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Adeline Sozianski

Personal goal:
•To become an ambassador
•To start an humanitarian organization to assure human rights to illegal immigrants [3rd world people
come to west, and if they are illegal, they are deprived of human rights. For example: they have to work
more for less payoff, they cannot go to a doctor, because the doctor is legally required to let the govt.
about the illegal people, etc.]

How she sustains her personal goals?

Studies law. The constitutions (of different countries) say nobody can be deprived from 'happiness',
dignity', etc, or the pursuit of it. However, constitutions also has laws against immigrants, depriving
them. Solution to this dilemma requires, she thinks, profound knowledge of law, which she pursues.

Also, in order to realize her dreams, she thinks she should have an international mindset. She thinks,
being inspired by different cultures is a necessity, however, announcing the superiority of one culture is
stupid. For example, she thinks, we can be influenced by German/ Russian/ Columbian/ whatever
culture. But to announce 'I am German, and my culture is best/only acceptable' is stupid. To work with
international immigrants, she thinks, she will also have to understand their values, there ideas, etc

She thinks, her personal background [Russian mom, German dad, growing up in Romania, adulthood in
Germany] offers her this insight as stated above.

Strong and weak point:

•Committed to assignment. When she does something, does it with heart
•International background
•Cultural acceptance
•Can not enjoy casual chat/smalltalk

Reason for joining AIESEC

Since 7th grade, she knew about AIESEC and the internationality it has to offer. She pays extreme
importance and attention to an environment where one can interact with international people from
different cultural background. As we discussed, international learning environment is important for her
personal goals.

AIESEC sustaining Adeline

AIESEC gives her what she expects her from it. LC Bremen has a great international background as
she expected. She wants to improve

Major landmarks in her @xp

The IMAS was a great experience for her. The decision of joining OGX, she thinks, was perfect
decision. She offers German students a chance to go abroad, and experience intercultural environment,
which makes her content.
She completed her Responsibility Task (translating a booklet)
However, she thinks there are people who does not take responsibility seriously, and are not sincere to
deadlines. There are some people who are selfish in the sense that they take help from AIESEC, but
does not help it. She does not like these.

Adeline sustaining AIESEC

She completed her responsibility, and is active in OGX, as already said. She thinks, one of AIESEC
goals are 'international and intercultural understanding' which she pursues with her work in OGX, by
providing students a chance to be in intercultural learning environment abroad. She wants to come to a
leadership position. She wants to bring more team spirit in her team, so to say, everyone will have a
feeling for the team, and everyone should automatically feel responsible, if there is a problem, and
automatically contribute to solve it. She wants to bring more cultural sensitivity also.

She should stay in the team, and continue