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Subject Class Date/ Time Time Theme Topic Contents

: English Language : 2 Musytari : 26 March 2012/ Monday : 8.00 am 9.00 am : World of Self/Family and Friends : Instructions : 1. Read a story The Dog and The Wolf 2. Puzzle game

Analyze learners 1. General characteristics a. Number of students : 30 pupils b. Level (Grade or age) : Year 2 Musytari c. Gender : 14 males and 16 females d. Age range : 8 years old e. Exceptionalities : No f. Cultural/ Ethnic/ other types of Diversity: 21 Malays, 5 Chinese, 4 Indians. g. Other : None 2. Entry competencies a. What skill do they have already : Pupils would h b. They need to review : Moral value of the story c. Other : No 3. Learning styles a. Visual : 40 % b. Auditory : 40 % c. Kinaesthetic : 20 % d. Other : No Lesson objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to: 1. 2. 3. 4. answer the Wh- questions based on the story correctly. pronounce words and speak with correct stress and intonation. spell the words vocabulary with 100% accuracy. match the words say to the given meanings correctly.

Teaching aids: 1. Word cards 2. Sentence strips 3. Task sheet

Set Induction (5 minutes) I am going to ask pupils their favorite food. Pupils will raise their hand to answer. Then, I am going to introduce the topic of the day. Presentation (35 minutes) Before start the story telling, I am going to show picture of a dog and wolf and ask pupils the name of the animals. Pupils will guess the name of the animals. I am going to start the story to the pupils with correct intonation and stress. During the story telling, I am going to introduce vocabulary using word cards and pronounce the word twice. Pupils will repeat the words twice. After finish the first page, I am going to ask the pupils What do you think will happen after this? Pupils raise their hand s to guess the sequence of the story. Then, I am going to continue the story telling. Production (15 minutes) In this stage, I am going to divide pupils into groups. Each group will get an envelope with sentence strips which contain different part of story. Pupils will arrange the sentence strips according to the story. After that, pupils will present to the class. I am going to check the arrangement. Closure (5 minutes) I am going to recaps the lesson. Then, I am going ask pupils What are the animals in the story? and What was the wolf saw on the dogs neck?. At the end of the lesson, I am going to stress the moral value We must work hard to achieve something.