise of St. Stephen. priest. bishop. at Albania. when Theonas governed under the emperors Carus and Diocletian. who. At Treves. 341 posited them under the consecrated altars. he spent the remainder of his At Bhodez. of Cerfroid. leading a very pure life. bishop. . disciples of the apostle St. son of In the monastery St. At Myra. Emeric. the holy martyrs Nicander. After the persecution. Joannicius. king of Hungary. in France. In BithyIn Hungary. The same day. under the governor Libanius. founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity for the Bedemption of Captives. Paul. At Ephesus. priest of Alexandria. St. the birthday of St. St. St. St. priest and martyr. Clarus. Felix de Valois. In Vexin (in the North of France). abbot. blessed Amantius. At Autun. confessor. and freed from all impediments in order to apply to Christian philosophy. and published various treatises. whose life was resplendent with sanctity and miracles. Begale. life at Borne. the birthday of the Saints Philologus and Patrobas. St. His feast is celebrated on the 20th of this month by order of Innocent XI. in Lycia. and Hermas. being deeply versed in the sacred Scriptures. virgin. the church of Alexandria. in the diocese of Meaux.NOVEMBER. The same day. martyr. under the emperor Aurelian. martyr. where he rested in peace. St. Modesta. Pierius. taught the people with great renown.

Lsetus. they were shut up in prison. who could not succeed in intimidating them. filling Brescia. and both being led to the tribunal of the judge. Elizabeth. monk. At St. companions. Dominator. CT. Theotimus. the same most holy precursor. in priest and prophet. under the emperor Maximinus. in France. had their hands.342 NOVEMBER. bishop. who was made bishop of that city while office of the abbot. many whom the priest St. was arrested with him. At Milan. his wife. ZA CHARY. Felix. priest. priest and confessor. C&e Jfiftft Dap of J!2otoem&er. At Treves. and Epistemis. ^ blessed mother of racina. St. Also. buried the holy martyrs Julian and Csesarius. the holy martyrs Galation. the holy martyrs Domninus. At Orleans. Silvanus. At Ter- Campania. . having and converted to the faith of Christ. who were scourged. St. Philotheus. and as they refused to offer sacriAt Emesa. were beheaded that same night. Also. Fibitius. the birthday of the holy marThe latter tyrs. Phoenicia. during the persecution of Decius. bishop and confes- and their sor. and finally consummated their martyrdom by decapitation. and Eusebius. in fice. St. feet and tongue severed from their bodies. Felix baptized. Magnus. St. father of John the Baptist.

who had his head pierced with a nail. bishop and martyr. St. abbot. the demise of St. and sent thither to " AT . con- fessor. in Aquitaine. At Limoges. Prosdocimus. and for a long time served his brethren. and thus received the crown of martyrdom for the In Phrygia. who are reported to have been put to death by the Saracens. who wasrenowned for virtues and miracles. sent who.2ofcem&er. St. Augustine. who of a noble family. as is related by St. At Theopolis. At Barcelona. in Campania. the birthday of wasFelix. but his miraculous gift shone particularly in the deliverance of captives. and chose to lead a He was celebrated for holiness and solitary life. Winoc. even those who were subparture from this life of St. disciple of the blessed bishop Remigius. ten holy martyrs. who was ordained bishop by the blessed apostle Peter. next day he was found dead. 343 Cfte >tetf) Dap of St. Felix. At Fundi. ject to monk. St. Leonard. St.NOVEMBER. Severus. AT Tunis. ^ martyr. Padua. the defaith. his execution being deferred. At Berg. in his exposition of a psalm to the people on the feast of the saint. having confessed Christ. Atticus. was born Cfte Sefcemft Dap of i. miracles. first bishop of that city. But the to prison. him. in Africa.

The same day. bishop and martyr. who was buried in the city of Albi. bishop. bishFlorentius. life. in Macedonia. celebrated for virtues and prodigies. three miles from the city. St. and for obedience to the Roblessed Achillas. who was consecrated bishop by the blessed pope Sergius. -* At Metz. At Eome. Symphor- . under Julian the Apostate. where. Willibrord. and thirty others. who were crowned in the persecution of Diocletian. bishop. Hesychius. op and confessor. who did not hesitate to suffer martyrdom in defence of ecclesiastical liberties. bishop of Utrecht. Amaranthus.344 NOVEMBER. in Armenia. but lives in eternal At Melitine. St. At Perugia. Herculanus. man Church. Anthony and Carina. St. the martyrdom of glory. faith and purity of In Friesland. under the governor Lysias. Mcostratus. Taurio and Thessalonica. Eufus. Meander. St. after the termination of combats faithfully sustained. on the Lavi* can road. preach the word of God. the holy martyrs Auctus. Cfie OBisfitft Dap of Jl3otoem6er fTIHE Octave of All Saints. and preached the Gospel in Friesland and Denmark. At Amphipolis. the decease of St. he happily ended his many life. At Strasburg. a bishop renowned for erudition. Engelbertus. the passion of the Saints Melasippus. the Saints Hieron. At Alexandria. martyr. the martyr- dom of the Saints Claudius. At Cologne. St. At Ancyra.

spread the Gospel in Friesland and Saxony. during the reign of the same emperor. the birthday of the saintly brothers. could not then be ascertained. Severus. St. Bremen. the birthday of St. who were scourged to death with leaded whips. At ceding five. and confessor. a priest. Carpo- phorus and Victorinus. the dedication of the Basilica of our At Amasea. bishop man whose epitaph was written by St. who. Godfrey. in France. Boniface. At Tours. called the Four Crowned. whose merit was so great that he cured a leper by kissing him. St. bishop of Amiens. Theodore. iSfntft Dap of H3otiem&er. whose disciple he was. St. 345 and Simplicius. Castorius of Christ. St. C&e AT Saviour. in conjunction with St. and as they could not be made to forsake the faith ian. pope. Home. At Verdun. St. Also. Deusdedit. Paulinus. At Home. Maurus. Clarus. in the time of the em- . Crowned. Willehad. a soldier. in Pontus. then scourged with whips set with metal. known some years afterwards by revelation. of great holiness.NOVEMBER. first bishop of that city. even after their names had been revealed. Diocletian ordered them to be thrown into the river. As their names. At Soissons. Severian. who were first sent to prison. it was ordered that their anniversary should be commemorated with the pre- under the name of the Four Saints This appellation was retained by the Church. on the Lavican way.

peror Maximian. At Constantinople. lacerated with iron hooks till his intestines were laid bare. under the der. in Campania. a bishop renowned for Agrippinus. Campania. At Thessalonica. in Cappadocia. in city. very celebrated for his sanctity.346 NOVEMBER. St. of the emperor Maurice. Clerk Regular. emperor Diocletian. pointed bishop of that St. Alexanmartyr. His glorious deeds have been celebrated in a magnificent oration by St. He was finally stretched on the rack. At Bourges. at St. At Berytus. the martyrdom of St. poured out blood so copiously that the Eastern and Western Churches received abundantly of it. and then cast into the flames to be burned alive. Rome by first Ursinus. Gregory of Nyssa. during the reign of Maximian. and Sopatra. the birthday of St. who was ordained the successors of the apostles and ap- At Naples. AnAvellini. which being fastened to a cross by the Jews. the Commemoration of the Image of our Saviour. in Syria. At Tyana. a native of Rome. daughter Eustolia. Orestes. the holy virgins miracles. confessor. and his zeal in procuring the salvation . who exhorted him to act with courage and constancy. he was severely scourged and sent to prison. where he was comforted by an apparition of our Lord. Cfte Centft Dap of " A T drew Naples. For the confession of Christ.

nowned bishop and confessor. island of Paros. In Lord. spicius. Justus. At Melun. re- Monitor. In the diocese of the holy martyrs Tiberius. St. St. At St. Modestus. England. Theoctistes. the holy women Tryphenna and Tryphosa. and twenty other martyrs. whose life was so refor miracles that he received the power to raise three persons from the dead. consummated their martyrdom in the time of Diocletian. There he went to his repose in the Orleans.NOVEMBER. bishop. celebrated for sanctity. and others to preach the Gospel in that country. virgin. Florentia. in Lycaonia. in France. bishop. in . At Cotya3um. confessor. bishop and confessor. Eustosius. he was inscribed on the catalogue of saints by Clement XI. a bishop. Anian. 347 Being renowned for miracles. deacon. The birthday of the holy martyrs Tryphon and Keof souls. the birthday of blessed Mar- tin. At Antioch. St. who. the Saints Demetrius. nowned for miracles. and Agde. St. Leo. and the virgin Nympha. after being subjected to various tor- ments. In the Cfte <&lt\*tntb Dap of H3otoem6cr* ^ AT Tours. Probus. who profited by the preaching of blessed Paul and the example of Thecla to make great progress in Christian perfection. At Ravenna. At Iconium. who was sent by pope Gregory with Augustine. Mellitus.

Gregory. At Ravenna. were crowned in the persecution of Diocletian. Veranus. At Lyons. Egyptian soldier. whose life was illustrated by his In the monastery of faith and other virtues. and freely declaring himself a Christian. he was struck with the sword. near Mennas. but the executioner having fallen down and no other person daring to strike him with the sword. whose life he wrote.348 NOVEMBER. whose virtues and miracles are mentioned by pope St. Felician and Victorinus. After his death. the celebrated martyrdom of St. during the persecution of Diocletian. Mennas. solitary. Frascati. who was jected to fire and other torments under the same Diocletian and the governor Eleusius. . Athenodorus. . nowned for many miracles. martyr. he was redesert. St. who cast off the military belt and obtained the grace of serving the King of heaven secretly in the Afterwards coming out publicly. he was first subjected to dire torments and finally kneeling in prayer. blessed Crypta-Ferrata. Phrygia. and giving thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. bishop. In the province of Abruzzo. Bartholomew. his repose in the St. companion of blessed Nilus. the holy abbot. He was at length sentenced to capital punishment. who In sub- Mesopotamia. the holy martyrs Valentine. he passed to Lord whilst praying.

bishop. -In Asia. Because he had convoked a council at Rome. the decease of St. In the heretical At Ghent. rPHE birthday of St. bishops. archdiocese of Sens. At Avignon. His body was subsequently transferred to Rome. martyr. Livinus. and deposited in the church of the Saints Silvester and Martin. St. through truth. Isaac and ChrisAt Witebsk. John. and condemned the heretics Sergius. the holy martyrs Benedict. carried to Constantinople and banished to Chersonesus. 349 Cfte Ctoelftf) Dap of J3otiem&er. bishop and martyr. cruelly murdered by the hatred of Catholic unity and schismatics. pope and martyr. in Poland. bishop of Saragossa. the martyrtinus. abbot who rethe office of governor of the city to become a signed . St. St. where he ended his life. Martin. and with a reputation for many miracles. St. in Spain. Tarazona. blessed ^Emilian. dom of St. Rufus. At who was Cologne. Paternus. He was cononized by Pius IX. the martyrdom of the Saints Aurelius and Publius. Cunibert. Basil. of the Order of St. Paul and Pyrrhus. bishop of Polotzk. in 1867. he was taken prisoner treacherously by order of the emperor Constans. a priest At who wrought numberless miracles. consumed with afflictions endured for the Catholic faith. and whose wonderful life was written by St.NOVEMBER. first bishop of that city. hermits. Josaphat. In Poland. Matthew. At Constantinople. Nilus. Braulio.

virgin. Cfte Cfiitteentj) . Paschasius. Matrius. of this month. in the time of Theodosius the Younger. Spaniards. who suffered under the emperor Diocletian. scourged under Galerius while the others. and burned alive. Probus and Eutychian. Inscribed on the catalogue of the saints by Sixtus V. St. in Province. the martyrdom of the Germanus and Ennatha. in Spain. DIDACUS. At Aix. and was distinguished for learning and sanctity. At Eavenna. in Palestine. At Ca3sarea. Theodore Studita. of the Order of Minorites. during the perse- . his feast is kept on the thirteenth of this month. At Alcala. who was re- nowned for his humility. Also. for the governor Firmilian for his boldly reproaching idolatry in sacrificing to the gods. monk. at Constantinople. Zebina. St. who became celebrated throughout the whole Catholic Church by his vigorous defence of the faith against the Iconoclasts.350 NOVEMBER. St. were beheaded. confessor. of the Order of Minorwhose birthday occurred on the twelfth ites. who refused absolutely to vield to the Arian perfidy. Solutor and Victor. Saints Antoninus. Dap of confessor. In Africa.. a most renowned martyr. the birthday of the holy martyrs Valentine. Didacus. Ennatha was Maximian. the holy martyrs Arcadius.

Then was also made manifest the constancy of the small boy Paulillns. for miraqles. HE festival of St. Venerandus. St. Cfte jFotmeemf) fin - Dap of Jl3otoem&et. brother of the Saints Paschasius and Eutychian. St. in Auvergne. Brice. confessor. secutors. At Troyes. after and being subjected to fearful tortures. At Tours. driven into exile. Serapion. St. pope St. in France. He became a martyr of Christ by being hurled down from the upper part of his house. At Cremona. St. subjected to torments so cruel that all his limbs were disjointed. renowned He was ranked among the saints by Innocent III. At Clermont. disciple of the blessed bishop Martin. bishop. St. in France. Accordingly they were proArian king Genseric. Theodotus and Philomenus. Josaphat. 351 cution of the Vandals. scribed by the finally. martyr. bishop. whom the per- under the emperor Decius. and condemned to a base servitude. Quinctian. Eugenius. were put to death in various manners. bishop. Nicholas. At Alexandria. the birthday of the holy martyrs Clementinus. martyr. he was a long time beaten with rods. bishop and martyr. At Toledo. in Thrace. under the emperor Aurelian. At Heraclea. At Rome. Also.NOVEMBER. St. Homobonus. As he could not be seduced from the Catholic faith. distinguished for the apostolic spirit. the holy virgin Veneran- .

St. the birthday of St. At Bologna. who were barbarously tortured and massacred under Mady. Jfifteemf) Dap of j[2ofcem&er. He terminated the combats of his martyr- . bishop and martyr. At Nola. ? In Ireland. His body was afterwards conveyed to Toledo. in Campania.352 NOVEMBER. in Africa. the passion of many holy women. For the redemption of the faithful in captivity and the preaching of the Christian faith. was attacked with stones by the Novatian heretics. crown of martyrdom under the Antoninus and the governor Asclepiades. disciple of blessed Denis the Areopagite. virgin. and martyr. of this month. who received the At Gangres. Having consummated his martyrdom near Paris. Hypatius. and died a martyr. bishop of Dublin. C6e T. Lawrence. he received from our Lord a crown for his blessed sufferings. emperor da. St. a savage Arabian chief. blessed Serapion. of the Order of Our Blessed Lady of Ransom. St. his age. in Paphlagonia. blessed Felix. bishop who on his way home from the great council of Nice. whose birthday is the 17th The same day. Jucundus. bishop and confessor. At Emesa. Eugenius. he was the first of his Order to deserve the palm of martyrdom by being crucified and cut to pieces. bishop of Toledo. At Algiers. who was renowned for miracles from the fifteenth year of GERTRUDE.

353 dom with thirty others. who was glorious for miracles from his early At Verona. and cast into the fire in the time of the emperor Licinius and the governor Lysanias. ended a glorious martyrdom. bishop and confessor. the holy martyrs Rufinus. At Edessa. years. and having perseveringly confessed the Christian faith before Julian the Apostate. under the governor Marcian. bishop. and for a 23 . with his comto wild horses and dragged by them. under the emperor Diocletian and the governor Antoninus. who was St. a man of extraordinary faith and learning. the martyrdom of St. in Syria. He renounced the senatorial dignity to embrace the religious life. In the same place. panions. ValerThe same day. In Varicus. Elpidius being a senator. Luperius. and In Bretagne. At Lyons. Mark. the birthday of St. Fidentian. Leopold. the holy martyrs Gurias and Samonas. C6e Steteent!) Dap of TN Africa. Eustochius.NOVEMBER. the ius and their companions. St. who was torn with iron hooks. Africa. bishop and conIn Austria. fessor. Malo. first tied Eucherius. the birthday of St. and their companions. and then being thrown into the fire. the holy martyrs Secundus. was. Abibus. margrave of that inscribed among the saints by In- nocent VIII. holy martyrs Elpidius. deacon. country. Marcellus.

his sister. during the same persecution. Gregory. where he served Christ in prayer and fasting. the holy marfirst tyrs Acisclus. Othmar. the birthday of St. a man of the most profound learning. " A T wrought to the great glory of the Church gained for him the surname of Wonder-worker. who in the year of the persecution of Diocletian. long time voluntarily shut himself up in a cavern. in France. At Padua. bishop. after many torments underwent capital punishment. In Palestine. At Cordova. He died near Provins. who were most cruelly tortured by order of the governor Dion. St. and Victoria. At Alexandria. The same day. St. Edmund. and was canonized by Innocent IV. Denis. illustrious by his learning and The prodigies and miracles which he sanctity. bishop. who was sent into exile for having maintained the rights of his church. archbishop and confessor. Ke- . Fidentius. Afterwards. Cfte >etoenteentf) Dap of NeocaBsarea. bishop.354 NOVEMBER. and thus merited to be crowned by our Lord for their glorious sufferings. the holy martyrs Alpha?us and Zacchaeus. in Pontus. through the revelation of an angel. At Canterbury. St. abbot. he was solemnly installed in the episcopal chair of the city of Lyons. the departure from this world of St. in England.

bishop. the flames. St. was solemnly dedicated on the 10th of December by Pius IX. in the time of the emperors Valerian and Gallienus. St. renowned for many miracles. Anian. Cfte (Eigftteentf) Dap of Ji2ofcem&er. who was renowned for the frequent miracles. Gertrude. deacon of blessed Zenobius. though the festival in com- AT Rome. St. of of that city. from a Carthusian monastery to the government of the church of Lincoln. 355 nowned for having often confessed the faith.. called who was revelations she received.NOVEMBER. At Tours. The former. At Florence. bishop In Germany. more sumptuously rebuilt after its total destruction by Paul. bishop. He ended his holy life in peace. and il- lustrious by the various sufferings and torments he had endured. the Dedication " holy apostles Peter and of the basilicas of the memoration of that event was transferred to this . virgin. confessor. Her festival is celebrated on the 15th of this month. Hugh. the Order of St. St. bishop. while the latter. Benedict.. St. whose precious death in the sight of the Lord is attested by In England. having been enlarged. Eugenius. At Orleans. full of days he rested in peace a confessor. was on this day solemnly consecrated by Urban VIII. Gregory.

for having obtained the cessation of a pestilence by his prayers. in the time of the emperor Galerius. At Antioch. the departure from this life of blessed Odo. bishop. Also. Maximus. The same day. should lay aside his military belt. in the persecu- tion of the Vandals. At Tours. Hearing the order that anyone refusing to sacrifice to idols. the holy martyr Hesychius. . At Antioch. the Saints Oriculus and his companions. a soldier. died a confessor. the translation of St. bishop and confessor. in Tuscany. a monk honored with an annual solemnity by the people of Antioch. he was strangled in prison and crowned with a glorious martyrdom.356 NOVEMBER. and having answered that we must believe in the one God whom the Christians adore. abbot of Cluny. who. Thomas. he immediately took off For this reason. day. martyr. at Antioch. Frigdian. river with a large stone tied to his right hand. after suffering much from the Arians. At Lucca. St. who being asked by him whether it was better to worship one God or several gods. Romanus. however. Before him suffered a young boy named Barula. was scourged and beheaded. he spoke the praises of God). At Mayence. in the time of Constantius. St. Komanus exhorted the Christians to resist him. he was precipitated into the his. and after being subjected to dire torments and the cutting out of his tongue (without which. the birthday of St. When the prefect Asclepiades broke into the churches and strove to destroy them completely. who suffered for the Catholic faith.

Pontian. subdued fire itself. who suffered in the persecution of Valerian. and being taken up with due honors by the bishop. and there. At Vienne. Exuperius and Felician. of the Third Order of St. Oispinus. Xystus. daughter of Andrew. 357 Cfte jQtneteemi) A *** Dap of Ji2otom&er. St. priest and martyr. His body was conveyed to Home by the blessed pope Fabian. Basil the Great delivered a celebrated discourse.. At Rome. Tie same day. widow. were found through their own revelation. the birthday of St. having a reputation for miracles. though unpolished and ignorant. Francis. by the emperor Alexander. on the Appian road. the blessed bishop At Ecijo. and was buried near St. after the lapse of many years. the demise beth. was transported to Sardinia. in Germany. who obtained the glory of martyrdom by decapitation. Eliza- T Marburg. of St. king of Hungary. and buried in the cemetery of Callistus. yet armed with the wisdom of Christ. overcame the tyrant. she went to heaven. At Caesarea.NOVEMBER. On his birthday. who. in Cappadocia. the holy prophet Abdias. At Samaria. the holy martyrs Severinus. by the constancy of his faith. pope and martyr. martyr. with the priest Hippolytus. the birthday of St. who. and. St. Their bodies. being scourged to death with rods. After a life passed in the performance of pious works. consummated his martyrdom. Barlaam. Maximus. clergy and people .

The same day. ^ CT. being far advanced in age. in the time of the emperor Galerius Maximian. the martyrdom of the holy bish- op Nersas and his companions. deacon of Alexandria. who fought confessor. Nicsea. In Isauria. the martyrdom of Saint Azas and his military com- under panions. At Turin. he consumhis martyrdom by the sword. who was. later. but being unhurt by his feet. the holy martyrs Eustachius. and were crowned with martyrdom. soldiers of the Theban Legion. St. in Palestine. was put . bishop. were buried with becoming solemnity. of that city. them. Dasius. Cfie Ctoemietf) Dag of j!3otiem&er. under the governor Bassus. Denis. who. who was condemned to be devoured by the beasts. Faustus. for refusing to consent to the impurities practised on the feast of Saturn. St. the holy martyrs valiantly for the faith under the emperor Maximian. to the number of one hundred and fifty. At Dorostorum. in the persecution of mated Diocletian. in Sicily. he was cast into the sea with stones tied to In Persia. At Messina. in the persecution of Valerian. in Bithynia.358 NOVEMBER. FELIX DE VALOIS. the emperor Diocletian and the tribune Aquilinus. first banished with St. At to death. the holy martyrs Octavius. in Mysia. Solutor and Adventor. Ampelus and Caius. the holy martyr Agapius. At Caesarea.

Silvester. king and martyr. St. . Paul in his epistle to the Romans. At Milan. At Verona. the Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary. governed the church entrusted to him with the greatest constancy and piety. who. In Spain. stantinople. who suffered many tribulations for the worship of holy images. Heliodorus. Edmund. martyr. Albert. St. in Thrace. Mother of God. the holy martyrs Honorius. Denis. the holy marIn tyrs Bassus. In Pamphylia. op. bishop of Liege and martyr. The same day. At Rheims. bishop and confessor. St. England. mentioned by the apostle St. Benignus. under the governor Aetius. the martyrdom of the Saints Celsus and Clement. At Chalons. the holy martyrs Demetrius and Honorius. a bishop. St. St. full of days and virtues. Maximinus. in the persecution of At Heraclea. At Rome. TN the the temple at Jerusalem. a bishin the forty-second year of his priesthood. At ConGregory of Decapolis. At Ostia. Agapitus and forty others. in the persecution of Aurelian. who was put to death for defending the liberties of the Church. St.NOVEMBER. St. amidst the serious troubles caused by the barbarians. Eutychius and Stephen. the birthday of blessed Rufus. Simplicius. who went to God Cfte Ctoentp*fir0t Dap of H3otiem6er. 359 Thespesius and Anatolius.

and exposed to the fire. Saints Philemon and Apphias. and overwhelmed with stones. After his death his executioners were converted to the faith and thrown into the sea. martyr. the departure from this life of St. bishop and consanctity. convents and governed a large number of He died at an advanced age. Maurus. At Rome. virgin and martyr. Cecilia. St. learning St.360 NOVEMBER. in the time of the emperor Marcus Aurelius Sevens s At ColossaB. fessor. prefect of the city. and by the command of the governor Artocles. the church on the feast of Diana. at Kome. during the reign of Nero. in Phrygia. Columban. from which she came out uninjured. Paul. she terminated her glorious sufferings by the sword. and encouraged them to martyrdom. who to the faith of Christ her spouse Valerbrought Borne. St. pope. who. distinguished for and At Verona. Maurus. celebrated for many virtues. Gelasius. coming from Africa to visit the tombs of the Apostles. Also. C&e Ctoemp*0econfl Dap AT "" of U3otiem&er. disWhen the Gentiles rushed into ciples of St. let down into a pit up to their waist. abbot. ian and his brother Tiburtius. After their death. . St. In the monastery of Bobio. who founded many monks. being arrested by order of Almachius. Alexander. they were arrested whilst the other Christians fled. were scourged.

after many torments. in Spain. bishop and confessor. in Hellespont. Basil crowned with martyrdom. wno held the sovereign Pontificate the third after the blessed apostle Peter. Sisinius. who. Lucretia. colleague in the episcopate. virgin and martyr. where. At Antioch. in the same persecuAt Iconium. the martyrdom of the Saints Mark and Stephen. in Pisidia. At Rome.. in Lycaonia. by order of the emperor Marcus Antoninus. who consummated her martyrdom in the persecution of Diocletian. he was His body was taken to Rome during the pontificate of Nicholas I. In the persecution of Trajan. At Autun. and placed with due honors in the church which had been previously built under his invocation. 361 was condemned to die. them she was beheaded for Christ. Clement. At Cyzicum. Pragmatius. being precipitated into the sea with an anchor tied to his neck. under the emperor Numerian. Gregory Nazianzen in the desert. St. he was banished to Chersonesus. St. and St. St. Celerinus being prefect of the city. After Felicitas. martyrs. martyr. under the governor Dacian. St. who was the companion of St. At Merida. mother of seven sons. Cfte Ctoemp*t|)irD rilHE birthday of pope Dap of St. under the emperor Diocletian. the holy bishop tion. Amphilochius. was put to the sword.NOVEMBER. and their After many combats .

Firmina. Alexander. bishop.362 NOVEMBER. Gregory. martyr. whose name is mentioned in the Acts of the blessed pope Marcellus. St. At Gir- In the genti. After a long imprisonment in chains for the constant confession of Christ. At Korne. for the Catholic faith. the THE birthday of St. was written by Cfte CtoemHourtf) Dap of ^ GT. At Corinth. where he terminated his martyrdom by being beheaded and thrown into the sea. the saintly virgins and martyrs Flora and Mary. St. yielded up her spirit. At Amelia. priest and confessor. whose celebrated St. in Umbria. in the persecution of the Arabs. life of the Order of Augustinians. Tron. Chrysogonus. after being subjected to various torments. martyr. ST. confessor. whose birththe 14th of December. St. At Cordova. to hanging. blessed John the Good. who. with the reputation of a holy and learned prelate. virgin and martyr. martyr. under Julian the Apostate and the governor Sallust. who were for a long time confined in prison and slain with the sword. who fought unto death for the faith of Christ. JOHN OF day is CROSS. he was by order of Diocletian taken to Aquileia. and to burning with flaming torches. Crescentian. village of Hasbein. Antoninus. he rested in peace. the decease of St. At . The same day. At Mantua. during the persecution of Diocletian.

he departed In the castle of Blaye. this life to go to the Lord. who. in the persecution of Decius. virgin and martyr. and afterwards endured a long scourging with whips garnished with metal. St. St. body was miraculously conveyed by angels to Mount Sinai. who was renowned for miracles in the time sius before the Sardica. whose holiness is proclaimed by glorious miracles. according to the words of . Cfte Ctoentgsfifti) Dap of H3otoem6er* HHHE under the emperor Maximinus. Moses. an abbot. After he had withstood with unbending courage not only the Gentiles. with others detained in prison. who defended the cause of Athana- emperor Constans. was often consoled by the letters of St. martyr. Protasius. of king Theodoric. At Rome. she at birthday of St. in the council of Having sustained many labors for the church entrusted to him and for religion. sion of the Christian faith. For the confes- was cast into prison Alexandria. Cyprian. Catharine. bishop. St. At Milan. Romanus. crowned with a martyrdom which fills the mind with admiration. where pious veneration is paid to it by a great concourse of Christians. In Auvergne. Felicissimus. priest and martyr. 363 Perugia.NOVEMBER. but also the Novatian schismatics and heretics. a priest. Portian. and Her finally ended her martyrdom by decapitation. he was finally. St. St.

Peter. dier. At Nicomedia. At Autun. over the cruelty of Decius through the protection of his guardian angel. St. bishop and martyr. in the Marches. who died a martyr by being hurled down from a rock. Cfte Ctoentp^fetfi A Dap of i!3otoember* T Fabriano. At Padua. the command of Galerius Max- There suffered also at Alexandria. Erasmus. adorned with all virtues.Theodore. a province of Italy. Phileas. At pope and confessor. St. and published salutary concerning ecclesiastical discipline. Siricius. Cornelius. priest. Marcellus. the holy martyrs Faustus. bishop of that city. Mercury. who was beheaded by imian. the birthday of St. with six hundred and sixty others. St. Bellinus. Pachomius and. a priest. Rome. Didius and Ammonius likewise. Egyptian bishops. solwho vanquished the barbarians and triumphed St. Finally. Jucunda. abbot. he was crowned with mar- tyrdom and went to reign forever in heaven. in Cappadocia. founder of the Congregation of the Silvestrine monks. In Emilia. having acquired great glory from his sufferings. in the time of Constantius.364 NOVEMBER. celebrated for his learning. in the . St. blessed Silvester. At Antioch. who condemned various laws heretics. Hesychius. St. . virgin. St. whom the sword of persecution sent to heaven. piety and zeal for religion. pope tyr. marAt Csesarea. same persecution. At Alexandria.

In Persia. bishop. At Sebaste. of the Friars Minor He was of St.NOVEMBER. St. Francis. during the solemnities connected with the eighteenth centenary of the princes of the Apostles. At Constance. St. 365 Amator. At Rome. Basolus. Nicon. monk. In the diocese of Kheims. whereupon the irritated monarch condemned him to be cut to pieces Countless other martyrs suffered at this time in the same country.. confessor. Stylian. and among the saints by Pius IX. the holy martyrs Basileus. confessor. gonia. and Saturninus. for he spent several years with success in conducting his holy expeextraordinary ditions through Italy for the conquest of souls. he denied Christ to please king Isdegerdes. In the time of Theodosius the Younger. Sts. the birthday of St. of Port Maurice. and beheaded. Leonard. St. C&e AT ^* Ctoemp^etjentft Dap of H2otoem&er* Antioch. He was ranked among the blessed by Pius VI. priest. St. bishop. Conrad. At Adrianople. of the strict observance. in Arthe holy martyrs Hirenarchus. anchoret. and returned to the king to declare his faith in our Lord. remarkable for zeal. Acacius. Peter and Paul. . In Armenia. menia. St. bishop. in Paphlarenowned for miracles. Auxilius. a distinguished martyr. he entered into himself. James Intercisus. St. but his mother and his wife having for that reason withdrawn from his company.

St. who is mentioned by that apostle in He was chief of the his epistle to the Corinthians. Struck with the constancy of these women. Rufus. as a glori- . and seven women. and apostle of Carinthia. St. bishop. on the confines of Persia. Maximus. bishop. and with Acacius died under the axe. from his tender years. At Paris. At At Aquileia. he was celebrated for the working of miracles and prodigies. on the river Ca. with all his family. St. in Austria. was endowed with Being first every grace and virtue. who suffered under the governor Atticus. disciple of the blessed apostle Paul. in France. was made a martyr by Diocletian. Riez. and. whose wonderful deeds were written by St. monk and solitary. At Corinth. In India. the Saints Facundus and Primitivus. Severin. who. in the reign of the emperor Diocletian and under the governor Maximus. and afterwards bishop of the church of Riez. At Salzburg. superior of the monastery of Lerins. synagogue when converted to Christ. Cfte Ctoentp*eigi)ti) Dap of ^ A T Rome. St. Hirenarchus was converted to Christ. bishop and confessor. the departure from this world of St. John Damascene. the birthday of St. the Saints Barlaam and Josaphat. Valerian. In Galicia. Virgilius. Sosthenes. who. inscribed among the saints by Sovereign Pontiff Gregory IX.366 NOVEMBER.

confessor. Crescentian. and confirmed the Catholic truth with the shedding of their blood. 367 ous beginning. and thus ended their glorious combat. At Constantinople. Hortulanus. Crescens. bishops. numbering three hundred and thirty-nine monks. At Naples. Andrew and their companions. At this time also. James of La Marca. the holy martyrs Stephen the Younger.. Eustachius. the holy martyrs Papinian and Mansuetus. At Kome. . Gallio. the departure from world of St.NOVEMBER. consecrated the first fruits of his faith by being scourged in the presence of the proconsul In Africa. Basil. Urban. His name was added to the life. and legations undertaken for the success of the affairs of Christianity. terminated the course of their lives in exile. other holy bishops. Benedict XIII. of the Order of Minorites. for the Cath- were burned in every part of their bodies with hot plates of iron. in the time of Constantine Copronymus. Cresconius. and Florentian. in the persecution of the Vandals. Valerian. under the Arian king Genseric. who were subjected to various torments for the worship of holy images. Peter. celebrated for the austerity of his his his apostolic manner of preaching. olic faith. who. Felix. blessed pope Gregory III. who departed tity this and for heaven with a reputation for sancmiracles. many calendar of saints by the Sovereign Pontiff.

