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A Summer Training Report submitted to the SRM University In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the award of the Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Submitted by SOUNDARAJ.V (Reg No: 3511120032) Under the Supervision and Guidance of Mrs. Mary Auxilla MBA(Faculty Guide) Mr. Sakthi Prasanna MBA (Industry Guide)


Department of Management Studies SRM UNIVERSITY Ramapuram Campus Certificate This is to certify that the Summer Training Report entitled AN ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY OF SAM-SYS TECHNOLOGIES, CHENNAI, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration is a record of original training undergone by SOUNDARAJ.V (Reg No: 3511120032) during the year 201112 of his study in the Department of Management Studies, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus under my supervision and the report has not formed the basis for the award of any Degree/Fellowship or other similar title to any candidate of any University.

Place: Chennai 89

Signature of Guide


Mrs.Mary Auxilla MBA Asst.Professor Department of Management Studies SRM University Ramapuram Campus Chennai 89.


Head of the Department Dr. C. Sundar, M.B.A, M.Phil., Ph.D. Professor & Head Submitted to the Department of Management Studies, SRM UNIVERSITY (Ramapuram Campus) for the examination held on_______________




DECLARATION I, SOUNDARAJ.V, (Reg No: 3511120032) hereby declare that the Summer Training report, entitled AN ORGANIZATIONAL STUDY OF SAM-SYS


TECHNOLOGIES,CHENNAI, submitted to the SRM University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration is a record of original training undergone by me during the period June 2011 - August 2012 under the supervision and guidance of mrs.MARY AUXILLA MBA, Professor, Department of Management Studies, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus, Chennai and it has not formed the basis for the award of any Degree or other similar title to any candidate of any University.

Place: Date: SOUNDARAJ V


I am extremely thankful to our Chairman, SRM University, for his invaluable support. I wish to express my profound gratitude to my venerable Secretary and Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM University, for kind permission to undergo project work successfully. I express my heartfelt thanks to our Vice Principal, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, SRM University, Ramapuram Campus who provided all facilities for carrying out this project. I immensely thank our Head of the department Dr. C. Sundar M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D, & Project Guide, MARY AUXILLA MBA,for his valuable suggestions and guidance for the


completion of project work. I thank God Almighty for showering his perennial blessing on me for giving me the courage to pursue this project work successfully.






Cover Page



Company Certificate






List of Tables List of Charts



Profiles 2 2.1 Industry profile 2.2 Company Profile 2.3 Organizational Hierarchy 15 4

3 Various Department and its Activities 4.1. HR & GA 4.2. Finance 4.3. Logistics 4.4. Production Planning & Control 4.5. Purchase 21


My Learning and Training experience at Samsys India Electronics Ltd, Sri Perambadur Plant, Chennai


SWOT Analysis


Conclusion 7 7.1. Findings 7.2. Suggestions 44










SAM-SYS principle

Organizational chart

14 27

HR &GA hierarchy

Finance hierarchy


Logistics Hierarchy


7 8 9

Production Hierarchy Purchase Hierarchy SWOT Analysis CHAPTER-1

33 35 41



This Project deals with the Organizational Study of SAM-SYS TECHNOLOGY , vadapalani, Chennai. This Project provides the details about the Companys Profile, the various Products manufactured in the plant, its various departments and its activities and my learning cum training experiences in the manufacturing plant.



The main objective of the Project is to obtain the knowledge about the field and to get the first-hand knowledge of business administration in work place. To study about the market potential for various products in the market. To promote the business for the company. To focus on the various activities of the organizational departments and to make a study of it.

1.2 IMPORTANCE OF THE INTERNSHIP: It gives an opportunity to be a part of the organization. It helps to gain knowledge about the various activities of the departments in the organization. It provides knowledge about the management activities taken up by the organization. It gives a fair idea about the working and environmental conditions of the organization.

1.3 SCOPE OF THE INTERNSHIP: To gain beneficial knowledge about the organization. It provides an experience of actual field work. It provides interpersonal and managerial skills. It provides the first-hand knowledge of business administration in work place.





