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IT efficiency for the enterprise with 1E and Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

“Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and 1E’s suite of tools create a powerful way to manage the complexities and expense of today’s IT environment. Together, they give IT managers the tools they need to derive maximum value and efficiency from IT infrastructure.”

1E – Giving IT departments new capabilities that save money and time
1E is a pioneer in the development of efficient IT solutions. We integrate tightly with Microsoft’s powerful new System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to bring solutions that optimize the client experience, embrace consumerization and deliver greater IT efficiency. IT managers can use 1E products such as NightWatchman® Enterprise, NightWatchman® Server Edition, Nomad Enterprise®, AppClarity™ and Shopping™ to improve power management; use corporate bandwidth more effectively; and automate delivery of software, OS updates including Windows 7 migrations and services.

NightWatchman Enterprise and NightWatchman Server Edition: The global leader in PC Power Management
Today’s IT managers are under pressure to reduce energy use and cut costs. 1E NightWatchman Enterprise and NightWatchman Server Edition deliver best-of-breed energy management for the IT-intensive enterprise, predict and report energy savings, and give IT managers detailed energyuse dashboards. Building on the power-management features of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, NightWatchman Enterprise benefits an entire organization, offering advanced features such as enterprise wake-on-LAN, document save and safereboot, plus automated PC issue remediation with Computer Health™. IT managers can be sure that PCs and laptops will receive updates with the highest degree of success possible. NightWatchman Enterprise prepares accurate reports on savings and emissions so that a business not only saves power, it can credibly prove it as well. NightWatchman Server Edition provides a unique approach to server efficiency and power management by utilizing 1E’s patented Useful Work algorithms to eliminate server sprawl

With 1E, the enterprise benefits three ways:
Simple We make it simple to save money in large and complex environments. Efficient We identify unused IT, help remove it and optimize everything else. Real We have more than 20 million licensed users across 1,600 organizations in 42 countries worldwide who have achieved $1.4 billion in efficiency savings.

About Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager helps companies empower people to use the devices and applications they need to be productive, while maintaining corporate compliance and control. It accomplishes this with a unified infrastructure that gives a single pane of glass to manage physical, virtual, and mobile clients. It also provides tools and improvements that make it easier for IT administrators to do their jobs.

OS updates including Windows migrations. organizations with large number of branches. and they make the private cloud efficient. Nomad Enterprise accelerates all deployments by a significant factor. organizations find solutions that are simple.600 organizations achieve $1. In large IT environments. You can also identify if there are any prohibited applications within your estate. fewer IT people are required to deploy a new Operating System. It enables them to schedule their own Windows 7 and Windows 8 migrations. With Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. selecting the time and date to migrate as well as the users’ existing and recommended applications to reinstall when the new operating system is deployed. This ensures users get the right software reinstalled when they migrate. Shopping’s powerful features include a single portal for all end-user software and hardware needs. cutting costs and speeding time to deploy. AppClarity mines the raw data available within the Configuration Manager database and uses 1E analytics is to normalize it to help you truly understand your enterprise software footprint. Our customers . i. Nomad Enterprise has been enhanced to comprehensively automate the migration process for Windows 7 and 8 upgrades. and services. By deploying Shopping.e. Nomad makes the most efficient use of available bandwidth to reliably and securely deliver large software deployments. Shopping: Allows end-user self-service of software deployments Shopping is seen by many enterprises as a first step in accommodating user devices on the corporate network by offering a comprehensive corporate app store. software licenses and energyconsumption. It automatically sends emails to keep all users. network bandwidthv constraints. means that visibility of what software assets are deployed is more important than ever. 1E has helped more than 1. approvers and administrators informed during the approval process. REDUCES LICENSING COSTS AND AUDIT RISK. This dramatically reduces the number of software and service requests that go through a helpdesk and removes it as a bottleneck to productivity. It means they can download the software and services from an enterprise app store within minutes as well as improving their overall satisfaction with the IT department. remain unaffected. APPCLARITY: ELIMINATES UNUSED SOFTWARE. Nomad dynamically fails over.4 billion in efficiency savings. Nomad Enterprise enhances the capabilities of Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to streamline systems management in several ways. reducing business effectiveness. With 1E. drive efficiency. Organizations not only save power but use less hardware. This combined with the increasing threat of vendor audits. And because it automates this key IT operational process. help remove it and optimize everything else. Using patented technology to remove the nomination of workstations or servers in branches. 1E Efficient IT solutions help reduce servers. Shopping also delivers approval workflow so that business managers can make the approval decisions rather than IT administrators. To date.and optimize the efficiency of every remaining server. Nomad is highly resilient and has the lowest operational costs. It ensures that other network traffic. it reduces the number of servers required. Software licensing costs are one of the biggest expenditures for any IT department and consequently an area of increasing scrutiny. end users are able to install software. Nomad Enterprise: Streamlined systems management that delivers system upgrades and software deployment with highly optimized bandwidth and network efficiency Enterprises experience constant demands on available bandwidth. IT maintenance tasks can hamper the flow of everyday business data. It also ensures that available applications have associated licenses to ensure compliance. With AppClarity’s traffic light compliance system and targeted reporting you can quickly account for compliance issues prior to an audit. especially in large distributed environments. 1E’s mission is to identify unused IT. they automate delivery of software. operating systems and services at a time when it suits them without disrupting their daily workload. software and operational services to provide the same level of service from the data center. self-remediates and requires no additional operational management. About 1E 1E is the pioneer and global leader in Efficient IT solutions. servers and sites without disruption. like business applications and email. AppClarity builds up on the power of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to save money in software purchases and maintenance by identifying and removing software which is unused from user desktop systems. Shopping also can be customized to adopt a company’s look and feel making it familiar for end users. and generate real savings. Operating System upgrades and patches across thousands of PCs.