Also. and the deacon Sisinius. At Kome. the martyrdom of the Saints Paramon and his companions. in the time of the emperor Maximian. under the governor Felix. the birthday of the holy martyr Saturninus. virgin. At Todi. by order of the prefect of the city. the holy martyrs Blasius and Demetrius. they were. an aged man. placed on the rack. marDuring the persecution of the emperor Auretyr. fined by the Pagans in the capitol of that city. apostle. Andrew. then exposed to the flames. scourged with rods and whips garnished with metal. At Veroli. he was first exposed to the flames. he rendered his worthy soul to our Lord. to the number of three hundred and seventy-five. Illuminata. in the time of the holy bishop Saturninus. After a long imprisonment. his brains dashed out and his whole body mangled. consummated his martyrdom. feet and head pierced with nails. St. At Toulouse. lian. . having his head crushed. on the Salarian road. taken down from the rack and beheaded. who was conDecius. Philomenus. by which fall. then having his hands. Cfie Ctoentpmintft FT1HE -* Dap of Ji2otoem6er* vigil of St. under the emperor Decius and the governor Aquilinus. St. At Ancyra. and from the highest part of the building precipitated down the stairs.368 NOVEMBER. distended with ropes.

Constantius. confessor. who preached the gospel of Christ Thrace and Scythia. holy bishop Trojanus. At Saintes. blessed Zosimus. Also. he was shut up in prison. St. At Constantinople. 369 C6e " in A Cfiittietf) Dap of H3otoem&er* T St. he was surrounded with a great brightness from heaven. and by enduring many injuries from them. confessor. gained a place among holy confessors. Justina. Being apprehended by the proconsul ^Egseas. St. Patras. the birthday of the apostle Andrew. virgin and martyr. being suspended on a cross. the mar- tyrdom of the Saints Castulus and Euprepis. At Rome. who strongly opposed the Pelagians. Having besought our Lord not to permit that he should be taken down from the cross. Maura. virgin and martyr. who shows by many miracles that he lives in heaven. In Palestine. the St. who was distinguished by sanctity though buried on earth. At Eome. and when the light disappeared he breathed his last. and finally.NOVEMBER. in Achaia. 24 . a man of great sanctity. he lived two days on it. severely scourged. and miracles in the time of the emperor Justin. teaching the people.

Proculus. ex-consul. The same day. Ansanus. ers. Castriwho was eminent for virtues and the practice of pious and religious deeds in very troub- . Evasius. bishop. St. bishop and martyr. martyr. Being afterwards conducted to Siena. Olympias. consummated At Arbele. Ananias. and being tortured on the martyrdom by St. In the same city. was beheaded by order of Totila. in Tuscany. in St. and Marian. tian. St. tian. after performing many good works. priest. At Casale. St. in the time of the emperor Diocletian. martyr. deacon. tyrdom. and Candida. who was converted to the faith by blessed Firmina. with many oth- who by the command of the emperor were made partakers of the glory of marNumerian. Rogatus. was buried in BegaAt Rome. At Milan. At Amelia. St. who Persia. king of the Goths.DECEMBER. the martyrdom of the saints Lucius. in Umbria. who confessed Christ at Rome. his martyrdom under Diocle- At Narni. he there ended the course of his decapitation. Cassian. C&e | jFfwt Dap of December* HE prophet Nahum. who bar. the holy martyrs Diodorus. bishop and martyr. rack. and was cast into prison.

the birthday of the tyr. the martyrdom Bibiana. St.DECEMBER. Maximus. who consummated their martyrdom in the persecution of Valerian. miracles. whose life is rendered illustrious by a considerable number of At Verdun. same day. Natalia. she was scourged with leaded whips until she expired. For the sake of our Lord. bishop of Ravenna. and when their combats were at an end. Agericus. holy martyrs Severus. At Noyon. St. . at Rome. St. Peter Chrysologus. under the emperor Diocletian. bishop and confessor. Paulina. St. the holy martyrs Eusebius. she repaired to Constantinople. Martana. bishop. Marcellus. Mary. under the judge Secundian. St. Also. with four others. St. where she went peacefully to her repose in the Lord. 371 lous times for the Church. and Aurelia. Securus. Pontian. His feast . For a long time she served the holy martyrs detained in prison at Nicomedia. Hippolytus. Neon. At Imola. the saintly virgin T Rome. marIn Africa. St. and Victorinus. Adria. priest. who were there crowned with martyrdom. The wife of the blessed martyr Adrian. At Aquileia. At Brescia. bishop. Januarius. Ursicinus. celebrated for his learning and sanctity. under the sacrilegious emperor Julian. bishop. Cfie Seconti A ^*- Dap of of December. Eligius. deacon. Chromatius. In the same place.

Lupus. a Chinese island. St. Cfie Cin'rD . bishop. St. . and seventy soldiers. renowned St. is celebrated on the 4th of this month. to capital punishment. selected and appointed this holy man to be the heavenly patron of the Society for the Propagation His festival. and Hilaria. St. with Jason and Maurus. renowned for miracles. St. Claudius was fastened to a large stone and precipitated into the river the soldiers and the sons of Claudius were . At Verona. their sons. of the Faith and its work. the holy martyrs Claudius. of the Society of Jesus. Hilaria. by whose prayers the penitent Pelagia was converted to Christ. was arrested by condemned the Pagans. In Sancian. In Judied on dea. is kept on the 3d of this month by order of Alexander VII. of the who Jesus. the holy prophet Sophonias. But blessed after having buried the bodies of her sons. bishop. Nonnus. for the conversions he made among the Gentiles.372 DECEMBER. confessor. however. Silvanus. Society of the 2d of this month. and whilst praying at their tomb. At Brescia. At Edessa. tribune. At Rome.his wife. and shortly after departed for heaven. By the command of the emperor Numerian. Pius X. Dap of Decem&er. At Troas. in Phrygia. and for supernatural gifts and miracles. Francis Xavier. FRANCIS XAVIER. Evasius. bishop and confessor.

in the time of pope Eleutherius. Lucius. St. king of the Britons. he deemed it an At Tangier. her breasts. through the inspiration of heaven. the holy martyrs Claudius. hermit. and making profession of Christianity. Galganus. and doctor of the church. St. At Siena. sometimes mentioned by St. martyr. who is 2d of this month. the Saints Ambicus. was the first of those kings who received the faith of Christ. Agricola. virgin and martyr. John. Jfoiirti) Dap of December* bishop. St. bishop and confessor. who Switzerland. After having been a recorder for a long time. Mirocles. At Nicomedia. confessor. Birinus. in St. first St. In England. Barbara. deserved to obtain the triumph of martyrdom. Magina. in Africa. Ambrose. At Nicomedia. in Tuscany. In Hungary. in the persecution of Maximinus. she terminated her martyrdom by At Constantinople. mentioned on the PETER CHRYSOLOGUS. the saints Theo- phanes and his companions. burning with torches and the cutting off of the sword. martyr. bishop of Dorchester. Cfte . the passion of St. Cassian. lius. a long imprisonment. blessed . and Stephen. Crispinus. Victor and JuAt Milan. In Pontus. Also.DECEMBER. At Coire. 373 in Morocco. at length. and therefore abondoned his office. After a series of sufferings. St. execrable thing to contribute to the massacre of the Christians.

Osmund. In England. city. Annan. in Africa. bishop and confessor. during the time of Diocletian and Maximian. At Cologne. At Nicaea. Crispinus. bishop and confessor. Her praises are often celebrated by St. St. Chrispina. a woman of the highest nobility. At Parma. cardinal and bishop of that belonged to the Congregation of Vallum- brosa. Felix. who previously had been deacon of the church of Milan. Augustine. amples of sanctity. Sabas. who restored the churches of God that had been ruined in Persia by the persecution of king Isdegerdes. Gratus. At Bologna. bishop. St. Felix. Ambrose. He Bernard. abbot. near the . of the Order of St. the holy martyrs Julius. he merited to be honored even by his enemies. bishop. and seven others. and was beheaded by order of the proconsul Anolinus. St. who joined to an eminent gift of knowledge the more distinguished glory of fortitude and integrity of life. St. At Thebesta. St. bishop. Maruthas. who in Palestine for admirable ex- He labored courageously in dethe Catholic faith against those who attacked fending the holy council of Chalcedon. under St. in Africa. Meletius. St. who refused to sacrifice to idols. At Thagura. In Mesopotamia. St. Cfie jftftf) Dap of Decem&er.374 DECEMBER. in Cappadocia. AT ** was renowned Mutala. Potamia. Being renowned for many miracles. Benedict.

martyr. St. while at a great related. he was most severely scourged by the idolatrous priests. burned with hot plates of metal. St. merited the crown of martyrdom. Wonder-worker. the birthday of bishop and confessor. bishop. At Pavia. that. and thrown into the fire. and being pierced with eighty-five wounds. and thus terminated an illustrious martyrdom. bishop of BrinUnder Julian the Apostate. John. Nicetius. of whom it is other miracles. St.. St. Bassus. who. the metropolis of Lycia. in the perto . Dalmatius. bishop. 375 In the persecution of he was tortured by the governor Valerian. a man of great sanctity. in Abruzzo. who suffered in the persecution of Maximian. Deems and At disi. Also. among distance from the emperor Constantine. surnamed Cfte Sfetft Dap of Decem&er* AT Myra. thirsting for martyrdom. Nicholas. At Treves. in Asia. In Africa. he appeared St. river Var. bishop. him in a vision and moved him to mercy so as to deter him from putting to death some persons who had implored his assistance. Anastasius. because by his prayers he caused a temple of Mars to fall to the ground. bishop and martyr. Having come out of it unhurt. At Polybotum.DECEMBER. Pelinus. Perennius for the faith of Christ. St. St. Pelino. he was transfixed with two spikes. beaten with rods and whips garnished with pieces of iron. voluntarily offered himself to the persecutors.

whose on the 23d of October. At T . a religious man named In the same country. and Boniface. and becoming the confessors of Christ. lived to old age in fasting and prayer. a three others. who. At Home. expired in torments. Majoricus. was sepulchre. the saintly women Dionysia. with subjected to numberless most painful torments for the Catholic faith. who. who has ennobled the universal Church by his holiness and teaching. martyr. Asella. and thus merited to rank among Leontia. who were physician. Dionysia. his priest. and having buried him own house. At Granada. attacked by the Arians and put to death while was wont to pray assiduously at The same day St. who. was strengthened by the looks and words of his mother. son of St. the passion of blessed Peter Paschasius. being quite young and dreading the torments. Ambrose. by order pope Clement X. according to the words of St. St. of the Order of Mercedarians. secution of the Vandals. bishop and doctor of the Church. His in her arms. in Spain. Polychronius. festival is celebrated of Cfte A >etoentj) Dap of December* Milan. ^Emilian. in the time of the emperor Constantius. being blessed from her mother's womb. virgin. Jerome. mother took him in her stronger than the rest. and under the Arian king Hunneric. the consecration of St.376 DECEMBER. St. at the altar saying Mass. Dativa. and bishop of Jaen. Tertius.

At Saintes. St. the birthday of blessed Agatho. On this day Pius IX. the holy martyrs Polycarp and Theodore. buried in various places three hundred and forty -two martyrs. in Africa. a sudden outcry was raised against him by all the populace. under the Arian king Hunneric. Under . as he was preventing some people from insulting the bodies of the martyrs. own hands blessed Eutychian. abbot. St. and being brought before the judge and persisting in the confession of Christ. bishop and confessor. and rubbed over with sharp stones. during the persecution of the Vandals. solemnly declared her to have been preserved by a special privilege of God free from the HE stain of original sin. who with his At Eome. lifted up on high with pulleys and suddenly dropped on flint-stones with his whole weight. St. in France. At Tuburbum.DECEMBER. at whose tomb God works frequent miracles. Fara. At Teano. who. In the persecution of Decius. obtained the palm of martyrdom. Cfte FT! OEisfttj) Dag of December. being for a very long time beaten with rods. soldier. In the diocese of Meaux. 377 Alexandria. Martin. Mother of God. Immaculate Conception of the glorious and ever Virgin Mary. At Antioch. Urban. he was condemned to capital punishment as a reward for his humanity. in Campania. virgin. pope. martyr. Servus. St.



the emperor Numerian he became their companion, being crowned with martyrdom and buried in the cemetery of Callistus. At Alexandria, in the time
of Decius, St. Macarius, martyr, whose constancy in professing the faith increased with the efforts made


by the judge to persuade him to deny Christ. finally condemned to be burned alive.
Treves, St.



Eucharius, disciple of the blessed apostle first bishop of that city. In Cyprus, the

who was a devoted protector and widows, and a friend to the poor and the oppressed. In the monastery of Luxeuil, St.
holy bishop Sophronius,
of orphans

Komaricus, abbot, who left the highest station at the court of king Theodobert, renounced the world, and surpassed others in the observance of monastic discipline.

At Constantinople,


renowned for virtues and miracles.
ordination of St. Zeno, bishop.

Patapius, solitary, At Verona, the

Cfte Jl2im|)




AT Gray, Peter Fourier, Burgundy, ^ Kegular in Our Saviour, and founder of theCanon of CanSt.

onesses Regular of

Our Lady

for the education of

Because of his brilliant virtues and miracles girls. Leo XIII. placed him in the catalogue of Saints.

At Toledo, in Spain, the birthday of the holy virgin Leocadia, a martyr, in the persecution of the emperor Diocletian.


Dacian, prefect of Spain, she



was condemned to a cruel imprisonment, where she was pining away, when, hearing of the barbarous tortures of blessed Eulalia and the other martyrs, she knelt down to pray, and yielded up her undefiled At Carthage, St. Restitutus, bishop spirit to Christ. and martyr, on whose feast St. Augustine delivered a

discourse to the people in which he set forth his Also, in Africa, the holy martyrs Peter,
Successus, Bassian, Primitivus and twenty others.

At Limoges, in France, St. Valeria, virgin and marAt Verona, during the persecution of Diocletyr. St. Proculus, bishop, who was buffeted, scourged tian,
with rods and driven out of the city. Being at length restored to his church, he rested in peace.

At Pavia, St. Syrus, first bishop of that city, who was renowned for miracles and virtues worthy of an At Apamea, in Syria, blessed Julian, bishapostle. who was distinguished for holiness in the time op, of Severus. At Perigueux, in France, the holy abbot a man of great sanctity. At Nazianzus, St. Cyprian,

who has

Gorgonia, sister of blessed Gregory the Theologian, related her virtues and miracles.

Cfte Cent!)




" much

T Kome, pope


in the persecution of

Melchiades, who, having suffered Maximian, rested in

the Lord

when peace was given to the Church. The same day, Saints Carpophorus, priest, and Abundius,



became martyrs in the persecution of They were first most cruelly beaten with rods, then imprisoned and denied food and drink; being racked a second time and again thrown into prison, they were finally beheaded. At Merida, in
Spain, in the time of Maximian, the martyrdom of the holy virgin Eulalia, who, at twelve years of age, suffered many torments for the confession of Christ, by order of the governor Dacian. Finally she was
stretched on the rack, torn with iron hooks, had her

deacon, who Diocletian.

burned with flaming torches, and



Again, in the same city, St. Julia, virgin and martyr, the companion of blessed Eulalia, who would not be separated from her when the latter went to suffer. At Alexandria, the holy martyrs Mennas, Hermogenes and Eugraphus, who suffered under Galerius Maximian. At Lentini, in Sicily, the holy martyrs Mercury and his companions, soldiers, who were beheaded under the governor Tertyllus, in the time of the em-


down her

throat, she expired.

peror Licinius.

At Ancyra, in Galatia, St. Gemellus, after severe torments, consummated his martyr, who, martyrdom by being crucified, under Julian the

Loretto, in the holy house of Mary, Mother of God, in which the

At Vienne, St. Sindulphus, bishop and At Brescia, St. Deusdedit, bishop. At the March of Ancona, the Translation of

Word was made






of Decertifies


Borne, St. Damasus, pope and confessor, who condemned the heresiarch Apollinaris, and re-

stored to his see Peter, bishop of Alexandria, who had been driven from it. He also discovered the

bodies of

holy martyrs, and wrote verses in their honor. Also, at Rome, St. Thrason, who was arrested by order of Maximian for devoting his wealth to the support of the Christians who labored


and at other public works, or were conHe was crowned with martyrdom with two others, Pontian and Prsetextatus. At Amiens, the holy martyrs Victoricus and Fuscian, under the same emperor. By order of the governor Bictiovarus, they had iron pins driven into their ears and nostrils, heated nails into their temples, and arrows into their whole bodies. Being beheaded with In St. Gentian, their host, they went to our Lord.
in the baths
fined in prison.

Persia, St. Barsabas, martyr.
chius, martyr. renowned for

In Spain,



At Piacenza, St. Sabinus, a bishop miracles. At Constantinople, St.

Daniel the Stylite.

Cfie Ctoelftfi




Borne, the holy martyr Synesius, who was ordained lector in the time of the blessed pope Xystus. Having converted many to Christ, he was





accused before the emperor Aurelian, and being put
to the sword, received the crown of martyrdom. At Alexandria, in the time of Decius, the holy martyrs Epimachus and Alexander, who were kept in

chains a long time, and subjected to various torments.; but as they persevered in the faith, they were

consumed by


In the same place, the


women Ammonaria,

and another having triumphed over unheard-of torments, in the same persecution of Decius, ended her blessed life by
the sword.

virgin, Mercuria, Dionysia, Ammonaria. The first named, after

to the three others, the judge being overcome by women, and fearing that by resorting to tortues, he would be vanquished by their constancy, he ordered them to be beheaded im-



to be


The same day, the holy martyrs HermoDonatus, and twenty-two others. At Treves,
their companions,

the holy martyrs Maxentius, Constantius, Crescentius, Justinus,


suffered in

the persecution of Diocletian, under the governor Rictiovarus.

Cfte Cfiitteenti)





Syracuse, in Sicily, the birthday of St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, in the persecution of Dio-



she was delivered

the order of the ex-consul Paschasius, to profligates, that her chastity

might be insulted; but when they attempted to lead



her away, they could not succeed, either with ropes or with many yoke of oxen. Then pouring hot pitch,
over her body without injuring her, they finally plunged a sword into her throat, and thus completed her martyrdom. In Armenia, the

and boiling

of the holy martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes, in the persecution of Diocletian. Eustratius was first subjected


was conducted

alone to barbarous torments under Lysias. Then he to Sebaste, where he was tortured to-

gether with Orestes under the governor Agricolaus, and being cast into a furnace, yielded up his soul; but Orestes being laid on a bed of red-hot iron, ren-

dered his sould to God. The others were made to endure most grievous torments among the Arabraci, under the governor Lysias, and consummated their martyrdom in different manners. Their relics were afterwards carried to Rome, and placed with due honors in the church of St. Apollinaris. Near Sardinia, in the island of Solta, the

Antiochus, under the emperor Adrian.
in France, St.

martyrdom of St. At Cambrai, Aubertus, bishop and confessor. In



Judocus, confessor.

Othilia, abbess.

At Moulins,

In Alsace, St. in France, the birth-

day of

St. Jane Frances Fremiot de Chantal, foundress of the nuns of the Visitation of St. Mary, distinguished by the nobility of her birth, by the holiness she constantly manifested in four different states of life, and by the gift of miracles. She was



the saints by Clement XIII.




sacred body was conveyed to Annecy, in Savoy, and interred with great pomp in the first church of her Order. By the command of Clement XIV., her festiis kept by the whole Church on the 21st of August.










Alexandria, the holy martyrs Heron, Arsenius, Isidore and Dioscorus, a boy. In the persecu-

tion of Decius, the first three were subjected to all the refinements of cruelty by the judge, who, seeing them displaying the same constancy, ordered that

they should be cast into the


But Dioscorus,

after repeated scourgings, was set free through the intervention of Providence for the consolation of

At Antioch, the birthday of the holy martyrs Drusus, Zosimus and Theodore. The same day, the martyrdom of the Saints Justus and Abundius, who were cast into ~the flames in the time of the emperor Numerian and the governor Olybrius; but having escaped uninjured, they were struck with the
the faithful.

At Eheims, the holy bishop Nicasius, his the virgin Eutropia, and their companions, sister, martyrs, who were put to death by barbarians hostile

In the island of Cyprus, the birthday He was one of those confessors who were condemned to labor in the mines,
to the Church. of blessed Spiridion, bishop.

after the plucking out of their right eye

and the



severing of the sinews of the left knee. This prelate was renowned for the gift of prophecy and glorious miracles, and in the council of Nicrca he confounded

a heathen philosopher


insulted the Christian

and brought him to the faith. At Bergamo, Viator, bishop and confessor. At Pavia, St.

Pompey, bishop.
nellus, abbot.

At Naples,






Illustrious by the gift of miracles, he often seen with the standard of the 'cross deliver-

ing the city besieged by enemies. At Ubeda, in Spain, St. John of the Cross, confessor, companion
of St.
feast is kept on the 24th of

Theresa in reforming the Carmelites. His November. At Milan, St.

Matronian, hermit.

Cfje jFifteentfc




fTlHE Octave of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The same day, the consecration of St. Eusebius, bishop of Vercelli, whose birthday is commemorated on the 1st of August. His feast is kept on the 16th of this month, by order
of pope Benedict XIII.

At Rome, the holy martyrs Anthony, Theodore, Saturninus, Victor and

seventeen others, who suffered for Christ in the persecution of Valerian. In Africa, the martyrdom of

the Saints



Mark, Januarius

and Fortunatus.

Candidus, Caelian, In the same

country, the holy bishop Valerian, who, being up25




of eighty years old, in the persecution of the

Vandals, under the Arian king Genseric, was asked to deliver the vessels of the church, and as he constantly refused, an order was issued to drive him all alone out of the city, and all were forbidden to allow

him to stay either in their houses or on their land. For a long time he remained lying on the public road, in the open air, and thus, in the confession and
defence of the Catholic verity, closed his blessed life. In the diocese of Orleans, St. Maximinus, confessor.

In Georgia, beyond the Euxine sea,

St. Chris-

tiana, who, though a slave, was so gifted with the power of working miracles that she converted the in-

habitants of that country to the faith of Christ, in
the time of Cons tan tine.

Cfte Steteetttj)




EUSEBIUS, bishop of Vercelli and martyr, ST. mentioned on the 1st of August, and also on the
The young men, Ananias, Azarias and Misael, whose bodies were buried in a cavern at Babylon. At Kavenna, the holy martyrs Valen15th of this month.
tine, military officer,



Agricola, of


Concordius, his son, Navalis, suffered for Christ in the

In Africa,

At Mola-di-Gaeta,


Campania, emperor Decius.

Albina, virgin and martyr, under the


holy virgins,


whose eminent sanctity is at- At Constantinople. Cfte Seventeenth Dag oJ December. at the Seven Churches. Beanus. raised from the dead by our Lord. At Aberdeen. At Andenne. John de Matha. in the time of the emperor Heraclius. blessed Lazarus.DECEMBER. At Bigarden. St. in Palestine. . At Rome. the translation of St. under the Arian king Hunneric. who were massacred by the Saracens for the faith of Christ. " AT Eleutheropolis. Olympiades. and burning plates of metal applied to their bodies. bishop and confessor. in the second Council of Lateran. sister of St. In the monastery of Fulda. widow. Vivina. bishop. founder of the Order of the Most Holy Trinity for the Redemption of Captives. St. Ignatius. widow. Irenian. Gertrude. in Scotland. Calanicus and their fifty-eight compan- ions.. His festival is observed who was on the 8th of February. St. The same day. virgin. bishop. St. St. in Palestine. At Vienne. in France. 387 reached a happy termination of their martyrdom in the persecution of the Vandals. as we read in the Gospel. the holy martyrs Florian. Begga. the holy abbot Sturmius. bishop. bishop tested by frequent miracles. At Gaza. near Brussels. St. by having heavy weights tied to them. who was ranked among the saints by Innocent II. according to the decree of Innocent XI. At Marseilles. blessed Ado. abbot and apostle of Saxony.

Polycarp. preferred to surrender his military insignia . At Mopsuestia. tion of Decius and Valerian. the martyrdom of the Saints Theotimus and Basilian. delivered a discourse to his people. Moysetes. to Antioch. who. John Chrysostom. in Cilicia. martyr. Simplicius. Clement. and martyr. and others.388 DECEMBER. in Syria. and thirty others. in Macedonia. Also. in his epistle to the Philippians. while he was a soldier under Licinius.who were of the num- ber of the disciples. tyrs Victurus. But afterwards his relics were carried back to Rome. on that solemn occasion. Victor. Their happy martyrdom is mentioned by St. Auxentius. the third after the blessed apostle Peter. the birthday of the holy martyrs Ruf us and Zosimus. the holy martyrs Quinctus. by whom the primitive church was founded among the Jews and the Greeks. Quartus. governed the Church of Antioch. Adjutor. who. the holy mar- St. where he had suffered under Trajan. His body was conveyed from Kome. Victorinus. Cfie OEtgftteentJ) Dap of December* " A T Philippi. in Africa. St. together with the body of that blessed pope and martyr. In Africa. bishop. At Laodicea. who suffered in the persecuIn the same country. St. and deposited in the church cemetery beyond the gate of Daphnis. and placed with the highest reverence in the church of St.

consecrated first bishop of that city by pope St. By him he was twice subjected to the torture.DECEMBER. was cast into the fire. by bringing about a reunion of the Latins and the Greeks. who deserved well of the Church by restoring the Apostolic See to Rome. Sindimius. who. St. ** T Alexandria. At Gaza. where he consummated his martyr dom. 389 Having been he was renowned for merit. rather than to offer grapes to Bacchus. was soon after. At Tours. who was first denounced before the judge as a robber. he calmly went to his repose in the Lord. Paul. the Saints Meuris and Thea. the holy mar- tyrs Cyriacus. Zosimus. made Cfie jQineteemj) A Dap of Decem&er. deacon. blessed Nemesius. In Mauritania (Bar- bary). Celebrated for many miracles. Fabrian.. who was crucified with thieves. in Palestine. accused before the judge Emilian of being a Christian. martyr. St. blessed Ur- ban V. Paulillus. in Egypt. in the persecution of Decius. Timothy. and their companions. and by suppress- . and rested bishop. Anastasius. Secundus. after enduring a painful imprisonment for the faith of Christ. martyrs. in peace. thus bearing a resem- blance to our Saviour. but on being freed from that charge. At Mcsea. Gratian. and Secundus. and condemned to be burned alive with robbers. martyrdom of the At Avignon. the Saints Darius. At Nicomedia.

Julius. At Alexandria. were banished to a vast desert. At Auxerre. endeavored to encourage him by their looks and by signs. St. Zeno. Ptolemy. they rushed forward. Gregory. St. Adjutus. For reproving Julian the Apostate for his impiety. who was called by the will . St. martyr. St. ing heretics. they received a most severe scourging. Fausta. Dap of December. At Gelduba. who.390 DECEMBER. soldiers. mother of spirit of prophecy. an abbot renowned for the At Rome. and finally were put to the sword. holy martyrs Liberatus and Bajulus. the holy martyrs Eugene and Macarius. St. standing near the tribunals. Ingen. distinguished for noble birth and piety. Anastasia. who had given to them such fortitude. and seeing a Christian trembling under the torture and almost on the point of apostatizing. apostle. the Thomas. approved and confirmed the veneration which had long been paid to him. Cfte Ctoemietft fJlHE vigil of St. At Orleans. the holy martyrs Ammon. Philogonius. In Arabia. bishop. Pius IX. At Antioch. triumphed most gloriously. At Rome. bishop and confessor. and declared themselves Christians. and when for this reason the whole people raised an outcry against them. and Theophilus. Christ. the birthday of St. By their victory. priests.

St. In Spain. Dioscorus. Dominic de Sylos. and being racked. the birthday of the blessed apostle Thomas. Themistocles. C&e Ctoetttg'first Dap of December. most renowned for the miracles he wrought for the deliverance of captives. His re- taken to the city of Edessa and then In Tuscany. St. bishop and confessor. rested in the Lord. he engaged the first combat for God from the Catholic faith against Arius. he died transpierced with lances by order of the king. . martyr. the holy martyrs John and Festus. John Chrysostom with an ex- cellent panegyric. 391 of that church. obtained the crown of martyrdom. the Persians and Hyrcanians. In Lycia. the practice of law to the government of With the saintly bishop Alexander and other auxiliaries. being renowned His festival was for merits. ^ 4 T Calamina.DECEMBER. the Medes. who under the emperor Decius. who preached the Gospel to the ParthHavians. mains were first to Ortona. who was sought after to be killed. and instructed ing finally penetrated those nations in the Christian religion. At Brescia. Dominic. and. At Nicomedia. abbot. of the Order of St. Benedict. offered himself in the place of St. during the persecution of Diocletian. the departure from this world of St. commemorated by St. into India. St. dragged about and beaten with rods.

bishop and confessor. and banished to Aquae Taurinae.392 DECEMBER. who were ajl on one day crownd with martyrdom. Anastasius. and many other martyrs. the Saint Chseremon. who was subjected to many torbe- ments. Some of them fled whilst the persecution of Decius was raging. were killed by wild beasts. At Alexandria. the holy martyr Ischyrion. in prayer. others perished by famine. St. bishop of Mlopolis. ex-prefect. they transpierced his bowels with a sharp-pointed stake. Severin. in the In the same city. the holy martyrs DemeHonoratus and Florus. St. and thus put him to death. In fice Egypt. who. At Treves. and wandering in different directions through deserts. T Kome. Cfie Ctoemg'0eccmD A Dap of December. St. At Ostia. bishop and martyr. between the two bay -trees on the Lavican road. who was cruelly murdered by the Jews during the reign of Phocas. where he gave up his soul persecution of Diocletian. to idols. and finally completed his martyrdom by At Antioch. Flavian. the birthday of thirty holy martyrs. Because he dispised all the cruelties they made him suffer to force him to sacri- to God trius. under Julian the Apostate. others again were murdered by barbarians . cold and sickness. ing cast into the flames. Glycerins. a priest. was condemned to be branded for Christ.

after subjecting them to the most painful torments. Saturninus. St. Zeno. and being overwhelmed with stones. . she brought many virgins to the service of God. went to our Lord. and the other into which he had been thrown. at the request of her betrothed. the holy martyrs Theodulus. Cfte Ctoemp'tfcirD A Dap of SDecem&er. in the persecution of the emperor Decius. and thus all were crowned with a glorious martyrdom. bishop of Nicomedia. A Anthimus. He was arrested by the Gentiles when carrying letters to the martyrs. St. his teeth plucked out and his head struck off. stabbed in the heart with a sword by the executioner. In the same place. and because by working many miracles. At Nicomedia. T Rome. sufsame time. the holy virgin Victoria. she was. deacon of fered at the In Crete. She had been promised in marriage to a pagan named Eu** gene. sol- who derided Diocletian for sacrificing to Ceres. but because she refused to marry him and to offer sacrifice to idols. 393 and robbers. dier. burned alive in the died in a pit same persecution. the birthday of twenty holy martyrs. the Saints Migdonius and Mardonius one of whom was . At Nicomedia. wherefore he had his jawbones fractured.DECEMBER. whom the persecution of Diocletian made martyrs for the faith of Christ. a martyr.

and being pierced with a sword. St. the holy priest Gregory. in the persecution of Decius. burned on the with firebrands. the persecution of Decius. who suffered martyrdom by various kinds of torments. At Antioch.At Spoleto. and being invited by the chant of angels. Zeticus. At his tomb. blessed Servulus. he went to enjoy the glory of Paradise. Paulus.. At Rome. Metrobius. frequent miracles are wrought by Almighty God. who sent many before him to martyrdom. In the time of the emperors Diocletian and Maximian. martyr. and Drusus. Cleomenes. Theotimus. Cfie Ctoemp*fourti) flHHE vigil of the Dap of Decem&er. during Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. during the persecution of Diocletian. who were beheaded. Gelasius. At Tripoli. he was first beaten with rough clubs.394 DECEMBER. of whom St. Euporus. and then after being exposed on the gridiron and imprisoned. the birthday of forty holy virgins. after suffering cruel torments. Gregory writes. Eunician. the holy martyrs Lucian. Clement's Church. and finally beheaded. Euthymius. Zenobius. he remained lying in a porch near St. that a paralytic from his early years to the end of his life. followed them to . Agathopus. At Nicomedia. was struck on the sides knees with iron carding instruments. and Evaristus. Gelasius.

