H OC KENH EIM, 20 T H – 22 ND J U L Y 2012

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Kimi räikkönen Race Driver, No. 9

“ The car can make all the difference here, and luckily we’ve got a good one”


“There’S nO reASOn WhY We ShOuLDn’T Be fIghTIng fOr AnOTher pODIuM”
he’s never won in germany – whether in the european or german grand prix – the latter of which has seen Kimi räikkönen retire six times. Can this finally be the year for the Iceman at hockenheim?
Do you have everything you need to be successful at hockenheim? Yes. We’ve got a good car, we understand the tyres quite well, we’ve shown that we can be fast and race well... there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be fighting for another podium. What is it about germany that hasn’t been kind to you in the past? I don’t know, maybe I did something bad in a former life? I’ve always enjoyed driving in Germany, but the problem is that luck has never been on my side there and something has always happened to stop me winning. I’ve had four pole positions which shows my speed on German soil, but six retirements haven’t been what I wanted. Does it set you more of a challenge having raced in germany fifteen times but never taken a win? Not really. A race is just a race and you always try to do your best. In the past, the races I’ve contested in Germany have never gone as I had been hoping for. Obviously both circuits – Hockenheim and the Nürburgring 2 – have not been very kind to me. I like them both and I have always been very competitive there. Maybe it will all come together this year. Looking back to Silverstone, the e20 seemed to be going well? We were really quick on the hard tyres, especially at the end of the race. It’s just a shame we didn’t have the space on track to use it for the whole race as unfortunately I spent quite a lot of time stuck behind slower cars so we couldn’t show our full pace until we were in clear air. We were close to Felipe [Massa] at the end, but we just didn’t have enough laps left to get another position. I was really pleased with the car. It felt good all weekend and we’re definitely getting closer to finding the full speed from it. What do you need for a fast lap at hockenheim? The car can make all the difference here, and luckily we’ve got a good one. You need good traction out of the corners and if you’re lacking rear grip it’s hard to get the pace from the car to challenge for the top positions. 3 how important is it to qualify at the front? When I was last in Hockenheim in 2008 overtaking was quite difficult. Not as tricky as some circuits, but not easy at all. This year with the tyres, the KERS and the DRS it could be easier to overtake, especially if we are better on our tyres than the opposition. It’s not all about qualifying at Hockenheim, but certainly it makes life easier when you start from the front and have clean air. So a start from the front and clean air ahead; anything else you’d like in germany? Some hot weather would be good. Usually in Hockenheim it has been very hot and everybody has had problems with the tyres going off. Obviously, for us, the hot weather suits the car fine. Our car prefers the hot temperatures and in the long runs it’s not that hard on tyres. Let’s have some real summer weather in Hockenheim.


rA IKKOn e n

romain grosjean Race Driver, No. 10

“ If we can manage a good qualifying – in the front two rows – then I’m sure we

“hOpefuLLY We’LL geT pOLe pOSITIOn, A WIn AnD The fASTeST LAp! The perfeCT WeeKenD!”
After a fighting performance to progress through the field at Silverstone, romain grosjean arrives in hockenheim brimming with confidence for the tenth race of the year.
What are your thoughts heading to hockenheim? I like Hockenheim because I’ve raced there quite a few times. In fact, one of my first single seater races was there in Formula Renault 1.6 in 2003. Then in Formula 3, I did about eight races at the track because we went twice a year with the Euro F3 Series, so there are a few good memories and I’m looking forward to returning. Hopefully we’ll have some updates on the car, get pole position, a win and the fastest lap! The perfect weekend! It looks like there will be good passing opportunities, so there should be good strategic opportunities even if you don’t qualify on the front row… I think the chances of overtaking will be quite high. We need to see the DRS zone and so on, but looking at the layout it’s good for that and all the races here are usually interesting. I’m sure we can have a good race and deliver a strong result. The team have been working hard and finding solutions to improve our qualifying performances. In Silverstone it was cold and wet which made for a difficult session but we still made it through to Q3 quite strongly, even if we weren’t able to go out. I’m sure Hockenheim will suit us well. Are you happy with the car come rain or shine? Everything is fine and anyway you cannot change the weather, but to be honest I’d prefer weather like Valencia; sunny every day! You don’t have to worry about which visor, which clothes and so on – you know it’s going to be hot and I like the sun. Let’s see. I hope the summer will be with us. Sunshine certainly wasn’t the name of the game in Silverstone… It was a very long weekend. Very wet, and then dry by the end. I had my ups and downs, but I think that was one of my best races – along with Canada – because the recovery from almost last to sixth was amazing. The car was working fantastically well, while again with the tyres we managed something that no-one else I think was able to achieve. Those are very good points. Now we need to put everything together. We’ve been saying that for a while now, but I’m sure it’s going to come. If we can manage a good qualifying – in the front two rows – then I’m sure we can get the win. how did you feel in the car when the wing was damaged on the first lap? I realised quite early and the engineer saw it. So we took the right decision to come in early. But then we knew that the race was not going to be easy. I had to push to 4 recover and make up some time, but on the other hand I knew that if I destroyed the tyres I’d have to do a conventional three-stop and that would kill the race for me. So it wasn’t easy, but here again we have been very gentle with the tyres and the car has been working very well. That was very good given the small amount of dry running time we had. You say you were being gentle on the tyres, yet you were setting fastest laps… Well that is the secret! The key is trying to go quick without killing your tyres. It is a mix of a few things – including the car for sure and your driving style. We’re coming up to the halfway point in the season, what mark would you put on your half-term school report? Well I’m a perfectionist in that I always want better, so I’m not 100% happy because not 100% has been right. But then, this is my first full season in Formula 1 and I’m talking about maybe getting my first win off the back of two podiums already, and what should have been three without a mechanical issue. I can also look at good races such as Silverstone where there was fantastic overtaking and fighting with the World Champion. So I would say 7.5 out of 10.

