The ascended masters on this page have given teachings through the I AM Activity, the Bridge to Freedom and The Summit Lighthouse.

Afra is the patron of Africa, and of the black race. He was the first of many from the black race to make his ascension, though from a spiritual perspective, there is no such thing as race. Souls are noted for their attainment and for the spiritual color ray on which they serve, not on the race through which they were embodied. The races on earth have come from the heart of God as a path of initiation under one of the seven rays. Those who are of the “white race” came to master the qualities of wisdom (yellow), love (pink) and purity (white). Those of the yellow race came to amplify the yellow ray of wisdom. Those with redder skin were meant to amplify the qualities of love, and the members of the black race came forth to amplify the blue ray of God's power and the violet ray of God's freedom, both under the auspices of the Great Divine Director. In an ancient golden age civilization on the continent of Africa, people's skin actually had a blue, violet or indigo hue. Since the fall of man, however, people's skin tones reflect the karma of the race rather than the pure rainbow colors. Afra lived 500,000 years ago, when the fallen angels who had invaded earth divided the people. These fallen ones set out to destroy the blue and violet races by introducing black magic, witchcraft, voodoo and the rhythms of voodoo and syncopated beats. Afra embodied to save his people and told them that their point of vulnerability was their lack of brotherhood. They had become dedicated to their ego and were no longer their brother's keeper. Afra could see that many people from every race were losing their threefold flame through anger, and the only way out, was to care for one another. Afra has lived in the hearts of his brethren for hundreds of years as they have toiled under the burden of oppression from within and without. he teaches that the freedom and liberty that they are truly aspiring to can only come through the flame of the heart, calling upon God for an acceleration of light and a purging of darkness. the initiation then, for everyone upon earth and especially for members of the black race is to desire to be spiritually rich over the temptations of materialism. This does not mean that having physical means of comfort is bad. The means to acquiring comfort can be, however. Afra wants us to call to him to deliver his people and the youth of the world from the darkness of the rap culture, and every downward, degenerative cultural spiral.

Alphas is the gatekeeper of the Royal Teton Retreat, which is perhaps the most important outreach post for the Great White Brotherhood on planet earth. Thousands of souls travel to this retreat each night and Alphas greets them when they arrive. Alphas says this is the highest honor and calling anyone could have. He reminds us to make the call to be taken to the octaves of light when we fall asleep at night. Then, when we see him, we know that we have reached our destination.

Amen Bey

Amen Bey was a priest of the sacred fire on Atlantis and served as a pharaoh for many embodiments, bring the culture of the ascended masters to the land of Egypt. He serves with Serapis in the Temple of Luxor, and his electronic pattern is a beep blue hieroglyph that conveys the understanding of the spiritual rebirth in Christ. Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Clara Louise, he serves the youth of the world. He also gives classes at the Royal Teton Retreat on cosmic law, and the preparation for the ascension. When we call upon him, he will direct needlelike rays into every cell and atom of our four lower bodies for balancing and healing.

Ra Mu and the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta

Ra Mu is the master of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, who is also known as the “master of the mountain." Ra Mu's name means “the ray of the Mother,” and he focuses the mother light in every devotee. The Brotherhood of Mount Shasta are part of an ancient hierarchy of lightbearers, and priests and priestesses, who tended the Mother Light on Lemuria before the continent sank. As they chant AUM and other sacred chants of ancient Lemuria, they appeal to us to invoke the violet flame for the cleansing of the records that led to the sinking of that continent. As we draw close to Ra Mu and the Brothers of Mount Shasta, these masters have promised to infill us with the joy, the Word and the integration with the Divine Mother. In 1988, Sanat Kumara announced that the physical retreat of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta was withdrawn because the fallen ones had unleashed such a tirade of darkness through their alien individuals and spacecrafts frequenting the area. Sanat Kumara explained that the forcefield of the retreat of the Brotherhood of Shasta was now transferred to the Grand Teton Retreat and to another area of the Northern Rockies.

† Chananda . and lived in Persia as Meta's son. he produced the elixir of life and maintained his physical body for several hundred years.† Cha Ara Cha Ara is the son of lady master Meta. in preparation for the incoming seventh root race. He assists Saint Germain in guarding the destiny of the youth of America and the world. There. before making his ascension. Cha Ara teaches classes on healing and precipitation at the Royal Teton Retreat.

and his home is the Palace of Light. ethnic and religious strife. Chananda works with Saint Germain. Chananda embodied on Lemuria and knew Jesus during his Palestinian ministry. and how we can emerge victorious even when the battle rages as all around us. . Godfre tells the story of how Chananda levitated him o a flying carpet. Najah works with the youth. the rosary was prayed everyday.S. The principle of which Chanada speaks was demonstrated when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Constitution. He teaches us how to become that pillar of fire in the midst of conflict. One of them was a priest who explained that in that house. He is the hierarch of the Cave of Light for the Great Divine Director. He is especially concerned with the future of India and with the problems of racial. together with Rex. teaching and helping the people. He would have India return to the peace of the Buddha and the principles of non-violence through which she won her freedom. so long as we hold an unswerving dedication to the light.Chananda is the Chief of the Indian Council of the Great White Brotherhood. In The Magic Presence. Bob and Pearl eleven thousand feet about the valley to enjoy the view. and often appears as a young girl in parts of India and China. with the Indian Council and the Darjeeling Council to assist the governments of world and usher in a golden age system of governance based on the model of the U. Nada. Eight men who were living in a house eight blocks from the blast were miraculously untouched. † Najah The ascended lady Najah is the sister of Chananda and they serve together in the retreats. both in the Himalayas.

as well as with the destiny of America. Wanting to establish equanimity in their families and make them whole. Wanting to to be honest with themselves and purify their motives. He is a great proponent of divine justice. . They assimilated wisdom and put it into practice by investigating and reflecting upon all phenomena and culling out what was true. they first cultivated themselves.” Confucius is very concerned with the direction in which civilization is moving.† Confucius Confucius is the hierarch of the Royal Teton Retreat. China's greatest teacher. Wanting to cultivate themselves. Wanting to heal and bring order to their states. they first established equanimity in their families and made them whole. He serves on the yellow ray of divine illumination and is best remembered for the wisdom he brought to the world in his embodiment as Confucius. they first assimilated wisdom and put it into practice. they first became honest with themselves and purified their motives. Wanting to be in line and in tune with their hearts. they first got themselves in line and in tune with their hearts. He gave us this basic formula for families and community-building twenty-five hundred years ago: “The ancients who wanted to manifest enlightened virtue in their empire first healed and brought order to their states.

Kuthumi.” . El Morya also told us that beginning January 6. Kuthumi and Djwal Kul represent the three plumes of the threefold flame of the heart—El Morya. the blue plume. Kuthumi was embodied as Balthazar and brought the gift of frankincense. focusing God's power. She said. 1998. the yellow plume and Djwal Kul. a focus for God's wisdom. as well as Aryasanga. a disciple of Gautama Buddha. and would stay until certain key souls had made their ascension. he brought ancient tablets from the Motherland to the retreats of the masters of the Himalayas. who was embodied as Melchior brought gold. or “the Tibetan. They come to bring our threefold flames into balance with theirs. If you follow the three kings and the star of the Christ Child. prior to the sinking of Lemuria.† Djwal Kul Djwal Kul is known as the Tibetan master. El Morya. you will arrive at the manger scene of your own Christ potential and your own Christhood. the three kings would teach us the keys to the path of the ascension and sponsor all who aspire to make their ascension in this life. He was a disciple of Pythagoras. Elizabeth Clare Prophet explained that these three masters would help us balance our karma. Kuthumi and Djwal Kul were the three wise men who brought gifts to the infant Christ. “El Morya. Djwal Kul was embodied as the wise man Gaspar who brought the gift of myrrh. The masters El Morya. The three masters worked together to help found the Theosophical Society at the end of the nineteenth century. focusing the flame of love.” During his incarnations on earth. the revered meditation teacher who received direct instruction from Lord Maitreya. the pink plume.

Djwal Kul helps us to meditate on the secret chamber of the heart and released a breathing exercise to expand the light of Alpha and Omega within the aura.As an ascended master. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light. He also teaches the path of initiation under the twelve solar hierarchies. Djwal Kul teaches with Kuthumi about the human aura. who has traveled a little longer upon the path than has the average student. so that when it enters our body. and to bless our food. it creates in us a greater degree of spiritual happiness. My work is to teach and spread the knowledge of the ageless wisdom wherever I can find a response. and I must therefore act as the transmitter of the light. and I have been doing this for many years. He encourages us to prepare our food with hands charged with divine love. He has chosen to expand the love fires of the heart to woo mankind in the center of Christ awareness. Djwal Kul instructs his students in the mysteries of divine love. and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. no matter what the cost. Djwal Kul has described himself in the following way: “I am a brother of yours.” .

I AM. Flowing through me is a crystal river. his teacher and to the Christ consciousness in all mankind. that charges and strengthens our aura with the purity and wisdom of God. I AM Light's fullest dimension. This day I AM a focus of the Central Sun. a living fountain of light that can never be qualified by human thought or feeling. who died in childbirth with their fourteenth child. Kuthumi came back as Pythagoras. Kuthumi has given us a most beautiful prayer. He took the lead and his men followed him. His retreat is the Temple of Illumination in Kashmir and he is the head master of the Brothers of the Golden Robe who serve there. Kuthumi's devotion to Christ was expanded in his next incarnation as Saint Francis of Assisi. strengthening and conveying the purpose of the kingdom of Heaven. who founded a mystery school art Crotona where union with God was achieved through steadfast discipline and the sacred understanding of mathematics through an initiatic process. I live in Light! I AM Light's purest intention. so devoted is the master to Jesus. Kuthumi was an adept who spent considerable time in England. published by The Summit Lighthouse. The Taj Mahal has been called the miracle of miracles and the final wonder of the world. is swallowed up by the mighty river of light which I AM. Kuthumi also has a retreat at Shigatse. I live. and they find peace in knowing that they have seen the face of Christ. proceeding single file through a narrow mountain pass to surprise the invading army. and others have been published in the Mahatma Letters through H. where he won a decisive battle with a divinely inspired strategy. His greatest achievement was building the Taj Mahal as a memorial to his beloved wife. Kuthumi is known as the master psychologist and sponsors the golden age psychology. serving the poor. Kuthumi also meets souls at the moment of their passing.P. It stands as an adoration to the mother light and celebrates Kuthumi's eternal love. Kuthumi returned as the mogul emperor Shah Jahan who managed great wealth and created a golden age of art and architecture within the Mogul Kingdom. Kuthumi was embodied as the Pharaoh Thutmose III.† Kuthumi The master Kuthumi serves together with Jesus as a World Teacher. Tibet with a gigantic organ patterned after the organ in the Great Central Sun. I AM Light! Light! Light! Flooding the world everywhere I move. he has given many teachings on how to overcome the not-self and the ego. transmuting it into light. cleansing the lepers and rebuilding the church as a community of called out ones. Blessing. He was the magi Balthazar who came to Bethlehem to adore the Christ. Blavatsky. In his final incarnation. He plays celestial music with such a tremendous radiation that it draws souls who have passed through the change called death up out of the astral plane and into the heavenly octaves. Germany and Tibet and helped found the Theosophical Society. I AM Light! I live. I AM an outpost of the Divine. the Brothers of the Golden Robe train mankind in spiritual psychology for the healing of the soul. I AM. I AM Light! Glowing Light! Radiating Light! Intensified Light! God consumes my darkness. Such darkness that has used me. . the tyrannical taskmasters within that oppose the soul at every turn. Some of Kuthumi's letters are on file with the British Museum. He teaches us how to slay the not-self who dwells at the threshold of our conscious awareness. He helps us to work out the spiritual and emotional conditions that hold us back on the path. Then.

Elijah was grieved that he had to go and asked for a double portion of his mantle.† Elijah Elijah was the Old Testament prophet who made his ascension in a chariot of fire. John the Baptist was beheaded and returned to his ascended state.” Shortly after Jesus began his mission. to prepare the way for Elisha come again as Jesus. “He must increase. Elijah received a special dispensation and returned to earth as John the Baptist. he announced concerning Jesus that. but I must decrease. His disciple. John the Baptist demonstrated the law that the student must exceed the teacher. After his ascension. Thus. † .

By directing the sacred fire of God into these conditions. † Ernon Ernon was embodied 13. So absorbed was Enoch with God in his every step. by Phylos the Tibetan. Ernon possesses extraordinary powers and could defeat his country's enemies without having to use weapons. the origin of evil and the culture of darkness that has drawn mankind to the depths of degradation.000 years ago as the Rai of Suern at the time of Atlantis. recorded in the Book of Genesis: “He walked with God. nor be allowed to ascend back to heaven on account of their great sin. this attainment was a result of the strict moral code enforced by Ernon. The land of Suern stood where India and parts of Arabia stand today. The people of Suern rebelled against the rules. In the Book of Enoch. Enoch denounces the fallen angels known as the “watchers” and pronounces the judgment of God against them. and the intercession of Adepts who were called the sons of solitude. the people of Suern. lost the powers they could no longer sustain. that his ascension took place during one of those walks. including the ability to precipitate their own food. He states that they shall neither have peace nor forgiveness. possessed seemingly miraculous powers. and upon his death.Enoch The master Enoch made a physical ascension. turned against Ernon. that was suppressed by church fathers. under Rai Ernon. and was not. the Sons and Daughters of God will uproot the wickedness and karma of the Watchers until they pass from embodiment and are removed from the physical and astral plane of the planet. . We can call to Enoch to judge the fallen angels. for God took him. His story is found in the book Dweller on Two Planets.” Enoch continues to walk the earth as an ascended master and teaches us how to walk in the holiness of God as he did.

calm. could precipitate their food. The people had many attainments and. Casimir Poseidon works with the God and Goddess Meru and with the Great Divine Director to guide the nations of North and South America into a golden age. and has golden hair and blue-violet eyes. This was the reason why the South American natives initially welcomed the Europeans with their fair complexion. the people gradually turned to the paths of selfishness and no longer gave the glory to God for every advance in science and culture. Casimir Poseidon and a band of disciples withdrew to North America and anchored the light and the records of that ancient civilization in what is now Colorado. Poseidinis was destroyed by cataclysm and sank under the sea. His memory was kept alive by the Indian legend of a fair ruler who would one day return.000 years ago and whose timetable it is to ascend. God through us will send powerful light rays to hold the balance for the earth. “Learn to do well and you shall. Casimir Poseidon was already ascended and continued to lead the people in the way of God. . † Casimir Poseidon Casimir Poseidon ruled a golden age civilization about 12.Ernon serves to bring the ancient mysteries through the teachings of the ascended masters to the quickening of souls who knew these teachings 35. Today. like in Suern.000 years ago called Poseidonis. Casimir Poseidon is tall in stature. He encourages us to use the violet flame to mitigate the karmic potential of cataclysm. Phylos describes him as having a gentle dignity and kindly love that beams from his deep-set. He teaches us that when we are at peace with ourselves. Poseidonis was a major colony of Atlantis located in the Amazon Valley. gray eyes. His motto was. Not long after.” Though he was initially very loved. Ernon also serves on the planet Venus where he is known as the master Mol Hang.

Eriel has assisted many lightbearers from China in overcoming the darkness that has beset their homeland through the Communist Revolution. One whom he assisted was Fun Wey. Prior to his ascension.† Eriel Eriel is the hierarch of the retreat in Arizona where he trains students in the use of the light and the sound rays. who has now ascended. Eriel is described as being over six feet tall. We can call to him to help the Chinese lightbearers in defeating the forces of oppression. † Fun Wey . Eriel's symbol is the pink rose and he commands legions of purple-flame angels. a philosopher and a sage. Eriel was embodied in China as an alchemist. with penetrating Oriental eyes that glisten like stars in the night sky.

he would simply be led before the crowds and repeat the message. By the end of Jesus' ministry. as well as three epistles. He went on to preach the gospel until he was well into his nineties. There. Following this. which is the most mystical of the four gospels. he wrote the Gospel of John. where he earned a threefold flame and was given the opportunity to pursue his immortality.” The ascended master John the Beloved has a retreat over the Arizona Desert where he teaches us how to become the fullness of love through the four personages of God as the Loving Father. When the “powers at be” tried to martyr him by putting him in a cauldron of hot oil. love one another. Fun Wey made his ascension from Eriel's Retreat after giving enthusiastic and illumined obedience to the master. John had fully become the Christ. When he could no longer give discourses. John outlived the other disciples by many years and preached well into his nineties. The master Eriel rescued Fun Wey when he was an infant born to an old chinese family and his life was threatened. and the Loved Daughter who is the Holy Spirit. he emerged unscathed and was banished to the Island of Patmos. Fun Wey would impart to us the joy and the desire to serve. He also works closely with elemental life. he wrote the Book of Revelation as a dictation from Jesus. and the only one of the twelve who ascended at the end of that life. † John the Beloved John the Beloved was the apostle of love who was most intimate with Jesus. and the way of delight in God's law. Fun Wey began his evolution in the elemental kingdom. the Loving Mother. “My little children. the Loved Son who is the Christ.Fun Wey serves with Eriel in his retreat in Arizona and teaches the “fun way” to the ascension. .

He draws a ring-pass-not. a group of ascended and unascended masters who use their spiritual vision to defend life on earth. the waitresses kept passing by them without inquiring about them.† K-17 K-17 is the master who heads the cosmic secret service. Finally. Mark Prophet had an experience with the cloak of invisibility that Dorothy Lee Fulton shares in her book. Here I AM. . We can also call to them and to the elemental being Torch to help us find lost objects and things that we hold dear. and to the family as the basic and most sacred unit of society. as well as to expose and prevent attacks upon our nation. Mark realized that he had called for a cloak of invisibility to be upon them. a protective forcefield around those individuals who are dedicated to serving the light. the stability and right-action of our governments. He tells us that we can call upon the cloak of invisibility as a forcefield of protection when we do not want to be seen by the enemy. These masters work undercover and sometimes assume the appearance of those whose ranks and organizations they would penetrate. The two were sitting together at a restaurant and for a very long time. We can call to these masters and to their legions to reveal what needs to be made public within the affairs of states and organizations. K-17 works closely with Lanello and the Elohim Cyclopea. This includes within the KGB and the FBI. and as soon as he made the call for that cloak to be removed. K-17 has made more appearances in the halls of government and among the leaders of nations than any other master. These masters work around the clock to discover and expose threats to our spiritual freedom. a waitress came over and offered them a menu.

once they are convinced of their own inner powers. and especially with the practice of auto-hypnosis. She oversees the release of inventions and technology that will better protect our nation and the people of light on earth. We can call to Leonora for a greater release of science and invention that will make it less possible for the powers of darkness to attack America and the outposts of freedom on earth. This form of psychic domination is most dangerous because it overpowers and ultimately cancels out the essential communion of the soul with the higher mind of Christ. .† Leonora The ascended master Leonora is the patroness of science and invention who works with Saint Germain in the Cave of Symbols. is first. One of her inventions that was described in The Magic Presence is a radio that could pick up signals from anywhere on earth through the etheric belt. Then. The way these products are introduced and marketed. they subtly will suggest that since they are already doing so well on their own. being already God. she explains. Leto is concerned about the misuse of science and technology. as well as from other planets. perhaps they don't really need God at all. by telling people they are great spiritual beings and should go directly to God without help from anyone. autosuggestion and mind control that is so prevalent today.

as well as how to safely leave the body and reenter at will so that we can better remember our experiences in the etheric retreats at night. and she wears a cape of that color. She was embodied during the Incan civilization where she brought forth many advances in science. and she especially works with children who have dedicated their life to the path of the ascension. fiery heart. She was also an Atlantean scientist and a Chinese mystic. She invites us to meditate on the color of violets. Leto bears a spiritual flame that is purple tinged with gold. Her fragrance is heather as a token of her great love for the Holy Spirit in nature.† Leto The Lady Master Leto is a teacher of youth of every age. . that will draw us nearer to her purple. where she helps accelerate candidates for the ascension. as well as in the Cave of Light. in the Retreat of the Master of Paris. as she understood the spiritual laws behind the manifestation. Leto teaches alchemy. Leto serves with her twin flame. Alexander Gaylord.

