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The hunter-gatherer clan and group dynamics Anthropologists believe human society had its origins in a clan

of hunters, protectors, and gatherers. But very little is known about the actual group dynamics of these early human organizations. We can speculate, but little is actually known about them. In my field observations of human beings, I've detected some indications of likely group dynamics. The logic here is: if we observe typical interactions among human beings, we can find evidence or indications of 'how we got here' in terms of the evolution of human social structures and the associated human genome. More colloquially, our genes were modified by group dynamics of early humans just as they were by selective environmental pressures. We should see evidence of both today. I propose the protector-harem sub-group of the clan as the 'family unit'. The girls and women in the harem collected most of the food for a particular family; each girl/woman periodically 'cemented their bond' with the male-protector via sexual encounters, affection, attention, and love. The food supply for the family gathered and these periodic encounters guaranteed a female's place in the family. It's likely encounters occurred between families – between protector of a particular harem within the clan and a female of another harem. These encounters acted as 'cement' between families to bond the entire clan together. Undoubtedly, females from one family and another had encounters and therefore bonded families more closely together within the clan. So this view proposes the clan is a tight-knit group of harems/families with 'glue' of encounters, affection, attention, and love .. Older adults may not 'comprehend' when they see two young girls kissing in public, but it's completely understandable from an anthropological perspective. This view also explains: orgy porn, lesbianism, gay (if consensual), Muslim/arab harems, Mormon polygamy, and youth tendency to 'play the field' (in both sexes). Aside from outright 'kinkiness' and particularly 'strange' sexual practices, this anthropological perspective explains most of modern human sexuality. Curiosity begins young – around seven or eight.. Modern 'puritans' declare sexuality does not start until you're 18 but.. Our deduced genome and behavior indicate otherwise. From a purely anthropological perspective, we should simply accept modern sexuality as a direct product of our human evolution in tight-knit clans. When a married woman has an 'affair' with another man, she's behaving normally in a clan-setting. The jealousy and any ensuing legal battles are purely an artifact of modern conventional morals. The clan-mode was about mutual protection and affiliation. This was the majority of the time-period of human evolution. It's unrealistic to expect any human individuals to be exclusive sexually or otherwise. Of course, I myself want sexual exclusivity in a mate but.. What I want and what is realistic in terms of human evolution are obviously two different things .. Our expectations and 'punishment systems' need to be totally revised to accommodate the reality of human sexuality .. Can we reasonably expect two individuals to remain sexually faithful/loyal, considering our evolutionary development, for 50 years or more? From an anthropological perspective, the proposal is absolutely absurd.