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Matrix Tariff Sheet Pay `500 as rental and get free talk value worth `500 Plan Code:

SGT5000911 s12 CAF No.: Tariffs in Singapore Data Packs (optional): Now access BBM, Emails, Facebook and much more with our data packs
Bolton code SGBB12111211 Bolton Type Blackberry Personal (BIS) Rental SGD 39.99 Matrix Plan ` 199 ` 500 ` 500 FREE S$ 0.30 S$ 1.15 + Local Airtime S$ 1.50 + Local Airtime S$ 0.20 S$ 0.30 15 days Free Usage 500 MB Overage SG$ 0.99 Validity 7 days

Call Rates
Particulars Setup Fee (one-time) Rental, per trip Free Value, per trip Incoming calls, per minute Local outgoing calls, per minute International calls to India, per minute: Using Budget Call service Using Direct Dial Service Local SMS International SMS Plan Validity International Roaming NA NA NA S$ 1.53 S$ 0.92 S$ 2.51

S$ 0.40 NA

ILLUSTRATION 10 Minutes of usage for Incoming, local and International Calls to India under both scenarios would cost as follows: Particulars Matrix Plan International Roaming Incoming Call FREE S$ 15.30 Local Outgoing Calls S$ 3.00 S$ 9.20 International Calls(Budget) to India S$ 11.50 S$ 25.10 Total expenditure S$ 14.50 S$ 49.60 Total Saving on Matrix plan: 70.76%
S$ 1= `42.53 - source Standard Chartered as on 12th Jan 2012 International Roaming Rates are from the Vodafone Website as on 12th Jan 2012; including service tax

Terms & Conditions The above plan is valid only for use in Singapore. Any usage made outside Singapore is subject to roaming rates, approximately 7.68 SGD/minute; or as applicable by the network. The data/blackberry packs are valid for 30 days only. The same plan would be rolled over in case it is not discontinued. These plans are not valid for use, while on a cruise. Usage during a cruise is charged maritime rates and is at the discretion of the cruise lines. International call charges in Singapore will be reflecting in two parts on the bill. One will show a international leg and the other call will show the local leg The incoming caller number will be passed on to the customer subject to availability of the same from the other service provider. GPRS is pre activated on our SIM cards and charges are up to 21 SGD/ MB; or as applicable by network. Airtime rates are applicable on all toll free numbers. The bill is calculated as per the Standard Chartered Bank exchange rates on the bill generation date. In case a trip is cancelled and SIM card is returned after delivery, the setup fee would be charged as cancellation fee. A 12% surcharge is applicable on the above tariff plan. Please note that only an executed contract is binding on the signatories. MATRIX advises any other written or verbal communications regarding deal terms may not be relied upon by any party. Prior to execution, MATRIX has no financial or other obligations, including costs incurred, with respect to any terms discussed and/or agreed to in principle. I have read & understood the above referenced tariff and terms and conditions; and those mentioned on the Customer Agreement form. I accept the above and take the liability to perform the contractual financial obligations of the same.

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