R 12 Customer TCA Architechture

This bulletin describes the changes that will be occurring in Project Billing to obsolete the use of Receivables views relating to customer and contact information, and to replace them with direct references to the underlying "Trading Community Architecture" (TCA) tables.

Scope and Application
This note is intended for anyone who must upgrade queries or customizations from 11i which refer to any of the following views or anyone who requires an understanding of the TCA architecture to create new queries or customizations:      RA_CUSTOMERS RA_ADDRESSES RA_SITE_USES RA_CONTACTS RA_CONTACT_ROLES

Projects Uptake of the TCA Architecture in Release 12 1. The TCA Architecture

The following sections describe the individual views that are being replaced by the TCA (HZ) tables along with a mapping of view columns to HZ table columns and the query conditions that should be used to retrieve them

   In the 11i architecture RA_CUSTOMERS is a synonym in the APPS schema which points to the view RA_HCUSTOMERS. The source file for RA_HCUSTOMERS in 11i is archz.odf. The table below lists the corresponding HZ table and column for various columns in the current RA_CUSTOMERS view:
Column in RA_CUSTOMERS customer_name customer_id customer_number status Corresponding Table hz_parties hz_cust_accounts hz_cust_accounts hz_cust_accounts Column substrb(party_name,1,50) cust_account_id account_number status

 

Source Tables: HZ_PARTIES, HZ_CUST_ACCOUNTS Join Conditions:


   In the 11i architecture RA_ADDRESSES is a multi-org striped view based on RA_ADDRESSES_ALL. RA_ADDRESSES_ALL is a synonym for the view RA_ADDRESSES_MORG. The source file for view RA_ADDRESSES_MORG in 11i is archz.odf. The table below lists the corresponding HZ table and column for various columns in the current RA_ADDRESSES view:
Column in RA_ADDRESSES address_id status address1 address2 address3 address4 city state postal_code county country language Corresponding Table hz_cust_acct_sites_all hz_cust_acct_sites_all hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations hz_locations Column cust_acct_site_id status address1 address2 address3 address4 city state postal_code county country language

 

HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL.party_site_id = HZ_PARTY_SITES.party_site_id HZ_LOCATIONS.location_id = HZ_PARTY_SITES.location_id

   In the 11i architecture RA_SITE_USES is a multi-org striped view based on RA_SITE_USES_ALL. RA_SITE_USES_ALL is a synonym for the view RA_SITE_USES_MORG. The source file for view RA_SITE_USES_MORG in 11i is archz.odf The table below lists the corresponding HZ table and column for various columns in the current RA_SITE_USES view:
Column in RA_SITE_USES site_use_id site_use_code status address_id Corresponding Table hz_cust_site_uses hz_cust_site_uses hz_cust_site_uses hz_cust_site_uses Column site_use_id site_use_code status cust_acct_site_id

 

Source Tables: HZ_CUST_SITE_USES Join Conditions: none

   In the 11i architecture RA_CONTACTS is a synonym for the view RA_HCONTACTS The source file for view RA_HCONTACTS in 11i is archz.odf The table below lists the corresponding HZ table and column for various columns in the current RA_CONTACTS view:
Column in RA_CONTACTS contact_id status customer_id address_id first_name last_name Corresponding Table hz_cust_account_roles hz_cust_account_roles hz_cust_account_roles hz_cust_account_roles hz_parties hz_parties Column cust_account_role_id status cust_account_id cust_acct_site_id substrb(person_first_name,1,40) substrb(person_last_name,1,50)

 



   In the 11i architecture RA_CONTACT_ROLES is a synonym for the view RA_HCONTACT_ROLES The source file for view RA_HCONTACT_ROLES in 11i is archz.odf The table below lists the corresponding HZ table and column for various columns in the current RA_CONTACT_ROLES view:
Column in RA_CONTACT_ROLES contact_id usage_code primary_flag Corresponding Table hz_role_responsibility hz_role_responsibility hz_role_responsibility Column cust_account_role_id responsibility_type primary_flag

 

Source Tables: HZ_ROLE_RESPONSIBILITY Join Conditions: none.
11i Table ra_addresses_all R12 Change SELECT acct_site.cust_account_id customer_id, acct_site.cust_acct_site_id address_id FROM hz_party_sites party_site,

hz_loc_assignments loc_assign, hz_locations loc, hz_cust_acct_sites_all acct_site WHERE acct_site.party_site_id = party_site.party_site_id AND loc.location_id = party_site.location_id AND loc.location_id = loc_assign.location_id AND NVL (acct_site.org_id, -99) = NVL (loc_assign.org_id, -99) ra_site_uses_all SELECT site_use_id, LOCATION, attribute1 FROM hz_cust_site_uses_all ra_customers SELECT cust_acct.cust_account_id customer_id, SUBSTRB (party.party_name, 1, 50) customer_name, cust_acct.account_number customer_number FROM hz_parties party, hz_cust_accounts cust_acct WHERE cust_acct.party_id = party.party_id