Therese appeared to soldiers during World War I to protect them. She said that she would spend her heaven doing good on earth and was granted that opportunity. Therese received the initiation of the crucifixion and bore the agony of a hemorrhage of the lungs for a whole year. she bestowed abundant miracles to those who had called upon her for intercession. she was experiencing the spiritual fires of the resurrection and she repeated the words day and night.” she wrote in her autobiography. we can balance our karma much more rapidly and transmute what would have otherwise befall us as disease in the body. With the violet flame. and for which we and the masters who sponsored this gift will have to give an accounting. “My God. She reminds us that the knowledge of the violet flame is a dispensation and an opportunity that was given to us by God to help us rise on the path of initiation. Therese teaches us the path of soul-elevation and the balancing of karma through the use of the violet flame. She may well be the most beloved of all of the Catholic Saints and was canonized only twenty-five years after her passing. Therese. the “little flower of Jesus. “It is only love that makes us acceptable unto God.” was known for her “little way.† Saint Therese of Lisieux Saint Therese of Lisieux made her ascension at the age of twenty-four. The Story of a Soul. having balanced one hundred percent of her karma. Her story is beautifully portrayed in the movie. Saint Therese. Won't you join us then in giving fifteen minutes of violet flame together? . As an ascended lady master.” Saint Therese promised to rain roses from heaven and as soon as she made her transition. Simultaneously with her great suffering.” to approach God as a child with complete trust and surrender. She has miraculously healed many and wrought miracles for believers everywhere. I love thee.

It is the disciple who has the consciousness of detail. you are concerned with conquering a pathway of light. “Realize. they exact patience and perfection from their chelas and explain the importance of details. as well as other emissaries from Luxor will come to students who are candidates for the ascension to assist the flow of spiritual currents in the etheric. the masters teach souls who attend the retreat at Luxor how to weave the deathless solar garment .” .. But the rays demand the very delicate awareness of threads and lines.. they explained.† Two Men who Stood by in White Apparel These two masters stood by as Jesus ascended up into the heavens. that the path of the ascension is nothing but detail. mental.In the seven rays of mastery. emotional and physical bodies. then. these two masters. who will discipline the self. who will realize that it is the small victories inch by inch won in consciousness that make the final victory. and crisscrossing of threads and lines.. They appeared to the disciples and said that those who had seen Jesus go into heaven would also see him coming down from heaven. In a dictation given in 1976 through The Summit Lighthouse. They explain that each one who ascends receives the ministry of two attendants who anchor the polarity of the flame of Alpha and Omega for the one who is ascending. who leaves no stone unturned. which becomes a forcefield of auric protection around the four lower bodies. for this its truly the weaving of the seamless garment. They are emissaries of Luxor and their white apparel is the brilliance of the white light of the ascension flame.

This master has not released his name and we can get to know him through the flame of the Ancient of Days that he bears. He peaks from the very heart of the Eternal Guru.† Unknown Master of the Himalayas The unknown master of the Himalayas comes out of the East and in the center of Krishna. † Master of Paris . Sanat Kumara.

castle like residence with many windows overlooking Paris. he also maintains a physical focus in the city of Paris. and has an etheric retreat over that focus. The masters foretell that in the Golden Age of Aquarius that is to come. and release a blanket of white light that covers the earth.The Master of Paris made his ascension more than 500 years ago and is chief of the Council of France. Their story carries the record of how a once green. He maintains a focus of the Will of God in La-Sainte Chapelle on the Ile de la Cite in the heart of Paris. from where he focuses the threefold flame. large areas of the planet will once again become subtropical and verdant. Snow crystals carry etheric fire and the covering of snow comes as a purification of the etheric and physical plane over areas where great darkness had settled in. This focus is frequently used by the masters to direct the energies necessary to hold the balance for the governments of Europe. lush and beautiful Edenic paradise might become covered with snow. where Greenland now stands. that he often frequents in physical form It is a beautiful. who release their tremendous momentum of purity to the earth as a brilliant white blanket that can stay the hand of war. if we will invoke more violet flame to transmute the records of our past karmas and the destruction of these ancient civilizations of light. The Snow King and Snow Queen keep the flame of purity from the North unto the South Pole. and covered a good part of the North Pole. They send forth a spiritual snow that often manifests as physical . † Snow King and Snow Queen The Snow King and Snow Queen are cosmic beings of great attainment and stature. riots. revolution and the rising up of uncontrolled masses. oppression. These shifts can occur with a minimum of cataclysmic destruction or loss of life. Much of what man has called “global warming” is actually a manifestation of the spiritual shifts that are coming into being. long before the Ice Age. This purification paves the way for new cycles appearing. These great beings ruled an ancient golden age civilization. old. This ancient civilization was actually tropical in nature.

. We can write a letter to the ascended master Melchizedek.) The 144. to Jesus and to Archangel Zadkiel and asked them to be trained in this inner priesthood. This priesthood invokes the violet flame to bring forth the perfected balance and outcome of science and spirituality.snow as it crystallizes into the earth. we must ask to be taken to Archangel Zadkiel's retreat at night and give violet flame decrees every day. his name means. (We invite you to join our radio broadcast where we give fifteen minutes of violet flame each night. † Melchizedek Melchizedek is the priest of the Most high God to whom Abraham brought his tithes. After we burn the letter.000 ascended masters who form the Order of the Priests of Melchizedek will help us to make our ascension if we will call upon them and invoke the violet flame." The Book of Hebrews says that Jesus was “made an high priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. and in Hebrew." Melchizedek heads an ancient priesthood of the sacred fire known as the Order of Melchizedek.He has been described as having neither beginning nor ending of days. and their symbol is the Maltese cross. The spiritual snow glistens with the radiance of the beautiful pastel rainbow colors and anchors the manifestation of purity that is most needed for the hour. “King of Right.

he seals us in his presence: I bind me to-day. Against snares of the devil. God’s power to protect me. God’s path to pass over. God’s wisdom for learning. God’s buckler to guard me. He serves in the lineage of the saints of Ruby Ray. Saint Patrick taught the mysteries of the threefold flame manifesting in nature as the shamrock. he was never afraid to confront evil.† Saint Patrick Saint Patrick is the Patron of Ireland. Patrick brought the Christian faith to all of Ireland. God’s might to direct me. His life illustrates the power of one individual wed to God. . fiery. God’s ear for my hearing. God’s eye for discerning. I have cast myself into the hands of Almighty God. Against wrong inclination. 'Cast thy care upon the Lord. meaning the serpent mind of the fallen ones who were incarnate as the the powers at be and among the Druid priests. who are known for their intense.'” We can call to Saint Patrick to help us deal with entrenched forces of darkness and bring truth to the nations. for he rules everything as the prophet sayeth. who drove the snakes off of the emerald isle. Against vice’s temptation. Saint Patrick was a direct chela of Sanat Kumara who had previously brought the word of the Lord to the Israelites as the Prophet Jeremiah. God’s hand for my cover. and He Himself will sustain thee. and he knew that Jesus lived in him and spoke through him. Patrick wrote in his Confession: “Daily I expect a violent death or to be robbed and reduced to slavery or the occurrence of some such calamity. God’s army to ward me. God’s word for my clearing. and pronounced the judgment of these dark ones. When we offer his Lorica for Protection. uncompromising and selfless love.

which is a brilliant white light tinged with green. with many or few. Christ be o’er me. Christ behind me. he knelt in prayer and called to God for deliverance. With faith in the Trinity-Unity—God over all. - † Ray O Light Ray O Light is an ascended master who bears the fearlessness flame. I bind me to-day on the Triune—I call. His service to life is to bring illumination to mankind by imparting the radiance of the Father-Mother God. Christ before me. In each mouth that shall speak me— Christ not the less In each heart I address. Christ in the left and the right. Christ here. Christ in the sight. Of each eye that shall seek me. he received the vision of the fearlessness flame descending from the God-Star Sirius as a pencil light across the sky until it reached his heart. Christ be with me. Anear or afar. Christ beneath me.Against men who plot evil. At that moment. In each ear that shall hear. The light burst through his soul and chakras until he became completely one with the fearlessness flame. Christ near. he faced the planetary momentum of fear with the firm faith that God's light was greater than any darkness. After many. Ray-O-Light was embodied on earth and as he was assailed by great forces of darkness. many hours of prayer. . Christ hither and thither. Christ within me. surrendering all vestiges of lesser awareness outside of that flame.

O Fearlessness flame! Legions of Ray O Light. Each petal releases an alchemical key to strengthen the threefold flame the hearts of lightbearers worldwide. if we will only whisper his name and remember that we too are a ray of light. † Rose of Light Rose of Light assists us in unfolding our heart chakra and expanding the light through our threefold flame. She prayed without ceasing that the Sons and Daughters of God might fulfill their divine plan and she ascended just before the sinking of the continent. as well as a shrine and meditation garden devoted to unfolding the soul's divine plan. each symbolizing the unfolding soul potential in God. He has promised that he will come at our darkest hour with legions of fearlessness flame. “O God. Come Forth!” So he will fill us with his presence of peace. She tended the flame of healing love on Atlantis. The garden was filled with roses. As we give his mantra. This alchemy of the golden-pink light from her heart releases divine love into the world that becomes a ruby fire and consumes evil. Rose of Light has a rose in her heart. . assailed with doubts of otherwise under attack.Ray O Light teaches us to press on step by step and to invoke the fearlessness flame whenever we are burdened.

Mother Mary appeared to Bernadette and instructed her to dig out the spring at Lourdes with her bare hands. it is displayed for visitors at the Convent of Nevers. Bernadette's body was exhumed and to reveal a state of perfect preservation. Today. The Song of Bernadette. As a young girl. Thirty years after her death. and her face and hands are covered with a thin wax mask. † Saint Cecilia .† Saint Bernadette Saint Bernadette is an ascended lady master. Her story is beautifully depicted in the classic movie.

and then vanished.” And when he swore. Her story begins when she was given in marriage to a youth named Valerian. and the fires were heaped up. and wards off from me any who would touch me. “That can only be if you will believe in one God. where he serves as chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. which is blue in color and vibration. but Cecilia did not even break out into perspiration. She invoked the saints and angels and virgins. color and vibration of God.” She replied. We come to know much about their flame and service as we study their incarnations on earth and the footprints they have left for us to follow. and collected her blood with napkins and sponges. which he placed on their heads. She would not die until she received the sacrament of Holy Communion. His musical keynote is Pomp and Circumstance. “I will tell you a secret if you will swear not to reveal it to anyone. El Morya The master El Morya. Morya wears a blue cape lined with the pink color of love. He has a .” is the chohan of the first ray of God's will. “Dearest. She was shut in for a night and a day. His retreat is in Darjeeling. and made to glow and roar their utmost. holding two crowns of roses and lilies. Chohans of the 7 rays The term chohan in Sanskrit means “Lord of the dharma. and she lived three days.” He said. show me the angel. and she said to her husband. The man struck three times without being able to sever the head from the trunk.” which is the sacred labor. if this be true. An executioner was sent to cut off her head in the bath. she added. he saw Cecilia praying in her chamber. Chohans are ascended masters who look after the activities of mankind under a particular ray. He administers the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are faith in God's will and the word of wisdom. she ascended home to God. the music that is played for every presidency and graduation. she sang to God. She lived as Cecilia in the third century A. affectionately known to his students as “Bapu. Each serves in an etheric retreat and administers one or more gifts of the Holy Spirit to mankind.Saint Cecilia is an ascended lady master who is also the patron saint of music because as she was martyred. and an angel by her with flaming wings. After she received Holy Communion. while she preached to them.D. Crowds came to her. and condemned to be suffocated in the baths. She was arrested. by preaching had converted four hundred people. and be baptized. prayed and sang.” When Valerian returned from having been baptized. “There is an angel who watches me. Saint Cecilia. He left her bleeding.

and as the master mason for the Great Pyramid. As Akbar. H. sharing your concerns. as a devotee of Zarathustra. Geraldine Innocente to found the Bridge to Freedom. one of the three wise men. Lifetime after lifetime. .secondary retreat over El Capitan. Blavatsky to found the theosophical teachings. You must be willing to take any rebuke. and until you graduate from the disciplines of that retreat. he anchored a great momentum of uniting the spiritual paths of the world. he was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac when tested. he was willing to be executed for higher principle. Once I become the champion of a chela. I tell you. As Abraham. El Morya sponsored Nicholas and Helena Roerich to found Agni Yoga. In his final embodiment. Morya serves with ascended masters and unascended chelas to bring about the will of God in the affairs of nations. beloved. He also tends a planet in another solar system called Excelsior. a rock formation that faces Mount Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. As the chief of the Darjeeling Council. This brings him great comfort and a reprieve. I must have from you unflinching constancy whereby you maintain a steady level of absorption of the blue flame of the will of God and thus enter day by day into the sacred fire of the first ray. As Becket and Sir Thomas More. Sir Thomas More. behind El Morya's strict discipline shines a twinkle of mirth and the great. If I would train you personally. especially when tried by the intense challenges that are so prevalent on earth. beloved. and Melchior. Morya explains that the will of God is like the spiritual skin that we wear. After his ascension in 1898. he served as a Rajput prince who later became a monk. when you keep yourself saturated in the blue ray and you are alert to every out-of-step state of mind that you might even consider entertaining. great love for all of God's children and their opportunity fulfilled. He says. He was also Abraham. any correction. El Morya explains what it takes to become his chela. and hurts as well as your hopes. Morya was embodied as the son of Enoch. and Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet to found The Summit Lighthouse. you will find that I shall become your champion. Only when enough lightbearers reconnect with their spiritual source and apply this understanding will Morya get his diamond back from the Karmic Board. Nevertheless. Dictating through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I will work with that chela to the end” One helpful way to anchor El Morya's presence in your life and build a relationship with him is to meditate for fifteen minutes each day on his picture. and as Thomas Moore. we cannot make progress on the spiritual path.” Morya trains chelas in anchoring the will of God from his retreat in Darjeeling. to take it swiftly and then swiftly self-correct. “Constancy is the key virtue that I must have in those who truly desire to be one with me. Without developing the blue lining of the power of goodwill. You must have a must have a momentum on giving the decrees to the ascended masters who serve principally on the blue ray. and the Irish poet Thomas Moore. aspirations. Morya pledged the diamond of his attainment as collateral so that seekers of truth could find these teachings. he expanded the pink flame of God's love and creativity through poetry. Thomas Becket. where he nurtures lifewaves of souls who have not been corrupted by the fall of the angels. Christianity and Islam.P. you cannot be taken on by another chohan or sponsoring master. El Morya demonstrated his utmost devotion to the will of God. He trains his students in expressing God's Word and God's Will through every media. Darjeeling is like spiritual boot camp. while offering sincere prayers for God's will. commitments and dreams. He was embodied as King Arthur. El Morya is also a master of communication who serves Gemini shining mind of God of the solar hierarchies. Akbar the Great. which one student lovingly described as the “cosmic pawn shop. fears. the patriarch of Judaism.

which is yellow in color and vibration. to quicken students to a higher wisdom. As an ascended master. Lanto has worked tirelessly to help Saint Germain disseminate the teachings of the ascended masters. Lord Lanto amplifies the flame of precipitation that is gold tinged with green and has contributed to the can-do spirit. Lanto came to earth with Sanat Kumara and was a high priest in a temple on Lemuria.† Lord Lanto Lord Lanto is the chohan of the second ray of God's wisdom and illumination. and was a role model for Confucius. technological advances and abundant life of the American people. where tens of thousands of souls attend classes to accelerate their consciousness for as incoming golden age of Aquarius. golden glow of the flame shone through his chest. and especially to the youth. Lanto determined that the threefold flame in his heart should be seen physically by his disciples. He administers the gift of the Holy Spirit that are the word of knowledge. He also embodied in ancient China as the Yellow Emperor. Before making his ascension. . In the Royal Teton Retreat. He also placed a transcendent golden flame of illumination over many of the colleges and the universities of the world. He so devoted himself to this nobel goal that the soft. Lord Lanto is dedicated to the Christ illumination of all mankind. His retreat is at the Grand Teton.

He incarnated in Egypt and helped build the pyramids as a master mason. Paul the Venetian serves to bring forth the beauty of ascended master culture into human realms.” He sponsors artists who strive to bring forth beauty through their art and teaches students of the light how to paint a spiritualized self-portrait when they attend his etheric retreat. His maxim is “Perfect love casteth out fear. generosity. He established a liberty flame in Peru. gentleness and compassion toward all life. Paul the Venetian is a great teacher of love. He also serves at the Goddess of Liberty's retreat over Manhattan and maintains a focus of the liberty flame within the forcefield of the Washington Monument. He administers the gift of the Holy Spirit that is the discerning of spirits. made of most brilliant hues that have not faded over time. . which is pink in color and vibration. he sought to bring forth beauty as a powerful catalyst for enlightenment through his exquisite paintings. As an ascended master. where he was later reembodied as an Incan artist who used paints that did not fade.† Paul the Venetian Paul the Venetian is the chohan of the third ray of God's love and creativity. This includes the famous “Marriage at Cana” that is displayed in the Louvre. Then. tenderness. His retreat is the Chateau de la Liberte in Southern France. Paul the Venetian served as head of cultural affairs on Atlantis. in his final embodiment in the 16th century as Paolo Veronese. He helps us to expand the fires of the heart.

