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Loyola University New Orleans - Wolf Yearbook Class of 1928 Page 56

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¥ JhcUloU i\ * History of tne Senior La " w Class Alexis Dumestre N a bright

September morning in 1925, thirty young men and ladies presented themselves
in Marquette Hall for enrollment in the first Day Law Class of Loyola University.
After attending the introductory lectures, the class elected officers. Maurice
Lottinger was honored with the office of President, Marshall Brown, Vice-Presi-
dent, and Plauche Villere, Secretary-Treasurer. Later, Charles Gotten was
elected our repre- sentative on the Student Council. During the early part of the
school year, two of our members withdrew. One o f these, Henry Neubig, being
Page 56 awakened to the fact that he could best serve mankind from the altar than the
bar, deserted us for the portals of a seminary. The other, Marshall Brown,
succumbed to the lure of Dan Cupid and with this added responsibility had to
give up his studies. The final examinations in May struck us with the fury of a
September storm, taking as its toll seven of our fellow students. Our Freshman
year ended with a banquet at Turci ' s. September, 1926, found us back in the
fold again, firmly convinced we had a good foundation for the study of law,
Join now to access these benefits especially after completing the reading of Blackstone ' s Commentaries
assigned for summer reading. Four members of the night school transferred to
UNLIMITED access to MILLIONS of our class at the beginning of this term, bringing the enrollment of the First
Pictures Junior Day Law Class to thirty members. At the first meeting of the class, Alexis
HIGH RESOLUTION, FULL COLOR C. Dumestre was elected President, Anthony Schiro, Vice-President, and
Images Plauche Villere was re-elected Secretary and Treasurer. Under the guidance of
SEARCH, BROWSE and PRINT Pages the above officers, the Junior Class had a very successful year, and, like the
Sign Up Today! Senior Class of 1927 that compiled all the important acts of the Louisiana
Legislature, which was very helpful to them in taking the Louisiana Bar
Examination, our class, through the suggestion of our president and with the
untiring efforts of our professor, Hon. William H. Byrnes, compiled all the
questions and answers of the important articles in the civil code, which has
proven very popular with the Law Students of the two other Universities of this
state, the achievement of which our class can feel proud. The May
examinations found us better prepared and as a result, only three of our
members were lost. Again, in 1927, we returned to the stately portals of Loyola
in the hope of departing with the coveted LL.B. During the Summer, we had
kept busy reading decisions and opinions rendered in celebrated cases, upon
which we were required to pass an examination before entering the Senior
Class. Alexis C. Dumestre, President, Lubin Laurent, Vice-President, Theodore
Bergeron, Secretary, and William McDermott, Treasurer, were the officers
elected to pilot our Senior year. A new policy was adopted this year in the form
of mid-term examinations. The results of the exams have placed a few of us in
precarious positions, but there is no doubt the difficulty will be overcome in the
final examinations. In Athletics, our class was ably represented, especially on
the undefeated Maroon Cyclone of 1926, by Red Gremillon, alternate-captain,
and " Tony " Schiro, plunging fullback. We also had the distinction of having
Alexis Dumestre selected as manager of the Varsity Football Team of 1927.
Our class was also well represented on the Maroon, Law Journal, and l. '
niversity Band. This is meant to be a history of our class, but in reality it is
merely a preface to the history that will be made by the members thereof. In
passing, we take advantage of this opportunity to thank the members of the
faculty for their efforts and patience in making this history pos- sible. It is our
hope that we shall be able to follow the example and professional ideals of
these men exhibited both in the classroom and at the bar. 5* i«4»urMw
(fm*nrcn«u n— iM|j nn L Miiwi i» ni«r» *w

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