Cfte Ctoemp-fiftft Dap of Decent feet. in the sixty-fifth week. the birthday At Treves. who was renowned for holiness. when in the beginning God created heaven and earth. two thousand and fifteen. his zeal in propagating the faith. in the sixth age of the world. St. 395 share their crown. in the one according to the prophecy of Daniel hundred and ninety-fourth Olympiad. from the flood. a bishop. five. aunt of pope St. in the time of Theodosius. is His feast At Kome. daughter of king Dagobert. Delphinus. in the forty-second year of the empire of Octavian Augustus. St. Gregory. of the holy virgin Tharsilla. one thousand and thirty-two.DECEMBER. John Cantius. Jesus . in the year seven hundred and fifty-two from the founding of . secular priest and confessor. when the whole earth was at peace. celebrated for his learning. from the birth of Abraham. from the creation of the world. thousand. one hundred and ninety-nine. and for his virtues and kept on the 20th of October. At Bordeaux. the city of Rome. from the anointing of king David. from Moses and the coming of the Israelites out of Egypt. five hundred and ten. one thousand. miracles. virgin. TN the year. St. nine hundred and fiftyseven. In Poland. two thousand. Irmina. who writes of her that at the hour of her death she saw Jesus coming to her.

and Son of the eternal Father. desirous to sanctify the world by His most merciful coming. THE NATIVITY OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. and finally.396 DECEMBER. in the cemetery of Apronian. however. ACCORDING TO THE FLESH. prefect of the city. Chrysogonus. At Mcomedia.prison again by order of Florus. whither she had been conveyed with two hundred men and seventy women. The same day. she was tied to stakes. many thousand martyrs. first suffered a severe and harsh imprisonment on the part of her husband Publius. she was much consoled and encouraged by the confessor of Christ. who have made martyrdom a glorious thing by the various kinds of death they so courageously endured. in which. prefect of Illyria. with a fire kindled about her. in the time of Diocletian. having been conceived of the Holy Ghost. when the emperor Diocletian. and fire to be . St. eternal God. At Kome. who had assembled for divine service on our Lord's nativity. she was finally put to the sword. Afterwards she was thrown into. In the time of the emperor Gallienus. and after long combats under Nicetius. having become man of the Virgin Mary. in the midst of which she ended her martyrdom in the island of Palmarola. Eugenia. the birthday of St. Christ. after working many miracles and gathering to Christ troops of sacred virgins. having her hands and feet stretched out. born in Bethlehem of Juda. virgin. Anastasia. who. ordering the doors of the church to be closed. and nine months having elapsed is since his conception.

the birthday of St. by them. and founder of the Order of Mercedarians. he was struct with the sword. Marinus. who was stoned to death by the Jews shortly after the Ascension of our Lord. 397 kindled here and there. His feast is celebrated on the 31st of January. he was arrested for the Christian religion. with one voice answered that they preferred to They were consumed in the fire. in Spain. then thrown into a burning pan but being delivered because the fire became like dew. and thus obtained the . " time of the emperor prefect Marcian. and thus merited to be born in heaven on the day on which Christ vouchsafed to be born on earth for the salvation of the world. At Barcelona. confessor. renowned for virtue and miracles. Peter Nolasco. the first martyr. he was exposed to the beasts without being injured St. and finally being led again to the altar. At Home.DECEMBER. the Numerian and the . Stephen. as also a vessel with incense to be put before the entrance. and a man to cry out that those who wished to escape from the conflagration should all come out and burn incense to Jupiter. racked and torn with iron hooks like a slave. die for Christ. In. the birthday of St. Cfce Ctoentp*0fet|) A Dap of December* T Jerusalem. by order of Alexander VII. the idols of which toppled over at his prayer. senator.

Zeno. celebrated for learning and At Majuma. who is Ctoentp^etientf) Dap of Decem&er* Ephesus. St. the decease of pope St. Afterwards. John. the birthday of St. In the same city. brothers. lived till the time of the emperor Trajan. pope and confessor. In Mesopotamia. and was renowned for his doctrinal writings. the holy confessors and Theophanes. who sustained many labors for the Church. sacristan of St. after writing his gospel. bishop. Worn out with age. Archelaus. on the Appiaii road. Denis. they again firmly opposed . St. AT and founded and governed the churches of all Asia. at Kome. combating bravely for the worship of holy images against Leo the Armen- ian. apostle and evangelist. and after enduring exile and writing the divine Apocalypse.398 DECEMBER. mentioned by the blessed pope Gregory. and was buried near Ephesus. St. Peter's church. a bishop sanctity. who were brought up from their childhood in the monastery the faith. who became a renowned and distinguished confessor of At Constantinople. Sabbas. they were scourged by his command and banished. bishop. Theodore. St. Also. triumph of martyrs. he died in the sixty-eighth year after the passion of our Lord. At Rome. Zosir mus. After his death. Theodore of St. Maximus. At Alexandria. St. who.

in the time of the the emperor Theophilus. a martyr who suffered under Galerius Maximian. martyr. the holy martyrs Eutychius. St. in Lower Armenia. During his combat Gregory Thaumaturgus appeared to him in spirit. In the same city. the birthday of St. priest. after peace had at length been restored to the Church. At Mcomedia. Cfte Ctoewp*eigi)t!) Dag of December* Bethlehem. emperor Arcadius. and their companions. in Galatia. the birthday of the holy martyrs Castor. At Arabissus. Neocsesarea. and encouraged him to undergo martyrdom. St. in France. the birthday of the Holy Innocents. At Ancyra. St. Victor and Rogatian. attained to the crown of martyrdom by various kinds of death during the persecution of Diocletian. and were scourged a second time and driven into exile. deacon. was made bishop of Mcsea and rested in the Lord. Troadius. in Pontus. who were massacred for Christ by king Herod. 399 who was imbued with the same impiety. Domna. At Lyons. who. after long combats. virgins. Francis of .DECEMBER. eunuch. Agapes and Theophila. the holy martyrs Indes. who was renowned for sanctity. In Africa. TN At St. where Theodore expired in prison. of Juda. Ca3sarius. Theophanes. virgin. in the persecution of Decius. and Domitian. Niceras.

At Rome. who. declaring him Doctor of the universal Church. Felix and Boniface. by order of the same Pontiff. Pachomius. he was the first sent to preach the At gospel of Christ in that city. Zosimus. holy David. From his preaching as from a fountain. At Jerusalem. T Canterbury. king and prophet. In the monastery of Lerins. the holy martyrs . that apostle. Paul in his day Being consecrated bishop by epistle to Timothy. Thomas. disciple of priest. thony.400 DECEMBER. Trophimus. Aries.. AnSt. the birthof St. Pius IX. and thus went to Christ. all Gaul received the waters of salvation. the birthday of St. for the defence of justice and ecclesiastical immunities. Sales. In Egypt. was struck with the sword in his own basilica by a faction of im- pious men. mentioned by St. according to the expression of pope St. St. At Kome. confirmed a decree of the Sacred Congregation of Rites. bishop of Geneva. monk. is kept on the 29th of January. when his sacred body was translated from Lyons to Annecy. the holy martyrs Callistus. a monk renowned for miracles. "* in England. Theodore. Cfte A Ctoemp*mmft Dag of December. because of his most ardent zeal for the conversion of heretics. His festival. St. St. In Africa. ranked among the saints by Alexander VII. Domnion. bishop and martyr.

In the same At Milan. . deacons . afterwards being mangled with iron hooks. also of Venustian. St. after having his hands cut off. Eugene. St. in the time of king apostle Paul. bishop. Crescentius. Secundus and Honoratus. Marcellus and Exuperantius were first racked. and burned in the sides. and first bishop of that stantinople. they terminated their martyrdom. Marcellus.DECEMBER. place. Appian. the birthday of the holy martyrs Sabinus. At Thessalonica. Saturninus. bishop of that city. Anysius. At Ravenna. disciple of the blessed! At Concity. At Vienne. Lybosus. day. Not long after. Childebert. Donatus. governor. and being a long time confined in prison. Anysia. Venustian was put to the sword with his w-ife and sons. St. then severely beaten with rods. St. abbot and confessor. 401 Dominic. St. Ebrnlphus. Crescens. Exuperantius and Marcellus. and their companions. abbot. Cfte CJnttietj) A Dag of December* Spoleto. In Normandy. martyr. At Alexandria. St. St. Primian. although it occurred at different times. the holy martyrs Mansuetus. Honorius. in France. The martyrdom of these saints is commemorated on the same sons. Sabinus. bishop and confessor. was scourged to death. with his wife and T under the emperor Maximian. Victor. St. Severus.

the who being blessed Sabinian. and confirmed the Council of Nicaea. Rustica. Liberius. Paulina.402 DECEMBER. illustrated that metropolitan church by their confession and martyrdom. at Rome. Sextus. the martyrdom of the Saints Stephen. who baptized the emperor Constantine the Great. in the persecution of the emperor Aurelian. Also. Flos. Pontian. and Potentsent thither by the Roman Pontiff to preach. Quinctian. Raine- Cfie Cinrtgsfiw Dap of December* the birthday of pope St. The same day. Roman and took upon priest. After performing " AT Rome. rius. St. Serotina. St. St. who went . exorcist. Columba. St. Minervinus and Simplician. in Abruzzo. who withdrew from R< me with her husband Pinian. bishop. in the cemetery of Priscilla. At Aquila. St. and went to Jerusalem. their companions. The same day. who after having triumphed over fire. Zoticus. Attains.* Melania the Younger. in Sicily. Hermes. At Retiers. virgin and martyr. Silvester. himself the care of orphans. At Ravenna. Hilaria and ian. Fabian. many other holy deeds. At Catania. the holy Nominanda. Parbatian. bishop. he rested in peace. At Sens. bishop. whore to Constantinople. St. on the Salarian road. Cornelius. martyrs Donata. In the same place. priest and confessor. was beheaded.

and virgins Answer: Thanks be . to God. confessors. 403 both embraced the religious life. many other holy martyrs.DECEMBER. and ended their career in peace. she among the women consecrated to God. And in other places. and he among the monks.


St. .. 9 Adjutus.... St. 7 JEinilian.. St.. 14 Adrian. Aaron. St.. St.. 12 Physi- M. 7 25 29 27 1 M M M M M .Oct.Apr. 17 Sept. St.. and 23 Abundius.... rion. St. St.Sept.Dec. Sept. M Acisclus... M Adalbert.. St. and Feb.. Abundantius.. St. cian. Acepsimas... 19 Pr M Abachum. M M M M M C Pr 20 8 8 29 18 M 8 Achillas. C. B.Apr.Apr. 22 ^Bmilian.. P Abundius. St. 2 Nov.. Nov. Apr. Feb. Pr... 2 Adjutus. Centu^Emilian. 26 Adrio. St Sept. St.. Aug. Abraham. St... Aaron.Apr. Jan. St. St. 16 ^milian.. M M St.. St. Pr. St. St. Abundius.. Abraham. 22 Aderitus.. St.Apr. 16 Adrian.. 14 Abundius.. St.Aug. M M M M M M 18 16 19 16 2 1 5 7 26 7 M M M 8 17 27 M M M . Abilius. companions July 17 M. 27 Adrian. . 16 Adulphus. Dec. D. Abundius.... St. St.. St. July 28 ^milian.. tan Apr. St... St. Abundius. St. and Nov. B Achilleus. 30 Adaucus. Sol'r. M Acyllinus.. Sol'r.. 9 ^milian. St. 23 C St. of. M. Acatius.. 22 many others Abercius. St. B.. May Abundius. Pr... Jan. St. B.... St. 6 June 30 .. B..Patriarch.Apr... Mch. D.. 16 Adjutor... Pr. St. St.. St. St. Nov. Nov... St.. Abudemius. Sept. B.. St. M. St.. . C Abibo. Feb. St.. M. M July July 1 1 Aug. 11 Nov. St.. M M.. D. Mch. St. B Men. B... St. St.. July 15 Ado. Mch. St.. Apr. Aciiidinus. Achilleus. M Dec. May 12 yEmiliana. M. St... Feb. Abundius.. M. St. St. St. St... St. Acatius. 23 30 M . SacrisSept.. Abdechalas. Dec. Aug. Abraham. Adauctus. 3 Adelbert. D. M Accursius. Abdon. B July Apr. St.. St Nov. M. St. C. Adrian. St. St.. 1 Adria.. M. St. St. 28 JErnilian. St. St. Acatius..July 11 others.. . .. St. .. C Sept. D. Nov. 10 Adventor. Dec. Oct.INDEX. 2 Adrian. Apr.. Mch. Adrian III. 11 Oct. B Sept.. St.. Acacius. St. .. St. Prophet . C June 15 Adjutor.. Mch. St.. St. M. 15 Adelphus. Abibus. St. .. commem. Aug. Acathius.. 19 21 19 22 M M Acutius.. Hermit Dec... A. Abundantius. July Jan. B. B June Aug. St. May 8 ^Emilian. 29 Acindynus.Apr. St.. Abdias.. O Dec...Sept. 27 ^Edesius. M. M.. Abdiesus. A Absalon...

. Jan. Agapes. B and July G Afra.... 14 Sept.Aug. 24 Jan.Mch.. 27 Agileus.Mch.. P Sept.. M B.. June 5 Agnes. Agathoclia. 16 Agathadorus. B Dec. 28 Agricola.. M. Ser't. St. 9 Apr. 1 Agatho. St. St. St. D.Apr. Aggoeus.. May African. St... Feb. St. 28 Apr. 10 Alexander..... and C.. St. 3 Agapius. 23 Albinus. 24 Agrippina. St.... Apr.Jan. St... A.... Feb. Agabus.. M. ^Etherius. Exorc't.. 14 Agericus. M. M companions M M M M M 22 Agathopodes.. ^milius. 26 Agathonicus. Prophet. St. St. and a multitude of oth13 25 ers June M M 4 25 23 1 M M M M 4 4 15 24 21 20 M M M . 15 Nov. M M M M ... 17 Alexander. 13 Albina.. 29 Aithalas. .. M. V. and 38 others Feb..Aug. B 18 Agga?us.. M. V.. Aug...Sep.... B. V. Agape. 20 Aguellus. St.Aug. St. B Nov.. Sol'r. Feb. V..Apr. St. Agapitus. M.. Oct.Mch. 20 Aichard. 18 Agritius. Af ra. St. St.. 27 Aug.... 31 Men.. St. St. M. St. 16 Agapias. 13 Agapitus. 15 Agricola. 3 Agricola... St. V. A Agapitus. D. 10 Agues. Nov. St. Dec. Feb. St.. 4 Agathopus. St. 21 Alban. St. V Jan. St. M. St... St. St. B Feb. 6 Agathopodes.. 9 Sept. B Jan. 22 Agapius. St. St. 5 Albert. Agathodorus. 30 Alexander. B. Aug. St. Prophet. V.. St. Dec. St. 14 Aldegundes.. St. St. St... Men.... Nov. St. and a soldier June 22 Agapius... 9 Agapitus.. St.. V. Aug. St. M B. St. B May 25 Agatho........ St.. St. M M M M M M M M M M . St..Dec. Apr. Dec.. B Feb. 20 Aidan. St. St... St.. 28 companion monks.. 10 Nov. 30 July 5 Aldhelm.. St. M. 19 Alban. St. St. Aug. St. P Albinus. M. B. vKtherius. St. B Men. Aug. 6 Agrippinus. C Agapius. St. St. M M M May May Oct. Alexander. 18 Agathonica. M.. St. Apr. St. 7 Nov. Feb. St. Agapius.. St. M. 5 Agathangelus. 23 Agapitus.. V Apr. B. St. St. St. A Sept..B. 21 Feb... St. B Sept.... 10 Albinus. 24 Aigulphus.. 17 Agape.Jun. M M M M M M M .406 ^milius. B Agapitus St. St.. St. St. St. 4 Alexander. 2 Agricola. St. St. Agatha.. 11 Jan. 13 Agathonica. 15 Agatho. St.. July Jan. June June ^therius. Jan. M. St.... June 21 Aug.. ^Emilius. 22 Alexander. St.. Dec. St. B. INDEX. M.. Agabius. Agapius. Jan. ... B Sept. M M St. D. V. St. 3 Dec..... 20 Albert. St..Apr... 4 Agape. Agatho. Pr. St. and Agapitus. St. Apr.. 4 Agoardus. St.M.. ^Etherius. 7 Alexander. 24 Aglibertus. Dec.. Feb. St.. St. St. St..

.. St. St. B. B All Saints.. June 11 26 28 9 21 June Amantius.. M B. 10 17 18 24 24 M Soldier. Mch. St Apr.. St. 4 1 Ammon.. M. St.June Alexander.. May Alexander... Amantius. St.. Ammia. St. Alexander. Alexander. O. St. M Sept. St. M. Alexander. St. B. Nov. St.. St. St... Apr.. P Ambrose. Feb. 12 Mch. June Amatius. St. Oct. B. Amantius. Mch. B. Oct. 9 Nov.Mch. Oct.. Amatus.Nov. others St. M.. 22 8 . Alexander. M July July St. B. St. S St. Alexander.. Cenfh. Alexander. Alphonsus... and C. St. St.... St. St. . M. Alexander. Alexander. St. St. Alexander.... St. 20 and companions Alexander. M. St Aug. May June Alexander... Ambrose. Alexander. M.. 407 21 17 10 10 28 2 M M St. Mch. Alexander. Alexius Falconieri. Alexander. St. Amator.. St. B. B Nov. Ambrose.. Pr Sept. M St. St.. 18 C Alexius. June Alexander.. St... Alexander.. St. M. St... Alexander. St.. St. Rodriguez. Alexander. V July Amideus. St. .. May Alexander.. and Sept. St.Aug. Alodia. 13 28 Alexander of Saul.May St. O. Liguori.Sept. Maria de Aug. B Amandus. 13 St.. Ambrose.. St.. and M 30 1 26 C Amatus. St. St. O May B .. 15 1 Dec.1 Oct. Sept. Aug. St. St. St.. Alphius. and M Mch. 17 July 17 Aug.. 17 St. Alexander.. Ambicus. M Sept.. and Sept.. Alphseus.. St..INDEX. June Nov. Ambrose.. M M 40 holy virgins St. 6 6 9 10 21 1 Aloysius Gonzaga. M.. St. and 10 26 4 7 6- C companions Alexander. St. M Sol. Oct. St. M Aug. Mch..Apr. Sol'r. and 34 others Apr.. St.. St.. Oct.. Alexander.. B. 24 Dec. St. Pr Feb. June Alpinian.... 27 28 24 3 3 M . St. B.. 22 Nov.. .. St.May Alexander. Sept.. Alexandra. Amelberga. St. P. and C June... Alexander.. M M M 20 29 2 Amantius. Jan. Pr. B Alexander.. M M M M 30 30 6 M M St. festival of. B Alexander. Almachius. St. and Sept..Aug. M... M. Amaudus.. D 18 10 Mch. 19 Apr.... St. 1 M. M M M M M. Nov... May May Alphius. Alphius. Amantius. St. St.. St. B Amaranthus. B. St. Alexander. M Amator. Alexandra. St. A 8 20 4 16 16 2 7 10 18 31 Ammian.July St. D.. and Doctor Dec. C Alipius. Alexander.Feb. M Mch. V. Pr. M Aug. St. B. M Sept.NOV. St.. M St. St.. M.. 4 Amantius. Amator.. M. Ammon..... Alexander. V.. 1. Mch. St. St. B. St. A Ambrose. M. St Alphonsus.

Dec. Pr.Feb. Infant.408 INDEX. Anacletus.. Feb. and Andrew.. St. St. Anastasius.Tally 20 1 M M M M M M 24 4 26 15 M . military Anastasia. Apr..July 13 Andochius. M.Youth.. and the M. Ananias.. V.. 15 Andrew. B.... St. M Ammonius.. Jan..Dec.Mch. St. St.. St. M Jan. Anastasius.. Ananias. B. Soldier. Aminonaria... M... St. St. B. Nov. St. St.. .. St. M. Anastasius. .. Monk. 11 Nov. Oct. companions Mch. . M. St. M.Dec. St. St. 31 Anastasius. May Jan. B Apr. 20 . B May 30 Anectus... St. St. St. 26 Ammonius. Apostle. 1 Andrew Corsini. 21 tary. 27 Anathalon. .. . . M Amphilochius. and Anatolius. and 14 C Aug. St. .. St. 22 Andrew. Dec.. 9 Andrew of Crete...Nov. Pr. M Feb... 31 Anatolius. 21 Andrew. St. Ananias. St. and companions Jan. P M. 25 Andrew.. . Elder. Anastasius. 21 Dec... Amphilochius. cer. Monk. M 28 30 9 11 10 27 M M M 2 . 20 Anastasius.. St. St.Jun. . St.. Anacharius. B B. St. St.. and Andronicus. and companions Oct. 20 Anastasius. May 11 Andronicus... Subd'n. Lector.. .. Ammon. Dec. M. and companions.. . and Ampelius. Pr... P. St. St Oct. 27 Anastasius.. St. St. OffiSept.. St. 270 other women Dec. St. Anastasius.. Anastasius. 16 Andrew. St.. B. M M St. St.. M. St. Andeol. St. Ammonius. 12 Anastasius (2 of name) 18 and MM. 14 Anempodistus. Pr. V. B..... Apr. St. Anastasius Sinaita. St. Anastasius.Nov. Amphian. M.. Prophet. St. M..Jnly M 11 5 19 Amphion. 25 Andrew. Monk. and May C Sept. 11 Andrew Avellini. St. Ammonius..Aug.Aug. Nov... . St. St. 17 SecreMch. Oct. 2 Anastasius. Jan. St. St.. M. St. M.. M. M M 19 29 23 17 M 10 . Ananias.. St. M.. St. St... B M M 21 21 9 8 Mch. St.... St.. St. June 2<J . Anastasia.. M. 26 St. C Nov.... Amos... M.Apr. St. M June 12 Anatolius. Nov... Oct.. Ampliatus... 12 M St.. Nov. St. Sept. 26 Anastasius.. St. 13 12 Anastasius. M Ammonius... Sol'r. and C.. St. St. St.. Apr.. 7 Sept. M. M M M . St. .Feb. 23 Anatolia. M..Feb. birthday of Oct.. B June Anastasius. many 9 others Aug.. Anastasia.. M.. Anastasius. St. Sept. Mch... Ammonius. St. Pr... Feb. St. M companions Ampelus.. 28 companions Aug. May 20 Anectus. Ammonaria. Tribune.. St. B.Dec.Dec. Regular Clerk Monk.

. Antiochus... Dec. 17 Anthony. Aug. M .. 14 Anthony.. Antoninus. 30 Antoninus. 2 Aphtonins.. May Mch. Apr. Ansbert. M May St. ... Sept. St.. Mary C July Anthony. Feb. St. M St. St. 30 Anysia. 12 Anthony. 18 M.. St. . St. St. Aphrodisius.Apr. 27 Antigonus. V. St.. M. Antonia. 31 Nov. Anicetus. Dec.. 22 Younger. B Feb... St. and M M 13 25 10 Aug. Anthony. Dec. St.. A Feb... Anthony. Merici. St. Monk.. Apr.Sept. Prophetess. . 2*2 2 Sept. M . Count. Aug. Apr. St. and others Anthimus.. Anian. Dec. B Nov. St. 409 St. St.. . Anthusa. St. St. 17 17 Antiochus. B Apelles. M. St. Soldier. C Anthony. B Apr. Anthes.. St. Angelus. 13 Jan. and many others. 22 Apellius. 7 Aphrodisius.... Apr. . and M M M M M M M M B July 15 Oct. St... St. Anthimus. V. Jan.. 27 St.. M.. St. St. Mch. Nov. St. Angela V. Antoninus. St. St. A June Anthony...M. Antoninus. Antonia. and others July 6 Antoninus.. Monk.. St. M. Dec... 27 Feb.. Feb. Anesius.. Antonia.. 26 1 4 M M 25 1 9 3 21 Dec... St... St. Sept. St. St. St.. Sept. St. Anthony. St. Annon. Anscharius. Mch. 15 13 11 29 4 1 3 12 20 26 C Anterus.. St. St. Anthony... M. St.... Anian. May 31 5 Angelus.. M M Pr. Ansanus. Antoninus. M. July 29 Antoninus. St. C. 6 Antholian...... Anthony. Sept.. 27 Antidius.. B Anslem. M. St. Jan. 28 Pr.. St.. M B B... St... 21 M Physi- . St.. M M June 20 Aug. St. St. Antinogenes. 31 Anthusa. M Anthusa M the M M . St. 30 Nov.May Oct.. St.. . St...June 25 Feb. Antipas. Nov.. choret Apr.. Antonina. 3 Antoninus. Ansovinus.. St. St. mother of Mary.Boy. 10 Aper. B. V. B of Annunciation the B. Pr.. St. St. 15 AnAphraates. 16 M M M M M M . St. St.. M M M M 14 13 5 23 7 15 28 27 Arch May 10 Antoninus... St.Mch... St.. Apr.. Anthia. Anian. St. V.. St. St. B.. and C Oct. M..-June Antonia..... 3 Anthelmus. 14 Aphrodisius..... 9 Anthony. 17 Jan. St. B Sept. and 30 others Apr.May . Apodemius.Apr. St. St. M.. St. Apr. B Feb.. cian... St. St.Aug. 30 Anysius. M. St.. Mch.May . Tribune. D. . 'God July Anna. Anthimus. July 24 Antiochus...INDEX. Pr.. St.. . St Apr. St. St.. St. St... Dec.. Antoninus.July 11 Sept. B Anicetus.. 13 Antoninus. M. M M . Apr. P.. St. mother of Ann. 28 Apr. B.. 12 Antiochus. P.

B Jan. B Apollonius. M M 14 10 1 M M 19 Aretas... St. B.June 13 24 4 29 4 15 17 19 13 21 21 12 .. Aug. . St. St. Artemon.... M. M. Apollinaris. Aqiiilina. Aquila. Pr. St. St. . St. B Apr. Archipus. St. St. Pr.. . Appian.. St.. 4 13 4 Archelaus.. St.. St.July Aug.. St. 31 Aristides. Arabia.. Apollinaris. St. St... Apollonius. Ariadna.. Comedian. Aquilinus. C Mch. 3 Aspren. St. St. Oct. Apollinaris. St... St. 20 Officer. M. B Jan. Apollo.. M... 15 Dec. M Mch.. M Apr. M. others June 9 14 Aretas.... Aquilinus. C July 19 Arsenius.. St.. St. 22 Aristion. B Arnulf.. St.Sept. Nov. 15 July 2 Ariston.. St Aquila. St. Mch. 23 Apr.. St. . D Dec.. M. M. 1 Armogastes. M . Notary. St. B. and C.. St.. M. Aquiliiia. M.. 20 Arinentarius.. M May Aquilinus. . 29 July 18 Arnulf.. M.Aug. SenaArgeus. Imperial Oct. 23 Sept. St..410 INDEX. Aquila. St.Oct. V Jan. M M M M Jan. 17 Governor. Apronian.. St.. Apollonius. St.... 4 Aug.. 30 Count... Aristarchus. 23 Asclas. Dec.. St Feb. St.. St.Oct..Feb.. 8 M.... St. St... St.... 4 2 June 5 M St. Apphias.. Feb... St. M. Aquila. Apr. St. St..Sept. M M M July July July Nov... 23 Mch.. Apollinaris.. 6 Asella.. M. M. Apollonius. Pr. June 28 M M May July Aug..Mch. M. 24 340 companions and 5 others Apollonius. M May Aquilinus. B. 8 Mch. St.. Sept. St... and Oct. St.Aug. Feb. 18 Asclepiodotns. Artemius. St. St. St. Apollonius.. St. St. Aquila. M M 26 20 5 . St.. M. St. St. and others 3 Aristaeus.. 16 Arsacius. St.. M Aquilinus. Arcadins. B.. 8 and O. 19 M Monk. M. St. B. St.... Mch. Aristonicus. Apollonia. B.Oct.. St.. St. D. 18 Argymirus. B. 5 Archelaus. St.Jan... St. and C. St. St. Asclepiades. St.Mch. 23 Jan. B M M M M . St. St. M M.. Arcadius. D. 8 Jan. Arator. 7 Arian. St Aristobulus. St. B. B Dec. 5 and 21 Aresius. Archelaus.Apr. 8 May 1 Asaph.... B June Apollinaris... St. M St. Apollinaris. M July Jan. Apollonius. Feb.. St.. St. St. St. tor. St.. Mch.. V. 21 Arcontius. and 504 others Oct. Apollonius. St. St.. June 6 Artemius. V Aug. 23 Ardalion. St. M July Arbogastus. St. St. 10 23 22 30 2 7 Apuleius.. V..B.Mch. M Arcadius. 15 Aug.. Pr. Aquilinus.... 14 Arsenius.. and C Apollonius.. M. M M M Apr. 10 Aretius. Oct. M M June Jan.

M. St. B. 3 Auxanus. B. St..... Youth.Oct.M.Jan.. St. Nov. Mary Aug.. and 7 Priests. St. B Athanasius. St. June Augulus.Oct. Dec. M.. St. B. St.. St.. and C. 19 Auxentius. St. St.. Dec. Aurelia..Feb. St.. Queen.. St.. and 10 disciples July Asterius..B. Audactus. M. 21 Angustalus. Doctor Assumption of the B. 22 Eunuch... St. St. 4 Aventine.. St. 18 Austriclinian. and 150 23 military companions. 24 7 Oct. Auxentius. Audifax. St. C Aurea.. St. B. and 14 13 18 19 27 Auxilius.. Pr. St. St.. St. Austreberta. Azades. St.. St. V. and C. Athenodorus. B July Aurelius. M C Augustine. St. Bajulus. St... B Autonomus. Nov. 5 7 Avitus. Oct. June Aurelian. Aug.. St. St.June 30 Attalas.. Attalus. Aureus. M. St. M M 16 10 2 31 22 6 5 Aug. Jan. and C. Asterius. Auctus.. M.. V. St. Aubertus.. 23 St. St.. M.. St. St.Dec... M M M 8 14 9 3 2 5 M 15 22 18 Oct.. St. B. Nov. Attains. D.. Asterius.. St. 10 Augustus.. Aurelia. St. St. and July 19 Aug. St. V.Nov. St. 7 Augurius. Athenodorus. St Asterius. C 1 Avitus. St.. Asteria. Athansia. Attius.. V Sept. Audas. Jan.. St. Oct... Jan.. May Nov.. 22 9 Azarias.. M. 28 M Pr. V Dec.Nov. June Dec. 411 Aug.Aug.. M.. Augustine.. St Athanasius. Augustus.. 27 13 Avitus. St. 9 Deacons.. 7 1 7 Senator. St Atticus. and other clerics Apr. 15 Augustus. St. St. Dec. St Attilanus. May Athanasius. M St Apr. S/t... and 7 Virgins May July Audax. St.. and others June Feb. Asterius. Asyncritus. St. B. Audry. St.June 17 24 Azadan. M Aurea Aurea. Notary.. M M M. M.. St. B..Feb.Jan.Aug. Pr. B. 1 Pr. St. Attho. St.Oct. St.. St. Aurelius. and Oct. D. Oct. St. and C. B. V. A Auxentius... M M St.. St.Sept 12 Sept.. V Austregisil. Pr. St. M. V Aurelia. St. May Sept. M..INDEX. St. . M. Aurelius.. 11 Austremonius. St. B Athanasius. . M.. 16 19 Azas. 20 . St... . St. B. Oct. . St. Athanasia.June 10 Aug. 24 4 25 15 2 16 27 20 12 M M M 16 10 C May 20 .. 3 May 20 St. M Sept. B.. Athenogenes. St... 7 Bacchus. St. D. M.. St. B.. A M M B Men.Jan. M. Feb. Feb.. M.Nov. ... 16 Apr...Dec. V.. B M M M Feb. St.. May and 7 Babylas. .. M. B Auxibius.. St. 21 Men.B. Widow.. Athenogenes.July July Athanasius..

