Spring 2008


“Ladies of Distinction”
Mentoring Program @ Beck Academy FOUNDER/Sheronda Witter a student @ Furman University
“Instilling a Positive Self-Image, Working from the InsideOut” is the mission that Sheronda and other members are demanding the young girls to accept and practice on a daily basis. The Organization has a strict curriculum that all must follow, such as all mentoring portions begin with a song and opening questions to introduce the girls to the lesson’s topic. Mentoring Topics consist of all headings beginning with “I AM.... not an accident, I AM somebody, I AM myself, I AM beautiful, I AM unique, I AM poised, I AM pure, I AM worth it, I AM loving, I AM healthy, I AM the future, I AM “A LADY OF DISTINCTION”. This extrodinary organization has giving young ladies an opportunity to discipline their minds and set goals for the future. The girls took the time to commit themselves and followed the project to the end. We salute, Ms. Sheronda Witter and her Board Memebers, who are students at Furman University. JOIN THE LADIES IN A GRADUATION CEROMONY ON MAY 4, 2008 @ ALLEN TEMPLE COMMUNITY CENTER. MORE DETAILS EMAIL sheronda.witter@furman.edu




This is a must attend event for Every Woman to experience. Unfortunately, when I was told about the event, the ladies were graduating from a commitment to “Have a Heatlhier You”. Their dedication to coming week after week, showcased to GHS representatives and to themselves the desire to stay healthy. Carolina Nursing Association encouraged the ladies to stay active on a mental, physical and spiritual level. To always make the best possible health choices for your body and ask your doctor questions. Remember that you can begin living a health life at any age. DHEC encouraged the women to exercise at least three times a week, drink at least eight glasses of water and five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Be patient and watch your energy level explode. American Cancer Society encouraged the ladies to get regular screenings and stay active. Things that we all know in our heart that needs to get done, like yearly mammograms and regular PAP tests. New Horizon Health Center encouraged the women to set realistic goals that you can reach. Take care of your body with love and value. Thanks for the

Phyllis Knuckles (hair stylist) dicusses with the ladies, healthy ways to keep their hair growing and glowing. Great tips for all, about swimming in the pool, try and wet your hair to soak up the inital water instead of the chlorinated water. To help the growth of your hair, avoid putting hair styling products directly on scalp. Medical Massage Therapist, Mildred Gullett was generous enough to give free massages to the ladies. She strongly beleives that massage therapy can help lower the pain of Arthritis, Prenatal Care and regulate stress levels. Other encouraging organizations was Victory Plus, Inc, Ashely Simmons pushed the issue to gain financial success is get a financial balance. Greenville Technical college encouraged the ladies to develop their own pathway to success and enjoy the fact that we all have differential characteristics. Angela Gaines also talked about skin care, make-up tips and enhancing your look and style. The host Ms. Sandra Bullock with her positive motivational spirit, uplifted us all to live a Healthy Life. She is a prime example of looking good in your older years. Feel good about yourself inside out, then you can grow as a person. More details about EVERY WOMAN PROGRAM, contact the GHS.




Some people want instinct gratification but that’s not faith. The Bible says “without faith, It is impossible to please him. We hold the Bible in our hand and pray for gratification, right now; “I want my car paid, right now, I want my light bill paid, right now and that is not how GOD works. We dont want to be faithful with our finances and with our tides or offerenings for a season to come where we live in abondence. We want instinct help right then but we do not want to work for our season. That is why it is so hard for people to say, I’m gonna live my life through this Bible and let it change me.....IT IS A PROCESS.

