"6th Density Sirius Energy" Sirius: How is each and every one of you this night of your time

as you create time to exist? Audience: Perfect, great! Sirius Energy: In this way will be the allowance of the idea of the exercise of the going into the imagination, in this way, and the forming of the crystal consciousness within each and every one of you. And tonight will be the gathering of the idea of the forming of the matrix of the idea of the crystalline consciousness so that each and everyone of you may participate in the idea of forming together a matrix that will allow you to stick to the idea of togetherness within the idea of the transference that will allow you to go within your consciousness in this way. We will decide and discover the idea that the idea of dimensionality in and of itself will be something that you attribute to the idea of mathematics and the idea of height, width and depth you will now explore the idea of the dimensionality of your existence, in this way, and utilize the idea of the structure of the matrix of be able to within 90 degrees out of phase to the idea of your consciousness, regarding the dimension of your imagination, simply another differentiation, another perspective, another idea of out of phase, the idea of 90 degrees out of phase to the reality you understand to be the dimension of your imagination. Are you all following along? Audience: Yes! No, too fast slow down. Yes it is too fast. No! No! Sirius Energy: {Slows down tempo} ... will this represent a speed at which you can fathom the idea? Audience: Yes, thank you. Sirius Energy: In this way allow us to Illuminate the idea that there will be a dimension of imagination as has been expressed to you in this way. You can regard the idea of your physical reality as an expression of 90 degree phase differentiation, phase conjugation from the idea of your second density representing the idea that you are in your third ... we will start from the beginning ... represent the idea by closing your eyes, in this way, and manifesting the idea of the relaxation-- through three deep breaths ... as you partake of the idea, the three deep breaths, recognize that you are breathing in the idea of the atmosphere into electromagnetic connection that connects each and every being together within the civilization you call your own. Recognize in this way that as you breath together the idea of the atmosphere you are linking within yourself the identification of your very creativity, very portion of your own individual identities. The very portion of your collective identity and the mass consciousness, in this way. You are allowing yourself the fundamental feeling of the creation of the vibration of the atmosphere in the thickening round and about you, of that which will represent the fluid in which you exist, the fluid out of which you create the reality you know to be yourselves, in this way. The idea that is the vibration of unconditional love with which you are surrounded, which immerses you in this way, which fills you in this, which you breath in and out every moment of time in which you create to exist out of the same fluid, out of which the identity that you know to be yourselves also exists. You are one and the same ideal, one and one, part and parcel of the idea of the creation of the fluid being the identification of your own consciousness out of the fluid, the identification of any idea you call reality out of the same

90 degrees in another direction of the idea of . that is simply is solidified vibration of the idea. stretching to infinity aft. and understood yourself to be within the point. in this way.fluid . in and out this idea of the fluid. the electromagnetic effluvium of the idea of the creation of the vibration of the fundamental primal energy that is the creation of the homogenous energy that is the primal energy itself of creation in this way. to recognize that you know yourselves to be a single point. contains all the infinite realities that you will understand yourself to be. in every direction according to the flat idea of the representation of the line. the many lines. in this way. this one single point in stretching away from you this infinity point in every 360 degrees is nothing to eternity. the projection of this reality in front of your senses as you create the illusion to exist but always create out of the same fundamental fluid. the inside reality and the being that you know yourself to be. Any point along the line is one of the many infinite eternal points that exist between the idea of any other two points upon the place of the line. You exist within this point. You can recognize the idea of the ascension and "decension" of the idea in lateral movement to the idea spreading outward in what you call to be a plane 90 degrees in phase to the idea of the lineperpendicular to it in this way. allow yourself to identify instantly that the entire universe. Now allow yourselves. In this way you can recognize that any space upon the line is infinite unto itself. now BEGIN to allow yourself to recognize that your are starting from this zero point identity.one direction in front of you.. as you know it. contained within the idea of everything that exist within the single point. the first direction and the first dimension in which you will realize yourself will be the idea and the expression from the single point outward-. And now you have the recognition that you can realize an idea of being outside yourself. Imagine yourselves to be a point within a void and in the void there is nothingness in this way. again. to simply recognize that you are just as homogenous as the fluid you are breathing in and allow there to be in your imagination for now no separation between the idea of the outside reality. stretching to infinity there is another direction 90 degrees in this way that you will allow yourself to be. You will now upon this revelation. you are everything in the universe but you are always in this single point. in this way. exist totally within this single point and you are the single point and you are the single point. And allow yourselves simultaneously in this way if you will receive this revelation within yourselves to EXPLODE into a plane that stretches into infinity. as you know your energy to focus as a single point for now. one direction in back of you with the forming of the idea of a single line. that you understand to be any kind of reality what so ever. the infinite number of lines now by yourselves to be 90 degrees in one direction. no dimension at all. Now you will allow yourself to recognize that you have phase out 90 degrees from the idea of two directions of the idea of the point that you were and now that you are aligned. in this way. But. upon this realization EXPLODE into a single line stretching to infinity before. You are simply in the center of a void. in this way. the vibratory energy in this way straight as laser beam in that way as you call that terminology upon your planet. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel that you are out of the same substance. in this sense. Before and aft you now exist infinitely in a single dimension and recognized that all that you have contained within the idea that your were as a single point is now also contained within the idea of the line. With three deep breaths. Allow yourselves to let this sink and soak into the idea of the fabric of creation. Allow yourself the opportunity as you have breath in.. a little bit more coherent in terms of the vibration that represents the idea of your identity being where you are in time and space. Becoming a single line. in this way. now that you recognized the void.