Serapis came from Venus with Sanat Kumara. and with the weightlessness of helium the body begins to rise into the . Serapis was attributed with many healings and miracles. Dossier on the Ascension. and he takes on the appearance of being clothed in a white robe—the seamless garment of the Christ. The white fire is the light of God as Mother and the spiritual impetus behind architecture and mathematics. He was also embodied as the Pharoah Amenhotep III. His retreat is the etheric counterpart of the Temple of Luxor. the garments of the individual are completely consumed. the father of Ikhnaton and a great ruler who sponsored the construction of the temple at Luxor. who led three hundred men at Thermopylae against the massive invading Persian army. Sometimes the long hair of the higher mental body appears as pure gold on the ascending one. effectively saving Western Civilization. He writes: “The blood in the veins changes to liquid golden light. discipline and ascension fire. he became the greatest of all deities and the hierophant of the Egyptian rites of initiation that were later passed down through Freemasonry. He administers the gift of the Holy Spirit that is the working of miracles. carving in stone the record of the path of initiation. Serapis Bey trains candidates for the ascension and his keynote is the Triumphal March from Aida. After his ascension. He explains that we ascend daily as we qualify our thoughts. He has legions of Seraphim at his command and encourages us to meditate on the seraphim to anchor the pure white brilliance of their auras into our own. He was a priest in the Ascension Temple on Atlantis and carried that flame to Luxor before Atlantis sank. Lighter and lighter grows the physical form. Serapis describes the process of the ascension and the putting on of the glorified spiritual body. Phidias also constructed a hugely magnificent gold and ivory statue of Zeus for the temple of Olympia.. To the Greeks and the Egyptians. eyes of any color may become a beautiful electric blue or a pale violet.. he came back as the Athenian sculptor Phidias. feelings and actions with the right motive and vibration.† Serapis Bey Serapis Bey. Serapis teaches us how to raise the white light of the Mother within our temples and sacred centers. known as the great disciplinarian.. Serapis exacts great discipline from his initiates. As an ascended master. the throat chakra glows with an intense blue-white light. Serapis later incarnated as the Spartan King Leonidas.. in Egypt. Then. which is white in color and vibration. is the chohan of the fourth ray of God's purity. the spiritual eye in the center of the forehead becomes an elongated God flame rising upward. Serapis was the architect of the Great Pyramid. then again. In his book. who built the Parthenon and placed within it a forty-foot-high gold and ivory statue of Pallas Athena.

. or he may travel without the physical body.atmosphere. and the ascended one is able to take his light body with him wherever he wishes. This Saint Germain did after his ascension when he was known as the wonderman of Europe. putting on physical garments resembling the people of earth and moving among them for cosmic purposes. moved on to greater cosmic service. the gravitational pull being loosened and the form enveloped by the light of the externalized glory which man knew with the Father in the beginning before the world was. Kuthumi and Dwal Kul appear in physical form for the picture. Serapis' atttainment is such that he could have long ago. where the recently ascended masters El Morya. but he has chosen to stay with the earth out of great love for his chelas and those who fought side by side with him at Thermopylae.These changes are permanent. .. Ascended masters can and do appear upon earth as ordinary mortals.” What Serapis is referring to can be seen in this photograph of Helena Blavatsky from the late1800s. Like Lanto.

the crowds pursued him. which is green in color and vibration. the great healer of Palestine.” . He administers the gift of the Holy Spirit of healing. “Onward Christian Soldiers. agnosticism and skepticism. after having fully repented of the pride he had manifested in his previous embodiment. Sicily and Cyprus who healed many people in the name of Jesus and turned back an incoming tidal wave that would have flooded the land. researchers and lightbearers who have become ensnared by the false doctrines of atheism. science. Hilarion received this gift of healing because of the profound humility that he anchored. abundance. Because Paul had consented to the stoning of Saint Stephen and had killed Christians before his conversion. Though Hilarion spent much time in the deserts and often tried to hide out in the mountains. He reembodied as Saint Hilarion.† Hilarion Hilarion is the chohan of the fifth ray of God's truth. The ascended master Hilarion works with seekers of truth and all who are called to become apostles of Christ. he could not ascend at the conclusion of that life. scientists. Hilarion was also embodied as the apostle Paul who received a dramatic conversion through Jesus that allowed him to become the greatest proselytizer of the teachings of Christ. Hilarion was a high priest in the Temple of Truth on Atlantis and transported that flame to Greece prior to the sinking of Atlantis. healing and apostleship. before becoming corrupt in later centuries. The flame of truth became the spiritual lodestone for the Oracles of Delphi that originally rendered a great service to the light. The musical keynote that ties into his causal body is the song. His retreat is over the island of Crete where he and the Brotherhood of Truth work with doctors.

her statement: “I give you my love. During that lifetime.” . In her final incarnation 2700 years ago. marriage and golden age families. counselors at law. Nada teaches the path of the Prince of Peace. teachers. As an ascended master. so we can better keep the flame for others. she works side by side with Jesus and trains students to master their emotions.† Lady Master Nada Nada is the chohan of the sixth ray of God's peace. This anonymous service became her mastery of the pink flame of God's love. but rather the measure by which we love. We can summarize Nada's great love in this. and she ministers with legions of angels to the youth of the world. Instead of pursuing her own vocation. she chose to assist her brethren in pursuing their sacred calling by keeping the flame of love for them. ministers. Nada was the youngest of a family of exceptionally gifted children. Massachusetts. missionaries. for all else I have already given away. Nada helps those in professions that serve others. She administers the gifts of the Holy Spirit that are the speaking in tongues and the interpretation of tongues. Nada was also embodied as a lawyer on Atlantis. She teaches us to still the energies of the solar plexus by overcoming inordinate desire. ministration and service. In the Arabian Retreat. and won her the ascension. so that they could excel. She has a retreat over the Arabian Desert and another retreat over New Bedford. healers and psychologists. including public servants. Nada explains that it is not our training and position that ultimately counts. an etheric replica of the Temple of Love on Atlantis where she once served. Nada serves as one of the Lords of Karma. she fully expanded the love of her heart and spiritually held the balance for her brothers and sisters. Nada is also the sponsor of twin flames. defending the rights of the poor and downtrodden. She teaches us how to balance and expand God's threefold flame within our hearts.

Saint Germain came back as the philosopher and scientist Roger Bacon. (an embodiment which has recently been unfairly and severely maligned and misunderstood. Saint Germain was embodied as the Prophet Samuel. transmutation. . who authored the Shakespearean plays. then as Saint Alban. His petition was granted and he returned as the Comte de Saint Germain. the Cave of Symbols in Wyoming and the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania. messenger of God's liberation for the Israelites. also known as the “Wonderman of Europe” and author of The Most Holy Trinosophia. He inspired the Neoplatonists at inner levels before reembodying as the prophet Merlin in the court of King Arthur.† Saint Germain Saint Germain is the hierarch of the Aquarian Age and the chohan of the seventh ray of God's forgiveness. Saint Germain petitioned the Lords of Karma. Later. found the New World. he embodied as Joseph. to be given a physical body. freedom. He has two retreats. first martyr of Britain. During Old Testament times. following his ascension. Saint Germain was embodied as the ruler of a golden-age civilization in a fertile land where the Sahara now stands. the Father of Jesus. Following this. Saint Germain administers the gift of prophecy and his symbol is the Maltese Cross. He also served as high priest in the Violet Flame Temple on Atlantis. In his great love for humanity. which is violet in color and vibration. diplomacy and ritual.) Saint Germain's final embodiment was as Francis Bacon. then as Christopher Columbus who against all odds.

1954. The violet flame is a tremendous gift.Known for his miraculous feats. Saint Germain has pledged to work one-on-one with every lightbearer who makes the determination to keep the flame of life on earth. he sponsored Napoleon in an attempt to create a United States of Europe. in memory and in the footsteps of the original keepers of the flame who came to earth with Sanat Kumara. Saint Germain received the scepter of power from Sanat Kumara and the crown of authority from Jesus to direct the consciousness of mankind for the next two thousand years as hierarch of the Aquarian Age. but his counsel was not heeded. On May 1. Saint Germain is determined to see to it that the Age of Aquarius will become a golden age and he encourages his chelas around the world to generously invoke the violet flame for the saving of a planet and a people. The violet flame. Won't you join us then. the Comte de Saint Germain was described by Voltaire as “the man who never dies and who know everything. two documents that bear the flame of freedom to the earth. Following this. It is the spiritual flame of the seventh ray that transmutes negative karma when it is invoked. the master turned his attention to the United States of America and inspired the Founding Fathers in bringing forth the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. which had been sealed as a secret mystery since the days of Atlantis. each night. which ultimately became their loss. in giving fifteen minutes of violet flame decrees together in remembrance of our Knight Commander? . In the twentieth century. is day by day becoming common knowledge to spiritual seekers everywhere. Around the same time period. and accelerates souls on the path of the ascension. Saint Germain sponsored the I AM Movement and the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity for which he is the Knight Commander. He also pledged a portion of his attainment as collateral so that the teaching of the violet flame could come forth once again in an outer way. Napoleon and Josephine could not resist the temptation of absolute power and used the master's sponsorship for their own gain.” Saint Germain attempted to bring about a smooth transition to representative government in France and avoid the bloodshed of the revolution.

This merging takes place through the aperture of the golden-pink glow ray where the energies of Christ are balanced with the energies of the Holy Spirit.† Maha Chohan The Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit for earth. the Iliad and the Odyssey. which integrates all of the seven rays into the white light. enter my heart. The Maha Chohan bestows the final three gifts of the Holy Spirit upon those who make themselves ready. he was a shepherd in India and the spiritual light he quietly drew forth while tending his sheep kept the flame for millions of souls.” The Maha Chohan bears the golden pink flame of God's comfort. He is also the chohan of the eighth ray. They work closely with the forces of nature down to the level of the atom. and the flame of life is withdrawn. Come Holy Spirit. As the chohan of the eighth ray. who serve under him. As the representative of the Holy Spirit. he expands the Flame of each of the seven rays that merge into the pure white light of the Holy Spirit. where he directs the activities of the seven chohans of the rays. freewill and all power in heaven and earth.” . You can consciously invoke his presence by inviting him into your temple: “Come Holy Spirit. namely the gifts of the balanced threefold flame. The Maha Chohan and his pink-flame angels bring comfort to all life. They also infuse every molecule of oxygen with the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. In his final embodiment. He is also present at the close of every life when a person takes their last breath at the moment of transition. enlighten me. The Maha Chohan is present at the birth of every child to ignite the threefold flame when that child takes its first breath. His name means “great lord. he works with the seven chohans to prepare aspirants on the spiritual path to become ready to receive the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. His retreat is over the island of Sri Lanka. The Maha Chohan was embodied as the blind poet Homer who wrote the epic poems.

HOW TO GET HELP FROM THEM The ascended masters understand our concerns in the most personal and intimate way. The masters are also gravely concerned with the state of the world. a "specialty" of sorts and can be called upon to lend us his or her momentum in a particular area. A Great Love for Humanity . Each master has developed. They do not judge us. to mitigate planetary karma whenever possible and to find solutions to ongoing challenges. They pull together to assist us in fending off dire circumstances that could come to pass on a regional or planetary scale. so to speak. but seek to assist us in coming up higher and conquering our lesser self.

call to God to give some assistance. I would like to share with you an observation made by the Elohim Cyclopea.and they have turned to calling for the souls of those individuals who were caught up in that net of self-destruction.” Cyclopea pointed out.. Regional Concerns United States of America ‡ Saint Germain. Great Divine Director. Master of Paris and the Council of Paris.To give you a sense of the love of the masters for humanity. “I have seen him stand facing a terrific storm created by mankind's wrong thought and feeling and seen him push back the clouds themselves and say. Jesus Tibet ‡ Padma Sambhava. Great Divine Director India/Pakistan ‡ Chananda and the Indian Council. and yet not His one can interfere with some of these actions created by wrong human thought and feeling. I have seen him retreat in almost the same manner as he did in the Garden of Gethsemane and. that even though “the Christ has stood in the very eye of the hurricanes and has called out for peace. in his magnificent concept of being. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. into awe-inspiring demonstrations of nature and use their spiritual energies to mitigate the destructive action.. to a great picturization of the ascended master Jesus. precious ones. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. Serapis Bey. pulling against tremendous pressures and finally recognizing that it is—so to speak—the will of God.. Jesus North and South America ‡ Mother Mary.. in many cases. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. I have seen a dozen hold together.. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. by no means.” And “in case these conditions become greater than one master can handle.He often stands facing the sun itself and.' Then when conditions became so frightful and awe-inspiring as mankind insisted. Jesus Europe ‡ Saint Germain. who has become for quite some time now your own World Teacher... however. The Christ. Jesus Middle East ‡ El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. This is. Saint Germain. Council of the Royal Teton.” And yet “the masters do rush in. Saint Germain and Mother Mary Planetary Concerns . precious ones. Jesus. African-American and people originating from Africa ‡ Ascended Master Afra. that was published by The Summit Lighthouse on the Pearls of Wisdom CD-Rom: “Let us now draw very close. 'Let peace come to mankind.. Jesus China ‡ Kuan Yin.and he pleads with the great fire in the heart of the sun to infuse mankind with a greater awareness of the power of Alpha and Omega. Jesus. he actually holds his hands clasped together over his heart. along with masters to whom we can call for assistance.. on having their own way. an exhauttive list. These individual masters have themselves relinquished the tremendous intent of their heart. fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America.. Invoking the Masters' Assistance Below are listed issues of personal concern and areas of planetary concern.. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council.. Godfre. has reached that state of consciousness where every man. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. and child upon the planet is himself in action..He often invokes the angelic host from the house of David and those twelve legions over which he has control for and on behalf of mankind.” Cyclopea said that this action of love by the ascended masters goes on twenty-four hours a day. Jesus Africa. kneeling in prayer. woman. gazing into the very heart of Helios and Vesta.

Saint Germain. Mother Mary. Saint Germain. Goddess of Purity. Kuan Yin. God of Gold. Kuan Yin. Mother Mary. Kuthumi. and the advent of infinite energy‡ Sanat Kumara. hierarchs of the elementals Negative prophecy ‡ Jesus. Archeia Charity. Elohim Arcturus. Meta. Archangel Jofiel Raising children ‡ Nada. Sanat Kumara and the legions of the thirteen archangels. Jesus. Jesus. Saint Germain and Mother Mary Abortion ‡ Jesus. Hilarion. El Morya and the Darjeeling Council Problems facing the youth of the world. Lanello and K-17 Healing of the economy ‡ Cyclopea. Jesus. including the sex. including abuse by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment. Maha Chohan Psychological conditions ‡ Kuthumi. Lanello and K-17 Exposing of treachery. Maria Montessori. Leto. Mother Mary Financial challenges ‡ Saint Germain. God of Gold. Elohim Astrea Addictions ‡ Archangel Michael. Portia Misuse of science. Cyclopea Loved ones passing ‡ Archangel Michael. Leonora. God and Goddess Meru. Jesus. Surya and Cuzco. Saint Therese of Lisieux Recently ascended . El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. drug. Jesus Physical healing ‡ Jesus. Mother Mary. God and Goddess Meru. Mother Mary. Saint Germain. Justinius and the Seraphim.Cataclysm and earth changes ‡ El Morya and the Darjeeling Council. Maha Chohan. Saint Germain Personal Issues Family issues ‡ Lady Master Nada. Meta Marital problems ‡ Archeia Charity. Hilarion. intrigue and decption at all levels of governments and organizations ‡ Cyclopea. Leto. Jesus. Queen of Light. Najah Shortfalls in the judicial system ‡ Kuan Yin. Goddess of Light. hierarchs of the elementals Miracles ‡ Kuan Yin. Elohim Astrea. Saint Germain. Mother Mary and Kuan Yin War and Terrorism ‡ Jesus. Mother Mary. Fortuna. Saint Germain. Mother Mary. and rock-and-roll culture and the educational system ‡ Mother Mary. Kuan Yin. Jesus. Pallas Athena. El Morya Protection from harm ‡ Archangel Michael Overcoming fear ‡ Ray O Light and legions of fearlessness flame Animals and pets ‡ Kuthumi.

and that at least one soul must ascend each year to renew the spiritual sponsorship for earth and her people. Ramakrishna and his Disciples. in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. What stands out more about Ramakrishna is his devotion to the Divine Mother. please visit the Summit Lighthouse and I AM Movement pages. or walked the path of the ascension. a wonderful book that chronicles his life. The ascended masters have told us that they have candidates for the ascension in every faith and geographical area. that would compel him into high states of holy bliss. Ramakrishna Ramakrishna is an ascended master who was best known through the book. there have been many more ascensions than are listed here. .The masters on this page ascended. One of the most amazing sequence of events in Mother Teresa's life was that she received the calling for her mission while she was taking a train ride to Darjeeling. under the Master Morya's retreat. † Mother Teresa Though the ascension of Mother Teresa was not confirmed by the messengers because it happened after the retirement of Elizabeth Clare Prophet. For more recently ascended masters. there is no shadow of a doubt that Mother Teresa has made her ascension. Of course. Mother Teresa's flame greatly impacted the world and you can watch her here.

Mother Cabrini's shrine on the outskirts of Denver is a beautiful tribute to her blessed service to mankind. .† Mother Cabrini Mother Cabrini ascended after a lifetime of missionary work serving disenfranchised youth in North and South America. and in Europe. he saturated himself with the violet flame and was able to transmute enough karma to make his ascension. During his service as a priest he saw the violet flame while in meditation. Over the years. He serves with Jesus and continues to convey his love and service to mankind in many ways. † Cardinal Bonzano Cardinal Bonzano lived in Chicago and made his ascension after his passing in 1927.

She was an avid student of Theosophy and you can read more about her spiritual life on this website. I will be standing right back of you. In 1919. † Beloved Magda Beloved Magda is the twin flame of Jesus. And all the time you are standing there. She made her ascension at the close of her turbulent life as Aimee Semple McPherson. She said that when good shepherd left the ninety-nine sheep to find the one lost in the thicket. prior to a sermon in Baltimore Maryland. she was that lost sheep that he had found. I will send the power of the Holy ghost. the founder of the Montessori Method made her ascension after working closely with Mother Mary for many years. I will lay my hands on yours. Aimee had the presence of Jesus with her and it was through that presence that she converted and healed millions of Americans. Jesus her spoke to her and said: “When you lay your hands on them. You are . And when you speak the Word.† Maria Montessori Maria Montessori.

