There are few things that are as encouraging and uplifting as real life stories. Working with people here at CFT gives us an opportunity to engage in what God is doing in the stories of His people. One of the people I have had the privilege of working with this past year is Ron. I first met Ron when he came into CFT to see me for counseling. Since that time, I

have watched with joy and delight as he has embraced God’s truth in deeper ways. This truth has impacted many areas of his life including his relationship with God, with his family and with others. Recently, I asked him to share a little bit of the story of what God has done in him. Here is part of his real life story...

In the Arms of My Father
The earliest memory I have of my father was when I was about five years old. Driving home late one evening, my father had just parked our green, two toned station wagon. He awakened all of us so that we could start our walk up the long flight of stairs into our rented two story family home in Newark, NJ. As everyone was slowly piling out, I pretended to still be asleep. My dad tried to wake me up one more time. "Eugene, Eugene get up!” he said, in his baritone country voice. I remained motionless. He then reached in the back seat with his muscular arms and scooped me up as I placed my head between the corner of his neck and scruffy full beard. He took one of my arms and swung it around his shoulder for support, as if he really needed it! I can remember to this day the smell of the aftershave cologne he was wearing. This was the first time I had felt love and affection from the man that I desperately wanted an emotional and physical connection to. I don’t think my father knew how to express his love for his three sons and two daughters, but that night I didn’t care about anyone else. I was “in the arms of my father” and it felt good! Twenty five years later, my father passed away. After the night he carried me, I never received another hug from him. In 2011, the Lord led me to CFT. At that time, I was having trouble in my third marriage. My business was not growing, and guilt and shame were eating away at me for the poor choices I had made as a father to my two oldest sons. I felt like I was a failure at life and love. During my counseling sessions with Beau (an awesome man of GOD), I discovered the enemy’s lies along with my manufactured false beliefs which perpetuated my damaging behavior.

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In the beginning, I struggled to apply the new beliefs with the truth from the word of GOD. I can remember my appointments on Tuesdays and telling Beau how my week didn’t go so well. He would always say “that’s not who you are” and, boy, did that stick with me! He helped me recognize I was trying to get my needs met on my own strength, allowing other people and society to become the appraiser of my value and worth. When I attended the Grow in Grace Seminar, there was a freeing feeling that came over me that I never felt before. The concept of God, who I am in Christ and my purpose in life, was becoming clearer. I felt like I was being released from “religious incarceration.”

When Beau talked to me about coming to the Advanced Discipleship Training (ADT) to continue learning more truths, it was a “no brainer.” I have been attending the ADT for five months now. I can’t wait to go each week. The anticipation is more exciting than waiting to watch football on Sunday (that’s only if the NY Giants are not playing). The staff at ADT is very supportive, knowledgeable, and just down right good people. I’m growing every week! It’s like the Holy Spirit is one of my classmates at every session! As I continue to learn more truths about what God’s word says about me and to listen to the Holy Spirit, I am now

enjoying the powerful embrace of my Heavenly Father’s arms. I don’t have to “fake it” anymore as I did with my earthly father to get love and acceptance from others. Furthermore, my image is being restored and my spiritual gifts are being uncovered. God is leading me to use my spiritual gifts and past experiences to guide more Christians and non-Christians to the path of these truths and the restoration of their image. Hey, maybe God is calling me to become an Image Restoration Coach! For me, that would be living life on purpose.

New swimmer in the family (Samuel). He did great at his recent swimming lessons!

(Numbers from our life and work)

Miles we drove in the month of June (to TX for a wedding and to SC for a ministry event).

Hours in the car. The kids amazed us with their patience (snacks and DVD’s certainly helped).

New Staff members that God has recently led to join the CFT family. Please join us in praying for them as they step out in faith.

Men growing in their freedom from addiction in our recovery program

Month - the wait for an initial appointment to see our child counselor. One of our new staff members will be working with children (which will help us minister to more children and their parents without a wait in the near future).

Jesus told his disciples “...The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. (John 14:10b) He also said “....I do nothing on My own initiative, but I speak these things as the Father taught Me.” (John 8:28b) Would you pray for us that we would not speak or do anything of our own initiative? We desire the words and actions that flow out of our lives to be the fruit of the Father living in us - doing HIS work!

God has called us to comfort His people by: declaring to them that their relational wars and strivings have ended in Him, reminding them that their sins are forgiven, and sharing with them the thirst quenching power of His indwelling life (Is. 40:1-2a, Jn 4:14). Thanks for investing your finances, your prayers, your encouragement and your friendship in us and in the thirsty ones we are ministering to. We know that God’s return on your investment will be great!

Beau and Patti

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