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Jobbik Magyarorszgrt Mozgalom Parliamentary Group Hungrin National Assembly

Mr. Joseph Crowley Member of Congress United States House of Representatives Washinton, PC Budapest - 1 July, 2012 1

Dear Congressman Crowley,

The predominant part of the letter written by you and forty-nine other representatives t Viktor Orbn is related t Jobbik and what the Prime Minister should d t subdue us. First of ll, l would lik t remind you that nearly one millin people's vote legitimize us in the Hungrin public life which we have gained in a democratic election in 2010, and according t the polls our popularity has only bn increasing ever since. You d nt mean that ll these people in our country are extremists r racist citizens, d you? It was nt Jobbik that you insulted, excluded and stigmatized bt our voters; which nt only was an irresponsible act bt a serious self-contradiction, s well, since you have just ignored your own values you referred t. l m sorry that your Budapest representation has forgottn t inform you that in the Hungrin parliamentary democracy, just lik in the US, every party is responsible fr itself. We d nt write a letter t Barack Hussein Obama because of Councilman Charles Barron of New York, likewise a Democratic Party member, who, during his competition fr Congress n the llth of June lost against his opponent, stated earlier: "the Gaza Strip is a virtual death camp, the same kind of conditions the Nazis imposed n the Jews".

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Jobbik Magyarorszgrt Mozgalom Parliamentary Group Hungrin National Assembly n your letter, you logically refer t the Anti-Defamation League since this organization, together with the pro-lsrael lobbies, provides the largest share of the funding fr your political campaigns. Thus, we understand your diligence that s a superpower you must act t please the league in matters such s the homosexuality of the theatre director Rbert Alfldi, which must obviously be deeply troubling fr the American people. We -and the peoples of the world- are more concerned that after having destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan and caused the death of hundreds of thousands, you will d the same with Irn, who has nt initiated a war against any country fr centuries; just because Israel commands you t pretend that Tehern possesses nuclear weapons. And it is nt only the Muslim world with its 1.3 billin population bt ll the benevolent peoples of the Earth who are equally worried that you provide an annual support of 3.5 billin dollars fr your strategic ally, Israel who, according t former president James Carter, operates an apartheid system that kills thousands of civilians sometimes in Lebanon othertimes in Palestine. If the representatives are interested in the politics of Jobbik, l will be very pleased t present you the reality. l would lik t teli you in advance that in Jobbik's political agenda r bilis there is nt one single point that would mk a distinction between citizens by their religion r rc. n fact, we are the only party in Hungary that has constantly bn arguing t have the same rules and laws applied fr everyone, and that no one should be treated with either negative r positive discrimination. l hope that l will be able t personally change your surprising anti-democratic views that condemn people fr their political affiliation r Hungrin nationality. l als hope that l can draw your attention t the truly intolerable situation of Hungrin minorities living in the neighbouring countries and tormented by chauvinism, s well s t the present vulnerable and exploited state of our truncated motherland. l m convinced that your sensitivity and sympathy fr the prostrate and the down-trodden would certainly prompt you t support our cause after learning the hardships of Hungary. Yours sincerely,

VONA Gbor President of Jobbik Leader of Parliamentary Group

Jobbik Magyarorszgrt Mozgalom Parliamentary Group 1358 Budapest Szchenyi rkp. 19. Tel: +36-1-441-5697