... St. St. Basilian.. 27 Dec.. P.. C Basilica of Our Saviour.. St. St.. St.. . 14 June 11 Bassus. Oct. 4 Bede. St... and Dec. 8 Basiliscus. St. 3 Basilla. C. 18 Benedict. Basilides. Mch. 27 Bassian.. B.. V. 3 delphus. St. M..Nov. St.. B Nov. St. A Basileus.. St. 11 Basstus. St. St... St.. M. St..Dec.Mch... 19 Bassian... C others Benedict.. 10 Bardomian. May 11 Barontius. B May 20 Barsimaeus. Barsabas... Apostle. Soldier. St. B. St. C Basileus. C Bartholomew. St... P. Venerable. St. 9 Barnabas. 16 dedication of Nov. 15 Barbara. M. 27 Beatus. St.. St June 14 Benedict. B. 23 May 23 Benedict of St.. St.. St. St.. of Mch. Dec. Aug.. St. Pr Mch. M. Bassa.. St. 26 Jan.. 3 Benedicta.. B. Bassian.Feb.. 12 June 12 Jan.. Jan. B Mch.. 11 Bassus. V. St. 11 Basil. M.. St.. June 29 Mch. St. St... Mch. 29 Basilissa. St. 19 Nov.Nov. 28 Benedict. St. Nov. Mch. St. 12 Basil.. Fr. 29 Barbatus. Nov. M. M. V May 6 Basilides...May 7 Benedict. May 17 Barbatian. St.. V Basiliscus. St. C Mch. Lector.. St. Dec. 18 Beatrix. 21 Mch.. St. St. Apr.. St M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M .. July 29 Barula. M.. A...May 20 C Feb... Widow.Sept.. Monk... St. 25 Bassus. INDEX. M. and Oct.. St.. St. Queen. St Aug. St. B Apostle.. St... 19 Basilla.1 Basilissa. M. 30 Baudelius.. V.. St. 6 May 27 Basil.. May 22 Benedicta. St. B. St... St. 27 Basilissa. Feb. Basil. 9 St. M. Nov. Jan. Labre. B Mch. Dec. St. St. 14 Barlaam. Basileus. 17 Basil. 16 Aug. St. St. V. AnDec... 1 Bavo. PhilaBasileus. July 7 Basilides. St... and C. M. Mch. 21 Jan. Monk.. 5 choret Apr. C May 9 Basil. St. B. St.NOV... Feb.. St. St.Oct.. Hermit. 26 Basil... Jos.. 26 Barsen. 9 Benedict. Jan. St.. St Dec. St.... St. 26 Benedict. St.. St. V Mch. 30 Bathildis... May 30 Bellinus.. St Nov.. St. Pr. St. Baldomer. 4 June 30 Benedicta. 2 Benedict. C Barlaam. Nov. 8 Bartholomew. 20 others Barsanuphius. B.. B.. St.. O Barbea. 22 Baracblsius. V Feb.Jan.. St. Basilides. 23 June 10 Benedict. St. A... Apr.. 3... 31 Basilla.. 11 Beata. and others Sept 25 Bassa. St.. 23 Benedicta.. St. 4 Basilissa... 24 Beanus. St. C and Dec.. V. St.Apr.. St... .Jan.. 29 Basolus.. St. XI.. M.412 Balbina. Aug. Apr. 22 Begga. M. St.

.... Burchard... Brice.. Bernard.Oct. St. St. St. St. 13 Bonfilius. C Aug. Bononius. Mrt... D. AbBianor.. Benjamin. C. Pr..Aug. Ririnus... St. M.July Bona. St. P. B Bessarion.. V Apr. A May Bernard.(>sarius. Benignus...Jime Burgundofora... A Bruno. P. 19 Bruno. Bertin. St..May St. 22 Boniface. Blasius. M. St.. C Oct. 21 Braulio. P.Feb... St.. 27 . Bibiana. May June M. B Aug. B. and C. St. M.Feb.. St. B June 15 Boniface. St. 1 1 Caicilius. St. 12 Bonitus. Aug... A Aug.. Csecilian. Apr. Feb. Dec. M St. Ca?realis. St. and C..10 Boniface. and Bruno. Benignus.. B B Mch. St.. Sept.May Beronicus.Nov. Bernard. Widow. Nov.. 20 10 25 13 1 8 9 17 18 6 15 14 3 Biblis..Oct. 28 June 10 May 24 31 Caesarius. B. Dec. St.. and M. Nov... St. . June 15 Bonosa.. and C.. B. Mch.. St. Apr. B Card B Dec. M B D. D.. V St May 20 Bridget.. St. St.Mch. and C. 413 1 Feb. V Apr. St.. St. Sept..June St. C Oct. Aug. I M M 1 M M 29 15 30 15 21 1 . M M B. Bernward. M St. and Bernard Ptolemy...... Jan. C . M.. Bonajunota. Mch. M St. St. 14 I Csesarius.July others Oct. St... Soldier.. Bernardine of Siena. St.. 31 Boniface. Nov. St. St.. St.. M M M M . St. B. M M Bicor. June . St... 26 Bruno. Blasius... St. M. St.. B. B. B. St. St. tor of the Church. and C. St.. St. July bess. B July C Oct.. A. St... 15 Feb. Pricions. Oct.. and C.. ....Oct. Card. 14 Brendan. B. and Brixius. . 3 Boniface.. St.. B Jan...Mch. M . Bridget. Besas. i 30 25 6 .. 20 Aug.. CaBciliois.. 1 . Berard. others Aug. St.. Dec. 16 15 June 3 Dec.. 20 Boniface. Benignus. M St. V St. Birillus. and B. B St.. 14 14 25 M M 5 19 17 .. St. M. C Jan. Ancht. St. St. B. Bonaventure. Blood. St.. St. St. St. St. June Benildes. 16 Boniface. 25 Apr. St. St. St. St. St.... A Aug... C Joily Bernard.. Feb. St. 29 Cserealis. Ca3lian. Benvenutus. 20 Bonus. and Bretannion. St.Nov. M.. St. Benignus.. A. St.B.. DocBonosus. St. Benignus.INDEX..Dec. May 1 Boniface IV. Blandina. St. C. and Doctor July St.. . Ca?sarius. Bercharius. St.... Oct.. St. B.Jan. M June Apr. May June 28 Boniface. Cserealis. St. St 1 M Soldier.. St. M B Pr Balnda.. Bernard of Menthon. St Benno.. 10 Boniface.. St. St.. 14.

V. St. 7 Carponius. Apr. Caius. St. St. St... .. St... St. St. M. M. Caius. St.. 26 others and 18 18 M M M M M 6 29 4 4 20 1 M M M M M 2 9 11 ... May panions Aug. INDEX. M. 22 Caius. Caius. M. May Caius. St. Callistratus. 16 Candidus. Dec... Sept. St. St. Soldier.. St. St.C. 16 Oct. Caius. St.. 1 Camillus de Lellis. Feb..Aug. Apr. King. M.. 28 St Sept. 4 Candida. June Nov. St. . 25 Carpus. M. St.. Aug.414 Csesarius.Oct. St Sept.. St. B. M. P. Caius... May Caius. Jan.July 31 Capitolina. and Carpophorus. Candida.. St. Pr. St. St. St. St. St. M. St.. St. St. St.. Hermit. Oct..Sept. 21 Cantidian. St. B..Aug. others Mch.... and companions . St.. Pr Oct. Callinicus. B. 28 Caprasius. 11 Cassia. 4 Canon.... St. M M Calocerus. 3 Canion. Callista. 7 Cantius. M M M M M M 22 3 15 1 M M M M M M 29 31 31 5 5 31 7 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 4 24 27 1 20 28 28 14 7 .. St Cantian.May 10 Capito. M 10 13 13 2 29 4 20 Callistus.. M. Apr. 27 Candidas. P. May Calliopa.. St... Feb. Callinicus.. ... M. Pr. St.. M..Apr.. St. St. Oct. 4 Cantianilla... St.. 19 Candidus...Aug.... St Sept. and July . Mch. Calepodius. St. .. Aug. St. B Dec.. St. the Younger. St... and Casimir. St. Apr. Apr. St. M others Apr. Oct. May Cajetan of Tiene... St. St.. 20 Cantidius. Apr. St.0ct. and M.. Calocerus. St. St. Candida. Callistus... July M. M. Nov. and Carpois... A Callinica. St 14 Carterius.. 18 Cassian.. M. . Calliopius. St. C Calocerus.. Nov. Callistus. Sept. St. St. 31 Candida. June Csesarius.. M. M. and Caius. and 27 Mch.. St. Mch. June 30 Candidus. St. and Mch. Jan. B. 49 other soldiers Sept. Caius. Caesidius. 17 Canute..... B. St.. St. St. June Mch. others May 19 M M . St. 28 Candidus. Callistus. 2 Carpophorus. Dec. Nov.. and son. Pr..... M.. Oct. June 8 Caraunas. M. St. Caius. St. July 29 Caralippus. St. St. M. St. St... 4 Candida. Sol'r. others Apr. St.Mch. 22 Caprasius... Dec.. St.. Caius. Caius. St. St. and comOct. and others Callistus.Aug. 14 companions Dec.Jan. Dec. Calogerus. Caius.. 28 Candida...Aug. 26 . V. 29 Casdoa.. Oct.. St. 10 Candidus. Calanious. Sept.. Capito. St Sept... St Feb. St.. St. Caius. Mch. M. 3 C July Csesarius. Calimerius.. St. St...

St. P Apr. B 3 Centolla. D. St.July Christopher. M M... St.. 27 Oct.. M Castus. V. 9 Mch.Mch.. Cataldus. St. Widow. St. V V Mch. Cassian.. of M Peter. Notary. St..Aug. M Castus.. St.. St.. 11 Apostle at Antioch Feb. M. Castorius.. Castoilus. Cassius. B B B Jan. 3 Celerina. M... St. St.Mch.......Nov. M. Jan.... St. St. St. 22 Cecilia. St. Castor. 9 Celsus. 10 2 Oct. Dec. D. St. Catherine. M Castus. Oct. St. 27 Chaeremon... B. Christina.. M. 20 St. M M B M Castulus.July Christinus.. 22 St. 24 Chryanthus. St.Aug. Sept.... 3 Celestin. Catherine. M. Cassius. St. 19 Nov. B. 21 M Censurius. M M B.. Catherine. 13 Celsus. 30 Catherine of Siena. St.. Apostle at Rome Oct.. St. 415 St. Chrysogonus.. Boy.. St. St Apr. St. . St. Aug.. Cassius. 20 M Dec. Cassius. Feb. St. M Castulus.Mch. St.. V. Dec... May 22 Cheledonius. 22 Apr. and Cerbonius.. 28 Chaeremon.Nov. St. St. St. St. St. St. M.. Oct. St. Jan.. 28 Chseremon. Catus.. TMay 2 Jan.... 13 St. Feb.. Sept.. Mch. and 2 July 15 M M Chronidas. and others Dec.. St. St. 5 Celsus. M 5 3 1 4 3 15 3 27 15 13 24 12 M M Catherine de Ricci. V.. 10 and Mch... July 1 Chelidonia. B M.... many others Castor. July 7 of Nov. M. St.. 15 Charity. and Men.Aug. M 25 M C Aug.. M. V. Feb. St. St. Cilinia. 21 . V Sept. St. Dec.Feb. B May 15 Cerbonius. M Castus. companions St.. Feb. 6 Christeta.. Cassian... Oct. Catherine. 1 Charisius. St. St. M M B Aug.. St.. St.Oct..Apr. 13 Celsus. Apr. and B Nov. 22 Oct....INDEX. Celerinus. 7 Chad.June 10 .. .. V Christina. V. St.. 26 Charles Borromeo. Cassian.. 8 Chair St. Hermit . Handmaid Dec. M. M.. 1 Charitina... Apr. St. St.. 6 Boy. St. May 10 M 18 4 22 22 16 . Cassian... M M St. St. M. 4 Aug. Castor. St... Catulinus. St.. 24 Chrysophoinis.. 6 Celestin V. Apr. St.. M M Chrysotelus... B St. St. M. Castrensis. St. M B. P May 19 Celestine. V. Monk. Castorius.. V St. Oct. 30 Card. St... St. M M M Oct. Christopher. St. Cassian. Dec.. 10 Chair St...Nov... M. St Castritian. 1 St. 25 Chromatius.Nov.. Mch. St. Castrensis.. .. Oct. Nov.. M Cataldus.. Pr. Apr. Peter. 13 Oct..... St. M Castulus. V. 6 Christiana. St. M. St... B.. 4 Chionia. St.. St.July 28 . St.. 12 Chariton.. C June 29 M B. St. St.

St... 6 Cindeus. . St.. Claudian... St. St. St.. St. Cointha.. M.. St. Tribune Constantius. V. Clicerius. St. 8 Constantius.. 27 Clodulphns. M.. St.... 8 Craton. 11 Claudius. Queen.... 10 Codratus.. CentuSt. 23 Constantine.July 8 Oct. St.. St. St. St. St.. 13 Mch. St. St.416 1 NDEX.Dec.. Lord Jan.. 26 Conon. June 8 Cosmas.-.. 26 Feb. Pr Feb. St. 14 Corebus. 30 Clement.. St. 26 Columba.. 30 Constantine.. St. P.. Classicus... St.Sept. 23 Constantius. 9 Clateus. Cleophas. 18 Mch. 8 June 4 Concessus. and companions Sept. V...Sol'r.Jan.Sept... B Aug... B. 12 F. Mch. M.. C.. V.NOV. D. M. Nun. St. 1 Claudia. Feb. St. St... St. St. June 22 Claudius. 12 Columba. 18 Concessa. M.. C..Mch. 2 Feb. 20 Concordius. Mch.. V. and others Dec. 18 Clarence. Clementinus. St. V.June 3 Consortia.Sept.. 23 Clement. St. Apr. A Nov. St. 16 Dec....Dec.July 11 Colotte... St. Pr.. St..Aug.. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M . 15 Constantius. 3 Constantius. 23 Cleomenes.. 29 Claudius. 13 Aug. 25 Cornelius... M. St.. St. B Claudius.. M. P.. M.Nov. St. and C May 14 Sept. 26 Apr. 31 Nov..... St. June 3 Cottidus.. B. B Clotilda... M.. St.. St. M. St... M. St. Claudius. 6 Cloud. St. St. 6 Feb. and Constantine. Mary Hofbauer Mch. St. St.Apr.. St.. St. St...Oct.. St. M. St. St...Mch. St. Sept.. ManClaudius. B. St.. B Clerus.. Pr.. 3 Cornelia.. B. St.Jan.. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M . June 6 Concordia. Pr. P. 8 Clement.. St. M.. 21 Corbinian.Sept. 15 Feb.. 21 Clarus.. 1 Colman. sionary Sept. 7 rion. 26 Conrad. M... Pr. St. Cletus. Feb.. Aug. and C June 9 Clare.. and C July 21 Apr. V Aug. St... 2 Jan. St. 4 Columba. Claudius. and C. St. St. 3 Constantius.. St. 26 Cornelius. St.. Boy.. St. and C. Pr. 25 Concordius.. M.... 19 Claudius.. Dec. St. M. Claudia. St. St... Claudius. 7 Feb... St.. Clement. M. July 27 Nov.. St. 1 Dec.. St.. St.Jan.. 23 Cordula. St. July 7 Constantia.Sept.. Aug.. Apr. Nov... B Sept. St. M. St. D. 20 Corona. 10 Corpes. 22 Prefect. 31 Cleonious.. 31 Cornelius. V Claudius. Pr.... V Circumcision of our Mch. B.NOV.. St.. St. Nov... Cisellus. C July 9 Sept.... . St. M. 21 Colman. M.. Claude. 8 Cokimban.. Dec. Clement. 26 M. St. St. Sept. St. 16 Claudian. May 18 Concordius.Nov. B Sept. St.. Clare.. 17 Clarus.. 18 Conon.. 12 companions Oct. Apr. St. B. Apr..

. St. May Nov. June 5 Cyria.. 4 Crispus. C Apr.. Cyprian. St.. St.. Crescentiana... Cyriacus.. 12 Cyriaca... St...May M M M M M M M 19 M 21 31 M M 8 7 2 M M M M M M M M M M M M M 4 5 18 20 21 M M 24 15 8 19 M 9 4 8 M M 9 18 20 29 M M Cunegundes. St. St. St. St. Oct. M. St. M... Nov. M.. Feb. B B Mch..... St Aug. B. 25 Cyriacus. Cyril. .. B Crescent.. Mch...June Crescens.. M. B.. 12 4 Curonotus. and 10 others Crescentius. St. St.Sept. July 25 Cyril.. St.. B June Crispin. 21 Cyril. 3 Nov. Mch. St. St.. Crescentian.. 5 Cyriacus.. B... M.. Boy... St.... 9 Cyprian. and St Oct.. B. companions Cross.Oct. M. 25 Cyriaous..Sept. St. 29 Cyriacus. St.. 18 Cyriacus. D.. B..Nov. M Crescentian. St. St. St.. St. M.. June Crescentia. St... Crescens. St. St. St.. M. Crescens. M. St.. Soldier.... Crescentian. Aug. Holy. Crispinus.May Cresconius.Dec. June 1 M. Culmatius. 20 Cuthbert.. St. D. 5 Cyriacus. St. St. St. 16 Cyprian. 26 Cyprian. St.. B Curcodomus. St.. St. Exaltation Mch. Mch. Crescentian..INDEX. Sept. M. Crescentian. Crispinus.. Dec. July Crispulus. St. 18 Cutias. May 30 Cyriacus. D. B of 3 Cyril St. St... May Crescentian. St.. Grescens. Crescens. Sept. St..May Crescentian... Crescentiois... Mch.Nov. May Cross. May Crescens. St. 1 Cyrenia.... St. Apr. St.. 3 Cyril. St. St. St. Crementius. M. 19 Cyriacus.Sept. and Jan. St. St. 20 Cyriaca... M.. St. Aug.... 12 Apr.. B Feb. Dec. St. 10 Cyprian.... B Mch.. Mch..... St. June Crispin... St.. Em- Sts. Oucuphas.. Soldier. Widow. M. Finding Cyril. July 11 Cyprian.... D. B. June 10 and others Crispulus... B. M July 5 July 9 27 . 14 Cyriacus. B. B.Aug. St. B Dec.. Dec.Jan.July 2 M. C Mch. St. May 15 Cyril. St. St. Crescens.. St.. St. B. M. 28 Cyriacus. St.. V. St... St.. 417 St. June Crispinian. . Crispus. B of 4 Cyril. 28 Cyriacus.. St. St. St.. St..June 19 Cyril and Methodius. Oct.. St. M. St. Apr. Dec...... M M M M M 16 10 15 28 27 18 1 M M 28 29 19 15 31 . Cunibert. Crescentius.Nov. 24 Aug. Holy.. St. A Cyra. Apr.. St. M.. 7 Cyriacus. Mch. M. M... Ctesiphon. St. St. June Crispina. Crescens.May 5 companions Feb. 12 Mch.. Sept. Nov. 14 Cyriaca.. 3 June Crispinus. Crotates. . St. and C.. St. St.Dec. St. 12 Dec. July Oct.. St..

M Dec. St. B B. St. M Oct. Damian... C 3 26 Decorosus. Cyril. St. St.. St. . Daniel. St...Dec. Jan. M St... Cyril. B July 17 Demetrius. M Oct. 11 Denis.. M Oct. 17 Nov. P. M Feb... M M M 10 21 29 22 5 Denis. St.. Demetrius. July 4 Denis. M Daniel. St. 14 Demetria.Dec. St.. M Dadas. St. St.. 10 Cyrinus.. B. Holy Sleep19 er. Cyril. 26 Mch... St. Prophet 28 June Davinus. Daniel... M St.. St.. B. Feb. 20 . St.. St. St.. Dasius. 29 Democritus. M St. 22 . M St. and 3 others Oct. St.Oct M Jan.. June Nov. M. St.. . 9 Demetrius.. Dacius.... 27 Denis. Sol'r. 21 Denis. companions Apr.. Dativa... May St. Boy. Feb. Dec. . Dec. M Apr.. B. Darius. M. St. Sol'r. 18 Dec. St... Jan. St.. July St. 14 Cyrion. July 22 Dativus. St. St. 8 D. Datius. 20 Denis. and M. St.. 15 Jan.. May 11 Denis. M Dadas.. St.418 Cyril. M Jan. M. Apr...July and C. Cyrinus. St. Sept. July July Denis. St. M. Oct. 14 Denis the Areopagite.July Oct.. M St.. A M M M M sul. St. and M M 11 10 26 29 3 C M Soldier. Sept. 24 8 19 8 12 25 3 M M M M M 27 31 20 3 St.. St. St. 13 Demetrius. St. Damasus.. and C..... June 28 David. Daniel. B Feb. 3 16 10 21 13 M M St. Damian. Prophet. May May Deuis... St. M. Sept. M Aug. M.. St. Jan. Dec. Daniel. M. M July M. St. Dasiois. St... Dalmatius.. St.. Sept. M. St. Nov. Daria.. Cyrimus. St. and Cyrus. St.. 6 Denis.. St. St. M St. Pr.. 10 Mch. St. and others Nov.. B.. St. Deicola. V. St. M. St. St. St. St.Mch. St..Feb. St. Hermit . St. 14 Mch. 24 Mch. St. St. 9 Nov.. Soldier.. B Feb. M. M Daniel the Stylite. St... M B M P St.. .St.. St. M St. B.. St. St... Datius. C. and others Oct. M St.. V. St. 31 8 Feb. Denis. Denis. 31 Demetrius. companions Jan. Cyrilla. 27 Deogratian. Apr. and Denis. June 25 Denis. 1 Demetkis.. St...Jan. INDEX. King and 5 Dec.. others . B. M Dafrosa.. M Dacian. Aoig..... Cyrilla.. 27 Denis. 12 Denis. ProconCythinus..June 21 Cyrion. Dathus. 9 July 14 Cyrus.. Nov. B Oct.... Nov. 24 June 12 Delphinus... 4 Demetrius. Denis. Cyrinus. B. C Dativus....Dec.. 1 Dativus.. 2 David. C Denis... M St St.. Apr.. St...

St.... P. Dioscorus... Digna. St. 22 Mch. . C. St. 3 July 17 and Dec.... Domnus. June 14 Domitius.. M. St. St. Domninus. Oct. St. St. 4 M Desiderius. Diodorus.. Dominic Loricatus. B Jan. M.. C May 12 Dominic.. Diogenes..Dec. Dec. M M Diocletras.May 23 Dominic.. M St. St.... St.. St. St..July July A>ug... St. Deusdedit. St. St. St. St.. St.Oct.M. St. 6 Oct.. Dionysia..Apr. St. V. St.. Pr Domnolus. Dometius. M Domninus... 20 10 Dominic de G Aug. 6 16 2 11 6 15 M... and Mch.. 29 M. 20 her sister Aug. St. 26 Domninus... Sylos. M Mch. St. Lector. companions Domnio. St. St.. St.. St. M Sept. St. Dion. St. A Desiderkis. St. July Domnion.... St. ..Dec. Diomedes. St. C Sept. St. Donatian. St. Dec.. V. M. C. C Desiderius. Diodorus. M Apr. St.B. 31 24 A<ug. M.. St... May Feb. B. St. 6 1 M M M M M 1 M 11 3 11 1 Domninus. Dioscorus. M. St. O. St. M July Dionysia. St. 28 companions St.Dec.. Didymus.. May Dioscorides.. B May St. B. B.. M .. 23 5 23 28 14 12 21 30 1 9 5 M 16 11 Dionysia. 10 Dominica. A Deusdedit.. C. St. St. Digna. and Nov. 25 M M B B May St.. St. A Didacus.. V Apr.. M Sept. M M May Diodorus. St. 14 Donatian.INDEX. Digna. M May Feb. . D. Deusdedit.Sep.V. St.. M M July Oct. Desiderius. May 18 Donatian. 11 Domitian. 7 Nov. Doda.. St. St. 22 Domnina.. 14 Sept.. . St.. Diodes. St. M.. seven of. M. St. St.. and Mch.. 7 Sept. 5 Desiderius.... 14 July 30 Jan.. V... St. B.. P Dec.. companions Oct.. Dioscorides. St.. C. Digna. Aug.... PhysiAug. St. Diomedes... B. M Sept. Nov.. . B. St. Pr.. Derphuta. St.. Domninus. V.... St. M 25 Donatian. M May .. V Maid-serDomitius. Apr. M M. M. M...May 23 feast of Aug. 25 Dominic.... Didius. M. Boy.. 8 Dominic.Dec.. 26 Domitian. M. 11 Dominator. Deusdedit. 9 Nov. Domnion. M Dec. M Diomedes.Aug... M M 28 16 Oct. vant. V. M Dec. 28 Mch.. St. M Oct.Feb. Pr St. St. A. 13 Nov.. and others Dec. St. 24 Donatilla. Dolors.. and 8 others Apr. M.. St... St. Aug. St. 11 Domitius.. 10 Donata. St. St. D... St. Lectoir. 419 Monk. B Nov. St.. St. St. St.... 9 M. cian.. M 6 Domnus. 15 Donatus. St. Didimtis. V.May 24 Domnina.. M Oct. St.. 20 Dec. C 12 Donata. Diodorus. B.. 13 Domitian. 28 Domitian.. B. Dioscorus. 19 Dominic... 12 Domna.. Sept. St..

St. B.. Oct. St. Donatus. Sena- M M M M M M M . Dorothea. Edward. St. M. St. Prophet July 14 Elias.. Oct. Donvina. Dorothy. 19 Eleazar. Count. 16 Elpidius. M. 1 and King. ..Aug.Nov.. July Drodorus.. Servant. St..Nov... St. Dorotheus. V 15 Elizabeth.C. St.Feb. M. Donatus. St.. St.Feb. 4 Edmund. St. St. M. Feb.. 29 Eleutherius. St. St Edelburga. others St. Donatus.. St... . St.. 5 Eleutherius. Monk Egdunus. V.. St.. 29 Elpidius. July Nov. St.Mch.. St. Soldier. St. Dorymedon.... B. 24 M. 9 Edmoind. St. St.. St. A. 22 Eleutherius. Donatus. 12 . St.. M Sept.. B.. St. Apr. St.June Sept.. St.. and Apr. St.. St.. St.Sept. 21 Eleazar... C May 28 Eleutherius. St. St. Sena3 tor.. 23 Elesbaan.. B May Donatus. June Dulas. Feb. St Elizabeth.Dec. St. .. M M M St. P.. A. 12 Eleutherius. 16 Donatus.. St.. St Dec. St.Nov. Oct. A Sept. 7 .Sept. V.. St. St. B... Queen. Sept..May 30 Eleutherius. Aug. St. Sept. M M M.. Dec.Feb. Mch. 5 Eleuchadius. Donatus. D.. Pr.. Widow.... Donatus...Aug.. Pr.. 9 Eleutherius... M M and others Oct.. Sept.Mch. Apr. St.. M.. M... St. St. B. INDEX. C. Donatus. Dula. St. B Dec. St.. St...Jan.. .. Donatus... Sept. and others 19 Eleutherius. Donatus. and of 25 Egbert. Feb. 30 and 7 others Mch. St. B... B. Dec. Pr.. St. 18 King. A... Pr June June 19 Elizabeth. St. St. feast Oct. St. St. Donatus.. St.. 25 Eliphius. July 7 Elpidius.. 17 Elias.. St. St... M. 15 Eliseus. M. Mch.. St. .. B Ebrulphus.Nov. Aug. St. Elizabeth. St. B Oct... St. B M M M M Dympna. May Dunstan.. 13 Pr. Monk.. M. Amg. C... St. 28 Eleutherius.Oct. M. 2 2 .. Donatus. 20 King. Apr... M. St. Eleusippus. C.Mch... Dorotheus. M. O Dec.. July 16 Elias.. Dorotheus. St.. St.Jan.Aug. St. M. St... St.420 Donatus. Donatus. Pr. B.. B. M. Drogo. St. M. V Edistius.. 6 Elpidephorus. Feb. Feb. Drusus. ... 10 Elias. B. St.Apr.. St. St. V.. Donatus. King. Sept.. Feb. V M Oct.. 12 Elpidinis. B. St. 6 Elias. M... M.... companions Men... Elphege. 6 Eleutheriois. O. M.... St... and 7 his 8 sons Aug.. tor. 5 Eleutherius.. 24 Eligius... Arch. St. St. Droctoveus. St. Drodorus. Apr... Drusus. M.. Sept.Aug. C. Pr. St.May May Eadbert. St.Oct. Donatus. 23 27 27 14 17 20 20 18 26 29 M 4 8 16 6 M M M M M 2 9 16 17 4 20 19 1 M 16 14 18 8 5 19 19 2 4 1 Editha.. St.... 17 Edward. Apr..

.July Emeric. 25 Nov.. 22 Eugenius. St. B.. St... B.. 15 Eugenia. Men. Jan.. Sept....July 17 Eucharius.. St. St... St. St.. St.. July 23 Epiphanius.Aug. Jan. B. St. and Dec. Jan. 16 Erasma... St. 14 Bugendus. Engelbertus. and and others Apr.. M. C.. 22 Ethbin.Nov... St. St. 11 .. St.June 2 M M M M M 25 26 30 18 M 25 27 6 13 19 24 1 7 Sept.. SenaEpagathus. St.. M Jan. Epistemis. M. D. P.. Jan. St. Sept.. Nov. 9 Eugenius. St.. July 12 Eugenius.. 27 Eugenius. M. St.. Nov. 5 Ermius. V. 24 Eugenius.Mch...... 4 Erastus. St. Feb.. 21 Eugenius. Epitacins. Epipodius. Men.. St. B. St. Nov.. M M. 20 Aug. and companions. St. St. C...J<uly 8 Epimachus.. Epiphaniois. King. M June 2 Eucherius. Jan.. St... Erasmus.. M. St. St... M. St. Mch. Emerita..Nov. B. St.. 5 Ethelbert. St. 12 about 500 clergy Epimacbus. M. St. Senator.. .... 22 Eudoxius.. Emmelia. Emiliana. St... St. St. A Mch. B. 16 Ethelwald. St. 1 Eugenian.. 17 Dec. St.. 6 Sept. May Emilas... B.. P. M. M M B. A Ephebus. V... Nov...May 10 Eugenius. St. St.Sept 22 Erconwald. St. A Emygdius. St. B. M Apr. M Aug. and companions. St. Pr. M... St. B. O Apr.Nov... St. St. Soldier.. St. St. Epictetus.. A Mch. M M M M M M M M M M M M M May 12 Eoigenius. 7 Eucarpius.. 19 Eudocia.. St. 1 Feb. O.. V.... Oct. 7 companions July 29 M St. Epolonius.July Emmeramus. .. Sept. 13 M O ..May 23 Eugenius. C Apr. Jan. St.M M St... St.. 4 Epictetus. St. B. St. St..Jan. St.. 26 Erotheides.. .. 13 Eucarpus.. B. St... M 18 M M M M M M . Oct. D Jan. B Mch. St. St.. V... St... 5 Eparchius. Emmanuel... 421 St.INDEX. St. St. V Oct. 20 . Ib Eric. Ephrem. St.Time 5 Eucherius. M..Mch. Encratis. Dec... Eugenius. B. V. P.. Aug. 6 Eugenius. 4 Eugenius. St. St. St. B. Eneco. St... St. 8 Feb. B M M Sept.. M. M. St.. St Esdras.Dec. M. Ephrem.. 2 July 1 Eudoxius.. Epaphrodifcus. 22 Eugenius. King. St. St... St. St. St. B Sept. 15 Nov. 16 July 19 tor. Epeditus.. . St... 1 Apr. Elpidius. 24 Eugenius III. C. Equitius...... B Epiphany of our Lord. June 1 Eoibulus. C Epaphras. Prophet.. S. 5 Eugenius. 13 B.June 2 Epigmenius. 8 Ennodius. Eparchius. B Feb. St. July 18 Epiphanius.. St.. 23 M. Nov... May 30 Erotis. July 13 Epiphana.. St. Epicharis. M.... 25 Ephisius. 4 Men.. St. St. St.. Men.. 23 Erasmus. B Eobanus.. St.Apr.. V. 25 Ennatha.. . B Jan. M.. Eugenius. Nov.. A Emerentiana.. St. Jan. 24 Sept.