First Lady Is In The Hearts of Thousands H

ope Carpenter allowed us to come into her home,

photograph her beautiful decor and meet her family. As we arrived, of course there was a problem with the gate not opening. We had to wait awhile but it really didn’t matter because I was prepared to climb the gate and walk the grounds. This was my second opportunity to talk to Apostle Hope and nothing was going to stop my journey. Once we arrived at her front door, Hope was a blast of beauty with positive energy exploding to welcome us inside her warm spirited home. Walking through the foyer and literally grasping for air as I endured the vibrant colors on the walls and the perfect arrangement of furniture, pictures, candles. The decor of her dinning area would tempt you to have guest over just to showcase the beauty. Our photographer of Baileys Photo did not waste any time taking pictures and making us all comfortable. The warmth and special spritual environment of Apostle Ron & Hope Carpenter’s home was definitely a visit that you would have to experience in order to feel the power. I thank God that I had this experience not only for myself but for others who love and respect the joy that Hope puts in our hearts. Hope’s son was home and he graciously gave me a tour of the entire house and allowed me to sign the visitors wall out near the pool. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!! Q/1. What is your daily process that helps you buildup your daily confidence? A/1. Every day instead of thinking about building confidence in myself, I allow my daily devotion to guide my spirit. My daily devotion with the Lord gives me the ability to know myself in him so it does not matter about the latest trend. Whatever the world says the right name brand of clothes to wear do not make me who I am as a person. I tried that type of life but it did not work. My conclusion is that if I know who I am in God, then I am full of confidence. I went through a period in my life when I had no confidence because of my past. The only thing that changed me was renewing my mind everyday through the worship of the word. In my opinion, that is how you are sanctified and made pure and holy. On the days that I miss my worship, I started feeling bad and having mood swing. When I built myself up through GOD, I would not have those mood swings. Q/2. Why is it so hard for people to walk by faith? A/2. Walking by faith is something from the Inside-Out. Your talking about a good you can’t see, principles you can’t hold in your hand. With make-up and hair, you can hold, see and touch and you think that self-esteem is built from material items. But it is not; I’m talking about a GOD that you can not see but can feel. When he is really on the inside of you, then your are entire life shifts and long enough for you to really see the change. Just like working out, over time you see a change but it takes consistency. That is what a relationships with GOD does to you, CHANGE.


Q/3. What steps do you take to get out of your comfor zone? A/3. Everyday that you live in the future, depends on how you respond to your past. Your future depends on how you view and respond to the issues of your past. I had a terrible past but I got a great life now. I got a great future ahead of me because I was not satisfied with living in that terrible past. “Yes my past was bad, I done some bad things, I been a bad girl; it makes me feel horrible and I look at myself in the mirrow and I do not like what I see, so how can GOD love me, so I can’t do anything for GOD. I would not let myself be a good pastors wife and how in the world can I raise Godly kids when I was in that state of mind. To get out of your comfort zone, it takes drive, persistence and a do not quilt attitude. I see allot of people staying in their comfort zone and I am literally screeming at them not to live their entire life that way. Personally, I was determined not to live in just a comfort zone and if it and took me the rest of my life, I was gonna get out. I got out and it literally killed my flesh. Thank GOD, He got all of me out of me! The Bible says, “the only reason we were created was to give Him(GOD) pleasure”. It is not about our hopes and dreams, it’s about fufilling the will of GOD and the calling that GOD has on our life. Thats my drive everyday, GOD what is your assignment for me today. How can I help somebody, how can I change my surroundings and alter my circumtances. Give me the word to help others that are down and depress. You are alive in me and there is no reason that I should walk around and not be a depensor for you (GOD).

Q/4. Who and what were your strongest support system in fufilling your destiny. A/4. My parents were great parents who were bigger then their surroundings. I was from a very small town in Calhoun Falls, a small mind set and content, but my parents wanted a stroke of excellence for me. They tried to deposit everything in me that they thought would help me to excell. they took me to dance lessons, voice lessons and modeling school. They pushed me for A’s and they were very hard on me but I thank my parents for everything. When I became a woman and my husband got me I was a broken mass from the bad choices of my life. God and my husband has gotten me where I am today. With over ten years of marriage, my husband has always spoken kind words to me and has never raised his voice to me. He is the best boss that you could ever work for because he is such a Godly man. He knows the power of words and what ever you say it will produce death or life. My husband spoke life into me, he told me what GOD said I was even when I did not beleive it. I would hang my head down and he would pull my head up when he told me that I was beautiful. GOD made my husband the vessel to heal me. Q/5. Are you exactly where you planned to be at your age? A/5. Probably more then I ever dreamed. You see people’s lives and couples and families, you wonder, what if. You see so much go on the world and you never think that you could be so happy and married. I never dreamed that I could truely loved someone so much that I would never looked at another man in that way. I never questioned what life would be like without Ron, I AM IN MY PLACE.