can get the win”

rOM AIn g rOSJeAn Q&A


eric Boullier Team Principal

“We LeAVe nO STOne unTurneD”
Another strong race at Silverstone, but Lotus f1 Team has yet to get the win monkey off its back. Team principal eric Boullier explains how the team will not be distracted as it remains focused on its long term goals.
eric, what’s your assessment of the British grand prix? Our cars set the two best laps of the race, both our drivers scored points and we kept third position in the Constructors’ Championship… but we were expecting more. Apart from the difficult weather conditions, which were the same for everybody, part of the problem was once again our starting positions. We’ve got the pace to win a race, but the wrong slot on the grid! how have the enstone staff members reacted to the team’s performance at mid-season? Being third when reaching the halfway point of the season shows that we’re not there by chance. With the E20, the team has demonstrated that it can bounce back after difficult times. I remember looking at the model in the wind tunnel with James Allison last winter. James and I were talking about the aerodynamic gains and mechanical choices made, about the strange look of the nose, about the encouraging figures recorded at that time. We were cautiously optimistic then, but our worst nightmare was always the same; that we would arrive in Jerez for the first winter test session, and everybody would have thought about 6 something we forgot. Fortunately, it did not happen. Although the team has made a big step recently, it is not a world title contender yet… This situation is healthy. It shows that we are in control of our progress rate. Consistency seems very often to be the key in Formula 1. Once you’ve allocated yourself midterm and long-term targets, you should focus on them and not let anything change your strategy. When Genii Capital arrived in Enstone, they immediately understood that fighting for the title within two years would be an impossible goal. They have taken it step by step. A lot of departments were re-structured, some processes were re-assessed, investments were made in key-areas and a new organisation was set-up. It took time, but it had to be done. We can now build on solid ground. What would be a reasonable target for hockenheim? That’s a difficult one. Winning could be seen as a reasonable target considering our recent level of performance. This said, a podium could also be a fair goal to envisage. I think we should concentrate on 7 the operational side of things and make sure that our preparations are perfect. Our car has not been the most reliable since Montreal, with KERS, differential, alternator and gearbox issues. We’re doing our best to fix this situation. At Silverstone we dramatically improved our pitstops thanks to new procedures and new parts. In Hockenheim, some interesting development parts will appear on Friday. We’re pushing, you see. We leave no stone unturned and want to have a much better second half of the championship.