You are only a mouth through which the Holy Ghost can speak. I had to apply the violet flame.. as we invoke the presence of Beloved Magda. perhaps the most trying for him was persecution he experienced from within the church. And this was simply because I was never given the knowledge of the violet flame when I was embodied. struggles and miracles of Padre Pio are the subject of many books. he was denied the opportunity to say mass or bless the eucharist. In a dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. [. Join us each night in giving fifteen minutes of violet flame mantras on internet radio. Magda carries the flame of hope to all who seek to overcome the temptations of this world. “Thus I will say it again and again: How wondrous it is to invoke the violet flame while you are here on earth! How wonderful it is tat you can project the violet flame into the distant past and the distant future! How wondrous it is that the violet flame has saved so many souls. Watch him bless the Eucharist here For some. You are the key on the typewriter.” Magda serves at the Temple of the Resurrection Flame with Jesus and Mother Mary.simply the mouthpiece of the telephone. As we contemplate Padre Pio's life.. After her passing in 1944. With boundless charity and a profound understanding. not only to my immediate past life but to many prior lifetimes.] Do you realize that I served at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles at the same time that Guy and Mama Ballard were also preaching and giving the teachings of the violet flame? How tragic it is that so many have been locked into orthodoxy so that they cannot open their minds and see the shafts of violet flame that permeated the auras of the saints who came out of the I AM Movement and made their ascensions precisely because they accepted Saint Germain's violet flame. Thy sins be forgiven thee. Padre Pio's example of one who silently bears this kind of cross becomes an example in not challenging errors or injustices when they are apparent.” Listen to the power of the Holy Spirit in Aimee's voice here. that it has lightened their load and brought them to that place where they could make their ascensions!” Previous to her embodiment as Aimee. and are beautifully depicted in “Padre Pio Miracle Man" an Italian movie with English subtitles. † Padre Pio The life. Magda was embodied as Mary Magdalene. whom Jesus had saved from death with his eternal statement. For ten years. “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Magda had to offer violet flame invocations for decades in the retreats to balance enough karma to make her ascension. she explained: “ For many decades. we must take into . Of all of the events in Padre Pio's life.

Pope John the XXIII was appreciated for his simplicity. and he endured all-night combats with the devil. he “renews the passion of christ with the devotion and radiance of one who is inspired by God. his love and his sense of humor. Padre Pio bore the stigmata. He had the gifts of clairvoyance. he was receiving five thousand letters a month and thousands of visitors. Padre Pio frequently had visions of Jesus. seven years after his passing. He convoked the Second Vatican Council and encouraged many reforms that would endow the Catholic Church with new life and relevance for spiritual seekers. Padre Pio ascended in 1975. councils and institutions but rather lies as that white cube. He used his powers of bilocation to save soldiers from death during World War II. Most unfortunately. which is an age of spiritual freedom." By the end of his life. Mother Mary and his own guardian angel. and the patience Padre Pio exemplified in silently enduring the suppression of his dharma must be weighed within the context of a world hungering for the true teachings of Christ.account that his service falls under the Piscean dispensation of the church of Rome. Cycles are accelerating at a much faster pace than they were even fifty years ago. Let us then go about our Father's business without fanaticism. bilocation. As one follower wrote. As an ascended master. that City Foursquare within the heart that becomes a magnet for the descent of the New Jerusalem. . healing and prophecy. Receive a blessing from him today. and eagerly waiting to be reborn in that image and likeness. The ascended master Johannes will teach us how to work out our differences with others in a harmonious way if we will call upon him. in the spirit and with the help of the Angel of the Revelation. personal christhood and co-creativity with God. as well as to visit those who missed his confessional. which is not found in buildings. the conservative movement within the Vatican today has attempted to tarnish that legacy. Many people were transformed by the way Padre Pio celebrated mass. We have now entered the Age of Aquarius. Johannes wears the mantle of the spirit of unity within the true church. † Ascended MasterJohannes The Ascended Master Johannes made his ascension at the conclusion of his life as the beloved Pope John the XXIII. that left him bloodied and bruised.

On December 13. America and Central Asia.† Nicholas Roerich Nicholas Roerich was a renown Russian artist. The Roerichs worked closely with the Master Morya in bringing forth the Agni Yoga teachings. writings and public life.. Roerich and his wife Helena traveled extensively through Europe. . yet he belonged to the entire world and the whole world was his field of activity. remembers his father with these words: “He was a great patriot and he loved his Motherland.” to safeguard cultural institutions in times of war. They are remembered around the world for the Roerich Pact.. Every race of men was to him a brotherly race. His son.” a painting with a white eagle flying towards a devotee sitting in meditation. every country a place of special interest and of special significance. Russia. His artwork and writings are available through the Roerich Museum in New York City. 1947. and also held the ancient scrolls that said that Jesus was in India.Every effort of his was directed towards the realization of the beautiful and his thoughts found a masterful embodiment in his paintings. mystic and explorer who ascended in 1947. He stresses the importance of making good use of the gift of the violet flame to students of light everywhere. while Roerich was reworking “ The Master's Command.. as well as through deep contemplation on the principles of Eastern and Western mysticism. his heart failed and his soul took flight to higher octaves. writer. the ascended master Nicholas Roerich works closely with the youth of the world. a treaty they created that was signed by a number of nations.” Today. Many of Roerich's paintings were inspired by his travels. along with a flag that carries the three “dots of Morya. Svetoslav. Every religion was a path to the Ultimate and to him life meant the great gates leading to the future. They visited the same monastery where Mother Caspari had been.

In his first Christmas message. and ordered the superiors of convents and monasteries to open their doors and hide Jews and other victims of the Nazis and Fascists. are so convinced of his worthiness that they are pushing for his beatification and canonization. at his death thirteen years later. human compassion.” Today devout Catholics who have studied Pope Pius XII's actions. which is living proof of Divine Providence in this world. After his death in 1958. John XXIII said his predecessor was worthy of canonization and called him. Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog of Palestine stated: “The people of Israel will never forget what His Holiness and his illustrious delegates. lover of the divine law. inspired by the eternal principles of religion.000 pages about the pope's life. and a compassionate defender and protector of all victims of the war and genocide that had drowned Europe in blood for six years.” In the 1960s. He also distributed visas for Jews to enter other countries. and a deep sense of moral rectitude. Pope Pius XII was almost universally regarded as a saintly man. who studied more than 3. cold. he authorized false baptismal certificates to save Jewish lives.† PopePius XII Pope Pius XII is known as the “architect for peace. Today the media and many liberal Catholics have accepted this lie and judged him as guilty for not having done enough and sharing responsibility for the Nazi crimes. a scholar. portraying him as a weak. the Congregation for the Causes of Saints voted unanimously to recommend that Pope Pius XII be formally declared “Venerable. there began a campaign of vilification against the Pope. During the war and for nearly twenty years after. which form the very foundations of true civilization. Jews heaped praise on him for his help in their darkest hour and. they were among the first to express sorrow and gratitude for his solicitude for Jews during the Holocaust.” This congregation is comprised of thirty cardinals and bishops from all over the world. a tower of strength. however. a man of peace. are doing for our unfortunate brothers and sisters in the most tragic hour of our history. In 2007. This in spite of the fact that in February 1945. church bureaucrat who lacked courage.” During World War II. . every pope from John XXIII to Benedict XVI noted his sanctity. carefully reviewing every day of his life and every word that he wrote. light of holy mother Church. “Supreme doctor. Watch Pope Pius XII bless the crowds. At the end of the war Western nations paid tribute to his steadfast efforts on behalf of the oppressed.

as well as by the karma of Atlantis that has not yet been balanced or transmuted with the violet flame. and we look forward to the day when his sanctity will be heralded on earth as it is in heaven. Phylos explains that America is beset by the karma she has made since she was created two hundred years ago. that do not teach a path of karmic accountability in Christ. that “The trek upward is worth the inconvenience. Echoing the words of the Master Morya. Know ye not that the first step on the path is one of humility and self-effacement? The fist step beyond this is forgiveness toward all life. Phylos speaks profoundly on the need to balance our karma. Since he has ascended. especially in the New Age movement. for the disease of the carnal mind is idolatry. and to balance suffering with joy. In a 1991 dictation. he said.Elizabeth Clare Prophet confirmed that Pope Pius XII made his ascension.” . which recounts his life on Lemuria. quite pleased with their meager knowledge and even less attainment. † Phylos the Tibetan Phylos the Tibetan ascended in 1989 after working since the nineteenth century as an unascended adept. He teaches us to see ourselves as pulsating rays of light coming from the center of the Great Central Sun. He warns people about the false teachings.” Phylos says that the path is worth every joy and every sorrow encountered. His story is found in the book Dweller on Two Planets. Most people on or off the spiritual path are idolatrous of themselves. “Watch out. which they deem to be great. on Atlantis and in nineteenth-century America.

. published by the Summit Lighthouse. He did not do as Jesus did.Igor was continuously in prayer for the great peoples of russia and for Mother Russia.. but he wrestled with the souls of men at inner levels.. go forth to gather souls by speaking to the masses upon the hilltops.His passion made him to be a patriarch to his people. his consciousness would roam afar about the world.. to America and to many lands. thought him ignorant and without knowledge. His name was never recorded. Mother Mary described Igor: “This child prayed. But when the full knowledge of spiritual mastery was given to him and he attained a wisdom compatible with my son Jesus.† Igor Igor was embodied in Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution and kept the flame for his countrymen as a devotee of Mother Mary and Archangel Gabriel. his own parents did not recognize his inward development.. And as he lay upon his straw pallet and gazed up at the stars at night. When he saw peril there. By his devotion. the child of aloneness. they thought him a strange and weird child. but they knew him not. seeing clearly with a greater vision than your television screens can convey. he prayed. and his prayer filled the very air. And his teachers cuffed his ears and sent him into the corner because they too. And he traveled and journeyed to France. Mother Mary was able to anchor a light in Igor that held back a far greater destruction and loss of life for the Russian people. He sought for nothing for himself.. and he prayed not only with feeling but he prayed with understanding. In a dictation from 1966.” . the beauty of men's souls and their perils.

“In contemplation of the vast sierras. He says. hearing the music of the stars. transcending planes of consciousness. Orion fully understands the challenges of having to deal with our untransmuted negatives. that he is both old and young and that he scales the hills and mountains in search for devotees of freedom. I was inspired with the exaltation of the soul... as I gazed upon the mountains. descending and ascending.. and I had a preview of my own soul's flight unto the ascension. Orion as been called the “Old Man of the Hills.† Orion Orion lived in America and ascended in the twentieth century.I saw the cycles of life ascending and descending. he had committed misdemeanors that had disconcerted his parents and brought down upon him condemnation from his associates.I descended once again to my body temple high in the Sierras. He recalls how as a youth in his final incarnation. Orion shares the mystical experience that turned his life around. the gaze of my eyes contacting whirling fiery centers transported my soul unto the causal body of ascended beings and my own I AM Presence. He reminds us to apply ourselves to our own God presence for guidance in the world of form until we have become fully one with our spiritual source through the ascension in the light.. Religion and History of America. He now serves with Saint Germain and Godfre to expand the flame of freedom and to overthrow the forces of darkness that seek to derail us spiritually by bankrupting America and destroying the economy. In the book. The Great White Brotherhood in Culture. he said it was faith in God and a persistent effort towards mastery that pulled him out.. my soul took flight from my form and I consciously left my body temple for the first time.” He says. and souls upon the ladder reaching for the stars. And I rubbed my eyes and I said. with a twinkle in his eye. to see the servants of God as angels and seraphim and sylphs and masterful beings!. Lying there in the mountains looking into the stars. 'Was it a dream? Was it a . and I found myself once again gazing upon the stars in the firmament of God's being. And how I rejoiced to know that which God holds in store for every living soul! How I rejoiced in that moment. Orion also works closely with the elementals from his retreat in the Rocky Mountains to maintain the balance of light that is held in nature through gold within the rock. And one night as I lay in camp alone.

These ones will also ascend. and may have already done so.dream' And I knew in my soul that I had contacted a vastness and a plane of mind where the few are privileged to be. You can read about his life in the book. and we can also invoke the violet flame on their behalf. Lahiri Masaya Lahiri Masaya is a master who is a part of the Eastern lineage of the Great White Brotherhood. unless they elect to come back to earth one more time. We can call to their causal body for a blessing and a multiplication of the attainment that they anchored while on earth. . and left footsteps in the sand that many have already followed.'” Teachers of Light Who Walked the Path of the Ascension The great teachers below walked an exemplary path of spiritual devotion. Autobiography of a Yogi. He was the guru of Sri Yukestwar and carried the blue flame for that dispensation.

a rabbi led the service alongside bishops and priests in the Cathedral of Notre Dame.” The Cardinal Lustiger did much for the youth and inspired them to follow in Jesus' footsteps. Having become Christian by faith and by baptism. I have as my patron saints Aaron the High Priest. he did much to reconcile the Judeo-Christian traditions. He was authentic. and made his transition in 2007. Holy Mary full of grace. gentle. which Lustiger wrote himself in 2004. Aaron. who carried the pink flame for that Eastern dispensation chose to come back into embodiment in the community of students of the ascended masters. and he is also featured in the book. “I was born Jewish. funny and compassionate. I received the name of my paternal grandfather. . Saint John the Apostle. balanced. You can listen to that quality in his voice as he tells young people why they should take the time to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.† Sri Yukestwar Sri Yukestwar is also a master who is a part of the Eastern lineage of the Great White Brotherhood. His epitaph. During his memorial service. I have remained Jewish as did the Apostles. † Cardinal Lustiger Cardinal Lustiger served as the most beloved archbishop of Paris for more than twenty years. Born a Jew. Yogananda. Autobiography of a Yogi. His presence has been sorely missed among many Europeans. He was the guru of Paramanhansa and carried the yellow flame for that dispensation. reads.

† Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov Bulgarian master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov brought powerful teachings of the Great White Brotherhood to the world.† Peter Deunov Peter Deunov was a great spiritual teacher from Bulgaria who trained his chela Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov to bring those teachings to the world. . Omraam's teachings are profoundly esoteric and simultaneously. Watch him here. down-to-earth and very practical. These have been published in dozens of languages and continue to inspire and assist spiritual seekers everywhere.

their flame is anchored in nature through the forget-me-not. Watch Aivanhof read a teaching here. and serve with the solar hierarchies The predominant quality of Helios is illumination and the predominant quality of Vesta is truth. our souls went before Alpha and Omega and pledge our service to life in these matter spheres. and visualize each syllable unfolding the eight petals of our secret chamber of the heart chakra. in a clockwise direction. We can meditate on our Father-Mother God by giving the eight-syllable mantra. These twin flames are the highest known individualization of the masculine and feminine polarity of the Deity. Omega personifies the God flame in each heart as the Mother principle. and also the most humble. They abide in the very heart of the sun.We can learn much about him and about his guru Peter Deunov in the biography. Before coming into physical embodiment. The Life of a Master in the West. . Alpha personifies the God flame in every heart as the Father principle. OUR FATHER/MOTHER GOD Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega are the Father-Mother God for every soul in this universe and they preside over the twelve hierarchies of the sun. † Helios and Vesta Helios and Vesta are our divine parents in the heart of this solar system. I AM Alpha and Omega.

sun-systems and galaxies. then to maintain its planets in a certain orbital position. trees. After Helios and Vesta decided to become God-Father and Mother of our solar system. that they could radiate enough concentrated energy to first create a solar system. lakes. divine empowerment and self-awareness that bring our planetary home closer and closer to solar awareness. We can visualizes the solar flares coming from the sun as direct light emanations from the heart of Helios and Vesta. Helios and Vesta passed the initiation. The God consciousness of Helios and Vesta regulates the activities of the sun and sustains our physical solar system and they guide the spiritual evolution of each planet. and to sustain life thereon.” THE LORDS OF KARMA The Lords of Karma. who accepted the responsibility of holding the immaculate concept for each planet until the time when Helios and Vesta would designate the externalization of each. in the name of Jesus the Christ. especially when we are dealing with conditions of evil in the world. in the ongoing transcendent evolution of planets. History and Destiny Werner Shroeder writes. Through love every galaxy is held within its orbit as it rushes through space with lightning speed toward a destiny only known by the Godhead. a temple was erected to Vesta where six priestesses called vestal virgins. his Origin. the cosmic silent watcher turned the blueprint over to its planetary silent watcher. where Pallas Athena served.” through thought and feeling. Helios and Vesta projected forth every planet at just the right distance. they had to prove. They have asked us to call upon them. The first fiat issued by helios and Vesta was. Helios and Vesta placed the blueprint into the hands of the Cosmic Silent Watcher. tended thee sacred fire. In the book Man. The blueprint contained the oceans. Helios and Vesta determined the size of the planets.When the time for the creation of the earth was at hand. We can give the fiat. Through love. and the number of life streams that would abide on each one. When the light pattern was completed. “In the name of my mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. rivers.The Ancient Greeks knew Helios as the Sun God and the Romans worshipped Vesta as the Goddess of the Hearth. impelling us to raise our consciousness to new levels of love. shrubs and other vegetation. The name of the Earth’s silent watcher is Immaculata. In Rome. a feminine being. through the directing of light rays. wisdom. “Let there be light. thus Alpha and Omega vested them with the authority for such a system. the mountains and the atmosphere for each planet. Helios and Vesta are determined to bring earth into a golden age. lands. seas. also called the Great Karmic Board are eight ascended masters who are assigned to help . Vesta also directed the Temple of Truth on Atlantis. their location. “Love is the key. I ratify the judgment of Helios whereby the plug is pulled on the seed of the wicked. This is the goal and vision that Helios and Vesta hold for us. It has been prophesied that earth one day shall become a sun.

which was so well described by near-death survivor Dannion Brinkley in his book. When spirals of negative karma can no longer be held back and must be released into the earth as a balancing action. spokesperson for the five Dhyani buddhas also joined the Karmic Board. champion of the oppressed. This event. These eight beings are mediators between the perfection of the law and the imperfection of the human condition. and who holds within his causal body the divine plan of every soul assigned to earth. they are given the life mission that will be theirs to accomplish. lifetime after lifetime. along with an overview of the karmic allotment from previous lifetimes that they will have to balance in the new life. . Goddess of Truth. little humans trying to have a mystical experience — when really we're great. who brings his momentum of divine direction to the group. you're met by a Spirit Being. the great Keeper of the Flame of Life. The Lords of Karma adjudicate the cycles of individual karma. The karmic board is also involved when a soul has created so much negative karma. that karma and its destructive effect can be transmuted in large measure before it hits the physical plane. known as the second death. national karma and world karma. You watch your birth.” The karmic board determines when a soul has balanced enough karma and sufficiently fulfilled their dharma (sacred labor) to earn the ascension in the light. though tragic. and emotionally. Before coming into embodiment again. Saved By the Light and in the interview quoted below: “When you go down that tunnel to a bright and beautiful light. souls pass before the karmic board again for a life review. We also find the Goddess of Liberty. mentally. Kuan Yin. Portia. In recent years. pitiful. mitigating the potential devastation. We all think we're such poor. awesome. All souls pass before the karmic board before and after each incarnation on earth. The Karmic Board is comprised of the Great Divine Director. Goddess of Mercy and the Elohim Cyclopea. who focuses the action of the all-seeing eye of God. where and in what family a soul shall embody. you lift out of your body and realize that you are an energy being. These great beings always apply the law in a way that will give people the best opportunity for spiritual progress. You have a chance to forgive yourself. You review your life as if you were the person that you were affecting with your behavior. You miss nothing. Then you watch your life from a second-person point of view. If mankind will invoke the violet flame in sufficient measure. in cooperation with the soul's own Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. along with their antidotes to the five poisons. in rebellion against God that it must be tried before the Court of the Sacred Fire on Sirius and consumed by the Maxim light. They daily weigh the balance of mankind's use of energy as it affects the spiritual ecosystem of the planet within the solar system and the galaxy. I had to feel the pain that I inflicted on others and the damage that I'd done. the ascended master Cuzco and his team of scientists do all they can to mitigate the severity of cataclysm. Nada. After the change called death. But guilt has nothing to do with it. determining when. Vajratsattva. and you feel the direct results of your interaction between yourself and that person. You literally become every person that you've ever encountered.adjudicate mankind's karma in the most effective and compassionate way. ''Do unto others as you would have others do unto you'' because you really are them. The Karmic Board ministers to each soul. group karma. Pallas Athena. After the tunnel. Goddess of Justice. lending the great momentum of light of these five celestial buddhas. powerful spiritual beings trying to have a human experience. is actually a great mercy of the law for the soul who is no longer able or willing to balance its karma. You come to a place where you see your entire life pass before you in a 360degree panorama. both physically.