In filling the physical dimensional void you recognize now that you have taken upon yourself the idea of MIMIKING and REFLECTING the idea of a parallel alternate crystal which exist WITHIN the crystal you have become. And begin to realize that you can in this way become and infinite series of planes filling the idea of the previous void to be a bulging which you can contain within yourself in this way. can continue in a spiral pattern in this way always perpendicular to itself. you fill the idea of the internal void and in this way you search around for you recognize that you fill the void 90 degrees in every direction. and begin to be the third density vibrational reality that allows you to FILL the void in a spherical fashion. into a new dimension as you recognize this revelation. you have called this idea the imagination now. you recognize that as you go 90 degrees INWARD to yourself there is now the recognition and the revelation that there is an infinite number of 90 degree phase conjugations that allow you to forever and eternally go further and further inward into yourself in an infinite series of 90 degree directions that allows you to know you are a constant spiral of energy always manifesting 90 degrees perpendicular to the previous dimension in which you existed. void below you. allowing yourself to recognize that there is an infinite amount of dimensions and densities vibrations and variations into which you . when you existed in the idea of a line. in this way. you recognize there is one. you are now solidness filling the void that was previously there when you existed in the idea of the point. which is only 90 degree extension of the idea of the point that you used to be in this way. you now allow yourself to EXPLODE to the idea of and infinite series of planes above you. eternally in this way. but in this way. all frames of reference 90 degrees to what you have been. you recognize to be the dimension that you call IMAGINATION in this third density void. you can fill the void in the idea of your understanding is now that there is no more directions to go. you will EXPLODE inward in this way 90 in phase to the idea that you previously were.the line that you used to be. the past and the future in this way you begin to recognize that as you are now playing you also exist in this way as a plane reality in all infinities and contain the entire idea of many different infinities of lines in this way in all times modes. There is a universe that exist within the universe that you were. in this way. when you existed in the idea of a plane that was void above you. and contains the totality of all the number infinite lines that represent all the different universes in line and linear reality that have ever been are now and shall ever be in this way. there is the idea. you are not retracing your steps in this way but you are actually breaking in a 90 degree parallelism. Now you begin to recognize that much more readily. an infinite series of planes below you. And now you can recognize that within this infinite plane you are an infinite plane in this way stretching to infinity. Now there is no void in the idea. a void that exist within a void that you have filled and in this way you recognize that you have NOW with this breakthrough. in this way. of recognizing that you have expanded outward and in this way you now create the reflection and reverberation of the idea of expanding inward to be the 90 degree phase that stretches into you imagination and as you fine yourself expanding inward you realize you are not covering territory you have covered. infinitely in every direction. And you find that as you allow yourself the revolution of the experience in the 90 degree perpendicularity of the idea of the plane that you were. In this way. that much more rapidly the idea that this 90 degree phase conjugation in this way. 90 degrees within yourself. And you recognize and you begin to recognize that as you recognize that as you recognize that as you recognize the idea of the time frame within the present.

an infinite number of crystals. an infinite number of reflections.. We thank you for sharing you have allowed us to partake this evening of your time and we now in this way instilled within you are projections for an ENJOYABLE experience within your imagination. . an infinite number of realities. all the beings that surround you are. being reflections back to yourselves through different points of view.. Now allow yourself to recognize in this way that you have become an infinite series. For now you have formed within you a subconscious. now recognize what we have done in this way is allowed you to explore a certain facet of your imagination that will allow to form what is necessary for the trip to come in this way that Bashar will assist you within. an infinite number of dimensions. the primal point you started out as being were you always find yourself to be. eternally within and without . We thank you and bid you a fond good night! Bashar: How are you all doing? Audience: Wonderful. in this way. great. Recognized first and foremost that every single journal into your imagination is just as real as any other reality you have ever experienced and ever will experienced and ever will experience in this way and now we turn back the idea of the idea to the transportation of your endeavor into the space craft as you call the projection of consciousness that you call a spacecraft back to the idea identity you call the Bashar in this way. Now. an unconscious. an a conscious linking to each and every identity within your crystalline fabric in this way depending upon the universe that you exist within and you will allow yourself to partake in parcel of the idea of the transformation to any level of density vibration in the WAY and you will always link yourself together and transport yourself as a mass unit in this way. which is all. an infinite number of probabilities and in this way you can recognize that each and every being within any reality you experience is only a projection of the number of infinite crystals that exist within any given realities and that means you are every being in every reality and every being in every reality is you in this way and as you project the idea of an infinite number of facets. You have set yourself out spiraling through the idea of yourself and find yourself always returning back to yourself FORMINMG upon yourself the closed idea of the infinite multifaceted spiracle crystal that you find yourself to be.. an infinite number of facets... You can recognize that all that you are seeing are only YOU reflected in different 90 degree phase variable conjugations. your energy haven taking different roughs through the infinite All That Is and coming back through the representations of the different windows of the Infinite.always find yourself instantaneously exploding. while still maintaining the individuality that allows you to mark yourself as one individual facet of the multidimensional crystal you have now discovered yourself to be. an infinite number of mirrors. We will thank you for the sharing and the allowing of the idea to us determine on the illumination of the idea of the 90 degree phase conjugation that was your reality in this way the crystallization of your imagination which shall now as forever more eternally in the now present moment always be reflecting to you all the probabilities you can become and all the probabilities that you are in any given moment of time. they are the windows of the infinite that reflect all the different ideas that you have become in all the infinite universes coming back through the spiraling motion to the center of your being to the phase point.

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