Review of Literature
Bridges have been built from rope, wood, stone and iron. Today’s bridges are generally made from concrete and steel. Bridge connections are the most important area for the strength of a bridge. There are many eight common types of bridges, “beam, cantilever, arch, truss, suspension, cable-stayed, movable and floating.” 2003 [Online] There’s the truss, rigid frame, suspension, and the grinder. The truss uses triangular shapes that make it strong and uses fewer piers so other bridges can be built. Trusses are created by assigning nodes or joints as rolling or fixed areas of support. Nodes can be assigned to be able to handle the weight and load of traffic determined by architects and engineers. Truss bridges can carry heavy loads and are relatively lightweight. The rigid frame can be used in cities on highways. A Rigid frame uses exclusively pi-shaped frames, better post frames and V-shaped frames. 2001 In San Antonio, Texas they have highways stacked on each other six times. Rigid frame bridges are also called Rahmen bridges. Science Weekly 2002 The suspension bridge, which consists of two large or main cables that hang from towers, is used for long distances like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, 2.737 kilometers long, and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York city, New York which is 4,786.5 meters long. The Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t name after the color the bridge was painted in, but for the entrance of the Francisco Bay. The color, orange, was chosen by consulting architect Irving Morrow. He rejected the traditional gray or black in favor of the color he thought best complemented the bridge’s natural color plus it look great. The project took


The Golden Gate was the world’s longest suspension bridge 2. Shear is a force that causes paits of a maternal to slide past one another in opposite directions. and the bridge is 4. Torsion is an action that twists materials. Abrams (2002) said the Brooklyn Bridge color is Rawlins Red. The diameters of the cables that hold it are 40.Claudin thirty years to finish painting and it still needs touch ups today.005 centimeters thick.786. Compression is a force that squeezes materiel together and tends to be shorter.5 feet).737 kilometers long.5 meters long (1595.+There are several terms that help to determine design and strength of a bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge is located in New York City.680 tons. Tension is a force that stretches a material apart and tends to be longer. The Brooklyn Bridge is the same kind as the Golden Gate Bridge a suspension bridge. The total weight of the bridge is a whopping 14. in New York. 4 .