Mch.Nov. 23 Eustachius. Euprepius... St. B Mcb. B. 14 Aug. M. St. Mch. C.422 INDEX.Dec.. Euplius.. Soldier.. 10 Eusebius.. Eunomia. ... St. V Mch... 12 Euthalia. 8 Sept 21 O..NOV.June Eupsychius. C. 11 .. St.. B May 23 Eustasius. Dec..Aug. St.. V. V. D. St. Reader. 7 Eutropia. St. Apr. Feb. V... St. B. Feb.. Dec. St. St.. Nov..Dec. 31 Eusebius. St.. St.Sept.May 7 Eutosius. B. A Euporus. Oct.. St.Aug. Eupbemia..Aug. St.. M... St. 5 Eutropius. M. B Eoiphrasius. 10 Eusebius. Sept.. St. V. feast of 3 B Sept..... M. and Eutropia. Eugenius. D. St.. M. St. St. 9 Eutropia. St.. .Apr.. M. St.. j(T Eusterius. 10 Eusebius.. St. 12 Eusebius... 26 Oct. 9 others Mch. St.... Euprepius.. St. St. St..Aug.. M. V..Mch.July Eupbemia. :i2 Eustachius. St. St.. 20 Eustathius. M. St. Eusebius.. St.. Euphronsina. M.... St... 26 Sept.. St.. B. 20 Eustochium.... 27 Eustachius. 21 Eusebius... 30 Eusebius.Dec. 12 St.. Aug. St. St. St. M.. Eulalia.Jan. 16 St...Aug. Nov. Eupsychius. St..Aug... companions Enilogius. Jan.C. St. C..Sept. Euphemia.June Nov.... 14 Eustocbius. Euphrosyna...Dec. Eulogius. V .. M M St. St.. M. C. St. B. St...June 21 Eutropius.. Pr Eulalia.. St. St. M.... M. Apr... Eunician. Mch. B May 15 Eustolia.. St. 20 Eusebius. V Apr. St. Maid-serEustachius.. O.. 23 Euthymius. Widow.. St. St.Oct. M P St. M.. M.. St. V. St. St. V . B... Sept. Pr.Jan. A Mcb. E<uprepia. M. St.. 5 2 M. 21 Euthymius.. St.. B. vant.. C May July St. Euphrasia. Eusebia.. 13 Eustochium.. Dec. Pr. St. Eugraphms..... 27 Euthymius.. St. Eurnenus. Euphronius. Pr. M. M.....M.Oct.. Eulogius. St. M M M St. Eusebius.Dec... Jan. St. Eulogius. D.May 38 Eustochius. St... Eulampia.. M.July Oct. St. Pr Euphronius. 24 Eoisebius. St. Oct.. Eulampius.. M M Soldier.... B. Apr... St.. St. Girl. St. .. M.. Euphrasius.. M M St. Pr. M.Sept. 12 Euthymras. B... Sept..Sept. M... B. 3 Eoistathius. 4 Oct... Eugenius. 3 Eustorgius.B. M. St.. St.. V. M. St.. St.Nov. 30 Euthymius. Euphebius.. B.NOV... St. Nov.. St. Eusebius. V. 6 20 12 M M M M 20 28 29 16 28 19 28 2 19 16 9 11 M M M M M M M M M M M M M 6 10 13 27 20 11 5 29 24 15 15 30 14 12 M 30 3 . St. Eupbrasia.. St.. 29 Eutropia. 22 St. 28 Eutropius. St. 1 Eustratius. B.... Eulogius. Eusebius. St.. V. Sept.. Jan.. 25 Sept. M.. B.. C. St.Dec.Sept. B Eunus... St. 13 Eoisignius.... M.. Aug. C.. Eusebius. St.. Aug. Dec. . V.. Oct. St. 5 Eusebius.. Monk.. 4 Eustorgius II. V.May Euprepis. Aug. St.. Sept. Dec. 10 Eusebius. B Aug.. Euphrasia.. St. "and M.

V.Nov. P.. Apr. St. Aug. 26 Exuperius. Dec... M B M 3 . 16 Fausta. St. Eutychius.. Eutychius. and Nov.. St.. Prophet. Eutychius. 28 Facundus... Sept. St. Sept.. B Apr. July 2 Exuperantia... St. B.. St. Dec. M. C . Oct. and 40 others Feb. Pr. St. St. Evaristus.. M. St. 19 Fabian.. P. St.. July Evodins. 5 Fabius.. M. 11 Fausta.. St. 1 Faith... Faithful Departed. B. Eutychian..May 3 Faustinian. M. 13 Exuperantius. 29 Fabian. Dec.. Monk. Sept.May 6 Faustinus. Evergistus... 15 Ezechiel. St. May cian. P. Sept. St. Feb. St. July Eutychius.. St... St. Aug. St. St.July Dec...May 21 F. 24 Eutychius. Evagrius. 24 Faustinus. St Feb. Eutropius. St. St... St. St. St. B. Evortius.. St. V. St. St.... Aug..Apr.. July Eutychius. Aoig.. Enitychian. St.. M St. Evodius.Dec. C.... St.. M. 20 Faustinus. Sept.. St. Mch.. Eutychius. St. 11 Fabrician. * Faro. B. C Evaristus. St... Aug.. Eutychian.. V Dec. Eutychius. St. Eventius. V. St.. St. M M M Evellius.Feb. St. St. St.. St..Sept.. 6 Faina. Evagrius. 2 Oct. Eutychius. 26 30 30 26 31 2 22 28 19 10 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 20 31 11 31 22 27 18 1 6 commemoration of . St.. St. Dec.... O May Sept. M Eventius... St. 8 Eutychian. 12 companions Oct. 3 Faith. and Evaristus. St. 7 Evasius. St. Eutychius.. 17 Exuperantius. 2 Faustinas.. M M May M 20 19 26 15 16 17 M M M M M M M M M M 22 5 29 29 15 .. St. St. St.. and M M M M M St. St. panions Exuperius. and comMch.. St. C.. Eutropius. Apr. Apr.. St. M. St..Dec. Nov.. May 23 A<ug. Pr. Pr. Eutyches.. St.. B. St.INDEX... St.. 15 Exanthus.. B . St. M. V. Apr. 4 Exuperia.. V. Jan. St. 21 Fabius. Oct. June 13 Monk. St... St. St.Sept. Evagrmis. 1 Fara. Nov. St.. St. Evodins. M. B Feb.... M. .. Evilasius.. St.. May Evagrius... B Sept.. St. 28 Evasius.. St. 8 Faustinus. 30 Dec.. St. May Eutychius. 14 Fandila.. C Oct. B.. others Apr. Eutychius. M... Eutychian. Aug.. St. 26 Dec.... St... Faustinus. 25 Evodius... C Oct.. 23 Fantin-us. 423 May 27 Ewald'us. 7 Faustinus. St. St. St. St. 14 Exuperius.Oct. D. July 15 (two of this name) . Oct. Mch.. June Evodius.. D.... St. B. St. St.. 2 Nov. St.Oct.. PatriExuperia.. Pr. Oct. M. Exaiperius.. Dec... Eutychius. Oct.. B. M. May 2 Faustinus.

. M. 18 23 M M Pr.. Jan. July 21 Felician. B Mch... M. St. M M 26 31 Apr.. 6 Felicitas. Felix.. 23 others Faustus. St.. Felix... St. P.... 3 Felix. M.Aug. 21 Apr. St. V.M.. Felicissima.. Felix. Felix. M Felicitas. M... St. St. Faustus. P Felix. M July July St. M.. St. M. Aug. M St. 19 Felician. Oct. Feb. St. 8 Felicitas.. Felix. 6 Felicissimus. St...July 2 Felicissimus.. Pr. M Aug. St. Oct.. St.. St.. 29 Felician. 16 Apr..... Felicula. M. Felix III. Felix. 30 June 9 Felician.Aug. M St.. St... Mch.. M July St... others M M M M M . M Felix. D.. Felix. St.. Felix.. M M.. 6 panions M P Feb. B.. 23 May 2 panions Felix. M June St.. M. 3 Feb.... Felix. . Sept.424 Faustus.. St. Faustus..... D... Felix. St. Faustus.. M July July St.... St. Felician.. and others Nov. St. Felician.. St. V. and companions 3 Felix. M. Felix. St. and 20 Mch. St. St.. B. St. Feb.Oct. St. Felix.... St. Felix. M. Nov.. M.... St... INDEX. Felix. M M July St. 21 21 23 25 26 3 8 8 M and comMch. M. Nov. Pr. Felix.. 11 M M St. St. St. St.. M... and June 24 Aug. St.. Felix. July 16 Felix.. mother of 7 sons.. M. St.June 25 Felix. D. Faustus. M.. St. St.. Mch. Felix. 1 M M Pr... Nov. Felix. Faustus.. St.. Felix... Monk. 2(5 Felix. B St... St Faustus. M Felix II. P... 24 Mch. 26 Felicissimais. B July St. M.. St.. July M Felix. martyrs . and com- M 14 13 1 M M 7 9 14 30 Felix. St.. M M M 7 Felix. B.. M. '. St. Felix. C Aug.. Faustus. St. St.. Felix. Feb. St.. V. Felix... M.. 11 Felician. 5 Felix. Aug. Sold'r. 24 Felix. M.NOV. St.. St. M.Oct. Felix. Felix. Faustus. 19 Felix.. 4 Felix. St.. Oct. 12 Felicissimus... Felix.. Feb. St. M July St.. St. C May May May May May May May 10 16 18 18 24 28 30 11 14 17 23 2 10 10 12 14 15 17 19 25 27 27 29 1 22 26 30 10 . Felix.. Felix. St. St. B Mch. St.. M Sept. Faoistus.Jan. M June Fr. Felix. M July St. St. St. St. M.. St..... Felix.. M July St. St..... Mch..May 26 Felicissimus. St.. Felicula... Jan. M B B St.. Felix. St. M St. M Mch.June Felimis. St.June June St. B. 3 Feb. Pr Jan. Felix. Feb. Felix. 13 others Faustus. Sept.D. St. and Jan. 20 Oct.. Monk... St.June Jan. St.. St. St. Pr.Aug. St.Nov. M. Felix.Oct... St.. Felix. B. Felician.. Sol'r.... B July St. St. Febronia. 23 . M M. M Feb. St. St.

Firmin. St..Sept. M B. St. 24 Aug.. St.. St. Sept. V.. Firmus. 10 19 24 12 Firnras. St. St.Feb. 16 Firmatus. St.. 22 Oct... 7 Florentius. 15 Flavian II.. Sept. Festus. Nov. A Firmin. St. May 23 July 15 Florentius. Sept. Pr.July 4 30 others Felix de Valois.... M 24 V. Felix... Ferrutius.Jan. Flavia Domitilla.. 2 Flosculus. Monk. St. St. . and Dec. 22 Florus.Oct. St.. St. Oct. St. B. M. Dec. M M M M St. C Fintan. St. Felix. 28 Nov. 14 M M M M M M M M M M M M .. M M Dec..... Aug. St. Florentius.. Ferdinand III. St. Jan.. Firminus... 5 5 11 18 May M 25 24 M June 24 B. St... Fidentius. St. St. V. St... M Florentia. V. M. B.. Firmatus... St. St. St. M Nov. 26 Florius.. B Oct. July Nov. 9 St. Fidentian. B. Boy. and Nov. May 7 5 Flavia. St. B Nov. M M M M Sept. St. St... Nov. June 5 Florentius. St..June Oct. St. St.. V Florentinus. St. Felix.. St C Dec.. Felix. C. St. King Sept... St... 13 Florenti-us. Oct. St.. Oct. B.. St. St... St. M Flora. St. 20 Flavian. St..Oct.. Ferreol. St. Oct. St. Sold'r. B May 7 Dec... M C D.. 27 Florentius. D Mch. Aug. Firmina.Oct. 5 Felix. Men. Oct.Sept. St. 23 Apr. C Florentius.. 28 Flaviana. 17 29 24 10 28 20 27 16 17 3 23 M M M Fibitius.. St. 23 Flavian.June 24 31 July ' Aug.. Felix.. M. B May 4 Florian. Pr... Firmin. D... St.. St. M M St.. Sept. St. Nov. St... St. M Flocellus.. 18 St. M M M Felix.June Ferrution. Nov.. St. B Dec. Feb. St.. Pr. Oct.. M.. Felix.. Felix. 17 . St.. O M May 30 18 16 16 28 19 21 30 5 M Ex-Consul. V. 24 Flavian. St..... M. Firmus. St. St. B. Flora. Pr... Florentinus. Fiaere. Oct. St. 22 Nov... B Firmus. Ferreolus. 18 Florus... 28 St. July 25 Florentius. 6 Flavian. St.. 31 Flos. St. 27 Nov. St. M.. St. 11 M Mch. St.. Fidelius. 10 Florentius.. St. St.. St.....NOV. St.. M. M June 22 M. 17 companions Aug... Nov... St. Fidelius. 5 Flavius Felix. .... St.. Florian. B Fortunata.. M.. St... M. B Nov. 16 Feb. Felix.. St. Florentinus.. Felix.INDEX.. B... 11 June 1 Florentian. Clemens. 4 Flavius. Soldier. Feb. 425 St. St. Florentius. Oct.. V.. Firminus. Monk Feb. Dec.. St. May 11 Florentius. St.. 5 6 Flavian. Sept. M. M St. 15 Sept. M. Festus. C Aug. St.. St Firmus. Fidentius.. B Florentinus. V Oct. St. 21 Oct. St. B Fidolus. Fidelhis.. 29 St. Dec... Felix. St. M. D.. B. St. Fidelius.. B Jnine Florentina.

Widow. Widow June 4 Gallicamus.. B.. 17 Fortunatus.. Aug. M.. 23 Oct. St. St.Mch. Card.. May 25 Galla.......426 INDEX. Francis Girolamo.. Sept. chant. Mch. June 13 Fortunatus.... 6 May M G.Feb.... B. St St. 19 Nov.. M St.. 16 May 11 Gall. 4 Aug. and Apr. Oct. 23 MerSt. Gamaliel. 11 M.. St. St. 15 Fortunatus.. Oct.. Hermit. St. 27 Fortunatus.. . St. M Gal.. St.Apr. G Fusca. 16 Feb. 3 Fortunatus. . 19 May 30 July 1 Apr.Feb.. M. feast of C.. St. Fruinentius. St... 23 June 1 Fortunatus. Ex-ConJune 25 Impressul... .J"unell Fortunatus. chant. M. C. 15 Fortunatus. 5 Gaugericus... St. feast of Nov. 25 Gelasius.. M. C Fnilk.. M..... and 3 others? Oct. M M 22 Oct.. St. St. Fortunatus.. C Francis. St. St..Aug. St. St. Fructuosus.Sept. 18 Galganus.. St. Apr. D. 17 Gangulphus. St. Fulgentius. Feb. Fortuuatus. Dec. St. Gaudiosus. 27 Frumentius. M. Feb. 14 Fortunatus.. B... Gabinus. St. Fructuosa... St.. M.. Sept. B Jan.Oct. 21 B Apr..June Fraternus. Lector. 26 28 11 1 M M M 21 23 .. St... St. C... . St. St Aug. St. St. Four Saints Crowned. Frideswide. B. Aug.. 2 Fortunatus.. B.May 11 birthGaudentia. B Oct.. M. Nov. M Gabdelas. B Oct.July 18 Gaudentius. B.. B... St. B Dec. 29 St. St.. Francis Borgia. 24 Dec. St. . B M M St... V. 8 Frances.. Apr. St. 16 Gedeon.. St.. B Sept. Frumentius. St. B Oct. 9 Fortunatus. St. St.Mch. St.. 30 St. Fulk. 18 Gaudiosus.. St. M Galation. Fursey. . 16 M M M M MerMch. Fuscian. Men..... St. 13 Dec. B..Jan. St. St. Froilanus.. 5 Francis of Paula.. St. B Galatas. St.. 21 Fortunatus. 12 19 14 25 7 Francis Xavier. Apr. M..... A 5 Oct. St. M M Fructuosois... St.. 28 Oct. sion of Sacred C. 29 Galdini. St. Jan. St. 26 and others Feb. Fusculus. B B. St. 3 Jan... St... B.. Fronto.. Frigdian. M Wounds on Francis....Feb. 3 Oct. St. M M Firancis of B C Sales.Jan. V Oct. M. Dec. St. St. 22 C. St. M. P Fronto.. Francis. C. St. 23 Gelasius. 1 B . Oct. St. Gabinus.Apr. St.. St.. M. St. C Francis..Sept.. St. St. Oct. St. .. St. St Nov. 26 Jan. day of St.. Pr Fortunatus..July 12 Fortunatus. 21 Fortunatus. M. St. B 2 St. Fortunatus. Pr. M. 3 Gaudentras. 19 Gaudiosus.. Gaudentius. 10 Gaudentius. B. St.. D...... Frederic. Oct. St. 29 Gaudentius.. 9 . M. V.

. St. 9 Feb.. St. St. St Mch.... V Gennadius.. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M .. Mch.. A. June 15 Gregory II. 12 Gerasinnus..Sept.. 19 Gregory X. B Jan. May 13 George..Feb. C Oct. St. Godard. 31 Germanus.... George. C Sept. St.. B. B.. St. St.May 9 Feb. St. D... Geminus. 9 Gerard.. Gerard. St. M... St.. 25 Getulius.. C... and 7 Oct. St. St.. St. B Apr.. P Feb.. King. Nov. C. July 17 Geruntius. St... St.. M. Jan. 14 Gertrude.. M Generoso. Jan.. Centurion. 10 Germanus. St. St. St. St. 23 Gregory. St. 19 Gregory. Germana Cousin. M. May 2 Gregory. 24 Gorgonia.. Sept. 25 Gervasius. St. B. Oct. St.. 23 Gordius. St... St. 28 Glycerins. 2 others Dec. St. St.. 30 Gorgonius.... M Generalis.. St. St. Germanus. 25 Germanus. St. St. 21 Apr. M Gemelliis. C.... B. July 27 Goar. St. B May 5 July 17 Genmtius.... St.INDEX. 24 Godfrey. 16 Gerontius. B Sept.. Dec. 19 Glyceria.. St. B May 10 . St.May 28 Germanus.. 5 Gratian. Pr. B May 12 Gregory.. June 10 Aug. St.. 5 Gerinus. St Oct. St... St.. 20 Gontram... M Generosus. St. M Genesius. Gratinian. St. St. B... July 7 Gregory. A Oct. Geminian. 427 M B St. St..Oct.... St. P.. St. C Feb... B Germanus. B June 8 1 May 16 Giles. St. 3 Dec. A Sept.. 8 Aug.. 13 Genuinus. M Genesius. B Sept. 4 Gerontius. C Apr. V. Pr George. 16 Gracilian. St. M..Oct. St. St. St.. B Apr... St. St.. 28 George.. Geminus. 318 others Oct. Nov.. O George. M.. M St. 19 Sept. Mch. P Feb. St.. St. 25 June 19 Aug.... 9 Germanus. 3 Dec. B. St.. 16 Germanicus.. 24 Germanus....Oct. St. 13 Jan. 3 Gorgonius. 5 Glaphyra.. St.. St. the Great P Mch. St. 17 Gerard.. 9 Gerard Majilla. St. St. St.. St. Georgia.. Jan. St. St. 30 Geminian. St. 13 Jan. M. B. St.. St. AnchoMay 1 Grata.. B Dec. C May 4 Nov. B Dec. B. St. St. Widow ret Mch.. 15 Gordian.. 3 Gildard. Nov... B Germanus. 11 Gislenus.Aug. 30 Gregory. St.Jan. 10 June I Geremarus.. Aug.. 11 Gregory VII. V Mch. Aug. 12 Germanus.ll Gerard.... D. B July 31 Gregory Nazianzen. 11 Gilbert.. 4 Germana.. Soldier. V Sept.. 6 B.. 4 Jan. M Genesius. St.. B. St. St.May 25 Oct. 4 Gertrude. St. St. V Jan. B Monk. St. 17 Nov. M Gentian.. St. St. M Genevieve. 15 Sept. the May 9 Germanus.. 18 and Gereon. V . 24 Gratus. B.. M St. Oct.. 2 Gordian. St. St. July 6 George Limniota..

. 12 Heraclius.. B B 8 28 14 15 14 29 28 2 11 M M M .. G Sept. St.. St... .. St Habentius. St. Gregory. Card. C Gregory.. St. St. St. B Guido. B. others May 6 Hermes. B May Nov. M M M M M 26 8 1 Gummarus. 3 Jan.Apr.. May St Nov.. 28 Aug. M.. Prophet. St.. 25 July 7 M St.. Hegesippus. Mch. Helladius.. 20 Henry I. Oct.. B.Dec. 15 Herena. St. 25 Hereulanus. Soldier.. St. St. .Aug... St. St. July 12 M M M M M M M M M M M M . M C M . M. Sept.. B. 19 Heracleas. St. B. Jan. St. 8 Hermiterius. St.. Jan. CatechuJune man. St. St.. St.. Nov. St. B. Sept... Guardian Angels. 8 Herenia.Nov. St..... 3 Helladius. M M M June 7 Hedda. 2 Heraclius. C. St.. M. Griinoaldus.. 12 5 Gurias.. B. 21 Hermippus.. Pr. St Gumesindus.. St July Nov. St. Heliodorus. . Pr... . St. St. Pr. St. May 17 Gundulphus. M M Jan. 18 Apr. 22 Nov. B Herculanus.. B St. Mch. V Helena. St. May 22 Hermenegild. M. July 27 Heliodorus. Hedwiges. A. Sept Dec. Monk. Herculanus. St. Gregory Henedina. 13 Oct. St. Duchess.. . May June Gudelia. 28 Nov... and Hermes. St. St. St.. Herculanus. St.. 29 Heraclius. Heraclius. 4 mother Helena.B. Great Aug. Aug. 22 Helimenas. Holy.Mch... St.. St. Heraclius. 23 Gregory. May of Decapolis. St. St. St. Herculanus.. St. M. H. 29 Mch. V.. St..Feb. Hermagoras. Gregory. St. 4 Oct.. 22 Hermes... St..NOV. Pr Aug. M... Widow.. 18 Hermocrates.. St.. Nov. 11 July 18 Jmne 17 Aug. feast of Mch. St.. St Helaniis. May 28 Hermellus. Sept... St.. of Mch. INDEX. 17 Helladius.July 27 M May 9 Hermas.. 2 Heliodorus. St.. Oct..Apr. 3 Helconides. St... Dec. M. . St... St.Nov. M.. . Pr. 22 Heradius.. Oct. St.. St.. St. B. Gregory III.. St. St. M. St. Pr. M. Sept.. 15 M M . St... . . 13 Hermengaudas. and others Gundenes.. St.. Soldier. St. St. B B July P Nov. l Constantino the Hermes. 13 Helena. 17 Helladins. Exorcist. . St. M Aug. Sept.. 7 Feb. St.C Sept... St.. 7 Hermas. 1 Gunifort. B May 31 Heliodorus. St. 24 Heraclides. St. 6 Heraclius. 7 Hermelandus. St. Guarinus. M Oct..428 Gregory.. 31 July 3 Hermias.. 17 Hermas... 28 Heraclas.Mch. St.. 18 Hermes... . Hermes. Soldier.. Feb.. 25 Habacuc. St..

.. V Jan. 17 Hilary. B. St...June 24 HonoratTus. 9 Hyacinth. 21 Hyacinth. 4 Hospitius. St. 14 Honoratus... 28 Hieronides.... St. Soldier. 30 Oct.. 24 Hesychius. P. 7 Horres. 11 Joine 28 Honorata. St. St.. St.. 17 Honoratus. 16 Oct. 2 others July 27 Hirenarchus.. M. B Nov.. St.. St. and Hermolaus.. St. St. St... Dec.Dec. 17 July 16 Hugh. St. B Hilaria. V Sept. St. C Hilaria. St. 3 Hyacinthus. B Dec. 8 St.. others Nov. 12 Hippolytus. St.. A Heron. 8 Holy Innocents Herodion.. B. St. Nov. St. St.. 22 Honoratus. Hesychius. 13 others Hermylus.. Aug. M. 12 Hubert.. V Oct. St. 19 Hippolytus.. 28 Apr. St.. M. 26 Hormisdas.. 10 Hilary. St. Hesychius. Dec. Monk.. 3 Honorius. 22 Hermogenes. 21 Hesychius. M.Aug. 7 Honorius.. 21 Nov.Apr.. A Apr. Apr. St. Sold'r. B Apr. 13 Heron. 8 July 23 Honoratus... Hilary. O Sept. St May 21 Nov.. St.. P.. St.Apr. St. 17 Himerius. Dec.. and others Aug. M. Hermogenes.. St.Nov. 25 Hyacinthus. July 26 Hilary. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M ... St.. D.Sept.. St. St. M. St. 12 Hortulanus. St...Feb. B Hesychius. C. B.. Dec.Sept. Apr. Sept 11 de MarisHilary. St.. 27 cotti.... St. St. 9 Hilarious.Sept. St Nov.... Soldier... St. St. 3 Hugh.. St. 1 Hesychius. V. B..... . Pr Nov. 25 Hippolytus. St. C. . Dec. 18 Hope. 27 Jan. M. July 7 Honorius. 2 Hippolytus. Hermogenes. Monk.. July 17 Hilarion. B May 5 Hyacinth. St. Hugh. St. C. St. St. Hesychius... Heros. St.. M M M M M M M M M M M M . B. 30 Honorius. St. Sept. A Hilary. St. St. St. St. 13 Hilarion. Ser- 429 Hiltrude. July 3 Hildegardes. C Jan.. M. St... 10 Hyaclntha Jan. M. V. C. St... St.Feb..... 6 and M. St. vant. Dec. St... St.. 29 Nov. St.. Hesychius. St. 29 June 15 Honoratus. St.Jan.. B Hermogenes.. C Nov. St.. and Dec. St.Jan...INDEX. St. B. B May 16 Herundines.. 30 Hilary. O Aug. 1 Dec. C Hierotheus. 28 May 15 Honoratus. M. 3 Aug. B. Hormisdas. Oct..Sept 17 Hyacinthus... B Oct. B Hilaria... 13 Hermogenes. St.... 9 M St.Aug. Nov.. St. 31 Hugh. St. St. St.. Homobonus. 13 Nov.. Pr.... Aug.. Mch. Sept. M. St. 16 Heron. St. St.. July 12 Hugolinus.... M. 10 Hippolytus. V Oct.. M. 2 Honorius..... Hieron. 27 June 17 Apr.. 3 Hermogenes. St. Neophyte.. St... St.... St.. 14 Hyacinth. St. Apr. St. St. M.. B Oct.. St.Jan. C.. St..Sept..... 30 Feb.

June 28 M. Ignatius... M. Monk.. St. 4 cis Sept.. 15 Dec. June 17 Ives. St. Monk cred Feb. 21 Isacius.... C Apr. M. Eunuch. St (the Great). St.. M C M M M M M M . B Apr. St. St.Aug.. 1 Apostle. St. and others July 4 Innocent... Irais. June 17 Innocent. St. 10 . M.. St. St.. 5 Wounds reIsidore. Feb. 14 Ingen...Dec. June 18 M. C May 19 Innocent. 15 Apr. St. and 5 others .June 3 Irenseus. M. Prophet.. St..... St. St...000 captives . M M. Ignatius... 26 James.. M. M M M M M M M M . C Apr.. Indes.... 17 Isidore.. and Dec. 29 Ischyrion. St..Aug. Irenseus. Apr. B. B. C Hypatius. 29 M.. Feb. B. St. P Jame 22 J. M. 21 James. Irenion. B. Innocent. 11 Isidore. with 9.. St.June 17 Irene..... St. St.. Monk. Ignatius. St. C.. M. . 17 Ismael. .. St.. 25 James. Jan.. St. St. Feb.. St. Apr. 26 M M. Tribune. Ildefonsus. 11 Irenseus. C July Oct. I.. St Feb.. B.. St. 28 Isidore.... 18 Irmina... B 17 23 Ischyrion. Hypatius.M. St. ceived by St.. 30 James. V Apr.. St.. St. 4 Impression of the SaIsidore. B. Hyacinthus. and her Apr. 22 Sept. Illuminati... St.. Sept.. M. V Illuminatus. St. St. St. July 25 Irenseus.. St..Joine 3 Isacius. Hygimus.. FranIsidore. Dec. companions Sept. Monk. St.. St. M. St. St.. Irenes. June 17 Irenaeus. 10 May 1 Apostle. B.. Jan.. 16 Dec.. (the Less). M M St. St.Mch.Mch. St.V Jan.. Jan. B May 10 May 15 Isidore. Hypatius... D. 17 Indaletius.. 11 Isaac. Ignatius. St...Dec. B July 15 Irenseus.. 20 Isidore. St. St. St.. Isaias... 2 Jan. V M M M St. D. St. St. 29 Irenseus. B M M M 4 1 1 3 31 23 Illidius. 28 Innocent.. St. Irenseus.. 22 James... B M M M M May 5 Sept. 22 James.... 22 M May Immaculate Conception B. 14 others la.. St. Irenes. Hypatius. Officer. B Ignatius. M. Isidore.. June 1 July 7 Nov. Hermit Iphigenia. M . V.. St. Soldier. Pr. P.. St. July 3 Aug.Dec... D. St. 5 Oct. 8 Isidore.. Dec..... 20 Hypatius.July 28 Jader. Ignatius. St. C M. St. Irene. 24 Isaac. St. Feb. May 5 St. B. . St. D. Jan.430 INDEX. St.. . and companions.. M. Sept. 2 oftheB. Sept...... St.July 6 Isaurus. V. Innocent V..Nov. St. St. 16 Isaias. Boy. St. St. P. St.. B. Oct.. St. St.. St.. St. St. May 15 Dec.. 21 Feb. M. St. M..Apr. Irenseus..

5 Mch.. St Jan. St. Jan. St... M John of Matha. Januarhis. St. St. Doctor C Sept.. St John.. Pr. St. St. Jerome 2Emiliani. St. 23 St. June 17 June Jeremias.. St. St. Prophet. John.. St. June St.Sept. Januarius. Child.. St. and John B. 28 Jan.. the Blessed John the Baptist. Mch.. B.. Mch. Mch... feast of M John Climacus. bringing June back of from Egypt. St. Jan.. Sept. 27 John... Januarius..Oct. 8 the John of God. July 13 B. Nov... John Joseph of Cross.. 7 John. de la Salle. Jan. St. St. 28 John. St May 6 2 John.. May 13 B. John. May 16 Jerome. 3 St. St.. St. M. St Apr.. Jeremias.. St. St. Therestus June Joanna.. A Job.. "St. M. St. Pr. B. St. St. C James Intercisus.. St. 16 John de Prado. Holy. St. May Monk. and others John Calybita.. St Jason. Januarius. Prophet May 10 John. Nov. 4 John. Jan.. Jan. Januarius. St. St. St. Apr.. M.. St. deacon. July Januarius.. John Chrysostom.. 30 May Feb. 10 12 15 17 de Chantal. ... May 1 John. St. John July 20 M Nepomucen.. St. St.INDEX. Januaria. de Rossi. . 27 John. 27 A. St. St. father of John.. B. St. 19 Mch. July Januarius.. St. 30 ... Monk Fremiot John the Almoner. A Apr.. M M 23 24 27 6 M M M 12 M 16 22 23 24 24 26 11 M M ... St. St. July Januarius. St. Januarius. St. Januarius. B June Jiune Joachim. St. C Jeremias. C May 15 . St. Januarius. 8 Mch. St.... St. Januarius. C Jesus. Oct. Hermit Pr.. 1 Prophet St. Aug. M Aug.. July SoibJanuarius. Monk M St... 27 Jan.. 16 John. Januarius.. St. St. July Januaria. St. C. Dec.Tilly 12 John Dec.. B John.... D. B May 7 15 John the Silent. 16 Nativity of surnamed Joachim. 431 St..Feb. 6 Joel. St. 15 John Francis Regis.. B June 7 John of St. St. Jeremias. Facundus. Hermit M M M Jason... St. James. John the Good... P. July Pr. Jan.Oct. M M M M M M M M M 21 2 17 7 19 8 10 10 11 15 6 19 13 24 25 B Jan... James. 31 C. Pr St. M. June Joannicius.. St. St May 24 Nov. Virgin June Mary Aug. St Aoig. St.May Jeremias. Dec. C M. St James of La Marca. John.. St. C Frances Jane Nov. Jan. John. St. before the Latin Gate May 6 John Damascene.