Unlike the angelic and christed evolutions. and the undines evolve into gnomes. often have the spirit of a trapped salamander. Elementals from all of the kingdoms can occupy animal bodies.THE ELEMENTALS The elementals are beings of fire. the elemental evolution evolves into a denser and denser manifestation. gnomes gain the opportunity to earn a threefold flame and graduate into the christed evolution. evolve into sylphs. where they incarnate as human beings. The salamanders. Then the sylphs evolve into undines. Bears. Whales are animals of the Holy Spirit who transmit cosmic light rays to all life upon earth. who are beings of air. air. dolphins and whales tend to embody the highest light. water and earth. who are beings of the earth element. Through meritorious service to mankind. . for example. where they first serve as fairies. who are beings of water. who are beings of fire. who bring great assistance to mankind by tending the forces of nature. who seeks to discharge their energy through the animal's aggressive behavior. horses. Dogs like Saint Bernards. They can also cross over into the angelic evolution.

the weather was always a pleasant subtropical climate. earthquakes and mudslides. During the first three root races. olives and and other colors not conducive to the light. We can liberate these imprisoned elementals by calling to Archangel Michael and to the Elohim Astrea to cut them free. pure as crystal with rainbow hues. the beauty and the harmony that was inherent in nature. water and earth were created to reflect and expand the joy. air.The Densification of Earth The elementals of fire. earth was actually a transparent sphere of light. Violet Flame for Elemental Life . Whereas in past golden ages. the elementals started to discharge mankind's negative energy through cataclysmic events like floods. some do become trapped by black magicians for great destructive purposes. Because elementals naturally fall under the dominion of mankind. tornadoes. it became formed of grosser and grosser matter that took on the browns. over time. www. fires. As earth became more and more burdened by the negative thoughts and feelings of mankind.sacredword.

If we care not careful. A sylph looks after our mental body and expresses himself through our thoughts. when we make our ascension at the conclusion of many incarnations. and likes to dress like us. lifetime after lifetime. Disciplining the elementals of our four lower bodies is like learning good horsemanship. An undine looks after our emotional body and expresses herself through the feelings we discharge. We do this in the name of Jesus. As Leadbeater puts it. in the name of the Maha Chohan and in the name of the elemental hierarchs.The most important service we can render to the elementals is to invoke the violet flame and the resurrection flame on their behalf. This elemental can be seen within the aura. The service of our body elemental helps create and maintain a new body. and not let it control us. restoring in them hope for a better tomorrow. they are a part of a group soul. This is particularly true for our mental and emotional elementals. both during life and after death. All the power and force of the universe are on your side. You will often find that even though there are differences in outward appearance. This includes our body elemental. We can also ask that our pets and other elementals who have rendered us a great service be granted a threefold flame so they can earn the opportunity for immortal life. Until elementals receive a threefold flame. The Inner Life. Then. is to control this desire-elemental. Our elementals convince us that we are the ones who are thinking and feeling when in fact. the Christ figure who is the perfect charioteer and master over the four lower bodies. He explains that each elemental is looking to densify through the intense energies and situations that we engage in. When a pet dies. we are simply outpicturing the elemental addiction within the aura. lifetime after lifetime. recurring thought patterns and our emotional elemental will push us to have strong emotional outbursts. These ascended masters work closely with elemental life and direct spiritual energy to transmute the burdens upon them. Elementals within the Aura A salamander looks after our etheric body. your new pet will have a very similar disposition to the pet that passed away. you can ask for an elemental to be drawn from the same soul pool as your previous pet. And we a gnome looks after the our physical body and keeps all of our organs and systems running smoothly. These states of mind and feeling vivify the elemental essence. “Our business. our mental elemental will try and push us to have obsessive. . Clairvoyant teacher Charles Leadbeater talks about the importance of disciplining our body elementals in his book. our body elemental receives a threefold flame and moves on into the Christed evolution. He or she is about three feet tall. including states of depression. We must never forget that we are in charge. Realize that you are a god in the making.” We must become as Krishna.

for instance. We can also call to them to contain all uncontrolled and destructive fires in the name of the Christ. They also carry rods of white fire that tend the fire element on the physical plane. They initiate us on the path of spiritual mastery in opening our chakras and in aligning our four lower bodies with our etheric blueprint. They quicken and intensify the action of any spiritual flame invoked and can even intensify our threefold flame. reflecting the prismic light of God. and have a special retreat directed to that service. The beings of fire who serve with Oromasis and Diana are nine feet tall and have rainbows of liquid fire that ripple through their auras. in the secret chamber of the heart. They can reduce their size to an inch in height when we light a match.The Elemental Hierarchs Oromasis and Diana Oromasis and Diana direct the fiery salamanders serving this planet. . These beings work closely with Zarathustra and the priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek.

iridescent. They are beautiful. curvaceous. wispy beings endowed with ballerina grace.† Aries and Thor Aries and Thor direct the sylphs of the air and the atmosphere around the planet. as well as the formation of the clouds. . they love to create a replica of these angels in the sky. When they have taken on too much much human negativity. they discharge the energy through hurricanes and tornadoes. When angels abound.

Luara is the Mother of Tides. and serve to purify the emotional body of a planet and her people. We can also call to them to purify the atmosphere from chemtrails and all kinds of harmful pollution. They love to play in the ocean surf. in the crashing waterfalls and even when we take a shower. who governs the tides and cycles of fertility. They will also calm the seas and bring peace to our emotions. down even to our drinking water. † Neptune and Luara Neptune and Luara direct the undines of the water element. and to the undines to purify the waters of the earth. They seek to help us master our mental body and thought processes. until our mind reflects the mind of Christ and our breath is the full release of the Holy Spirit. in answer to our prayers. She teaches us how to balance our emotions.The sylphs bear the prana and the currents of the Holy Spirit between heaven and earth. Neptune carries a trident as a symbol of the threefold flame which is the power of Christ by which he harnesses the tremendous force behind the water element. Undines can be found wherever there is water. . and are present when the breath of life enters a new baby body. they take on the form of a mermaid. and sometimes. Neptune and Luara govern the seven seas that correspond to the seven planes of being. We can call to Neptune and Luara.

† Virgo and Pelleur Virgo and Pelleur are cosmic beings who rule from the sun of even pressure in the center of the earth. and are mother and father to billions and billions of gnomes who tend earth in the four seasons. . to the mighty giants known as the mountain kings and queens. These twin flames govern the earth element. Gnomes are gentle and powerful beings created by Elohim. Virgo is sometimes called Prosperina. who range in size from three-inch-high elves. to three-foot dwarfs.

Celeste works closely with the angelic and the elemental kingdoms. In return. we can teach the gnomes how to give violet flame and invite them into our sanctuaries and services of light. as we pray for them to be cut free to gain their freedom and their victory.Virgo and Pelleur teach us how to master our physical body and transmit the comfort. We can also learn much about them in this classic book that they inspired. † Celeste Celeste had many earthly embodiments before ascending through the devic evolution. . She asks us to release our love and gratitude to them. She pleads for us to realize the tremendous assistance that we receive from elementals. we call for in the name of Saint Germain. caring and beauty of God through the nature kingdom. This.

They were created as angles of God's consciousness. service and responsibility. When angels graduate to the rank of archangels. The word angel means “messenger.” from the Greek “angelos.ANGELIC HOSTS OF LIGHT The angels are perhaps the oldest divine evolution. long before the Christed evolution of which man is a part.” Angels evolve into greater and greater levels of consciousness. they receive the gift of free will. .

where they made war with the “woman and her seed.” This was their warfare against the newly formed Christed evolution on earth and other planets. They were ultimately cast out of the etheric plane by Michael and his angels. The book Dialogues with the Devil by Taylor Caldwell. Some made it home to God through the ascension. Lucifer and one third of the angels fell into lower levels of consciousness. gives us an in depth perspective on what happened. as the scripture says: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. while many others are still here. into the physical and astral planes. At the time of the fall. During the great rebellion. many angels also volunteered to come into embodiment to rescue their fallen brethren and assist the Christed evolution. though most do not. having taken on much human karma.” Some remember their divine estate.Many angels have embodied in human form and walk among us. . who was able to read the akashic records.

love and fire of God. Amen. from Alpha to Omega. encompasses the matter plane. we are also descending through the angelic hierarchy. and each choir occupies a specific level in spiritual hierarchy. “Holy. In the Kabbalah. We can pray to the Seraphim. They are great healers and embody the light. called Ischim for perfect man. As we descend the Tree of Life from spirit to matter. The Nine Choirs of Angels The Seraphim The Seraphim are the highest choir of angels and are associated with the color white. from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Seraphim. two covering the feet. two covering the face. Lord God Almighty. Malkhut Shekinah. who takes our prayers back to God. In the Kabbalah each choir corresponds to a “sephirot” or “emanation” of God's consciousness within the Tree of Life.” The Old Testament speaks of them as having six wings. holy. that holds the vibration of the purity of God. They are said to form continuous rings around the throne of God in the Great central sun while continuously singing the praise.” . This sephirot is associated with the initiates of the Brotherhood. the Seraphim are associated with the highest Sephirot. The lowest sephirot. Keter. may the Lord make us worthy to burn with the fire of perfect charity. The pattern that we follow is a zigzag pattern that has been called “lightning flash” by kabbalists and that describes the process of divine creation. and two used for flying. The Seraphim were the angels who placed the coal on Isaiah's tongue and initiated him in the delivery of the word. as well as with Sandalphon.There are nine choirs of angels in heaven. holy.

The Cherubim are said to stand next to the throne of God. We can pray to the Cherubim. Amen. and are associated with the color pink leading into ruby. where they stand with flaming swords to guard the way of the Tree of Life. They are the guardians of the Ark of the Covenant and the guardians of the East Gate of the Garden of Eden. In the Kabbalah. that carries the vibration of the most intense love of God. may the Lord vouchsafe to grant us grace to leave the ways of wickedness to run in the paths of Christian perfection.† The Cherubim The Cherubim are the next choir of angels.” . the Cherubim are associated with the Sephirot. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon:“By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Cherubim. They are also known as the record keepers of Heaven and are described as having four wings. Hokmah.

The noise of their wings was “like the noise of great waters” and above their heads was the likeness of the firmament.” . the Thrones are associated with the Sephirot. Amen. the lion. may the Lord infuse into our hearts a true and sincere spirit of humility. They were described by Ezekiel as having four wings and four faces—that of the man. moving on wheels of blue-green color. and sparkled like the color of burnished brass. the calf and the flying eagle. We can pray to the Thrones. Binah. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Thrones. In the Kabbalah. Known as “wheels” and “many-eyed ones.† The Thrones The third choir of angels are the Thrones The Thrones are angels of justice who carry out God's decisions.” they are said to deploy like charioteers around the throne of God.

They have been described as wearing long gowns that reach to their feet. hitched with a golden belt and adorned with a green sole. may the Lord give us the grace to govern our senses and subdue our unruly passions. We can pray to the Dominions. determine the fate of nations. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Dominions. Hesed. they are said to hold an orb or a scepter. At other times. who. Amen. In the Kabbalah. They carry a golden staff in the right hand and the seal of God in the left.† The Dominions The fourth choir of angels are the Dominions or Dominations. according to Jewish traditions.” . the Dominions are associated with the Sephirot.

They are described as brilliant and shining ones. symbol of the Christ. the Virtues are associated with the Sephirot. The Powers have also been said to guide the soul to Heaven after the death of the body. may the Lord vouchsafe to protect our souls against the snares and temptations of the devil. Tiferet. We can pray to the Powers. It has been said that the two angels present for the ascension of Jesus came from this choir. Amen. may the Lord preserve us from evil and suffer us not to fall into temptation.” . The Virtues are known to be angels of miracles. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Virtues. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Powers. the Powers are associated with the Sephirot. and are usually represented in a group.† The Powers The fifth choir of angels are the Powers. In the Kabbalah.” whose duty is protecting the world from the infiltration of demons and avenging evil in the world. Amen. We find in the New Testament that “the soul is subject to the Powers. bestowing grace and valor and helping people who struggle with their faith. encouragement. We can pray to the Virtues. Gevurah. These were credited as being the first order of angels created by God. and blessings. In the Kabbalah.” † The Virtues The sixth choir of angels are the Virtues.

In the Kabbalah. who are considered to be the guardians of religions. the Principalities are associated with the Sephirot.” . Principalities have been described as being dressed in soldier's uniforms with golden girdles. We can pray to the Principalities. Amen.† The Principalities The seventh choir of angels are the Principalities. Netzah. Some say that the angel who help the shepherd boy David slay Goliath was from this order. may the Lord fill our souls with a true spirit of obedience. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Principalities. nations and world leaders.

may the Lord give us perseverance in faith and in all good works. Amen. Gabriel. In the Kabbalah. who serves in the eighth ray of integration. the angels in command of ministering to humans. They bring God's messages and command the armies of heaven against the evil doings of the fallen angels. We can pray to the Archangels. and Zadkiel—as well as Archangel Uzziel. Archangel Michael is the leader of the seven archangels who serve on the seven rays of God—Michael. Chamuel. the Angels are associated with the Sephirot. In the Kabbalah. Jophiel.” † The Angels The ninth choir of angels are the Angels or Angelic Hosts. may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted hereafter to eternal glory. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of angels. in order that we may gain the glory of paradise. the Archangels are associated with the Sephirot. who are closest to humanity and minister to us in every aspect of life. These include our guardian angels.† The Archangels The eighth choir of angels are the Archangels. Hod. with this prayer from Archangel Michael's Rosary for Armageddon: “By the intercession of Saint Michael and the celestial choir of Archangels. Raphael. and five more archangels for whom we have no names.” . Amen. Yesod. We can pray to the Angels. Uriel.

” .. which is the Temple of Faith and Protection. His name means. In a 1961 dictation published by The Summit Lighthouse. Archangel Michael stands to defend our faith and to protect us from any untoward condition.” Michael is known as the Captain or Prince of the Archangels. The archeia Faith is his divine complement.I will make you one promise. including accidents and physical injuries. We can take a sword or blunted knife made of stainless steel and consecrate that object to him.The Archangels Archangels Michael and Faith Archangel Michael and the Archeai Faith serve on the first ray of God's will. will materialize to you at the hour of your passing and you will see me as I AM. He is the sponsor of law enforcement agencies around the world. faith and protection. The vibration of that ray is blue. I. and it will not be long before you vacate your body temples. nothing can stand against it. Archangel Michael gave a very special dispensation. Archangel Michael is the most revered archangel in Christian. This is a privilege and a gift I give you from my heart. When his sword of blue flame blazes into any negative manifestation. the Defender of the Faith and the Archangel of Deliverance. “Some of you are of advancing years. but did not make the call. Jewish and Islamic traditions. Then. when we wield it around our physical body. And I will promise you that I will help to cut you free from the remaining portions of your karma and will help you enter the realms of light with less of the attendant pain that results from human fear in their passing. If you will call to me secretly within your heart and ask me to come to you at that hour. He said. so he can use that reservoir of light to help other lightbearers who may be in need of his immediate assistance.. they have a retreat over Banff National Park in Canada. and together. Archangel Michael and his legions work tirelessly to cut free God's children from the harmful entanglements with the astral plane. We can also wield Archangel Michael's sword it into any environment that has a negative energies and that we wish to clear. It is important to call to him each day for protection and to consecrate our prayers to him. “who is like God. Michael. he will cut us free from attached entities and discarnates..

† ArchangelsJophiel and Christine Archangel Jophiel and the Archeai Christine serve on the second ray of God's wisdom and illumination. The name Jophiel means “beauty of God” and Christine means one who anchors the Christ consciousness. expose the dark plots of the fallen ones and teach us how to contact our higher self. Together. . to overcome addictions to tobacco and to release advanced teaching methods for the youth. these archangels unveil the mysteries of God. The vibration of that ray is yellow. Together. Jesus and Kuthumi to amplify the consciousness of Christ among earth's evolutions. We can call to them to increase the flow of the golden light of illumination into the brain. they have a retreat over the Great Wall in China and serve with the World Teachers.

Missouri called the Temple of the Crystal-Pink flame. Louis. bringing comfort to life. . Chamuel and Charity encourage us to reinforce our prayers to them with violet flame decrees so they can be permitted to take from our auras and bodies some of the burdens that we carry. which is the fierce and uncompromising love of God that divides the real from the unreal and dispels the forces of tyranny and evil that prey upon God's children. marriages and families. These archangels have a retreat over the arch in St.† Archangels Chamuel and Charity Archangel Chamuel and the Archeai Charity serve on the third ray of God's love. We can call to Chamuel and Charity to help us develop the qualities of mercy. The name Chamuel means. “he who seeks God. We can invite them into our homes to help us overcome all that opposes the harmony of the family and the sanctity of marriage. The vibration of that ray is pink. Archangel Chamuel serves to expand the love of God in the hearts of men and elementals. These archangels are sponsors of twin flames. as well as to overcome manifestations of darkness in our world. They also wield the sword of the Ruby Ray.” Together with Charity. compassion and loving-kindness for others.

His name means “herald of good news. They also expose the infamy of the fallen ones. they have a retreat over California. Together. Gabriel is the archangel of the annunciation who appeared to Mother Mary. being and world and bring hope to mankind. purify our entire consciousness. These archangels prepare us for our ascension in the light and can be called upon to help us overcome all that would oppose that glorious event. The vibration of that ray is white.† Archangels Gabriel and Hope Archangel Gabriel and the Archeai Hope serve on the fourth ray of God's purity. hope and discipline. .” Gabriel comes to announce the birth of Christ within our heart and within the heart of every child aborning in the womb. near Sacramento.

