1 Magick is not Magic. 2 Everything is Magic as in our understanding is still so unsophisticated to render everything miraculous.

Our orthodox science is still little more than smoke and mirrors. 3 Time is an apparent affect caused by motion as illustrated by the equations describing light speed relative to aging for theoretical space travel. 4 Thought is in motion. Thought interprets raw data and assembles it into three dimensional orientations. 5 Thought is quantifiable energy that if it is not already photons can be converted into photons. See the Ted Serios experiments. 6 Everything is in motion, vibrating. 7 Nothing is in motion. Motion is an apparent affect of thought or streaming consciousness. 8 Motion requires energy as fuel to maintain motion. 9 We don’t know where anything is on a quantum level which is why the theory of probability was developed. We can not locate a particle. The closest we can come is in a particle accelerator and then only the remnants of a destroyed particle can be located for certain. 10 A quantum physics experiment has determined that the perceiver influences the outcome of an experiment by the very act of perceiving the event. See the particles through the slots experiment. And yet orthodox science is not ready to calculate their

equations including the perceiver because everything we think we know collapses at that point. i.e. Is this a keyboard when I am not using it? ect…. And on and on. 11 There are more holes and missing matter in the known universe than there is known substance. 12 Gravity is poorly understood against the question of what is space. What is being bent and curved? What is the divot in? 13 Furthermore Gravity seems to be a side affect off mass and the relationship of one mass to another mass. 14 I propose that the 5th element, the quintessence and the philosophers stone are all one thing. The same thing: Consciousness. 15 Furthermore I dare ask what if this is the Holy Grail of Physics: the Unified Field Theory? What if the Library of Hermetic Works and the Damphatta of the Buddhist, what if that is exactly what they are describing? Unequivocally they do describe exactly what I am suggesting. They describe the relationship that I am suggesting, of thought and the perceiver with the phenomenal world. So where am I going with all this. I propose a hypothesis or a hyper-thesis if you will indulge me. What if there is no ground beneath your feet? What if our orientation falls away and there is nothing to orient

with? What if we are the singularity that set it all in motion? What if our Awareness/ consciousness wove the web of connections we perceive of as the phenomenal world? What if we are the Demon Avydeva and the Demiurgeous Ialdabaoth who woke up one day alone in the dark and made all this? That all that we think we are and hold dear, is a dream we made? That being said I am sure there is more to the story than that. But would that not be the most dreaded fear of all? The fearsome secret in some dreaded tome that when truly understood would indeed drive a man mad at just knowing? It is harmless as an idea but if it were understood by an individual, grasped and believed it would either lead to a kind of enlightenment or pure insanity. Furthermore across the world in every culture and every magical practice and religion points to this if played out to obvious conclusion: from the contemporary ‘The Secret” to “Tibetan Buddhism.” What if the purpose of existence is to develop the dreaming double? We are becoming an immortal unit of energy. Awareness develops from one, consciousness into many. Just like cells dividing

supported by the hermetic axiom “As above, so below.”

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