This chapter covers the general introduction about the company and the objective, scope, importance and the period of the internship. CHAPTER 2: This chapter covers the profile study which includes the industrys profile, Companys Profile and the organizational hierarchy of the manufacturing plant. CHAPTER 3: This chapter covers the profile study about the various products manufactured in the plant and its prevalence in the market. CHAPTER 4: This chapter covers the study about the various departments and its activities in the organization. CHAPTER 5: This chapter covers the details about my learning cum training experience with the HR & GA department of the organization. CHAPTER 6: This chapter covers the conclusion part of the internship which includes the various observations, suggestions and findings found in the manufacturing plant of SAMSYS TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai.




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ENGINEER (1 & 2)











CHAPTER 4 VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS AND ITS ACTIVITIES 4.1 INTRODUCTION This manufacturing plant has its organizational activities performed under the supervision and guidance of the following 5 major departments. This chapter covers the functionalities and other operations performed by these 5 major departments which include its sub departments based on the requirement of the manufacturing plant. 4.2 MAJOR DEPARTMENTS AT THE SAMSYS PLANT They are as follows: 1. HUMAN RESOURCE & GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 2. FINANCE 3. MARKETING 4. SYSTEMS

4.2.1 HUMAN RESOURCE & GENERAL ADMINISTRATION (HR & GA) FUNCTIONS OF THE HR & GA DEPARTMENT 1. Pre-Recruitment Process: a. Receipt of requirement of manpower from various department heads. b. Scrutinize them and take approval from concerned authorities if the post is new. c. Prepare a recruitment budget and CTC for the employee and take approval. d. Select the appropriate Recruitment process.

2. Recruitment Process: a. Prepare Advertisements etc. for the recruitment. b. Scrutinize and shortlist the applications received. c. Send interview call letters/mails as required. d. Conduct Interviews through panels. e. Preparation of offer letters as required. 3. Joining Formalities: a. Administrating Joining formalities. b. Pre-Employment Reference checks. c. Preparation of Appointment Advice and intimating the same to other departments. d. Preparing and entering new hire paperwork. e. Coordinating to get Employee ID Cards. f. Handing over the new hire to the concerned HOD/Manager. g. Preparation of Job Profiles coordination with HOD/Managers for new posts. 4. Employee Personal File Maintenance: a. Opening new file and Closing the Resigned employees File. b. Make sure all Employee files are maintained safely with care. c. Make sure all personal records are available in the files. d. Periodic Personal File Auditing. 5. Employee Data Base: a. Keeping Track of Knowledge Management Software. b. Maintenance of HRIS. 6. Confirmation Formalities:

a. Intimating the concerned HOD/Manager about the due dates for confirmation. b. Conducting Confirmation Appraisals. c. Coordinating for Skill Gap Analysis. d. Coordination to set Quality Objectives for each job profile. e. Ensuring updating of the existing Job Profiles. f. Processing the Confirmation. 7. ISO Compliance: a. Ensuring all the updation of the ISO documentation and HR Formats. b. Learning and enforcing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). c. Facing the Internal and External Audits, accountable to enforce the correctional actions. 8. Statutory Compliance: a. Handling PF and ESI formalities and co ordinating with other departments. b. Handling Apprentice Training, Submitting Periodic Returns to Board. c. Submitting other returns to the labour Department . 9. Training And Development: a. Conducting Induction Training for new hires. b. Training Need Analysis based on Skill Gap Analysis, Appraisal Feedback and suggestions. c. Coordinating External and Internal Training Programs. d. Maintaining Training Records. e. Analysis of Training Feedback. 10. Performance Appraisal: a. Prepare the new Appraisal Form. b. Educate employees about self-appraisal.


c. Provide inputs to HODs for Appraisals. d. Prepare Appraisal Letters. 11. Employee Relation: a. Having formal and Informal counseling with employees. b. Prepare Event Calendar of monthly recreation to motivate employees. c. Handling Corporate Medical Insurance. d. Processing required letters on employees request. 12. Report Generation: a. Generating and analyzing Employee Attrition Reports, Training Evaluation, and Manpower Status. b. Weekly and monthly recruitment reports c. Report generation of Pre appraisal, Appraisal and Post Appraisals. d. Salary Details Reports to Accounts Department. e. Reports as per the HODs request.

