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Panaphone KX-T999CID Manual

I. Features: 1. Multi systems of FSK DTMF compatible; 2.Incoming and outgoing numbers can be checked, deleted and called back; 3.Long-distance call locking, theft-dial preventing functions: 4.Electronic volume control of ringing and on-hook talking; 5.Super strong lightning-proof function; 6.Calculator function; 7.On-hook pre-dialing, error-correcting functions.

II. Installation and Precautions: 1. Please subscribe incoming number display service to local telecommunication bureau; 2.Insert two AA batteries into the handset with correct directions of electrodes when the

handset is used separately (When used on the base sel, the handset can be used without batteries); 3.The unit should magnetic field. be installed in a dry, ventilated place without corrosive gas or strong

III.Setting the Telephone On completion of each setup item, press [SET] to confirm and press [DELETE] to return. 1. Setting date and time: When [SET] is pressed, there will be a display of "SE12345678" and the numbers of "12345678 willl flicker.Press [1] to get into setup mode with display of 1-DATE 2-CL. Press [1] to get into date setup mode with flickering numbers of year, month and day. Input correct year, month and day with the number keys and then press [SET] to confirm. To set time, press [2] and "CL 00-01" will be displayed with the numbers flickering. Input current time with number kdys, press [SET] to comfirm and then press [ON-HOOK] to exit from setup. (If you want to set date and time as August 30, 2003, 18:18, you can press [SET]-[1] [1]030830[SET][2]-1818 [SET].) 2. Selecting Ring Type and Adjusting Ring Volume: When [2] is pressed after pressing [SET], LCD will display 1-T 2-V1P 3-VOL. By pressing number

keys, you can get into relative setup mode with corresponding display. [1] is pressed for ring type selection of ordinary incoming calls, [UP] or [DOWN] key for selecting vibration or ring type, [SET] for confirmation and [DELETE] for returning to the previous list. [2] is pressed to set VIP ring selection and the setting method is the same with the ordinary ring setup. [3] is pressed to adjust ring volume with [UP] or [DOWN] for adjusting ring volume of 4 levels. Press [ON-HOOK] to exit. You will hear sound when the line is connected. 3. Setting Alarming : Press [SET] and then [3] for display of AL 1-2-3 and press number keys to get into relevant setup mode. [1] is used to set the first set of alarm with display of ALAR OFF and when OFF flickers, time for alarm can be set with numberkeys. (UP] or [DOWNJ key is used to select OFF in case you need to turn off the alarm and [SET] is used ot confirm The remaining two sets can be setup in the same way and on completion of setup. [ON-HOOK] will be pressed to exit. The first set is for single alarm and the second and the third set are for daily alarms. When the alarm starts ringing , you can stop it by pressing any one of the keys 4; Setting Time for Off-Ring: Press [SET] and then [4] for display of OFF-R 00-00 and when the number flickers, input desired time, press [SET] to confirm and then [ON-HOOK] to exit. When the off-ring function is initiated, off-ring time will be displayed on the screen and off- ring will be automatically cnacelled after count down of 00-00. It can also be cancelled with on-hook or off -hook dialing. During off-ring time, there will be no ringing of incoming calls (excluding VIP calls). 5. Setting Special Function Selection: Press [SET] and then [5] for flickering display of 1-F2-P-T3-DEF and get into setting mode with number keys. Press [ 1 ] to set flash time, press [UP] or [DOWN] to select flash time of 90. 95. 100. 120. 180. 300. 600. 1000ms and then press [SET] to confirm. Press [2] and PT TONE will be displayed for selection of pulse or tone dial mode. [UP] or [DOWN] can be pressed to select dialing mode with display of TONE/PULSE indication and initial state of tone dial mode. Press [3] and DEFEND will be flickering on the screen for theft-dial preventing setup and [UP] or [DOWN] can be pressed to select "DEFEND ON "or "DEFENDOFF". 6. Setting Local Numbers and Out-off Numbers: Press [SET] and then [6] for display of 1 -LOC 2-OL press [ 1 ] and LOC will be displayed for setting local numbers, make direct input of 1-8 figures and then press [SET] to confirm. Press [2] and OUT OFF will be displayed for setting out-off numbers.make direct input of 1-8 figures and then press [SET] to confirm. The original setup if OFF. 8.Adjustment of LCD Brightness: Press [SET] and then [7] for flickering display of LCD con 3. Press [UP] or [DOWN] to adjust LCD brightness and then press [SET] to confirm. Default value is level 3. IV.Operation

1. Checking incoming call numbers: [UP] or [DOWN] is pressed to check phone numbers, dates and time upwards or downwards. 2. Calling back incoming call number: Check the incoming call number, press [RED1AL] to call the selected number. In case that a "0" should be added to the selected number, press [REDIAL] for 3 seconds to and a "0" in front of the incoming call number and then make the dial. 3. Checking outgoing call numbers: Press [INQUIRY] and then [UP] or [DOWN] to check outgoing calls for the number and talk time. 4. On-hook pre-dialing: Call numbers can be directly input at on-hook state, errors in the input can be corected with [DELETE] and [ON-HOOK.] can be pressed to make the dial when input in complete. 5. Deleting function: When setting IP number at on-hook state . press [DELETE] to delete a wrong number. When checking outgoing or incoming call numbers, press [DELETE] to delete any call numbers. By pressing the key for longer than 3 seconds, you can delete all of the numbers. [DELETE] can also be used to exit from setup mode. 6. Saving VIP numbers: Select an incoming call number and then press [VOL] to set the number as VIP number. When deleting a VIP number. [VOL] should be pressed first to cancel its VIP setting before deleting the number. 7. Music reservation: At handset off-hook state, press [MUSIC RESERVATION] to get into music reservation state and there will be music sound at the same time. Put the handset on the base-set and then set it off- hook. The music will stop and the handset will automatically get into handset talk mode. If you press [ON-HOOK], music will stop and the handset will get into on-hook or handset talk mode. 8. Auto redial: When you hear line-busy sound at handset on-hook mode, you can press [REDIAL] to get into automatic redialing mode and the line will be conneted when you hear the returned ring and the handset getsinto talk mode. The handset will make rediais with an interval of 5 seconds. 9. Mechanical Lock Function : When the lock is set to the green point, all phone numbers starting with "0" can not be dialed.