e rI C

B OuLLIe r

James Allison Technical Director

“The SeASOn SeeMS TO Be geTTIng STrOnger fOr uS rACe-BY-rACe”
One man feeling particularly optimistic heading to hockenheim is Technical Director James Allison, who remains confident that the team will continue to build on a strong start as the season progresses.
how are you feeling heading to germany? I’m quite excited about it. The season seems to be getting stronger for us race-by-race. We should see pretty warm weather conditions in Germany, and nothing about that track should do anything other than fill us with confidence, so I’m feeling positive in that regard. I’m excited too because we’ve got some interesting new updates for Germany and we’re looking forward to see how they work out. We’re coming up to the halfway point in the season; how’s the halfterm report card looking? We’re looking at a B+, ‘could do better,’ if we had a particularly stern teacher. Maybe a more generous one might give us an A-, ‘shows a lot of promise’. On the negative side, we’ve had too many DNFs and we haven’t been good enough in the qualifying sessions. But on the positive side, at each race weekend so far this year the car has looked pretty useful. So really we have to hope we can turn some of that promise into proper results in the next half of the year. Silverstone wasn’t hot so there wasn’t any opportunity to really put the alternator through its paces to see if any Valencia-type problems could re-occur. Is another potentially hot race a concern? There were no issues in Silverstone. RenaultSport reacted very quickly to the problem in Valencia and brought counter-measures to Silverstone. They also advised us about operating the car slightly differently to give the alternator more of an easy ride. Because of these factors, I’m fairly sure that we’ve moved comfortably into an area where the alternator is all right, but Viry won’t rest there. They will plough away until they’ve got something that they absolutely know is bullet-proof and that may take a race or two longer. romain had something of an issue on his last lap at Silverstone? It was a gearbox problem and we are very fortunate that Romain didn’t have the problem earlier in the race. Unfortunately for Romain it means he’ll take a five place grid penalty at Hockenheim, but he certainly showed at Silverstone that dropping down the order won’t stop him challenging at the sharp end. Silverstone was the first race with our upgraded wheel guns, nuts and sockets – how did that go? I’m really very pleased with those. We didn’t do the quickest stop of the weekend, but all of our stops were good. We are now on the same playing field as the other properly competitive teams in this important part of the race. I think as the season unfolds from here we’ll be banging in a few really impressive times. how do we crack qualifying? We continually seem to show fastest race laps and consistent pace… We’re getting there. Silverstone didn’t flatter us at all. If you look at our P3 running at Silverstone, I suspect we would have been in contention for the front row, or second row for sure. So in a qualifying session which was mixed up by the rain, I don’t think we can draw any strong conclusions. However, we are making progress in qualifying and we’ll be in the mix for the first couple of rows in Hockenheim. Is it to do with the car not turning on the tyres in the initial laps? Our car is notably easy on its tyres, while this is a good characteristic in the main but presents us with a little bit of a headwind over a single lap. However, as the season has progressed we have improved our knowledge about how best to handle this characteristic and we are hopeful that our qualifying performances will improve. final thoughts looking to germany? We’re hoping for a similarly strong performance from both of our drivers in the race, a bit better in qualifying, and with a little luck to start hounding Ferrari for second in the championship… maybe even opening up some clear water between us and McLaren in the process.

“ I think as the season unfolds from here we’ll be banging in a few really impressive times.”




An engIneerS VIeW: ALAn perMAne TrACKSIDe OperATIOnS DIreCTOr

1. reAr WIng
We’ll be taking a similar specification of front wing to that of Melbourne, Sepang, Bahrain and Barcelona, which all have relatively high speed sections as we see here

Turn 2
A stable car under braking is needed into turn two to allow a clean exit and good traction on to the fastest part of the track.

TurnS 3 – 4
Turns three and four demand good change of direction from the car, with the rear end nicely settled on the exit of the latter to enable good acceleration on to the straight.


2. BrAKeS
This is not a circuit with heavy braking demands, however good feedback from the brakes is required to help the drivers avoid locking up into turns two and six. Turn eight is another place where good feel on the brake pedal is rewarded, with front wheel locking on turn in a common occurrence.

Turn 6
Turn six is an important corner, with drivers braking from high speed into what is the slowest turn on the circuit, then requiring good traction on exit.

2 3 4

3. SuSpenSIOn
There isn’t a great deal of kerb usage or anything which relies on any particular aspect of the suspension here. You need a stable car through the quick change of direction in turns three and four, which can be achieved through a combination of aerodynamic balance and suspension settings.


4. TYreS
Soft and medium compound Pirelli tyres have been allocated here; the same combination as used in Australia, China, Bahrain and Valencia so far this season.







5. frOnT WIng
The high speed sectors of the track are the priority here, with set up aimed at the faster corners such as turns seven, ten and twelve.

Turn 7
Turn seven is taken at high speed; flat out on low fuel, but slightly more tricky with heavy fuel loads.

Turn 10
Turn ten is off camber and quite tricky to get right. Towards the end of the race it can be taken almost flat out depending on how good the car is, but will not come close to that on heavy fuel.

6. engIne
Overall power is the focus over low end driveability here thanks to a relatively fast circuit layout, particularly from the exit of turn two down to turn six.

TurnS 12 – 17
high downforce is needed through the low speed stadium section of turns twelve to seventeen, which are very narrow making overtaking difficult.