Then. Mother Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven. while Raphael as her twin flame overshadowed her throughout her mission. This visualization works at inner levels to restore the original perfection of the organ. science. precipitation and abundance.† Archangels Raphael and Mother Mary Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary serve on the fifth ray of God's healing. Mother Mary and Raphael train practitioners of the healing arts. Archangel Raphael released a thoughtform that we can use known as the healing thoughtform to bring forth spiritual healing. and help bring forth new forms of healing and alternative healing methods. Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael have a retreat over Fatima. To do so. Next. of the soul and of the spirit. we visualize the sphere of blue enfolded in a sphere of brilliant. and Mother Mary also embodies the teal. Together. Mother Mary also serves with Jesus in the Resurrection Temple over the Holy Land. The vibration of that ray is green. but also with the healing of the mind. These archangels would help us to heal the cause and core of a condition. or person. as soon as an injury has taken place. and to understand the science of karma that determines whether a person will respond to natural cures or to those offered by medical science. Their angels are known as master surgeons. truth. we must intensely visualize a sphere of white fire over the injured organ. aqua-blue of the Divine Mother. The name Raphael means “God has healed. minister unto hospitals. Archangel Raphael appears in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the sponsor of healing and the patron of travelers. They are concerned not only with the healing of body. Her name stands for “Ma-Ray” or “Mother of God. . of the emotions. emerald green that restores the flow of spirit to matter to bring forth perfect wholeness. Portugal where a river of light from the etheric realm flows into the waters of Fatima to heal the many. we visualize a sphere of sapphire blue light surrounding the white sphere that establishes protection and the action of the will of God.” Mother Mary is the only member of the seven archangels and their archeia who took incarnation on earth.

where she developed great powers of concentration. . What this means is that when we think of someone. pray for us Sons and Daughters of God. to fulfill the thoughtform superimposed upon them. Holy Mary. and they teach us to hold the immaculate concept for ourselves and for others. albeit unconsciously. as well as ourselves. who bore eight sons.Mother Mary and Raphael work with parents and families around the world in nurturing children. In the first life. most notably the violet flame. She also teaches us how to access her spiritual momentum while we raise the Mother light within our own temple by giving her rosary: Hail Mary. a previous incarnation of Jesus. and even ourselves. precipitation and healing. Mother Mary is the greatest representative of the Mother of the World. Mother of God. Instead. in the original pattern of perfection. the youngest of which became King David. She is an advocate for children and youth. She has appeared to believers around the world with messages of prophecy that can be overturned through the power of prayer. they only found twelve white lilies where she had ascended. she served in a healing temple on Atlantis. Now and at the hour of our victory over sin. and a staunch defender of the right to life in the womb. disease and death. she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus and to hold the immaculate concept for his mission and the mission of his disciples. she and a small group of devoted disciples traveled to various parts of Europe to anchor the healing flame and the flame of the Christ consciousness. full of grace the Lord is with thee. This perfect idea becomes a magnet that precipitates the best possible behavior from the person who will seek. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Mother Mary perfected the science of precipitation and the holding of the immaculate concept in her three lifetimes on earth. we visualize the Christ presence around that person and see them. In her second life. we don't think of the person in a critical way. she was the wife of Jesse. three days later when the apostles opened her tomb. Then in her final incarnation. After Jesus' resurrection. When Mary passed away and was buried.

Archangels Uriel and Aurora

Archangel Uriel and the Archeai Aurora serve on the sixth ray of God's peace, judgment, ministration and service. The vibration of that ray is purple and gold. Together, they have a retreat over the Tatra Mountains in Poland. The name Uriel means “light or fire of God,” and Aurora is the dawn. Together, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in all mankind and amplify the feeling of peace in every heart. They embody the flame of brotherhood and minister to all life. In defense of peace, these archangels and their legions also go forth to make war against the fallen ones, and teach us how to hold our peace against the forces that oppose our peace. When we call upon them, they will help us to desire harmony and the control of our energies more than the desire to win an argument and be seen right of men. Uriel and Aurora have expressed their deep concern about abortion, and the karma of nations who condone it. They teach that if you have had an abortion, you can balance that karma by sponsoring life and speaking out in defense of the unborn. We must call to Uriel for the righteous judgment of God on all situations pertaining to the world, as well as for in overcoming the angry, selfish ego nature and its hardness of heart. Then, we can invoke the violet flame. Uriel is also the Archangel of the resurrection. He teaches us how to use the resurrection flame to conquer fear and gain mastery over outer conditions. He explains that when we are confronted with fear, the most effective response is to quiet down, breathe deeply and softly give his mantra three times, “Peace be still.” Uriel teaches us to overcome our sense of separation from God. When we face difficulties, he counsels us not to condemn ourselves but instead to see ourselves in our great God-self towering over the problem at hand. From that perspective, we affirm, “O my God , I will have my victory over this beast of my lesser self!” Then, we consecrate all of the negatives to the violet flame, and start building a new momentum.

Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
Archangel Zadkiel and the Archeai Holy Amethyst serve on the seventh ray of God's forgiveness, transmutation, diplomacy, alchemy, spiritual ritual and freedom. The vibration of that ray is violet and the amethyst is a jewel that crystallizes that ray. Together, these archangels have a retreat over the island of Cuba, which is the Temple of Purification. This temple, now etheric, was physical in the days of Atlantis. The spiritual momentum of priests of the sacred fire who served in that temple prevented the island from sinking when the rest of the continent sank. The name Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.” In his temple, he prepares Sons and Daughters of God to become priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek, a spiritual order of initiates who are alchemists of the violet flame. The violet flame is a spiritual energy that changes darkness into light and brings the glow of eternal youth. Zadkiel teaches us to invoke that flame of forgiveness and transmutation for all whom we have ever wronged, and for all who have ever wronged us. He explains that we can call upon the violet flame when we need a miracle, because miracles are sudden transmutation. First, we summon angelic intercession for a very specific direction. Then, we invoke the violet flame to mitigate the effects of personal and mass karma, and we saturate our aura with the violet flame. In a 1968 dictation published by The Summit Lighthouse, Archangel Zadkiel describes what happens when we give the violet flame: “We see from inner levels the tremendous effort you make to transmute the layers upon layers of karma you have made in this and past lives,” he says. “It is truly a marvelous thing for us to behold. In one moment, you sit surrounded with every kind of negative thought revolving in your aura. In the next, you decide to invoke the violet flame. And lo! The mighty power of the seventh ray, as a giant electrode of cosmic energy, begins to form around your person. The violet flame angels gather round you. With palms outstretched, they direct across your four lower bodies and aura an arc of the violet ray. As that arc flashes across your being, it vaporizes the negative conditions. They literally disappear from thought and mind.” Find out more about creating miracles with the violet flame and invoke the violet flame with others each day at this website.

Archangel Uzziel
Archangel Uzziel is the archangel of the eighth ray of integration, that integrates all of the qualities of the other rays and is associated with the color ruby, an intense and uncompromising love. The name Uzziel means “strength of God.” We can call to Uzziel for his in mastering the energies of the five secret rays that flow through our spleen, our hands and our feet. Doing so brings tremendous spiritual acceleration and self-mastery. Uzziel would also teach us how to expand the fires of the heart chakra so that we can sustain the eighth ray and the intensity of ascension's fires that come with it. He counsels us to turn off the discordant noise and jagged rhythms that come through movies and popular music because they bombard the physical senses and are harmful to the heart. He also asks us to meditate on the secret chamber of the heart so that we might clear a pathway whereby his presence can be anchored within us.

.† Archangels of the Five Secret Rays The names of these archangels and their divine complements have not been revealed. and also to take command of all forms of darkness in the world around us. that have a profound inner action within our beings and throughout the world of form. These archangels anchor the secret rays of God. We can call upon them to help us accelerate the secret rays within our own being.

This angel would help us to exalt our cocreativity with God through free will. He also brings the initiation of truth to all who call upon him." The Angel Deva of the Jade Temple is the hierarch of an etheric retreat in China known as the Jade Temple. † Angel Deva of the Jade Temple Deva is a Sanskrit word that means “angel" or “spirit being. He stands in the presence of Alpha and Omega and he bears witness to the light that descends as Sons and Daughters of God invoke the Word of God. He brings the flame of healing to all who call upon him. We can call upon him to charge our jade jewelry with his momentum of purity and healing. . and a rainbow on his head and in his hand a little book. He invites us to meditate on a great lotus of white fire around ourselves that will infuse our senses with the purity of God.Ministering Angels Mighty Angel Clothed with a Cloud This angel is described in the Book of Revelation as one who is clothed with a cloud.

wisdom and compassion during our times of need. She is commissioned by Alpha and Omega to listen to our innermost thoughts and heart yearnings and carries these prayers back to our Father-Mother God. They also bring comfort to those souls whose bodies and missions are being aborted at the behest of their mothers. whose prayers and desire to console their parents is most precious. They tend these souls with greatest care so that they may not be scarred when they must enter the womb of life once again. . Listening Angel and her legions bring comfort.† Listening Angel Listening Angel is the angel who listens to prayers. wondering whether they will be received or whether their life will be snuffed out in a most cruel way. Listening Angel and her legions also nurture and respond to the fine sensitivities of children. They especially listen to the yearning of souls who suffer deeply and do not know how to articulate a prayer.

who ministered to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane comes to strengthen the body of God upon earth. and bring hope that will make us whole.† Angel of Gethsemane This angel. † Angel of Listening Grace The Angel of Listening Grace belongs to a band of angels of the sacred fire who penetrate the consciousness of mankind to remove the patterns of those fallen ones who would spoil life for others. He comes to strengthen our resolve to do God's will and to help us pass through our own personal initiation of the crucifixion. . These angels rally the energies of our being down to the cellular level. so that our soul may ultimately be resurrected.

We can call to the Angel of Peace to enter the classrooms of the world and to teach the children to pray once again. He is most especially concerned with soul separation from God through atheism.† Angel of Peace The Angel of Peace is the commander of a band of angels known as the Legion of Peace. agnosticism and other systems of thought that deny God in society. This angel assisted Jesus in amplifying the flame of peace during his ministry and will help us do likewise. .

as well as to their loved ones. . These angels come to help us internalize the white fire of God's intense purity. intense pain is taking place within the body. † Angel of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire This angel is the spokesperson for numberless numbers of angels who minister unto the Sons and Daughters of God at the hour of their crucifixion. These angels minister to suffering humanity and bring comfort to those who are dying. so they can be able to expand the bliss of heart and soul while simultaneously. especially at the end of life. renewing in them a sense of hope for spiritual purpose on the other side of the veil. and the intense love of the ruby ray for the healing of the heart. They also help us to internalize the joy of forgiveness for ourselves and for others. These angels also help those who are experiencing tremendous physical suffering.† Angel of the Agony This angel ministered to Jesus on the cross. The Angel of the Agony and his legions serve to inspire and uplift those who are bowed down by the weight of personal and planetary karma.

. He stood by Jesus in the tomb. as Jesus anchored the spiritual light necessary to resurrect his body temple. They would transmit that energy to us. until our heart and chakras and cells and atoms become so accelerated with sacred fire that our entire forcefield becomes a whirling sun of light. His band of angels carry with them the intense joy of the resurrection.† Angel of the Resurrection The Angel of the Resurrection is from a band of angels who amplify the victory of souls ascending to the light. and he would also stand by us as we accelerate our consciousness God-ward through prayer and invocations.

and instead. These are the false pastors. He would help us overcome the fallen ones who have infiltrated the body of God. The Angel of the Revelation asks us to call. . in the name of Jesus. who work ceaselessly to put forth false doctrines that tear down the love among the members of the body of God. for the spirit of division to be routed out of the churches.† Angel of the Revelation of John the Divine This angel was the being through which Jesus dictated the Book of Revelation to the apostle John. and of the body of God present within every religion. how to establish the true church and how to overcome divisions in the body of God. confirms the living word within us. the wolves in sheep's clothing as Jesus described. He helps us to wean ourselves from the erroneous belief that salvation comes from an outer commitment to an outer organization. The Angel of the Revelation teaches how to become the fullness of Christ.

His job is to expand peace. and as brothers live together. as recorded by the poet Longfellow in the Song of Hiawatha. Therefore be at peace henceforward. Angel of Unity. “Remember ye are brethren.† Micah. is the son of Archangel Michael. He also guards the unity of the fifty states of America. “All your strength is in your union. Angel of Unity Micah. all your danger is in discord.” . the words. harmony and unity among the children of God. Micah focuses a tremendous concentration of the will and love of God.” Micah also inspired Hiawatha to reinforce the unity among the Indian nations. on whose crown was inscribed the word “union” and on whose banner. and was the bright angel George Washington saw.

.† Angel who Rolled Away the Stone This angel rolled away the stone from the tomb where Jesus had been buried. and especially our boulders of pride. He encourages us to generously invoke the violet flame to transmute those boulders and anything in our life that would prevent us from serving god to the utmost. He offers his momentum to help us roll away our stones of stumbling. when we call upon him.

The Seraphim have the power of cosmic penetrability and can pass through flesh. This allows them to transmute the densest substance instantly. “Holiness unto the Lord. back plate and helmet upon which are inscribed the words. who bring the light of the Great central Sun to the four corners of the universe. Four Seraphim are assigned to protect lightbearers who worship God in the heart from the onslaught of descending world karma. The Seraphim are also the ones who prepare our souls for the ascension process. when called upon.† Justinius. mind and soul. We can pray for them to heal our loved ones and the planet as a whole. purify and renew the bloodstream. Justinius and the Seraphim are great healers who. to absorb toxins at all levels of being and to leave behind a residue of purity. trailing clouds of glory. We can call each day for the full armor of Justinius to be upon us.” † Servatus . his sword. shield. thoughts and feelings like streaks of fire. They also send forth the fire to heal body. will release the sacred fire to purge. Captain of Seraphic Bands Justinius is the leader of the Seraphim. breastplate.

Servatus responds with thousands of angels to even one prayer for personal and planetary wholeness. minister to mankind.Servatus oversees legions of healing angels who. Otherwise. Servatus explains that advances in science must be balanced with an accelerated spiritualization. † Angels of the Emerald-Teal Ray This band of angels works with Mother Mary and the master Hilarion to amplify our ability to cope with life. He would help us overcome the misuses of science in genetic engineering that led to the sinking of Atlantis. It is most helpful to call to them daily. they lead to greater and greater materialism and mechanization that ultimately unleash a karma that mankind cannot withstand. with Mother Mary and Raphael. for ourselves and for our loved ones. .

The light of God anchored in our Mighty I AM Presence comprises all of the attainment stored in the concentric color rings of our causal body. as an ascended master and sometimes before. Following these initiations. we gain the attainment of God or Goddess and our Christed personality becomes stamped on the Angel of the Presence. and cosmic and karmic timetables. Then. which is the highest manifestation of God for our lifestream.† Angel of the Presence The Angel of the Presence is the personalized electrode of God in the center of our own Mighty I AM Presence and causal body. When we make our ascension. The Angel of the Presence stands at a higher level of spiritual unfolding than our Holy Christ Self. we pass through the initiations that unfold our Buddhic and Atmic vehicles. all of the good from our past life personalities becomes stamped on our Christ Self and that Christ Self becomes fully personified and one with our soul. It is only at the level of God and Goddess that the Angel of the Presence becomes fully personified. . service. This light is released to us through the Angel of the Presence according to our merit.

Sandalphon. Metatron and Sandalphon In the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah. Metatron is the angel who serves the Tree of Life through the sephirot Keter. By Jacob was seen. Sandalphon stands listening breathless To sounds that ascend from below. That. From the spirits on earth that adore. the Angel of Glory. which represents the highest aspect of the spiritual plane and the Father principle. the marvellous story Of Sandalphon.. the poet Longfellow writes: Have you read in the Talmud of old. . as he slumbered Alone in the desert at night?. a fiery angel in the midst of heaven who is associated with the sefirot of Malkhut Shekinah. According to Jewish lore. erect. Moses was led to Sandalphon by another angel named Hardaniel until he could become accustomed to the fire emanating from Sandalphon. crowded with angels unnumbered.† Angels of the Kabbalah. at the outermost gates Of the City Celestial he waits. Of Sandalphon. Have you read it.. In the Legends the Rabbins have told Of the limitless realms of the air. the Angel of Prayer? How. His brother is said to be Sandalphon. With his feet on the ladder of light. that corresponds to the matter plane and the Mother principle.

Through the streets of the City Immortal Is wafted the fragrance they shed. bringing the light of our prayers and invocations up to the Solar Logoi so that their effect can be multiplied. And weary with dragging the crosses Too heavy for mortals to bear. And he gathers the prayers as he stands. And beneath the great arch of the portal. . † Al Hilal Al Hilal is an angel deva who has ministered to the Moslem lightbearers under Archangel Gabriel.From the souls that entreat and implore In the fervour and passion of prayer. Into garlands of purple and red. He helps every son and daughter og God on the path of the ascension. From the hearts that are broken with losses. And they change into flowers in his hands.

Phanuel is mentioned in the Book of Enoch as an angel of exorcism who helps mankind repent, that they might have eternal life. Some sources say Phanuel was the angel who wrestled with Jacob, while others say it was Archangel Michael. We can ask Phanuel to wrestle with our human consciousness until we see the glory of the new day appearing as our unfolding Christ consciousness.

The Mighty Blue Eagle

AVATARS od so loved the world that in every age, he sent forth his beloved Son as the incarnation of the Logos, as the incarnation of the Word. These are the avatars, the world saviors who come to lead mankind back to higher consciousness. These are the way showers who fully embody the Christ consciousness of the Son of God and remind God's children of their original spiritual estate and divine destiny. The word avatar comes from the Sanskrit root “avatara” which means descent, or crossing over from Spirit to earth. There have been many avatars on earth. Around each of these avatars, new spiritual understandings developed which eventually shaped a religious rite.

Sanat Kumara
The ultimate example of the avatar is found in the story of Sanat Kumara, who descended to earth with 144,000 volunteers to help save the planet. Read the story and watch the video of this cosmic epic.

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Ancient Egyptian Mysteries and Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus

In the book, Ancient Mystic Rites, C. W. Leadbeater affirms, based on clairvoyant investigation, that following the first sinking of Atlantis in 75,025 BC, Atlantean conquerors from the island of Poseidinis came to Egypt and built the great pyramids. Then about 40,000 BC, the world-teacher avatar Thoth was born, later called Hermes by the Greeks. Hermes/Thoth came to teach the doctrine of the inner Light, the universal Light that dwells in the heart of every man. The Egyptians gave him the name Trismegistus, which means “thrice great” in his role as philosopher, priest and king. Referred to as the father of alchemy, he teaches the hermetic principles that “what is below is like that which is above, and what is above is like that which is below.” According to legend, these principles were inscribed on an emerald tablet found in his tomb, along with profound alchemical formulas.

