Law Student Government Central Board Minutes of the Meeting Regular Meeting No. 1 March 8, 2012, 8PM ATTENDANCE: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Benedict G. Nisperos, President Marie Louise N. Camino, Internals Vice President Julienne Marie A. Morada, Externals Vice President Anne Jaycelle C. Sacramento, Secretary Jose Antonio Rafael G. Santos, Treasurer Patrick Chris D. Carbonell, Public Relations Officer Ma. Christina S. Reyes, College Representative to the USC Diega D. Villanueva, Evening Representative Jelorie F. Gallego, Evening Representative Jian Paulo P. Boller, 4th Year Representative Paolo O. Celeridad, 4th Year Representative Gerard Emmanuel V. Tayao, 3rd Year Representative John Paul R. Rotap, 3rd Year Representative Hanna Keila H. Garcia, 2nd Year Representative Ranulfo J. Javelosa III, 2nd Year Representative Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present Present

AGENDA: 1. Introduction 2. Sem planning 3. Special Projects 4. Matters Arising from the SFD Document MEETING HIGHLIGHTS: The meeting was called to order at 8:00 PM with LSG President Nisperos presiding over the meeting. Each of the new officers of the Central Board were asked to introduce themselves and to tell something interesting about themselves. After the brief round of introduction, the meeting proceeded with the discussion of the agenda.

1. Proposed Project: Campaign to boost the morale of the barristers and UP Law community This project is to boost the morale of the UP Law Community to aim for higher passing rate and aim for placing in the top in the next BAR exams. Ms. Villanueva said that it will be subtle and will not be defensive. It will be an interview type film focusing on the best about UP. The two concepts presented were “Honor and Excellence” and “UP Law pa rin” Ms. Camino said that the booster should not sound defensive. Mr. Nisperos said that it will be tweaked in the messaging. Although we did not make it to the top 10, but we have a high passing rate. Ms. Garcia said that the UP Law does not need boosters for ourselves. She said that we should have an external and internal campaign, Internal – feel the fun in law school. External – geared towards the people outside UP Law school. Mr. Carbonell said that it will depend on the execution and timing. Mr. Rotap said that the LSG should be cautious as not to hurt or touch the sensibilities of anyone. Ms. Camino said that “no matter how we package it, it will always seem that we’re defensive.” She said that a feel good video will do. Mr. Tayao said that it is not needed. Mr. Nisperos said that it has to be a feel good video that anyone in law school can relate with it. Ms. Villanueva asked what is the time frame for the project. She said that if it will be released on March, then she will lack time in preparing the video. She said that she can make it if it will be before enrolment. Actions Taken: The body approved to produce a feel good video. It will be released on June during the Freshie Week. The head of the campaign is Mr. Carbonel with Ms. Villanueva, Mr. Boller and Mr. Tayao as members. 2. Matters arising from the SFD Document Ms. Camino discussed the academic policies that the faculty passed. She shared that during the SFD, the faculty said that they do now know of the application of the 3-strike rule. The faculty tasked the LSG to make a list of those prejudiced by the 3-strike rule. The other matters arising from the SFD which the LSG should take on are the grievance procedure for Magna Carta, evaluation of professors including OLA, scheduling of exams, dorm issues, scholarships and utilities. On the evaluation of professors, it was suggested that there should be a better evaluation mechanism for better evaluation like revising the form, the process and protect the anonymity of students and include the OLA director and SL in the evaluation. It was suggested that an online SET should be done just like what we do in the undergrad. It was agreed that the batch representative will handle the reform of the evaluation process. The Magna Carta will be rephrased to be more diplomatic. A new survey on student concerns should be conducted. The OCS agreed to help in implementing the survey.

On the issue on transparency of the grades, the OCS will devise a way on how to make it more transparent and accessible to the students. On scholarships, the OCS agreed to coordinate with the LSG regarding available scholarships. The LSG is also tasked to compile incidents on scholars who lost their scholarships due to late release of grades, etc.; know the demand on scholarships On dorm issues, the LSG is tasked to compile the list of dormers and submit to the Office of the Dean for them to have extended stay. On the equipment upgrade, there should be a summary of the equipment to be requested from the admin. 3. UPDATES The President said that the CB Turnover is tentatively scheduled on March 22. It was agreed that the CB will wear white, corporate attire. On the semplanning, it will be on the third week of April 20-22, La Union and Baguio. The President updated that as regards the Bar Now Pay Later program, the letter of request was already sent to VP Binay. Succeeding meetings will happen after. On the sports association, the MOA can be drafted already. 4. INSTRUCTIONS a. For the IVP – Call for volunteers, the batchreps should ask for 5 volunteers per batch. They can be given a service award at the end of the year. b. For the Batchreps – Create core groups per batch. c. For the Secretary – Follow up student lounge renovation. d. For CB members – Send schedules to Ja for Summer. e. For PRO and Sec – Check the contents of the website in UP Law, talk to Prof. Dan Gatmaytan. f. For the Treasurer - Prepare marketing plan. g. For the PRO – Prioritize website. ADJOURNMENT There being no other matters to be discussed, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 PM.

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