John. Jonas. Evangelist Monk Feb.. Jan.. Joseph Oroil.. 1 May Feb.. 15 Julian.. Spouse of Julian.Sept. July July 5 Mch. Oct. Mch. St. St. a SamariMch... St.. M St.. St.. .432 John Gualbert. Aug. 9 Nov... 27 Julian Sabas. John. Feb.. St. John. Mch.. der. John. St. July Nov. M M B M M B Jan. Thaumaturgus M M Josaphat. Jovinus. C John of Capistran... St. St.. St. St. St. St. Apostle and Julia. St. 13 Apr. V. St Nov. St. Columbini. 16 Josue. Aug. St. 26 15 27 25 4 21 Jan. V. Dec. V. John. St. July 31 Joseph. St.. John. of 3 Judocus. the M. St. 27 Julia. M St. 28 Dec. St. M St. St.. Jan. 24 Dec.. 22 Julian. St. Deacon..Mch. Nov.. M. John of the Cross.. 7 Jan. Pr... St. 23 Jude (Thaddeus). M M M M M M M M M St. 19 Julian. 27 Joseph. C John Cantius. C Oct. Sept. the Just July Aug.. St. John. bishop.. M C Oct.. Feb.. St. 8 Jan. surnamed Dec....... Lector. St. 2 Mch. Apr.. B. 10 Jovinus. Feb. M M Nov. Joseph of Arimathea.. John. Julian. Mary.. St of Nov. V. 17 Julian. 9 El- C St. Monk Holy A. M Jucundus. Jonas. M Sept.. St. 18 St. Joseph St. 1 7 Dec. B. 27 Sept. B of Cupertino. St. M St. Feb. Aug. 11 Julia. surnamed Berchmans.. B...July 12 Joseph. 21 Julia.. 14 27 27 27 28 12 13 . Oct.. 12 Jucundus.. St. M St. Mch. St. Sept. Pr. St Sept. Jonas. John... John. St. M 23 22 M M St. July 27 Joseph. 1 M St..... St. M the St. 27 Joseph Sleeper.. V. 14 .. Apostle. John.. 23 Oct. C John Bonus.. Julia. Arch- Julian. Jan. M Jucunda... . M St.. St. St. St... . 5 Julia. St. 20 M O John John John. M Jovita. 20 St. C. B. M 20 22 27 . 10 Jan. 21 Julia. St... St.. St. St. Prophet.. INDEX.. 12 Julian. July 21 tan. 16 May 22 July 15 July 21 Jiuly 27 Oct. M Jucundinus. St. Sept. Joseph.. St. Jonas. 29 Julia. St. John Leonard!. Pr. O John. M Jucunda. 29 Nov.. Hermit. Oct.. Senator Joseph. 13 Count July 15 Joseph.Nov. V Jucundian... Confessor Aug.... 23 Jovinian.. St. St.. Dec.. St. C 7 Sept. John.. St St. St... St... John.. St.. Josaphat. St. Jan. B... . M.. birthday C John. St. 4 Julian. St. M St. St. Leonissa.

St. V June Aug. C May May Juvenal. 16 Justus.St... Aug. C Julius. Sold'r. B... St.. Julian. 18 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M K. St.. St. Feb. Juliana. 5. Ladislas. St. St. St... St. Feb. Juliana.. Julian. July 17 M . Justus. St. 13 9 July 8 Jan.. M St. 25 Justus. King. St. July 1 Julius. St.. St. St. July 19 Justa. Julian. 7 Dec.. St. M St. St. St.. St.. 31 Julius..Aug.. Aug. Oct. St. B... V. C St. M. Sold r. 30 Justina. 19 Kilian .. Sept... 2 10 14 3 7 25 1 12 1 May 18 St.. M L. M St. St. 9 Justus. St. Nov. St.. V. Dec.. Nov.. Hermit.. Boy. 6 Sept. Commemoration of. Justina. Sept.. St. P Apr.. St. St... St. Julian. 28 Justus. M St. Sept. 17 Justin. M. Julian. Julian..000 others Joilian. M. Julian.... Feb. 5 Dec... M St. Feb. B Juliana. V. M . June 17 Juventius. Dec.. 7 Justina. M St. 14 pher.. and Aug. M.. M M St.. M St. . 12 Julius.Feb. St. St.July 14 July 21 Justus.... 26 Oct. St.. Pr. M Julius. St. St. St... 18 May 14 Justa..Jan. the PhilosoJustin. B.... A A B. St.. St.. St. June 16 Justina. Feb. July 18 Justinus. St. Feb...INDEX.. St..June 27 Aug.. M. St. 12 Aug.. V. St. B Dec. Pr. St. r Justus... St. June 5 M. M St. Julian.. V.. Juliana.... St. 12 Juventius.. Mch.. St.. .. 20 Lsetantius. St... ... 7 Justus. Widow . St.. M Julitta. St. M M M M M M M M Juliana. St... Feb. Monk St.Oct. May 14 Justina. St. 3 Lady of Victory.. M... Julian. Sept. .. Juliana. 2 Justus. St. Boy..May June June 27 5 9 July 18 July 20 7 A>ug... Our..Oct. Julian. St. M St... St. 20 Juvenal.. V.. St. . Julian.. St.. B Aug. Apr. 25 Aug. 19 Juventinus. M St.. Juliana. M M St.. St. St. C Justus. M M St. Julian. Jan.. July 15 Justa. 9 Aug.. 19 Lady of Ransom Sept. 12 Justinus. Julian. M Julitta. M. St. Julian.. St. St.. Jan.. May 28 Justus. M Julius. St. Senator. Julinis. 2 4 13 18 Nov. Julian. 28 others Julian. Julian. Sept. M Julitta. 1 Justin. B July 2 Justus. Nov. July 30 Kieran. 8 May 23 433 Julian. St. Julian. Julian. Juliana Falconieri.. June 16 Kenny.Sept. B Sept. St. Julian. Julian.. Julius.Oct... 1 Justin. V. and 16 17 1$ 24 27 Men.. M St. Feb. 24 Dec.

St. O ret Jan. 14 Leobardus. M. 15 2 Nov.Aug... B 22 Leontius.. Dec. July Laurus. and some boys Apr. 1 Leoicius... M O B St.... Leo. 9 Aug. St. Largius.Mch. St. St. Dec... Sept. Feb.. June 15 Leocadia. Leo.. 27 Leucius. INDEX. Lazarus. B Carver in Aug..... St. St.. St.. 11 Leontius. Mch. St. 10 June 25 28 15 M M M M M M 22 8 2 17 6 13 19 24 18 M Lawrence St. 19 Lewis. Leontius. 17 Leobinus.. St. St. 12 Leodegarius. 23 Leopardus. June 12 Liberatus..... C Lawrence. B. 1 Leo. A Landoaldus.. St. Apr. Marquis. M Lsetus.. B Jan.. Lauto.. B Monk. St. St. deacon... A. .. St.. Sept. Mch. III. V. Lawrence.. M M 18 13 10 18 15 M . St. B Pr. St. and 3 his companions Jan./ Lazarus. June Leonides. Jan. St.. Lawrence of Brindisi. M. St. Mch.. Leo.. St. M B St. St. B Laurentia.. St. 28 Leontius.. C Jan. St. Leontia. Sept. St.. St. 19 Leocritia. St. St.. St.. Leander. M M. St.. St.. ice. Apr. Apr.. C Apr. St. St. M Largus.. St. M B St. Apr. 16 Lambert. Dec. Mch. 20 Leucius. Lea.. Leontius. Feb. B. C 30 Leontius. M.Mch... M.. St. St.. Patriarch. Feb. A Apr. St.. St... 4 Leonides. St. 18 Leonides. Joine 30 Liberius.. Laoirian. St. St. 22 Aug. M St. M.. 8 Nov. St. Jan. Dec. 17 Leovigildus.... St. St. Leontiois. Leo Leo. M M M 12 27 30 15 M 20 11 11 M M M M M 28 21 30 18 17 20 30 23 15 . M M Latinus... V May 25 Liberatus. V.. St. St.. . B July July 3 Liborius. B. St.. Subdeacon . 11 Leutfrid. St.. Sept. Feb. St. St. St. St. St. St. Leo. Justinian. 24 Leonard of Port MaurOct. 22 Leonides. Pr. B..Feb. B.. C 3 Leonides. B. Jan. Lazarus.. St..... Lazarus.. Aug. .. Nov. St. St. 5 Leo.. 8 Leonard.... Nov. and 10 1 Lawrence. St.Oct. Oct. St. Soldier. Sept. . Apr. M June . Sept Leontius.. M. P.. C June July 17 Libya.. Leo... 6 Leo.Dec.. Leo IX.. Lawrence.. St.434 Laetrus. AnchoLambert. .. M. M St.. 2 Leonilla.. July ArchAug. Aug. Laurentinus. M. M. Jan. G Men.... 22 Liberata. Feb.. Lsetus. C. St.. Widow St. Sept.. . Pr.. B. 14 Aug... M Sept. M. Aug.. Leo IV. P P 5 July companions Apr. St. C Nov. St. St. St. St. Lawrence. 6 Laurentinus.. B. St. Stone. St. St. St.. St. and six husbandmen Nov. B C P C P ... Monk. St.. B Sept. Landelin.. St. St. Leo II. 27 Leopold.....Sept. Lambert... . June Apr.

. Lucas... 8 Lydia. B May M G Oct.. St_Jan. B Mch. Lucius. 11 Oct. Oct. St. 30 Ludger. Licerius. B. St. June 3 Lupus. Louis Bertrand. Lucius. Lucian. M Aug.. A Mch. St. M M M M M companions Lucius. Apr.. St. Lucillian. M Mch. 24 Lucius. St. Licinius. and Soldier.Feb... Apr. Longinus.Nov. St. Soldier. B St. Oct. D. 13 Luxorius. 22 May 6 May 13 May 23 Linus. St.. Anchoret Apr. Lucian.. July 7 Lupicinus. St. St. Lucinius. M St.. and 22 others June Lourdes. St.. Oct. Feb. M M M M M Dec. St. St. O Aug. Pr. M St. M St. 25 Ducius. St. 10 Lucius.June 3 Lucius. Dec. St. B Aug. July 27 Lucius. . St. Louis. Aug. M.. V. M B Lucilla. 435 and Feb. Ligorius.. Lioba. P.. St. Sept. St. Liliosa. 19 Lucius. 12 Lucius. C Sept 26 Lupus. four others Longinus.. St. 1(1 Lullus. B. M. M M M M 25 2b* M M Sept. July 21 Lucius... St. 2 Mch. St.... 10 18 16 16 30 15 3 21 31 23 29 1 25 14 2 1C 21 M M M 29 27 3 . s Luperius... B.. Dec.. St. Lucian. St. St. St. Jan. 13 Lupercus.. Senator. St... M St. St. companions Lucian. 24 Lupus.. St. M Aug. St Lucina. 15 Aug. M. Lucia. 3 Lybosus.. St... 22 Luke. M. Mch. M St. 4 Apr.... St. 27 Lucinis.. B. Lucanus. 28 St 28 Lucius. M M M M P. M Longinus. St. St. St.. 15 Lucius. St.-.. V June Feb. 24 Mch. St.. St.Nov. V St. 9 Lucretia. Sept. M C. 7 Lucius... V.. Licarion. St. St Oct.... 7 Lupercus. Pr. and B July 29 Sept. Feb. Sept Lucia.. Lucius... Pr. Oct. Litteus.. St. June 24 Lucius. St. St. June 30 Lutgard. M M St. 18 Feb.. May 28 Lupicimus. St. M and Luppus. Sept... St.. St. Our Lady of . Mch. B. . B.. B June 13 Lupicinus. Louis. Purple Seller Feb. M St. 10 4 19 25 29 1 3 15 23 Lucia.. V. M B June 7 Lucius. St. Lucian. B Luciolus. Pr. St. King St. B. St. M St. St. St.. Dec. St. 31 Lucy. St. July (> Luke. 31 Dupus. Jan. Louisa Albertonia. M. St. King.. M M M . ljucilla. St. Dec. St. St. Lucidius. Aug. St. M Sept.. Lucian... St.. Evangelist.. Lucian.. St. St.. C Dec. V. 2 Lucius. B. Livinus.. Oct... 20 Sept. M C July Dec. St Oct. St. 26 Lupus. St. St.. 11 Lydia. Nov. Lorgius. Aug. C. St. St.. Feb. V. St. Oct. M M M Liphardus. Mch. Apr.INDEX. Oct. Longinus. 13 Lucius. St.Oct..

17 Jan.. St.. St. Macarius. C Apr.. St.. St.. Magnus. M. St..Apr. B. 16 Oct. C. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M . Aug... Macarius. 27 . Macrobiius. .Mch.Aug. Feb. 14 Marcellus. M St. St. Apr. Macedonius. P. M. 4 Malachy. St. A Jan. June 18 July 20 Marcellian.July 25 Marcellinus... M St. 15 Marcellinus. 26 Magnus. Jan. Macarius. St. St. Sleeper. M. C Mannea. St.... 22 Jan. St. 27 Mansuetus. 9 Dec... Oct. SS. M. Apr. Sept.. St. C. St. St. St.. St.. St. 30 Macedonius. Pr. St... Sept 4 Marcellus. 3 Marcellus. 28 Marcellus.M. St. B.Mch. 9 June 29 Mainiel. St... Subdeacon... B.. St.. M Holy 27 21 15 17 Oct. B Nov. St. B Magina. Macarius... St.... C.. . St. St. Marcellinus. 19 Magnus. Soldier. V. B Jan. B Feb... Monk.. 9 Magnericus..Jmly 14 Maginus... St. St. St. .436 M. St 10 Manahen. M M M Manetius.Nov. St.. 3 July 19 Marcella. St. 15 Mamas.. M. St.. B Magnus. St. Jan. Nov. 1 Mappolicus. Oct. B Jan. 5 Sept..Jan.. O Apr. 14 Marana.. Macarius. B June Macarius.. .June 2 Magnus. Macarius. St.. 2 Malo. Macarius. B. May May 24 15 June 10 Aug... 2 Maglorius. 27 Magivus. Aug. with Manuel. M M Mamillus.. 6 Marcellus. 19 St.... Pr. B. Aug. St. and Dec. 19 Marcellinus. St. St.... C Dec. St. 3 Dec.. 13 Marcellian.. St. M Mamertus. MM M M . St. B. St. Macra. 14 Majoricus. 20 Mansuetus. Prophet.. St... St.. St. B Sept 4 Mch. M. 6 Malchus.. M. Macarius. M. M. St. 7. B Mamilian.. St. 6 Aug. St.. B. 17 May 11 Mch. Dec. Oct. Tribune. Macarius... . Sept. Macarras.. 6 Marcellus. St. Malchus. Macrobius.. Macaria.. St. . 25 Marcellin. Malachy..B Aug. St. St. St. P. 31 Macrina. St. Aug. 6 Mansuetus.. St.. 28 Macedon.June 5 Magnus. M M St. 1 Marcellinus. Jan.. 13 Mansuetus. St.. St. St.... Pr. B. 6 Mch. St. 8 M 28 10 1 M Mamelta. St. St.. 12 Mandales.. A May 11 Marcellus. St. Widow.Sept.. 6 Maprilis..Oct: 5 Magnus. 20 Aug.. Aug. V June 28 Macrinus. 12 Mch.. their mother.. St.. M... 12 companions June 17 Machabees.. 5 Marcellus. Apr.. St. 20 Aug.. St. 17 Marcella. St. Sept. St 20 Mancius.. Macarius. Jan.Sept. St.. St. Feb..Sept..... 24 Marcellinus. Feb. B... St Aug. St. 3 Marcellin.. St. St. B. INDEX. M July 8 Malchus. St.. Apr. B. B Aug. 8 Mansuebus. C.. M Feb.. St. C.. St. St. 4 Marcellinus. St. Nov. St Macrina.Sept.

St. M M M M M M M M 22 24 25 16 22 15 Apr. 1 Marcellus..... . St. 20 Marius. St.. M. Marcian. M. 15 Apr. St. Mark..... Apr. 20 Margaret.. 25 B. Chanter. V Margaret. Sept. M. St... June Marina. M. St.. Margaret.. St.. St. St. M. 24 Marolus.. and others Oct. Marcian. St. 4 Marcian. M Marcian. June 17 Mark. St.. St. D. St.. St. 13 Mark. B. Marcellus. 4 Marcian. Mareas... Marcellus. Dec.INDEX. M Sept. St. St. St. St. Mardarius.... Dec.. M. St. 16 Mark. Pr May 22 Mark. C Aug.. 31 M M M 1 27 28 4 7 . children May 24 Mark. Marian... 22 Martha. B.rciana. St.. July 2 Marcia. St.. D. 2 Mark. 19 Mch. St.. St. St.. St.. St. St. St. Solitary Oct. St. St. 9 Mark.Mch. St. V. Marcian. 16 Marcellus.. July Marinus.. M John Oct.. B.. Apr... B. M. St... M Nov...... 25 Sept.. others St. Aug.. St... Dec. Marian. 9 Mark. B Nov. St. St.. 22 Martha.. 9 Mark.. 30 Nov. C M M M M M M Jan. St. St. 27 Nov. Marian. 23 Marotas. Margaret. St. Jane 5 Marcia. V. Marcionitta. Apr.. A Marcellus... July Marinus. M Marcian.. Jan.. Ma.. M Marciana. St.. St Marcian... 27 Dec. 6 Apr... 29 Marcellus. V. Nov. St. 26 Marcellus.. V. Pr Marcian. Marian. 28 3 J-uly Aug. V. St. St. C Oct.. St. C Oct.. St. 437 St. St.. Lector. Marinus. D Marinus. Marcellus... Marinus. Senator. M Dec... C Mardonius. M Sept. Mardonius.. M Oct. Marinus.. Aug.. M Oct. St Feb. Mch. St. St.. St. M Marcius. St. 24 Evangelist. St.July 12 Mark. Marina. M. Marcus. St. 17 Marcian.. bishops and clerics.. St.. Dec. D. Oct. CentuOct. Widow.Apr. also called Marcian.June 14 Mark.. M.... 23 July 29 M M .. St. M Nov... P.. 2 Dec. M. M Marcian. St. B. St. July Jan.. V. St.Nov. 2 Jan...... Soldier. St.. St. M Sept. St.. St.... M July 11 Mark.Apr. M. St.. and Oct. Shepherd. June 21 Maria. Mark. St.. June 5 Mark.. V. rion. 10 Marcian. Jan. June 10 Martha. St. 23 Mch. St.. and Martana. St. Queen. St. Marcian. St..Dec. M Jan. .. M... Marinus. St. Marian.. Aug. St. St.. St.. M Marcian. Jan. 13 Maro. Mch. Pr. St. B.. St. M and others Oct.. St. V. Marciana. 3 Marcia. M M 17 30 19 17 1 M M M M 18 18 25 3 5 10 8 4 M M M M M and Mark... St. D.Jan. St. 24 Martia. 19 Feb.Dec.J-uly 20 Martha. M.. M June 18 Mark.. St.. 26 Jan.. B. M. M St. 30 Mch. 19 Mch.

28 Martyrs. Jan. St. at Alex27 andria Feb. St. Holy. B July Martin.. M. 2 Monks. May Martyr ius. M. St. Monks 13 June 30 Oct. Martyrs. in Africa Jan. Holy. Sicily 12 7 Martyrs. Martin. at Rome Aug. Martin.. Holy.000.. Holy. St. Holy. Feb. Holy. Holy. at 16 Rome Mch.. Jan. Martinian. Martial. . Holy.... Martin. M Apr. nicia Feb. Martyrs. St. Dec. INDEX. Holy. Martyrs. 2 Martyrs.. Martial. brothers Martyr. at Constantinople. St.. at 14 Rome Mch. Dec. Holy. B. others Martial. Holy.. St. Monks. Martyrs. Martial.. St.. Anthimus Martyrius.. B M M M. St. 47. Japan Martyrs. 1 tine 19 20 21 22 23 28 1 2 2 4 6 10 10 11 14 14 17 . Holy deacon in Valeria Mch. 42. St. 22 Martyrs. P. Martyrs. 10 diers. Syria 2 Martyrs. B. Holy July Sleeper. Holy. 18 21 . Holy. 30 2 Martyrs. in Arabia Feb. St. Holy.. Martin.. 10 Soland Feb. Holy.. 23 Martyrs. in Feb. Martinian. Holy. in Pales- M M M M M Martyr deacon of St. 38 Rome. 8 July 10 Martyrs. Holy. Holy. 21 and others. Monk. St.Mch. Martyrs. Holy. Holy. in 5 Persia Mch. at An6 tioch Mch.. diers. Martinian. and Oct. Martyrs. Holy. Martyrs. Holy... Campania Martyrs. Martyrs. 10.Jan. Martyrs. Sinai Jan. at Alexandria 5 Mch. Holy.. Feb. in Egypt.. B July Martinian. St. M St. St. C Nov.Holy. at 23 Rome Mch. 80. Martyrs.. at Alex8 andria Mch. 42. 28 in Valeria Mch. at Rome Martyrs. Martyrs.. B July Martin. on Mt. 40 SolJan. M Martyrinis. in Feb.438 Martial. at Nicodemia 5 . St. in Pontus Feb. 26. 16 Martyrs. Martial... Martyrs. in Persia Feb.. in 14 Mch.. at Sebaste Martyrs. 900. 79. St. Holy. 72. Holy. 40 Sol13 Mch. A Nov. at Alexandria Jan. diers. St. in Nuand midia Feb. St. in 25 Mch.. Jan.. Subdeacon. at Sirmium Feb. 11 Sept. Oct.. Holy.Oct. 24 11 Martyrs. Holy. Martyrs. Martyrs.. Holy. 260. A Jan. St. Holy. St. Martina. Holy. V. at 29 Rome Mch. in Phoe19 Martyrs. Martyrs. companions June Martin.

in Arabia July Martyrs. Holy. Holy. Holy. in Palestine May Martyrs. Holy. 262. stantinople Martyrs. at Constantinople. 165 Soldiers. Holy. in Palestine May Martyrs.. 3 June 24 Sol- Martyrs. 6 7 9 10 22 4 9 diers. Monks 2 8 8 9 23 24 27 28 31 and others. 1480. at Alexandria May Martyrs. Holy. Holy. Holy. East Aug. in Persia Apr. in Syria July Martyrs. at Gorcum July Martyrs. at media June 23 Treves Oct. Monks. Monks. Martyrs. Holy. 6 Virgins. Holy. 1525. 50 Soldiers. at Martyrs. Holy. Holy. Holy. in Cap- 6 9 10 10 16 24 20 30 1 24 6 . Holy. potamia May 23 Martyrs. 200 Monks. Holy. . padocia May 23 Martyrs. Holy. Holy. at Martyrs. Holy. at Rome July Martyrs. Holy. Martyrs. Martyrs. rica Martyrs. Holy. Martyrs. Holy. at Amiterno. in Rome June 17 Africa Aug. in Persia Apr. Rome in Aug. . in Lesbos Apr. Holy. Martyrs. Holy. Martyrs. Holy. Ararat June 22 at Benevento Sept. Holy. Holy. Holy. Martyrs. 200. Holy. at Porto Joily Martyrs. Holy. 10.000. 39. 37. 5. at . 20. Sinope Martyrs. at Burgos Nicodemia May 19 Martyrs. Holy. in Persia May Martyrs. . Monks. at Apr. 122. Holy. in Aug. Martyrs. 49. in Thebais July 350 Martyrs. 60. 23. at NicoMartyrs. Holy. Holy. Holy. Aug. Holy. 12 Brothers on Mt. Martyrs. Holy. in India 13 Martyrs. at 439 Rome Mch. Af- 16 Martyrs. in Martyrs. in Tarsus June 6 Thracia Aug. Holy. Holy. 7 Virgins. Holy. Martyrs. Martyrs. Martyrs. at Samaria June 22 Chalcedon Sept. Holy. 300. Holy. at Rome Apr. at Martyrs. Monks. Holy. Martyrs. in Bulgaria July Martyrs.July Martyrs. at ConMch. 83 Soldiers. 310. at Martyrs. 33 Aoig. Martyrs. at Rome Martyrs. in Palestine May 28 Martyrs. at Umbria May 29 Carthage Aug.INDEX.July Martyrs. at AlexMesoandria Martyrs. in Africa Apr. Holy. 262. Holy. at Sirmium Apr. Aug. 19. 25 30 5 5 Rome Martyrs. Aug. Holy. at 3 5 Holy.

20 Mary Magdalen.. 14 Maternus. St. St. 22 Rome Mch.. St.. St. St. media Dec. 4 Matthias. Holy.. Jan. 6 Mch. Hermit. 25 Jan... M ... Holy. St. V.. A Feb. of James May Maura. Apostle. St. Matthias.. St.. Oct. M M St. St. . Holy. St. Apostle gins. Mary ad Nives. St. dedic. V. Martyrs.Dec. St.Dec.. Mary.. St Martyrs.. St.. 30 Africa Mary.. M.. 10.. 5 10 19 6 22 1 M M 2 10 M 29 9 18 14 14 15 M 20 18 14 21 M M 12 30 24 1 M M 2 Mary. Apr. Apr. Oct. St.. Oct. Holy... 46 Sol.. B. 496G. 16 Mary Africa St. Matrona. at Handmaid.Oct. ''the Sinner" Nov. in Africa Dec. Feb. Holy. Martyrs.May Nicomedia Matronia. .V diers. St. at Mch. Holy.. 270. V. Martyrs. Mary of Egypt. Hermit. Sept. 13. V. St. Queen. 12 dedic. surnamed Mark June 29 M. C Martyrs. of holy house Nov. 15 27 13 May 3 Nov. 30 Mary Magdalen. at Oct.. apparition Cologne of in Spain Aug. St. Theban. St July 22 Maurus. 300. in Dec. Alexandria Nov. Oct. 20.. St. Matthew. Martyrs. St.. M... Martyrs.. Martyrs.. St.. 22 Sept. Martyrs. 23 Matrona. at Maseula.. Mother St... at NicoNov. Mary Salome. B.June 10 Carmel July 16 Mauritius. 2 Maturin. and companions Sep. Martyrs. B. StageNov. in de Cervellione. B . V Sept. St Apr. 3 gossa of Dec. Martyrs. Mother of God.. St. 13 Maurili'us. Holy. 24 Matthew. 25 Mary Frances. Nov. St. St. St. V. Dec. of Church of. B Maruthas.. B Emesa July B Maternus.. Virgins. at Rome May 13 Maura. 30. A. 25 Maura. at Massylitan. Mother of John. Holy. Maur. Theopolis player. St.. C June Mary Cleophas. St. 16 Matilda. St. St. St. Holy... St.. St. at Rome Oct. of... Holy. St. Holy. Africa at Rome Aug. M. at Dec. 15 Mary. M July 10 Jan. Mch.. B Mary. St. 9 Maturus. Servant. Sept. 220. at Saratransl.. Holy. Mary. Many Martyrs. Holy. Matrona. Martyrs... A Jan.May 27 Maurice. at Antioch and Evan. Mary of the Martyrs.. Thousand. Holy. in Oct. of Mount Maurinus. of Church Maur. M. 40 VirDec. Martyrs.. 30 Mary.440 INDEX.

C.. St. St. St.. St... St. 18 M. M Soldier. St. B Maximinus. Maximian.....Sept. M Sept. M M St.. Jan. 29 Maximus. 24 A>ug.. St.. M M M M St.. St. St. St. St. St.... 441 St. C. St. B. St. Oct. St.Feb.. 8 panions May 15 Meletius. Maurus.. Sept. . Maurus.. . Aug. Maximus.. 12 Melasippus. 8 Maximus. companions Maurus.. M. Maximinus. St. 15 and 252 comM.... 29 Meletius.. Pr... M. M M Aug. . St. 25 Sept. Apr. Maximus.Aug. 4 Sept.. P. Jan. St. 16 Jan.. Pr.Nov.. Maximus.. 4 Maximus.. C. St. C Aug.. 10 . St. St. C Maximus. St. 27 . St. St. Nov.. St. 22 Aug. St Dec. 29 Melchiades.. . 7 M. D. V May 16 Maximus. Maximus. Nov. B C. Maximus. C Dec. St. 18 Meleusippus.... 5 .. M Apr. 15 Apr. M Apr. M St... Maxima. B. and Maximus. M St.. 25 Meletius.. Aug. M 20 23 St. St.Jan.. Centu- 12 M 24 21 4 17 Sept. 13 Mellitus...June 26 Maximus... 21 Maximus. M. St. Apr. St.. B Jan. O Maurus. B. St.July 30 Maximus. Maximilian. B..... 28 15 Menander. St. St. B 14 Memmius... M St. St. St... Apr..Jan. M St. Maxenthis.. St. St. C Maurus. St. Hermit. Jan. M Maximus..June 10 O. 31 July 27 Melanius.. B. 22 Nov.. M. Maxima. 1 M 29 Menedemus. 2 11 Menander. 3 Maximus. 15 Sept. M M M M M M 8 Meletius. St.. Boy.May Dec. B.. M Feb. Maximian. Maximilian.. Mavilus.. Oct. St. St Maximian.. July 27 Maximus. B Feb... 26 Maximus... St. Maurois. C. B .June 25 July 20 Aug..... B June Maximin.INDEX.. 21 Meinard. .. Apr.Oct.. C. Maxima.. B.. B. 20 Oct... M. C. Officer.. St. St. Aug.. St. M Maximian.. St... St. St. B. St. Maxima. St. St. D. 12 Maximus. St... Maximus. May Maximus. 22 Maximus.Aiug.. .. St. Aug.. 1 Maurus. M. B May St. . Dec. St.. Dec.. St..... 21 June 9 Melania the Younger. Maximian. Maximus. St.. V.. St.. Maximus... St. Holy Maximian. M Feb. Dec. 2 Maxinnus.. M M St... 6 Oct. 28 M. B. St.....Oct.. St. 2 Maximus. Pr.. 19 C.. M B Aug. M St. M Maurus. Sleeper. 16 Oct. M. 18 Melitina. Jan. St. B 3 Melas. Nov. 27 8 Medard. B 15 Memnon....Sept. M Maxima. M B.. St. Maximus. 5 30 rion. May Maximus. St. 21 Melanius... 20 5 Menalippus... B.. Maximus. Jan.May Maximus. Monk.. 2 13 17 18 M Maxima.. C. Dec.NOV. B.. Maxima..... B. C. Maximus. B June 8 1 B. St..Oct.. St.Nov. Maxentius. B.. companions Men.. Sept. St. St.. 3 Maximus..Dec. C. .Jan. and Maximus. St. St. 30 St. St. St.

