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Cameroon, the new vision?

A new day is begun; a page of new achievement is upturned. The old order must pass from view; the new status is rising upon our vision. The country should never be as it has been. The house must collapse and its structure must be discredited. In this period of construction, it is imperative that men should know what are the defective principles of yesterday that must be kept out and what are the true principles that should be built in as the very foundations of the new house. There is lot of questions concerning the vision that might not have clean answers. What kind of emergence do we want? What are the principles and ideals that guide us in our planning? As the international justice is closely related to the condition of economic life at home, what is our planning? Here are some thoughts that should drive the planning of the Cameroon vision of emergence. Although the economic and industrial sectors bases are being done, the social side of the country still has enough to do. There wont be real emergence without real and good social adjustments.

Let us conquer ourselves, our cowardice, our sloth, our selfishness, our tendency to post pone actions and let things drift our temptation to compromise and half-way measures, and we shall develop an inflexible moral and an unconquerable spirit. Let us know that the victory for real democratic deployment will be an immeasurable gain for humanity and we should conquer ourselves better than yesterday in order to gain the real victory. The country must consider the recognition that the industry is a partnership and that workers must have a real voice in direction of industry and an equitable share in the product. These principles and policies are significant revolutionary and open a new chapter in social development and regional life. Social progress at bottom is moral and spiritual matter, it depends upon ideas and ideals, upon humanity, hearts and wills. It must therefore be understood, planned for and willed by men. The democratic ideal can be realized as fast and as far as men learn to cooperate and sacrifice for the common good.

Cameroon, the new vision ?


The country wont be developed only by industrialization; the best development takes in account more factors as the social status. We can see today new highly industrialized countries without being among the developed ones. The people must be instructed in meaning and sweep of these principles; society will have to face the dead inertia of masses of people and the studied opposition of interested groups; many experiments will have to be tried and some mistakes will be made. The way into better world lays trough the land of sacrifice and service. The new impulses awakened, the spirit of self-sacrifice must be conserved in national institutions and regional guaranties.

The most fact about poverty is not the hunger and health, though these are sad enough, the real tragedy is lack of opportunity and the meagerness of life. It both inspires the vitality of the nation and causes bitter resentment. This problem is so true that our cities wear black clothes. Anyone who has eyes to see and head to understand, knows that many things are wrong in the present social order. Our cities are dirty, ugly, unwholesome, and ... Something funny is that there is injustice even where the common justice should be! God does not ordain that one man shall became the possessor of millions of money and shall control the lives of thousands of men while the great mass of men must toil without hope and labor for an inadequate wage. He does not ordain that few men shall control the land, trade and industry, while the great mass of men are aliens in the land of their birth without possessions and opportunity and true home life. This frustration is so true that most Cameroonian feel as strangers in their common country and prefer to get anywhere they should really be strangers. Most of those losses the patriotic feeling; one of its manifestation is that after the secondary school most of citizen forget or cant keep singing fluently the national anthem. In order to grow, the Cameroon must provide or at least facilitate the creation of jobs; but one question remains: how many are good Cameroonian workers? We should forget about the system of public service because most of today public servant have trivialized their service and the results are there. By contracting the public service, these marginal behaviors will dry only if the risk of disqualification is on the table with serious penalty. Concerning the private sector, workers rights must be taken in account; they must be affiliated to social services in order to ensure their security. We know that much poverty is due to social causes, to lack of industrial training, to unemployment, to accident, to economic maladjustment, to monopoly and exploitation. As the save soul demands a safe environment, we must search for defects and deal with social causes.

Cameroon, the new vision ?


The Society must go further and ends economic privilege and monopoly; it must broaden the way of success for all, keep the door of opportunity wide open and encourage local and international investors without frustrating them and pushing those to dessert for other countries. The society must establish full social justice and ensure every person his equity in the national heritage. It demands some through-going changes in the industrial order from the wage system to cooperative industry adding the fact that workers must be socially taken in account.

There is a demand of changes in the whole educational system; every person will have an adequate training for life and efficiency, therefore it will guarantee every person a fair opportunity in society. More qualified professional schools have to be implemented and it is urgent to provide good qualified&up-to-dated lecturers, trainers and materials; because good products will come from good guides&environment unless workers wont be efficient and the overall vision will collapse or dry. This implies such a reconstruction of social order as shall equalize opportunity and give every life full scope. In the present system, we find few people drawing large incomes, holding valuable privileges, living in fine houses, and we find many people with meager incomes, with little opportunity, living in narrow rented tenements. All this, be it noted, with little or no relation to the personal merit or demerit of the persons involved. The deeper we go into life, the more closely we study the social conditions, the more certain it becomes that these things are due to defects and maladjustments in society; and they can be remedied not through personal efforts alone, but through changes in the overall social system.

Yaound, the 15/07/12

Cameroon, the new vision ?