In that incarnation, Hermes explained that man's destiny is to become one with Osiris, the universal Father, who is both a brilliant sun the heavens, and the light in our heart. Isis, the counterpart of Osiris, is Mother of all life and the universal feminine principle expressed in nature. She is also a very lofty being of whom was written, “I

stirring it into activity. Isis and Osiris give birth to Horus. These Mercurians have the ability to anchor the mind of God and disseminate truth with sword and pen. Horus redeems Isis from her long search for the fragments of Osiris. the angels drawing nigh to listen to the subtle tones. Hermes is an ascended master who is also known as God Mercury. Leadbeater describe him in the book Ancient Mystic Rites: “About 7000 BC. This is the fragmented body of God that must be healed and restored to the Divine that which is. who is then resurrected by the gods. her sunlit spaces and her shadowed forest retreats. music of voice and instrument. likewise. which hath been. He taught by song. The rousing of each etheric center had its own melody. silent save for the singing of the birds and the sweet sounds of forest life. Orpheus was also the incarnation of the world-teacher who had come to the Egyptians as Thoth/Hermes. † Orpheus and the Ancient Greek Mysteries The original founder of the Greek mysteries was Orpheus. revealed to the soul by the Holy Christ self. He showed his disciples living pictures. and which shall be. and no man has ever lifted the veil that hides my divinity from mortal eyes. In so doing. He serves in the Retreat of Arabia and teaches that the emerald tablet can be found in the secret chamber of every heart. He came as a singer. by sound he worked upon the astral and mental bodies of his disciples. Akin to the ancient Kabbalistic teaching of Adam Kadmon. the archetypal Christ figure who comes to restore the body of God. by music. created . he came. and wondrous was his music. and he used a pentatonic scale. There was no king to bid him welcome. purifying and expanding them.” Together. where he gathered his disciples around him. transmuting them into love. Isis helps restore the body of Osiris. loving the life of nature. that seemed not to break the stillness. no gorgeous court to acclaim him. wandering through the land. Hermes also sponsors and overshadows souls who were once initiates on the planet Mercury and fought for the victory of light there. To this he sang. the original man whose body was broken. probably the origin of Apollo's Lyre. averse to cities and to the crowded haunts of men. then served with Sanat Kumara and presently dwell on earth. and he taught them in the glades of woodland. Horus redeems the fragments of Osiris scattered over the earth. living chiefly in the forests. A band of disciples grew around him. He calls us to expand the fires of the heart and overcome all forms of hardness of heart. by sound he drew the subtle bodies away from the physical and set them free in the higher worlds. which is the very purpose of every avatar.

Like Osiris. then would the divine harmony manifest through him. As with Jesus.His main objective was to eradicate evil. and that if man would harmonize himself. and was consecrated as a solemn ceremony. having offered his being to experience a physical crucifixion.” He then anchored the fullness of this inner teaching by exemplifying it physically. Jesus. similar to the way in which we celebrate holy communion today. He came forth with the vision. the World Savior who incarnated as Thoth and Orpheus. “This is my body which is broken for you. also incarnated as the first Zarathustra in Persia in 29. as prophet and avatar. Orpheus taught that Dionysis symbolized the descent of the One Spirit into many human forms. † Zarathustra and the Ancient Persian Mysteries According to Leadbeater. presented this mystery to his disciples when he said. the mysteries of the Druids can be traced back to Orpheus. and waged warfare against evil ones through the hand of the archangels. as well as the destined ascent of the many back into the One. the anointing and the sacred fire of Ahura Mazda. and the beauty of God through music expands throughout Britain. Orpheus taught that Dionysus was the logos. captain of the hosts of God and savior of mankind. his body was slain and torn into fragments. And he taught that sound was in all things.” Leadbeater teaches in Medieval times. He taught of Mithra. the sacrament taught by Zarathustra consisted of bread. and he taught of Ahura Mazda. who was fully Christ identified and one with the Logos. the Mithraic name for Sanat Kumara. He taught the law of karma and reincarnation. wine and salt. . and converted King Vishtaspa and Queen Hutaosa to the message of his guru.700 BC. followed by a physical resurrection. rather than metaphorically. Zarathustra then incarnated around 1000 BC. his guru. then later resurrected from the dead. This ascent back to oneness with the Logos is fulfilled through a path of suffering and music. where the lyre of Apollo becomes the harp of Angus. making all nature glad.

As an ascended master. He is the highest initiate of the sacred fire on this planet. Elizabeth Clare Prophet writes of him. among the highest of any adept ascended from this planet. We also have Gautama Buddha.Zarathustra is now an ascended being who holds the office in spiritual hierarchy of Initiate of the Sacred Fire. the divine Son. He is an ascended master with buddhic attainment whose auric emanation is one of an all-consuming love. we find a number avatars who are incarnations of Vishnu. there is no greater devourer of the dark forces than Zarathustra himself. and he governs the energies of fohat. and most notably Rama and Krishna. The mastery he has of spiritual fire and physical fire is. if you will. remember that you are engaged in the battle of light and darkness and you give your call for the binding of the forces of antichrist. a piercing light that goes to the core of whatever is unreal. And when you call to him. “Today Zarathustra is an ascended master whose consciousness bears an auric emanation of fire that is an allconsuming love. Being in the presence of Zarathustra is like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. who was Prince Siddartha and became a chela of Sanat Kumara. visualize him keeping the flame. If you want to keep the flame of Zarathustra. if not the highest. He is the greatest 'fire-tender' of them all. Rama . Zarathustra presides over the priests of the sacred fire and the priesthood of Melchizedek. which is the power of the sound that comes through the mantra. the divine spark in your own heart.” Ancient Hindu and Buddhist Avatars In Hinduism.

Rama eventually slays Ravana. In a dictation through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. my spirit arises on earth. Rama faces long and arduous tests of his personal strength and virtue. the wooer of souls and lover of shepherdesses who draws them with the sound of his flute. Gopala. he abandons his claim to the throne and is exiled for fourteen years in the forest. He then fights a colossal war against Ravana's armies. the frolicking.” Krishna embodies all of the divine personalities. When Sita is captured by the evil Ravana. the Lord of Self-Control and Lord of Virtue. an era of perfect happiness. in a combat where there are powerful and magical beings. that only God is real. mischievous child. and brother Lakshmana. He outpictures perfect adherence to dharma in spite of the harsh tests of life For the sake of his father's honor. “Song of God. “When goodness grows weak. prosperity and justice. emperor. . Krishna describes himself as “the Lord of all that breathes” and the “Lord who abides within the hearts of all beings. to destroy the sin and the sinner. and greatly destructive weaponry and battles. † Krishna Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and his story is told in the Bhagavad Gita. when evil increases. liberates Sita and returns to be crowned king and later. together with his wife Sita. to establish righteousness. and the friend and counselor to the mighty warrior Arjuna. He wants us to know and to affirm that there is no reality but God. It is said that he reigns for eleven thousand years. the Ramayana. and that God will place himself over us and heal us through his personification as Lord Krishna. who loves to steal butter.Rama is the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and most of the details of his life come from the epic story. Here Rama is referred to as the Perfect Man.” He explains that. In every age I come back to deliver the holy.” In it. peace. which means. Krishna explained that we can call to him to help heal our inner child and visualize his presence healing that child at whatever age the trauma took place.

and finally coming face to face and discarding his self-identification with the human ego personality. a man of great beauty. and all forms of fanaticism. is beautifully depicted in the movie. a metaphor for the soul. he renounces his throne and leaves his wife and family. Little Buddha. Gautama discovers the middle way and rejects ascetism. disease and death. . the “architect. These are the five senses. Narcissus. he must defeat evil in all of its forms. As a young man. He pursues enlightenment in order to break the wheel of karma. its redemption and enlightenment. During his exile. but first.” This initiation is akin to the Greek teaching about Persephone and Narcissus. Gautama. then the terrifying armies of Mara. The flower is white and yellow. Sitting under the Bo tree. after which he was changed by the gods into a beautiful flower. anchoring within its elemental essence the promise of the soul purified through illumination and the path of immortality.† Gautama Buddha The story of Prince Siddartha who becomes the avatar. personified as the five seductive daughters of Mara. having been confronted with sin. death and rebirth. he finally reaches full spiritual awakening. Gautama was born in the sixth century BC as a prince. is so attracted by his own reflection in a pool of water that he falls in the pool and drowns.

Avatar of the Piscean Age . incarnation after incarnation. the overcoming of desire. “Therefore. He spends forty-nine days in deep meditation and rapture. and discovers the four noble truths. Mara confronts him one last time: “How can your experience be translated into words? Return to Nirvana. I therefore perceive many things about you and your everyday life that you might think beyond mention or notice of a Lord of the World. For I make it my business to see to it that some element of the path of initiation. In a dictation on December 31. though not originally immersed in the illusionary construct of matter. is a part of the life of every growing child. stoops to pick the flower of narcissus and is carried away by Desire into the underworld. all receive the boost of my heart flame and impetus. His retreat is the Western Shamballa. he leaves a record in the sands of time for every soul to pattern after. He maintains that contact until the individual soul can rise from the seat-of-thesoul chakra into the secret chamber of the heart and the divine spark by her own attainment.Persephone. At inner levels. “I AM awake. In so doing. wedded to her Holy Christ Self. 1983 published by The Summit Lighthouse.” Buddha replies. symbol of our soul. Still. Well. becomes enmeshed because she is beguiled by the lower personality. for no one will comprehend it. he sustains the threefold flame of God's light in every heart by a filigree light extending from his heart. where she must spend half of her existence. In that moment. Remain in bliss!” “There will be some who will understand. and the eightfold path to enlightenment. And as that light passes through me from the Godhead. vanquishing Mara from his life forever. Do not try to deliver your message to the world.” † Jesus. Gautama Buddha serves as Lord of the World. Gautama explained. very. indeed I am! But I am never too busy to notice the elements of the path presented by parents and in families and communities and in the schoolrooms of life everywhere. Sanat Kumara. in the footsteps of his guru. Gautama affirms. moving toward the heart of Jesus and Maitreya. who must be indeed. the divine seed remains and springs forth as the flower of the Gods and the potential for the soul to redeem her immortality. The spell Persephone is under is the spell Buddha breaks when he exposes the architect of his own delusion and becomes enlightened. Likewise. the soul. very busy. until she is finally redeemed." and becomes the buddha. As Buddha sets out to teach.

History and Religion of America: “And my own guru upon that holy night came with a visitation of the birth of the Manchild. Then. Jesus returned to Palestine. and I saw the Christ being born. he affirmed when he said. This is well chronicled in the documentary. he applied to the hierophant of Egypt and received initiations in the Great pyramid. and Jesus learned of Jewish mysticism from birth. The master Orion describes a vision that he was given of the birth of Jesus. multiply the loves and fishes. at age twelve. which ultimately prepared him for his magnificent service. And so I saw the cycles of life ascending and descending. He first came to earth with sanat Kumara. He came to remind us that we are all Sons and Daughters of God and that like. The Masters and Their Retreats. who built the temple in Jerusalem. fulfill our mission and ascend home to God. He could walk on water. As a child growing up in Egypt. and souls upon the ladder reaching for the stars. were members of the mystical Essene community. He came to teach us how to walk a path of personal Christhood and become the Christ. King David. learning from Hindu sages and teaching the people. then reigned as emperor and high priest over a golden age civilization on Atlantis. pupil of Elijah.Like Buddha.” He learned how to expand the threefold flame within his heart until it enveloped his entire aura and intensified into the resurrection flame. and Elisha. Joshua. He was also embodied throughout the old Testament as Abel. brother of Cain. Even as I had risen from my body temple to experience planes of cuasal bodies.” In his final incarnation. called his disciples and trained them in these ancient mysteries. and greater things. You can read more about his embodiments in the book. who fought the battle of Jericho. Egypt and India. He fully embodied the mantra. which is the divine presence of the I AM THAT I AM ensconced in every heart. from the book. Mary and Joseph. Jesus was trained in the mystical traditions of Judaism. and I saw the record of the descent of the soul of Jesus into that form. Joseph. His parents. As his apostle John testified. This. so I saw how the soul of the Avatar of the age had descended from his own starry body into form. where he remained for twelve years. and in the working of miracles. The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture. and as Rai at a later point in her history. disappear from their midst and much more. “There . “These things shall ye do. raise the dead. heal the sick. Jesus demonstrated all of the points of spiritual law.” Jesus had many embodiments before his Galilean mission. “I AM the resurrection and the life. he left on a caravan for India. This mastery allowed him to perform wondrous miracles that pierced the limitations of time and space. turn water into wine. him. son of Jacob. Jesus in India. because I go unto my Father. prior to his own ascension. the truth and the life. we can conquer death and hell. Jesus came to show mankind the way.

Since her creation. progenitor. The manus anchor the Christic pattern for souls under their tutelage and sponsorship. Watch a video about Jesus here and bid him enter your heart today. the which. as instruments and conveyers of his light.are also many other things which Jesus did. . God sent waves of souls to earth for training and to fulfill a particular divine plan and archetypal pattern. before ascending into higher consciousness as Christed and God-free beings. Jesus serves with Mother Mary and Kuthumi in the office of World Teacher. He also serves in the Arabian Retreat and in the Resurrection Temple over the Holy Land. he calls us to be his disciples and apostles. if they should be written every one. he left a record for all time of the appointed victory of every Son and Daughter of God over death and hell. Each wave of new souls that came to earth was issued from a specific ray of God's consciousness. with his divine complement. which is the same light that lighteth every man that come into the world. Thus. serve as Father-Mother God for that root race. which resurrected his body. Jesus willingly surrendered to the initiation of a physical crucifixion. These are the manus. which in Sanskrit means. MANUS Over a time period much longer than our history books record. He teaches us to live a vibrant life that will convey the fire of his heart to all of life. In so doing. and then reignited his own threefold flame in the heart. Find out more about how you can walk in Jesus' footsteps on our website dedicated to anchoring your Christ consciousness.” The greatest miracle of all was his physical victory over death and hell. The divine intent was for souls to evolve in time and space with their twin flame and gain mastery within a determined time cycle. As an ascended master. I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. the earth has been home to lifewaves and civilizations. These waves of souls are called root races and are looked after by a being of light who.

the miracle of grace the majesty of peace. The third root race was born from the pink ray of divine love and anchored that vibration upon earth. and today. All three of these root races ascended. become one with his threefold flame pattern. wreaking havoc in the cosmic timetable. According to the book Lives of Alcyon by theosophical clairvoyants Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant. some of these souls are still in embodiment. Stepping out of Nirvana. and the fallen ones lusted after that light. Lord Himalaya The manu for the fourth root race is Lord Himalaya. the power contained within the great silence. purifying the Ganges waters. The souls of the fourth root race had come to anchor the white ray of the purity of the Mother light on earth. Himalaya would teach us the quietude and inner voice of God. The second soul root race was issued from God's yellow ray of wisdom and the souls anchored the flame of divine illumination. hierarch of the Retreat of the Blue Lotus in the Himalayan mountains.The first root race was issued from the blue ray of God's power and protection. anchors the masculine ray of the Fatherhood of God for the planet. Himalaya's radiance is as golden snow and he anchors the Christ consciousness in the Himalayas. The fall of the angels took place at the very end of the third root race. it took 17. the fallen angel influence was so prevalent that almost every soul became ensnared. they receive his ideations and a mantra that will help unfold their divine plan. These souls most especially anchored the vibration of governance and good will.000 years for the entire third root race to ascend. the stillness in the eye of the storm and the light of the heart. Himalaya teaches telepathy through meditation. he endeavors to bring the flame of divine illumination to the world and to unite the traditions of East and West. By the fourth root race. Those who sit at his feet and blend their consciousness with Lord Himalaya's. but they succeeded. Himalaya is a master of masters who. As a result of the corruption that ensued. however. Through this oneness. . together with his embodied twin flame. Theosophists assert that the fourth root race incarnated four and a half million years ago. the first two root races had twelve thousand years of interaction with time and space before ascending home to God.

with an aquiline nose.. destined to outpicture the fullness of God's sixth purple and gold ray that anchors . separate. maligned or misunderstood or maligned. are the manus for the sixth root race.” Vaivasvata's retreat in the Himalayas magnetizes the souls of the fifth root race and the love of the manu is so great that it cuts them free from all that opposes their divine destiny.the tallest of all adepts..The Manu has a very striking face of great power.. whose retreat is above Lake Titicaca. † The God and Goddess Meru The God and Goddess Meru. The Masters and the Path. His twin flame also remains in physical embodiment.” Leadbeater describes him in the book. a full and flowing brown beard and brown eyes. “born of the Sun.† Vaivasvata Manu Vaivasvata is the manu of the fifth root race. and of whom many are still unascended. especially when we feel alone. souls who focus the green ray of God's healing and truth. Vaivasvata serves to strengthen the antahkarana web of light and asks us to call for his pattern to appear to reinforce the pattern of our divine destiny.. This is the most recent soul pattern. and a magnificent head of Leonine poise. as “a kingly figure. His name in Sanskrit means.

Eightfold Plan to Save the Youth from the God and Goddess Meru The God and Goddess Meru also sponsor the Christed education of children and youth through methods of advanced learning that accelerate the innate potential of every child. destined to embody in South America as a soul pattern of freedom on the violet ray. heroes and positive role models. That Mother flame flame was withdrawn from the physical octave when the ancient continent of Lemuria sank beneath the Pacific ocean. This master will help you to know your divine plan.the qualities of ministration and service. lest we condemn our souls out of existence. in their retreat and through the Andes mountains. The Great Divine Director maintains a retreat known as the Cave of Light in India. education upon the word and the sacred heart manifest as a firm foundation in reading. . The great Divine Director has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God's divine plan for untold universes. who is son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Kartikeya. which is an emotional interdependence among teenagers that seeks to compensate for a lack of parental involvement Great Divine Director The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being who is the manu of the incoming seventh root race. writing and arithmetic. . and explain this spiritual point of vulnerability brought down the Incan civilization. creating an arc with the Father energy ensconced in the Himalayas. the remover of obstacles. parental training 3. reinforcing individuality by sharing with young people the example of saints. They remind us that God is a consuming fire fully able to dissolve and transmute sin. 2. cooperation between parents. These great masters of illumination anchor the Mother flame and feminine aspect of God for the entire planet. starting in the womb. They urge us to overcome self-condemnation in all of its forms. He is also known as the Master R for his retreat and association with Saint Germain and the House of Rakoczy in Eastern Europe) When you call upon the Great Divine Director. establishing harmonious music in the home patterned after the music of the spheres 8. They have revealed an eightfold plan for the rescue of the youth that involves 1. His causal body surrounds the entire planet in a giant blue sphere through which the delivery of the judgment shall pass. he is known as the elephant-God Ganesha. but that the fallen ones do. teachers and sponsors of children working together in community 4. In the Hindu tradition. training in responsible citizenship for children and families 7. They also urge us to refrain from negatively competing with others. daily prayers on behalf of the youth of the world 5. community building and services that strengthens families and reinforces values 6. He serves on the Karmic Board and on the twelve o'clock line of the solar hierarchies. you receive a fresh understanding of divine direction for your life. They teach that God does not condemn. thereby diminishing the dangers of peer pressure. especially when you invoke the violet flame of freedom in his name.