M. 12 Monas. July 13 Matron. Mennas.. St. B May Dec... St. D. St.. Metrophanes. Merulus. St. Mennas. Menodora. Monk M. St. Lawgiver M 24 and Prophet 10 Moses. M 18 31 Anchoret Moses. St. Most. St. Nabor. St. St. St... Holy. St Soldier. Dec. 25 Jan. C.. St. Metrobius.. Dec. Youth. Methodius. Nabor. 10 Modoalbus. St.Sept. D... Montanus. M Sold'r. 3 Mirocles.... St. July Menignus.Sept. C Nov.Mch. St.. St... 3 M Apr. 11 Modestus. 29 Montanus... Prophet.. B Michael of the Saints. M St. j 1 Methodius.. M M M M M Mercuria. Pr. V. 22 Modesta... St.. St. B Mercury. St. Mch. St. V. A Meneus. Pr Jan. Soldier. M. Feb. 18 July 3 Apr. 13 Modesta. Mch... M St. May Nov. M Miles. 10 Feb. 23 Myron. M. .June Dec.. St.June 12 July 10 July 12 Nahum. 24 companions Aug.. St.. St.Dec. 24 Metellus. M. 4] Moseus. St... V St...Aug. Archangel. 9 Moses.. Jan.. Metran.... May apparition of May Michael. 19 Movable Feasts 15 Moysetes. St.. Metrodora. M M M M Page xi St. St.. Prophet.442 Meneleus. 7 Methodius.C. 4 Nov. St. 11 Modestus. C Musonius. Dec. 15 Modestus. C Misael.. St.. 4 12 12 12 12 24 15 10 12 12 2 4 10 July St. 24 M M B. June 10 Modestus. 26 Merry. Jan.. Nov... Meuris. St. Jan.. St. 23 Muritta. M... M M M Nabor.Sept.. Soldier Nov. St. 25 Monitor. M Minervus. M St. Dec. M. Solitary.. St. St.. M St.. Mercury. commem. M. 18 j Mucian. Michael. B Oct. June 17 Jan.. St. St. Nov. Mch. M. Pr. Soldier. M M Sept. V Nov. St.. Milburge. M. St. St. a Dyer. St.. Holy Infant Feb... Archangel. B. Mary Sept. 28 M St. St.. Mennas. Michael... St. 25 Modestus. of Sept. and companions.. M. Modestus.. Aug. B Hennas.Feb. 8 Mucius. St. an Ethiopian.. 31 Aug. 17 Montanus. St. and St.. B June 14 Moses. 23 Minias. 16 Nov... 13 Mitrius. B. B May 23 Monegundes.. 17 Feb. 13 Modesta. St. St.. July Aug... M M Mercurialis. St. St. 24 Modestus..Feb.Dec. St. B Dec. 1 Aug. St. of the B. 10 Mustiola. St. St. St.. St.. 29 8 Myron. 23 Myrops.. M Mch.B. M. M Migdonius. St.. St Joily Monica. St. 12 . St Apr... 1 Name. Michseas. B Feb. .... N.. 22 Joily 13 Jan. INDEX. St.. St.Oct. B. Soldier.. Minervinois.. St.... B. St. St.. St.. V... 22 Dec. 25 Dec... St.

.. Neon. 16 Niceras. M M M. M M M M M M . St. 13 Nicomedes. Dec. M.. B St. P Dec.. B. V. Sept. B... B. St. and companions Sept. St.. July 27 St. St.. St. 10 Aug... B.. 4 Nestor.. Pr...... Card. St. TriNov. Narcissus. St Feb. 23 M M M M M M M .. 13 Nicander. St. B.. Neophytus... Nov. Mary Nativity of Our Lord. 7 A M Mch. B Nicholas. Ass yt Nestor. B Nicetus. May . and others July Nemesius. St.. St.Oct. M.. St.. 1 Sept. B.. 20 companions bune. !. Narcissus. Jan.. St.. July 7 Nestor. St. St. 20 M. July St.. (at Milan) Nemesius. Nicon.. M M Natalia.. 8 Sept. 8 Nicostratus. Navalis. 17 Oct. others Nereois.. M. M B Narnus.June 2 St. St... 16 May 1U Nicholas Peregrinus. D. Dec...... St.. Neopolus. St.INDEX. Narcissus. St.. St. 6 Nicholas. St. M.. Monk Nersas. July 5 Feb. St.. Dec. 4 7 Nov. 31 Nicseas. M B... Mch. 29 Mch... Nicanor. M 18 1 Niceta. St. translation of M V Dec.Mcb.. Dec. St. St. Feb. St... 443 St.. and companions Dec. B.. .. 10 St. M. and others. Narcissus. C Sept. 8 June 22 Aug. St. 28 Nereus..Sept. V Neon. M M M M M 28 2 20 2 Sept.. St. St.. Dec. B. 1 Nicephorus. St. St. St. St.. Neomisia. 26 Nicostratus. 20 Apr. Nazarius.. D. D. M M M M 25 24 23 Nicon. Nicetius... M Narseus. M Oct. M. B Nicetas. 15 M May C. C Nov. 25 Nicephorus. 4 Jan. 9 Natalia... Nativity of the B.. St. Nemorius.... 26 Nicon.. St. St. Jan.. St. 10 Nicolas. Prefect.. Nemesius. St. May St.. 15 M. St. . St. July 28 Feb. M M... 2 B. 8 May 12 Oct. M. Narses. C Aug.. B. St. Apr. 8 Nicostratus. St. M St. 3 Nicolas. St. and his companions. Nicetas.Oct. Soldier. and Nicostratus. May 21 Nestabus. 15 June 17 . 19 B.. 27 June 5 July 15 Nicasius.. St. St. M St. Neon... M Dec.. St. Aug. 13 Nicholas.. Narcissus. St. Sept. 29 Oct... St. Neoterius. 9 M 31 Nicholas Albergati... 18 Sept.. Namphanion. St.. St. Nicseas. 7 . C Nicodemus.. Nestor. St. Nemesian. Nemesius.. St. St. Sept... 25 Nicephorus. M June 12 St. Nicetas... Nicanor. M Narzales. M. 8 Nicephomis. 3 5 5 Sept. St. Nov. Nicander. Nicander..... and 99 Mch.Nov..... St Aug. Nicander. B. Nazarius. St. M.. Nicetas. M. St. St. Neon. St.Mch. St. St. St. . Mch. Nemesius. 11 July 17 Nicasius. St... Sept... St. 27 Mch. 27 July 24 Jan. St. St. St. M B M Oct.. Sept.

St.. 16 Optatus.. Sept. M M M A A .. M St. St..444 Nilainmon.. St. 22 July 4 Osee. Nilus. 6 Sept.. July 29 Pacian. St. C Aug. Our Lady of Lourdes. St. B Jan. 10 M St.. AnchoNov. St. Apr. Obdulia... M Sept. V Oceanus. St. St. St . 5 4 St.Feb. Tribune. St.. 22 Soldier. 4 Osmund. .. 16 Otto. 1 Palmatius. with wife... B C Ninian.. St. St... B. 17 Palladia. 26 Sept.. M. St.. St. B.... St Nonnus. Ollegarius.. Consul... V. St. 16 Othmar. Sever- 14 9 St. 13 Optatus. A July 2 Otho. B Nonnosus. St... Numerian. A May Mch. others. . Nymphodora. C Aug.. St.. B. St. St. 18 Oct...... July 26 bishop Olyinpiades.. 5 Orentius.. Octavian..Aug. M M M. C Aug. King Othilia. 1 Olaff. June 24 Nov. St. Odilo. 20 Oiner.. 6 Palaemon. St.... ret Nilnis. B. 6 Orestes. St. May St. May Nilus..July Pr.. St. Ex-conDec...... St. 19 Onesimus. 18 Pachomius.. Nov. M Arch- July 7 Pachomius. St. St. M Mch. 6 Oct. N'unilo. St.. St. M... St... Dec. St. St. M. 25 B Oliva. Numidicus. C Jan. and many St.. and 42 of household. Jan.. St. B Apr. Odo. M.. B Sept. St.. M. M M 11 8 30 M 24 M 10 .. St. sons.. Olympiades. 9 Dec. 31 Orentius. Feb. V.. St. St. May Olympius. B.. St. St. 12 Onuphrius.. Soldier.... St.. 31 Feb. St. St.June 12 M... sul.Sept. C. A B Sept. Odo. St... St. 13 Nov.. St. St. 9 Sept. St. AnchoOlympius. B. 11 Owen. M. Novatus. 20 P. ret June Aug.... St. June 3 Pacificus of in.. 26 Onesiphorus. St. A Oct. 22 Orontius. Mch.. St. B. Nympha. King. Palatinus.Nov... Pr. June Nizier.. July Nimphodora.. 20 Orioulus. 15 Palatias. C. Nov. Sept. St.. St. .: Jan.. B Nimmia. Abbess . Prophet Dec. 10 Sept. Apr.. St. 16 M. 13 and Nov. 5 companions 9 Orientius. M M 12 14 16 4 31 1 M M Nonna. V. St..... St. Arch-D..Nov. O. 2 Optatus. Nilus.. St. A B A V St. 12 Optatian... C June 30 Ostian. Widow Dec.Mch. 2 2 Orestes. Norbert. St. B. St.. 24 M B May 1 M Octavius. St. Dec... Nominanda. M. M June June B... INDEX. Dec. St. and children May Olympias. St.. 5 Oswald. B.. St. Olympius.. St.. Jan..Aug.

... St. Papias... B. St. 20 17 Paul. St. St. St.. St. Parthnius. Feb. St. May 28 30 Pastor.. St.. 17 22 Paul of the Cross. 21 25 Paul.. Parisius. Aug. St...Apr. Monk.. 4 29 Patrobas. St... St. 17 22 Paul. 13 Patritia. and 375 companions Nov.. Mch.. St. his Pastor. Feb. Pamphilus. St.. St.. Papias. . Papinian. M.Apr.. D. Pascal. St.. P Paschasius. St.... St. . M..Jan. 2 20 Paul.. St. St. St. Pamphilus. St..INDEX. M... Parmenius. St. B. Papias.. Pantagapes. M.. M.May Nov.. M.. St. St. 8 Paul. St. St. and Mch. St. Nov.Sept 23 2 Paternus. 7 Simpl 11 'Paul. Pasicrates. St.. St. . Paphnutius. St.. St. St. St.. St.Jan. Parasceres. Jan. 24 Patritius. 28 conversion of Jan..Dec. Pancharius.. D. St.. St Paschal... 16 12 Paternus. . St. and others 19 Mch. 30 companions St. . St. . 12 17 Patience. M... St.Apr. PhysiJuly cian. Pr.. Mch.. Pr.. St. 25 7 Paul. M. M.... 21 7 Paternus. St. M. Aug.. St. M. C June Parmenas. and Oct companions Pammachius. St. 29 Mch.. St. B. Mch. 10 23! Paul. B Sept.. M M and companions Sept. July 9 19 Paternian.. B Feb. Pr.. St.. Paschasius. B Apr. 11 27 Patricia. 8 Patiens. and others May July 26 St. 28 Pastor. St.. Solitary... B 21) Paul. Paphnutius.Aug.Jan.. B Mch. M.. Feb. surnamed the Mch. May 1 27 Patiens. St.. St. St. Pantagathus. St..Apr.Apr....... j M M M M M M M M M M j ! l M M M . M. 15 2 Paul. Apostle.. St. St... Papius. M.. St. St. M. M C. B St. B Feb. May Pancratius.. Papias.. May 15 Paul. V Aug. M.. Apr.. 5 M. B Mch. St. Paphnutius..Apr.NOV. Pr Pastor. Pancratius. Monk... 8 Feb. M 445 St.. B M . July Pantaleon. 19 28 Paul.. Pamphilus. St. St.. 17 11 Patrick.... M.Aug. 1 13 Paul.. D. St. Pantaleemon. May 17 25 Pa<ul.. St. 25 19 Patrick. M M M . Papias.. B. St.. 24 Mch.. Sold'r. St.. B Sept.. St.. M. St. . B 21 Patermuthius... St. St.. B. July Papylus. B Sept. A Aug. 22 14 Paul. B.. June and others Sept. Nov. St. St.. St.. St.. 6 8 1 Patapius. M Paris... 28 Nov. Feb.. B Pamphilus. St. June Papius. 31 C Apr. B Jan.. 21 7 Paterius... Boy. C Mch.. St. M M M M M Paramon. 28 13 Paul. July Pantsenus. B July 12 3 Paternus. First Her26 mit Jan. St Sept.. Palmatius. Mch... M May May May Feb. St.. St 22 Patroclus.Mch. Apr. St. B Paschasius. 7 5 Paul.

M. June 18 Perfect.. Dec.. June 30 Paul. M 1 1 M M M M M Pelagia. St.. June Paul. C Jan. St. and companions Chair of. 19 B May 4 M M commemoration of. St. St. July 20 Pergentinus.. St. 4 Paulillus. Pr. B Jan..A"ug. and a boy July Paul.. St. St.. M. 31 Peter. Apostle. Pelagia. V.Apr. St.Mch. 19 Perpetuus... C Paul. 7 Pelagian.. St. C. Nolasco. 11 Mch. St. June Paul. St. St.June 22 Peter. and others of the clerSept. surnamed the Penitent 20 Pelaginis..Apr.. 15 Nov. Paulina. St. St. Aug.. St.. St.. M M M M M M M July Peleus.June Paul. 11 May 26 Peter. . B. St.. B. Apostle........ . Chair of. V. Feb.. Card. M M M M M M . St. St. 16 Paulinus.. St. M. Paulinus. Pr June 3 Peregrinus.. St. V. Boy. V June 26 Paulina. P. M. M. St. Card. Jan. M. Pr. M.. 31 Peter. $t.Apr. St. Apostle. Panlinus.June 13 Paul. M.. June 6 Perseveranda. St... Aug. St... St. St. B. C. St.. St.. St. at Rome. St. 31 . M M ... July 7 Paml. 3 Peregrinois. 19 gy 3 Peleusius. St. M. 29 Peregrinus. B. 3 Dec.June 9 Peter. C.... 8 Paulillus. St. St. St. St.. Jan. B Feb.... St. Mch. Aug. St. .. 22 Pausilippus. St. M. V.. V. St. Apostle. St.. St. Paulinus. 3 Pelagia.. B. St. St.Jan.. St Dec. Paulinus.. B.... V.. St. D. Widow.. M June 26 28 Aug. M. St.. St...... Jan.. St.. . B... Jan. St. St. May 5 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M . B. 12 . Boy.. 2 Peter. Dec. Pelagia. St. 21 Dec. St.. 10 Peter Mavimenois... 26 Pelagius. St.. 25 Peregrinus. M M Oct. 25 St.. 6 & 7 Paula.Apr... St May 1 17 Peregrinus. St.446 INDEX. B Apr. 24 Peter. St. Peter. 28 Pelagius...Nov.Feb... 19 Peregrinus.. Aug.. St..June Paul.. 14 July 11 Peter. St. a Youth.. Mch... St... 2 Peter.Feb.. St. Pr. St... 26 Peregrinus. 24 Paulus.. St. 23 Pegasius.. St. Aug. St.... at Antioch... July Paul. St. Paulinus.. M M M . B.. 7 20 Pelinus. 25 Paula. Sept.. 9 Paulina. Mch. B. St. B Oct.. 10 Peter. Paul.. Feb. June Paul.. June Paul. 5 25 Peregrinus. M...Jan.. June Paul. St. Mch.June 3 Paula. C Pelagia.. M. St.... 29 Peter Urseolus (Orsini). St. 18 July 12 Paulinus. 18 Paula. 20 St. St... Oct. June Paul.. June 17 Paul. Dec.May 16 Paul. 10 May 4 Paulinus. M. 29 Peleus... July 28 Paula. St. St. St.. St. 23 Peter. 8 Oct. M. B. 8 Oct.. 13 Perpetua. Monk. B...... St. St. Pausides. 10 Perpetua. M. Mch.

St. Aug. St..May Apr. Peter. M.. 26 Philomena. B. St. Oct.Oct.Aug. Nov. B. St. 23 Philippa. Philseas.. surnamed festival Chrysologus. M. .. M. Petronius. June Philip. 8 Philip. Aug. B. M. St.. St.. M. B... St. Peter of Moroni. M. M. and others Feb. St. M. July 7 Philemon.. 28 Philomenus. St. St.. Jnme dier. Peter. Peter..Sept... others Aug. Peter. B.. St. C.. Mch. Philemon.INDEX. St. Exorcist. 17 Apr. Apostle..May Peter. St. Apr. D Peter. St. St. 18 Philologus. Peter Regalati.. St... 26 Peter. V Peter.... B. 30 Petronius... St.. C. St.. St.. St. B cas of Nov. M M Mch. Peter Paschasius. yer. B 8 B May Peter. 25 Philo. St. St. C Oct. Sept Oct.. St. B Peter. Nov. Sept 17 Philip. St. St. . and St.Sept.. and M M M 24 10 2 4 30 18 26 8 21 22 27 20 22 11 1 M M M M M M M M M M M 12 26 6 10 M M M M M M M 15 17 2-H M M M M 2 13 22 22 20 25 M 20 4 5 14 . 4 9 31 6 4 M. D Peter of Arbues. July Nov. Dec. St. Philip.. Apostle. Peter Armengaudius. B. Peter... St.. Peter. St. Philip. St. B. St.. Sept.. 4 Philip Beniti. B Apr.. 27 Petronilla. M. SolPeter. St.. Oct.Nov..... 9 Philip Neri. M. St.. St May June Peter.. St. M.. ReguMch. M.Apr. Aug. A dedic. July Oct. Peter and Paul. Oct.. St Nov.. Sept. C.. M St. M. lar Canon Mch. St. St.... St. St. Oct. St.. St. Peter. festival of. St. 447 St. 26 of Peter.May 13 Philadelphus. Peter. 7 Philip. (Pope Celestin V. St May Peter Claver... 1 Philibert.NOV.. Peter. others St Apr. Aug. St.. St. C Anig.. St.June 2 June 7 Philastrius. Sept. B Sept... SS.. St. St. 19 Philip. St. Philibert. Monk. B. St.. St... St. Philogonius. 3 Philip.Dec. Lawdedication of BasiliDec. St.. St. St. Monk. Peter. St. Apr. Peter. Aug.. Peter of Alcantara. and 23 others Peter.May May 15 Philadelphus. C.). Peter. St.. Anchoret May 19 Philappian. V.. St. St.June 29 Phileas.. Peter Fourier. B. 29 Peter. Peter. St. 3 Philetus.. St. Aug. 30 Philip Argyrio.. St. of Church of.. St. July Peter. and others Jan. St. St.Sept.. Senator. 10 Philip..Oct May 7 Pharnacius. M. D. Aug... B Peter ad Vincula. B. 27 Philip... C. 1 Philemon.. St. B. Peter..

20 Pomponius..... Pr. Pr..... M M V M Placidois.. 20 Dec... St. St. Sept. 24 M May Dec. Porphy. St. St. M. Servant. Pinian. Apr. Pinytus. May 21 Potamon. St.... 24 Pontian. St.. A 11 Porcarius... 27 Potamicena.. St.. St. M M . St. M. B men. B. Monk.. Phlegon. St. Photmiis. Photius. St.. St. B M M St... St.. St.. M. St.. St. P. St. St. 5 Pontius..... St. Mch. P.. St. and 4 others Dec.. 4 Pontian. . Pierius.Nov. and others June Photinus. St.. CatechuJune 28 Possidius... St.. St Sept. V.. M. 8 Polycarp...... June 3 Ponticus. 5 Polychronius.. St. 6 Porphyry. Pia.. Polyxena. M... M St. . July 12 Pompey. 19 and 12 others Jan. Photina. + . St. Nov.June 28 Polieuctus. C May 28 Potamia.. Monk Plato. 29 Oct.. B... M M Feb. INDEX. Philonilla.. Anchoret Aug. Piaton.. and 500 monks 11 Aug. 11 Poppo. A. Pr. B. 14 Feb. Mch. St..Dec. St. B May 19 Pomposa. St.. B Pionius. M. Mch.. Philotheus. Feb. St. St. M Plato. St. 2 Pompeius. 29 Porphyry... Oct. Pigmenius. B Pius V.. Piperion. May 21 Potentian.Mch. bune. M. Polyseuus. B. 1 Pons.... M M M 10 14 14 19 14 19 25 19 2 11 31 2 8 D M M M 25 12 M 15 16 26 4 M M M M May 16 5 Premon.. 31 Polius. Apr. . Dec.. May July Oct. Dec. M. St. July Platonides. Nov. St. May 11 Pontian.. 10 1 Pontian. Oct... Placidus.. Pirminus. Polyan. 28 Aug.. St. St. Dec. M. St.. and 20 others Apr.. Photides. Fhiloromus.. Placidia.. A Plutarch. 4 Pompey. 5 Porphyrius. St.448 Philomenus.Oct. Plautilla. M Aug. St. P Nov...July Phoebe. St. Pr.. 4 Nov.. B Dec. 20 Nov. St St. 11 Pontian. M.Feb. M St. St. St.. Photius. M Pius. Apr.. St. 4 Polycarp... St Plautus. Jan.... St. Placidus. Philoterus. 5 Polycarp. 22 Feb. M....... Samaritan.. St. July M. B. St. St. St. 31 Pontian. St. St.. 18 10 M 26 23 7 M M 17 6 M M M M 28 13 23 7 M M .May 18 Dec. B.. Pr. St. St. V. St. M. St. Phocas. M M M Pienta. St... St.. Jan. Aug. Feb.. St Sept. M M M Mch.. 20 Polyeuctus. D. Monk Oct.Feb. Phocas. St. St. Jan. Mch.. St... May Nov..Aug. Mch... Mch. St. St. Come11 Sept. M . St. Sept. Polyenus. M. St Apr. 4 Porphyry. St.. St... Portian. Sept.. St. St.. St May 20 Porphyry. St. St. St. Podius. Pr M M Oct. V.... St. dian. St. 7 Polychronius. St.. 11 Tri- Pollio... Apr.

.. St. Priscus. Pothamius. St Priscilla. and Priscus.. St..Nov. M.. 1 Publius. Probus... Sept.Feb. Jan... Primitiva. 22 Procopius. . St. St. St. Primian. B.... B. St. M M. St.. July Feb.... 15 Purification of the B. St.. Sol'r. St. M.. St.. St. 11 Procopius. St. + Probus..Apr.... Prsesidius... Priscus.... C. M... M. St....... St. ple Aug.. M. St. St. B.. Feb. Priscus.. Primus. B. 13 Probus. St. Jan. B. B M Nov. Priscian.. St. St... Jan.. M. 20 Publius. June Primitivus.... July Dec. Primitivus. Jan.. B Men. St. 16 Prosdocimus. St..Dec. St. B Nov. May Privatus.. May Priscus.... St. 29 Proculus.... St. Priamus. 1 Publius. Priscus.Sept. St. 3 Protasius.Apr. B. Feb. July Feb.. B Nov... M.. B. M. and others others Feb. 10 M 13 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 2 9 12 24 27 8 14 14 1 18 4 1 M 9 24 25 6 M M M M 25 29 19 4 24 6 14 11 25 M M M M 28 24 19 20 9 21 19 16 2 12 19 19 10 28 M M M M M M M M M M 2 .Apr... C Pragmatius. Primus. Principius. St. 1 Fudens. M. B. M. Nov... St. St. St.. 12 Prudentius.. Oct..Dec. St.. May 28 Frocuhis. St.. Jan. Sept..July 23 Projectus. Feb.Jan... Feb. 28 Publius. St.. St.. St. St. Feb. 4 Publia.. Abbess Oct. Apr. Privatus. 11 Probus. St. St. Potitus. Nov. B Frimitivus. Philidian. Jan. 24 Projectus. Frsetextatus. St. Sept.' July 18 St. St. Oct... St. Senator.. 18 Protus. V. V. V..'. Pr. Jan.. St. St. St.Dec.... St... 2 Protolicus. Praetextatus. M. B. 16 Ptolemy. St. St. Sept. Priscian... June Primitivus. St. St.INDEX... July 21 Proculus.. Prisous. 21 Pudentiana. Oct. V Sept.. B Feb. St.Nov... Mary in the TemJune Proculus.. B. St. Proculus. St. St... B May Primus. St. St. 9 Protasius. Prsepedigna. May 26 Apr. B Oct.. St.. St. Jan. Mary Oct. B Sept. Sept... St. 21 Proculus. 18 Processus.. Fr. Praxedes. St. B Nov. Primitiva.. St... 24 Proculus. Publius. St. M. 24 Proclus.. M. St.. 28 Privatus. 25 Frotus. St. St... Empress. M. D. Primus. V Presentation of the B. B..Oct. V. Men. St July 8 Ptolemy. St.. St. 12 Pupulus. St. St. 9 Protasiois.. June 9 Protogenes. St.. St. Prisca. B Dec. 27 Prosper. Jome 10 Prosper of Aquitaine.. M. V Sept.. Priscilla.Aug.. St. 20 Pulcheria. 14 Ptolemy. St.. St. Feb. 20 Probus.. Oct. St. Primitivus. Nov. Aug.AUg. Prockis. 449 St.. B. St... St. Nov... M. Oct.. St. Jan.. Dec. July 6 Prochorus.. St. St.

M. B Qminctinus. St. B Dec..May 27 Feb. St. St. May May May 7 M . St... Quiricus. St.. M... tor. M. St. Quirinus. St Quadratus. St. Quiteria. V. C. St. M. and Remegras... M. 9 and companions Aug. 26 Pr.. Quadratus. 19 Regina... 5 Rembert.. 7 Quinctilla. St. M Quadratus. 19 translation of Oct. 4 Quinctius.May 17 Quinctus..... July 23 Apr.July 16 J'une 17 May 10 Rainerius. B. V. St.. Apr. B. 8 Quinctilis. St.. 13 Aug. Sept. and others Dec.. St.. B May 29 June 10 Quintian. St. V... St. St. B. 31 St. St. tificers.. Aug... St. St. May 27 Dec. St. St.. 19 and companions.. St.. July 23 8 Redeniptus........ St. Mch. Quirimis.. 23 Quiriacus. M.. St.. Chief of ArM. Jan.. 9 June 16 Revocatus. St. St. St. M.. May 23 Restitutus. St.. C Quinctian. St. M. St Quartus. 3 Quinctus.. St. St. 30 Aoig. St. St.. 23 Apr.. 29 Revocata. Sept. and Restitutus.. 10 Quinctus. 18 Restituta.. M. 23 Reverian. Card. St.... B Jan.. Feb. St. M Quinctian. B. 31 Regulus..June 4 B.. INDEX. 15 Restitutus. St. Anchoret Feb. Quinctus.. M M B M Quartilla. St. 1 Raymond of Pennafort. 26 Queen Aug. Sept. and Men.. St. St.May 22 St. Oct.. B Nov... St. 6 Sept. St.. 18 Rasyphus. B. Quirinus. 13 St. V.. St... St.. 8 Oct. Mch. 12 Aug. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M .... Quinctilian. Quadratus. 31 Jan. St. V. St. Mch... Subdeacon Quadrafcus. M M . 3 Ranulph. M. St... 16 Redempta. Restituta. 21 Raineldes.. B.Oct..and daughApr.. Sena1 Oct. 13 Raymond Nonnatus.. St.Mch. M. B. and others others Aug. 30 June 4 St. Mch. St. St. B Dec.... St.. St. St... Nov. M.. 21 Q. M Quartus.. St. B Feb.... Mch.. and others June 1 Quiriacus. June 14 Feb.. M. V Quinctilian. V..... C Quinctian. Quinctus..Oct. 30 Regulus. St. Quinidius. St. others 1 Mch.450 Pusicius. 13 Reatrus. 26 Radegundes. St. . 26 R. Quirinus. St. 25 ter M Tribune. M. . 4 Remedius. Restitutus. 29 Respicius.. Nov. Quadragesimus. M Quartus. 11 St.Apr. Quinctian. St.. . 26 Quodvultdeus. Quartus..Oct. others St. M.Dec.. Quiriacus... May 10 Reparata.. St. . Quirinus. C 6 Rainerius.. St.

. Aug.. Prefect. Rogellus. 18 M . Pr. B. 8 Feb.. Holy. St. Rufinus. 18 Nov. St.. V... St.. St. Monk. 17 Robert. 28 Rogation. Sept. M Rufus. V Rosras. V.. 16 Roch.. St Aug. St. Romanus. 24 Dec. 7 July 6 Richard. St. St. St. St.. St M.. Rufus. B. St. Richard.. St. St... V Feb. M and others Feb. St.INDEX. St. Rufus. M M M M M 27 27 Sept 25 Nov. 14 Rufflllus. C Robert.Apr. M. St. 31 Aug. 11 Aug.. 7 July 23 Feb. 6 Oct. 1 Rogatus. Rufus. 12 Nov. C.. Romanus. V. St.... Rufus. V Romulus.. Apr.. B.. M. Aug. 4 1 Sept.. St.. Seven. B. Rudericus.. St.. St. May 3 May 24 Rogation.. St. Rufus. C Rufus. St. St. M Mch.. Robustian.. St. M.. B Richarius. Aug. St. St.. V. B. St. St Rogatus. Sept. 8 Rogatus. Pr M Sept. St. B 5 M June 9 Sept. St. B Rufus.. St. Rufus. St.. A Romula.. St. B.. Romanus.. Riufinus. St. C Rodopian. St. Oct. 12 Rogatus... A May 24 Robustian. family Rufus. 29 day of Rita... St. M. M.. Widow.. Feb. 23 M Pr B Romaricus. Catechu.. 26 . and M M M M M M M M C B Mch. 26 Rogation.. C Rufinus. men.. St. C.. June Rufinus. St. St.. Rhais. Soldier. Revocafeus. Pr. 7 Ripsimis. 451 Mch.. St. 8 Rogatus. B.. M. A Nov. V. Richard. Rose of St. 19 Aug.. .... 28 June 10 Rogatus. Rom-uald.. Oct.. and others Mch. Mch. 23 Romana. St.. 17 St. June Rufinus.. 24 Romulus. Rufinus. 24 M. A May 22 4 7 M V Aug. Aug..May 22 Rosary. St. M. St. . M. Mcb. St. St. Rogatus..Jan.. 13 July 18 July 10 19 31 9 28 7 14 21 30 companions Rufinus.. St. St. Sept 16 Feb.. St. St.. M M M M M . 7 Nov. 20 Apr. Mary. Rufinus. Rosalia.. St.. 3 Romulus.. St.. Dec. St. Sept. .. St.. Most Holy... finding July 15 body of Rigobertus. St.... St.. Robbers. Nun. St. St. St. St.. 26 Rosalia. St. birth- and companions Sept. Apr. Rufinus. 4 9 16 19 1 companions Romanus. King Apr. 17 Dec.Aug.Oct. St. . 24 Romulus.... Boy.Aug.. M M M Rufina. 28 Romanus. Jan. St. St Mch. M. 29 June 7 Robert..Aug. Sept and Nov. St. 28 Dec. Rufina... July Rufinus. St. St. St. Rufinus. St. Apr. A Apr.. M St. Romanus. M M Aug. St Rosula. 4 M . 9 Romanus.... St. B. M June 28 Romulus.. St. A Romanus. July Rufina. St. 30 M Rose. 21 and Nov. St. Sept Rufinian. St.

Sabinian.. Youth. St.M.Feb. B Sept.Nov. 27 Sallustian. Jan. 14 M M June 8 . St. M. B. Sabas. 9 Salutaris. Sabinus.452 Rumold.. St...Sept. Rusticus.. Feb.. companions Rutulus.. Fr.. St. St. St. C and May Sabinus. July 13 Oct. Sabbatius...... Aug. .. St. St. St. O Dec. Pr.June Sabas. Sabina. B. St.. 15 27 28 16 20 13 5 22 2 3 29 11 16 St. B. Sept.. St. B. St.. St.. St. Jan. St. 17 Salvinus... B. St.. 11 Jan.. Feb. 27 Saturninus.. B. St. (4 Sabinus... St. C. C Rustica. St.. 31 Saturninus. Sept. Rustious.. M.. B B. 25 Sabinois. Military OfSandalus.. 12 Sacerdos.. St. ficer. 24 Sarbelius. 31 Salomon.. C Rupert.. D. St. B May 5 Saturninus... B. St. Sabina. V Oct. St.. B.. and Sacerdos.... B. St. ArchRusticus.. 22 Saturninus. Dec..July Feb... others July July tl Saturninus. Sancius. 6 Saturninus. .... 9 Salvius. Dec. St.. St. St..June 26 Nov.. Sadoth. 19 Saturian.June Sabel. 29 Saturninus. St. M Rusticus. Rutilius.. and 9 others Mch.Apr.. Sabinian. Saturninus. Jan.Feb. 25 Saturninus. St. St.. St.Monk. M. St. of this name) Apr.. 128 others Nov.. Sept... and Nov.. 24 Salvius.. 30 Saturnimis.. B.. St. St. M. C. July 1 Sallustia. St. and others Apr. .... Aug... St. B... Samuel.... St.. 20 Saturninus.... St. Sept. C M M Sept. 29 Saturninus. Samuel. St. INDEX. St. Rutilius. Feb.. Men... M. Oct. Sabas. St.. Apr... 13 Saturninus.June 7 Saturninus. Abbess... B Oct. June 17 Saturnina. Pr 4 Sampson.... St. July 11 Sabinus. St. Aug.. B..Oct. St. Sabinian. Dec..Dec. St. Saturninus. St. St. 12 Sanctus. St. Sept...June M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 4 19 31 6 11 15 7 22 7 M M M M M M M M M 16 2 7 22 6 14 16 M 30 27 29 29 . St. Jan.. M. St. M M. and June Sanctinus.. G.... 18 Samuel.Aug.. St. 9 Saturninus. St. M. M C Oct.. St.. Sabinus. M.. St. St. Prophet. 14 Salvius. B others Oct. St. Sabinian. May 4 Saturninus. 12 Jan. Oct.. M. 5 Sarmata. M. Sabina.... St.. 28 con.. B. Aug. Jan. Men.. B. St. A Oct. C. Mch. Aug.. Subdeadeacon. St. B Oct. St. St. Rusticus. St.... St. Sagar.. Sept. St. 26 Salvius... St. Sabinus.. Salaberga. ... 10 M B M C St. Oct. St Sacerdos. St. Oct. 29 Saturninus. June Sampson. St. M. St.. 11 Sept. Oct. St.. Aug.. M. V. M S. 20 Saturninus. St. M. St. St. St. 2 Samonas. St. Rusticus.. St. St. B. Feb..