13. Exit Formalities: a. Administering Exit paper work including all Statutory requirements. b. Conducting Exit Interviews. c. Preparing Exit Interview Summary. d. Giving post-employment reference for relieved employees. e. Processing File to Accounts Department for final settlement.









Preparation and compilation of Budget estimates and revised estimates Control of expenditure and economy measures. Audit and Accounts. All matters related to Banks and banking institutions. Matters related to creation of posts, fixation of pay Loans and advances.

Scales of pay and allowances, revision, etc. Codification of Financial rules and regulations. Framing of financial rule. Assessment of Plan resources. All matters relating to Audit reports. All matters relating to Accounts Maintenance of loans, advances, accounts and matters related thereof. Internal audit matters Checking of fixation of pay and revision of pay-scale.







4.2.3 LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS OF THE LOGISTICS DEPARTMENT Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.

The logistics department is entrusted with the responsibilities of ensuring that the entire process of logistics is maintained and developed in accordance with the goals of the business at an economical cost.


The tasks of the logistics department involve storage, distribution, warehousing, movement of goods from one place to another (internally or externally), tracking and delivery of goods.

It includes a complete process of planning, managing, controlling and coordination to make sure that the goods reach the right place, at the right time, for the right cost and in a right condition.

Logistics and supply chain management plays an important role in purchasing and production side of the organization.








Materials: This function is concerned with ensuring that the Raw material, standard finished parts, finished parts of products must be available while starting the operation within the time.


Methods: This function is concerned with the analysis of all methods of manufacturing and selecting the best appropriate method according to the given set of circumstances and facilities.

Machines and Equipment: It is important that methods of manufacturing should to be related to the available production facilities coupled with a detail study of equipment replacement policy. This function is concerned with the detailed analysis of the production facilities, maintenance procedures and equipment policy.

Routing: It refers to the flow of sequence of operation and processes to be followed in producing a particular finish product. It determines manufacturing operation and their sequence.

Estimating: This function is concerned with estimation of operations time. The operation time can be worked out once the overall method and sequence of operation is fixed and process sheet for each operation is available.

Loading & Scheduling: It is important that machine should be loaded according to their capabilities performance the given and according to the capacity. It is concerned with preparation of machine loads and fixation of starting and completion dates for a particular operation. Dispatching: It means the assignment of work to different machines or work places which involve authorities to start of production activities in order of their priority as determined. . Expediting: It is also called Follow Up or Progress: Follow up which regulates the progress of materials and parts through the production process. It is closely interrelated with activities of dispatching. Inspection: It is an important control tool. Its assessment is important in the execution of current program and planning stage of undertaking when the limitations of the processor,

method and manpower are known. It forms a basis for future investigations with respect to method, process etc. which is useful for evaluation phase. Evaluating: This is the integral part of control function. The evaluating function is concerned with providing a feedback mechanism on the long term basis so that the past experience can be evaluated with the aim of improving utilization of method and facilities.











This chapter provides the entire details of my learning and training experience at The SAMSYS TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai in the department of HR & GA. Here we can find about the duties and responsibilities held by me as a part of the training in the department of HR & GA. Here I was found to be closely associated in assisting the HR people in completing their routine task.

5.2 MY LEARNING AT SAMSYS: 1. Acquired knowledge about the various registers used in the HR & GA department. Some of the register used at SAM-SYS FORM 15 FORM 16 FORM 17 FORM 21 FORM 22 FORM 25 FORM 2 FORM 2A

2. Acquired knowledge about various legal compliances based on the Tamil Nadu Factories Act of 1948 & 50. 3. Acquired knowledge about the recruitment process followed at SAM-SYS

TECHNOLOGIES. 4. Acquired knowledge about the Contractors and Man Power supplying agents at SAM-SYS. 5. Acquired knowledge about the SAM-SYS self-developed ERP software and its operations. 6. Acquired knowledge about the employee safety and welfare measures taken at SAM-SYS.

