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Time Decay

The seller of an option attempts to benefit from the decay of the option’s time value. Time
value captures the possibility, however remote, that the option may increase in value due to
the changing value of the underlying commodity. This value depends on the time until the
expiration date and the volatility of the underlying commodity's price.
卖方企图受益于时间价值的衰退。 时间价值的可能性抓住了获得乐可能性 ,但是,期权可能会增
加价值,由于标的商品价值的改变。 这种价值取决于距到期日的时间和标的商品价格的浮动性。
If the underlying futures price has not been reached by the strike price of the option, the
option is considered to be out of the money. As time passes, if the option remains out of the
money, the option gradually loses its time value.
如果标的期货价格没有达到期权的执行价格,期权被认为是 OTM。 随着时间的推移,如果期权
仍 在 OTM, 期 权 逐 渐 丧 失 其 时 间 价 值 。
The time value of an option is always positive and declines exponentially with time, reaching
zero at the expiration date. Upon expiration, if the option is still out of the money, the option
will have no value left, and it will expire worthless. Its holder will simply abandon the option
leaving the option seller with the premium.
期权的时间价值通常随着时间成倍的减少,在到期日为 0。 期满后,如果期权仍在 OTM,期权没有
价 值 , 并 将 届 满 一 文 不 值 。 其 持 有 人 便 会 放 弃 期 权 留 给 卖 方 premium 。
The entire premium for which you sold the option will be in your account, less commissions
and fees. At that time, your position closes out automatically.
整个保费,是你出售股权将在你的账户,少佣金费用。 当时,您的位置关闭了自动。

The graph above illustrates the accelerated decline of time value as expiration draws near.
The graph allows you to see why an option is considered a "wasting asset". Time value
erodes as each day passes. The rate at which the time value is eroding increases as the
option’s expiration nears. Notice that the time value decays the fastest during the last days of
the option's life.
以上的图表显示随着临近到期时间价值加速下降。 图表可以让你知道为什么期权是一个 "浪费
资产”。 时间价值每天都在腐蚀。 率的时间价值是削弱增加,选择的到期临近。 时间价值的腐蚀
Option writing as an investment is absolutely inappropriate for anyone who does not fully
understand the nature and the extent of the risks involved and who cannot afford the
possibility of a potentially unlimited loss. It is also possible in a market where prices are
changing rapidly that an option writer may have no ability to control the extent of his losses.
Option writers should be sure to read and thoroughly understand the Risk Disclosure
Statement that is provided to them.
选择书面投资绝对是不合适的人并不充分了解的程度和性质的风险 ,而不能负担的可能性 ,可能
是无限的损失。 也有可能在一个市场 ,价格迅速改变,一个选项作家可能没有能力控制程度的损
失 。 选 择 作 家 应 确 保 阅 读 和 深 刻 理 解 风 险 披 露 声 明 , 为 他 们 提 供 。
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