RA_ADDRESSES_ALL is obsolete table in Release 11.5.10 and Release 12. You can get the customer address information from the following tables in Release 12. HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL HZ_PARTY_SITES HZ_LOCATIONS Here is the Linking information: - HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL & HZ_PARTY_SITES - Link column PARTY_SITE_ID - HZ_PARTY_SITES & HZ_LOCATIONS - Link column is LOCATION_ID.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@

1. What is TCA? Tables? A) Trading Community Architecture. It is a centralized repository of business entities such as Partners, Customers, and Organizations etc. It is a new framework developed in Oracle 11i.

HZ_PARTIES: The HZ_PARTIES table stores basic information about parties that can be shared with any relationship that the party might establish with another party. Although a record in the HZ_PARTIES table represents a unique party, multiple parties can have the same name. The parties can be one of four types: Organization for example, Oracle CorporationPerson for example, Jane DoeGroup for example, World Wide Web ConsortiumRelationship for example, Jane Doe at Oracle Corporation. HZ_LOCATIONS: The HZ_LOCATIONS table stores information about a delivery or postal address such as building number, street address, postal code, and directions to a location. This table provides physical location information about parties (organizations and people) and customer accounts. HZ_PARTY_SITES: The HZ_PARTY_SITES table links a party (see HZ_PARTIES) and a location (see HZ_LOCATIONS) and stores location-specific party information. One party can optionally have one or more party sites. One location can optionally be used by one or more parties. This party site can then be used for multiple customer accounts within the same party. HZ_CUST_ACCT_SITES_ALL HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL HZ_CUST_CONTACT_POINTS etc. 2. What are Base Tables or Interface Tables for Customer Conversions, Autolockbox, Auto Invoice? A) Customer Conversion: Interface Tables : RA_CUSTOMERS_INTERFACE_ALL, RA_CUSTOMER_PROFILES_INT_ALL, RA_CONTACT_PHONES_INT_ALL, RA_CUSTOMER_BANKS_INT_ALL, RA_CUST_PAY_METHOD_INT_ALL Base Tables : RA_CUSTOMERS, RA_ADDRESSES, RA_SITE_USES_ALL, RA_CUSTOMER_PROFILES_ALL, RA_PHONES etc B) Auto Invoice: Interface Tables : RA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALL, RA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL, RA_INTERFACE_ERRORS_ALL Base Tables : RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL, RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL, RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_GL_DIST_ALL, RA_CUST_TRX_LINE_SALESREPS_ALL, RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL C) AutoLockBox: Interface Tables : AR_PAYMENTS_INTERFACE_ALL (POPULATED BY IMPORT PROCESS) Interim tables : AR_INTERIM_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL (All Populated by Submit Validation) : AR_INTERIM_CASH_RCPT_LINES_ALL, AR_INTERIM_POSTING Base Tables : AR_CASH_RECEIPTS_ALL, AR_RECEIVABLE_APPLICATIONS_ALL, AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES_ALL ( All Populated by post quick cash)

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%

Expalin TCA architecture, why it was introduced in R12? Answer TCA : The summation of all # 4 entities, inclusive of partners,

suppliers, and competitors, that are related to your customers is called a Trading Community BEFORE TCA : 1.There are multiple customer definitions across the enterprise. 2.It was very difficult to track current and historical information about the customers. 3.There was a lack of support for mixed business. 4.It was quite tough to understand relationships between customers and others (suppliers, partners, competitors) Trading Community Architecture: Trading Community Architecture is the implementation of technology and applications to allow users to create and maintain relationships among entities. It is a way to understand who your customer interacts with inside and outside the enterprise. The Purpous of Interduce TCA. 1.Create a central repository for the entire E-Business Suite to store information relating to all members of a trading community versus separate

tables for each memberProspects, Customers, Contacts, Employees, Partners, Distributors, Suppliers, Banks, etc. 2.Record complex business relationships between Trading Community entities (including 3rd party relationships). 3.Support all business models, industries, and geographies *** By Using the TCA we can avoide the Duplicity of Trading Partner records and its also impacted byt the MOAC and other few concepts where we can use the Suppliers banks and Customers acrros the Business Unit leve


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