Q/6. Are your parents in Greenville, SC? A/6. They always were in Abbeville area but moved to Greenville to attend our church. Also my brother a teacher school at Beck Academy and coaching at Mauldin High School. My sister-in-law is on staff at RWOC and they all are at peace and I am glad they are with RWOC. Q/7. How do you balance family and building other women self-esteem. A/7. It is hard, I will break it down to you. I have to constently remember that I am a wife and mother first. Those are my responsiblity and if I’m gone then Ron is home and if he is gone then I am home. We take parenting very serious and always will be the support system for our children. I did not ask for this, God leads me to other people to be spirit lead. I say no allot but, God leads me to people, but I have to know that it is worth leaving may babies at home. Q/8. What are your children names? A/8. Chas, Chaz, Chalin are the love of her life and she adores and cherish every moment with them. Q/9. What do you feel keeps a strong bond with you and your husband considering you work together? A/9. Ron and I love each other, he has things I do not like and I have things he do not like, but we are so committed to each other. Marriage is a contract, it is not if I feel good today or if I am happy today. It is the making through the storm and looking back and sa, “WE MADE IT TOGETHER’. We set dates together and he will call Carol and say, “will you set an appointment with my wife today I need to take her to lunch.





Q/10. What are some inspiring words for other women to fufill their destiny? A/10. You got to know what you got and use it. Before you can make a choice, GOD has a plan for you. I tell women, what ever breaks your heart is what God has planned for you. Jerimiah 1 says “ You are fearful and wonderfully thought out and planned and madebefor you make a choice God has a plan. You got to know what your plan is and know what BREAKS YOUR HEART...what grieves you when you walk in a room, what jumps out of you when you walk in a room....somebody’s hair or the decor of a place are if you like to bake or if you can clean house do it to your best of ability and to the glory of God and do it with excellence. Q/11. What do you think Greenville needs to do to improve more on diversity. A/11. I choose my words, so I will not get stoned. We are sitting in the Bible belt of traditional Religious of thorns of Godlyness and we are fighting traditions that go back long before we were born. We got SC fighting over the rebel flag and we got the rest of the world looking at us like idots. Bob Jones University today do not believe in interacial marriages and they have their own system. The city suggests we should be the same and you can not be around people that are different with different views. It is a spirit that surrounds this city and RWOC is here to break the cycle. Bring generations of diversity to a positive common ground. God has anoited me and my husband to break that spirit. Our church is so mixed that you can look out and see one culture starts and not see where another one begins. I look out at our congragation and cry sometimes and say “thank you Jesus”, because we are trying to show the world the true body of Christ. He was broken and brused for every person no matter what side of the track you come from. We keep meeting on Sunday’s and the whites go one church and the blacks go to another church. You must socialize all week long to make a change in the world. It is a spirit and we need real true men of God to break it. It is a condition of the heart. I do not look at people and see a color, the Bible say if you are in him, then you are a new nation, he has broken down every wall. He is our Peace. He as broken down every wall that devides us racially. It is okay to marry outside of your race because we are family. We are Christian, and he has united us into him, so if your in him, your in me, and I’m in you and we are family. Does not matter where you come from or what your color is!! So if you really got what you asked for at the alter, you will not get segregation because Jesus is not prejudice, it’s a heart issue. If you really ask him in then he will work his way out of you. So my questions is, did you get what you really said you got, if not then you really need to examine your heart.