“We will externalize your pattern and plan. half-animal creations made by fallen ones called . to deal with the grotesque. His Origin. The seven Elohim created earth in what the Bible allegorically describes as seven days. Werner Shroeder describes this: “Preceding all manifestation comes the desire and then the decision and the will to do. Hercules and Amazonia Hercules and Amazonia are the Elohim who serve the first ray of God's power. As spokesperson for the Seven Mighty Elohim. Man. Hercules said to Helios and Vesta. In the book. represented this God-virtue in the creation of our planet. Hercules had three lifetimes on earth in ages past. half-man. Their retreat is located over Mount Half Dome. there is no accomplishment. Hercules. Without first making a decision.” Hercules and Amazonia are the only Elohim who incarnated in human form. and will to do.ELOHIMS The Elohim are mighty builders of form who evolved from the elemental kingdom. History and Destiny. Hercules and Amazonia were the first to accept the opportunity of helping Helios and Vesta in creating planet earth out of primal life essence. the Elohim of the first ray. strength. feeling. These great spiritual beings successfully use the creative powers of thought. spoken word and action to manifest and precipitate the will of God into physical form. in Yosemite National Park.

Amazonia embodied among the Amazons. that we can visualize as an intense golden light pulsating within our brain. Their retreat is over Lower Saxony in Germany. . Apollo brings a rod of illumination's flame to increase our awareness of God. and to meditate on the ways and means by which it can be brought satisfactorily into form. Hercules promised. strength and power of overcoming. and especially for the youth of the world. or fire or storm or drought. This is the ability to cognize and grasp an idea. illumination and wisdom. that civilization turned from the light. guardians of the Christ consciousness who can instantaneously precipitate the mind of God. that will help us fully manifest God's blueprint for our life. We can also summon their energy to turn back war. devolved into tribal warfare and was no more. I promise that each and every time you give your call to me in multiples of nine. The twelve labors also represent the soul's striving for perfection as she is initiated by the twelve solar hierarchies. the Elohim brought the gift of perception. flood . The god known to the ancient Greeks as Apollo may well have originated from an ancient remembrance of an encounter with Elohim.” † Apollo and Lumina Apollo and Lumina are the Elohim of the second ray of God's wisdom. We can also call to Apollo and Lumina to release the flame of illumination for all mankind.Watchers in the Bible. terrorism. We can draw their mighty assistance into our world and decision-making process. that I may intercede with the Great power that God has given me. I ask you to call to me. a highly evolved civilization where a mighty race of women ruled in the area that is now the Amazon basin. “Wherever there is cataclysm. an account which later became part of Greek mythology. We can call to Hercules and Amazonia to enfold us in their protection. During the creation of earth. cataclysm and all that opposes God's will from manifesting in the governments of the nations. Hercules ascended after performing the twelve labors. crowned by a golden corona above our head. Dictating through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Eventually. you shall have that multiplication that you have not seen since my original physical presence in the earth.

In the creation of earth. that will heal the etheric sheath of the planet. these Elohim brought forth the power of cohesion. and sustaining and beautifying that manifestation through love. drawing the unformed into form. . We can call to them to amplify love and to multiply our violet-flame decrees by the power of love.† Heros and Amora Heros and Amora are the Elohim of the third ray of God's love. Heros and Amora stabilized earth and curbed the power of evil with bricks of ruby-ray love that they placed into the earth. Their retreat is over Lake Winnipeg in Canada. which is the mightiest power in the universe. Heros and Amora will also help us to defeat all that opposes our divine union with our twin flame (divine counterpart) and with our own higher self.

† Purity and Astrea Purity and Astrea are the Elohim of God's fourth ray of purity. Astrea wields a mighty sword of blue and white light to cut free God's children from all that opposes their spiritual victory. The Founding Fathers knew of his presence of ensconced his image as the all-Seeing Eye of God on our dollar bill. harmful thoughts and feelings. abundance and music. perfection and hope. Their retreat is in the Altai Range where China. Cyclopea held the concentration of energies until the design of earth was completed. the Elohim Purity held steady the clarified picture of what was to come. including addictions. When we call upon him. delivering us and our loved ones. Cyclopea will help us to clear our third-eye of all impure seeing. In answer to our call. as well as millions of souls who need spiritual reinforcement. disease and death. They come to help us know God as the Divine Mother who outpictures all natural law governing the universe in the physical plane. During the creation of earth. and reinforces our innate God-identity. that manifests as the flame of the ascension. During the creation of Earth. This action shatters the forcefield of sin. Mighty Astrea performs this mighty service in answer to our call. vision. truth. she wields her circle and sword as an antidote to every form of darkness. and demons and entities that attach themselves to the spinal column and chakras. Their retreat is over the White Sea in Russia. We can call to Mighty Astrea to lock her circle and sword of blue flame around the cause and core of any negative condition or problem in our life. and our . Cyclopea ensouls the vision of the Creator for the freedom of lifewaves on many planetary homes through the galaxies. † Cyclopea and Virginia Cyclopea and Virginia are the Elohim of God's fifth ray of healing. syphoning the light of an incarnate being. without interference or distortion. Russia and Mongolia meet.

.mental and emotional bodies of all impure thinking and feeling. Together with Virginia. they teach us the vast science of God and the scientific steps that will lead to our spiritual ascension. † Peace and Aloha Peace and Aloha are the Elohim of peace. Together. service and ministration in Christ.” We call to them to prevent wars from starting around the world and to help put out larger conflicts. They teach us to visualize a pavilion of peace in our heart and help us govern the energies of our solar plexus chakra when we we give the mantra. These Elohim provided the last step in the precipitation of Earth. Peace and Aloha radiate powerful ribbons of peace from their retreat and teach students how to hold the flame of peace that Jesus bore. sealing the planet in a flame of Cosmic Christ peace so that it could be permanently sustained. he releases the music of the spheres on behalf of Alpha and Omega and helps us to fulfill our divine plan. brotherhood. “Peace be still and know that I AM God. joining the celestial song of the Music of the Spheres. visualizing ten thousand angels of peace descending upon the area where warfare is taking place. Their retreat is the Temple of Peace over the Hawaiian Islands. They also set it to spin around its axis.

During the precipitation of earth. we are releasing a mighty miracle light that will accelerate us spiritually and by and by. songs and affirmations. to perfect the symmetry of the form. move the civilization of earth into a golden age consciousness made manifest. They explain that the violet flame is a springboard to our spiritual victory. These Elohim strongly encourage us to invoke the violet flame in every area of our lives so they can intercede on our behalf. . We can call upon their momentum to help us develop the bands of the secret rays within our own causal body and to magnify the energy of God that is in the white-fire core of the atom. transmutation.† Arcturus and Victoria Arcturus and Victoria are the Elohim of the seventh ray of God's mercy. decrees. Arcturus and Victoria brought the violet flame in the rhythm of invocation and precision. † Elohim of the Five Secret Rays The Elohim of the five secret rays focus the inner manifestation of God from the Great Central Sun. Their retreat is over Luanda in Angola. forgiveness and freedom. Whenever we invoke the violet flame through mantras.

† The entire cosmos is filled with beings of light evolving on different levels of consciousness. and the vast splendor of the body of God far exceeds what our scientific equipment can capture. within the many octaves of the heaven world. most notably from the God-star Sirius. . They weave in and out of the astral plane and seek to influence man for their own selfish purposes. from the Pleiades and from our twin star Venus. Those who would do so are false hierarchy imposters of the ascended masters. We must understand that these ones send forth light and love and make contact with us at the level of the heart. the body of saints robed in white. Beings of great light assist the earth from other stars. They do not travel on UFOs or seek to intervene with the free will of man as physical saviors coming from spaceships. Other planetary homes and starry systems are home to these lifewaves. They do not represent the authentic Great White Brotherhood. worlds without end.

From the God-Star Sirius
Sirius is a star that you can see in the winter night's sky. Twenty-three times brighter than our sun, it is brilliant like a diamond and flashes forth blue, pink and yellow light. Sirius is the spiritual hub of our galaxy and our original home of light, where Alpha and Omega reside. Sirius is also called the Great Central Sun, where the Court of the Sacred Fire is held.

The Solar Logoi
On Sirius are cosmic beings known as the Solar Logoi, or Solar Lords, who transmit the light flowing from Alpha and Omega to the planetary systems. They maintain the tone and the sound of the Logos, the Word, that sustains all creation, and we can call upon them for grants and dispensations of energy to better serve life.

The Four and Twenty Elders
There are many beings of light on Sirius who work with earth's evolutions and who have pledged to save the earth. We find the four and twenty elders, described in the Book of Revelation. “And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.” They are twelve pairs of twin flames representing the twelve hierarchies of the Sun. These elders preside with Sanat Kumara at the court of the sacred fire. Here, fallen ones who refuse to bend the knee and elect a path of righteousness receive the second death. After a number of cycles of opportunity, free will election and resulting negative karma, souls are canceled out by passing through the flame of God. This action is actually a great mercy of the law.

The Nameless One
On Sirius is a being of light who works with Earth's evolutions and has not revealed his name. He is known as the Nameless One from the Great Central Sun and he extends himself to certain among humanity to expand the sacred fire.

The Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America
There are also fourteen ascended masters on Sirius who govern the destiny of America and work to establish God-government in America through the hearts of her people. America is the land that was designated by God to be the outpost for freedom. She is destined to lead the other nations of earth in establishing and protecting the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness inscribed by our Founding Fathers in the declaration of independence, in the bill of rights and in the Constitution. The energies of Sirius are also delivered through the astrological chart of the United States of America, as the star is found in her natal chart July fourth. The fourteen ascended masters who govern the destiny of America stated in a 1975 dictation, “The victory of America is not the victory of a nation. It is the victory of the twelve hierarchies of the sun in the twelve tribes of Israel who have come forth from every nation to dip into the flame, who shall return to every nation to ignite the flame, and who shall be unto all people the carriers of the fires of freedom.”

The Sponsors of Youth
We also find the Sponsors of Youth, twelve cosmic beings who have for eons been answering the prayers of mothers, fathers and sponsors of youth in embodiment. These ones are most concerned with the tragedy that is abortion, and with the education of the youth. They have called upon us to help free the youth from all untoward conditions and you can read their message here.

Surya is also said to be the Father of Vaivasvata Manu. a cosmic being who wields the tremendous power of the God Star on behalf of the evolutions of earth. He is very much involved with Jesus in the judgment of the fallen angels and can be called upon for any problem that seems insurmountable. . Cuzco affirms our Christ consciousness appearing and we can call to him to fill our hearts with the full comfort of the Holy Spirit and the full impetus of the resurrection. by which he crosses the sky. His flame is an intense blue tinged with white. Surya is traditionally depicted seated on a lotus in a golden chariot drawn by seven horses. † Cuzco Surya's chela is Cuzco.Surya Also from Sirius comes Surya. Surya has been venerated in the Hindu tradition as the Sun God. who maintains a retreat at Viti Levu where ascended master scientists work day and night to temper or avert cataclysm and destructive earth changes that come about as a result of mankind's karma and negative energy release. and his presence is invoked through the Gayatri mantra.

for the judgment of darkness and to reinforce the transmutative work of the violet flame angels. The Mighty Blue Eagle is a vast formation that fills the sky. a formation of blue-lightning angels who assist Archangel Michael in protecting the children of God. He assists us in transforming our selfhood into Godhood. and every feather is a blue flame angel. He teaches that the less aware of self we become.† Mighty Blue Eagle From Sirius also comes the Mighty Blue Eagle. These angels are nearly physical and their presence is most tangible. who also resides within the Sun behind the Sun of our own being. spiritual. † Spirit of Selflessness The Spirit of Selflessness is a cosmic being from out the Great Central Sun. the more of God we can assimilate. He imparts to us selfless. Leadbeater writes about this transformation in The Inner . while retaining the individualization of our God-flame. We can call upon these angels to stand with us twenty four hours a day to enhance our service to the light. These angels come for vigilance. divine love.

because he has identified himself with the Logos.Life: “ While a man is the center of his own circle he is perpetually making the mistake of thinking that he is the center of everybody else's. † Elohim Cassiopea Elohim Cassiopea is an Elohim in the Great Central Sun who holds a focus of illumination for the entire galaxy. or aiming their remarks at him.” The Maha Chohan stated that it is astounding to see how much power. As he evolves his circle will widen. nor has he the slightest inclination towards it. wisdom and love can flow through the individual who has become selfless. If the Master be the center of his circle. he has no time for depression. This Elohim has come to help raise the consciousness of the earth in preparation for the incoming golden age that has been prophesied and is intended to manifest in coming centuries. and all his energies are centered upon serving Him. and then in a sense he himself will again be its center. who is the center of all possible circles. to one who has merged his consciousness with the cosmic consciousness of the Spirit of Selflessness. . and in the end there will come a time when his circle will be infinite in extent. He constantly supposes that in everything which other people say or do they are somehow thinking of him. since every point is equally the center of a circle whose radius is infinite. He is far too eagerly wishing for work that he can do.

a planet that received this name because its inhabitants invoked God's violet flame of freedom until their planet was turned around from very dire conditions. 144. Across the violet planet. The inhabitants of this planet use the violet flame in a similar way to how we use electricity. until the planet was able to move on into a golden age. similar and even more strenuous than what we have experienced on Earth today. to wash and beautify themselves and to clean their homes. . The violet flame was invoked by the few with such an intensity that it flushed out the fallen angels and the darkness they had purveyed.000 priests of the sacred fire tend the violet flame on thousands of altars and the entire atmosphere becomes filled with the violet flame.† From the Violet Planet OmriTas is the ruler of the violet planet.

twin stars.000 priests from the sacred fire can be called upon at any time to release an intense violet flame action on behalf of mankind. with special gifts and dispensations from his causal body.OmriTas and 144. Omri Tas will multiply all of our invocations to the violet flame many times over. and they share a common destiny. OmriTas carries such an intensity of violet flame in his aura that it actually enfolds and extends far beyond the size of the earth. Venus and Earth were created as twin flame planets. At the lowest point in earth's history. when earth was to be dissolved because it could no longer contribute to the light and harmony of the music of the spheres. † From Venus Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus are the hierarchs of Venus. Sanat . Join us each night in giving fifteen minutes of violet flame invocations and mantras over the internet and see what miracles we can bring forth on earth as well.

The Legend of the Ancient of Days. Lady Master Venus. and about the initiations of the ruby ray that this master will impart to you on our website dedicated to him. We have many brothers and sisters there. Sanat Kumara has a retreat at Shamballa. The civilization on Venus is evolving in a golden age at a higher level of the etheric octave. so that together with the legions of the thirteen archangels he can intervene to help the youth and all of mankind. This magnificent epic is described in the book. son of Shiva and Parvati. also known as Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus. Life on Venus and interactions with its inhabitants was described by Philos the Tibetan in his book. through unflinching devotion to the will of God. friends of light and souls that we have known for eons. The planet Venus holds the focus of love for this solar system. a planet overshadowed by God-Mercury. as the heart chakra planet of our system. You can also read more about the spiritual traditions of Sanat Kumara around the world. about the esoteric history of earth. Sanat Kumara is known as Karttikeya. to hold the spiritual balance and to reignite the threefold flame in the heart of her people. The seven holy Kumaras each have a temple on Venus dedicated to the Mother light that is also a mystery school where all of the avatars were initiated. as well as on video. and by so saturating their auras with love that there could be no possibility of misqualifying God's power into tyranny. and Lady Master Venus is the hierarch of the Retreat of the Divine Mother.Kumara volunteered to come to earth with 144. and brother of Ganesha. before coming to earth or going to other planets to rescue souls from the clutches of the fallen ones. © Marius Michael George † The Seven Holy Kumaras Sanat Kumara is one of the seven holy Kumaras. These ones had fought for the victory of light on their home planet by pursuing wisdom.000 disciples. beautiful Divine Mother of love held the balance on Venus for his great sacrifice. Sanat Kumara has asked us to call upon him every day. The seven holy Kumaras have released a number of dispensations to help the lightbearers of earth and can be called upon for assistance. seven great beings who focus the flame of Elohim upon the planet Venus. Some of Sanat Kumara's disciples originated from Mercury. Dweller on Two Planets. . In the Hindu tradition. His etheric retreat is at Shamballa. and even every hour.

Sanat Kumara and the thirteen archangels.” In a 1992 dictation published by The Summit Lighthouse.He asked us to make the call. Sanat Kumara and the seven holy Kumaras declared. Meta. take command of the youth of the world. we multiply all that you are by the power of the love of lady Master Venus. Meta's retreat focuses the healing ray. .. (Now list all of your personal concerns and conditions. rock music.” © Marius Michael George † Meta Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus have a daughter.) According to God's holy will let it be done. sugar.. For this cause we have come. There. Her service is also to help heal the minds of the children from harmful influences. nicotine. take command of drugs. abortion and every condition of darkness in our government. and along with priestesses of the sacred fire. she will come to the bedside of children in answer to our call. “In the name I AM THAT I AM. who accompanied her Father to Earth and has served in a temple of healing since the days of Atlantis. that is now an etheric retreat. in the name Brahman. together in the living flame. in our society. “There is a hush in the entire matter cosmos as the decisions of individuals are making the difference as to whether or not the entire tide of darkness will be turned around in planet earth. alcohol.Therefore. she works with all of the healing masters and healing angels to hold the highest matrix of perfection for every child coming into embodiment. in the financial and educational and scientific establishments. Amen.

This made it possible for individuals to ascend with only 51 percent of their karma balanced.† Mighty Victory and Justina Mighty Victory is a comic being who is known as the tall master from Venus. . When we call upon her. Justina delivers us from the non-victory consciousness. a stupendous dispensation of cosmic assistance to the earth from the Lords of Karma whereby the old occult laws were set aside. Mighty Victory's symbol is the six-pointed star made with interlacing triangles. wisdom and power. fully balanced in our heart as above. in answer to Saint Germain's call. so below. as well as many legions of angels of victory. she will help us to anchor the flame of divine determination for the full momentum of our victory now made manifest in every area of life. Mighty Victory serves with his twin flame Justina. Together with Mighty Victory. During the 1930s. he announced. Twelve masters serve with Mighty Victory. which is a glyph of God's threefold flame of love. to enter the etheric retreats while their bodies sleep at night and to be release the teachings of the I AM and the violet flame to the world at large. who anchors the victory of the feminine ray. His devotion to the flame of victory for more than a hundred thousand years has given him the authority over that flame through vast reaches of cosmos.

Millions of cosmic beings with their cosmic retinues will come forth in answer to our call.† Rex. The age of Mother is at hand So was released the prophecy A cosmic impulse from the Pleiades As vanguard of our destiny. who focus the seven rays of the divine feminine. Bob and Pearl Ernon (Mol Hang) † From the Pleiades The seat of the Great White Brotherhood for our portion of the universe resides in the Pleiades. O Mother of the World. . We can call to the Pleiades and the hierarchies thereof. This blueprint is anchored through the thoughtform of the descending City Foursquare described by John in the Book of Revelation. to carry into manifestation that divine blueprint and lead earth into a golden age. seven stars known as the seven sisters. The Hierarchies of the Pleiades The hierarchies of the Pleiades have released a dispensation for the manifestation of the divine blueprint on earth. Nada. This tremendous dispensation is described in our book on the divine mother that is published on the website.

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