7. Acquired knowledge about the PF deductions and how to calculate the overtime wages for the employees. 8. Acquired knowledge of how to file the registration certificate amendment for SAM-SYS. 9. Acquired knowledge about the Company vendors and suppliers in both men and material. 10. Acquired knowledge about the working mechanism of the company and its departments. 11. Acquired knowledge through the guidance and advices of the HR people in how to handle various situations with the labour. 12. Acquired knowledge regarding insurance schemes offered by SAM-SYS to their employees. 13. Was given training on how to create and maintain the various register as per the norms. 14. Was given training on how to file and record the legal compliances on behalf of SAM-SYS to the government. 15. Assisted in issuing of bonafide letter for the employees of the organization. 16. Was given training in creating and issuing of staff product coupon.

17. Assisted in the documentation process of the recently held recruitment of 78 operators for the new mobile plant. 18. Worked in the HR Help Desk during the lunch hours and assisted in sorting and clearing the queries and needs of the employees. 19. Assisted in Purchasing of the HR registers required for the organization. 20. Assisted in maintaining the HR & Other Executives Files for the purpose of PF approval and other salary payments. 21. Acquired knowledge regarding the MY IDEA SCHEME implemented at the plant for the welfare of the employees.


22. Acquired knowledge about organizational Hierarchy available at the plant both in administration and production.


6.1 INTRODUCTION This chapter deals with the SWOT analysis performed throughout the various departments of the SAM-SYS plant at Sri Perambadur, chennai. SWOT Analysis: It deals with the factors like strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that could play an important role in understanding the working and managerial functions of the organization.



CHAPTER 7 CONCLUSION 7.1 INTRODUCTION: This chapter is divided into 2 major sections namely FINDINGS and SUGGESTIONS. In the first section we find out various achievements and improvements made at SAMSYS in order to build good organizational reputation and structure. Here the various practices followed by the organization in terms of marketing, advertising and CSR activities are listed out which makes SAMSYS unique from its core competitors. In the second section we provide some of the suggestions made to the organization in order to make them more stronger than actually they are in the market at present.

7.2 FINDINGS AND SUGGESTIONS MADE AT SAMSYS 7.2.1 FINDINGS AT SAMSYS 1. Research and Development Potential

Samsys has set up two R&D centres in India, at Bangalore and Noida. Both the R&D centres are involved in cutting edge research and development. The centre has successfully completed more than a hundred projects in collaboration with Samsys Headquarters Visual Display and Digital Media divisions. Its engineers continuously strive to improve performance and introduce innovative features to make the end products more efficient and user friendly.

The centre boasts of a highly talented and motivated work force who have been

constantly enriching their knowledge and skills. 2. Managerial Talent and Locational Advantage

Samsys India has been made the Regional Headquarters for Samsys operations in South West Asia to manage and provide services to Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Samsys has selected India as one of the top six strategic markets in the world along with the US, China, Russia, Germany and Thailand. Samsys is aiming at growing business in the SAARC markets.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

Samsys has also made its mark as a company with a conscience and an organization with social responsibilities. In 2004, Samsys won the Golden Peacock Special Commendation for Corporate Social Responsibility. This award was given by the Institute of Directors and the World Council for Corporate Governance. Samsys runs the Digital Hope programme, supporting organizations that promote the use of technology to improve the lives of youth, empower them and help bridge the digital divide.

Organisations supported by this programme include Development Alternatives and the National Centre for Promotion of Employment of Disabled People (NCPEDP). Samsys has adopted many schools and have helped them in developing the standard of education and infrastructure.

7.2.2. SUGESTIONS: Create an aspirational digital lifestyle for the average Indian consumer with the introduction of innovative digital products, that represent the absolute high end of technology and design. Revolutionise retail in the country by launching a massive retail roll-out of its


exclusive outlets Set up technology retail counters to bring technology closer to the consumers, allowing them to touch, feel and experience the same. Set up educational institutions in the field of Technology ,Management, Sales, etc. Can set up union for better understanding and benefit of employees.


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