“ Through this partnership we can show Interwetten’s pioneering spirit, such as our leading the way in the field of mobile applications.”

By installing 128 solar panels on the roof of the simulator building, Lotus f1 Team can run the new simulator almost entirely on green energy.

“ If Y O u D O nOT B e T, YO u hAV e AL r eAD Y LOST ”
Wolfgang fabian, founder of Interwetten group.

C h ASI ng T h e S un
The latest drive in Lotus f1 Team’s continued commitment to sustainability takes the form of 128 solar panels installed as part of an initiative with partner Trina Solar to power the new formula 1 simulator at enstone.
Accurately simulating driving “This installation of a Trina Solar conditions for a Formula 1 car is of PV system reflects our continued huge importance and value, with commitment to renewable energy” track time at a premium and the said Patrick Louis, Lotus F1 Team rate of technological development CEO. “The PV array provides in Formula 1 becoming increasingly significant energy generation that incessant. However with such an fits our surrounding environment.” advanced and complex system, which allows the smallest of setup The installation makes Lotus F1 changes to be accurately simulated Team the only outfit on the grid and maps even the slightest of to have such a solar powered bumps and surface changes around system. Using the latest Trinamount each circuit, the power demanded to mounting system, installation was run such a facility is not insignificant. completed in record time: 128 Enter Trina Solar. panels installed in just two days by a team of four people. By installing 128 solar panels on the roof of the simulator building, “This deployment represents the Lotus F1 Team can run the simulator synergy of innovation and speed almost entirely on green energy. The for both companies,” said Ben Hill, Trina Solar panels, from the holders Head of Trina Solar Europe. “We of two world records for energy have been working with Lotus F1 production from solar cells, produce Team for nearly three years now 33,000 kWh, or in real money the and this latest deployment of our equivalent of some 40,000 bhp over technology is the next step in the the course of a year averaging 75 per team’s drive towards renewably cent of the simulator’s total energy sourced energy,” requirement.

On board since May this year, Interwetten is an exciting member of Lotus f1 Team’s growing portfolio of partners.
Aside from playing on the positive performance of the team, Interwetten will be using the team’s marketing tools for client relationship management, stakeholder engagement and of course brand communications. Founded in 1990 as a sports betting provider, Interwetten went online in 1997 via Today, Interwetten is a fully fledged online entertainment company and, in addition to traditional sports betting, serves up a comprehensive range of live betting offers via its online casino and interactive virtual games. Last year at Interwetten bets were placed on over 100,000 different sports events in over 70 countries. More than 5,000 sports events were streamed live at and over 30,000 customers visited Interwetten’s Online Casino or tried their luck at one of the many Online Games. Simple, responsive and intuitive – the mobile betting platform of the Interwetten Group ( fulfils all of the demands that a mobile product must have. Bets can be placed using the ‘quick bet’ function with speed and ease, whether at the race track or elsewhere. As is already the case via, live Betting is also possible via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. “We are extremely happy to be one of the sponsors of Lotus F1 Team and to be part of its success to date,” says Dr. Birgit Bosch, COO Interwetten Group. “Through this partnership we can show Interwetten’s pioneering spirit, such as leading the way in the field of mobile applications.”

Interwetten’s sponsorship portfolio includes the 2012 World Series by Renault (partnering Lotus) as well as MotoGP (supporting Tom Lüthi of the Paddock Grand Prix Team) in addition to several football teams (FC Sevilla in Spain and six clubs in Italy’s Serie A, including Udinese Calcio).
Just as Lotus F1 Team are at the forefront of technology – and increasingly at the front of the Formula 1 grid – so Interwetten are the trend-setter in mobile betting.

project: Solar panel installation to power the team’s simulator building Location: Lotus F1 Team Headquarters, Enstone, UK number of solar panels: 128 power output: 33,000 kWh or 40,000 bhp Installation: A team of four people completed the installation in fewer than two days using the new Trinamount system, rather than the forecast five days with conventional solutions

To learn more about Interwetten visit

Inside Line

Lotus f1 Team made its german grand prix debut in 1981 under the Toleman name, with British drivers Derek Warwick and Brian henton at the wheel. In its various guises the team has achieved three german grand prix victories to date; the first in 1995 (Michael Schumacher, Benetton, hockenheim) and the most recent in 2005 (fernando Alonso, renault, hockenheim). Including the three victories, the team has taken ten german grand prix podiums; the first in 1990 (Alessandro nannini, Benetton, hockenheim) and the most recent in 2008 (nelson piquet Jnr, renault, hockenheim). The team has also claimed a total of two pole positions for the german grand prix; the first in 1985 (Teo fabi, Toleman, nurburgring) and the most recent in 1997 (gerhard Berger, Benetton, hockenheim). under its various banners, the team has set six fastest laps during german grands prix; the first in 1986 (gerhard Berger, Benetton, hockenheim) and the most recent in 2009 (fernando Alonso, renault, nurburgring). Despite having endured terrible luck during races – with six retirements from his eight participations to date – Kimi has still claimed one podium (2006) two pole positions (2005 / 2006) and two fastest laps (2004 / 2005) at german grands prix. romain will be making his german grand prix Debut, but the hockenheim circuit is one he knows well having competed at this track in various categories since 2003.

