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Subject My business enterprise is under the name "Hemco Rubber Tapping Equipment


Here is a report consisting of its history, the present and the future of this

When I was a student in grade 5 of Richmond College way back in 2002, a lady teacher
called Oshadi came into our class and announced that students are being enrolled into a
program called “Junior Achievement ”.

At that time, I had not participated in any kind of extra curricular activity unlike the other
students. Since my father happened to be a businessman and the fact that such entrepreneurial
programs interested me very much even at that age, I was very keen and interested in be
coming a member of this program.

No sooner I had joined the above program, I had an opportunity to see a stage drama that
roused my curiosity. The theme of the drama inspired me to a great extent. A group of
students of a leading school decided to raise money to buy the new sports instruments of the
school by embarking on a small scale business. They had made lemon juice and bottled thern
in under to sell them and find money to achieve. Their objective having done this for 3
months, they earned sufficient funds to buy their sports instruments. Thus the drama they
enacted was based on their efforts and the success of it. This drama made a tremendous
impact on my mind and inspired me to embark on a business venture.

About this time, one of my father's friends who happened to be a producer of Tea-sacks,
arrived at my house. He agreed to supply me with tea-bags worth Rs. 50,000/- on the promise
that I will pay for it at a later date. These tea-bags were transported from col. to Galle by

At first, I started delivering then tea-sacks to certain factories and officers in the Southern
Province of Sri Lanka. Little by little, I was able to have a substantial number of customers
ready to buy my product. Thus, my monthly turnover was in the range of nearly Rs. 60,000/-
and yearly it exceeded Rs. 450,000/-

This business which I started in 2002 grew very steadily until April 2003. But unfortunately,
heay rains during the month of May affected my business very badly. As the aftermath of the
various calamitirs that resulted with the rains, like earth slips etc. My customers had to face
innumerable problems as a result of which, most of my customers could not pay for my
merchandise even to-date.

The situation was so grave that as a last resort to recover my losses, I even sold the "grue"
which was used to paste the tea-sacks. Likewise, I managed to recover my losses to a certain
extent and continue my business.

By this time, I had a "Savings A/C" with a Commercial Bank, but however, I was eligible to
withdrew only Rs. 1000/- a day as I was a minor then. Sometimes, I had to seek my father's
support to withdraw money. Furthermore, I sought my eldest sister's support to find money
for the business.

Since my father's business was also affected badly owing to the floods and also the rural bank
was also affected my business activities suffered a lot. As a results of the unforeseen flooding
of the village and the banks being closed for sometime, money had to be drawn from my
bank Savings Account even for our day-to-day expenses and for the payment of my sisters

As a young entrepreneur, I have had a great pleasure and the experience of being able to
support my family during a crisis like above and I consider this a great achievement in my

During this period, tea industry was affected very badly and the resultant situation in the
country with regard to the industry suffered a severe setback and as a result my business was
also affected to a great extent. Although I didn't receive the money from the customer, I
continued to do my business as usual. Not with standing all this the Tsunami that struck our
country became a serious threat to my business. Incidentally, ill-fated train from Colombo to
Galle on these day transported Rs. 60,000/- worth of tea-sacks when the disaster struck. With
this setback, my business collapsed again.

Current situation

Around this time, Rubber industry experienced a very high stability in the country.

This attracted my attention and I felt that going into rubber industry would be more
beneficial. Hence,” Hemco Rubber tapping equipment suppliers”, was established in 2005.
At the outset, I wanted to study the rubber prench spout and I created a methodology to get
started with the business. Then I applied for patency. I was then informed by the anthoritees
that patency will not be given merely for the repair of an apparatus.

When I was contemplating of a method to create a new type of prench spout, I realized that it
awas considerably cheaper to buy the rubber- prench spout and sell them in the market.

Then with the greatest difficulty, I found a tinker from a distant city in Avissawella to
manufacture these items. Then, all the rubber materials manufactured in this manner were
transported to my house after which they were packed properly and sold to factory owners.

Since, most of the people engaged in the Rubber industry are old-boys of the Richmond
College in Galle and shared their loyalty towards the college and also the fact that they were
quite happy with the quality of my products, they become my regular customers. This
business I started by producing all material of rubber was unproved considerably by
manufacturing and selling the undernoted items;

French Spout , Spout , Cocount shells , Wet Shelters , Latex Bucket , Hand Rollers , Formic
Acid , Plastic Bowls , Tapping markes , Tapping knife , Metrolac , Prench-chorke , Cup
holders, Antimusam kandasan , Cup holders cable & cure , Red powder , Sadium
matabisulphite .

Then I was able to supply raw-scrp to the factories where they produce sheet rubber. I
obtained these raw-scrap from Adapana and Wilpita estates.

By keeping a small profit of Rs. 1/- per Kilo of raw-scrap, I improved my business. Owing to
this initiatire taken by me, so many owners of rubber estatele became my regular ustomers.

Thus, my target is to supply good quality products to small and large scale rubber industries.

To-date I have become the sole supplier of Tapping materials to the Southern Province of Sri
Lanka. Further, all the producers of these tapping materials sell their materiel to me only.
Some of them are small scale producers.

Incidentally, the zeal company of Landon correspond with me currently to see the feasibility
of exporting "Metrolac" (the equipement which use to measure the dry rubber content of the
Latex) to Sri Lanka.
Meanwhile, I am in the process of seeing the possibility improving the outdated rubber
technology of Sri Lanka to that of the other counties, through the internet.

Then, I come to know of an orientation program conducted by the Sri Lanka. E D B which I
attended on 7/28/07 . I gained a wide knowledge about the import and export business
through the internet (E-comos).

My mission in life is to be a successful businessman by doing everything methodically and

efficiently and I am looking forward to achieving a higher level of business acumen little by