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Women of Destiny

Kimberly Moore
Q/1. How long have you been in ministry and who and what inspired your decision? A/1. I’ve been in ministry for tweelve years this August. I preched my initial sermon on August6, 1995 at Mt. Sanai Baptist Church in Pendleton. I will never forget the sermon titled, “I KNOW WHAT PRAYER CAN DO”. I don’t think it was one thing that inspired me. A call to preach is just that “a call”. It’s something that’s undeniable. It’s something within that absolutely has to come out. Before I began preaching, I was very committed to singing. And my singing would always turn into exalting and most of the time what seemed to some to be preaching. It simply had to come out in some shape, form, or fashion. But oddly, I didn’t want to preach because I was comfortable doing just what I was doing. I knew being a preacher meant that somebody was going to be listening to every word I said and I was going to be held accountable for those words. I knew that somebody would make decisions about their life based on what I had to say. So I guess I didn’t want that responsiblility. But when I became a member of Mt. Sanai in the fall of 1993, I was allowed a platform to fully exercise my gifts in singing, directing, and exalting, And the more I sang and lead others into praise and workship, the more I felt the pull toward the pulpit. Then on New Years Eve 1994 at the stroke of midnight, I heard God as clear as day say, “o.k.”, it’s time”. I cried my eyes out because I just knew I was getting ready to embark upon a serious journey. Q/2. Where was your first speaking engagement? A/2. My first engagement away from the church was at Mars Hill Baptist Church in Greenwood, SC at a Women’s Day Service. I gave my initial sermon in August and in September I was “on the road” because a couple of weeks after Mars Hill, my home church, Long Can AME in Abbeville, SC invited me to come and preach an afternoon service. And that was the start of my Evangelistic Ministry. Q/3. Are you married, andy children? A/3. No, I’m not married nor do I have any children. My mother used to tease me and say that no one could keep up with me long enough to marry me because I’m always on the go. I truly believe that God has a timing for everything. His words declares that there is a “season and a time for everything”. I believe that I am where I’m supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to do in this season of my life. People are being saved and lives are being changed and for that I’m so grateful that God chose me. That’s the thing about saying “YES LORD”, you no longer call the shots. You have

Q/4. Where and when did you get your education in ministry? A/4. I am currently pursuing a Master’s Divinity degree from Erskine Theological Siminary. I’ve been attending Erskine part-time for the past couple of years taking a few classes at a time. When you work a full time job, active in local ministry, travling with your own ministry, you can only do so much at at time. The classes have been rewarding and have enhanced and added to what I already had gleaned from working in ministry. Q/5. When you are preaching at your engagements, within your spirit, what do you feel people are yearning for the most? A/5. I feel that in this season that we are in, people are looking for something to hold on to. They are looking for answers. They want to know why God allows the things that he allows. They want to know how to hold on to their joy in the midst of their struggles. It gets to be very frustrating when you are trying to do what you think is right and you still have to suffer. So people want to know how to become overcomers of their situations. They are tired of hearing about what God is going to do in the by and by. They want to know what’s going on now. Q/6. Destiny Magazine is for Women, as a woman, what encouraging words would you say to women on how to follow their passion in life and fulfill their GOD GIVING PUROSE? A/6. As women we sometimes have a tendency to live our lives for everybody else; for our spouses, our children, our families, our churches. But everybody needs to know that they have a purpose to fulfill and an assignment that they must complete that only they can complete. Sometimes being a support to others, is a part of our assignment, but it’s not necessarily the entire assignment. I would encourage my sisters to seek God for the purpose that he has for you. There’s somebody’s life you’ve got to touch. There is somebody needing to hear your testimony. You hold the key to somebody’s healing and deliverance. So seek the Lord as to his divine will for your lives.

to do things in his time! So I have to believe that while I’m on the road doing his work, God is preparing someone just for me.


Women of Destiny
. Q/7. What do you think about Hillary Clinton running for President and do you think that the world is ready? A/7. I think it’s a wonderful thing that she has stepped out to do what many said couldn’t and shouldn’t be done. But one thing I remember her saying in one of her speeches, she doesn’t want to be seen a “woman candidate” running for president, she just wanted to be seen as a worthy candidate for the office. I really respected her for saying that because I’m often referred to as a “woman” preacher. It’s not that we want to deny our femininity, it’s just that we want to be recognized and respected as an equal. I believe that she is a worthy candidate and she’s going to give all of those men a run for their money! Q/8. Before you got into the ministry, what were some of your other jobs? A/8. After college, I worked as a secretary for Self Memorial Hospital. I later went to work for GLEAMS Human Resources as a Payroll Clerk. I have worked as a secreatary for the Mayor and CityAdministration for the City of Clemson. I presently work work as the Payroll Manager for Wofford College. Q/9. Cooking different types of foods is a joy in my life. What are your favorite foods and restaurant? A/9. I tell people all the time, I am a plain meat and potatoes kind of girl. Some may call me a finicky eater. I like the basic meals. I frequent Red Lobster, Arizona’s Mimi’s California Dreaming, and when I’m in Atlanta, I have t go to Justin’s. Q/10. Greenville SC has not always been a very Diverse community, do you think that we are growing towards better diversity and an equal economic growth in Greenville? A/1O. I have only been a resident of Greenvile for the past six years, but from what I can see, it appears that minorities are becoming more and more visible in society. I’m always proud when I can see my brothers and sisters excelling in business and politics. We have made terrific strides and I believe that the best is yet to come. Q/11. Do you have any special speaking engagements where you speak directly to Women? And if so, what was your most memorable topic where you felt in your soul that you really touched some souls? A/11. God has blessed me to preach at numerous women’s conferences and women’s day services. I was blessed to preach at a women’s conference in Boston and the title of the sermon was “IT WAS ALL NECESSARY”. The Lord really came down and blessed us in a marvelous way. The women were literally laying in the floor crying out to God. It was as though a light had been turned on and they realized all that they had gone through was necessary to strengthen them and not to break them. There was one lady in particular that came to me afterwards in tears and she just kept saying “you just don’t know what you’ve done for me today”. She went on to tell me some of the things she had survived over the course of the year; and even the struggles she had to endure just to get to the church that day. But she was so hopeful and felt strengthened after hearing the word. THOSE ARE THE TIMES THAT YOU PRAY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEBODY’S LIFE BY GIVEN THEM SOMETHING TO HOLD ON TO.