St. St. Secundinus.. St. V. Dec.... 17 Mch. Feb. Secunda. St.. of the Image of July Feb. C Jan. 29 Serapion. June Dec. Secundinus.Sept. 30 Sedopha. Men. Military Seraphina. M.. St. St. July Sebastian. CatechuSecundus. of Seleucus.. Secundus.. Aug.. Saturninus. St. others Jan. Secundus. M. St. St.. Feb. V.. Aug.. Sebbi. King Feb. Secundinus. St.. St. 20 Oct. 29 Secundus. St. 7 Serena. 21 Serapion. B. 15 Secundus. St. 9 Serenus... Dec. St.. St. Satyrus.. Scholastica. 20 Seraphinus... St. St. 2 Serapion.. 12 Secundus.. St. St. 8 Sequanus... Aug. CatechuSecundus. M. Senator. Socundian. St..INDEX... Aug.Oct...Feb.... M.July 30 Secundarius. D. Jan. St... 9 Senator.. B Nov. Sept.. Nov. St. St. St. St. Sebastian. B Rome May Sept. Secunda. Mch. Steward.. Satyrus. Aug. V.. 1 Serapion.. Secunda.. St. and Oct.. 15 Sleeper. St. St. St. Savinus.. Feb.. Secundian. St. Anchoret... M. V. St. Secundinus.. St. St. May 21 Serapion... St. Sept... 10 Septimus. St. Lector.... St. St. 453 Dec.... M. M. V.. 2 Serapion. 29 Serenus. Holy Seeundilla. O Oct... St. men. Nov. Our. Monk.. V 11 Aug. commem.. St. July Dec. Pr. M.. St Men. Secundinus.. Saviour. St. St. 20 Securus. Secundimis. St. 29 Secundus. St. Feb.... St. St. 9 Sennen. Our. Sept. Savious. B.. of at C the Basilica Seleucus. B May 15 men. Scubiculms. Mch. St Sept.. 17 Secundus. St July 11 Selesius. July Secundina. Sebastiana.. Sebastian.. July St. 29 Serapion.. St Nov. C.. 23 Secundois. Sergius. and others May 21 Sergius. Nov. July 4 Septimus. M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 1 31 7 26 15 19 19 29 2 5 12 16 24 28 26 30 17 M M M M M M M M M M M 24 19 29 12 3 25 28 21 M M M M M I M M 26 13 M M M M M M M M M 27 18 27 12 30 14 14 16 M M 28 28 24 27 M M . St... July Mch.. St. Officer.. St. Jan. 18 Serapion.. Sept. St... dedic.. St. B Mch... Secundinus.July 1 Serapion. Saturninus. 9 Serapion.. St Aug. M. July 17 Serapion. St.. St. Sat'urninus. St. Saula. St. St. St. July Savina. June Secundus. St. St.. C Dec. Mch. Saturus. St. St. St. 10 Serapia. M. St. St.. Sept. Dec. Feb. St.. M. St... Pr.Apr. Mch.. St.Jan.July 10 Serapion...Oct.... St. 24 June Secundus. Oct.... Sebastia. St. Lector. Secundus. St. Feb. M. St.. Aug.

. B.. St Dec..... 11 Silvinus. C Severinus.. 9 Silverius.. M. St. 27 21 Simeon. Pr Severus. St. St.. St. St.... B...Nov. Feb. M vites of B. Feb. St. St. M. May 20 Silas. P... Dec. B Dec... V July Jan. Serotina. St Sept. Pr. St... Servilian. 18 Child.June 16 6 Simitrius. St. Seven Founders of Ser- M 9 Severus. Nov.. St.. 7 Severus. B. 21 1 19 11 1 companions Simeon. Severa... St. Solitary Dec. M M M M Jan.. B.. St.. and Apr. St. St. St. Oct. St. St... 7 Simeon. St... Servulus. M St... B Oct. Dec. C St.Oct. 6 Simeon.. Severus.. Dec. M B Monk... Boy... St. 1 Monk and M M Hermit 8 July 26 20 Simeon Stylites.NOV. St. Severin. 21 Simeon. Monk June surnamed July 15 Salus. M M M May 4 24 10 4 5 23 Silvinus. Severin. 28 Apr. 21 Silvanus.. Servus. St. B Sept. St.. Jan. V. . St. B Aug. C Aug... St. St... and 17 | M M M 2 30 31 23 11 M 11 1 M M 13 6 10 18 20 many clerics May 12 Silvanus. M Feb.. Servus... B. St...Sept Nov... M B St. 30 Simeon. St. Servideus. St. Severin... St. 24 B. C Oct. Servilius. M.. May Monk.. St. Aug. St. Aug.. St. M. Jan. Severian. M Severian. C 16 Sigismund.. B Nov. 8 Silvester..... St. St.. called Stylites St.. Dec. B. A June Severin. C .Feb. M. B Feb. 23 Silvanus. B... July Severinus. Severin. Severus. Severus. A Jan. St. 1 St. St.. Severus. Severian.. St. M M St.. Severus. St. B Apr. St. B. S?rvulus.. Silvius.. M. Oct.. St. Severus. St. Severin. St. Oct. 21 Silvanus... Silvanus.. Severian. Severus. 5 Feb. M Apr. Nov. C... Sept. St.. .. St. 20 Silvanus. and 22 others 8 May 26 .. C Sept... the 3 1 Younger... Severian. M M M M Apr. St. St. St. B. B Feb. St.. M. St. Pr.. M. INDEX... M. St. 31 Dec.. St. Severinus. M Servideus. St.. C. Old. 8 Silvester. St. 2 20 20 26 31 17 12 Sept.Feb.. St... P Dec. Nov. B. Sextus. A Nov. St. Oct.. St.. 13 July Sidronius. Simeon. Sergius. St.Mch..Sept. Monk. 8 15 Simeon. 23 Silvanus... M. St.. Servandus. 8 Silvinus.Feb.. St. May M Jan.. B Feb. Feb. Pr. St. Severus. M. 7 Feb. Pr... Servati'us. St. St. St. St. Subdeacon. St. King.June 8 Silvester. and Nov.. Sol'r.. St. St 22 Similian.. St July 24 Silvanus. St. Aug. P.. 23 Sidonius.. C Severus. Severin.. Severus. Silvanus. July 20 Silvanus. St. Severin. Monk. July 13 Sigisbert.454 Sergius..

M. July Simplicius. B Dec.. St... St. Sirenus. Apr. May 29 Stephen.. Aug. St. St. First MarSopatra. Sophronius. P.. St.... Simplicius.. Monk. 26 Stephen. St... Sophia. P.. B. St.. j T M M M M 22 . 18 Stephen. Aug. St.. St. B Sept. A Apr. Nov.Mch. St. St. St. Sept. B.. 2& Stephen.May 15 Speciosus. V.May Sindulphus. St. July Simplicius. St.. Mch. St. St. B.. M...-. Aug..Dec. 17 Stephen. St.. St. 13 Mch.. con. Simplicius..Feb. 6 8 | Stephen. M. C Aug.. St. Siviard. birthday Sosius... Simplicius... St. July Sophonias. St Sept.Nov. 8 Straton... 20 Stachis. St. 11 Straton. M. V Dec. Monk.INDEX. B Feb. 5| M St... Simplicius.. St. St.Dec 3 Straton.July 16 Stephen. St. A M. St. C. St. Sixtus....Nov.. St. Sophronius.. A.. 30 tyr. A Simplicius. St... Stephen. Sept. and companions May 17 Stephen. Nov.. St.. Apostle. .. St. St. St. 2 Sosthenes.Apr. C... M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 15 17 28 17 14 31 18 28 7 j j 15 8 | ! M Smaragdois. C Sindulphus. D. St.. Aug. St. 19 Stacteus. St.June 24 Speratus. St.. P. St. Soteres.. ] Stephen... D. Sisinius. Sisinius. St.May 11 Stephen.. Sold r. St. Sisenandus. Solochanus. St. Sindimius. 20 Stephen. St. 9 Stephen. Stephen. Widow. Prophet. St. M Socrates...Dec.. St. St.. St. M.. Sept. the Younger. Simon the Cananean.. D... St. B. Monk. M M M Apr. D. St.... Senator.Nov.. Apr. C. Siridion. Simplicius. M M 28 3 M M M M M M M 26 31 24 17 9 12 . St. Sept. Mch. St.. St.. Sold'r. Prophet.. and Nov. Simplicius.. St. 13 Nov.. . Sosipater. Dec. SubdeaAug.. C Jan.. M. 17 25 27 2 6 6 2 17 21 Apr. B. Oct. St. St. St. 28 Sosius.. 20 Stanislas. Mch.. 23 Nov. B. Siraplician. St. 23 Stephen.... Apr. B. A Feb. St. St. and wife and 68 of family May 10 Sozon. 10 Stanislas Kostka. St. birthday of Dec. V. Oct. C Sisinius. St. M Sisinius.. Oct. C.. of Sept.. Nov. C May Slmplician. Soter. St. 31 Sosthenes. companions Solntor. D. B. C. St. King Sept. St. St.. M Sobel. Sophia.. 18 Stacteus. M M M 13 13 1 ! Nov. M... St. Sept. Solomon. Sophia. B.. M... Jan. St. Nov. M Socrates.. St. 26 Spenisippus... St.. St. Aug. B Sept. Dec. . Nov. 455 25 19 23 8 10 28 22 10 < June St. St... Aug... Dec. Siricius. St. 19 Stephen. St. 2j Stephen. B 25 Stephen. Feb. Sept. 8 Spiridion. M.. July 29 Speus. Apr... St. A Feb... Solemnius. Mch. Solutor. St. St......... j M St. M. 16 Sostenseus. Sept.. B Dec. Sept... 30 Stercatius. M. St.. St. Aug. St... St..

4 M M M 28 20 11 4 11 M M M M M 25 31 15 ... M M A. St. surnamed St. St... Sept Oct.. M St. Jan... V Dec. Suranus.. St. M St. M.. St Synesius.. St.... M M M M M M 22 12 12 . St. M M St. Stylian.. M. -.. St. Aug. 22 Thalus. .. St. Sept Terence... St.. B M M. B July 2 Swithin. May 30 Sycus. 9 Jan.. A .. P. St..Aug.. V. Jan. June 29 Themistocles. M.-. Dec. July 10 May Sylvanois. St. C Sept. St. companions Mch.. 5 Thecla.. Sylvanus.July 7 Tharacus. Aug.... St.Oct. C. St. St. 29 Apr... 17 T. St. Jan. M. July 18 Symphorosa. July 22 Thecla. companions Terentius... Jan. St. St. M. St. St. V. 21 Thecusa..July 26 Thea. Tatian. Mch. Jan..Sept Terentius. St.456 Stratonicus. St Syrus. Dec.. 24 25 11 7 5 27 1 10 21 15 6 29 Tertullian. and St Sylvia.Jan. St.. St Feb. B.. St. Hermit. St. M. V. Tatiana. 12 Thecla. Sept. 31 Thecla. St. Terentian... M. Tertius.. Symphorian. Susanna.May Syricius. M. 3 Thamales.M. July 19 companions Symmachus. B Syagrous.Aug. 22 Tharasius... St. 1 Sulpicius. Thecla. St. St. . St. St. Sept. St. Acolyte... . St.. S-ulpicius. Sept.Feb.. . St. 8 Tharsilla.. St... St. P Oct. Abbess Syntyche.. M.. 1 Swidbert.. M. Tatta. Apr.. St. St. St. Dec. Symphronius. Tatio. Successus. Teresa.. Stryiaous. St. May 21 Thecla..... St. St. Mch. V. V. St. and her maid-servant. B Dec.. St... 8 Oct. St.. St.. M. St.. St. St. INDEX. Tammarus. July Syrus.. Apr.. Nov. B Feb. 27 Tertullinus. 11 Tarbula.. Jan. St.. V Dec...... July 2 Tharsicius.Apr. St Sept. St. and Apr. Symphronius..NOV. C. Susanna.Aug. B. St.. Successus. 20 Mch. St. Taurio. St Aug. M Sturmius. and Sylvanus. Aug. M 13 17 26 2 19 Mch...June Oct.... Sylvanus. M M M M M 24 19 M M M 26 19 30 3 23 15 18 21 1 M . 27 Thaddeus. Telesphorus. M.Aug....... St. M. B Nov..Nov.. 28 Apr. St. Sept. Syncletica. also called M.. St.. Taurinus. St.. Aug. 24 and children May 24 Susanna. Superius. St. Jude. M. Symphorian.. 16 Dec. V. St.. St. St.. St. St. Successus. B. Dec... M. 9 Theobold. Lector... Successus.. C Tertulla. Apostle. 20 June 26 Jan...... St.. . St. Symphronius. B.. B Severus. Anchoret Nov. St. St. St birthday of May 5 Thalalseus. Pr. M.. . 8 Tharsicius. Sept Synesius. Pius Sulpicius. Symphorosa.. St. Symphorian. St.

Sept.Dec. Theodore. Mch. July Theodotus. M. 4 companions 23 Theophanes. St. Dec. B Apr. St. Theodore. Monk.Sept... M.Jan. V. St.. S.. Mch. St.. Sept... Theodard. St. C.. Theodore. 5 Theodolus. MansionDec... St. St.. Theodore. G Theodore.... Mch. July July Theodota. Pr. M.. M. Sept... and Nov. Jan. B June Feb. B. Pr Oct.Apr.Nov. St. St. Theogenes. Theodora. St.. Theodotus. B. and Apr. 6 M M . 28 Theophanes. St.. 7 Theonas.. M. Theodotus. M M M 20 23 29 9 12 26 Theodolus... M. B. 8 29 Theophilus. Theodotus. Theodotus. St Aug.. St. St. her 3 sons Aug..May 4 2 3 June 18 July 26 Sept. St. Theodric... B. St. M St. . Feb. St.. St.. St. St.. St. and 36 others Jan. M. Sol'r. M. ... St... B July Oct. M St.. St.. Aug. Pr.Sept. V. St.. St...Jan.... . Feb.. St. . ary Dec... Jan.. St. M St. St Theodora.July Jiily Theodore. Theodore. Jan. M Theodora.. 31 Lector. Theodora. Theodosia.. Theodore. .. Apr.. St. M.INDEX. St. companions Oct.. St... St.. 19 Theodolus. St. St.. D. Dec.. Theodore. Theodosius. St. B... M.... M. Theodore. Theodora... M.... Theodore. St.. 26 Theonilla.. 12 15 Theophanes.. St. M St.Mch. Theodosia.. Theodore. St. St. Theogonius. Monk. 12 Oct. Theoctistes. M. Theodore. 457 11 St. Mch.. M. St.. Theodotus. M St. Theodore... Pr July Theodorus. Theodore. St. St... Aug... St. 10 Theodosius. 27 Theopemptus. St. St.. Theodolus. St. Theodore. B Nov..Apr. Theodolus. V. M St. St. 15 Theonas..... Theonestus. Theodore.. B May Matron.Sept. St. Theodore.. Theodora.Aug.. Theodore. and 20 Dec. St.. May M. Dec. Theogenes. St. C. B. St. B May Theodolus.Nov.Oct. Dec. B May Theodolus. St.. A Theodore... M. St. St.. Apr. Theodulphus. A Jan. Theodore. St. .. St. St.... Theodosia. 14 Theonas.. Monk. St. Mch.. Monk.. Dec.. M.. 27 2 Theophila. Theoderminis.Dec. and . 13 Theodosius. Theodore.. M.. Studita. M. St.. 28 Theophilus. Theodore. St. M. 23 M M companions Theodolus... M. M St. St. V. Theodore.. Theodota. Theodolnis. B. St. B... St.Mch. Nov......Sept.. M. St.Sept. Nov. St... M. St.May May Sept... 15 Theodolus. Theodosia... Theodotus. and V 1 B. 31 23 3 M M M M 26 21 3 20 23 30 23 3 M M M 12 others May 1 Mch.. St.. Jan.. 10 Theodosius. St. Theodore. Theodore.Apr.Mch. C... Theodore. Theodolus. St. . St.. St. St. M 26 17 M M M 25 17 M M M M M M M 2 4 6 18 5 31 2 14 24 17 . St.. C Apr..

Feb. 25 commem.June Aug. 22 Triphenes. Thomas of Aquino. St.. St... 6 Jan.. St. St Jan... Oct.Mch. Dec.July 7 Transfiguration of Our of Villanova...Oct.. B Thomas. M Timothy. 7 Tiburtius. St. St.. Theopistus.. 5 Theotimos.. Dec. St. B Thyrsus.. Mch. St.458 Theophilus. St. Nov. of Apr... M. M M M C St... St.. Torpes. 13 Theophilus.. Tranquillinus. Dec. St. St... M Apr. St. M.. 2 Triphina.. M. St. St.. Mch. Nov. 16 Titian. 7 Mch... Theophilus. 18 Theotimus... Theophilus. B. S. M.. Timothy. 20 Sept. Nov.. St. Jan. M.. C St..... M Apr.. Tiburtius. St. St. M Aug. D. B. Torqoiatus. St. Jan... 20 Dec. Thraseas. Tiburtius. M... 27 Theoticus.. St. 24 Trophimius..May 21 Theoprepides.. Timothy. M.. Joine 1 Thespesius. St. St. B Nov.. 28 Tiberius.. May Timothy. on the Cross. 24 Tryphenna.. Timothy. St.. St. Thief. Timothy. 3 Theophilus. St. St.. M Timothy. M. 14 Thomaides.M.. St..Nov. 10 Trophimus. M June 10 28 30 23 11 18 23 19 29 10 Dec.. St. 11 Trophimus.Sept... M Apr. 5 Tiburtius. M Mch. St.... Nov. St. St. 20 Thespesius.Dec. Lord Aug. 2 May 17 May 15 July 8 6 C. Theotimus. Dec. M. Tigides. M Nov.. B.. Nov. St birthday of M M M M M M M . 20 Theopumpus.. B. St. INDEX. Feb. St.. B. M. St. B. Theophilus. St. Theophilus. 2 Oct. B. St. St. 8 Theophilus.. 5 Tron... 24 Theotimus. B.Jan. St. Dec. M Feb..Sept. St...Monk. C Thomas. St... M Timothy. M Tiburtius.... St. Tripos.. Nov. 19 Jan.. St.. M. St. Dec. Apr. C Mch... St..Sept... St.. St. 31 Archbishop. Thessalonica.. 28 Trophimus... St. M. M Timothy. St. M Sept. July Thrysus. Monk. 20 Theopistes..June 13 Thomas M M M Thomas. and Doctor Mch.. St. Good. St. Thrason.. Timolaus. B. Thyrsus.. D.. St.Sept. 13 Theuseta.... 8 others Nov. Mch.May May Timothy. July 5 Thomas.Sept. M. D... B. Timothy.. Jan. Sept. St.. St.. M Timon... Theophilus. 31 Trophimus. C Mch.. St. St.. 3 Tobias... Titus. B Titus. St. M 4 6 Aug.. B Mch. St. B Totnan. Mch.. St. St... St. 29 Trojanus. Titian. St.Oct. Thryphosa. St.. B B B July 22 July 23 Theophilus. St. 16 Nov. C. St. 27 Pretor. Thyrsus. St.. D.. B. St. M. 10 14 25 11 9 22 3 24 19 24 24 6 3 21 22 10 19 22 23 8 Timothy. Theophilus.. St... M. St. St.. M M M M M M M M M M M M M Nov. M Aug.. M. Apostle. St.... 21 Troadius..Apr. and Mch.. St... St... Soldier... May St. St... St. Titus. Aug.. M.. . St. 18 Triphyllius. St. D. D. St..

.. B. St. M...... companions Urbanus.. St.. M. . St. Military 29 3 11 13 M M Ubaldus. St. Soldier. St.. Urbanus.- M M M Mch.. 19 Varicus. Ursus. 14 companions M M .. M C and Oct. M. Pr.. St. St. Uguccia.... 13 Venatius.. Valerius...Jan.. .....Apr. Valerian. B Jan... B C Officer. 6 Vedastus. 19 Feb. St.. M M. Apr. Nov. Valerius. St. M... 19 Dec... 21 V. Valerias. St. Ursmar. St.Sept.. U. St... Tryphon. C. M. ... Jan. 29 Valentine. Turibius. July 26 25 14 14 16 ArchValentina.. Valeria. St. A Nov.. St. Apr.. St.. 20 Valentine.. St. Oct. M. Valerian. B. Venantius.... St. St. and many others Nov. M... Mch. St. and 13 companions Ursus. C.. Feb. St. St.. Valentine. A.Feb. St. St. May Valeria.Oct. 459 V.... and M M M M M M M M M M M Dec. Tychicus. Urbanus. Urban. B Tygrius.. 9 Vandrille.. V. Urbanus. Tryphonia. M. 19 Jan. 18 Valens. M Aug. St. C July Ursus. 12 Valentine. St. St. Urbanus. Aug. 4 and July 3 Valens..Dec... St. D. 16 25 28 5 9 14 25 23 12 15 17 22 27 28 15 28 29 14 24 Ursinus. B. St... M St. O Apr. Tyrannic. 31 21 19 Valentio. B.INDEX. Jan... St. St. 10 3 boys 12 others Tryphon....July Tychon.. St. B.. St.... St. St. M. St.Nov. B. P. St. St.. St. St... Valerian. St. B Nov. 15 Varus.. St.Feb. M.Oct. St.. Pr.. St.. .. 23 and companions July bishop Apr.. Uldaric. Sept. Valentine. St. St. 2 May May May 25 Nov. 1 A July 22 Nov.. St. M. Usthazanes. B B B St. St... Urbanus.Dec. B. King's tutor. V... Tryphon. Nov. C. St. Turibius. St. B... Sept. St. St. Sept.Oct. Valerian... May Valerian. M. St. St. M Ursicinus. B.June June Ursicinus. 1 Veneranda. Nov. St June 16 Valentine. St. O B 14 Valery.. B Valerian. Apr. St Turian.. St. B. St. Pr. 16 Apr.. 24 V. St. 8 Apr. and 10 others May 18 Venantius.. Valerian. St.. 28 Dec.. Urban... 30 30 21 M Nov. St... Aug.... B.July Ursicius. Urciscenus. B. B Apr. 16 Valentine. St. M. M..... St. Valerian. St.... Ursula. Valerian. St. 16 July 2 M.. St.. Nov. Valerian. M. Sold'r.Nov... June Valeria.. St. C.. St. Urban. St... Valentine. St... B. V. M C P P 16 3 July 4 Apr. M C May June 21 1 July 13 Valens.. B. Urban. Apr.. M. St. St... 7 Urban Urban II. 5 M Oct. M. St. St. B June Valerius. and Sept.

... Victor. Pro-Counsul. June 2 Victorian. Victor.. Victorinus.. May Victor.. St.Nov. M St. M. May Viator. Apr. St. St.. St. 23 Victoria... May Victor. St. M M Oct. St. P Verian..... Oct. 24 M V B M B M M M M M M M M M M M 28 29 37 23 D Dec.. Verissimus. companions Oct. 1 Victor. Verus. M. and 2 brothers) Mch. Men. St... B Vestina. 8 Victorinus. Victor. St.. St... Victor.Mch. St. St. Victor. M. Victorinus. Victor..Sept. Nov... Venustus. St.. 19 Nov. 18 Feb. 22 Victor. St. Apr. 20 Victorinus. St.. St.. St. St.. St.. 13 Victor. Venustus. 24 May 21 ... Victor.. St. tan. St. St. St.. Victor. 13 Victor.. Sept... B Venerius. St.. M.. St. Victor.. St. M May St..... St.. Dec. St. 2 Dec.Sept. Aug.. Sept.. St..... 14 Victorinus. July 17 M.Oct. V Veronica Giuliani.. July 21 Victorius. Victor. 23 15 26 11 8 25 6 29 15 15 8 7 5 5 June St... M... Sept. 14 Victor. Veturius. St. a SamariMch. St. Veranus. St. St. St. 20 Victorinus.. others Feb.... St. 6 Victorinus. Vetuis. C Men. St. Apr. Verulus.. Aug.. St. St.. M Victorius.. M. St. July 17 Victoria. St. Viator. C Jan.Oct. St. Victorinus. Lector Oct. Viator.July St. Victor.. Jan. St. M Feb. Dec.Dec. M.. Verecundus. St.. Feb. St. Victor. Jan.. M. St. Nov.. St. M St. Veronica of Nov.. Veranus. Victor. St. Dec. 2 Victorian. St.. Mch. 21 Victor.. 10 Victorinus.. B. M Mch.. St... Dec. St. M M M M..460 Venerandus... St... St.. 10 10 14 22 30 10 16 17 17 2 13 3 15 18 July July Aug. Victor.. 1 Victor. M and Victor. Aug.Dec.. St. B Victor. 1 Victorinus. St. 30 Victor.. and Victor.. 12 Victorinus. INDEX. Victorinus.NOV. M M B May 6 May 22 Oct.. 30 Victorinus. Dec.. Apr. St. Victor... St. St. St. St. 11 M. and his 1 Oct. wife and sons 4 Man. St. B. 1 Victor. B.. 21 Victorian. Victor.... V Oct. Victorinus. Verus. St. May M St. B.. 2 8 St. Sept. M. St... St. St. M M M M M M M M M M M M M 14 Victoricus. Venerius. Sept.. Oct. V. M Jan. M. St. C St. St. C. July 9 Victor... St... Military P. St.. C Venustian. Soldier. Aug.. Victor. St.. M. Abbess.. St... St.. Nov. Verena.Nov. Victor. St. 17 Victorinus. Binasco. Feb. St. 22 31 25 26 M M Dec. May Victor... Sold'r. Feb. St. Veridiana.. 9 Victor III. V Sept. Dec. 11 1 j M M M M M B 28 23 26 Sept..

. 7 Viventius. P. M. May Vincent. 13 Ang. 7 27 Winefride. Vitalis. Vincent Pr. St.. C.. 13 M M M Vincent. others Vigilius..... M St. de St.. St. St.. 18 Volusian. A. C 27 William..Mch.. 31 9 W-ulfran.... St. 10 1 William. St. V Dec.Aug... 28 3 Xystus II. V... M Vigor... B. St. .. Jan.Apr. V..July 20 24 Willehad. Vitalis. Nov. St. Apr. B Nov. Oct. St.. festival of.. Jan.. St.. V. Victurus. Vitalis. 17 Jan.. M B Sept.. St.June Vincent de Paul. M M. St. St.. Vincent.. St. Duke.. St.... Jan. St. 8 ArchWilliam. 30 Vivian. M St. 5 19 Waltrude. 28 9 Wigbert.. C Oct..Aug. M St.. May Vincent. C 25 William. Apr. C July 29 2 Willibald... Pr Vincent. St.July Visia.. 1 M June 15 July 12 Jan. B Oct... Vitalis. St.. St. 1 M June Apr. St. B Nov. Mary to Elizabeth.. St. ArchSt..INDEX. St. M. St.. 1 W.. 23 22 Xystus III. St Sept. Vindonius.. Apr. M.. St. St. St. Pr. A July 20 14 Wulstan. Subdeacon. C Vincent.. Vincent. Jan. July July Sept... 10 bishop. B St.. Vigilius... St. St.... St. M M M M M Sept. 3 Nov.. Jan. May D. B. Victricius... St. Feb. 24 Sept. St. B. Viventiolus.. Vincent. St. Nov. M St. Sept. St. Hermit.. St. St. St.. A 2 Wiro. St..June 26 Vulpian. 6 Jan. St. Feb.. B Mch. St.. St. O. St... B Jan.. B July 7 1 Willibrod. O Jan. 3 B M. M M . St. St.Nov. 6 4 Xystus... M St. St. Vitalis. 26 Nov.. M M. St. C Victorius.. P. B.Sept. St Virgilius. M.. M Apr.. 18 Apr. June 8 bishop. C... St. Vincent.. Vitalis...... B. St. 6 11 William.... Oct. Vindemial.. 27 June 7 Monk. Vitalis. 22 22 Walburge. D. 4 Wolfgang..Sept. 28 Dec. ... Vincent. Vincent Ferrer. B Aug. C and Vivina. Vincent. P Vitalicus. B.May Sept. St.. Vitus. Pr. C.. . St. Sept. Boy. M.. M M St.. 27 Wallabonsus. St. St. Vitalis. St. Vitalis. St. M St. St. VStalian. M. C June 25 27 William. 19 21 28 2 10 Xantippa. V. C 19 Wilgefortes. M M Paoil. Soldier. St. Victorius. 12 Wilfrid. B May 8 12 Wistremundus. M St. Visitation of the B. B St.... Aug. July Vincent. St. St V St. Nov. July Vincent.. A Apr. 7 9 24 Wenceslas. St. Aug. Vitalis. D. St.. 461 St.. B. 1 Sept. 6 Winoc. 20 9 Wulmar..

. 5 Zosimus. Dec.. St.Dec. Dec. St. Zenobius. M M M M M M M M M M .. 26 Zozimus.. Mch. M... St.. M M M 30 20 25 29 30 24 26 23 27 5 2 24 27 15 11 30 4 19 28 30 14 18 19 26 12 12 31 10 20 21 22 21 31 3 M M M M . 13 Zosimois. 8 Zotious. and 10.. Sept. P... Prophet Sept. Pr Jan. Jan. 3 Zoticus. Apr.. ..Apr. Zephirinus.. 20 Zosimus.. Pr. St. Pr. and Mch. St. Feb. Soldier.. St. St. St. Dec. St. M. B May Zenobius. St.. Sept.. B. Sold'r.. St. Apr. ...Oct.. Dec. M. St. B Zeno. Zenobius. Nov. Pi. Zeno. 12 Zosimus.. 24 Zoellus. Soldier.... Zeno. Dec.. Apr. St. B P B.. Pr. Oct. St. V July Zoa. Zachary... B. St. St. 8 Zoticus. Feb. Zachary. B Zambdas.Feb... M. Zachary. 23 Mch. St. 19 Zoilus. 20 Zoticus. July 9 Zoticus. July 15 Zoticus. others July Nov.. Zeno. St. 5 Zoticus. St. Zenobius. Zebina.. St... Zenobius. 22 Zoticus.. St... Zenaides. St. Zachseus. May B Feb. C Mch.. Sept. B. Aug. July Zeno. 27 Zosima. St. and 19 others June Zanitas. M M St. Zeticus.May 26 St.. Zosimus.. St. St. St. June 5 Zosimus. St. St.Zeno.Aug. and Nov. Apr. St. Sept. St.. St... St. M M M M M M M M M M M M M . St. Zeno. St. Anchoret. Zeno.. St. St... Dec.. St.Servant. B. June 23 Zosimus. Nov. St. Zachary. St. St.. Zeno. Zeus. Jan.203 others Jan. M. M.. Zenaides.... St. Dec. B Oct. 6 St..46! INDEX. St. Zeno..... Zacchseus. St. St. St June Zenas.Oct. M M M Prophet Zamas. C Zeno.. Soldier.. St. Zeno.Oct.. M. St. St.. June 23 Zosimus. 15 M. 2 Zoticus. St. St. St.. June 10 .. Jan. Zita. Zenobia. 14 Zosimus. Zeno... Zachaory. C Dec. M. St.. M. 5 May Zoe.. St.. St. Apr.... 11 Zosimus. St. St. Sept. St.. St. St. 17 Aug. St. Dec........ Z..M. M. Zeno.Dec.





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