Phototropic Simplexities Trees are phototropic simplexities, no wonder we like them they cowork so well too: copses, see

. * Meaning: Trees we know: I as writer can refer you, reader, safely to them, "trees", in trust that the word I use will signal to you too -- triggering for you, also -- pretty much the assortment of branching organic thingies about which I'm hoping to communicate that they are complex entities whose complexity comes from a simplicity of rule -- branching -- repeated with variations, said variants doing their branching in thirst of light, each trunk rising, limb outpushing, branch diverging, twig evading other twig much as one who seeks in a crowd a clear view of a distant celebrity shifts and cranes and peers -- branching, thus, by the finding of light in avoidance of nearby shadow and moving into it, into light as position, that light, that position, growing, and thus in the overall "unified yet various", we, seekers of the various and unified love them, to see them in greens themselves various in their simplexity is to say "tree" with a quiet warmth; while they themselves also, by the necessity of their branching seeking, if clumped together seek in an avoidance of each other's seeking, growing, thus space-sharing in ways which as the wind sweeps and conforms them to its own simplex flows, shapes them to a common curve we call aerodynamic, highlit against the sky huddled together as "copse" -- this, in the mind's eyes and in your wanderings, see... * Meaning: Trees we can talk about. Simplexity is a useful term for forms — like trees -- which are neither simple only nor complex only, but as varied as complexity suggests with a manner of variation as simple as simplicity implies. Trees? Their simplexity is conveyed in principle by the word "branching". Its necessity lies in the need of each "reaching end" of the organism to ascertain from its own position and within the bounds of its possible growing movement, some "available" light -- this light-seeking having the name "phototropism". Simplexities -- and thus by way of example, trees -- we like, we call them beautiful. Clustered together, too, and shaped by the winds' patterns of flow, these individual simplexities combine on an English hilltop (or where you will) to form yet other beauties. * Thus: Trees are phototropic simplexities, no wonder we like them they cowork so well too: copses, see. *

* Meaning: Beauty is one simplexity perceived by another: the eye of the beholder. thing sought. with optic nerve. "brain". character. is always and everywhere in conflict also with itself.but this overall beauty hard to perceive when the specific shadow falls in the specific sought place of the moment. seeking. in which the outcome overall is for each a "place in the sun" but not without skirmishes. * Meaning also: That all is jostle. you can find also the mutual shapes that we adopt. Want to talk about simplexities. then. Love is my tropism. Differentiation for maximal tropism at all levels -. and clumping me with others under the winds. everywhere. striving -. Branching being the order behind simplexity. beauty. beauty. honey. love seeking -. beautiful -. is a key to beauty. branching neuron paths that other simplexity. I could kill for can find in this my own simplexity. the "available" is not available. that is beauty: love is kalotropic.Meaning: I love trees. self. I propose. cohabitation. the honey -. I could kill for beauty. Tropism. . Simplexity. is the key to simplexity. variety. The overall picture.thus the drive that would make us kill for life. my own varieties of seeking. differentiation. competitive: and competition the necessary act of the avoidance of shadow. simultaneous.. * Implying: Paradise and Fall. I am erotropic. "consciousness" the perceiving.a strife for life. the pressures that form and conform us. a beauty-seeking. And beauty -. if I love it.. I wish to talk about beauty because it is beauty that I love. beautiful. of the growths that are my growth. therefore..the light. Ours. and the strife of the moment is paramount. and the shadow creating act. implacably necessary food and drink. seeking always the light..

is for each shadowed leaf.It is at this juncture. that we are "expelled from the garden" -. "we are never outside the garden" -. is for each lit leaf. beautiful. shadow.for the dappling of light on and among the leaves has become to us. beautiful.can no longer see the beauty that is and remains overall. . shadow. too. And shadow for shadow we jostle. * Thus: The dappling of light on leaves. see. and life is strife. Roots. life-giving: a chiaroscuro. death-dealing. light. that can allow us to say also. have their mirror branchings. at this branching. too closely jostled.

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