Kimberly Moore Ministries, Inc is not the effort of one person. The team consist of several young ladies committed to ministering and restoring the whole person through Destiny Empowerment Classes, WORDshops, Ministry Mentoring Sessions, and Regional Conferences. KMM is a non-profit organization designed to help individuals discover their full potential in life. “God has given me a platform to help empower people.

Kimberly Moore Ministries (864) 277-6495 evangmoore@kimberlymoore.org www.kimberlymoore.org


Doris Best wrote:
Q: I am a working, single mother of two. No matter how I try, it seems like there’s never enough time to keep my house clean and organized the way I’d like to. I can’t afford a house keeper. Any suggestions? Laura: YES, there are many things you can do. First of all, get rid of your stuff. The reason so many people have so many problems with organization is that they have too much ‘stuff’ to keep organized and so therefore get overwhelmed and give up. Simplify your life by de-cluttering. There is no need to have several kinds of the same thing. Place important items in the same place every time you use it. Put it back! No Excuses! If you train yourself to put the things back you will never have to go hunting for them when you need them the most. Devlope a system for staying on track. Take twenty minutes each morning or night for ‘straightening up’ such as placing dirty dishes in the sink, clothes in the hamper and papers in a folder. Enlist the help of your children to do tasks, this will teach them responsibility. Visit www.flylady.net for tips to stay organized for women on the go!

Laura Conova

Destiny Advice Columnist
Email: voegroup@yahoo.com to ask Laura questions & comments

FIFL Elena Stoukalova-Tobias. She is originally from INTERPRETATIONS AND Czech Republic but was born of Russian parents. She is the wife of Greenville Business man Bill Tobias of TRANSLATIONS FIFL Properties and the proud mother of two beautiCOMPANY ful daughters. Elena had the privilege and opportunity to attend great schools in Russia and completed her degree in Language Art, in rostov on Don, Russia. She received her Certificate of Interpretation from Duke University with past experiences consisting of working as a teacher and a private tutor through out the years. Her true belief is that perhaps the division of the languages should not be a curse but an avenue for highly trained Interpreters and Translators and herself to bridge the communication FIFL specializes in languages such as Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, and Indonesian for individuals and businesses. FIFL current client lists consist of Shriners, AnMed Health, Cancer Center of the Carolinas, Greenwood Genetic Center, Cardiology Consultants, Greenville Cty Court System, Family Court, Greenville DSS, Spartanburg DSS, Baby Net, Charies Lea Center, Hospice of the Upstate, Upstate Cardiology, SRHS and GMII. FIFL mission is the “FULFILLING OF INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES LIVES, by bringing diversity to communities and offering a service that will help people communicate in in a emergency situation or other areas in which Interpreters or Translators are needed. FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT: ELENA TOBIAS OFFICE: 864-631-1909 or CELL: 864-449-3998 EMAIL: fiflinterpretations@hotmail.com www.fiflinterpretations.com 109 Murray Drive, Mauldin SC DESTINY p.14

The company originated several years ago by