Topic: Training and Development Organi sation: J&K sicop To , Mr/Mrs ______________________________________________ ________________________________ ____ You are requested to fill up the questionnaire and return the same within a period of five days please.


Your work experience in corporation o 0-5 years o 5-10 years o 10-15 years o Above 15 years

Do you agree with this statement? o Strongly agree o Agree o Somewhat agree o Disagree o Strongly disagree 4. What are the methods followed for training in your organisation? o Coaching o Lectures o Seminars .2. Employees are given appraisal in order to motivate them to attend the training. Are you satisfied with the recognition you get from your management? o Highly satisfied o Satisfied o Dissatisfied o Highly dissatisfied 3.

Whether the training methods in your organisation are incorporating recent trends? o Upto date o Regularly o Sometimes . What type of training is being imparted for new recruiters in your organisation? o Technical training o Management training o Presentation training o Others_________________________ 7.o Workshops 5. To whom training is given more in your organisation? o Senior staff o Junior staff o New staff o Based on requirement 6.

Preferred methods of training are o Lecture method o Case study method o Role plays o E-learning method 9. Training needs of SICOP are regularly assessed by o HRD o Department heads o External consultant o Employees themselves . On what basis training calendar is prepared in your organisation? o On monthly basis o Quarterly basis o Half yearly basis o Annual basis 10.o Traditional methods 8.

11. How many training programmes will you attend in a year? o Less than 10 o 10-20 o 20-40 o More than 40 12. Training evaluation is done by . Types of training programmes conducted in your organisation? o Leadership development programmes o Executive development programmes o Technical development programmes o Safety development programmes 13. How often training is conducted in your organisation? o Quarterly o Half yearly o Monthly o Depends on requirement 14.

o Personnel executive o Immediate reporting officer o Head of the division o External consultant 15. Do your superiors/subordinates are communicating well about your performance after training programme? o Strongly agree o Agree o o o Somewhat agree Disagree Strongly disagree 16. Are you satisfied with the training methods followed in your organisation? o Highly satisfied o Satisfied o Dissatisfied o Highly dissatisfied .

17. What are all important barriers to training and development in your organisation? o Time o Money o Lack of skilled labour o Non availability of skilled trainer 19. After the training sessions employees are able to manage difficult tasks easily than earlier? o Strongly agree o Agree o Disagree o Strongly disagree 18. Have you come across any problem during the training period in your organisation? o Yes o No o If yes____________________________________________ ___________ .

Which of the following training opportunities do you offer? (Please select ALL that apply) o Leadership training o Executive training o Technical Training o Computer training o Literacy/Numeracy training 23. by outside consultants Yes. with pay o Yes. . by Human Resources Yes. Do you suggest anything regarding training programme? _________________________________________________ ________________ 21. without pay 24. Do you conduct or participate in any government subsidized Training programs? o Yes o No Are employees permitted time-off from work to attend training? o Yes.20. Are training needs regularly assessed at your company? o o o o Yes. by department heads No 22.

only after work hours o No. conducted by supervisors and human resources department o Yes. Is in-house training provided for employees? o No o Yes.o No. only in special cases 25. with training director o Yes. conducted by outside professionals .

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