Life in the fast Lane
Thrills, spills, stars and cars; the British Grand Prix had it all. While the on-track


Thunder on the hill
Billed as the largest motoring garden party in the world, the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is a true celebration of motorsport and all things automotive. Over the course of the weekend, Lotus F1 Team unleashed third driver Jérôme D’Ambrosio and reserve driver Nico Prost onto the hill in the team’s R30 car – as used during the 2010 Formula 1 season – to entertain the crowds: JDA: “It’s a really great event; a big party for all motorsports and motorsport fans with Formula 1, historic cars, rally cars, motorbikes… a bit of everything really! It’s pole: Kimi has taken a total of 16 f1 pole positions, the latest at Magny-Cours in 2008. fantastic as there are so many fans here, and they are able to get close to the cars and drivers.” np: “It’s been a really good experience and it’s such a superb festival for racing fans. The amount of people here and the variety of cars is fantastic; it’s amazing to be able to see all these cars and drivers on the same day.” pau-fection: romain has only made one appearance in the British f3 championship, but it wasn’t too bad. At pau in 2006 he took pole, then victory and fastest lap in both races.

action was clearly the focus, during the course of the week there was plenty more entertainment behind the scenes. The week kicked off with a bang – quite

Ou r

literally – on Thursday, as the peaceful Northamptonshire countryside echoed to the thunderous roar of the spectacular Tumbler; the latest machine to form part of Batman’s armoury in the forthcoming film ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. If Thursday provided the spectacular, Saturday brought in the stars; with a host of faces taking a tour of the Lotus F1 Team garage alongside the drivers. Romain took time to catch up with four members of the French national rugby team, singer James Blunt joined the crew in the garage during the race and one guest in particular caught the eye of every woman at the circuit as he strolled down the pit lane; that of actor Jude Law. Conveniently enough, the female contingent of the team had gathered in the garage just as the man himself arrived; presumably a pressing work engagement summoning them simultaneously to the site. By chance, there were a number of cameras on hand to take pictures too… bizarre…

The Drivers A-z…

hI STOrY :

n eW S

Welcome home
As is to be expected of a former Formula 1 World Champion, Kimi Räikkönen is a man very much in demand. With that in mind, it came as somewhat of a surprise for the Lotus F1 Team crew back at Enstone when the Finn came strolling into the factory at lunch time today; less than twenty four hours since the chequered flag had dropped at Silverstone the day before. Taking in a tour of the entire facility, Kimi made time to chat with anyone and everyone who crossed his path; posing for pictures, signing autographs and even fitting in a quick game of darts! A great day at the factory, with the man himself enjoying the opportunity to catch up with the men and women behind his fight for victory: Kr: “It was nice to be here and to see all the people who work on the car away from the circuit. It’s a really nice place to be; the atmosphere is really relaxed but you can see people are giving 100% to their work. It’s not like some of the other teams; it has more of a home sort of feeling and I’m happy with that.”

In nuMBerS

g erMAn


3.4 13 49 60 63 64 200 305 310 1000

Highest g-force experienced for 2 seconds at T12 % of the lap spent braking Number of gear changes per lap Total straight per lap (%) Lowest apex speed (kmh) at T6 % of lap on full throttle Distance in metres from start line to first corner Highest apex speed (kmh) at T5 Top speed (kmh) Longest full throttle burst (metres) between T4 and T6 15

g p





Lotus F1 Team Whiteways Technical Centre Enstone Oxfordshire OX7 4EE, UK Telephone +44 (0) 1608 678 000 facsimile +44 (0) 1608 678 609 email Stephane Samson Head of Team Marketing and Communications Clarisse hoffmann Senior Press Officer +44 (0) 7747 468 273 Andy Stobart Press Officer +44 (0) 7703 366 151 Ben Cowley Press Officer / Social Media Coordinator +44 (0) 7795 121 094 nicolas faure Digital Media Manager Website Social network


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