Statement on sectarian tension in Arakan State of Western Burma We would like to express our following impassioned plea to the

international community to take possible and effective actions on the ethnic violence that claim at least thirty two lives of the Arakan Buddhists on the Burma’s western frontier area. As it has been reliably informed, the sectarian tension began to mount owing to a Arakan young woman being raped and brutally killed by three Muslim men in the Ramaree Township. We are well aware of the unruly attack on ten Muslims by unidentified mob in Taungup Township. Nowadays, the myriads of Bengalee Muslims who called themselves Rohingya have run amok and set fire to the hundreds of houses owned by the Arakan Buddhist in Maungdaw, Butheedaung, Rathedaung and Sittwe Townships. Another dozens of Boddhist villagers were killed and Buddhist monasteries destroyed. Arakan people are lacking even the right to life that is the most basic of human rights. The killing and arson have been done a clearly deliberate plan to drive out the native people from their national home after fighting a genocidal war. For that reason, we are advocating your attention and appropriate action from the international community. The current violence they incited has been very tactful too. It occurred a few weeks before Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s departure for European trip. Their intent is to create an access for their activists in Europe to see Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and put her under a pressure with the help of their European supporters and to ask on Rohingas problem. But there was no success. Bengali Rohingyas flees severe poverty, extreme weather, land shortage and population booming of Bangladesh to places for prosperity and freedom- Burma, India and other countries under the name of Rohingyas well known by the media propaganda. Do not forget that Bangladesh is 1/4 the size of Burma and 4 times the size of population of Burma. Illegal immigrants and mass exodus of Bengali threaten our national interest and sovereignty. 88- Gneration Students led by Ko Ko Gyi stated that “Rohingyas are absolutely not a nationality of Burma. We do not accept the interfering intrusion by the

international community without their full understanding of the domestic affair of Burma; we consider it to be a violation to the sovereignty of our country. Some of the extremist Bengali and some foreigners who use human rights for their propaganda for money make uneasy for some Muslims who are living peacefully with Burmese for years. President U Thein Sein said that it is impossible for us to accept Rohingyas who entering Burma illegally and want to hand over to the UN’s refugee agency which would provide food and shelter, adding that it is also “willing to send them to any third country that will accept them. U Thein Sein’s statement is a workable solution. We, democratic forces in Japan, agree and urge UN Chief to cooperate with Burmese Government on this issue. July 18, 2012 Contact: +81 90 6025 4629, +81 90 9831 7192 Collaborated by; (1) National League for Democracy (Liberated Area-Japan Branch) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) League for Democracy in Burma Burma Democratic Action Group Democratic Alliance of Burma (Japan) Federation of Workers Union of the Burmese Citizen in Japan Peaceful Burma

(7) Aalinn Eain Magazine. (8) Association of United Nationalities in Japan

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